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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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sitting at your desk or lying on the couch may increase your risk of cancer. researchers at the american institute for cancer research believe physical inactivity is responsible for almost 100 cancer cases in the u.s. every year. they believe exercise may reduce your risk. experts urge americans to take one to two minute activity breaks every hour. the news keeps coming tonight of the here's brian now with the news edge -- tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we'll begin with a story you'll only see on the news edge. a stolen purse has created an incredibly painful problem for a maryland woman. an unusual medical device was attached to that handbag. the woman desperately needs it back and she's making a plea to the public for help. fox 5's roz plater has the story. >> reporter: after a half dozen surgeries and years of taking powerful debilitating pain pills for her ailing back, jeannie wilkins said she finally found something that worked, but just two days later her pain is back and the medical device that helped her
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is believed stolen. >> i'm back to the pain medicine now. i'm fighting it. i'm fighting it. i don't want to take it. >> reporter: two weeks ago she had a spinal cord stimulator surgically inserted just above her hip. the device sends electrical impulses up her spine to block the pain messages before they reach her brain. two days ago her doctor's programmed that stimulator and gave her a hand-held controller that looks like this. wednesday she was sitting on a bench next to the shady grove adventist emergency center in germantown when it disappeared along with her purse. her daughter had come to pick her up. >> she had some bags in her hands that she had gotten from the pharmacy and i thought that she had her purse in with the bags. so we got in the car. >> reporter: minutes later she realized her purse was missing. they returned, searched both inside and out, alerted security, but the purse was not found.
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because the stimulator was on a high sitting wilkins said she had no choice but to return home and use a special magnet to turn it off. now she needs another controller, cost? an estimated $1,500 wilkins says the former teacher retired -- will as a former teacher retired -- wilkins as a former teacher retired on disability can't replace it and is hoping someone out there will send it back. >> please call the local police or leave it somewhere, the doctor's office there where they were. there will be no repercussions for it. i just want it back. >> reporter: now the person described as a -- the purse is described as a burgundy or wine colored long shoulder strap bag. inside the purse was jewelry, money and photos, but it is that medical device she desperately needs. we heard about this story through our tip line. you see a story we should look
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into send your news tips to fox 5 tips at or call 202- 895-3140. new details from a maryland double murder, may be hard for any parent to comprehend. prosecutors say curtis lopez beat his stepson with a baseball bat after stabbing the boy's mother in her bed. he is held without bond after being extradited from north carolina. police found 51-year-old jane mcquain's body in her germantown home last month. william's body wasn't found until 11 days later. the lululemon murder trial is over, but the fate of brittany norwood is still up in the air. she faces life in prison without parole for killing gamay n murray, but the decision -- killing jayna maury, but the decision on her ultimate sentence is up in the air. >> reporter: there will be decision if there are mitigating factors for an early release. it's not an easy decision to
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make. >> the judge ordered a presentence decision yesterday. that's pretty typical. it takes six steven weeks to get that done. the division will begin to develop information about her family history, institutional history or incarceration history. we know that she does not have a criminal conviction in her background. i would also indicate that if the parole commission picks it up they could order psychological testing. >> reporter: the state's attorney said he will file a motion asking for life without parole, a sentence he believes norwood deserves. >> there was an original or initial victim in the case and that was jayna murray, but because of the way in which the defendant now convicted manipulated the facts, there were secondary victims which were basically everybody that lived in montgomery county and maybe in particular the merchants and the people in bethesda. people were tear five-day forecast. >> reporter: mccarthy also made his first -- terrified. >> reporter: mccarthy also made his first public comments about
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the apple employees who heard the noise through the walls of lululemon but never made the police. >> i think this will be a difficult thing for them to live with having not made the call. again i think in fairness to them i don't think they were imagining they were hearing what we now know was happening, but at the same time i think, you know, a lot of people are left with the question make the call. >> reporter: mccarthy noted there is no law requiring people to call 911 even if they suspect a crime is being committed. it's a choice. >> paul wagner reporting. important note, there is no mandatory minimum sentence for norwood. the judge can give her whatever he thinks she deserves. to the latest on the herman cain sexual ha is a. scandal, cain denying -- harassment scandal, cain denying the accusations. politico reports some of the accusations were taken very seriously at the time.
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meanwhile an attorney for one of cain's accusers is speaking out about the association's confidentiality agreement. >> i will be sending by e-mail this morning to the restaurant story,'s attorney a draft statement of my client's position -- association's attorney a draft statement of my client's position for release not withstanding the confidentiality loft 1999 settlement agreement. >> the -- confidentiality of 1999 settlement agreement. a man arrested for threatening house majority leader eric con tore, laura evans is everywhere -- cantor, laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> brian swift is accused of calling the virginia congressman's office outside richmond and leaving profanity laced messages. he threatened to destroy cantor, kill his wife and rape his daughter. no comment from the republican congressman. swift now faces 10 years in prison if convicted. more arrests in the murder of howard university sophomore
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alonzo guyton. 18-year-old michael jordan and 21-year-old lorenz on i carlton are behind warnings. guyton was shot in front of a mount rainier apartment building. police believe the motive was robbery. all three suspects face first degree murder charges. plans announced for the reopening of the national cathedral. the new bishop will be installed. the november 12th ceremony will be the cathedral's first event sun was the earthquake in august. the quake damage -- since the earthquake in all. the quake damaged the tower and several other areas. metro is making changes to its maps. you'll soon see new names at several stops. making those changes was no easy task and some worry they'll make things even more confusing. here are the other stories on our rundown. news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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metro changing the name of five stations, but getting the board to agree to the change challenging. it took more than two hours of testimony and debate and in the end some writers may find the new names -- some riders may find the new names more confusing. fox 5's stare live with the details. >> reporter: what's in a name -- fox 5's sherri ly with the details. >> reporter: what's in a name? >> shorter and less confusing. >> best example is u street and i can't remember all the other parts that go with it. >> reporter: what to do with new york avenue, florida avenue, change it? >> there is a consensus about a recommendation for noma gallaudet. >> reporter: noma, that's north of mass, its little known name used to divide the neighborhood.
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>> it's effort to change the image and the kind of development in that corridor, we spent a lot of time on that. >> there was negative research findings on the word noma, most in the research don't know what that means. >> reporter: the board wrangled over station names when just four months ago a report by the general accountability office criticized the board for its micromanagement like choosing seat colors. >> please keep in mind that your roles to represent all the people of your jurisdiction and the region, not just the institution which some of which may benefit from free advertising that may come from being part of a station. in. >> reporter: some board members argued why not -- station name. >> reporter: some board members argued why not use all the name if you have one. >> we felt very strongly ballpark be part of the name. >> reporter: holy cross hospital only got an h for hospital on the forest glen station. >> if you go down that path, you're never going to end going down that path. it will be endless and we will
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be here debating station names at every meeting for every nonprofit that wants to be listed. >> reporter: the board shelved the addition of national mall to smithsonian. it's not the only stop on the mall. >> there's a lot of organizations. the white house, for instance, is not on the map. >> reporter: the one consensus, changing waterfront sue to just -- waterfront seu to just waterfront. the university no longer exists. metro will keep the name noma for the gallaudet stop so people can get used to it in one year and then we're going to do it all over again in a year with new names on the silver line. sherri ly, fox 5 news. coming up on the news edge he's a self-proclaimed superhero, but his nighttime crime fighting job just cost him his real job that, story next. plus a skins coach is responding to critics. hear from a former redskin returning to fedex for the first time as well since left. filled feld has your sports edge. -- dave feldman has your sports edge. but first there's no love
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for nickelback in detroit. they are supposed to perform this thanksgiving for the lions game. there are 16,000 signatures from angry fans saying the canadian band doesn't represent the city's musical history. others just don't like the band. 
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he's been d.c.'s chief police for -- she's been d.c.'s chief of police for five years now and today she discussed the possibility of renewing her contract. lanier makes $250,000 a year. her contract goes through april. today she said she has no reason to leave. >> it's just such a fun job. truly i love the city and the pd and what i do. as long as i feel that way, yeah. >> lanier also discussed the georgetown shooting on halloween night. the teen is still in critical condition. no one has been charged. lanier called it a very dangerous night. a superhero out of a job in seattle. phoenix jones wearing a costume while breaking up fights around town was fired from his day job teaching children with autism. he's not allowed to work with children at all after this video was released. he was arrested earlier this month for pepper spraying a group in the street and had to reveal his secret identity. he's a mixed martial arts artist as well as a teacher. over to shawn yancy with
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your fox 5 top five. >> we're starting off with another price hike for people flying the friendly skies. no. 5, u.s. airways, delta, united and continental are all raising ticket prices as much as $10 round trip. the airlines are trying too boost revenue during a normally -- to boost revenue during a normally slow travel period. southwest and jetblue have not raised fares. known 4, imagine getting a double dose -- no. 4, imagine getting a double dose of the flu. two patients found with the h1n1 strain and the seasonal flu strain at the same time back in 2007. both patients fully recovered. no. try, apple has a fix for the battery -- no. 3, apple has a fix for the battery problem on its iphone 4s. there will be an upgrade in the next few weeks to fix the problem. limiting notifications and turning off a feature that automatically adjusts to new time zones has helped some
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customers. no. 2, help make sure a local child's holiday is happy. stop by toys r us tomorrow and donate a toy as the u.s. marines kick off their annual toys for tots drive. you are asked to donate a new unwrapped toy. no. 1 tonight, this summer's 5.8 magnitude its quake may have created a brand-new quality line or uncovered a previously detected -- brand-new quality line or uncovered a previously detected -- brand-new fault line or uncovered a previously detected fault line in the state of virginia. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> got a little bump in the road on the way to the weekend. >> just a few showers down to our south. there will be heavier rain farther into virginia. if you're traving down 95 in the morning early, you may run into rain, but for most of us it will still be a dry friday and a dry overnight. i think this thing will just graze the southern suburb as it moves by. we'll make sentinel radar or
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first stop tonight because we are beginning to see a few showers still south and west of charlotte. so into the farmville area and lexington. these will move northeast, but they'll only get so far north, maybe just to the southern tip of the beltway with a light shower or sprinkle and the bulk of this will be overnight. we put it in motion and what happens to be rain, actually not. again a little bit more significant rain here down through southern and western portions of virginia. this is why with some of these heavier downpours these areas right along the virginia/north carolina border could see 1 1/2 inches of rain in six or seven hours here as this system moves by. it's all coming from an area of low pressure spinning out here that. low will move over to the coast and it will produce some more significant rain but not for our area. we think closer by south and west and again maybe you get a little of this in the central shenandoah valley just into say
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the quantico area up to 1/2- inch of rain maybe if you're lucky, 1/2-inch to 1 1/2 inches down to our south and west is where the most significant rain will be. we think that's out of here by morning. your weather headlines, the overnight showers mainly confined to our south. the rwon't be as cold and we'll have clouds around. clouds will hang around till probably the noon hour and break up for the afternoon sunshine. it gets breezy, sunny, cooler friday, only in the 50s. the weekend is still cool, but also dry. so quite a contrast to our snowy saturday we had last week. i think even for the skins game should be terrific. we're forecasting a beautiful fall weekend and tomorrow kind of changeup day as the system passes by. high pressure will continue to protect us and while in that position it does give us some cooler temperatures saturday about 54 degrees, sunday about 58. first part of next week i think we're back into the 60s and maybe well into the 60s at
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least for monday, tuesday and possibly wednesday. 52 degrees right now, dulles 53, a few spots in the 40s, but a much warmer night thanks to the clouds and the fact winds are light. mostly cloudy, a spotty shower possible to our south, 47 degrees. tomorrow we expect to see a lot of clouds around. they break up in the afternoon and nip showers we see will be wined to the -- any showers we see will be confined to the early morning hours. weekend still in the 50s. don't forget about standard time. we change the clocks back this weekend. you get an extra hour of sleep to help you enjoy monday and tuesday as temperatures get back into the 60s with plenty of sunshine. hey, we're talking about redskins and kind of focusing on the offense, too. we'll let you know what kyle shanahan had to state. dave feldman has your sports when we return. to say. dave feldman has your sports when we return.
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this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> good evening. these are trying times indeed for your washington redskins. most recent game memory? being shut out. you've lost three straight. you haven't won a game over a month and the 9ers who come to town sunday boast the stingiest defense in the lead allowing their opponents barely 15 point game. the redskins offense is under fire after being unable to score one point against the bills last sunday. it was the first time in mike shanahan's 18 year head coaching career he has been shut out and the person calling the plays is mike's son kyle.
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his offense ranks 26th in the league in points scored. and he hears the criticism about his struggling offense. >> i mean that's life. any time you get shut out i expect to get criticized. i expect it from you guys, from my wife, from myself. i mean it's embarrassing, never been shut out before and i don't want it to ever happen again, but it is what it is and got to deal with it and man up. really what matters to me is whether the players believe in me or not and that's what it all comes down to. >> one person believing in himself, carlos rogers making his return to fedex field sunday. the former redskin left the redskins via fridaying a signing a one-year -- via free agency signing a one-year deal with the 49ers and earlier he reflected on his time in d.c. >> in my first three years it was fun, you know, playing the grid. we had a lot of fun, a lot of
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top defenses. trying to change the coaches, coaches couldn't really control the team. things got henning particular. now it's all about what he's not -- hectic. now it's all about what he's not doing or he's dropping picks. this team started looking at all the negative stuff instead of the positive things that you did bring to the team. >> i think carlos is a good football player and did a good job, but, you know, as an organization you got to decide exactly where you're going to put your money and at that time obviously he wasn't in the plans. acc football reminder on fox 5 saturday maryland hosts virginia, terrapins play their final home game of the season. kickoff is at 12:30. injury news for the caps, mike green will make the trip to carolina for tomorrow's game, but it's uncertain if he'll play. greene missed the last three
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game with an knowingly injury and brower has a right shoulder situation -- with a right shoulder injury. the ncaa ruled the terp is ukrainian center has been cleared to practice but must miss the first 10 games of the season based on the rules governing amateurs. he will be allowed tomorrow night to play in the exhibition game, but head coach mark turgeon said he must temper this with the victory. >> he's got a lot of tools you can't teach and one is 7.1 with a long wingspan and he's got good timing on blocking shots. he is not the savior. he's not a hero. are we better with him? yes. we're deeper, gives us eight scholarship players, so yeah, we're automatically better. >> eight is better than seven. the nats agreed to terms of a contract with pitch min wang.
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i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge. have a great night. [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha.
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