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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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statement, she is now seeking permission to speak out. >> and i will be sending by e mail this morning to the attorney a draft statement of my client's position for the restaurant association's agreement for release notwithstanding the confidentiality claus of the 1999 settlement agreement. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports one of the women whoel ised claims against cain received -- who settled claims against cain received $45,000 another received $35,000. "the associated press" reports a third woman considered filing suit as well. for its part, the national restaurant association released its own statement acknowledging that it has heard from attorney joel bennett and saying that they wanted him to contact their attorney. but what the statement did not say was whether or not the national restaurant association's going to release cain's accusers from the confidentiality agreement.
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for cain, the controversy overchateauxed the introduction this week of the presidential campaign. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone there are factioning trying to destroy me personally. >> reporter: statements are blaming the story being leaked on the rival campaigns of rick perry and to mitt romney. >> they will look beyond all of the silly attacks and ask themselves who can get them going again. >> experts say with the accusers barred from speaking, what exactly happen side unclear. >> and we'll never know unless it's weighed. >> reporter: carol goldberg is an expert on sexual harassment litigation and cautions it.
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>> it's more cost effect testify settle the case than pursue it. >> reporter: herman cain returns to washington on friday trying to refocus the attention on the presidential campaign rather than what he has labeled as a smear campaign. several high profile republicans are urging cain to work to lift that agreement. the governor of mississippi said cain needs to get as much information in public as he hopes to get behind him and the current head of the republican party said this morning that it's not on to them to investigate the claims and that the republican party is not the sherlock homes of the party. the prime minister of grows is giving up on a bailout deal for his indebted country and that the country is not ready to get off of the euro. it's frustrating many greek citizens who the prime minister and he's ignoring the calls to
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step down. and they hill the crisis from officials from spain and italy and with some major debt issues as well. the residents said resolving the european crisis is the most important task for the sum it. a house panel will subpoena top white house officials. for information on solendra, the company that failed after receiving a half billion bailout loan. the republican lawmakers said the white house refused to turn over thousands of documents. the energy department official said that is not true. tens of thousands have been turned over. now that she's convicted of first-degree murder, britney norwood faces life in prison without the possibility of parole and that decision on her ultimate sentence, not a simple process. the judge will be sorting through letters, reports, and other information before deciding how many years norwood will have to serve.
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paul wagner is live with the story. paul? >> reporter: life in prison without the possibility of parole is a stiff sentence for someone with no prior criminal history. >> the has the authority to hand norwood a lighter sentence. it's his decision to make. he will have a lot. over the next 3 months, the jam wave the fate of britney norwood and the judge will wave the fate of britney norwood. it's not an easy decision to make. >> the judge ordered a presentence investigation. and that is typical, takes six, seven weeks to get that done. upon a court order, it will develop information about the family history, institutional history or incarceration history. we know that she doesn't have a criminal conviction in her background and i would indicate if it thinks it's appropriate, that could order a psychological testing. >> reporter: the state's attorney will file a motion asking for life without patrol
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real. a ep-- parole. a sentence he believes that norwood deserves. >> there is an original in this case. jana murray. because of the way the defendant, now convicted manipulated the facts, there were secondary victims, basically everyone lived in montgomery county and some merchants and people leeing in bethesda. >> and he made the -- and never called police. >> and i am sure this is's difficult thing. and some people compared the situation up in new york many, many years ago, again, i think in fairness, i don't think they were imagining or hearing make the call.
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>> reporter: mccarthy netted there is no law requiring people to call 911, e ven if they suspect a crime is being committed. >> this their is no mandatory minimum sentence for norwood. the judge can give her what he thinks she deserves. new details from a maryland double murder, might be hard for any parent to comprehend. curtis lopez beat his stepson in the head with a baseball bat after stabbing the boy's mother in her bed. he's being held without bond after being extradited from north carolina. the police found the 51-year- old's body in her germantown home last month. and the son's body was not found until days later. the smoke alarms were not working when an aspen hill home caught fire. it started this morning on iris street. the victim died after being pulled out of her bedroom unconscious. another man made it out of the house and was take tonight hospital and firefighters are going door-to-door now reminding them to change the smoke alarm batteries.
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will cathy lanier stay on top of the city's top cop? coming up. the police chief talks about her job contract. the future and a relationship with d.c.'s mayor. plus, the unemployed worker stages a sit-in at the office of a u.s. senator. a d.c.-based rapper unleashes a verbal assault against the world's largest retailer. sue. what another gorgeous day in d.c., brian. i will let you know if we can keep it going the weekend. a little moisture may be in the cards for some of us. i'll let you know who is going get that and we'll focus on the weekend when the news edge at 6 returns. 
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>> fed up, a group ofup employed d.c. residents refused to leave senator mitch mcconnell's office. more than 20 people are camping out on capitol hill. they want to talk about jobs.
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mcconnell recently blocked the rebuild america act, a $60 billion infrastructure bill. they thabill could put them back to work as of the last hour, they were still there and. she's been d.c.'s police chief for five years now. cathy lanier talked about the possibility of renewing her contract. she makes $250,000 a year. she told wtop she has no reason to leave. >> it's such a fun job, mark. truly, honestly, i love what i do and the city. as long as i feel that way, yeah. >> and she discussed the georgetown shooting on halloween night. no one's been charged and there is always more violence near halloween, calling yet a dangerous night. wal-mart plans to build four stores in the district. no one's happy about that. the group in point of view -- empower d.c. teamed up with
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kid rock to make an anti-wal- mart video accusing the retail giant of mistreating employees, especially women and hurting small business employees. a youth curfew proposal is met with fierce opposition in one local county. council members want to take it a step further. find out what is spark the push. and it's not been smooth sailing for iphone owners, the fix coming for those with a battery blue. and it could be the best father-daughter wedding danceoff ever. they put on the synchronized show and dancing to everything from the temptations to beyonce's single ladies. check it out. 
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>> a montgomery county council is trying to decide whether to impose a countywide curfew law is improved. they now say it needs to go a step forward and need to put a stop is to loitering altogether k. they legally do that? sarah simons has more. >> reporter: that is what they talked about in the committee meeting on that issue. an antiloitering bill introduced by two council members. and on the other hand, does it -- they're trying to meet in the middle here after a strength of summer crimes by
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kids caught everyone's tag. teams and their activities are under the microscope. >> the curfew law would allow us to do and folks under 18, we get the authority to have those conversations. >> reporter: they're trying to come up with a law to allow the police officer to crackdown on crime without violating a teenager's right. a flash mob robbery of the 7- eleven in germantown and several teams walked in and stole items and out of the door. a police officer talked with the group before the crime and was unable to do anything about it. >> we would be able to make sure they went home and the fact that they knew they had to go home, they might not be out there to begin with. >> reporter: parents say curfew is not a cure-all. >> and i think the curfew is a band aid and this their is some underlying thing that needs to be done like giving kids better choices of things to do in the evening.
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>> reporter: the chairman of the public safety committee introduced an antiloitering bill as an alternative last week and believes that enforcement should be based on someone's behavior, not on their age. >> i understand that you want to use the curfew as a scale pell but that is a blunt tool and that is one of the problems. >> reporter: the montgomery county police chief had problem of its own. >> and that most problematic thing is the law said if someone's able to explain the behavior, then there is no violation. how are we supposed to determine if the explaining is true if it's accurate? >> reporter: some parents have a simple answer. >> and they look for -- they look after the kids and there is no problem. >> notice, council members will be -- now, council members will be talking about this for some time to come. the committee has been working on the curfew and have not started tweaking and talking about the second one. the antiloitering bill for the most part and after that, the council has to take a final vote on it.
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>> and that conflict continues in montgomery county. there is a battle of the school board and operators of an organic farm in potomac. they decided to shut down the organic farm and use the land to build a soccer feel. the petition is circulating and already has 20,000 signatures. organizers plan to bring the concerns to ike leggett. >> doesn't get better than this. and we're going to cloud things up and it could be showers tomorrow and i can't say we might have a quick shower and make sure you look at the leaves and in northwest. i think i have seen better displays in other years in terms of the color and they have been through it this year with all of the heat and some rain.
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they're as beautiful as they're going get and you will have a chance to see them. it's going to get breezy tomorrow and they'll come down. spend a few minutes in the backyard listening to the leaves fall and that is going to be a big rush of leaves coming down in the next week or see and check them out whole you can and tomorrow is not going to be a bad day. i want to you see we're watching this moisture getting closer and later tonight, we'll see them coming in from that and this is the same system that brought the snow to denver and to kansas. it's going to pass to the south, although you would never believe that by looking at the pact that that is -- fact that that is stretched from chicago to the deep south and there is a slight chance of showers out of it and start with the future cast. we have clear skies and go through the leave night hours and i'm pausing this at 6 in the morning and i wanted you to see what we get is passing south through central virginia and being you get a shower in charles county and southern prince georges county? that is that close.
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a spotty shower possible leave night and for the first few hours tomorrow morning. by noon, that looks like we're seeing sunshine back for the suburbs and for most of maryland. the moisture is down to hampton roads and moving on away and that will keep on moving away so your friday evening is going to see a sunny commute and into the weekend, what we will have is a whale chill in the air and -- a chill in the air and lots of sunshine. we're in good shape into the weekend and that is not as warm as the week. it does look like this is a substantial soaker to the south and not for us. in central virginia, getting up to a half an each or see and tos south in virginia, north carolina, a half an inch to an inch and a half and there are heavier downpours. we talk temperatures. today was comfortable at 64 degrees and we're knocking that to 57 for tomorrow and with that breeze, that is chilly.
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about 58 degrees and on monday, 68 degrees and the first part of next week, looking nice and reagan today, 64 degrees and 65, we're comfortable with most places in the 50s and that is not going to be cold tonight. the clouds will be around and a spotty shower possible overnight, d.c. stays at 47 and the suburbs are not chilly either. mostly cloudy and footy power -- showers south. and what about the rest of the weekend? saturday is chilly and sunny. sunday, 58 degrees and standard time this weekend, we're going gain an hour of sleep for and get the party on saturday night and on monday and tuesday, sunny and back into the low and mid-60s and i'm thinking i like november so far. >> beautiful. >> some good paybacks. a consumer alert about the new iphone 4s. apple said it's received a lot of complaints. apple plans to correct the
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problems and will roll out a software update. they have eliminated increases and tor off a feature that -- tushing off a feature that automatically adjusts to the new time zone. groupon is going public and the company is expected to reveal the initial public offering of stock later today. analysts say don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. wait before jumping on. the company has yet to prove that even has a viable business model and can remain profitable. anding you -- coming up on the sports edge, the rush defense has been struggling. how the plan plans to fix that sunday against the unhappy 49ers. and nba players are staying busy during the lockout. two-time scoring champ kevin duran accepted an invitation to play flag football at oak state last night. -- oklahoma state last night. it started when he had a tweet saying he was bored. the maryland native threw four touchdown passes and made three interceptions. aymadr
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>> good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. did you know there is no w in the jame john beck? not even in the middle name dalton and there is no w after the name either. he played in eight nfl games and started 6. on sudden, the 6- 19er comes to town and -- 6-119 error n -- nthy allowed in the last week game, giving up 84 yards a game&than the team started the season 3-1. the
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head coach said the effort needs to be better. >> they played well at times and inconsistent at times. what you want to do is you want to keep up that consistency. and when you go against a great back, you have to be, you know, on point the whole game because one guy misses a responsibility and all of a sudden, you're 56 yards and you have to be on top of the game for a full 60 minutes and that is 3 1/2 quarters. >> this team here is earning 200 yards a game rushing the last four games and this is a great challenge. anyone can come in and have 800 yards rushing, you have to do a great job part of the time and for second minutes. maryland hosts virginia and the terms with the final home game of the season, kickoff at 12:30. and injury update for the caps and the head coach said that they will make the trip to
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carolina for tomorrow's game and brewers missed the last two practices after injuring the right shoulder in today's game against the ducks. other players making the trip to carolina will be the rookie. three shots on goal and during the nhl debut on thursday and the 20-year-old put in a lap around in his first period and budreaux was pleased with the youngsters debut. >> i thought he handled himself quite admirably and i thought maybe in the third period, he got nervous and gave the puck away a few times. i thought he could see and skate with the guys, to score goals for a shift and thought he did really good. there were a couple of chances he had and his parents were going cuckoo back home. >> we are going cuckoo. and to ncaa, ruled the terps 7'1" center is cleared to practice. but, he will miss the first 10
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games of the season and that is based on ncaa rules governing amateurism. he will be able to play the first game on december 28th. you know what that means? bad news for albany. i'm dave feldman, back to you. >> thanks and over to sue palka. >> and we're going have to interrupt it briefly for a rainy system passing to the south. and at most, we get a sprinkle or light shower in the southern suburbs and cooler for friday and the weekend. >> now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at 10. 
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