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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. horrifying new details about the murder of a maryland mother and her son and the motive behind the attack will leave you speechless. the senior police official on the lululemon murder investigation breaks his silence. tonight fox 5 takes you inside a case that's made headlines across the country. this little boy went to the hospital with a strep infection. what happened next has a local hospital facing a lawsuit. but we begin with new information about the murders of a maryland mother and her young son. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the alleged motive unbelievable. police say they lost their lives because the suspect wanted their car. fox 5's laura evans with more from the newsroom. >> it is simply horrific. details of the killings revealed in court today. prosecutors say jane mcquain
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was in bed when she was killed last month. tonight i spoke with ronald mccombs who was a long time boyfriend of mcquain to get his reaction to what investigators say was the motive behind the murders. jane mcquain brutally attacked while she left stabbed through the blanket covering her, then bludgeoned to death with a 30- pound weight. her 11-year-old son william found dead in the woods miles from home. police believe he was killed with a baseball bat. mcquain's former boyfriend ronald mccombs spoke to us by phone from nebraska saying he is devastated. >> i'm sick. a 30-pound weight, that's pretty bad. >> reporter: the suspect in the murders, curtis lopez, everything extradited wednesday from north carolina after -- was extradited wednesday from north carolina after being arrested october 13th. the motive for the murders? a tar and television set. >> it was discover -- a car and television set. >> it was discovered both before and after his arrest
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that multiple items had been stolen by him from her apartment including her television. when he was apprehended in north carolina, her car was recovered. he had, in fact, stolen her car and had given it to his newest girl friend in north carolina. >> reporter: montgomery county states attorney john mccarthy says police believe they have enough evidence to show lopez was not only responsible for the death of his estranged wife jane, but also to show that he murdered william. detectives found surveillance video from a storage facility in montgomery county showing curtis lopez with 11-year-old william the day william was last seen. >> william was seen on october the 1st in the presence of the defendant and the defendant was seen removing items from the storage facility including a baseball bat. >> williams is gone. i always wanted a child. i took william as my son, but he took that away. >> lopez is charged in the
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murder of jane mcquain. the state's torrance lopez will soon be charged in william's murder. the judge ordered lopez held without bond. another big story tonight, fox 5 is taking you inside the lululemon murder investigation. nearly eight months after the gruesome murder brittany norwood was found guilty of first degree murder in the killing of her co-worker jayna murray. tonight the senior police official in the case is opening up talking to fox 5's bob barnard. >> it was a tough investigation. >> reporter: captain dave gillespie is head of the montgomery county police major crimes division, the man in charge of the lululemon murder investigation. >> we're looking for two men that broke into the store, committed a robbery and conducted these attacks. >> reporter: that's what the surviving victim, brittany norwood, told his investigators. >> we took her story and we went down that road believing what she had told us.
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>> reporter: but then several days later gillespie says some of what norwood was telling investigators wasn't adding up. >> and ultimately it came to the point of the conclusion where she had denied ever being in jayna murray's car. >> reporter: even though in the car police had found brittany's hat and lots of blood. >> and the story where she had said that she left the scene and actually returned and that she had seen police officers after she left the store didn't flag them down for help was pretty conclusive that there weren't two other suspects inside that store. >> reporter: exactly one week after the gruesome killing lululemon sales clerk brittany norwood was charged with her store manager's murder. >> i think that she has a
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disturbed view of things and an inability to control her anger and her emotions obviously. >> reporter: police believe jayna murray was killed after confronting brittany norwood about some stolen merchandise. >> yeah. i believe that brittany felt that she did not want to be viewed as somebody who had stole from the store. >> reporter: instead now she's a convicted killer. >> it defies all logic. >> reporter: we asked captain gillespie about that photo one of his officers took of brittany on the floor inside the store. >> i think he felt that she was dead and that had felt that both of them were dead and then it came that she was still alive. >> reporter: gillespie's team of detectives eventually nailed down the truth of what happened inside the yoga store on bethesda row that march night eight months ago. >> really it was a complex case. there were a lot of people, lot of teamwork and ultimately i think we got the right ending. >> with the killer convicted of
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premeditated first degree murder now facing life in prison when she is sentenced january 27th. these two high profile murder cases are once again shining a spotlight on maryland's death penalty law which is one of the most restrictive in the country. joining us now is maryland attorney general doug gansler who previously montgomery county state ternes. thank you for coming in. we see -- state's attorney. thank you for coming in. we see two high profile cases and even though this was a vicious crime and some 300 wounds on the victim and it was premeditated, brittany norwood still not eligible for the death penalty? >> that's right. maryland is incredibly restrictive in two ways. one, the laws under which we operate, but two the appellate courts consistently overturned death penalty convictions in maryland since we reinstated the death penalty in 1978.
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there's only been five people actually executed and some of those were almost volunteer. so it's very, very difficult. you have to have a hard and fast case in order to even begin to talk about seeking the denver because otherwise you're setting up a false -- death penalty because otherwise you're setting up a false set of promises to the family saying we're going to seek the death penalty. the case in bethesda just the other day would not have qualified regardless of how vicious it was. they were able to get the premeditation based on the viciousness of the murder. that is, you don't have to wake up that morning to believe that you're going to kill somebody that day, but during the course of the murder when you go from one to two to there, up to 331 stab wounds -- two to three, up to 331 stab wounds, somewhere during the course of events premeditation set in. >> doesn't the death penalty bend the will of the loft people. it seems -- the law of the
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people? it seems they are trying to take all the teeth out of it. >> yes, it's very much. so whether you're for or against the death penalty and i happen to be for it fore greiges crimes committed by egregious -- for egregious crimes committed by egregious criminals, our system is to function because you have it direct on the books, but it's almost unuseable. you have to show premeditation and deliberation in the first instance and then one of 10 aggravators have to be satisfied in order to even begin to seek the death penalty in mayor and then they tweaked it even worse last session with these three other things where you need to have a picture, a videotape of somebody committing the murder or dna evidence or something of the sort. so it's very, very difficult to get a death penalty conviction in the state of maryland today. >> and eyes are focused back on annapolis for those people for the death penalty and see these two egregious crimes committed in our community.
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thank you for coming in tonight. >> my pleasure. >> we want to know what you think. do you believe maryland's death penalty standard should be lowered so it can be applied to more cases? if you'd like to weigh in, go to look on the homepage. the herman cain sexual harassment scandal is not going away. three women claim the presidential candidate engaged in inappropriate behavior while he was head of the national restaurant association. tonight one of the accuser's attorneys speaks out. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: in a brief statement outside his georgetown offices in d.c. joel bennett, lawyer for one of two women who settled sexual harassment complaints against herman cain, says she is seeking permission to speak out. >> i will be sending by e-mail this morning to the restaurant association's attorney a draft statement of my client's position for the restaurant association's agreement for release not withstanding the
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confidentiality clause of the 1999 settlement agreement. >> reporter: the new york times reports one of the women who settled claims against cain received $45,000. another received $35,000. the associated press reports a third woman considered filing suit as well. now for its part the national restaurant association released its own statement acknowledging that it has heard from attorney joel bennett and saying that they wanted him to contact their attorney, but what the statement did not say was whether or not the national restaurant association's going to relieve cain's accuse -- release cain's accusers from the confidentiality agreement. for cain the controversy has overshadowed what was going to be the d.c. introduction this week of his presidential campaign. >> herman, i have never sexually harassed anyone. there are factions that are trying to destroy me personally. >> reporter: now statements
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from the cain camp are blaming the story being leaked on the rival campaigns of rick perry and mitt romney who both issued denials. >> the american people will look beyond all the silly attacks and ask themselves who could actually get america going again? >> reporter: herman cain insists he was wrongly accused, but with his accusers barred from speaking what exactly happened is unclear? >> the company for whatever reason decided that it was more cost effective to settle than to pursue the case of. >> reporter: herman cain returns to wash -- the case. >> reporter: herman cain returns to washington friday trying to focus on his presidential other than what he has now labeled as a smear campaign. a wound -- on his presidential campaign other than what he has now labeled as a smear campaign. a wounded warrior's story tonight. and tonight on the news edge a stolen purse has left
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big problems for a maryland woman. an expensive medical device she desperately needs was inside, her story at 11:00. m
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say. tonight from a maryland family about the -- a warning tonight from a maryland family about the warning of strep throat if it goes untreated. their son's legs had to be amputated. now they have a lawsuit against a local hospital. >> the flynn family is from anne arundel county and filed a malpractice lawsuit today against baltimore washington medical center and one of its doctors for what happened nearly a year ago. 6-year-old eric lynn's parents took him to the emergency room there last december. they say the doctor there failed to diagnose him with strep throat despite what they call obvious symptoms. eric was sent home without antibiotics and they say he became septic and critically ill the next day. he had to be taken to the university of maryland hospital where his legs were amputated above the knee to save his life. >> it's been very hard, but needless to say we are just taking it day by day trying to figure out how to make things
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easier for eric to be able to do things again that he should already be able to do, but it's very hard, very hard. >> he excelled in everything. he, you know, was one of the best on the soccer team, one of the best on his t ball team. anything he does he doesn't ask for help. he figures it out himself. he's a leader. he's a leader. >> reporter: the hospital has not yet seen the lawsuit but released a statement saying in part, "bwmw and all the providers who cared for eric believe the care he received to be thorough and appropriate. eric's symptoms were simply not consistent or indicative of this very aggressive form of infection." the heat also said it applauds eric's parents for trying to educate other parents of the potential complications of advanced strep infections. thousands of wounded soldiers are returning home from the battlefields and many
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are struggling to get back auto their feet. a number of organization -- on their feet. a number of or thes are providing some needed -- of organizations are providing some needed financial support. wisdom martin more with operation home front. >> i got hit and it ripped through the vehicle and hit my arm. >> reporter: seven months into his tour in iraq michael schuster was injured in his weather his humvee was hit by two devices. >> one resulted in the amputation of my arm. >> reporter: after a long recovery of walter reed he had no place to go. >> before i seen got to this point i lived in a -- before i even got no point i lived in a hotel for a year and a half. >> reporter: schuster struggled financially, but with soom major help his wife and 3-month- old twins -- some major help his wife and 3-month-old twins were able to move into this apartment. >> even though someone is helping me pay for my room and board gives me a huge sense of independence. >> reporter: that help came from a group called operation
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home front. their purpose is to assist wounded soldiers with their financial needs. operation home front-at this complex about a year. during that time they -- home front has been at this complex for about a year. during that time they provided housing for about 16 wounded warriors. kenya smith was evicted from her home today and will now move into the transitional housing, too. >> they placed me a couple months to help me get back on my feet. >> people don't understand just the sacrifices that not only our military, but the military families are making. >> reporter: aaron taylor is with operation home front. says through donations they rent a block of units and apartment complexes to create a community for the soldiers. >> just last year in 2010 we meant over 167,000 -- we met over 167,000 needs for military families. that includes the wounded warrior housing as well as food assistance, emergency financial assistance for things like car repairs, mortgage and rent payments. >> reporter: also in 2010 they spent nearly $20 million to
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help families with financial issues. when a soldier is injured, the family is injured. so taylor says they need to be together to happy together. >> my boys are my world. without them i wouldn't be here. it makes every surgery i've been through, the hardship i've been through well worth it. >> reporter: the organization believes it's the least they can do for the people who have sacrificed so much to serve our country. reporting in gaithersburg wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the clock is tick newt of an organic -- ticking on the future of an organic farm in mariner. the farm's owner leases the -- in maryland. the farm's owner leases the property from the school board. a petition to save the farm already has 20,000 signatures. organizers plan to present the petition to the county executives in a few weeks. first on fox the best d.c. teachers could be in line for thousands of dollars in perks. with the new plan to encourage high level teachers to transfer
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to poor performing schools, but matt ackland tells us some wonder if it will hurt those schools that are already making kids great and producing great results. >> reporter: the proposed pilot program would focus on four low poor performing public schools in d.c. some teachers already considered highly effective would be offered an incentive package to pack up their classrooms and head for schools in serious need of help. >> a lot of teachers i've spoken to want every opportunity to teach in a low performing school because they believe in the art of teaching. >> reporter: council chairman kwame brown is hoping to get city leaders to sign onto the deal. along with the perks brown also wants to give teachers who agree to move temporary protection from strict teaching results. >> at the end of the day this is not about touching impact, change impact. this is really about what's best for our children. >> reporter: but some parents who already have their kids in high performing schools worry
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the plan might not be the best move. >> once you do have good teachers in place i feel like why would you mess with that as opposed to bringing in some new, great new teachers from somewhere else. >> reporter: the washington teachers union commends chairman brown for his efforts to improve education for all students, but it wants to make sure these incentives are fair and available to highly effective teachers already in those low performing schools. >> i will be fighting to the death for those individuals and that's very clear. i brought this issue up. i brought it up again today with him and we're excited about what we can do. >> reporter: so where does the money come from to pay for these perks? so far that's not clear, but brown believes -- >> we can no longer afford not to have our best teachers in our low performing schools. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. from the club to the classroom, find out which artist is behind the hottest class at georgetown university. also ahead a controversial curfew debated in montgomery
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county and some say a new twist could lead to profiling.
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the idea of imposing a curfew on minors in montgomery county maryland has been debated for months now. tonight some council members say the proposed law needs to go a step further. they want to stop loitering altogether. fox 5's sarah simmons reports. >> reporter: teens and their activities in montgomery county are under the microscope. >> the curfew law would allow us to do, folks that we believe are under 18, it gives us the authority to have those conversations. >> reporter: council members are trying to come up with a law that would allow police officers to crack down on crime without violating a teenager's rights. here's part of the fuel for this debate. a flash mob robbery at this 7- eleven in germantown, several teens walked in and stole items and walked right out the door. a police officer talked with
10:26 pm
the group before the crime but was unable to do anything about it. >> if we had had the curfew, we would have been able to make sure these kids went home and the fact of them knowing that they had to go home, they might not have been out there to begin with. >> reporter: parents picking up children from school say curfew is a big cure-all. >> i also think curfew is kind of a band-aid and there's some kind of underlying things that need to be done like giving kid better choices of things to do -- kids better choices of things to do in the evening. >> reporter: chairman of the public safety committee introduced an anti-loitering bill as an alternative. he believes enforce. should be based on behavior, not age. -- enforcement should be based on behavior, not age. >> i understand you want to use the curfew as a scalpel, but it's an inherently blunt tool. >> reporter: but the montgomery county police chief has some problems with the anti- loitering bill. >> the most problematic thing is the law says if someone is able to explain their behavior, there's no violation. well, how are we supposed to
10:27 pm
determine if their explanation is true, if it's accurate? >> reporter: some parents have a answer. >> if they look after their kids, the parents, there's no problem. we're following a developing story. dr. conrad murray's fate could be decided in just hours. plus occupy protesters score a victory, but then chaos breaks out. we'll take you to oakland coming up. if you see a story we should follow, give us a shout. send us your news tips to fox 5 tips at or call 202- 895-3140. be right back.
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the fate of michael jackson's personal physician now in the hands of the injure. a manslaughter trial wrapped up today with closing hearing -- of the jury. a manslaughter trial wrapped up today with closing arguments. >> reporter: during closing arguments district attorney
10:31 pm
david walgreen walgren telling the jury dr. conrad murray was reckless with michael jackson's life. attorneys for dr. conrad murray argue it was jackson who gave himself the fatal dose of propofol. defense attorney ed chernoff said prosecutors had not proven that dr. murray committed a crime. >> dr. murray had no control over the situation because what was happening in the background, he was just a little fish in a big dirty pond. >> reporter: prosecutor david walgren painted murray as a selfish reckless physician and cited evidence stating murray did not call medics as finding jackson unresponsive and had statements from doctors saying they would never give propofol as a sleep aid. >> you heard from the experts. no one has ever seen propofol administered outside of a hospital setting let alone in a bedroom. >> reporter: throughout the
10:32 pm
presentation dr. murray stared at the projected images opposite the jury and rarely looked away. dr. murray maintains he was trying to wean jackson off propofol. after almost six weeks of testimony the final instructions were read by the judge. >> you must discuss the case only in the jury room and only when all 12 jurors are present. >> reporter: the judge released the jury until friday morning when they begin deliberations. if convicted conrad murray faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. craig boswell, fox news. a texas judge won't face charges because the statute of limitations has passed. the judge's daughter posted this video to youtube last week showing him repeatedly whipping her with a belt shot back in 2004 when she was 16. he was punishing her over using an illegal file sharing program on the computer. she's now 23 hoping her dad judge william dams will get help. no charges will be filed, but the state commission on
10:33 pm
judicial conduct opened an investigation. businesses in california are reeling from the -- businesses in oakland, california, are reeling from the occupy protesters movement. police came in in riot gear and protesters began throwing firebombs, metal pipes and bricks. the mayor said a small group turned a peaceful day into a violent night. >> the group of very violent protesters tried to take over the situation. we were able to arrest them and protect our city. >> oakland became a rallying point last week after an identify rack war vet was injured when protesters and riot -- after an iraq war vet was injured when protesters and police were in the streets. republican lawmakers say the white house has refused to turn over thousands of documents over solyndra and an energy department disputes that saying tens of thousands of pages have already been turned
10:34 pm
over. 6 a.m., 4 a.m., midnight, now thanksgiving day, stores opening earlier and earlier to get your holiday cash. find out who is jumping on the bandwagon this year. plus jay-z comes to a classroom near you coming up. but first getting more expensive to fly. fox business network's neil cavuto will explain. >> greece is teetering and stocks are just soaring again. the greek prime debt is planning to cancel that national proposal on the bailout for his country but may be facing a no confidence vote on friday of his own. stocks now voting the eu debt deal will go through ahead of the october jobs report that will come out tomorrow morning. the serve detector is serving up more -- the service sector is serving up more jobs or so they hope. the service sector employs 90% of our workforce. elsewhere americans that are working are getting more done, productivity rising last quarter after falling during the first half of the year. higher productivity could bring
10:35 pm
higher salaries down the road. the jobs are coming to one hi- tech company. chipmaker -- the job cuts are coming to one hi-tech company, chipmaker hit by weak command for computers and it keeps costing more to fly, u.s. airways the latest airline to raise fares up to 10 bucks for many round trip tickets. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  [ man ] '53 corvette. i loved that car. fox it's5 program brought to you by cold stone creamery. people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now
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holiday season is fast approaching. we are just seven weeks from christmas and retailers are racing to see if they can get those holiday shoppers. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick with who is opening early and why. >> reporter: the tree up, the
10:39 pm
lights are on, the scene is almost set for black friday 2011 and it's coming earlier than ever. >> retailers are literally tripping over each other to figure out who can open first on black friday because retailers know that the first place you go on black friday is probably the place you're going to spend the most money. >> reporter: while macy's stores nationwide will open at midnight along with target and kohl's, last year wal-mart, sears and toys r us opened on thanksgiving day and people do shop. >> last year 24% of shoppers were at the store on black friday 4 a.m. or earlier and the number of people last year who were shopping at midnight tripled. >> reporter: now if you're like me, the last place you want to be the day after thanksgiving, much less the day of, is anywhere near a shopping mall, but it sounds like we might be missing out. >> the best part about black friday are the discounts and the deals that you'll get. >> reporter: tysons corner center is opening the entire
10:40 pm
mall at midnight once again. every store will have special deems hour by hour. marketing manager -- deals hour by hour. marketing manager elizabeth madden says 50,000 people were waiting for the doors to open last year and employees are looking forward to a repeat. >> we all get really excited about it. we all love it and look at it as a way to kick it off. >> reporter: bulging bags and ringing registers more than making up for lack of sleep. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. tonight on the news edge a stolen purse bad enough, but for one maryland woman that's just the beginning of her problems. she desperately needs something that was attached to the missing handbag, her story at 11:00. plus metro is playing the name game with its stations. find out which stops are getting tweets and why some worry the changes will be confusing.
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police in california may investigate a woman's claim she had sex with teen pop star
10:44 pm
justin bieber, a woman now 20 recently filing a paternity suit against bieber. police may get involved because the alleged incidents happened a year ago when the woman was 19 and bieber was 16. if it's true, the woman could face statutory rape charges. this year at georgetown university their classes include the sociology of hip- hop and the professor mr. michael erickson is here now to explain why a course on the rapper j ze? >> he's a highly gift -- rapper jay-z? >> he's a highly gifted artist, deeply successful and has enormous talent. i write about pop culture and the consequences of how our hip- hop culture has influenced young people. i wanted to look at j ze as a man at the pinnacle of -- at jay-z as a man at the pinnacle of his talent. there's a lot more to him and we wanted to explore what that was. >> i'm just curious.
10:45 pm
what's the makeup of your class, male, female, black, white? >> we have every variety in ethnicity and race and color in there. a lot of white american students, a lot of latinos, middle eastern students, asian students, african american students. it's a tremendous mixture of different races and ethnicities, genders, orientations coming together to think about outlawed the meaning and importance of an -- out loud the meaning and importance of an icon like j i jay-z. >> just to play devil's advocate, you have parents paying $40,000 a year and what do you say to those parents asking what? >> of course, there will be parents like that, but we say look, there's a lot of stuff going on here. you go to any sociology class, you expect serious theoretical exploration of ideas that are for not. we do that. you expect people to have term -- that are important. we do that. you expect to have term papers do. we do that. you expect people to engage in profound and investigative
10:46 pm
thinking about people of different cultures and we do that. we do that with something relevant to the students to give them a lens ontie larger landscape of what's going on in -- onto a larger landscape of what's going on in america. it's like giving them some sweetness with the cod liver oil. >> have you gotten jay-z to come into class yet? he's in town performing tonight. any chance he'll show up? >> we hope he'll show up soon. i've been texting back and forth with him. i have the unabashed tenerity of giving him lyrics. he said man, you don't need me. yeah, we need you j. i'm just an average rapper. you're the great one of the universe. >> that would be the ultimate goal. >> let him see what's going on as well as the students learn from him. >> thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. brian, back upstairs to you. >> i paid attention to about half of that and i got
10:47 pm
distracted. i'm not quite sure why. >> i came walking in with some wonderful homemade baked goodies. this is from st. mark's orthodox church. they're centering an ethnic food festival and bazaar this weekend. they're on river road 7124. they'll have all kinds of good stuff. it's all homemade. i've got a lot of ethnicity in my family, too. you help yourself. it's going to be a great weekend to take in some ethnic food, really a fantastic fall weekend and the leaves are at peak, too. let's look as we start out with our weather map at the foliage in rock creek park it. is gorgeous, guys. i've seen it better in other years to be perfectly honest, but this is as good as it's going to get this weekend for foliage. the washington area is now at peak. get out and see the leaves because they'll be dropping big time over the next few days.
10:48 pm
not that we have a real big wind coming, a bit of a breeze tomorrow, but they'll start releasing pretty soon. in my own backyard today it sounded like they were snowing leaves except they were all crackling as they hit the ground. here is a foliage report. we're now past peak for the most part at kline drive. in the red this is us and we are on -- at skyline drive. in the red this is us and we are at peak with the foliage. if you're near the beaches, it will probably be better next week and only patchy color down through southeastern virginia, but those leaves will be dropping. they've hung in there quite a long time this year actually. tonight we are watching a system that will pass just to our south overnight and while it looks like a whole loft rain will come into d.c., what you're seeing is a lot that probably won't hit the ground. this area of low pressure produced the snow we saw yesterday in denver. that will move want to east. rough surf for the carolinas as it gets off the coast, but we
10:49 pm
think that thing will basically miss d.c. there are going to be light showers around. it might get as close as fredericksburg overnight. this is what we're seeing now, very light spotty showers. this will fill in overnight and central virginia will get some showers, wanted to show you how much rain potentially could fall in the green here. this is mainly south and west of d.c., anywhere from .1-inch maybe up to 1/2-inch of rain. a little heavier down through southern virginia and the carolinas. 1/2-inch to maybe 1 1/2 inches, but decent rain passing just to our south. we'll have the clouds with that tonight. here's futurecast. at 7:00 in the morning mostly dry, a slight chance of a shower in the southern suburbs. by noon this thing is moving away, becomes a bigger deal when it gets off the coast. we start to see the sun coming back in the far west by noon hour and the sun is back by the afternoon. so your friday night will be fine. friday night football will be great, too but a little breezy and chilly after it goes by and
10:50 pm
saturday as well. heading into sunday great weather. redskins will love it. it should be in the mid-50s for the game. so nothing for the fans to worry about weatherwise. reagan national 61 degrees, dulles international 65 and bwi up to 65 degrees today. it will be cooler tomorrow. here's the trend heading through the next several days. 57 friday, 54 saturday, going into sunday we warm up a bit to about 58 degrees. monday to 63 and potentially some warm days at least for the first half of next week, maybe mid-and upper 60s for next week, but for tonight mostly cloudy, just a spotty shower possible south of d.c., 47 and tomorrow a cloudy start, sunshine to end the day, spotty showers south, a much cooler day as well at 57 degrees. nope those winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 and -- notice those winds out of northwest 10 to 20. it will begin to take down some leaves and that 57 will feel mighty cool with a northwest wind at 50 miles an hour blowing. the weekend is looking good and
10:51 pm
next week looking good so far anyway. did you take some, brian? >> i did. i don't know what it was, a brownie with some stuff on it. >> it's all good. it's all homemade. enjoy the st. mark's festival this weekend. if you've ever wouldn'ted to see the national christmas tree -- wanted to steep the national christmas tree lighting in person -- to see the national christmas tree lighting in person, now is your chance. this year's ceremony will be held december 1st, a thursday, at 5 p.m. this is your local nissan dealers know your opponent. >> the 6-1 san francisco 49ers, been a long time since we've been able to say that, right, dave feldman? anyway, they're coming to town this weekend to take on the redskins at fedex field. >> that's right in. this tweak's know your opponent feldy puts -- that's right.
10:52 pm
in this tweak's know your opponent feldy puts -- this week's know your opponent feldy puts another player to the test. >> lorenzo alexander, he grew up in the east bay of the california bay area, so he was a natural for a little thing we like to call know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host, dave feldman. >> know your opponent with lorenzo alexander from oakland, california, a golden bear from cal-berkeley of the san francisco 49ers come to town. did you grow up a 9er fan? >> yeah, i did. i was a 49er fan. that's no more. let me get at you. >> reporter: you ready for your questions? >> yes. let's get it. >> reporter: you were born in oakland, california. which one of these famous sports icons was not, not born in oakland, california?
10:53 pm
emcee hammer, reggie jackson or yours truly, dave feldman. >> i'm going to go with reggie. >> reporter: correct. reggie was born outside philly. i'm an oakland guy and hammer is an old oakland a ball about a. >> exactly. i remember all -- ball boy. >> exactly. i remember all. this. >> reporter: you're 1-1. the 49ers got their nickname because a, the team was founded in 1949, b, after prospectors who arrived in northern california in 1849, it was named after the gold rush, c because the cleaning agent formula 409 was founded in san francisco. >> gold rush. >> reporter: are these questions insulting? >> no. >> reporter: continue. >> i don't think you would get them right. >> reporter: i came up with them. of course, i'd get them right. best known for this one-way section between russian him, between hyde and leavenworth streets with -- russian hill, between hyde and leavenworth streets with eight sharp turns
10:54 pm
earning the description for quickest street in the world? >> lombard street. >> reporter: did you slow down when you went down it? located in the middle of san francisco bay this former federal prison is on -- >> alcatraz. easy. can see it from my house. >> reporter: 49ers head coach jim harbaugh played high school basketball with yours truly dave feldman at palo alto high school in. a playoff game feldman and harbaugh once combined for 44 points. that's a true story. >> okay. >> reporter: which of the proper breakdowns is correct? feldy had 40, harbaugh had 4, feldy had 22, harbaugh had 22, feldy had 4, harbaugh had 40? >> i'm going with harbaugh had 40, you had 4. he played in the league, so -- >> reporter: yeah, that is correct. i wasn't bad. why was it that easy? i could play. >> he's a prospect.
10:55 pm
you got to go in to play. >> reporter: what are you saying? >> i don't know. that's what i'm assuming. >> reporter: i was a junior. he was a senior. the next year it was my team. >> did you get moved up as a junior? >> reporter: no. i was on the varsity the whole time. why would you even ask that question? i'm the one asking the questions. you're the one taking the quiz. >> i wanted to see if you wanted to play. >> reporter: i wanted to play. >> you played jv. >> reporter: i played varsity as a junior. you couldn't play jv as a junior. we didn't do it like you did in oakland. we're done with this quiz. thank you, lorenzo. >> all right. thank you, feldy. >> that's pretty good, yeah. >> he did well or did i well? >> yeah, both. >> okay. >> brian did well. he got 4-5. you got 1-5. >> he's from california. >> that makes no difference. >> it does make a difference. >> i almost had the answers before the question. >> that's my point. you're from california. can you do something about
10:56 pm
indianapolis monday? >> maybe when they play the colts again. >> thank you. then we'll see how good he is. >> i'll crush you again. >> want me to get you an autographed picture of me? >> please. i'll do that. i'll put it right next to my autographed picture of will thomas. >> wow. >> i'm just saying. >> i don't even know what to say about that. >> thank you, feldy. >> i'm not talking to you. still to come on fox 5 news at 10:00 just the act of sitting could be contributing to the development of a deadly disease. find out how coming up next. at 11:00 this self- proclaimed superhero fights ryan by night. turns out now he's doing nothing by day, why he lost his job on the news edge. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. eawi mm
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