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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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say. fox 5 bob barnard is following the investigation for us. what do you know? >> five attempted kidnappings in spots vein ya and stafford counties in less than a month -- in spotsylvania and stafford counties in less than a month. tonight parents are warned to keep a close eye on their children. sherry whitaker's kids are enjoying a carefree evening in their neighborhood west of fredericksburg despite her concerns about a string of attempted abductions including the most recent case of an 8- year-old neighbor saturday afternoon. >> well, i talk to my kids. they're no longer allowed outside unless i'm there and i will not keep my eyes off of them and if i see anybody suspicious, i try to remember everything that i see so i can report it later. >> reporter: spotsylvania county sheriffs officials say four men in derek van tried to kidnap the girl from -- in a dark van tried to kidnap the girl from in front of her home. kenneth payne is her father.
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>> when the guy slowed up, she noticed it was four guys in the van. one guy rolls the window down and says hey, baby, come here and she said i don't know you and he said it's okay. she said no, got scared and ran in the house, shut and locked the door. >> reporter: the first of the four recent kidnapping attempts was here along poland drive on the morning of october 13th. the 15-year-old victim said this man hernandez andre now wanted by spotsylvania officials chased after her when she left foam for school. >> we're going to -- home for school. >> we're going to do the best we can to make everybody feel safe. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies are increasing patrols from dawn to dusk, telling us the suspect descriptions and circumstances in each case are different. >> it does not appear as though any of the cases we currently have based upon the current information are related. >> reporter: this map shows each of the spotsylvania crime scenes. the incident on october 21st involved 9-year-old girl. the 209, a 20-year-old woman.
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>> one -- the 29th, a 20-year- old woman. >> one right after another, it's scary. there's something going on. >> reporter: stafford county officials are also investigating a similar incident releasing this sketch of a man who tried to abduct a 17-year-old girl walking in an apartment community in the garrisonville area october 25th. >> while it's critical people keep their children safe and remain calm and do all the right things, you also have to were not to create hiss tear, why public hysteria. -- hysteria, public hysteria. >> it's possible the crimes are gang related, some kind of initiation ritual. officials recommend parents or older siblings walk children to and from school and to bus stops at least for the time being. >> the attempted abductions in spotsylvania counties bringing back haunting memories of several horrific kidnapping
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cases from the '90s. the man accused in those murders killed himself in 2002 as police closed in on him in sarasota, florida. new developing story tonight, a fourth woman is claiming the gop presidential candidate herman cain sexually harassed her, but unlike the previous women, sharon bialek went public today. >> i'm coming forward to give a face a and of a voice to those women cannot or for whatever reason wish to not come forward. >> fox 5 laura evans in the newsroom with more. >> we are following new developments in this one tonight. now sharon bialek's fiancee has come forward in support of her. mark harwood met bialek four years ago and first heard about her story about these allegations this past friday night. bialek lives in chicago where she was born and raised and has
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been in and out of several different jobs the past couple decades and has struggled financially. she's held positions with easter seals, red lawn and worked in marketing for at least two different radio stations. her fiancee said she was determined to bring the message forward today. >> you have a situation right now where you have three ladies that have come forward but have chosen to be anonymous, which i respect and understand, but without somebody coming forward with a face, name and voice i think it doesn't necessarily have 100% credibility. i think coming forward has taken tremendous guts and determination. i know her stomach was in her throat before doing this, but it's sharon's way. she wants to do the right thing. >> sharon bialek says she didn't file a formal complaint at the time of the incident because she wasn't employed at the national restaurant association at the time and she said she doesn't plan auto filing a suit now, that -- on
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filing a suit now, that her motivation is simply to put a face on these allegations. >> bialek has been with his fiancee four years. did he know anything about it? >> harwood said it never came up before. he said he believed her and has no reason to question her. another scandal unfolding at penn state university, former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky charged with eight discounts of child sex abuse and penn state vice president and athletic director charged with failing to report the crime and lying to the grand injure. the abuse allegedly happened in 2009. >> their inaction likely allowed a child predator to continue to victimize children for many, years. >> prosecutors say sandusky abused eight boys whom he met through a charity i founded for risk youth and now they want -- he founded for risk youth and now they want to know if there are more victims. some of the alleged abuse
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happened on university grounds. legendary football coach joe paterno is not a target of the investigation. michael jackson's former doctor in jail tonight denied bail after a guilty verdict was returned in his involuntary manslaughter trial. the deliberation was less than nine hours before the jury found conrad murray guilty of supplying jackson with the powerful sedative propofol to help the pop singer sleep. sentencing set for november 29th. murray faces up to four years in prison, could lose his medical license. the frostburg state university student accused of murder says they got the wrong girl. shawn yancy everywhere at 11:00. >> shanee liggins is charged with the stabbing death of kortneigh mccoy. she claims someone else cabbed mccoy in an -- stabbed mccoy in an off party catch us over the weekend. passengers in -- campus over the weekend. passengers in dulles airport got an eyeful after a man was picked up walking around naked. he was seen in the main
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terminal early this morning. police took him into custody and do not plan to file charges. inspection crews will do one final damage check tomorrow at the national cathedral scheduled to reopen saturday since the quake in august for the first time. 25 miles an sure may not seem fast, but some say that speed limit is too high fosh d.c. neighborhoods. the push to lower it -- for d.c. neighborhoods, the push to lower it to 15 and what problems that could cause. let's check out some of the other stories on our rundown. news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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two d.c. council members want to put the brakes on people drive doing fast in the city. they've introduced a bill to
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reduce neighborhood submits from 25 to 15 miles an -- speed limits from 25 to 15 miles an hour. opponents say that would cause gridlock unnecessarily on city streets. fox 5's matt ackland with more. >> reporter: it is a complaint city council members get all the time, fast cars racing down neighborhood streets. >> the number of complaints that i get of cars, commuter cars especially, cutting through neighborhood streets and how dangerous that is, we have to do something about that. >> reporter: council members tommy wells and muriel bowser are backing a new rule that would basically be making all neighborhood streets school zones. wells says it has nothing to do with generating revenue through speed enforcement and everything to do with improving safety. >> absolutely not. it is really about creating a safe environment for those that walk in their neighborhoods. >> reporter: but aaa mid- atlantic is tapping the brakes on this plan. >> you'll take a city with the absolute worst traffic congestion in the nation and make it even more severe.
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>> reporter: aaa's john townsend worries about not only slowing commuters down but he thinks the lower speed could distract drives even more. >> this will not solve -- drivers even more. >> this will not solve the problem it. will only make the problem worse because it will lead to distracted driving where you have motorists riding their brakes paying too much attention to the speed limit and not looking at the children and pedestrians using the sidewalk and crossing the street. >> reporter: if passed, the new law will allow exceptions. neighborhoods can petition the step to request the speed limit be raised from 15 to 25 if they agree 15 miles per hour is just not needed. >> also one thing you've got to consider is the money it will take to change all of those signs throughout the district. there are many of them, but others will say if it helps improve safety, if it saves lives, well, it's worth the cost. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. coming up on the news edge
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find out why these four-legged heros were honored on capitol hill today. plus younger redskins players did not step up yesterday, reaction to their mistakes coming up in the sports en. later what was this rye -- sports edge. later what was this rhino doing hanging from a helicopter? this story and more unusual pictures when we take the edge off. [ male announcer ]e the chicken marinara melt
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. news edge following sad news from the sports world. former boxing heavyweight champion joe frazier has died. frazier had been in hospice care in philadelphia barometerring liver cancer. the 67-year-old -- battling liver cancer. the 67-year-old was diagnosed last month. he was the first fighter to win muhammad ali. he lost to him twice. they are not just man's best friends, they're also heros, the number of dogs that helped save lives in the pentagon on september 11th were honored to capitol hill today. the group included rosella that led his handler down 78 flights of stairs in world trade center. dogs who have battled in iraq also were singled out. >> we all know about the bravery and sacrifices of our great men and women in uniform. we're here to honor them and the dogs who served beside them. they take many of the same
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risks and put their lives on the line. >> there are more than 2,300 dogs that currently serve in the military. some duties include searching for wounded service members on the battle neil and sniffing out bombs. -- battlefield and sniffing out bombs. back to shawn yancy and your fox 5 top five. up first why the government may have to find a new approach to help you kick the habit. no. 5, the fda blocked new graphic warning labels to be put on tobacco products at least for now. it was originally planned for those labels to be on the products by september of next year. the tobacco companies say it's a violation of their free teach. no. 4, move over ipad and kindle fire, barnes noble provided this photo their new nook tablet. the $249 tablet and e reader hits store shelves november 17th with a 7-inch color touchscreen and comes preloaded with apps from netflix and hulu. no. 3, get your holiday cards and
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gifts together. ups expects deliveries to jump 6% during the days before christmas. the company predicts a total of 120 million packages to be shipped that week, 26 million delivered just on december 22nd. fedex expects to be busy shipping 17 million on its busiest day, december 12th. no. 2, get ready to pay more for gas if you're traveling thanksgiving. aaa predicts prices significantly higher than this time last year. the national average is forecast to be $3.40 per gallon. it was $2.87 last year. and no. 1 tonight, a new study shows a disturbing trend in public schools. nearly half of all middle and high schoolers say they've experienced sexual harassment over the past year. 78% of students say after the incident they had trouble sleeping and eating and often skipped school and brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> beautiful day out there,
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nice string of weather we're having. >> gorgeous. we'll keep it going tomorrow, brian. >> i need to get my car washed. >> i was just thinking the same thing today. my car is filthy. can't blame it on the ragweed anymore. no rain to wash it off. we'll be forced to get out the hose. >> dirt yawn anyway. >> we have got cold night -- dirty anyway. >> we have got cold nights, though, and that's going to continue and now that we have begun our process or standard time these nights will be colder temperatures dropping into the 30s. let's check out the temperature trend. we're going above the average tomorrow at 68 degrees. a couple really made days and thursday is not bad, but it will be changeable, a couple showers later at 90 as the frontal system comes through dropping our temperature friday to 53 and cooler for the within as well. so we need to enjoy -- for the weekend as well. so we need to enjoy what we
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have. today's temperatures really terrific 67 at reagan and dulles, bwi 69 degrees. tonight it's already dropping to 34 at manassas, 36 at frederick, a few of you a bit warmer, but we have cold spots, our temperature in d.c. 48 degrees. the other thing we have to watch tonight is the possibility of very thick fog forming once again tonight. we had that last night and a dense fog advisory was issued. keep this in mind if you had fog this morning. you may it again tomorrow morning to deal with. up and over the ridge top, it's not as cold as locally. warmer weather will try to push in, but with the clear skies and dry conditions we definitely will have a chilly night. good raidational cooling. high pressure keeping us in good shape here. we had a tornado outbreak in oklahoma. we could see that again tomorrow. luckily there was only one tornado. something else we're watching is this storm system. it's about 435 miles southwest of the island of bermuda and probably only bermuda will be
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affected by, it but i'm mentioning it because the national hurricane center is watching this thing. it's not tropical now but is beginning to drop characteristics. it is sort of moving to the west and if it does become -- they're thinking it may become subtropical and it may get a name in the next 48 hours which would be shawn. that's kind of interesting because we only have three names left in this busy 2011 hurricane season, but so many of them stayed off the coast. that one would likely move up the coast and rain on november scioscia. tonight we're talking about fog -- nova scotia. tonight we're talking about fog, low to mid-30s in the suburbs, 46 degrees for d.c. we'll watch for fog later tonight with light winds and clear skies. tomorrow gorgeous, burn off the fog, mild for november, get out to the polls if you've got a local election, 68 degrees our high in the afternoon and again this is where the severe weather will be tomorrow, high pressure keeping us in good shape and we'll also get the return flow.
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later in the week that dip in the jet stream that's popping up the storms will be in our area and bring us showers and cooler temperatures. probably not too much to deal with in the way of storms. it's a pretty settled week. we have a little ripple here, late showers thursday into veterans day which will be cooler at 53 degrees, saturday 57 and we think we can keep it going into sunday as well. maybe the redskins can kind of reverse their fortunes, too as they look ahead. dave feldman has the tough task going out to redskins park and talking to the team.
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this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> this is what mike shanahan's press conferences have been reduced to, arguing over semantics like whether or not he is rebuilding. one thing we do know, he looks forward to these things like most people look forward to a root canal, although that might be less painful than watching the redskins offense. the offense is simply not progressing during the three games with john beck as starting qb. he's been unable to generate much downfield. he's thrown four interceptions, late 4th quarter connected with 9-yard pass to jabar gaffney, the first touchdown in 25 possessions. the 30-year-old is taking little solace and the offensive unit is giving it everything it has. >> i know we lost, but we're giving full effort. effort is never a question. when you lose, it's very tough.
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it's tough on you, tough on your body. when you win games, those bumps and bruises don't hurt quite as much, but when you lose, they hurt more. the onslaught of injuries on offense are giving young players an opportunity to play. yesterday roy helu started for the first time and had a critical 2nd quarter fumble. 4th quarter second year receiver terrance austin with santana us in out seeing more playing time, also turned it over -- santana moss out seeing more playing time, also turned it over. >> any time you have some inexperienced guys at a number of different positions, you know, sometimes you'll have some growing pains. the plays with the effort we've had, obviously not pleased with the execution, but if you keep giving that type of effort, we will get better. >> i respect coach's call on that about us being young, but we kind of all live up to this
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thing about us being pros. i don't it hits an excuse. we should really take advantage of -- think it's an excuse. we should really take advantage of our opportunities out there and be more on our game and pay attention to detail. monday night football the eagles fans pumped up hosting the bears. late 1st half bears lead 10-3, jay cutler. matt forte stripped by brian rolle, picks it up and 22 yards for a touchdown. the first fumble in 327 touches. 4th quarter eagles lead the bears 24-20. today capital's defenseman mike green completed a full practice with his teammates, but green is not likely to play tomorrow against the stars. center nick backstrom has been named the third star for the week ending november 6th. backstrom scored three goals and had three assists in three games, also scored the tying and game winning goals against the anaheim ducks. 23-year-old has five we'll goes
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and 13 assists and 18 points tied for third best in the national hockey league. >> nicky whether he's scoring or not is such a contributor at both ends of the ice that you never know of the coach whether he's playing a -- as a coach whether he's playing a bad or good game if you just look at offensive statistics because he's always doing the right things. >> he's not a kid anymore and we are not kids anymore. so everybody working hard and everybody doing what they're most of to day. joe frazier, the former heavyweight champion of the world died tonight after a brief and final fight with liver cancer. frazier handed muhammad ali his first ever defeat back in 1971 in madison square garden. he had been undergoing home hospice care after being diagnosed weeks ago with the cancer. joe frazier dead at 67. aur fgo thco
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taking the edge off tonight with flying rhinoceroses. take a look. experts in south africa are airlifting 19 black rhinos from hunting grounds to wildlife preserves. the move protects the endangered species from poachers. the airlifting did not harm the animals and it's more humane than transporting them by ground. the flighty


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