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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 4, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. demolition derby in d.c., an out of control driver turns his suv into a car crushing machine. now owners are left picking up the pieces. and new details in the herman cain controversy, one woman speaks out through her attorney and says the sexual harassment wasn't a one time thing. we'll begin tonight with this unbelievable scene in the district. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm laura evans in tonight for shawn. car owners woke up to a nightmare this morning, their vehicles seemingly destroyed in seconds. the man behind the destruction still on the loose tonight. fox 5's roz plater is in the newsroom with more. >> we're told it took about 90 seconds or so and then it was all over. one neighbor said it looked like a war zone and the man police say is behind all this is somehow still on the run tonight.
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>> reporter: the cars are mostly totaled struck so hard they were pushed up off the street onto the sidewalk. it all happened about 2:30 friday morning waking this neighbor who asked us not to show his face. >> it sounded like somebody was bowling with cars. that's what it sounded like, a whole bunch of clash, clash, clash, then boom and it lasted like a minute or two and that was it. everybody came out and it was shocking to see. it looked like beirut out here. >> reporter: police say the driver of the car that caused the damage somehow lost control coming down euclid street at 11th. neighbors say his car ricocheted from one side of the street to the other smashing cars hit and miss along the way leaving shattered glass and parts strewn everywhere. then the driver went airborne and landed his suv on top of this jeep. folks who live here are still trying to figure it out. >> i don't know how he missed my car. he hit the other cars on the
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other side but didn't hit our car. >> i think it's pretty crazy. i think it's awful, sorry for all these people cars cars. >> it's shocking but it's a -- people's cars. >> it's shocking but it's a miracle nobody got hurt. >> reporter: the driver took off running leaping over a nearby fence leaving behind a woman passenger who was seemingly shellshocked. >> she said he had a warrant out for something. he didn't want no police stopping him, so that's all i heard her talking about. >> we should tell you d.c. police are not confirming witness accounts this was some sort of attempted traffic stop or pursuit. we are told one person this is custody. they're still looking for the driver and there will be a warrant for his arrest. another big story we're following this evening, one of the accusers in the herman cain sexual harassment scandal is breaking her silence. the woman who has been married 26 years says she wants to make it clear she's standing by complaint she made and she
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doesn't want to talk about it anymore. fox 5's audrey barnes here with more. >> the woman's attorney has spent much of the last week trying to get the national restaurant association to lift the confidentiality agreement that kept his client from speaking out. today the organization agreed she could give a statement. that statement left many of the most pressing questions still unanswered. >> my client stands by the client she made. >> reporter: with a swarm of reporters looking on attorney joel bennett read statement from his client who hired him in 1999 to address what he says were several instances of inappropriate behavior and unwanted advances by then ceo herman cain. >> those complaints were resolved in an agreement with her acceptance of a monetary settlement. she and her husband see no value in revisiting this matter now, nor in discussing the matter any further publicly or privately. >> reporter: bennett says
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beyond that his client who has a successful career with the federal government is done talking about it. >> she has decided not to relive the specifics of the incident, so i cannot give any further details. >> reporter: bob cusack managing editor of the hill newspaper said cain's best strategy might be to stop talking about, it too. >> what he needs to talk about is his 9-9-9 plan. he's going to have a debate this weekend with newt gingrich talking about policy. that may begin the process. >> reporter: but there are two other women out there with similar claims of sexual harassment against cain which could spell trouble if they talk. >> i'm told there's a face that goes on camera. herman cain may be able to survive this at least for the time being. >> when i'm president, that bad news will be over. >> reporter: polls taken after the scandal broke sunday show mitt romney and herman cain neck and neck, but the biggest
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bounce may go to the president. >> it's been a couple bad weeks for the republican party. >> reporter: and so far no word if cain's other two accusers will come forward. >> do analysts feel like this will derail herman cain's campaign? >> they say it could if those women do decide to talk about it and go public. that happens, they believe rick perry will get the biggest bounce and take up a lot of herman cain's former supporters. things that actually impact americans in their real lives, the latest jobs report out showing hiring slowed last month with employers adding only 80,000 jobs, but it was enough to bring the overall unemployment rate down from 9.1% to an even 9%. today at the g-20 summit president obama defended his handling of the american economy and had a message for congressional republicans. pass his jobs bill. >> my hope is that they've twic
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again on the only proposal out there right now that independent economists say would actually make a dent in unemployment. >> the house has been working all year on our plan for americans job creators. it's time for the senate to do their work. >> the jobless rate has been 9% or hire for all but two months since june, 2009. >> fox 5 storm force tracking the temperatures as they drop tonight. going to be chilly. so what can we expect for the rest of the weekend? gary mcgrady in the weather center with the details. >> going to be a chilly one is pretty much what we can expect for the weekend, too but beautiful. this is going to be a real treat this weekend, nice fall weather. however, it's going to be a little cool. temperatures are dropping tonight. here in the city not too bad, 47 degrees. the wind is dying down. that's good news, too. gaithersburg 43, frederick 39 degrees, martinsburg 49 degrees and still touching 50 degrees
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for fredericksburg and leonardtown. cold overnight tonight, 37 in town, winds 5 to 10 miles per hour out of the suburbs outside the beltway temperatures even colder. we're talking probably some upper 20s possible and certainly low 30s down around freezing for just about everybody else outside of town and again not so breezy. the weekend is shaping up to be real nice. we'll put a face on that and give you some numbers and everything you need to know and oh, yeah, wait till you see the weather after the weekend. talk about that coming up. homeland security, atf and state police rush to the scene of a west virginia post office this morning after reports of an explosion. postal workers reported seeing white powder after the blast, spent hours quarantined on a bus. fox 5's paul wagner traveled to ransom to get the real story. >> reporter: at 7:47 this morning jefferson county 911 received a call for a blast inside this ransom post office.
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the caller said there was a white powdery substance in the package room near the lobby and everyone was leaving the building. hazmat was called and a robot was sent in to investigate, but there was nothing nefarious. in fact, there was a simple explanation. >> no residue or any chemical or bio or explosives were found and come to find out once we did the ending of the investigation we found it to be a light that had popped and that's what caused the whites haze that employees -- the white haze that caused the white powdery substance. >> reporter: that's right, nothing more than an exploding fluorescent light bulb. >> we take extreme precaution in this day in age when somebody says either there was an explosion or white powder. so hazmat crew did make a couple different entries. the robot went in and they screened the air first to make sure there was nothing in the air that was dangerous. >> it was a call that an
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employee thought was something serious which we had to tasters as well when we get call -- to take serious as well when we get calls like. this everyone is fine and that's the main thing. >> reporter: investigators did quarantine 15 postal workers inside a school bus nearly five hours as a precaution while they tried to determine exactly what was going on. paul wagner, fox 5 news. here for the state of skins now more than halfway through the season. can you believe that? >> i was just going to say it's gone really fast. >> and the redskins actually seem to be getting worse than getting better. >> we have a lot of injuries, though. we've had the quarterback change which is anotherrish auto, but it's not going to get easier this -- which is another issue, but it's not going to get easier this week. carlos rogers who spent six seasons with the redskins signed a one-year deal with the
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9ers this offseason and that change has done him some good. rogers has three interceptions which is already a career high. here's what he said about his ups and downs in d.c. >> in my first three years it was fine, you know, had a lot of fun, a lot of top defenses. it just got hectic and then it's all about what he's not doing or he's dropping kicks. the team was starting to look at all the negative stuff instead of the positive things that you did bring to the team there. >> he was a good player and understood that hey, he wanted to hold onto the ball more than anybody. so that's one aspect of a quarterback that is important, but carlos is a good player. >> he's pretty good out there. he said he couldn't catch. more power to him. >> another 49er also celebrating a homecoming, vernon davis who played at dunbar high school and at maryland, a pro boller in 2009, davis leading the 9ers in
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catches -- bowler in 2009, davis leading the 9ers in catchers and touchdowns this season. the redskins know he's the biggest threat through the air. >> he's a great athlete, big tight end, fast. he runs a great route. so whoever is on him definitely has to play tight coverage. >> he's an amazing athlete and he's come on the last couple years pro bowl tight end. so i'm sure he's going to try to have brake-out game. >> it will be good -- a break- out game. >> it will be good to see both of these guys. i think the redskins will hope carlos reverts to his old ways and drop anything that comes near him, but we'll see. >> what are you giving the redskins? >> i think it's going to depend how john beck can do in his first start. i think it will be close. i can't give you a score, though. i'm not sure that i would. >> thanks. brian, back to you. d.c. city council members have a proposal critics say could lead to road rage and
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traffic backups. plus an international crew of researchers spend a year and a half going absolutely nowhere and made history. we're taking you inside their windowless module next. tonight on the news edge giant suspected drug operation exposed near a virginia college, the undercover investigation that brought it down. 
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an international crew of researchers have touched down in moscow after almost a year and a half of going boldly nowhere. they were simulating a mission to mars spending 520 days locked in a window less module. news correspondent thomas moore has the story. [ applause ] >> reporter: for more than 500 days they've acted out a carefully constructed fantasy, a mission to mars but never left a moscow warehouse. they returned to planet reality a releach after being isolated in a three-room capsule -- release after being isolated in a three-room capsule simulating
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day by day a 17-mile journey into deep space. >> it's really great to see you all again, rather overwhelming. we have achieved on earth the longest space voyage ever so that our human kind can one day greet a new dawn on the surface of a distant but reachable planet. >> reporter: their mission began june the 3rd last year. the six men ate astronaut rations, stood by an emergency power loss and even donned real space suits to walk across a martian sand pit. all the time scientists monitored their psychological and physiological well being, a real test of how humans could survive the isolation of interplanetary exploration. >> one of our worries was actually that this group would grow bored with their company, that there would be more
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friction and conflict than we actually saw. what we saw in the end was that the team was acting as a structure lifting people that were down for the moment. >> reporter: the experiment couldn't recreate the physical stresses of a martian odyssey. this scientist said the months of weightlessness would be the biggest challenge for a real mission. >> the muscles just get ruined. by the time you get to mars, would you be able to walk in it? probably not and also solar radiation, a huge amount of radiation in space often fatal with the big storms. that's something that hasn't been tackled yet in terms of shielding being able to protect these astronauts. >> reporter: the crew face another month of test in quarantine before they can return to normal life, but their incarceration will help the real astronauts on a mission to mars perhaps in as little as 20 years' time. thomas moore, sky news.
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back at home if you happen to be taking metro this weekend, prepare for delays, especially on the red line. metro is closing five stations including tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont from now until monday morning for track work. riders on the orange and blue lines will also experience delays. metro will single track between mcpherson square and foggy bottom. two d.c. council members want the speed limits in residential neighborhoods dropped to 50 teen miles per hour to protect the pedestrians, but accord -- to 15 miles per hour to protect the pedestrians, but john townsend with aa believes it's not even possible to -- aaa believes it's not even possible to reduce the speed limit that slow. for us to get crime and traffic accident words to you as quickly as possible, in recent months d.c. police have essentially shut down ourability to monitor their radio communication, the situation that today was
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brought before the d.c. city council. there were both public safety and first a. issues at play here. fox 5's -- first amendment issues at play here. fox 5's bob barnard with the story. >> reporter: be it a newsworthy violent crime, the halloween night shooting in the heart of georgetown or a traffic snarling car crash, the kind we see in and around the nation's capital most every day. we get the information and pictures to you oftentimes only after hearing a police broadcast of the incident over our newsroom scanners. but now d.c. police officials are blocking their on scene reports to one another by encrypting their radio communications. >> when a central criminal can ask how to evade capture and learn there's an app for that, it's time to change our practices. >> reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier says it's a simple matter of trying to step one step ahead of criminals. >> last year while capitol hill
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was plagued by a rash of carjackings we began to suspect the perpetrators were listening to our communications because even when we employed all available resources they still eluded cap too much only when we changed our techniques not broadcasting over police radio were we able to capture these dangerous criminals of. >> reporter: the washington media outlet asked for the hearing hoping to force the police department to open up its airways. understanding the police department's desire to keep their officers safe and bad guys in the dark. >> but now no one except the police can hear about the kidnapping of an innocent child. no one except for the police can quickly report that a rapist is on the loose of. >> reporter: case in point, last month on capitol hill a woman was sexually assaulted on g street northeast, but police didn't tell anybody about it for three days. >> openness and confidence are the keys to us working together and we urge to strengthen this
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partnership and not weaken it. >> reporter: wtop's bob marburg told the committee police radio is essential for his traffic reports. >> terrorism is fueled by fire and fear for the most part is a by-product of ununcertainty and what we do in the traffic reporting business is attempt to quantify the uncertainty and allay some of the fears and some of the frustration on a daily basis. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> d.c. council member phil mendelson urged chief lanier to get a backup police scanner channel operational soon to complement the department's use of twitter to spread important information. chief lanier says that will take planning and effort, but it's doable. we're on verdict watch tonight, six weeks of testimony, now all to the jury. we'll take you to california where the fifth michael jackson's doctor is being decide -- the fate of michael jackson's doctor is being decide.   decided.
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we're following breaking news out of bowie, sky fox live along the scene of an being along route 50 that left two people dead. three people were involved in the crash. at least one caught fire where 50 and mlk is shut down. we'll bring more details as we get it. voters in virginia head to the polls tuesday to either reelect or choose new state delegates and senators. as fox 5's john henrehan reports republicans could take over the majority in the senate. >> reporter: for weeks virginia drivers have had to wade through a thicket of political road signs for local races and for every house and senate district in the general assembly. republicans have a comfortable majority in the house. democrats have only a two-seat majority in the state senate. former republican congressman tom davis says gop candidates are taking advantage of president obama's slide in popularity and republicans are generally steering clear of
10:26 pm
talking about hot button social issues. >> they're capitalizing on the atmosphere. they're talking about jobs, growing the economy, the kind of issues people are interested in. >> reporter: the republican house redrew districts to favor gop candidates and the senate redrew districts to favor democratic candidates, but congressman davis thinks republicans may pick up an additional five to eight seats in the house tuesday and have a decent chance of capturing the majority in the senate. professor michelle travis agrees with davis on the senate side the democratic majority is very much in play. >> they may sweep it up. it's going to be a real tough race for a lot of people. >> reporter: what happens if republicans control both houses as well as the governorship? >> what it allows the governor to get a transportation proposal through the senate. right now there's a lot of partisanship and i think it will allow them to do the educational form rums. >> reporter: in the past the
10:27 pm
governor has favored looking at vouchers for education. that has gone nowhere till now in the senate. if republicans nominate, there will be change in virginia, it's agreed. >> a very lean budget. we're not going to have any tax increases for sure on that. gun owners will be happy. we may even see guns on campus. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. americans have a lot to worry about these days. now you can add stroke to the list and if you think you're too young, think again. the hidden warning signs coming up. eawi
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jurors in the case against michael jackson's doctor ended their first day of deliberations without reaching a vendor. fox's correspondent craig boswell has the -- a verdict. fox's correspondent craig boswell has the latest from the l.a. >> reporter: a tense day outside the los angeles county courthouse in anticipation of a verdict, but it was not
10:31 pm
identified today. after hearing seven weeks of testimony deliberations were begun behind closed doors this morning. dr. conrad murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. if convicted, he faces a possible sentence ranging from probation to four years behind bars and the loss of his medical license. intense arguments between the prosecution and defense continued in the final statements yesterday. >> the evidence in this case is overwhelming. the evidence in this case is abundantly clear that conrad murray acted with criminal negligence, that conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson. >> what dr. murray gave michael jackson absolutely would not have harmed him without an unusual intervening circumstance. >> reporter: jurors heard from 49 witnesses and had more than 300 pieces of evidence to consider. outside the court today both protesters and supporters waited for their decision. >> records show that he just
10:32 pm
lied and i think he's guilty that day of not keeping an eye on michael. i believe he was guilty that day. >> the moment that they return we will all have answers to our many questions. i feel that he will be exonerated. >> reporter: jurors return monday morning to resume deliberations. once they reach a verdict, there will be a two-hour notice before it's announced. craig boswell, fox news. a health alert about a common cancer, new research shows older adults who have a big belly have a higher risk of developing colon cancer. scientists in the ever lands found men with big stomachs had a 60 -- netherlands found men with big stomachs had a 63% higher risk of the disease and woman also had an increased risk but only if they didn't exercise. if you're worried about fighting signs of aging and watching your weight, you may. be worried about having a stroke, but it can happen. why it may be easy to miss the
10:33 pm
signs. [ audio difficulties ] >> obviously having trouble with that story. once we get it back online, we'll try to bring it to you. bad enough when your flight is delayed a few days. imagine being stuck in an airport days on end with no way to get out. this woman's story up next. but first the company known for saving you cash hoping you'll spend some of it on its stock. fox network neil cavuto with the details. >> good news, bad news for the job market, companies hiring but not fast enough, the unemployment rate barely budging last month coming in at 9%. the co-founder of home depot telling me the only way jobs will come back is if the government gets off businesses' back. in the meantime after more than 600 million bucks went missing from customer accounts, con corzine tapping out and
10:34 pm
refusing the -- jon corzine tapping out and refusing the check. world leaders packing up leaving france after agreeing to give more money to the international monetary fund. the biggest funder right now of the imf, us. all that sending the dow on a while ride snapping a five-week winning streak. and the company known for saving you money now hopes you will make some money on its stock. groupon hitting the stock market friday under ticker symbol grpn. it was up 30%. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ man ] '53 corvette. i loved that car.
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stuck on a plane, lost
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baggage, canceled flights, some passengers have had nightmare experiences in the airport but terry weissinger's case may top them all being stranded at the international airport eight days. she was flying to idaho to start a new life. she hadn't flown in five years and didn't realize there was a baggage knee. she didn't have the minimum, so she missed her u.s. air -- the money, so she missed her u.s. airways flight. >> i started a phone call and said it looks like i might have to stay there tonight. >> she now needed 150 bucks to get on a new flight. she had no home to return to, so she decided to just stay at the airport until her cash ran out. she eventually got help from parishioners at an airport church who paid her trip to idaho. u.s. airways has since apologized for her ordeal. on the news edge at 11:00 tonight undercover cops say this store was selling more than just food and drinks, the suspected drug operation exposed near a virginia college. plus this woman spoke with
10:39 pm
a georgia twang her entire life and now has a british accent. i
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we're following more breaking news. at least three occupy d.c. provide testers have been hit by a car at seventh and k streets in northwest. police say the car hit the first group, then kept driving and hit a third person before being stopped. at least two people were ta hos one person is in custody. it's not clear if that person is the driver or a protester. a fox 5 photographer on the scene says protesters have surrounded the car and are shouting shame. we'll keep you up to date. want to get back to a story we tried to bring you earlier, how to identify signs of stroke. it's an important lesson even if you don't think you're at risk. >> reporter: in health words if you think of stroke as your grandparents' problem you're not alone. a local stroke expert says even
10:43 pm
doctors are missing the diagnosis in young people at a terrible cost. >> i think i've been in like five times in a year. >> reporter: in his early 40s this man seems like a medical mystery. he had symptoms that an emergency room doc couldn't diagnose. >> he couldn't walk, dizziness, left side numbness. >> reporter: but, in fact, scott mencer was experiencing the fourth leading cause of death in the u.s., a death. >> he wasn't a typical candidate for a stroke. he wasn't overweight at the time. he didn't -- like you said, he didn't take medications for high blood pressure. >> reporter: it's not an uncommon problem. a neurologist took a look at how often people under the age of 50 were misdiagnosed. >> in our initial study we found about one out of seven, 14% of patients, remember misdiagnosed in the emergency
10:44 pm
room and -- were misdiagnosed in the emergency room and that's pretty significant. >> reporter: in the u.s. there are about 800,000 strokes a year, as many as 80,000 to those younger than 50. a stroke cuts off blood flow to the brain. a clot busting drug can help but it must be given in 4 1/2 hours. otherwise it could mean a lifetime of disability. that's why diagnosis even though difficult is so important. >> stroke i think can be a challenging condition because the symptoms are not always the same and at times -- there are five major symptoms of stroke including weakness or numbness of one side of the body, severe dizziness, visual loss, speech difficulty, sudden severe headache and so you can have any combination of those symptoms. >> reporter: after a series of strokes scott had surgery and now goes to physical therapy. >> he's not giving up. >> i'm here now by the grace of god. >> reporter: to remember the symptoms of stroke think of f for face, a for arms, s speech
10:45 pm
and t time. the doctor tells me if you're not sure you're getting a good diagnosis in the emergency room, ask for a neurologist. >> it is cold out there. >> feeling like fall. a nice little breath of cold air coming in if that makes sense. >> how cold are we going? >> we'll be down in some places maybe in the 20s, if not tonight, tomorrow night, out in the neighborhoods. in town it doesn't look like our first freeze of the season, but we'll definitely be down to the 30s the next couple of overnights around here. the wind has been up this evening and so that has definitely made it feel a little bit on the chilly side. one thing for this weekend, it will be a nice fall weekend, but don't forget tomorrow night we fall back. the clocks one hour back, so you get an extra hour of sleep saturday night and you'll feel nice and rested sunday morning. temperatures out there right now in the 40s here in town,
10:46 pm
but notice frederick already 36 degrees, 47 for dulles. the city again is still in the 40s and down in the south fredericksburg is 46 and culpeper is 48 degrees. manassas is 45. the winds are still gusting in places, not in town. the only location around here is dulles still gusting to 21 miles per hour, but the winds are up over 10 miles per hour. so when you factor that in, we do have a little bit of a wind chill out there in some places. it feels like 42 in the city, manassas feels like 40 and fredericksburg 42 degrees. so really about the first time this season we've bench talking about wind chill factor -- been talking about wind chill factor. this morning we had a few showers. all of that stayed to the south. fredericksburg, a little shower there, most of it from richmond down into southern sections of virginia, but this evening under high pressure building in
10:47 pm
from north and northwest we are beginning to clear out and that's bringing in the cold air and drier air and that's helping get those temperatures to drop off tonight. again we're talk upper 20s to lower 30s -- talking upper 20s to lower 30s in the neighborhoods tonight. now this high pressure building in will stick around pretty much all weekend long. we'll have a lot of sunshine. temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. any rain will stay well offshore because it's just not going to be able to come onshore around that area of high pressure. so fortomorrow we're talking perfectly sunny, lots of blue sky, temperatures starting off in the 40s. we're only making it up to the lower 50s for highs tomorrow, so it will be chilly, well below normal. we should be 63 degrees. we'll be about 10 below normal for tomorrow. on sunday a little bit warmer, upper 50s, a few clouds, still looks like it's going to be nice and sunny on sunday and a
10:48 pm
gorgeous weekend. overnight tonight clear, cold. the breeze is already calming down. it will get down to 5 to 10 miles per hour overnight tonight. temperature in the city 37 but out in the neighborhoods we're talking easily around freezing, if not below. it wouldn't surprise me early tomorrow morning with these clear skies, the winds calming down if we don't have some places in the upper 20s. it's going to be a cold start but sunny all day long tomorrow. temperatures will make it up to the upper 40s. at 5:00 temperature will be about 52 degrees. you can see there a very nice crisp fall day for you, but if you like some of the weather that we had earlier this week and yesterday with temperatures in the 60s, just wait a while because that's going to start coming back after the weekend. monday it's 63, tuesday it's 66 and wednesday it's 67. just keep in mind after the time change sunset monday will be just a few minutes after
10:49 pm
5:00. >> oh, yes. >> a little technical issue there. >> that 67 will be worth waiting for. >> you bet. i can't wait for it already. >> thanks. tough week for gop presidential hopeful herman cain as his campaign tries to get rid of the allegations he tried to sexually harass co- workers. i asked if there were any similarities between cain and christine o'donnell. >> i think that is overly credit calf cain because look, he's lead -- critical of cain because look, he's leading in the follows right now. he's been campaigning for -- polls right now eyes been campaigning for a year. even despite -- he's been campaigning for a year. i think he's really tapped into something with his outsider noncareer politician businessman bold economic plan 9-9-9. i think it got some
10:50 pm
staying power and until unless one of his accusers comes forward and presents a credible case, i think he may survive all this. does he win the nomination? i'm still a doubter but i'm more a doubter because he doesn't have a strong field organization on ground in iowa and new hampshire than because of anything that's come out this week. >> you're going to have ron paul on this weekend. i'm curious what he thinks about the situation because it seems like ron paul had this sort of momentum four years ago. >> yeah. it will be interesting to hear what etch has to say if. he may feel -- what he has to say. he may feel as a lot of politicians have to say when your opponent is in a heel, don't get involved. just -- a hole, don't get involved. just let him stay there, but ron paul is interesting. he's third in the polls ahead of gingrich and pare and is bumping along -- perry and is bump ago long, has raised a lot of -- bumping along, has raised
10:51 pm
a lot of money. he's got to find a way to expand that base. they're not enough to get him the nomination. he's got to find a way to build his base of support. >> you're also talking with the supercommittee, at least a couple members including a first round draft pick of the washington redskins. >> we will always remember him for that. >> heath shuler. >> the former redskins congressman now a democrat congressman from north carolina and mike simpson, congressman republican from idaho. they are part of a group of 100 congressmen republicans and democrats who wrote to the supercommittee this week and said make a deal and interestingly enough as the republicans here cut entitlements, increase taxes and make a deal, cut $4 trillion out of deficit. remember the supercommittee has until the day before thanksgiving. so it's less than three weeks. we'll talk to them about the chances that's going to actually happen. >> chris wallace, host of fox news sunday airs at 9 a.m.
10:52 pm
here on fox 5 sunday morning. see you then, chris. thanks. >> thanks, brian. it is the regular season if i nail for both of our schools -- finale for both of our schools in our fox 5 game. week. >> washington lee visiting yorktown steveed over -- game of the week. >> washington lee visiting yorktown received most of the the votes this week. >> is this a close one, yorktown 9-0 going for the perfect regular season finish and washington lee just 2-7, but these schools are 1 1/2 miles from teach other and when they play, things get interesting. washington lee on a mission to play spieler tonight. while it was senior -- spoiler tonight. while it was temperature night for the home team, this was their -- while it was regular season for the home team. this was their last game of the
10:53 pm
season. there's 32-yard for the score, 13 -0. it would be 20-7 yorktown at the half. wl would not go down easy. mid-3rd quarter, quarterback over the middle and takes them down to the 5. on the very next play wl would score to make it 20-13. yorktown responds with running back austin brown. etch goes 40 yards for tasered -- he goes 40 yards for a touchdown. it looks like this would seal the deal. not so fast. the game is tied up 65 yards. we are locked at 33-33. can you believe it? but when yorktown had their perfect season on the line and their running game would protect that. there's a score here. yorktown wins 55-33. with the win yorktown improves to 10-0 finishing the perfect regular season, the first unbeating season for head coach bruce hanson. officials say it is your tax money at work, a new trial many are hoping will breathe
10:54 pm
new life into the anacostia river. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. eawi
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when you hear the words anacostia river, it may not conjure up the most month of thoughts, but your tax money and a lot of hard work is going into try to change the river's reputation. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, it can start with something as simple as a stroll or a ride. >> reporter: bicycles zoom, birds perch. >> can you imagine the day when people routinely walk up to the banks of the anacostia and are able to jump in and swim and to be able to fish? [ applause ] >> reporter: d.c. mayor vincent gray says it's a little easier to imagine today. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the mayor, governor and members of the president's cabinet cut the ribbon on the latest stretch of
10:58 pm
the anacostia river trail. on this trail near bladensburg cyclist are winding their way through boardwalklike bridges along towering trees. >> people will be able to rail enjoy the outdoors and walk and bike and appreciate what we have here in our community. neighbors will get to know each other as a result of what we're doing here. >> reporter: now the stretch of the trail that opens today is 1 1/2 miles. it's the piece that connects maryland and d.c. if someday this entire trail is completed and that's a big f, it would total 60 miles -- big if, it would total 60 miles. maryland resident art rosy got a bike for his 50th birthday. >> i have a favorite coffee shop in the district i like to bike to and right now i have to go on the streets. >> reporter: but it's not just convenience. >> when you have a relationship with, something you're more inclined to want to protect it. >> reporter: that's why federal, state and local leaders have committed time and money to make the trail a
10:59 pm
reality. >> we hear a lot of talk about debt and deficit and how we're using our money. this is one of the best uses of hard earned taxpayer dollars and don't let anybody tell you differently. >> reporter: it makes residents healthier keeping cars off the road. >> all this is about taking the actions necessary to create jobs, to expand opportunities and also to restore the health of our environment. >> i like the fresh air, the exercise and when you're on a bike, the things you hear are different like you can hear birds, things that you don't normally hear when you're in a car. >> reporter: things that make you listen and look. in maryland beth parker, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming, bit bolt now with the news edge at 11:00. -- brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. breaking news this friday night, at least three occupy d.c. protesters hit by a car. police say the driver kept


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