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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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at you can choose your channel package. ♪ ♪t.d this is fox 5 news at 10:00. three big stories have the country talking tonight. >> mr. cain said you want a job, right? >> this woman is revealing graphic details about the night she says herman cain tried to get a sexual favor from her in exchange for help finding a job. we have the jury in the above-entitled action, find the
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defendant, conrad robert murray guilty. >> michael jackson's doctor handcuffed and hauled off to jail after being found guilty in the pop star's death. plus a sex abuse scandal rocking college football, one of the most revered coaches ever now facing calls to step down. >> thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. we'll start off with the new allegations launched at presidential candidate herman cain, a fourth woman coming forward now saying cain sexually harassed her in the '90s. fox 5's ever working this one. >> sharon bialek said she never filed a complaint because she wasn't working for the national restaurant association at the time of the alleged incident and she said she doesn't plan on filing a suit now. her motivation? simply to put a face on the allegations that are dogging herman cain. >> i'm coming forward to give a face and a voice to those women who cannot or for whatever reason do not wish to come
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forward. >> sharon bialek is the first woman to publicly accuse herman cain of sexual ha a. when he was the top lobbyist -- harassment when he was the top lobbyist for the national restaurant association in d.c. >> just admit what you did. admit you were inappropriate to people. >> bialek said she lost her job with the national restaurant association in 1997 and went to cain asking for help finding a job. after the two had dinner at an italian restaurant according to bialek cain said he'd drive her to the restaurant association's headquarters, but instead he parked the car nearby. >> he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. >> instead of receiving the help that she had hoped for, mr. cain instead decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. >> bialek's attorney, gloria allred, said cain went far beyond career counseling. she says without her knowledge
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cain upgraded her room at the capital hilton to a suite. herman cain denied he was sexually harassing anyone, that he was falsely accused in two cases that the national restaurant association settled. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> he keeps shifting, changing his story. >> joe camarato who represented paula jones against president clinton said this whole thing doesn't bode well for herman cain who first denied knowing about a sexual ha a. settlement, then later said he -- harassment settlement, then later said he did know about it. >> it doesn't ring true and that says a lot of the character of the person running for the office of president of the united states. >> mr. cain i implore you make this right. >> now all these allegations so far don't seem to be affecting herman cain in his run. he remains at the top of the polls in a statistical dead heat with mitt romney.
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we are learning more tonight meanwhile about cain's accuserren and at 11:00 we'll hear from bile -- accuser and at 11:00 we'll hear from bialek's fiancee. >> we just heard these a girls don't seem to be making a dent -- allegations don't seem to be making a dent in herman cain's popularity. we'll hear from the experts how this thing is shaping up and the impact this scandal will have at the bottom of the hour. guilty, dr. conrad murray, the man responsible for michael jackson's health and well being behind bars tonight. a jury found the houston-based cardiologist guilty of involuntary manslaughter. fox 5's will thomas with the latest. >> the jury spent nearly nine hours deliberating over what led to the death of michael jackson back in 2009. was dr. murray responsible? on our fox 5 facebook page a lot of you are weighing in. donned in he had to be found guilty. right -- donna said he had to
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be found guilty. right below michael was murdered due to the greed and irresponsibility of those around him and tiffany said he should have gotten a lot more than involuntary manslaughter. you definitely know where they stand. radio listeners weighing in after a popular radio host in the afternoon asked his audience to call in. los angeles just after 4:00 dr. conrad murray's life forever changed. >> we, the jury in the above- entitled action, find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> involuntary manslaughter could send him to prison up to four years. as members of michael jackson's family left the courtroom, latoya said this about the outcome. >> reporter: what do you think the verdict? >> wonderful. absolutely justice was served. michael was watching over us. >> dr. murray cuffed and held without bond until sentencing. the child began with this shocking photo of jack -- the
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trial began with this shocking photo of jackson's body in a hospital journey and continued with audio recordings of the king of pop slurring so badly he can barely be understood. >> not only dizzy lose his medical license, there's a -- does he lose his medical license, there's a good chance he's going to go to prison. >> on the air on wkys the easy street show, the verdict was all the talk. >> what do you think about all this that happened today? >> well, i think that he deserves to be found guilty because he wasn't supposed to give him those drugs anyway. >> i think that michael jackson would have got the drugs from anybody. i think he already had a drug problem to begin with and who would say -- what doctor would say no to him anyway? >> i believe it was a well made decision. basically if you're a doctor, you're responsible for the medication you administer to people. >> between the listeners and followers on twitter a lot of people are split over who's responsible. >> a lot of people say it was a 50/50 deal. we love michael. however, had he some problems and obviously he was paying
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this guy to supply him the drugs. so to me and to them he kind of played a role in his own death, too. >> another facebook comment, verdict was wrong. so dr. murray goes from making $150,000 per month as michael jackson's personal physician to this, sentencing set for tuesday morning november 29th. and another big story we're following tonight the sex scandal rocking penn state. a former defensive coordinator facing eight counts of child abuse. two other officials facing charges for covering it up. fox 5's wisdom martin with reaction from the newsroom. >> joe paterno said the charges against his former assistant coach jerry sandusky are sickening and troubling. authorities want to know why paterno and school leaders didn't do more to stop the alleged child sexual abuse. a week after joe paterno became college football's all time winning coach a bombshell explodes in happy valley.
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long time defensive coach jerry sandusky arrested and charged with sexually abusing boys of penn state senior vice president gary shuts and athletic director tim curley are charged with failing to report the suspected child abuse and lying about it to a grand jury. >> in this case it's alleged that top administration officials at penn state university, curley and schultz, after receiving a report of the sexual assault of a young boy at lash hall in the shower by sandusky from both grade wait assistant in the coach of the penn state football team not only did not report that incident as required by law, but they also never made any attempt too identify that child. >> investigators say sandusky engaged in the sexual abuse of eight young boys over 15 years through his charity for at risk youth the second mile. according to the report, the now grown men said sandusky engaged in inappropriate conduct ranging from touching
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to outright sexual encounters. former penn state and redskins scar lavar arrington played for sandusky. he said -- star lavar arrington played for sandusky. he said he never saw anything and is shocked at the problems. >> i would say anyone who had knowledge of this that did nothing more than what happened, they should be held accountable for their lack of jumping in to action over the situation. >> local penn state alum were also stunned by the allegations. >> i want to know if joe pa was involved because he's the face of penn state and he's always just been the voice of wisdom and everyone looks up to him. >> the two administrators stepping down was a good start. it would not surprise me and i would not be upset if joe stepped down and quite frankly, if the university president was involved, if the indictment says he knew about, something then he should go, too.
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>> vice president gary schultz and athletic director tim curley did step down late saturday from their posts. we've just learned they were released on bail from jail. investigators believe sandusky who was arrested saturday likely has more victims out there and they're asking for any of those victims to come forward. >> wisdom, what happens to joe pa? >> that's the big question here is authorities say football coach joe paterno is not a target of the investigation into how the school handled the accusations, but there is talk -- we're talking about talk -- among the alumni, in the sports world, people at penn state that he should step down the end of the season. so there's a possibility this all could bring his career at penn state to an end. well, it is monday. we are down in the newsroom talking to state of the skins -- talk the state of skins with sports director dave feldman. i always wouldn'ted to have a groundhog day -- wanted to have
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a groundhog day and we could do everything over and over again that we'd like. what's the deal? >> they've lost four straight. this one like many of them, the one in toronto against the bills you never really felt they were in it, like the air in fedex field got sucked out so early even though the final score was 19-11 and you follow football, it was not a game that was that close. no, it wasn't. the defense made a statement early, 9ers first possession ryan kerrigan blows up alex smith. the defense surrendered only 19 points and only one touchdown, but the offense is where you got problems. john beck continued to struggle. they just had 11 points and 31 points over the three games he's started. the result is a four-game losing streak. mike shanahan has experienced four four-game losing streaks and two are now with the redskins. >> you just got to play through it. hopefully it doesn't happen too many times or you won't be in this profession very long. that's the nature of the game,
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but i always approach it the same way. starting off the season 0-4 one year and it's tough because you put so much time in and guys play extremely hard. so you got to find way to get in the win column. >> sometimes i think it's a goal this way about battling adversity. i just look at it as those games that have happened have happened. doesn't really matter. what matters now is the game at hand. we're going to work to improve to be better. we can put points on the board as an offense and help defense out. >> they weren't jumping on our backs and we were 31st in the league last year so it's not right for us to jump -- so it's not right for to us jump down their backs the minute they're struggling. >> there was give and take about the word rebuilt. mike shanahan was asked today is this a rebuilding team and he said no and they checked back and he said when i told my son kyle to come here maybe he shunt because it is going to be a rebuilding year -- shouldn't because it is going to be a rebuilding year.
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so he goes back and forth whether it's rebuilding or they've lost a lot of veterans and the rookies afternoon stepping up. either way they've -- rookies aren't stepping up. either way, the good news is they're going to may the dolphins in miami. if you're looking for a w, maybe next beach in south beach is where you would find one. >> let's hope so. jim zorn not look doing bad right now. >> he's one game better than shanahan. let's talk a bit about the quarterback. earlier we asked who should be the redskins starting qb? the answers are the opposite of our poll last week. 80% said give the ball back to rex. 20% said let john beck keep it. we'll see what happens. a shocking crime on a nearby college campus, tonight one student accused of stabbing another to death. find out what police say sparked the violence. plus it's occupy d.c. versus mpd after several protesters were hit by a car,
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the youtube video that shows what was going down friday night. and the news edge tracking a series of disturbing crimes, four attempted abductions in one area. the latest happened this weekend. were they connected? the clues police are working with at 11:00.
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r te iha
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bond tonight for the frostburg state student accused of killing a fellow classmate, shanee liggins made a brief court appearance and she was held without bond in the murder of kortneigh mccoy. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: there are flowers at the scene now but early sunday morning clair volano witnessed what was murder. >> i was laying in a movie, heard a fight broke out next-door, looked out my window. two girls were fighting, one of them hit the ground and never got up. >> reporter: at first she thought the woman was only punched. >> she got stabbed. >> reporter: investigators say the victim 19-year-old kortneigh mccoy was at an off campus party where an argument began in the kitchen and ended
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outside. kortneigh's mom rushed to be with her at the hospital. >> very helpful and caring and very sin see. >> reporter: mcchoice an ra at sip of -- sincere. >> reporter: mccoy was an ra here at simpson hall. >> if you needed an answer to the question, either she had it or she'd find an answer for it. >> reporter: a fellow student shanee liggins is charged with murder. >> her parents are in deep turmoil. very, very nice people. >> reporter: frostburg president jonathan gibraltar says he's received many calls from concerned alumni and parents. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am angry, too. i share your outrage, your alarm and your grief like something like this has happened at frostburg. >> reporter: the house where the fight happened still has empty plastic couples on the lawn but a neighbor across the street -- cups on the lawn, but a neighbor across the street said the house had not been a problem. >> it's very quiet.
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i was amazed. i'm used to a lot of noise of. >> reporter: the campus police chief said students could make it safer by controlling their drinking. >> speaking to the community and particularly our students, we need your help as well because as much as i would like to keep every student safe every day in the palm of my hand, that is not possible. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. former university of virginia lacrosse player george huguely will stand trial in february accused of beating his ex-girl friend yeardley love to death. his lawyers say love died from a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. a judge ruled today huguely's legal team will see her medical records. a medical campaigner ruled love died from blunt force trauma -- examiner ruled love died from blunt force trauma to her head. the virginia boy with autism lost in the woods for a week is finally home tonight. 8-year-old robert wood was released from bcu medical center over the weekend. he suffered a small hole in his esophagus and other minor
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injuries while he was lost. a volunteer found the little boy in a creek bed north of richmond 10 days ago. d.c. police reopened their investigation into two accidents near the convention center friday night at which protesters say they were deliberately struck and hit by a car. initially police said the protesters put themselves in harm's way and have witnesses to prove it. at the same time police say some occupy d.c. protesters have turned aggressive and violent using children to block the streets. fox 5's paul wagner with today's developments. >> reporter: a little over an hour after calling a news conference at the site of two collisions and demanding answers in front of police headquarters three people struck by the car friday night were escorted inside the building for an interview. heidi sickle said the driver intentionally struck them near seventh and new york northwest and they did not throw themselves in front of the car as police claim. >> before we had a chance to get out of the way he stopped about 5 feet from us, revved
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his engine, threw up his hands and hit the gas of. >> reporter: but instead of citing the driver police gave sick am, her partner and son citation -- sickle, her pan and son citations for -- partner and son citations for blocking traffic in the roadway. >> he rolled me over and i got knocked out. didn't wake up until i was -- >> reporter: protesters that night say the same car hit pearce and the sickle family. >> i was at the corner walking down when i saw georgia get here here and then i along with a few others chased the car down seventh street and saw him hit the three other victims. >> reporter: several say police refused to take their statements, but in a statement today d.c. police chief cathy lanier criticized the protesters for what she described as people who have become increasingly confrontational and violent toward uninvolved bystanders and motorists. lanier released four videos
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from youtube showing a woman knocked down in front of the convention center, a pro tester pulling two of her children into the street and there's even video of georgia pierce, one of the people hit by a car, blocking one of the convention center doors. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> chief lanier declined to comment on camera. some of the witnesses tell us police said they'd take their statements. we called the driver but have not heard back. he was not charged. a common over the counter painkiller might be making someone sick in your family. also ahead look out. a rock bigger than an aircraft carrier with the potential to leave a crater 4 miles wide is about to fly by earth. sue is tracking it for us next.
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thcomat.d ab
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welcome back, everyone. we are in the weather center now with sue palka wants tracking not storms tonight but -- who is tracking not
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storms tonight, but you're tracking a moonster astroid that's supposed to pass by earth? >> this is a big deal. it's this big guy here. this astroid has a big long complicated number which we'll talk about in a minute but it's the closest we've known about an astroid that's going to come and tomorrow it will pass 198,000 miles from earth which is closer than the moon. it's going to happen about 6:28 tomorrow night. the good news is it's not going to hit us. here's more on the astroid. >> it's going to be moving very rapidly. >> a huge astroid named 2005yu55 will be passing between the earth and moon. scientists say the space rock bigger than an aircraft carrier is now approaching from the direction of the sun. earth's close encounter is expected to occur about 6:30 p.m. eastern on tuesday. >> it will be moving straight at us from one direction and go whizzing by straightaway from us in the other direction. so its motion across the sky
10:27 pm
will be close to 180 degrees over the course of less than two days. >> scientists have been tracking the slowly spinning rock since its discovery six years ago. the astroid completes one trip around the sun every 15 months. if the rock were to plow into earth it would blast out a crater 4 miles across and 1700 feet deep, but according to computer models showing the path for the knicks 100 years there is no chance it will -- next 100 years, there is no chance it will hit earth during that time. >> it cannot hit earth at least over the interval we can compute the motion reliably which extends for several hundred years. >> that's pretty good. this is a great opportunity for scientists to study it, but you know the obvious question, right? >> we all want to know will we be able to see this big guy when he goes by earth? >> should we go outside and try to see it with the naked eye? i wouldn't bother it. i think it would be really hard. an experienced amateur may be age to get a photograph, but it will be zipping by -- able to
10:28 pm
get a photograph, but it will be zipping by really quickly. also radar will be trained on it to try and get a picture of it, but that size a huge deal. it's the equivalent of several thousand tons of tnt if it were to hit earth and the next time it makes this clip again is 2041. >> we were trying to come up with the name of that movie that bruce willis went in and blew up the astroids. >> i can't remember the name of the movie but that's a good plan. >> send me a message on facebook and let me know if you remember the name. >> if we get some good pictures, we'll show them tomorrow night. go to on the weather tab. look for weather features. our space guy greg redford is blogging about it. he'll have all the latest in sky charts and where you can find it. herman cain facing sexual harassment allegations but climbing in the polls. what's up with that? we'll explore next. then have you seen this dog? one family is forking over an
10:29 pm
eye popping amount to find their four-legged friend.
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one of our top stories, taking a closer look, another bombshell on herman cain's presidential campaign, a fourth woman now coming forward with sexual harassment allegations. during a press conference with her attorney gloria allred sharon bialek accused cain of groping for her when she asked for help finding a job. cain filed a statement jointing the accusations as well. what does all this -- disputing the accusations as well. what does all this mean for herman cain's future? herman cain has spooned by essentially blaming the immediate -- responded by essentially blaming the media for being obsessed with nonsense that. seems valid unless you realize this man is running for president and wants him to trust us with our lives and country. he's got to do better than blaming the media, right? >> i don't know. i think he's dead on.
10:33 pm
i think this first will help him immensely because it prevents the other candidates from getting their message out. he sucks out the oxygen out of the system. he's becoming a household name which he really wasn't before. the other thing is this is 15 years ago, a he said she said. don't know how the media can deal with this. is the media going to try the case on national television? i hope we're not back to the '90s with geraldo and layer cringe and all these kangaroo court -- larry king and all these kangaroo courts they had when they tried clinton and others. i think cain is right on. >> if cain were plummeting in the polls, he probably would react differently now. he's not, but i'm wondering if he's missing the bigger picture because these polls are really a republican echo chamber aren't they? >> he has earned quite a bit of money in the last couple week and is surging a bit in the polls. it would be interesting to see if he could sustain that rise. i think the biggest problem for herman cain is he failed crisis communications 101.
10:34 pm
he did not adequately shoot down these allegations when they first surfaced and today we have a face that's going to represent all four folks who have come forward and leveled charges against him. >> i don't know. he issued a strong denial. the media can go ahead and look for tiny inconsistencies and they say aha, i see a tiny inconsistency. he's not telling the truth. here's the bottom line. there exists no proof for any of these allegations. i don't care if you have four or 400 women. you look at gloria allred, she has so many of these kinds of clients all she has to do is redact the name, use the same statement and print out the statement and the women can read them all. there's a cottage industry in this country of people who sit around and make money off all this stuff. >> but if we take a step back here and i think even you would say herman cain is a long shot for the republican nomination. if he is suck being the oxygen
10:35 pm
out -- sucking the oxygen out, isn't this sort of an i co chamber of the republican core base -- an echo chamber of the republican core base that feels like herman cain is piled out, so they say they like herman cain even more now? >> i think the appearance of gloria allred will only inflame cain supporters, but let's see if it keeps going. i think herman cain's seen better days. let's face it. this guy started the campaign to sell books, elevate his profile and raise his speaking fees on tours. >> before these charges emerged his greatest fear was oh, my gosh i might actually be the nominee. >> i don't see -- i agree with you, he probably didn't think he'd win and he's probably far buffe where he ever thought he'd be but i'll -- above where he ever thought he'd be, but i'll tell you i see this as helping herman cain, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. that's certainly true in politics. remember what happened to clinton and i was part of the
10:36 pm
republican brigade going after him as you both well recall in the late '90s. on the day clinton was impeached by the house his overall numbers soared above 70% and he never looked back. we learned a lesson. >> we've certainly seen politicians survive far worse but herman cain has got to get better at answering questions and has to get nora impressive and move on to something else bee -- more aggressive and move auto to something else besides 9-9 -- auto to something else besides 9-9 -- on to something else besides 9-9-9. >> thank you guys for coming in. i guess we'll leave it there. virginia voters head to the polls tomorrow. the entire state legislature is on the ballot. republicans control the house of delegate, democrats the state senate but some analysts believe the republicans will be in control of both houses. voter turnout is expected to be light. four years ago only 30% of registered voters cast ballots.
10:37 pm
the polls open at 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. how much is your family petworth? that's a what are question to ask one family dropping a bundle to try -- a hard question to ask. one family dropping a bundle to try to find theirs. and a king is out but the crown is in at burger king. fox business network's dennis neil has details. >> you're cutting back, but our government is not. a new report showing households slashing debt by nearly $550 billion since the end of 2007. in the same time the federal government adding more than 4 trillion bucks in debt. europe making a deal with its own debt crisis perch government announcing another 10 billion -- french government announcing another $10 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts as greece is looking for a leader to head up its interim government and to impose the massive bailout package, stocks
10:38 pm
still able to soar high eastern with new fears over italy's debt crisis. meantime ups expecting more holiday cheer the shipper may hire 55,000 holiday workers to handle the gift giving rush. that is a 10% boost from last year. and the king is gone, but his crown is still going strong. burger king will now start serving its kids meals in boxes throwing in a cardboard crown to wear and guess what? all kids can get a free crown just for walking in the door. they don't even have to order food. that's business. i'm dennis neil. >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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church leaders in fairfax are teed off from a driving
10:42 pm
range nearby. more than 2,600 golf balls landed on their property in just one year. in april somebody got hit in the head with a ball on the property. now the driving range is being sued for continuing public news answer could mean a 20 -- nuisance, could mean a $25,000 fine. holly acres mobile home park was demolished after the floods. at least 50 of the 65 homeowners showed up today to clean up what was left. they didn't lose security deposits on their properties. dozens of families are still homeless. in tonight's health alert the possible hidden dangers of acetaminophen the main ingredient in tylenol. an ohio pediatrician believes acetaminophen may trigger asthma in children or make the condition words in kids who have it. -- worse in kid who with have it. kids who took the drug at least once a year were 60% more
10:43 pm
likely to have asthma. another warning for people with allergies, stay away from air fresheners. the chemicals can trigger symptoms. a 2009 study found almost 1/3 people with asthma are extra sensitive to chemicalsoused in air fresheners and perfumes. -- chemicals used in air fresheners and perfumes. police have some clues threat want you to see regarding some -- they want you to see regarding some of the latest abductions. t acmoyo
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10:46 pm
how much would you spend to find your missing dog? a tacoma, family has spent more than $10000 in the last -- a takoma park family has spent more than $10,000 in the last seven months looking for their beagle and don't intend to give up any time soon. >> reporter: her name is sassafras. she's a 4-year-old booing who got way from a doug walker near
10:47 pm
the -- beagle who got away from a dog walker near the national zoo in april and her family has been looking for her ever since. >> we're not sure exactly what happened. we know she got off the leash. it wasn't clipped correctly or came unclipped. >> reporter: the couple has plastered the area with more than 7,000 flyers and handed out 4,000 business cards. they've set up a sassafras tip line and even called in a pet detective of sorts, a search and rescue dog. >> we had a tracker coming down to check out sightings for us and one night suddenly we got a hit. >> reporter: there have been 12 confirmed sightings in the last seven months including a 30 minute chase near the columbia country club in chevy chase october 20th. >> she is around the neighborhoods going into yards, but we have not caught that lucky break four somebody to just close their fence or close their door and keep her there for a while until we could get there. >> reporter: besides the flyers
10:48 pm
and tip line the family has a website dedicated to the search. so far nearly 72,000 people have viewed their price tag for the search? more than $10,000. >> to us that's worth it to bring this part of our family home. >> a sentiment shared by a lot of pet owners. >> i mean that's certainly a lot of money, but a dog is part of your family. i can understand if you have the money, it's kind of like a child. what's the end of the rope for how much you'd spend on a missing child? >> reporter: and unless there's an extended period with no sightings the search for sassafras will go on. >> for now we know she's out there. she's our dog. we want to bring her home. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> as for the dog walker, she's been fired from her job with the doggy daycare center. we're putting a link link to the sassafras tip line and the
10:49 pm
website on our website >> another beautiful day today. >> it sure was. >> and the sun is still warm. it's surprising. you get out of win and sit there, it's nice. >> today the temperature really -- wind and sit there it's nice. >> today the temperature actually cooperated. that's above normal. normal is 61 degrees. it's getting cold already. the nights are cold and here's the best news of all. we can do this again tomorrow. take a look outside right now, getting chilly around the region. our temperatures are falling already into the 30s in some places. if you had an early morning commute, you know we had a problem and that was fog. the national weather service is keeping an eye on conditions. it is possible there will be more fog tomorrow morning, especially in those deeper valleys. so prepare for it. if you had fog this morning, you'll likely have some problems with it. it was very dense and the dense fog advisory had been issued. make sure you check out tony and tucker tomorrow morning before you begin your commute.
10:50 pm
otherwise after we burn off any morning fog it's going to be really nice tomorrow. we're getting up to 68 degrees maybe a degree or 2 warmer than today. wednesday looks good, too about 67 degrees. we begin to change things a little thursday. we've got a front that will approach and we may have showers late in the day thursday, but by no means does it appear to be a washout and a temperature of 64 degrees. after the front it will be cooler. today's big news was the severe weather outbreak we saw in oklahoma and there was a touchdown of a tornado in tipton, oklahoma, and some damage at oklahoma statute university. one of their exterior buildings or -- oklahoma state university. one of their exterior buildings had damage and lots of large hail here. texas and oklahoma we'll have to watch tomorrow, too. it's a huge temperature contrast firing this up and not much happening in the east. we've got high pressure over us. we'll watch that area tomorrow because once again thunderstorms for tuesday for
10:51 pm
texas, louisiana up into arkansas and maybe even into illinois. high pressure over the east makes that jet stream take the big ridge to the north and that's why we'll have some of those warmer temperatures. later in the week that dip in the jet stream gets closer and by late week some showers and that's what we're expecting thursday night and cooler temperatures, but not until thursday night and into friday. meanwhile today's temperatures pushing 70 degrees at bwi. that was very nice, but look how chilly these nights get, frederick down to 36 degrees, manassas and culpeper down to 37 d.c. down to 49 degrees now. most places will be chilly tonight under those clear skies, light winds. we may have that frost warming again a little bit later and some of these temperatures in the suburbs may drop below what we projected with winchester at 37, gaithersburg 36, columbia 38. some of you may be looking at temperatures around 34 degrees. so frosty again tomorrow morning for a lot of you. overnight watch for that thick
10:52 pm
fog and enjoy this perfectly pleasant tuesday, 68 degrees, mild for knife and a lot of people will be go -- november and a lot of people will be going to the polls tomorrow. mild and sunny day, but not so much in the morning. at 8 a.m. only 49 degrees, colder in the suburbs and watching for that fog. by noon we're up to 65 by 4:00 66 degrees, fredericksburg, you could touch 70 tomorrow chantilly same deal, waldorf 66 degrees and d.c. at 68 degrees. your five-day forecast is a nice run of temperatures. thursday night and going into veterans day friday it will be cooler at 53 degrees. so that front will take a little bit of the wind out of our sails, but you could almost call the next three days indian summer and saturday 57 degrees. there's not a lot of rain in the forecast and there's a storm in the atlantic that the national weather service is keeping an eye on, a slight risk that it might develop into
10:53 pm
something, might interact with that front. here we are more than a week after that rare october snowstorm. more than 70,000 customers in connecticut are still without power. 3million people lost power at the height of the storm. last night the state's largest utility said it would miss its goal of restoring power to 99% of customers. in fact, the power might not be restored until wednesday. wednesday lohan checked in and out of jail overnight, ordered to serve 30 days in a loss answer county jail. she served less than -- los angeles county jail. she served less than five hours due to overcrowding. she violated her probation. lohan had until november 9th to report to the women's jail, the troubled actresses fifth jail sentence. justin bieber going to take a paternity test to fight back claims. 20-year-old mariah yeater said they had sex in a backstage bathroom last year. her son was born in july. they filed a paternity suit in
10:54 pm
san diego. bieber said i never met crater. a singer a singer adele found polyps on her vocal chords but is expected to make a full recovery. find out how your social media connections could make you some cash next. at 11:00 this veterans day not just for people anymore, why these dogs are being honored on the news edge. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.
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ur social networking is more than teenagers and college students. there's a rise reported in
10:58 pm
social need ya experts. fox's casey -- media experts. fox's casey steigel explains. >> reporter: here at car site potential buyers are getting help picking out the right vehicle. >> we're finding people really want that personal touch around making that last final decision of. >> reporter: ed mounds is just one of a number of companies now embracing the marketing potential of social media. >> i think within a couple of years you'll see every major organization really embracing social media in a much more powerful way. >> reporter: makes sense considering the number of people who use social networking sites is in the hundreds of millions. they're such an important pool, in fact, that companies like ed -- tool, in fact, that companies like edmunds are hiring social media experts and employers are looking for more than computer skills to fill these positions. >> it's really about the personality that enjoys that interaction and is excited and is energized about it and at the end of the day you're an
10:59 pm
evangelist for that can. >> reporter: that's exactly what the team at edmunds is tasked to do. >> what we are trying to do is figure it out ways that we can use those networks to outreach to people shopping for cars and try to make it less of a once a many communication medium and more of a one on one whenever possible. >> monster reports the number of these social need ya jobs have increased about 75% -- media jobs have increased about 75% this year and the average starting salary, $55,000 annually. casey steigel, fox news. >> the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge starting off with a disturbing trend in virginia. children and young women scoffed. tonight police are working several reports of attempted abductions, the latest this past weekend leaving parents in the area on


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