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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a lot of people said he would take a hit in the polls. >> the new numbers are in. we'll take a look at where herman cain stands now and one of the first polls released since allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. amontgomery county mother and son murdered. now, police believe what they -- release what they believe was the suspected killer's motive. 6:00 right now. we have troubles out on the road this morning. first, it was the beltway and now some other spots. the beltway at least in better
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shape now than it was about an hour and a half ago when the inner loop was closed. that situation has been fixed. glad you're with us. it's friday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm maureen umeh. the inner loop was shut down overnight just prior to georgia avenue after a deadly crash. police say a car slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer. we are going to get an update on the situation from julie wright in just a moment. but first, we want to get a look at your weather with mr. tony perkins. good morning to you. >> good wering, everybody. we'll tell you about some changes that we had for today. there are no surprises. this is all expected. take a look at vipir. there are some rain showers out there. they are all to our south as expected. there is some heavy rain in south and central portions of virginia, some very heavy rainfall down there. even richmond has seen some heavy rain already this morning. so if you are traveling south towards richmond or particularly beyond richmond,
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you will encounter rain showers this morning. in fact, through the morning. however, here in the washington area, we remain dry. i can't rule out a shower for our southernmost viewers, say in fredericksburg, places like that. we'll remain dry here in the washington area. temperatures across the reason on, it is actually the most mild air we've had early in the morning. this week, 50 degrees now in washington. 49 at baltimore. 47 at dulles. fredericksburg is at 50. forecast for today, morning clouds but becoming mostly sunny by the afternoon. it will be breezy. those wind will pick up and gust up to around 20, 25 miles per hour. today's highs only in the upper 50s as opposed to the mid-60s where we've been. 57 for your high downtown. more on all of this coming up. >> you mentioned other problems out there on the roadway, steve. julie wright has the details of the hot spots. >> right now, we are talking 66 coming in from the west. that is where we've scott the accident activity tying you want the two right lanes before you commit to the beltway.
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so again, eastbound 66 on the brakes. big delays leaving 123 and nutley street out of vienna headed towards the capital beltway. northbound i-59 starting to slow in woodbridge. the ramp that was closed has been reopened. the outer loop is already slowing here at 650 headed west. crash on the inner loop of the beltway, that fatal accident, all of that activity has been moved over to the shoulder just before georgia avenue. still causing a brief rubbernecking delay on the inare loop but no incidents to report on the outer loop. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are keeping a very close eye on the latest jobs report set to come out in just a few hours. analysts predict the nation's unemployment rate will hold steady at 9.1%. to lower the current rate, more than 200,000 jobs would need to be created. one thing holding companies back is consumer demand. they don't want to hire until they see spending increase. we'll talk more about this in just a few minutes with the fox
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business network. the dow had a good day yesterday. nasdaq and s&p all higher as well. asian stocks are also up. japan's nikkei gained almost 2%. there were even larger gains in hong kong and korea. the good day on the market stemming from greece's decision not to put a debt bailout plan to a public vote. that didn't go over so well. president obama continues to meet with world leaders today in france at the g-20 summit. he is calling for an urgent deal on the greek debt crisis. the group of 20 summit is working on ways for the international monetary fund to do more to calm the crisis. leaders discussing a declaration that would permit countries to stabilize the world economy. jury deliberation begin in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. it comes after six weeks of testimony with prosecutors trying to prove murray killed michael jackson with a fatal dose of the drug propofol. murray admits he did dream team jackson with the drug but his attorneys argue jackson gave
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himself the dose that proved deadly. the head of herman cain's campaign is reversing his accusation that a rival campaign aide leaked sexual harassment claims. >> and the republican presidential candidate cd is still leading the latest rasmussen poll. we get more from sherry ly. >> herman cain is expected to be back in d.c. today at a conservative grassroots summit. he still comes in as the gop presidential frontrunner in polls. a national rasmussen poll taken on wednesday just days after the accusation surfaced shows cain leading 26 been 23% over former massachusetts governor mitt romney. khan denies sexually harassing two women during his time at the national restaurant association but there are now reports of two more people accusing the presidential candidate of inappropriate behavior. cain's campaign had blameed a former aide, now working for governor rick perry for the leak. they have since backed away but
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still blame someone in perry's campaign. alawyer for one of cain's accuser is now asking the national restaurant association to lift a confidentiality agreement. >> she had nothing to do with this becoming public and is anxious for it to go away. >> reporter: several high row file republicans have urged cain to work to lift that confidentiality agreement. the restaurant association is expected to make a decision later today. now, the controversy has overshadowed what was supposed to be cain's d.c. introduction to his presidential campaign. still, it doesn't seem to have hurt him either. he has got ain't boost in fundraising since this all surfaced. >> thank you. onto some of the other top stories we're following this morning. new details about the murders of a maryland mother and her young son. police say jape mcquain was brutally killed inside her germantown home last month because her estranged husband wanted her car and her television. her 11-year-old son was found dead in the woods miles from the home. lopez is charged in jane's
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death and the state's attorney says he will also soon be charged in william's murder. he is being held without bond. new developments in the murder he have of howard university sophomore alonzo guyton. police railroaded two more men, 18-year-old michael jordan and 21-year-old lorenzo carlton. guyton was shot to death in front of a mount rainier apartment building. police believe the motive was robbery. the earthquake that we all felt a few months back, find out how they have permanently change the landscape. first, they have become a straightal part of our everyday lives and u.s. intelligence officials warn computer attacks or the rise. who is behind the hacking? we'll tell you. we are bake in a moment. 
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say computer attacks by foreign governments are on the rise. they say china and russia are attacking our research and development through their intelligence services and corporations. the cyberattacks swallowed of large amounts of american research and intelligence data. officials have not offered many details about the cyberattack as and they did not say how many were government sponsored. schools in the northeast are running low on snow days. officials warn they may have to cut school vacations short. last saturday's snowstorm on top of hurricane irene have led many systems to use up most of their days for weather-related closings. some interesting new findings out of the auction earthquake. geologists say a new fault line may have developed or there is a pico riveraly undecked fall line in virginia. the usgs says the quake on august 23rd has set off more
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than 600 aftershocks. there was another one yesterday morning. coming up next, a plan to improve disease cools with a big incentive for the system's best teachers. -- to improve d.c. schools with a big incentive for the system's best teachers. we are back in a moment. 
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we take a look at traffic out there this morning. we've had some decent places out there and we've had some trouble spots out there. a couple have been some pretty popular commutes. we'll get you through it on a friday morning. >> at least the trouble is shifting to a new area. >> so it is affecting someone new. allot get through the weather so we can get to julie. we have changes in the forecast today. the forecast is the same. we have changes in the weather today and then it will set us up for more quiet weather and nice conditions. let's take a look at the temperatures across the region. you enjoyed yesterday, i presume. >> we did. >> you said you might take the
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baby out for a walk. >> i took her two blocks and she had enough. we turned back around and came right back home. >> did you take your baby out for a walk. >> we'll talk about that later. >> 64 degrees was the high at reagan national airport. 65 at dulles. 65 at bwi marshall. not a bad day at all. today, we'll knock off some of the temperatures. we'll see hour highs in the 50s. we are at 50-degree here in washington. 48 in baltimore. -- we are at 50 degrees here in washington. annapolis at 53 degrees. we want to show you the satellite-radar composite for the reap on. it is andment resting picture because we have some stuff going on. you see we've got clouds across the area. skies are mostly cloudy. part of the rope our temperatures did for the drop off as much as they did the last few nights because of the thick cloud cover. also, lots of rain to our south including a lot of heavy rain in south central virginia, southeastern virginia now getting in on some of that. most of this rainfall, it is
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tracking to the north and east. so some of our viewers to the south and maybe to the south and east might get a little bit of this action during the morning hours but the bulk of the main activity remains to our south. our map deal here will be the cloud cover. forecast for washington for today looks like this. we will see skies which are cloudy now gradually become mostly sunny but that is by this afternoon. it will take quite some time for that to happen. it will be breezy at times. winds gusting to gust -- gusting to 25 miles per hour. our temperatures drop off tonight. five-day forecast is not bad. i think the weekend is good. tomorrow is a cool day, lots of sunshine. monday and tuesday, a warm be trend, mid- to upper 14r06. now, we have -- a warming trend, mid- to upper 60s. let's get to on-time traffic. many of you in the traffic will
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not be on time today. >> for sure. i do want to reiterate the beltway has been reopened between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. there was a fatal accident that occurred on the beltway and for several hours, we had the beltway shut down. that is no longer the case. the inner loop reopens between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. you will find those typical delays on the outer loop now creeping up on you at new hampshire avenue. the problem here on 66 is the accident before t v-d.o.t. tells me it is only one right lane that is closed but nonetheless being big delays from fair oaks headed eastbound on 66 back in towards 495. we do have the delays on the outer loop trying to best past new hampshire avenue. lanes are open southbound on 59 coming in out of beltsville. this is is involving a car into a tree. now, southbound 270, a better picture for you guys. an easier ride leaving father hurley boulevard headed for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the best d.c. teachers could be in mind for thousands of dollars in perks if the new
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plan to encourage high level teachers to transfer to poor informing schools. councilman kwame brown proposed the idea but it is not yet clear where the money would come from. some are wondering if it may hurt schools that are already producing great results. stay tuned to fox 5. we'll talk more about this coming up next hour with nathan saunders, the president of the washington teachers union. the idea of impose a curfew on minors in montgomery county has been debated for months and now some council members say the proposed law needs to go one step further. they want to stop loitering altogether. the chairman of the public safety committee introduced an anti-loitering bill. he believes enforcement should be based on someone's behavior, not on their age. but the montgomery county police chief has some problems with the anti-loitering bill. >> probably the most problematic thing is the law says, if someone is able to splawn hare behavior, then there is no violation. >> well, how are we supposed to determine if their explanation is true, if it is accurate. >> could be a while before a bill is passed. committee has been working on
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this curfew legislation for i while and council members have not started talking about the anti-loitering bill. we'll talk with the folk at fox business network about the latest jobs report due out in just a few hours. we have a preview for you first. the title of the latest james bond film has been released. it will be called skyfall. daniel craig stays on as bond and javier bardem will play his arch nemesis.  we are the house when it comes to the big game.
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lots to watch this morning. all of this impacting the mark net one way or another. let's say hello to lauren ?imenty in new york. happy friday. >> good friday morning. >> final hi made it almost to the weekend. it's been a mixed week with a couple of days of big gains and
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big losses. what is happen something. >> the losers are in control right now about if you are keeping track, it is 50-50. monday, tuesday, way down. wednesday, thursday, way up. dow up 208 points yesterday. nasdaq up by 57. s&p higher by 23. as of this morning, i can't tell you. completely flat lining right now. we do get the jobs report in two hours. that will change the tides one way or another. but to round out the week for the dow industrials on a positive note, we would need to gain 187 points today. can we do it? most certainly y to looks like all eyes will be back on europe once again. greece, the prime minister there flip-flopping on whether too take that plan public and then the g-0 summitt going on. i am assuming that will drive activity once again today. >> there is that no confidence vote on the greek prime minister expected to later today. will he stay in power ?a n. what will happen with greece and at this point, it is all greek to everybody. everybody is getting asnakehead
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by what is going on there. >> you mentioned the jobs report. 8:30, we'll find out what the official numbers are. what are you hearing ahead of time. >> we are looking for a number around 59,000 jobs have been created in october. that sounds like a great number. 59,000 people found jobs in one month but it barely keeps up with the population growing in the u.s. an is not nearly enough to bring down the 9.1% unemployment rate. we've been there since the summer and the fed this week in its fed announcement said we went come down to below 8.6% until 2013 so unemployment clearly an issue in this country. >> not what people want to hear. well, despite that, have a fantastic weekend. we'll see you again on monday morning. coming up next, he had a strong showing in the polls but once allegations of sexual harassment broke, many questioned if herman cain could maintain his lead. well, hole on, we'll -- hold on, we'll tell you the numbers
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after the break. the redskins taking on the san francisco 49ers. they have abeen a lousy team the last couple of years but they are playing good ball right now. we'll talk a little football coming up as well. 
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we talked about the powerball, the big lotto up in cop con. lottery fills say it is possible the person who has that winning ticket worth $245 million, they may be literally in the dark about it because they don't have power. hundreds of thousands of people remain without power in connecticut after last weekend's snowstorm. >> can i tell you something? i know that the newspaper industry is on the decline but it does still exist. at least this week. the man could pick up a newspaper and see the number. >> if i purchased my takette in fairfield, connecticut and i
6:30 am
knew the winning ticket was sold in fairfield, con cop, i would find my way to a computer. >> you have a car radio where they have been talking about it. >> the person knows. they are just getting their affairs in order, laying low for a while. >> laying low, divorcing people, all that kind of tough. >> get rid some of dead weight friends that they don't need anymore. >> i don't blame them. speaking of being in the dark, looks like we still are. that will be different next week. >> it will be bright and sunny this time of the morning. >> it won't be bright and sunny i don't i was just trying to be positive. >> the sun will be coming up as we get out of daylight saving time or we end it this weekend. yeah, i know. take a look at the sentinel radar. we have some stuff to talk about. there are some rain showers to our south. not here in washington nor do we expect to get any here in washington. you can see now it looks like it is headed this way. tucker and i will keep our eyes on. it the expectation is some of our viewers to the south an east might get some shower activity. not so much here in the
6:31 am
district or points north and west. this would be during the morning hours. temperatures across the reap on look like this. not a bad start to the day. 50degrees here in d.c. 48degrees in baltimore. 47 at dulles. win chester, 45. ocean city, 41. here is your day planner for today. we'll have clouds this morning. we'll see mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. it becomes quite breezy. wind blowing up to about 20, 25 miles per hour at some points this afternoon. that is the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's he had six of ask the weather guys. it is a good one. we've got a great question. should be some great conversation about this. we are very excited about it. >> i could hear you guys. >> it's good one. >> i think you'll both get into it. >> let's check in with julie for our on-time traffic. are things looking any better. >> no, we are in the heart of rush hour now, honey and i think it will get worse before it gets better. now problem reported northbound i-95 approaching garrisonville road. this one involving an overturned vehicle and other
6:32 am
cars involved as well. you will find only the left leap able to squeeze by at this time. not a bad trip right now out of germantown. lanes are open leaving father hurley boulevard south. a crash involving a car into a tree. you will find 66 eastbound. delays in manassas and from fair oaks, the accident activity here continues to block the far right lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now, to today's top stories. new details about the murders of a maryland monthly and her son. police say she was killed because her estranged husband wanted her car and television. her 11-year-old sop williams with found dead in the woods miles from home. lopez is charged in jane's death and the state's attorney says he will soon be charged in william's murder. he is being held without bond. an update on a recent killing into old town standery. a d.c. man has been arrested in
6:33 am
georgia for the murder of bob mcneely. herman cain still leading in the latest rasmussen poll. the latest telephone survey of likely gop voters shows cain with 26% of the support followed by mitt romney at 23%. khan's boost in the poll not affected by the sexual harassment claims against him. he continues to deny the allegations. a lawyer for one of the anonymous accusers asked the national restaurant association to release her from a confidentiality agreement imposed after a settlement and we should find out later today if the association will agree to that request. let's talk redskins. they are maying this weekend. can they actually pull out a win. >> it is a good question, mo. >> you just said last hour,
6:34 am
you thought they would. >> they can mess around and win. >> maybe somehow, some way, they it pull this one out. i don't believe in the san francisco 49ers yet. gout to prove it to me. west coast teams when they travel to the east coast, they just don't play well. maybe it is the time change, who knows? their head coach, jim harbaugh is very impressive. i met him personally. he went to high school with dave feldman so i'll count off for that. >> if he wasn't friend with feldy, might give him a chance. >> maybe just a bit of a chance. we are also friendly around here with carlos rogers. remember this guy? >> of course. back in the day. >> he was the first round draft pick of this team. he was a really good cover corn are but he couldn't catch. this year, he is catching the ball. he already has three
6:35 am
interceptions. that is a career high for him. for whatever reason, he is catching on literally and figuratively in san francisco and he talked about his time in d.c. >> in my first three years, it was fine. we hay lot of fun, a lot of top defenses. coach gibbs and the change of coaches and the coach was going to control the team. then it was all about berm ron, -- about bergeron, what he's not doing. he looked at all negative stuff instead of the positive things you did bring to the team. >> i think carlos is a good football player. he day good job. but as a organization, you got to decide exactly where you're going to put your money and at that time, obviously, he wasn't in the plans. >> carlos was a good football player here. he has been a better football player out there in san francisco.
6:36 am
the bottom line is last two years that he was here, he wanted out. when joe gibbs retired and greg williams was shown the door, he wanted to be shown the door. >> he is going to be salivating this week. >> yes, vie vepg is a dish best served coal. halloween barely in the rearview mirror. we are looking ahead to christmas now. a christmas themed comedy hitting the box office. harold and kumar back on the big screen. we are going to l.a. next. stay with us. mm
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two comedies are vying for your attention at the box office this weekend. joining us now via skype from los angeles is movie reviewer kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan. you are up bright and early out there in l.a. >> yeah, last time i was up this late i was at chris
6:40 am
cooley's house playing a movie game until 4:00 in the morning with chris cooley and tanner cooley and i just won't to bed literally an hour and a half ago. i'm out here i just saw two movies. i saw breaking down the new "twilight" light film as well as j. edgar. >> that is why you are out there to talk to the guys starring in those films, right? >> i'm really nervous. to me, i think leonardo dicaprio is the best working actor today. i think he is so brilliant and all over the place. every single role he gets into, i never see dicaprio. i always see the character he is playing. he is one of the people i've always wanted to talk. to i didn't get the invite to interview him until about 12 hours ago. so i've been up all night writing my questions and i'm absolutely -- >> you will do amazing as you always do. >> i'm just nervous but i'm also talking to the entire cast of twilight. all of these interviews will be exclusive here on fox 5 morning news. all the viewers, make sure you
6:41 am
stay tuned. we'll have the whole cast of twilight and dicaprio. >> let's talk about the weekend movies. let's talk about tower heist first. you were kind of lukewarm on this one. >> this was an interesting movie. bret ratner did the rush hour movies. i loved the first rush hour but after that, they really went downhill. have i to give him credit here for bringing back eddy murphy. he hasn't done a good movie in a don't know how long. i don't know what he was doing. he did meet dave and nor better and the adventures of pluto nash. i have to give him credit for bringing back that eddy murphy we always loved. he makes ben stiller the star here. he doesn't bring back eddy
6:42 am
enough. the movies revolves around the fact that alan alda is playing a bernie madoff type of character. >> you call this the poor man's oceans 11. >> yes, it is the same type of music. you can feel the jokes being forced. it is nowhere near as smart as oceans 11. the crowd -- everyone seemed like they were having a good time. it is entertaining. it is like eating fast food. it tastes really good when you're eating it but it will be forgotten about later o it is not a great movie by any means but i found myself enjoying it. i gave it a three out of five. it is good to see eddy murphy
6:43 am
back in this role but i wish they had more eddy murphy. the biggest issue i had with this movie and this is so strange to bring up is because ben stiller is born in new york. his new york accident is terrible. >> we saw the asking classes. he trained himself to get rid of it. >> i know. the first five minutes of moste, he doesn't have the accent and then it shows up out of nowhere. i'm like what is going on here? >> i think a lot of you are going to see the movie though. hears one that shocked me that you really liked. the harold and kumar 3-d christmas movie. i thought you would just pan this. you liked this one. what? >> here is the deal. i am a big fan of the first two. the first one, people have to understand, the first movie was all about two guys going to white castle. that was the entire story line but it was so funny. and all the situations they got
6:44 am
into, neil patrick harris' cameo in the first harold and kumar, i would say is up there as one of the best cameos of all time. that and bill murray from zombie land. those or two great cameos. this particular film, they are getting into one of their crazy adventures again. they have to find i christmas tree. you have to understand for people out there, this is one of the most inappropriate, random, raunchy, hilarious movies but it has a good heart to it. they always put good heart in these movies. i loved the 3-d. i am in the a big fan of 3-d. i i think the 3- d is up there with avatar's 3- d. >> wow! >> here is why. the avatar's 3-d was all about depth of field and being able to be immersed if that world of pandora and it was gorgeous. but this 3-d is self-knowing, self-aware. gimmicky. they are throwing things in your face. and the harold and cucamonga or movies are known for their
6:45 am
drugs. the guys smoke marijuana in the movie. so they do a lot of stuff with the smoke. >> so the 3-d helps you take that trippy effect with them. >> it is one of the most random movies i've ever seen but cooperate stop laughing. neil patrick harris' cameo is so surpriseless and so funny. i sat down with the guy. i sat down with harold and kumar and neil patrick harris, you can check out my interview with the cast and film. i gave day four out of five. i had fun with it. i'm a big fan of the series. so if you are looking for a really funny, raunchy comedy with a good heart to it, i liked it. >> kevin, you have done an out standing job. enam not going to go see the harold movie but i will see tower heist. that is what i'll do based on your suggestions but thank you so much as always. get some sleep out there in l.a. and we'll look forward to seeing your reports next week. >> follow me on twitter if you want. bdk reruse. you can tweet me any movie
6:46 am
questions if you want to know what movie to see. just go ahead and shoot me a tweet. >> i want to see tower heist. but now, hear that, i'll go see harold and kumar first. >> did you know is he goes out to l.a., he loses the glasses, he has the nicer shirt o he is now mr. l.a. now. >> although, for all we no, he could have been in a hotel room in fairfax. >> not the best area. all right. ready for some weather? >> let's do it. >> for the weekend, daylight saving time comes to an end. saturday night, sunday morning, we set our clocks back. so before you go to bed saturday night, want to do it nulls want to wait until you get up sunday morning. you set the clocks back. -- so before you go to bed
6:47 am
saturday night, you want to do it unless you want to wait until you get up sunday morning. tucker and i are looking at this satellite-radar because the way it is moving, here is what is going o tucker explains this very, very well. this system is inching its way northeast but then there is spin in the atmosphere. this will move out off the coast t won't so much come right up across this area. that is why we're not saying we're going to get rain in washington. what we do think is south and east of washington, you could get some rain showers before this whole system pulls out. there is rain right now as you see down if you are heading towards richmond, virginia and there is a lot of moisture in eastern carolina. so there are some problem spots out there. there is a lot of heavy rain. we won't get that. some of our viewers to the south appear southeast, you might get some rain showers this morning before it gets out of here. here what is is going to go on behind that low pressure system. high pressure settles in, brings us a beautiful fall weekend. a lot of people like the cool temperatures. you will get them. it is a time of year for them. we are in november.
6:48 am
55 for saturday. so cool but pretty. sunday, a little bit warmer. milder, 60 degrees with sunshine. forecast for today, becoming mostly sunny. breezy at times. wind gusting up to 25 miles per hour this afternoon. high about 57 degrees. then for tonight, those skies clear out. it is colder overnight with lows around town in the 30s and then as i said, we've got a very nice weekend on tap. not bad at all. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the desk mr. tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> subdued this morning. >> well, i've been up since 2:00 in the morning. >> yes. okay. it is now time for -- pick it up, man. we've got a good question here qoo i'm ready to go. >> time for ask the weather guys -- >> i'm ready to go. >> time for ask the weather guys. >> we did not get to choose a question yesterday because we had a lot going on. >> our producer liz chose a question. >> we have hundreds of questions. >> it is a good friday question. >> it comes from robin in
6:49 am
winchester, virginia. robin writes, i have always loved pop rocks candy but i never knew what made them pop. >> i am frayed to hear the answer to this question. >> do you know? >> from grade school because we were all curious so we were asked to research it and find out so i know the answer. >> what is the answer in. >> do you want me to tell them? >> it is something about carbon dioxide. >> they're carbonated. >> that is fantastic. >> that is what it is. it is hard candy that has been -- they forced carbon dioxide into it to make them carbonated. here is the cool thing. you know, like many inventions, it was kind of stumbled upon. some guy back in the '50s was trying to make instant soda. >> cool. >> so it is a cool idea. it obviously did not work. he thought it would be great for you hay little granule of coca-cola that you would throw
6:50 am
in some water that is an instant soda. that did not work but this is what it wound up. he put the formula away sand said that was a failure. 20 years later, someone else stumbled upon the formula and said this will be a great candy for kids. they will love the fizzing and popping. >> when i was a kid in the '70s, this was all the rage for about two years. >> and then things suddenly turned. >> wasn't that because of mixing with other sodas. >> i heard this as a kid. the urban legend that pop rocks -- when you were a kid, was it the pop rocks or the soda. >> it was the pop rocks. i was a kid at the time pretty much. and the myth was that, if you took pop rocks with soda, that you would explode. >> do you mow who they said died? >> yes, we do, maureen. on take a look at this commercial. mikey. >> it's supposed to good-bye
6:51 am
for you. >> i'm he not going to try it. >> let's get mikey. >> he won't eat it. he hates everything. >> for some reason, that is commercial to life cereal. but for some reason, the rumor popped up in the '70s that mikey, maybe because they said he'll eat anything. rumor was that mikey had pop rocks with soda and his stomach exploded and he died. this was such a strong rumor that the company that makes pop rocks had to take out full page ads in newspapers saying it was not true. >> they sent alert to every principal in the country of every school saying this candy is safe. mikey did not die. he is still alive. his name is john gilchrist, i believe. he is in new york. he is an adult, obviously. upon rocks went off the market for a couple of years. >> could we address of how it was possible for rumors to spread worldwide before we had the internet. >> you and i are so on this.
6:52 am
i am fascinated by this. >> i guarantee every kid in the country heard that story. >> i would love for someone to write a thesis about this. how does a rumor like that start and become so widespread that everyone heard that and many believed it. they had to take them off the market. and they said because people aren't buying it because they think this is true. it was not. and that just conformed for people, they took it off because it is killing people. pop rocks are back. >> is it back? >> it is back now. >> can you go buy the candy. >> first, they culled it action candy and they said pop rocks is the name. >> i love it. >> so now it is retro cool. >> maybe some day we'll get a pack. >> it is not dangerous. can you buy them, it is cash nation and mikey is alive. >> the other urban myth that there were spider eggs in bubble gum. not true. >> i have never heard that. >> i heard that too. >> if you have a question that you want answered, go to
6:53 am, click on the weather tab. >> good question. >> i'm pretty sure sugar hating moms started all those rumors. >> it is fascinating. >> yes, it is. >> julie wright joins us live. how was the concert last night? oh, my gosh. i loved it. i love it. i had so much fun. >> jay-z and kanye? >> i'm giving you next year permission to pull off the look the leather pants and a kilt. >> i'll skip that. >> hoping that he doesn't do it. >> all the girls loved it. >> that is because he he is kanye. if i did it -- no. >> it was awesome. a little sleepy this morning but great show. on the roads, here we go. 66 eastbound, read the sign. accident ahead before you reach the capital beltway. that is what was tying up most of the roadway. we had an accident here at 123. that was tying up left side of roadway as well. now, you will find lanes are open but 66, big delays out of centreville headed eastbound towards 495. we have also got delays now if
6:54 am
you are traveling northbound i- 95 coming in out of fredericksburg. accident activity in garrisonville now moved to the shoulder. expect tea lays headed north from route 3. accident activity headed northbound in lorton has cleared off the shoulder. up are marchboro for the crash. richey marlboro road and brown road, follow politician direction to get by. if you are travel ring south on 270, no accidents. you are below speed, 46 for 47 miles per hour. -- if you are traveling south on 270, no accidents. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. wednesday, it was pizza. thursday, it was pie. >> we'll keep it going this morning. holly is going to join us. she is grill something local chefs so to peek about what makes their burgers the best in town. yeah, more good early morning eats coming up. f
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