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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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explanation. >> no residue or chemical or bio, explosives were found and come to find out, once we did that investigation, we found it to be a -- that had popped and that was the popping noise that the employees heard and that is what caused the white haze they thought was the white powdery substance. >> that's right, it was nothing more than an exploding fluorescent lightbulb. >> we took extreme procow as everyone knows in this day and age, when someone says, a, there is an explosion or white powder, there is extreme caution taken. the hazmat crew did make a couple of different entries. the robot went in and they screened the air, first of all, to make sure there was nothing in the air that was dangerous. >> there was a call that an employee saw manage serious -- saw something serious, we have to take serious as well. we handled it appropriately. everything went well. no one was hurt and everything was fine. that's the main think this. >> reporter: as a precaution,
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15 postal workers were quarantined inside a school bus for five hours while they tried to determine exactly what was going on pill wagner, fox 5 news. tonight, one of the women who sued herman cain for sexual harassment broke her silence. the attorneys for her just read a statement from his client regarding the stages that he was falsely accused of chasmy in the 1990s. tom fitz-- of sexual harassment in the 1990s. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: for two days now, the georgetown attorney joel p. bennett has been talking to the national restaurant association trying to get his client released from a confidentiality agreement she signed in 1999 as a result of the sexual sin 1999 as a result of the sexual harassment claim against herman cain. today, both sides came to an agreement and, for the first time now, we're hearing the words directly from herman
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cain's accusers. the crowd of media camped at his door, the attorney read a statement by his client, a woman who accused herman cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s. >> she made a complaint in good faith about a series of inappropriate behaviors and advances from the ceo. >> reporter: the statement did not reveal the name of the client or go into any details in the original complaint. the client's goal was to tell the public she was telling the truth. >> mr. cain knows the specific incident that were alleged. my client filed a written complaint in 1999 against him specifically and it had very specific incidents in it. >> please welcome herman cain! >> reporter: two days after he labeled a sexual harassment allegations as a smear
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campaign, herman cain tried to get his presidential campaign back on track. >> you know, i have been in washington all week and i have attracted a little bit of attention. >> reporter: ca in said he was falsely accused in the speech to the conservative group americans for prosperity in d.c. the republican candidate didn't address the harassment story circling him. >> 9-9-9, takes out the invisible taxes. >> reporter: his rival for the republican nomination, mitt romney, avoided references to cain's troubles. [ applause ] the question now, though, is with cain's accusers coming forward, herman cains he able to move forward for his run for the white house? the statement that was released today is one three women as the reporter filed, or considered
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filing complaints against herman cain. joel bennett said he's not been in contact with the other woman who did find another 1990 claim against herman cain and won't say whether or not his client is considering any further legal action against herman cain because of the statements he's made that he was falsely accused. the other woman who came forward in 1999 has not made any indication at this point to the media, laura, if she's prepared to come forward. >> the question for you: is the confidentualt agreement with the accusers lifted? that is an issue in this case? >> it has, you know, and i asked joel bennett that today and what he told us is that yes, that confidentiality agreement is still in place and according to bennett, what has been going on the last few days and he's been e-mailing statements to the national restaurant association and they have been going back and forth, both sides, as to what the nra
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people have been referring to, not the national rifle soccer, find agree -- association. find agreeable. one of the accusers still is still bound legally to the statement she made. another part brought up as well, laura, did herman cain himself violate that agreement when he was giving out parts and bits of his recollection? attorney ben the told us today that no because herman cain did himself did not specifically sign the agreement. that he's not one of the parties to the confidentialt clause that have been keeping people's lips sealed all week. >> got you. thank you for the report, tom fitzgerald. a guilty ploy in a series of fires, including this one on 48th place northeast. maurice dews from washington admit setting the fire over four years. he pleaded guilty to four cutes of arson. last april, he set this fire in a vacation object home.
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firefighters did not know he was inside. they rushed in and the fire escan lated. four suffered burns. >> any time we have someone setting fires, anyone committing a crime, our goal is to make sure they get off of the streets so they don't victimize innocent people. >> the plea agreement calls for him to get 25 years in prison. the judge will hold a sentencing hearing next year. a deadly accident on the beltway. one of the vehicles slammed into the back of a tractor- trailer. it shut down an inner loop this morning and reopened for the morning rush. the police have not released the identity of the victim. police are out with a skip of a man suspected of -- a sketch of a man suspected of grabbing a girl while she was walking home from school. it happened last friday in mount vernon. the man offered her a ride to school. she kept walking and he grabbed her. she was able to get away. police are asking anyone who recognizes this man to call
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them. >> a burk, virginia, woman s jailed for allegedly selling a synthetic form of marijuana known as k-2. police got a tip he was selling the drug to george mason university students from a mother a place -- marketplace in university mall. one undercover officer made several per chases and later they searched him. he served k-2 with a street value of $22,000 they reof core -- recovered cash and drug passenger in her home. -- paraphernalia in her hope. it was not too bad. even though we didn't get rain. >> a gorgeous fall day and that is continuing at this hour. what are we looking at? >> it's going to be real, reales in out there and this continued trend. we did have a bump in the road with some clouds, no rain and didn't call for any rain. so, we didn't get it and looks like as we go through the weekend, we're going to be in
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good shape and temperatures will drop off tonight. overnight tonight in the suburbs, that is going to be cold out there with temperatures around freezing. the winds will die down and that is gusty this afternoon. the cold front comes through and dropped the temperatures off a little bit. the temperatures managed up to about 60 degrees and with some winds to the north and the cooler air, the temperatures are able to drop down a cross the region. 54, frederick; haggerstown, 53. -- hagerstown, 53. again this is going to stay breezy. the winds are picking up around 20 new and i suspect at least the next few hours, we'll have a few temperatures around or a few around 20 miles per hour. by 11:00 or so, the winds should come on down. notice the temperatures out there, 49 degrees at 7:00 and with the winds a little on the
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breezy side and they will be wind chilly and then, again, cold overnight tonight and that is shaping up for a nice weekend. and a path of destruction today. cars smashed, grass shattered all over the road. several cars were damaged far beyond repair and roz plater has more. what happened out there? >> reporter: it's a crazy night here and two of the cars struck are still here. this is an unusual site. we're told this may have started when police tried to make a traffic stop and the driver of the car they were trying to stop took off on a wild ride down u street from 11th to 10th. apparently got out of control and ping-ponged across the street, ricocheting back and forth and hitting the cars on one side of the street and the other. about a half dozen or so cars in all.
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the neighbors awakened came running to the street and said the drivers took off running. one of them was described as he leapt over the fence like a deer running away from police. they know who they're looking for but they're looking for him there. there is another woman in the car ininjured and she is in custody. they're still looking for a driver of the call. we have a lot of damage. the cars are totaled. the impact is so hard, take a look at the jeep here. it's smashed on the front and to the streets and into a sidewalk. the car is going very, very fast and this is that thing that seems unusual. i am told by one of the neighbors what was the car that did this damage? a jeep. back to you. >> oh, boy. thank you for the update there. and tonight, a jury is now deliberating as we speak in the trial of the late michael jackson's doctor. >> we're live from los angeles with the latest from the conrad
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murray trial. statewide elections in virginia on tuesday. republicans have a real shot at capturing both houses in the general a semmably. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account
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>> virginians getting ready to go to the polls on today. >> every legislature on the ballot, republicans favored to add to their majority in the house and possibly take over the majority in the senate. john henrehan is live from the newsroom with more.
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john. >> reporter: it's the economy, brian, and it's the job approval ratings of president obama. 41% in late october and picked up the last few days. that is in jimmy carter territory, for those of you ole enough to remember thatp popular presidency and republican candidates in virginia are poised to take victim of this discontent. -- take advantage of this discontent. >> reporter: for weeks, drivers have had to go through a thicketed amount of roads. the republicans have a comfortable majority in the house and democrats have a two- seatman in the state senate. former republican congressman davided gop candidates are -- david said gop candidates are taking victim of the void in popularity and republicans are generally steering clear of talking about hot-button social issues. >> they're capitalizing on the atmosphere and talking about jobs and the economy. >> reporter: the republican
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house drew districts and the senate regrew districts to favor democratic candidates but congressman david believes they may pick up an additional five to eight soots in the house and have a descent sense of capturing the main the senate. the professor at george mason university agrees with davis on the senate side. the democratic majority is very much in play. >> it's going to be a tough place for a lot of people on that one. >> reporter: what happens if republicans control both houses&as well as the governorship. >> there is a lot of partisanship, and i think that will allow them to get the educational forms they wanted. >> reporter: in the past, he's looked at vouchers and that has gone nowhere until now in the democratic virginia senate. he agrees there will be change
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in virginia if republicans vote. >> they're not going to have any tax increase. gun owners might be happy. >> republicans with democratic help tightened the restrictions on abortion clinics in virginia. solid gop government may move the states further in that direction. >> reporter: professor travis featured another factor, the gop, she said, has done a better job in the 20 years or so she's been teaching at gmu, recruiting student activists on campus. in the long run, she believes, that pays off for a political party. the election in virginia is on today. >> john henrehan tonight. >> reporter: conrad murray's fate is in the juror's hands. they will decide whether the doctor accused in michael jackson's death will walk free or go to prison. craig boss relis live with
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more. -- craig boss swell live with more. >> reporter: more than an hour now back from lunch, beginning deliberations at 8:30 this morning local time. the tensions on the rise outside and inside the courthouse and in anticipation of the verdict. the jurors are questioning and deliberating whether conrad murray, michael jackson's personal position was -- physician was caring our opportunistic. for six weeks, seven men and five women have waited for their turn to deliberate. among them, six admitted michael jackson fans who will judge dr. conrad more a. the defense attorneys want them to believe it was the king of pop who injected himself with a lethal dose of propofol. >> at what point do you draw the line about dr. murray's responsibility for a grownup? >> reporter: during the trial, the defense did their best to paint dr. murray as a caring man, calling some of his former parts to the stand. while they say murray did give jackson's powerful anesthetic
5:18 pm
as a sleeping aid, he didn't kill the kinger. >> -- singer. weighing heavily on the jury, shocking, recorded conversations between the singer and his doctor. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: and emotional cries from the daughter. prosecutors are asking jurors to revisit the images as they in up with a verdict. >> i have not seen a doctor in this case who testified that they would ever do what conrad murre i day. >> reporter: they heard from 60 defense witnesses and of those, the character witnesses, the former patients who testified in his defense that the judge said can lead to reasonable doubt. back to you. >> what sense or are you get anything since error error of how likely the jury will come -- sense of how likely the jury will come back in trials like this, especially like this when
5:19 pm
they want to exit and get done with their jobs? >> reporter: you know, it's anyone's guess. just a lot of opinions on both sides, usually friday the jury will get it out of the way. it's been a long trial already and went longer than they thought and when you have someone like michael jackson, the trials go longer in deliberations. right now, anybody's guess, and of course, anyone outside and inside wondering, we have had rain that dispercented the protestors out of the way. not as much noise behind us now as earlier. >> all right, we're on standby. craig bosswell, thank you. the texas judge caught on tape repeatedly whipping his daughter with a belt and won't face charges. the county judge's daughter posted this video to youtube last week shot back in '04 when she was 16 and is 23. they're hoping her dad judge william adams will get help. the police say no charges will be filed because of the low pressure iss. the state -- the statute of
5:20 pm
limiting as. but the state judicial conduct has opened an investigation. two d.c. members want to see the speed limit dropped to 15 miles per hour in residential neighborhoods. they claim it will protect pedestrians. triple a mid-atlantic's john townsend believes it's not possible to drive that slowly and claims reducing limits so far would make traffic worse and lead to more road rage. the maryland transit administration is using the money to buy 54 new multiple level people rail cars and expected to be in service in the prescription of 2013. they am have -- in spring of 2013. they will have better doors to help you get on and off of the train quickly. monitoring metro leaves extra time for your trip this weekend, especially on the red line. metro's closing five stops including tacoma, silver springs, forest glen, wheaton
5:21 pm
and at 5:00 tonight, they're going to reopen. metro will single rack between mcpherson square and foggy bottom. smartphones have changed our everyday lives, no doubt, including how we shop. >> and how retailers are using smartphones to reel you in. and a battle over who can listen to metro police scanners. why the city said they don't want to put their communications out on the open air waves. [ male announcer ] dodoes your cable company keep charging you more...
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>> if you rely on your smartphone to do anything, you can add another task to the list. mobile shopping is expected to be bigger than ever. using your phone can get you deals and discounts. fox 5s new senior business correspondent brenda buttner shows us how. >> reporter: holiday shopping is going mobile. this as more people get comfortable make purchases with their smart phones and tablets j. we're seeing a processing of pay pal on mobile only of more
5:25 pm
than $10,000 per minute being spent via mobile. >> reporter: the expert said that just like your laptop, make sure you password protect your mobile device and make your purchases videa a secure site such -- . >> such as paypal, the benefit of making the purchases is that you never have to inter your credit card information. >> and it let's you send and receive money. the source of funding is whatever you want it to be. >> you can put cash into your pay pal account. that is up to you. >> reporter: the number one 10 for tackling is to have a plan. >> whether you're doing your shopping via mobile or in store, you will be organized and won't waste time and that will end up causing you extra. >> reporter: the the national retail said the average consumer will spend $700 on holiday gifts this year.
5:26 pm
in new york, brenda buttner, fox news. it's an issue that most people think doesn't hit close to home. sex trafficking is happening here in the metro area. >> we're going one-on-one with the virginia u.s. attorney on this scary trip. and how this battle could have an impact on you. .
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>> now a story that a pictures how we report the -- a story how we report the news. >> in recontribute months, flees have shut down the ability to monitor their radio communications, a situation that was brought up before the d.c. city council. bob head more. >> reporter: there are public safety and first amendment issues at play here. a brewing conflict between what news departments consider your right to know what is happening
5:30 pm
around you and the police department's wishes to keep their on-scene humanications secret. be it a newsworthy violent crime, the halloween night shooting in the heart of georgetown or a traffic- snarling car crash. the kind we see most every day in and under the nation's capitol. >> and 6 everyone in. >> reporter: we get the information and some pictures to you, often time after hearing the police broadcast over the newsroom scanners. [ indiscernible ] >> now, d.c. police officials are block their on-scene reports by cresting the radio communication. >> and when a potential criminal can ask how to capture and learn there is an app for, that it's time to change our practices. >> and cathy lanier said it's a simple matter of trying to stay one step ahead in criminals. >> last year while capitol hill was plagued by a rash of car
5:31 pm
jackings, we gegan -- and listened to our communications and after we hammed our techniques to include not broadcasting were we able to capture the dangerous criminals. >> reporter: washington area media outlets asked for the hearing on the. >> you dish ary, hoping -- on the. >> you dish ary and understanding the police department's desire to keep the officer's safe and bad guys in the dark. >> and now no one except the police can hear about the kidnapping of an innocent child and no one except for the police can quickly report a rapist is on the loose. >> reporter: case in point, last month on capitol hill, a woman was sexually assaulted on g street northeast and police did not tell anyone about it for three days. >> openness and confidence are the keys to us working together and we urge the strength of partnership and not weaken it. >> reporter: wtop's bob
5:32 pm
marburgh said the that is essential for his traffic reports. >> terrorism in this world works because it's fueled by fear and fear is the byproduct of uncertainty. what we do in the traffic- reporting business is to attempt to quantify uncertainty and to allay some of the fears. >> phil mendelson remembered the chief to get a backup police scanner chapel called citywide one, operational soon and to compliment the use of lists rex vs -- and twitter. it's doable. >> are any other doing the same thing, blocking the so-called scanner traffic? >> and they were hearing on smart phone to kill people and to, vade capture. news officials say they're concerned that the police would
5:33 pm
use the information blackout to possibly cover up misbehavior on the part of officers on the street. >> and and you i have been in this business a couple of decades and this is go okay forever. why is this a concern all of a sudden? >> there is technology to go to to block what we hear. -- hear. frankly, they say the bad guys, i don't have one on me, will carry an iphone or a smartphone with them and hear when the police are coming. and that guy is in that house and shot someone, went to another room and killed someone and on their scanner, their phone, they heard that a victim in the house was calling to say they were shot and the guy was in the house and he went into the other room and killed the person. >> and because it's an gee. >> i phone, that signs sexier. >> and that is the same thing.
5:34 pm
>> everything's gotten smaller and more are wising up to them to outsmart the police. >> bob barnard, hope you're watching. an m -- an ms-13 gang member and associate of the gang in separate sex trafficking cases. the associate was sentenced for 24 years in prison for forcing four girl ons -- girls as young as 15 into prostitution. last week, an ms-13 member was sentenced to life in prison for his role in prosecuting a 12- year-old victim. the federal prosecutors and law enforcement officers say sex trafficking will not be tolerated. >> these crimes against children and i want to make sure the fbi will go to the four which werer -- corners of the clob to bring justice. >> he is the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia and those are just two of five juvenile sex cases
5:35 pm
brought to us. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i know you have been investigating for many, many years. how long you have been -- involving those members? is this an emerging trend? >> and that is something we're seen more and more of. and homicides. and the good news is that it appears there is somes -- acts of violence and they're trying to get into sex trafficking. >> and where are they finding them? we talked about 15 years ole, 12 years ole. is 12 the youngest? >> that is the youngest we have seen so far and this is heinous, despicable veal stuff. what they're doing is preying on young runaways, many times they're girls who have run away from home and to that place to stay and they're coerced into
5:36 pm
child prostitution by gang members who say we'll take you and in and you need to go and have sex in man cases, multiple men and in sleezy motels, gas stations and the back seats of cars. >> and you're getting into this a little bit, but what have they had to endure? >> they're victims, laura, as young as 12 years old. these are children and protypes. what gang members have been convicted of is applying them with liquor and marijuana to make them compliant and to make them be able to service dozens of crimes, sometimes in the night, or a weekend. >> and that this is not -- these are not isolated incidents? the ongoing investigation? >> it's an ongoing investigation. the fbi, i.c.e., the virginia attorney general's office have
5:37 pm
come together in a task force. we have a zero tolerance policy against us. we're working closely with victim advocacy groups like polaris and if there is a young person or family member out there who has been victimized, there is a national trafficking hotline they can call to get help, to get counseling and some after care. >> 88837378888. neal mcwright, the u.s. attorney, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you, laura. and time to fall back this sunday. an extra hour of sleep. how does that affect your help. and slowing the aging process. how mice are helping in the search for eternal youth. outh. [ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro.
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>> go back saturday night to get an extra hour of sleep. there will be less daylight now and that can affect some people. >> part of the vision is not as good in darkness. the other thing, your reflexes are less. you can take it all the way to suicides, which have the highest level this -- when you lose light. >> dr. steven garner said to counteract the lack of light, people should exercise more. that will bost the levels of seroen toen and other chemicals in the brain. a melaen toen pill will help you sleep better. a major discovery to help you with the sleeping process. researchers removed cells from mice known ad semacen cells. when they went away, so did cataracts and muscle loss. the life span was the same but their quality of life improved. researchers say it will be awhile before similar tests can
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>> it's friday night, and time for our tox 5 -- our fox 5 game- of-the-week. this is the last week of regular season. >> over 13,000 people voted for tonight's winning game. washington and lee visiting yorktown. lindsay murphy has more on this game. >> reporter: good evening, i'm joined by the head coach here at yorktown. bruce hanson, who recently earned his 200th career victory as a head coach and that is a big feat. >> thank you. it was special to me to win 200 games. probably why i got it, but it was a nice win, the third game
5:46 pm
this season. >> i know tonight is the special night, your last home game and senior night, which can be emotional for some players. what is it like for you as a head coach? >> seeing that is special for us here, i have been here a long time and this is great. 19-1 on the varsity and they're going to be district champs after tonight and that does not happen often. >> the regular season home game. >> in 20 years of coaching, 27 here at yorktown, have you gone undefeated and what would it mean for to you do that tonight? >> never gone indefeated and never win a number of times. had wins once and neverp defeated. i am surprised with all of the people getting excited and i am starting to get excited to go undefeated and that is special. >> reporter: no pressure. you're 9-0. in the big scheme of things, you need to play
5:47 pm
football, right? >> the pressure. we beat them for 27 straight years and the number two seed last year and they beat us in the play-off. they upset it, so, it's our rival and they won it the last time on the feel. the kids are going to be pumped up. >> what are the mead meetings -- the meetings like between the two? >> there are three high schools and they're a mile and a half a part. the kids in the small town are close together. and that is a no -- a big thing. >> good luck on an indefeated season. >> i hope -- undefeated season. >> i hope so. >> and fox 5 will have you covered with the highlights at 10:00. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, lindsay. catch acc football tomorrow on fox 5. maryland plays the final home game of the season as hey host virginia -- as they host virginia. >> all right job, and going to be chilly and sunny. >> took the words out of your mouth? >> yes, my question indeed. >> and we have worked together long enough. i am anticipateing the questions, right?
5:48 pm
is it going to rain this weekend? >> no. >> okay. >> and light move o. >> do they take any pain if i don't do this? >> that is between you and them. >> what is she going do? >> didn't call for any rain. >> and we said if anything was a spotty shower down south. >> okay. >> they had a couple november in fredericksburg --'s couple in fredericksburg. it's nice out there this evening and the breeze is happening still and we're getting wind gusts to over 20 miles per hour. if you're stepping out this evening, the breeze is going to continue and going to be chilly out there. the cold front is coming through and the temperatures are dropping. don't forget to move the clocks back saturday night before you go to sleep. you will get an extra hour of sleep if do you that and that will be real, real nice and that is going to get dark earlier and light earlier in the day as well. 57 now in the city; 52 for
5:49 pm
gaithersburg; dulles, 55. not too worried about the wind chill values right now but over the next few hours as the temperatures fall into the 40s, it will be -- and that is in effect. wrapping up this evening. the wind is going to stay up until 9, 10:00. in the city, 57 and in pittsburgh, 52; columbus, 54 and you see slower -- lower 50s in detroit and chicago and that is pretty much our air mass for tomorrow. today, we managed in the upper 50s and lower 60s, the front has come through and for tomorrow, even though we're going to be completely sunny and a beautiful blue sky, the temperatures tomorrow will start over in the turn of the 30s and warm up, it looks like, into the lower 50s and this evening's forecast, breezy and 49 at 7:00, 9:00 breezy and 45 and that is going to feel like
5:50 pm
it's in the upper 40s and clear skies at 11:00. the temperature of 33 degrees and the wins will calm down by then and -- winds will calm down. showers this morning coming through. ignore that because a little bit of rain that tried to happen around here late this afternoon this evening, it was all gobbled up. the of about it touched the -- before it touched the ground. look at the drier air coming in. the clouds are going away. the high pressure is building in from the north and, again, that settles in here for the weekend and not only will this high pressure be at the surface, we talked about this. but it's going to extend into the atmosphere and that is real, real nice. what gives us the clear skies and basically protects us from the clouds or major weather systems. that looks look a beautiful fall weekend out there and in this high north- northeast of us. we'll continue to keep us in some sunshine and pretty much all weekend long. i think there might be cloud or
5:51 pm
two on sunday. that is about it. 53 degrees for the high tomorrow. full sunshine and temperature on sunday, warmer and into the upper 50s. some of the southern and southwestern neighborhoods by sunday afternoon and may be flirting with 60 degrees or so. you get the drift. it's going to be real, real nice. clear and cold tonight, the breeze will come down. north 5 to 10. 37 in town and easily down to freezing and some places below freezing and some clear skies. cold, sunny start tomorrow morning, 38. 49 degrees at noon. sunshine. you see it here, the sunshine on through the day tomorrow. again, the high temperatures into the lower 50s and the temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s for the maryland kickoff tomorrow and you're going to warm up a couple more degrees and that will be chill. the sunshine will warm you up and that is on the shady side of the field there. >> okay.
5:52 pm
>> and it will be cool. and monday, 63. we talked about this yesterday. look at tuesday. 66. >> nice. >> wednesday. 67. remember, tuesday is the day that feldy's going to take us all golfing. >> right. we'll go tuesday and wednesday. >> okay. >> if you can find someone to take us on wednesday. >> okay. >> thanks, guys. the talk of the town on tmz. justin bieber flat out denying he fathered a baby with the woman who filed a paternity suit against him. harvey levin is joining us live from l.a. thank you for being with us, first of all. bieber claims he never met the girl. what is the story? the background on this one? >> well, i now have some news. we broke a story on the website an hour ago. we found out this woman made the exact same claim first to her boyfriend at the time. and said you're the father. she got into it with him, slapped him allegedly and tore up his house. she is now being prosecuted for
5:53 pm
battery against him. but we spoke with the guy's grandmother and also got a copy of the police report. she made the exact same claims about the same baby, laura, about another guy before blame it on justin bieb -- blaming it on justin bieber. we had justin bieber on tmz live a half hour ago and it's funny. he's a cool cat. his biggest emotion was to say wow and he said look, i know this goes with the territory and i'm going focus on my career and this stuff. i am going to try and ignore. meanwhile, justin's girlfriend celona gomez is in -- selina gomez is in danger, trying to get protection from an alleged stalker. what do you know about that? >> it was her -- her lawyer was in court. she was not there. she's freaked out, according to justin.
5:54 pm
he told us this on tmz live. this is a serious guy, laura. he -- the l.a.p.d. said that this guy has made credible threats. he insists that god told him that he needs to kill selena gomez. he told the police that. he's in custody being charged with felony stalking, but if he gets out, he's a huge danger. she wants a permanent restraining order. the injuries look, he has a right to -- the judge said he has a right to defend himself. he's in jail. i will continue a temporary one until he has the ability to come into court and challenge the order. so the judge is protecting her for now, but it's kind of unusual. usually they do grant these things. >> uh-huh. >> he didn't in this case. >> very scary for her. harvey levine, thanks as always for joining us. tmz on tv at 6:30 on fox 5. brian? tonight, we're learning more about the sexual harassment claims against herman cain. a lawyer who hammered out a sellingment in the '90s is
5:55 pm
speaking out on behalf of the clients. and there is now information about the murder of a howard university student. find out who was supposed to be watching over one of the suspects in the senseless crime. and changing the reputation of the anacostia river. why leaders from d.c. and maryland hope a new trail does that. that.  brad, where we going? just a second. just, just one second. ♪ what are you looking at? don't look up there. why are you looking up? ♪ get outta the car. get outta the car. ♪ are you ok? the... get in the car. get in the car! [ male announcer ] the epa estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. for wherever life takes you.
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>> ending a 525-day space mission without travelling an each. an international crew stepped out of a windowless module today at a moscow space research center. this is part of a simulation of a mission to mars. scientists wanted to know how humans could withstand the long stay inside a confined space. each crew member will be paid $100,000 for completing this mission. thanks for joining us tonight at 5. the news edge at 6 starts
5:59 pm
>> her husband no value in revisiting the matter now nor in discussing the matter any further publicly or privately. >> one of the women who sued herman cain for sexual harassment is standing by the complaint she made more than a decade ago. the woman's lawyer said she accepted a financial settlement and left the job at the national restaurant association after lodging a complaint against cain. a new "washington post"/abc news poll shows it hasn't damaged his position in the race for the nomination. he's running nearly even with mitt romney. for the latest on the cain controversy, let's go to tom fitzgerald who is live with more tonight. tom. >> reporter: this is quite remarkable. originally, we were expecting the attorney joel p. bennett in


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