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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 4, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you would? >> yeah so look out. clouds out there. few rain showers. hang in there, i think later this afternoon, mostly sunny and bright. though cooler than yesterday. yesterday mid-60s. today mid-50s. we'll have a pretty good breeze out of the north. you can see the shower activity breaks shortly. as we get into the afternoon hours, i think we'll be mostly sunny. generally dry. to the south and east, might see a few leftover showers. this system rapidly winding down. cool temperatures, 51 in washington. 48 hagerstown. ocean city, you're 45 degrees. cooler than yesterday. should see plenty of afternoon sunshine. bring along a jacket, because breezes pushing out of the north and northwest to about 25 miles per hour. cooler than yesterday. more details on the forecast and a look at the weekend. i'll remind you to flip your clocks back an hour sunday morning as well coming up in a few minutes. tony? tucker, thank you very much.
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now to today's top story. the best d.c. teachers could be in line for thousands of dollars in perks. >> that's a new plan to encourage high level teachers to transfer to poor performing schools. maureen umeh has details. >> up to $10000 a year for some teachers. a city council chairman proposed the idea, but some are wondering if it could hurt schools that already producing great results? the proposed program would focus on four low performing schools in d.c. some teachers considered highly effective would be offered a package to pack up their classrooms and head for schools in need of help. council brown is helping to get city leaders to sign on to the deal. the teachers union commends his efforts, but they want to make the incentives fair and available to the highly effective teachers already in low performing schools. meantime, some parents who have
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their kids in high performing schools worry the plan may not be the best move. >> once you do have good teachers in place, i feel like why would you mess with that as opposed to bringing in great new teachers from somewhere else? >> we can no longer afford not to have to have our best teachers in low performing schools. >> $10,000 a year home buyer housing assistance, tuition assistance, and income tax credit. so where will the money come from to pay for the perks? so far, that is not clear. but chairman brown says he'd like to get this pilot program moving quickly. his goal is to have the plan in place by the end of the year. so we'll have to wait and see. >> we'll be covering it. >> we will. >> thank you, mo. appreciate it. we are getting a look at the october unemployment numbers that just came out, and it shows hiring slowed last month with employers adding only 80,000 jobs. however we're told that's enough to actually bring the
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overall unemployment rate down from 9.1% to an even 9%. as doug luzader reports now president obama is in europe working on fixing the global economy. >> reporter: as president obama spends the morning rubbing elbows with world leaders in europe, the goal is to prevent another global financial melt down. >> the most important aspect of our task over the next two days is to resolve the financial crisis here in europe. >> reporter: and that crisis in turn could upend u.s. markets still appearing to be on a shaky path toward recovery. it's not enough to have an impact on the job shortage. today's unemployment numbers may not change the fundamental debate in washington, who is to blame? >> if you look at what's happened since this president took office you've seen unemployment go up by 17%. 2million more unemployed americans today than when he took office. >> reporter: despite massive government spending and stimulus projects, the
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unemployment rate thus far has defied the rosier prodictions from the white house economic team. and monthly jobs growth would have to be in the neighborhood of 200000 to really have much of an impact at the unemployment office. heading into what will be a tough re-election year, the president and democrats will have to argue that it could have been worse. >> but i'll tell you this, if president obama and congressional democrats had not acted, we would be at 15% unemployment. again, no consolation to those without a job, but an important point to make. >> that report was by doug luzader. the new october unemployment report shows a dip in the jobless rate down to 9%. allison? herman cain's campaign chief backing off his accusations now. the republican candidate's campaign manager now says the man he accused of leaking sexual harassment claims did not do it, but still blames a rival camp, and cain still is
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topping a new poll. he leads with 26% followed by romney with 23%. newt gingrich came in third with 14%. nobody else got more than 10%. cain denies harassing women during his time with the national restaurant association. his campaign manager first blamed former cain aide curt anderson who now works for the perry campaign. after anderson came out and said he never leaked anything, the cain camp is backing off that accusation. >> all a person has in this life is their integrity and character. i didn't know anything about this. >> we were absolutely thrilled that he came on your show and said that it wasn't, because mr. cain had the utmost respect for him. i'm going to do the same thing mr. anderson has done, and move on, talk about issues, and get off of this silliness and get on with the campaign. >> a lawyer for one of the
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women who made the claims says he sent a request to the national restaurant association to get off the gag order. the nra says it's reviewing the request and will have an answer later today. a follow-up now on a recent killing near old town alexandria. >> the 18-year-old is awaiting extradition from georgia to face murder charges. new developments in the murder of howard university sophomore alonzo guyton. 18-year-old michael jordan and 21-year-old lorenzo carlton was arrested. police believe the motive was robbery. a third suspect, william knight was arrested last week. all three charged with first
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degree murder. new details about the murder of a maryland mother and her young son. police say she was killed inside her home last month because her estranged husband, curtis lopez wanted her car and television. her 11-year-old son william was found dead in the woods miles from home. the state's attorney says he'll also soon be charged in william's murder. he is being held without bond. the lululemon murder trial is over. the jury convicted norwood of first degree murder for the death of her coworker. a judge will weigh the fate of norwood and decide if there are any mitigating factors for an early release. there is no mandatory minimum sentence here. the judge can give her what he thinks she deserves. the state attorney will ask for life without parole.
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we are monitoring metro again this morning. metro's changing the names of five stations. getting the board to agree to the change was a challenge. took more than two hours of testimony and debate, and in the end some riders may find the new names more confusing. fox5's sherri ly is here with more. >> the plan was to come up with short and simple names. instead of going with staff recommendations, metro's board in most cases made the names longer. and have you ever heard of noma? that is the biggest head scratcher of all. >> reporter: what's in a name? for metro stations, a lot in 19 characters or less. >> the names do matter, but shorter is better and less confusing. >> best example is u street. >> reporter: what to do with new york avenue florida avenue? change it.
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>> there is a consensus about a recommendation for noma. >> reporter: noma? that's north of mass. it's a little known name used to revive the neighborhoods. >> the effort to change the image and the kind of development in that corridor. we spent a lot of time on this. >> there was negative research findings on the word noma. most in the research do not know what that means. >> reporter: four months ago a report by the general accountability office criticized the board for its micro management, like choosing seat colors. >> keep in mind you're always to represent all the people of your jurisdiction and region, not just institutions some of which may benefit from free advertising. >> reporter: some board members argued why not use all 19 characters if you have them? old town will be added to king street and ballpark to navy yard. >> we feel strongly that ballpark be part of the primary
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name. >> reporter: holy cross hospital only got an h for hospital on the forest glen station. >> if you go down that path, you'll never end going down that path. it will be endless and we'll be here debating station names at every meeting for every nonprofit that wants to be listed on it. >> reporter: the addition of national mall to smithsonian. >> the white house, for instance, is not on the map. >> reporter: the one consensus changing waterfront to just waterfront. the university no longer exists. >> it will be noma and to help people out, metro is going to keep new york avenue on that stop for one year so riders can get used to it. by the way, the jurisdictions are picking up the tab. it's no cost to metro. then we get to do this all over again for the proposed silver line names in less than a year. >> can't wait to hear what they
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come up with. thanks. could a cure few be coming for minors in montgomery county? some council members want to beef up a proposed law. another week another game. will it be another l? we hope not. dave ross is up next to talk redskins football as they get ready to take on the 49ers. he's up next, so don't go away. 9:11on a friday morning.
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x plans announced for the reopening of the national cathedral. a new bishop will be installed. the november 12th ceremony will be the first event since the earthquake in august. idea of imposing a curfew on minors in montgomery county has been debating for months. some council members say the proposed law needs to go a step
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further. they want to stop loitering all together. bill andrews introduced the bill last week. he believes enforcement should be based on someone's behavior and not age. the police chief has problems with the anti-loitering bill. >> i think the most problematic thing is the law says if someone can explaining their behavior, there's no violation. how can we determine if the explanation is true or accurate? >> it could be a while before a bill is passed. the committee has been working on the legislation again for a while. council members haven't started talking about the anti- loitering bill yet. there we have a glimmer of hope. the redskins take on the 49ers monday. >> a glimmer, yeah. after a string of losses can they pull it off? dave ross is back with us this morning to talk about it. >> it may be a glimmer, a gleam. i think there is reason for optimism this week.
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>> do you really? >> might not be for the reasons we think. i don't know the redskins are necessarily improving at the rate we'd like. i don't think they can play much worse than last week. i think san francisco is a bit of a fraud. >> really? >> i just don't think they're a legit 6-1. if they can come from the west coast to play a 1:00 game, and map says it's 10:00 a.m. on the west coast -- >> plus the time change. >> right. gain an hour? >> fall back. >> help us or hurt us? >> we get more sleep. we're well rested. >> hope that doesn't help them though. it's weird the way it works. never worked that well for coast coast when they come to the east coast. one thing we know, beck has not been playing well. last week up in buffalo, didn't have a lot of time. when he did, he missed guys,
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like here with armstrong. his timing was out of whack. he and shanahan need to figure out and get on the same page this week. kyle knows that the criticism will come. he says that's something that comes with the territory. >> that's life. any time you get shut out, i expect to get criticized i expect it from you guys from my wife. i expect it from myself. it's embarrassing. never been shut out before. i don't ever want it to happen again. it is what it is, and got to man up and deal with it. but really what matters to me is whether the players believe in me or not. that's what it comes down to. >> tony, if you have a bad show, does rhonda criticize you? >> no, because she doesn't watch. >> mark get on you? >> yeah, we always have a debriefing. >> i don't think he's getting hammered at home by his wife. it was comical. the other thing that's interesting, jim harbaugh comes to town from san francisco.
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this guy runs hot and runs hot all the time. we saw detroit a couple of weeks dismissive pat on the back. he runs after harbaugh. >> i thought too much was made of this. >> you thought so? >> really. >> i thought he made too much of it. >> who? >> the guy who ran after him. >> yeah, the detroit coach. >> we'll take another quick look, because it's for my own amusement. gives him the first hand shake. >> seems to push him out of the way. >> which he admitted he did. here it is again. >> get out of here! >> as the film clearly shows -- >> i didn't mind that. >> where did all this animosity come from? maybe from being in high school with dave feldman. feldy is on the far right, number 24. we have a closer picture. >> look at that.
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>> great hair on feldy, huh? still good buddies to this day. at that paly high school in the day. harbaugh intense from back in the day. feldy said they combined for 41 points on a high school game. harbaugh had 38. >> you'll get it from him. >> sorry, feldy. >> you think they'll win? >> i do. i know beck hasn't been very good. i think if the defense stands up and brand on banks makes a big -- >> we're so beat up. >> they are banged up. but at home, you have to rally around that redskins flag. >> thank you dave, appreciate it. the jury gets the conrad murray trial. >> reporter: was he or was he not criminally responsible? it's what jurors will try to decide. i'm marianne rafferty in new
9:20 am
york. more on that coming up. holly is on the hunt for the best burger. >> reporter: you know what, i've found quite a few. since the average american eats three hamburgers a week, we're checking out three hamburgers in three hours. our third and final stop, we're in arlington this morning. coming up, we're going to get on the griddle and show you why their sandwiches are indeed so good. it's all live later. that's the dagwood burger. >> got to smoosh it down. >> take a look at the trivia question. when ross perot ran for president in 1996, his campaign song was what country music hit recorded by the great patsy cline? was it crazy, sweet dreams, walking after midnight, which you're hearing, or your
9:21 am
cheatin' heart. >> that wouldn't be good. >> still crazy would be the worst one. the answer is coming up later. don't go away. ♪ after midnight searching for you ♪ .
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9:24. welcome back. the fate of dr. conrad murray lies in the hands of a jury. >> deliberations will begin in a few hours. marianne rafferty has more. >> the evidence in this case is abundantly clear that conrad murray acted with criminal negligence, that conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson. >> for a crime to be proved, you also have to show that dr. murray, the prosecution has to show that dr. murray actually killed michael jackson. >> reporter: after almost six weeks of testimony, attorneys on both sides have made their last ditch efforts before the
9:25 am
jury headed into deliberations. jurors must now determine if dr. murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> that's why the prosecution had to emphasize this is not just a medical malpractice case. this is not an examining case with a board of medical examiners. this is a criminal case. >> reporter: since the case began, the defense team has maintained their client was not responsible for the pop star's death. >> they want you to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. they just don't want to tell you that. >> reporter: legal experts suggest there is no telling what jurors will decide. >> there's no way to predict a jury, because all they have to do is get hung up on causation. no matter what murray did, the defense said did it cause his death? yes, he used bad judgment. yes, it should have been done in a hospital. but did those actions cause his death? >> reporter: if the jury finds him guilty, the maximum sentence is four years.
9:26 am
since he would be a first time offender, it's possible he won't spend a single day behind bars. in new york, marianne rafferty, fox news. we told you about a self- proclaimed super hero in seattle. he's lost his day job. >> that is a spooky costume. who got the boot on the x- factor? who all got the boot? details here. details after the break. >> who got the boot? >> we'll be right back.
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cause you needed this, a follow-up for you this morning. you may remember us bringing you the story about a so-called super hero in seattle. >> now phoenix jones, that's his super hero name, is out of a day job. he was fired from teaching
9:30 am
children with autism. he's not allowed to work with children at all after this video was released. i'm not sure why. he was arrested earlier this month for pepper spraying a group causing trouble in the street. he had to now -- the thing about this video, he's trying to do good. the lady is chasing him and he's running away. doesn't help your super hero image. he had to reveal his identity. he is a mixed martial artist. i don't know why he would be told not to be around children with the pepper spray. >> it's a federal charge, so maybe that's why. >> it's not good. and he looks like a villan. the name is not a good super hero name. >> phoenix jones. i said when we first saw that
9:31 am
video, somebody happened to be taping. it looks fake to me. >> i'm with allison. >> why would you tape that, him running away? >> well, i don't know. >> from a couple of women. >> i don't know. good point. >> good luck, phoenix. >> phoenix! hello, mr. barnes. things seem off kilter. can't talk about it. there's a celebrity in the room. >> more off kilter. >> exactly. falling back this weekend. extra hour sleep. >> ah, yes. hey hey, justin, we see you there. okay, sorry. >> you find these celebrities are hungry for air time. >> they are. and they don't have a lot of to say. >> screaming girls here now. >> by the way, that was not justin bieber. >> don't blow it. >> wait until the end of the show. >> do you think we would have a weather segment here if that
9:32 am
was really bieber? >> well -- >> that was our special guest alex. >> yea, alex! >> sunday night, setting at 5:03. temperatures 52 at reagan national. frederick, cooling today. daytime highs in the mid-50s yesterday. breezier today. radar showing you the beam going round and round. shower activity not close to home. i guess it's possible ocean city, salisbury, leftover sprinkle. you can see the cloud cover. last couple of frames starting to break up a little bit. the theme, more and more sunshine this afternoon. after the clouds and in a few cases showers to the south, this should get out of here and an improving forecast later
9:33 am
today, with plenty of sunshine. cools, with highs in the mid- 50s. that's after 65 yesterday. mostly sunny after morning clouds. breezy at times. winds gusting to about 25 miles per hour. will be blustery this afternoon. overnight low, 36 degrees. lots of the area at or below freezing later tonight. be ready for a cold one. look at this fantastic weekend forecast. 55 tomorrow. will be cool. but plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday. redskins game sunday, 60 the afternoon high with lots of sunshine. check it out, indian summer, monday, tuesday's highs near 70. should be nice and warm early next week. all righty. that does it for me. allison, tony back to you. thanks again, mr. bieber. all right. thank you, tuck. it was a rough night for paula abdul's team on last night's results episode of the x- factor. two of her groups were forced
9:34 am
to sing to stay on the show. after earning the lowest number of votes following wednesday's performance. >> in the end, intensity was shown the x-factor door. here's a report from hollywood. >> simon, sometimes less is more. >> reporter: passions ran high among the judges defending their own groups. in the end, america and the judges voted. the 10 member team group intensity became the first x- factor casualty. >> intensity, i'm going to have to send you home. >> quite shocking for us to be in the bottom two. we believed we had a great performance on wednesday. we thought we did good enough to be able to stay in the top 11. but i feel like -- we know that we did a great job. we did the best we could possibly do and it was in america's hands, and i guess america wasn't ready for us now. >> they worked extremely hard. passionate, devoted and
9:35 am
dedicated. they have a strong work ethic. i felt blessed to be working with them. they really are amazing. ♪ >> reporter: back stage, the judges were still debating their decision. >> i look for people when they're in the bottom to come out better than they were the previous night. in my opinion, i thought intensity performed better tonight than stereo hogs. it's why they got my vote. ♪ >> reporter: kicking often the show, shades of another singing competition, with "without you" the journey ends for intensity. but the dream is far from over. ♪ >> you can't ever stop. you're never at the top. you can always still climb. the mountain never ends. ♪
9:36 am
still ahead. ask allison. >> i'm answering a question about a party as in it is appropriate to invite exes, four of them to be exact, to the same party. >> all right. >> my thoughts coming up. first, another look at today's trivia question. when ross perot ran for president in 1996, his campaign song was what country music hit recorded by patsy cline? was it crazy sweet dreams, walking after midnight, or your cheatin' heart? the answer is coming up later. don't go anywhere. ♪
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♪ tell me something good ♪ let's answer this week's ask allison question. here it is. i'm a single mom i love birthdays. i celebrate mine each year with a gathering. this year i'm turning 45 and consider it to be my mid-to big
9:40 am
year of 50. with that being said, i've invited several men i've dated over the years and a few i've had relationships with. we all ended on positive terms and we have truly remained friends over the years. no drama, no mess. my question is, should i tell each of them the others will be there? there will be 100 plus people there. they might end up talking to each other. thanks so much. it's an interesting question. i thank you for writing in. may i say off the top, i'm sure a lot of ladies are jealous hearing you've been lucky in finding nice guys through the years. nice you've been able to remain friends and you want them to celebrate your birthday with you. that's very nice. now, to your question, should you tell the guys, the answer for me is pretty easy. no. you should tell them. they are adults. they know that you are all grownup, too so you don't have
9:41 am
to tell them. who you have to tell is the guy you might be dating now, especially if he's coming to the party, he 100%, 150% deserves to know. i said that was the easy part to answer. here are harder questions. why are you putting yourself in a potentially drama filled situation? i know you said you're all friends, but are you sure none of these four guys still have feelings for you? can you be sure that guy won't get his feelings hurt and be turned off by the whole situation? my sense is you'd be honest if any of them came up and asked you hey, any other exes here at this party? so also have you thought about if they do start talking, that they might have a problem with them being there together? you say you are truly friends, no drama, no mess, i love that. but i'm concerned this might change that dynamic. and i hope you have thought about that part. also, are you sure you're over all of these guys? suppose they bring dates, how are you going to feel seeing them at your party? don't get your feelings hurt on what is supposed to be your big
9:42 am
fun party. i think at the end of the day, no, there is no need to tell them about each other being there. actually, they might change their r.s.v.p. if you told them. but investigate your motivation. you say it's to celebrate with old friends, i just hope the flames are all out so the situation isn't too hot for you to handle at the end of the night. that's what i say. now, you're a man. what do you say? you get an invitation from an old flame, and unbeknownst to you -- >> first of all, i probably couldn't go. >> right, your situation. >> and i run into others -- would be awkward, talking to a guy. how do you know her? we dated. we did, to. how many of those years overlapped? >> should she have invited them? she did it. >> i don't know. that's a tough one. i think it depends -- she says she's friends with them individually -- >> it's nice to celebrate.
9:43 am
>> i would say this, typically at parties that i've had or others that i know the ex es aren't there, typically. >> you kind of cut that. >> yeah. >> focus on what you have going on now. anyway, happy birthday to you. >> tape it in case it gets dramatic and we'll show it. >> we'll probably show it anyway. that would be a news story. if you have an answer you want me to answer,, click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. ever wanted to be part of a memorable movie? just be in a scene? >> "officer and a gentleman." takes her in his arms. >> now is your chance. we'll tell you how you can do it and show you a little bit of a movie that tucker started in. >> uh-oh. >> it won't be "an officer and a gentleman." >> holly continues her hunt for the best burger this morning. where is she now? stay tuned for the tasty details next.
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9:47 am
holly morris is tempting the taste buds this morning. >> she is visiting some of the best hamburger joints in our area to find out what makes their burgers so delicious. you have no idea how crazy you are driving us this morning. >> reporter: you have to live vicariously through me. >> we always do. >> not enough. >> reporter: this is interesting, when the burger craze really started in the states? it was 1904 at the world's fair in st. louis. at that same fair, ice cream on a cone was also introduced. that would have been a good fair to be at, right? i am at a great place to be at if you like burgers. the initials say it all. we are at the bgr the burger joint. we are at the one in arlington
9:48 am
this morning. we are with the founder. started it in 2008? >> feels like it's been forever. we've eaten hamburgers all our lives. but the gourmet burger started in '07 and '08. here we are. >> reporter: how many bgrs do you have now? >> 18 open around the country. >> reporter: wow! >> eight in washington, d.c. area. newest one is opening in casecades in about a month. >> reporter: they do a lot of fun different types of burgers, but you have a burger of the month. >> we do. >> reporter: since it's november and it has beens to be thanksgiving time, we're doing? >> thanksgiving on a bun. >> reporter: let's get started. >> turkey burgers are hard to make at home. people like to eat turkey burgers but don't like to make them and say it's dry. >> reporter: i think it's harder to make a turkey burger taste good. >> you feel good about eating it but does it taste good? this is store bought ground turkey. >> reporter: okay. >> made it simple for this morning.
9:49 am
we're going to add in portabella mushrooms. we add them for moisture. everything we're doing is we're adding moisture in kind of a low fat way, until i get blue cheese. >> reporter: put extra of that, i love it. >> it adds moisture. and natural fat, which is okay. salt. >> reporter: talking about the best burgers. fat is fine. >> everyone wants a juicy burger. >> reporter: yes. >> and that's the way you get a juicy burger is by putting in fat. >> reporter: we have about two minutes. >> rosemary and thyme, fresh, always. >> reporter: smells good. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: i'm thankful. >> rosemary the trick is pull it against stem. >> reporter: mix it all together. >> this is it. no muss, no fuss. >> reporter: easy. >> make a burger out of it. going to put it on the grill. >> reporter: your best tips for grilling? >> cook this all the way
9:50 am
through. no temperature on poultry. if you have a thermometer, 175 degrees. chicken and turkey are always well done. >> reporter: right. >> to make our burger, we have turkey patty cooked. i'm going to bring it back here. >> reporter: looks pretty good. >> what else goes with turkey? >> reporter: stuffing. >> exactly. are you a lot or a little stuffing gal? >> reporter: i'm a lot stuffing, are you kidding me? >> cornbread stuffing we make in the restaurant. >> reporter: nice. >> of course cranberry sauce. a lot or a little? >> reporter: a lot. i'm overindulging in everything. go big or go home. >> how about gravy? careful. last time we did this at the studio -- want gravy? >> reporter: yeah. >> a lot or a little? >> reporter: a lot of gravy! >> here we go. >> reporter: it's thanksgiving. my gosh. >> you said a lot. that's it.
9:51 am
thanksgiving on a bun. >> reporter: before i take my big taste, and you serve it with a side of pumpkin shake? >> we do a pumpkin shake this month as well, and sweet potato fries. >> reporter: meanwhile, i'm going to give you my last list of places people wrote in. people on our facebook love five guys. started in our area. expanded across the country. james likes the cheesecake factory. really, the best burger is made my my wife tammy and he invited us all over. we're going to eat there monday. also, good stuff eatery on capitol hill, robin liked that. thunder burger in georgetown. and one guy mark, said, hey -- >> bgr. >> reporter: he said economy is
9:52 am
tough what about mcdonald's? i will tell you a fun statistic about mcdonald's, for every person on the planet, they've sold 12 burgers. there's your goal. oh my gosh. >> tastes like thanksgiving? >> reporter: it tastes like thanksgiving. >> exactly. >> reporter: i love it. >> and it's portable. >> reporter: i'm take it with me. back to you. >> we are all starving here right now, holly. thanks very much. it all looks so good. 20th century fox home entertainment is kicking off its, run the prompter, please, it's million great causes bus tour. it's part of fox's year of a million moments campaign celebrating movies made memorable, quotable and unforgettable. the tour will travel to 18 cities and it is here in d.c. today. joining us now with more
9:53 am
details is a spoke on behalf of the million moments mobile tour. that is a mouthful of stuff. you have a bus, a green screen -- >> and they are traveling across the country, putting people in the movies. >> you've selected a bunch of films. >> we have. >> key scenes and people -- >> from fox's library, napoleon dynamite, little miss sunshine home alone wolverine. >> people can shoot scenes. how does this help other people? >> this is in conjunction with fox cares. they are donating 1 million dvds to local charities across the area. and we are on saturday donating 5000 dvds to the wounded warriors and active military families at walter reed. >> very good. a very good cause. do people -- and we'll give you
9:54 am
the information, because you can have this done -- do people have to pay? >> it is all free. >> absolutely free and fun? all right. to test this out, tucker barnes earlier this morning got in front of the green screen, something he's used to and he selected one of his all time favorite classic films, napoleon dynamite. what's the scene? >> he is at the talent show. >> let's take a look at tucker barnes starring in napoleon dynamite. ♪
9:55 am
>> look at that. all right. now tucker is here with us. you're used to being in front of a green screen. >> so much fun. i can't get used to the bright lights. >> all these bright lights to make it work? >> i believe so. >> all right. >> here's the deal. folks can go out and have this done. do you get to take away your own personal scene? >> you get a photo from your scene, and we'll let you go ahead and go to the web site, and you can put it over twitter and facebook. >> we are shooting the monitor here where they put this together. very cool. here is the locations this weekend. in front of the sam's club at the dulles crossing plaza in sterling, virginia. today from 4:00 until 7:00. and 10 saturday, is it saturday
9:56 am
or -- >> sunday. >> it's sunday. that's wrong. it's sunday from 1:00 until 4:00. here's the deal. i want to give you a heads up that you can only do a limited number of people per hour, because it takes some time. they'll try to do as many as they can. tucker-- >> always working in jagger. >> he does. >> get there early. thank you for coming. >> tucker, good job. >> thank you. >> nicely done. >> he's got some moves. we'll be back with the answer to today's trivia question in just a moment. we'll be right back.
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we're following breaking news from west virginia near charles town, been an explosion at a post office there. >> there are conflicting reporting about whether anyone has been hurt. you can


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