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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  November 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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continue renting a house in north wales while the preps works for the royal air force. time flies by. that is a wrap on the 10. the news edge at 11 starts right now. >> reporter: i'm will thomas. charges may be filed against the driver who rear ended a car on route 50 last night and that car burst into flames and two children were killed. anthony and his brother delante were in the back seat of the mother's car when it was hit. fox 5s audrey barnes is learning more about what happened and the brothers gone too soon they hit the field -- >> they hit the field. the 11-year-old anthony and his two-year-old brother were killed in a fiery crash on route 50. they were passengers in their mom's car when it was rear ended and ignited, trapping and
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killing them. >> reporter: can't think of a day in the life the last six months to see them and to think that i will never see them again is difficult. >> reporter: like they do any time a player is injured, he took a knee to honor him and to pray for his mother who was also a team -- teen mom. >> they hear every day and my heart goes out to her. the great mother like that and you cape explain to you. >> the accident began after lori ran into the back of another vehicle. and as she and the other driver got out to exchange information, a third vehicle slammed into both of their cars. the fourth pushed the car into the median where it burst into flames. >> she was like why did that happen? >> reporter: the coach said that gloria has burns on her hands and face from trying to get her children out of the seens before the flames forced her back. >> anthony was a very very
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sweet young man and very smart and courageous and determined. his little brother is a ball of energy. he will run up and give the biggest hugs. he had the biggest smile and the sweetest boy you could think of. >> reporter: the coachel to the young player to go home and hug their family and to tell them they love them today. no one knows what tomorrow will bring. they view not to let number 55 be -- vow not to let number 55 be forgotten. >> the three drivers and an adult passenger were all taken to the hospital and police say they will all survive. the droopers turn in all of the evidence to the state's attorney who will decide on charges. tonight, we're hearing from one of the people who was hit by a car last night near the convention center. a car hit a few people that
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gathered at 7th and k. the driver was not at fault and one of the victims said that police won't hear her side of the story. >> at that point, he threw hands up and gassed it. gunned it right through us. luckily, he was able to get out of the way. my son was in front of the car and i saw him be struck and he was trying to step backwards quickly to city out from underneath the car and it bent him over. >> again, the police say the protestors were in the driver's way and not at fall. another driver told us today the protestors crowded and cleaned over her car while she was stuck in the same traffic. meanwhile, people all over the country are moving their money from banks to credit unions to prove a point. it started with the anger over fines and fees. as julie banderas reports, it might be working. >> reporter: a movement calling
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for people to shift their funs from for-profit banking institutions to not-for-profit credit unions signs to be strikes a chord. even with the so-called 1%. this multimillionaire business owner and customer of four decades calling it quits with bank of america. college many things i wish i had guns. this is one think this i can do today to step up and speak out. >> reporter: the initial plan jump starting a grassroots movement called bank transfer day. >> yet started with b, and -- bp and bank of america was targeting customers with less than $20 in the accounts. anyone with less than $20,000 are either impoverished or working class, to afford an additional fee like. that. >> reporter: bank of america announcing tuesday it was canceling the debit fee and the other big banks have cancelled all planned debit card fees as well. the banking institutions so far
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keeping mum on whether they have seen an uptick on account closures in recent weeks but at least 650,000 new credit union members are being attributed directly to bank transfer day. taking on the big banks may seem like a daunting task and the organizer faced criticism for the mission being, quote bigger than her. >> and there is an improvement where a acquaintance responded to me who cares. who cares this is not right. and my response was i care. >> reporter: the movement's organizer said while she's fed up with the institution behind me, bank transfer day is not affiliated with the movement going on a few blocks from here on wall street. and tee men who spent two decades behind bars in illinois for a crime they didn't commit are free today. the news edge is everywhere at 11. prosecutors in cook county tossed the convicts of three of the five men sentenced in the murder of a 14-year-old girl
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back in 1991 and this is why. the new dna tests have convicted a con-- connected a convicted rape of the to the murder. two other suspects will have their convictions dismissed. a somber vigil in texas. one person was killed and several others hurt when's bus killed abilene christian university students and staff and went off of the road and leave turned on a hoe yesterday. the driver apparently lost control. heavy rains in columbia led to a deadly mud slide of the the earth gave way and buried a neighborhood under tons of mud. eight people were killed, dozens more hurt or missing. columbia's having one of the deadliest rainy seasons on record. the first wave of localtrops are coming home because of the withdrawal from iraq. we were there for a happy reunion with the families. what do you have? >> we had a nice day today, will. guess what? we could have a repeat performance tomorrow. i'll have the details and changes coming up in my five- day forecast. i'll be back after the break.
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>> talk about a great weekend. boy did we have nice is shine. it was cool today, how far and right now, it's cooler in the overnight hours. 32 degrees at gaithersburg. we have 34 at baltimore and in annapolis, 46; to the south, 36 at fredericksburg. skies are clear because we have a rim of high pressure in control -- ridge of high pressure in control and that is giving us clear conditions, the sunshine and that is going to hold us for tomorrow as well and we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect, how far, for the potomac and chesapeake bay. that is in effect until 5:00 on sunday and we could see minor coastal flooding. be aware of that. the ridge of high pressure in control, the jet stream to the north of us and that is going to allow a will bit of warmer air to start to move into our region which will be nice. plenty of sunshine for you
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tomorrow and we're going to see really, really bright skies tomorrow. in the morning hours you can see a little bit of early morning fog. other than, that the sun is going to be evidence and we'll see a rise in our temperatures. i think you will enjoy that. heading to the football game tomorrow? i have great weather for that and the redskins and 49ers. the sunny skies, a nearly perfect day. kickoff at 1:00. the temperature between 23 and 58 degrees. the five-day forecast sunshine across the board, we start to warm up on tuesday and look at this. 67 degrees, almost near the 70 degrees mark and that is to us by wednesday. a 40% chance of seeing showers by then. and a reminder for you. tonight's the night to set the clocks back an hour. we gained an hour of sleep. at the same time make sure to
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chap the batteries in your smoke detectors. will in. >> gaping an extra hour is great. we're taking the aim off with a story that is sure to make you smile. this is y. >> that is the first wave of the maryland national guard that arrived home this evening and fox 5 was there. the detachment is home one month early from a 10-month deployment. they get time to relax with the families before they resume their duties. and that is yet for us. enjoy the extra hour and joins again tomorrow night. remember, fox 5 news is always on sports extra is next.
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and a blast of vitamin c. it's the easy, great-tasting way to help support your immune system. try airborne. in fast-acting effervescent formula and new super-convenient chewable tablets! >> goofing, i'm lindsay murphy. coming up, jim harbaugh and the 49ers. and boarder war bragging rights belong to virginia. >> first, on the ice. the capitals were in action for the second night in a row hoping to build upon a 5-1 within over the hur caps last night. -- win over the the hurricanes last night. at 9-2 in franchise history. the islanders on the other hand tonight's opponent are winless in the last six. the first period, no score. the capitals knock down the puck and goes around and scores. th


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