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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. >> herman cain comes out firing, flat out denying sexual harassment claims by four women and says he is ready to take a lie detector test to prove it. the big question tonight, who do you believe? thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. we are going to scroll the election results, but it's the presidential election that has everybody talking tonight. herman cain says he has never even seen this latest woman accusing him of sexual harassment and this is one big lie. >> this is essentially a he said, she said situation right now. what herman cain is saying he did absolutely nothing wrong and tonight is placing the blame back on the media and his political opponents.
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>> i don't even know who this woman is. >> with his accuser's growing, he denies he has ever sexually harassed anyone. >> i never acted inappropriately with anyone. >> cain's acue cor, sharon accuser, sharon bialek said she asked him for help. >> he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt, and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. >> bialek claimed she saw him last month. but herman cain says he only not didn't harass her, he says they never met. >> i didn't recognize the face. i didn't recognize the name, nor the voice. >> cain's n's campaign raised
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red flags, she lives in the same chicago building as obama campaign adviser, david action l axlerod. >> she traveled to egypt with cain in 2002 for a speech for the u.s. agency for international development. she became uncomfortable when cain asked her to invite another woman to have dinner with him. >> she was uncomfortable giving out that information. >> but despite the controversy, herman cain made it clear. he is sticking to his story and continuing his campaign. >> as far as these accusations causing me to back off and maybe withdraw from this presidential primary race, ain't going to happen.
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>> this continues tonight, brian. another woman who settled a case with herman cain of the national restaurant association has come forward and telling the "new york times" she is willing to hold a joint news conference with all of the accusers of herman cain to let the public decide once and for all who is telling the truth. >> she lives here in maryland. we hit the streets of d.c. tonight to find out what you think of this scandal and who you believe. audrey barnes got quite an earful. i imagine you found people on both sides of thisissue. >> that's right. the one thing the women i talked to had in common was about the lie detector test. he says he would be willing to take. >> well, i think he should take a lie detector test. if he thinks that's going to help him, then sure, go ahead. take a lie detector test. >> if that's his position, then we should let him take the test and see what the results show. >> that's where the common
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ground ended. of the women said there's more to the story. others said cain's critics are grasping at straws. >> i don't know if it's true. it could be conspiracy. i don't know. i'm just like really? i think we should focus more on other issues. >> it may be the end of his campaign. i don't think the american people are as forgiving as the senate was. everybody has a pass. that means clinton had a big scandal and he survived that and is popular with people today based on the work he does and his, you know, extracurricular activities were just as much scandal at the time than this is. >> another common theme i heard tonight from cain supporters and opponents is that many people believe if this drags on, more accusers will come out of the woodwork. >> so many opinions on this one. so, we want to know what you
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think. who do you believe? text your answer to 29473. now text cain if you believe the candidate. text accusers if you believe the women. another big story tonight. a possible 9th victim has come forward in the penn state sex abuse scandal. he contacted police over the weekend after former football coach, jerry sandusky was arrested charged with abusing eight young boys. tonight, there are questions about the future of joe paterno in the wake of this scandal. fox 5 is in the newsroom with details. dave. >> the board of trustees met by phone tonight. they'll meet in person tomorrow to discuss the scandal. many are calling on paterno to resign. because the way he handled the allegations, he reported it to school administrators. the only thing he is required to do legally. you wouldn't know it by looking outside his house. is this what the coach returned
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to tonight. an overwelming show of support for the man who has been head coach of penn state for 46 years. he hasn't spoken publicly about the scandal yet. he planned to do that at today's weekly press conference. that was canceled by schools. reporters caught up with paterno as he left for practice this afternoon and here's what the coach had to say then. >> i know you guys have a lot of questions and i was hoping i was going to be able to answer them today. i will try to do it as soon as we can. can't do it today. >> this afternoon, paterno's son said the university had not contacted his father about stepping down and says paterno plans to coach this weekend's game against nebraska and all games in the foreseeable future. brian. >> what is the latest on the case against sandusky? >> sandusky is out on bail and
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a preliminary hearing has been delayed. two university officials are facing charges. athletic director, tim curly and schultz are accused of lying to the grand jury and failing to alert police of the abuse complaints. they stepped down from their position yesterday. >> dave feldman tonight. we asked our facebook friends whether they believe paterno should resign. absolutely. he should have made sure something was done. may disagrees saying paterno reported his findings. go to and friend us on facebook and stay on top of all the latest developments. a federal jury acquitting currie of corruption today. it took three days of deliberations. prosecutors accused the prince georges county democrat of taking payments in exchange for government favors. defense attorneys argued currie was just a paid consultant for
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the grocery chain. earlier today, he expressed relief as he left the courthouse in baltimore. >> this is about four years. almost four years. my wife, my family and i, and also for my constituents. this is the greatest moment of my life. >> the jury also acquitted two former executives of shoppers, including its former president, william white. new tonight, an emotional vigil for the two children killed in a fiery car crash in prince georges county last friday night. friends after anthony and delonte gathered in upper marlboro to remember the boys. they died when their car was slammed from behind on route 50. the car caught fire and burned so fast no one could get the boys out of the back seated. anthony's coach described how the 11-year-old calls him sometimes just to talk. >> it was never about football. they were always about the two
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of us and what we shared and experiences that we've had. we've had a will the of conversations about being good people. about being a good student. >> investigators are still trying to determine exactly how that three car crash happened. four adults, including the children's mother were hurt. >> want to settle in for a peaceful night. passengers high above have other plans. now the faa says new technology could end this noise nuisance. >> and talk about an easy a. students at one of the priciest universities in the country say a local professor never showed up for class, but they still got top marks. >> and tonight, shot on halloween night in georgetown. the teenage victim has died and now his family is wondering why he was out on the street in the first place. we investigate at 11:00. ur
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if you live near reagan
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national airport anywhere, you should know the sound of those loud passenger jets flying overhead. you know they can be annoying. thanks to new technology, that could all change. bob is in the newsroom to explain. >> it's good news for northern virginia and scores of neighborhoods across the country. the airlines and plane manufactures are finding a new use for technology that has been around a while aiming to turn those friendly skies a bit quieter. >> reagan national airport averages 400 departures and landings a day. since the 1960s, flights taking off north from the airport are supposed to follow the potomac river out ten miles to the bridge. but some live west to the river claim virginia in particular say planes are not always following the river. >> the planes today are quieter than the planes of ten, twenty
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years ago. you can still hear them. last night at 11:30, it sounded like two planes flew right over my house. >> the faa says all flights into and out of reagan national need to avoid restricted air space to the east over washington. but don't believe air traffic controllers are letting pilots veer out of the noise of baitment zone early. >> generally we don't find that to be the case. our circumstances that require it, thunderstorms, weather avoidance, traffic, other aircraft trying to to sequence. >> it's those occasions wake him up most mornings. >> is there anything at all that you know of that can be done? >> in fact, there is. starting in february, most flight departures will be guided by a new gps navigation system. >> and there is a slight variation. these are fly by points. a quarter mile variance that they have.
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but still keeps you within the river as they go out. >> just how much attention has been paid to keeping the skies over northern virginia as quiet as possible? the faa displayed this image showing 1500 flights around washington over a recent 24 hour period. the dark oval there is right over mcclane. >> the faa says it tested noise levels in northern virginia communities along the reagan national flight path and never recorded anything over 53 53decibles. it will not apply to flights landing at the airport. at least not for now. >> bob, thank you. caught on camera, a man armed with a sawed off shotgun. it happened nearly a month ago. detective bleefs the gunman has an accomplice that robbed
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another. fortunately, no one was hurt. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> we are learning new details about a murder on a metro bus. shot and killed last month on alabama avenue. court documents say the suspect boarded the bus looking for thompson. witnesses say they heard screaming and two gun shots. police arrested the pair in florida days after the shooting. they are now back in d.c. to face charges. dover air force base, where the remains of u.s. soldiers killed in foreign battlefields have their homecoming. mismanagement of those remains. laura evans following this developing and disturbing story. >> the air force mortuary receives the war debt and prepares them for burial. the mortuary lost remains twice in 2009. senior officials have now been
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disciplined for gross mismanagement. three whistle blowers tipped off air force investigators. one case involved a piece of human tissue. an inch or two in length that belonged to a soldier killed in afghanistan. the bag containing that tissue was found empty with a slit in its side. the piece never found. a total of four families are affected by all of this and they are aware of the investigation. the air force inspector general concluded the leadership failed to respond to weakness in accounting for human remains, but no laws have been violated. an independent investigation argues that saying laws were violated. they say the air force failed to take responsibility for its mistakes and quote, in these instances, the report demonstrates a pattern of air force's failure to acknowledge cope ability for wrong doing relating to the treatment of remains of service members and their families. two of the three officials disciplined in this still do work at dover. no one has been fired.
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defense secretary is asking for a separate investigation. officials do not suspect foul play or any criminal intent here, but this does bring up recent problems at arlington national cemetery. however, air force chief of staff is discounting any parallel. they are still investigating this one. >> laura, attorney general, eric holder was grilled on capitol hill today on the failed gun trafficking investigation. using charteds, pictures, and memos, john cornine and charles grassley tried to pin down exact exactly when holder knew about the operation. >> i first learned about the tactics and the operation in the beginning of this year when it became a matter of public controversy. in my testimony before the house committee did say a few weeks, i probably could have said a couple of months.
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>> this is not over yet. investigators say they still have not received e-mails from holder's staff. while it appears the assistant attorney general who withheld investigation information in the case. >> the supreme court is hearing arguments on whether police are allowed to track cars using gps without a warrant. all stems from a case in which a federal appeals court threw out a drug conspiracy conviction. the fbi and local police used gps to track a drug suspect for months. the justices expressed deep reservations about the practice, but also seem to have no clear view on how to regulate the use of the devices. >> all right, so you want the high end names, but not the high end price tag. tonight, we're making sure you're getting a good deal. how to spot a fake coming up. also ahead tonight, some of hollywood's hottest stars turn out for the latest premier right here in d.c. in fact, we're going to take you right to the red carpet.
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a news alert now that the results are beginning to come in. republicans stood to gain total control over virginia's government. local leaders in three maryland cities. joining us now, political analyst. mark, the big races in the virginia state senate which could provide a clean sweep for republicans in the entire state. how is it looking? >> it looks like they are one seat short. that is the republican. and the democratic incumbent in spoon spoon sill the county. a house member who wanted to run for democratic governor, has lost, but they are way down in the house. the republican control is just one seat away and i don't think we'll know tonight and even if
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we know tonight . i think there will be a recount. >> what does this mean in 12 months from now? >> it means that barack obama is going to have some problems. he won by seven points four years ago. but now there's a different electorate. he is hoping that a larger electorate. a larger universe with young people and african americans and most of all, brian, he has to get independents who voted for him last time to vote for him this time. >> i don't know if you kept too much track of it, but mississippi had some very restrictive issues on the ballot involving birth control among other things. any sense of what's going on? >> i haven't seen the numbers yet. i know the republican beat johnny dupree. couldn't succeed himself. i'm transposing things. the republican one, that life starts at conception and that
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that would restrict birth control and really almost make abortions illegal. i don't know what the numbers are. in ohio, there was a split sort of decision in terms of the unions were able to beat down john kaysic. the republican governor. it was a vote against obama care. watch ohio, there's no state that is more important in 2012 than the democrats in ohio. every time since 1964. democrats have won ohio. they won the general election. >> mark, wtov political analyst. thanks for keeping a close watch for us. >> president obama tonight is urging the public to pressure congress to pass parts of its job bill. today in pennsylvania, the president talked about revamping head start with an executive order to he doesn't have to go through congress. congress blocked a proposal in his bill that would have kept 400,000 teachers in the classroom. >> if congress continues to stand only for a dysfunction
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and delay, then i'm going to move ahead without them. >> reach an agreement that is progrowth is to reform the tax code, get rid of the loopholes. >> meantime, taxes are still a very touchy subject. they are working right now to find more than a trillion dollars in budget cuts. some of hollywood's biggest names hitting the red carpet. we are taking you to the premier coming up next. plus, they never attended a single class. their professor gave them an a. and if you see a story you think we should look into, call 202-895-3140. back in a few. stn
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the washington premier of the much anticipated movie, jay edgar was held tonight at the museum. clint eastwood chronicled the film. some of the scenes were filmed
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right here in the district. so movie producers figured why not have a red carpet screening as well? will thomas was there and the first reporter to interview mr. eastwood. >> how are you? will thomas, nice to meet you. >> not too often you get to shake the hand of a living legend. and this one isn't slowing down. >> 50, 60 years of being an actor. you don't think of it that way. you keep dredging along. >> you wouldn't call this dredging along. >> you are the most powerful man in the country. >> jay edgar is eastwood's latest project. >> becomes a part of the bureau. as to eliminate the slightest possibility of criticism as to his conduct. >> this was a man with many, many layers. how did you decide which layer
10:31 pm
to depict in this film? >> actually it was pretty layed out by a young lance. >> young lance is oscar winning writer, the statue of 2001 2009 for milk. >> i need you. >> he concentrates on his relationship. were they more than just friends? >> you start looking at how he grew up, the home he grew up in. and he found there was a bit of home phobia there. and he certainly, i was convinced was not a very good straight guy. he had some of the most beautiful women in the world. there were relationships. very important because of those relationships sort of have a statement about loyalty. >> the dc premier, a hot ticket. kathy lanier. >> i haven't been to the movies in so long.
10:32 pm
i just can't remember. >> senator christopher dodd, his father worked as an fbi agent under hoover in the 1930s. the senator in eastwood met on the red carpet. >> i think washington is always interested in historical figures. >> the washington premier at the museum kicks off the limited release. it goes national come friday. >> i'm looking forward to seeing it. a lot of people are talk about leonardo. >> some of the critics are mentioning it. they are saying no, no, i don't want to jinks myself. he is drawn to these complicated characters. characters that often have unanswered questions. >> quite a range. we see him as a young man and jay edgar much older. >> that would be a lot. let me ask you a little bit. you touched on it in your story. there are questions about hoover and his relationship. what did you find out? >> i don't think anyone will ever know. i mean, historians are saying it's possible.
10:33 pm
there's lots of points to it. it was his assistant. they lived together. they ate their meals together. certainly there was a partnership. beyond that, it's a big question mark. >> can't wait to see the movie. brian. >> if you were enrolled in a class in school, but that class never met and everyone in the class got an a? george washington university is fighting allegations of that right now. the director of the program accused of being a no show in class. fox 5 explains that director has now resigned from the hospital. >> one of the careers taught at the medical school at george washington university is called the physician assistant program. according to a source familiar with the program, all pa's were required to take a class called evidence based medicine. basically how to do research in medical literature in order to keep current on practices and medications. the director of the physician assistant program was supposed to teach that class. our source tells us in the spring and summer smessics of
10:34 pm
2010, that class never met. letters sent by three graduates of the program to university, steven lerman confirm the students were never taught the evidence based medicine courses. never received communication course materials or instruction and in the final meeting of all members of the graduating class several days before getting their diploma. they were told all students would be scribed a grade of a. all three signers of the letter enclosed copies of their transcript, presumably showing the a's as evidence. one of the letters is dated september 30. the others are dated october 12. six days after the first letter was sent. dr. orchid offers a letter of resignation. the university confirms the resignation and says the gwu officials are investigating the allegations that led to the resignation of the head of the physician assistant program.
10:35 pm
physician assistant is either a two year course or a three year course at gwu. the course in question is a required one. tuition at the medical school is more than 1100 a credit. we try to reach dr. orchid by phone and at her home. we were not successful. in the newsroom, fox 5 news. well, it was four out of the top ten trending topics today on th find out whose baby bump is generating a lot of buzz out there. plus, if it looks too good to be true, it just might be. so we are helping you spot a fake coming up.  >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok?
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just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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another push for state hood in the district. at a rally earlier today, supporters unveiled a new logo and announced their mission to get all americans involved. ballot initiatives will be mailed to lawmakers in all 50 states. they will be encouraged to pass resolutions in support of d.c. state hood. >> we are going to encourage folks from outside d.c. to take the message back to their home. no matter what pathway we take, it's going to include other states involved in that decision making process. >> new hampshire could be the first state to support. a new resolution. some d.c. officials could travel to testify in support of the resolution. the national cathedral plans to reopen saturday nearly three months after a powerful earthquake hit our region. it suffered millions of dollars in damage. today workers could be seen repelling down the building to examine all the damage. officials say repairs to the cathedral could take a decade to complete. coming up tonight at 11:00,
10:40 pm
a teenager shot on halloween night has died. now his family wants to know why he was on the street in the first place. plus a stroke of luck leads to the biggest drug bust in the history of a local police department. we'll explain how that went down at 11:00. eawi mm
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shoppers always looking for a bargain. especially on designer goods. high end products with rock bottom prices often too good to be true. fox 5, melanie has more on the real price of counterfeit goods and how you can spot a fake. >> gucci, tiffany, designer labels that are in high demand and the counterfeiters know. as its recent raid in washington, d.c. immigration and customs enforcement agents seized a semitruck worth of fake goods and of course, handbags. >> it's a whole organization.
10:44 pm
starting with the manufactures through the importers and distributors down to the vendors. >> this take is worth about $3 million. ice says counterfeiting and related crimes have grown in size and sophistication, sometimes the copies can be so good they are hard to spot. >> if you weren't well trained, this would be an easy one to miss. the owner of this one thought it was real. >> we need to make sure that we are in fact getting an authentic handbag and selling an authentic handbag. >> before her consignment boutique sells any secondhand designer bag, it gets a background check. >> each designer has a different set of rules and regulations and they change how you can tell it is authentic. they have serial dates. they have codes. >> can you tell the difference? here's two bags, repail price, about $1200 each. first, the bag on the left. >> this one they have actually
10:45 pm
used a canvas lining. >> then, the bag on the right. >> they had the logo where it's supposed to be. they have a good quality of the leather handles and a heavier zipper. everything looks really good. >> but it's this bag on the right that is the fake. >> this is probably one of the best knockoffs that we've had. >> even though there's a serial code on the inside, cheap lining and a poorly attached inside tag are the give aways. next, check out these classic shannelle bags. -identical, but only the lilac one is the real thing. >> does it have a left turner lining in it? does it have a fabric lining? where is the serial number? >> the black bag has a plastic lining. both of these gucci bags are bogus. before you fall for a rock bottom price, be ready to play
10:46 pm
detective. inspect stitching carefully. red flags are uneven edges or loose threads. the logos should line up and never be cut off. check the hardware. does it have good weight? is it fastened instead of glued? then, try the zipper. it should open and close smoothly. and of course, trust your instinct. while it may be tempting to buy a knockoff, there's a much bigger cost. >> this hurts americans. americans lose jobs because people are counterfeiting merchandise. u.s. industries lose revenue and hire people. hard economic impact on the u.s. >> quite a price to pay for a cheap bag. melanie, fox 5 news. >> ice officials also say the counterfeit goods fund child labor and human trafficking. also a large online market. they want shoppers to trust their instinct. check to see if there's a return policy and buy from
10:47 pm
reputable retailers. >> before we get to that, we're going to talk about the close encounter high above earth tonight. an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier zipped by our planet. it came closest to earth at about 202 ,000 miles away. it's the closest encounter by a massive space rock. in case you were looking for it, it was not visible to the naked eye. >> a lot of people did see it with their telescopes. that little movie is the first movie of it as seen by radar imagery released by nasa. it's a cool thing. >> interesting. >> if you like that sort of thing, and i do. >> all right, we also like the weather streak we've been having. >> and nice we had clear skies for people trying to watch this thing go by. >> it was above 70 degrees and a lot of spots. and while it's very, very chilly again tonight, already dropping off into the 30s and
10:48 pm
40s. yes, i say, we can do this again tomorrow. if you felt like you got ripped off today, i know at my polling place, everybody had been inside all day and they said please tell us it's going to be nice again tomorrow so we can get outside and yes, you can. thanks for all of you who work the polls today in maryland. it is going to be a wonderful wednesday. it might not be quite as warm today. as high pressure slips off the coast. you may get a southeast wind, but it will be nice. then we change things up a bit for thursday. i'll give you a preview of what thursday is going to bring. a cool front is going to come through the area. it will produce showers. behind it, temperatures will tumble into the 50s and it will be breezy late thursday and on into friday. so, that's how things are looking. let's give you a picture of the next three days so you can plan accordingly. again, wednesday looking good for tomorrow at 68 degrees. if it's a few degrees cooler, it would be from the wind direction. thursday, lots of clouds and some off and on showers.
10:49 pm
57 degrees. friday, we're certainly cooler than we have been the last three days. down to 53 degrees. a lot more november like. but this was not. this was lovely. more of the weather we should have had in september and early october. temperatures in the upper 60s to 71 degrees at bwi marshall and again, temperatures really tank very quickly. it doesn't take us long to get into the 30s. we're there at culpeper. hagerstown 52 degrees. i'm not sure why that is. maybe their thermometer is off. d.c. at 49 degrees. hagerstown apparently the warm spot right now. but you won't be for long, dropping into the low 30s. 35 for front royal. germantown about 34. d.c. will drop to 43 and even fredericksburg dropping to 39 degrees tonight. so, want to show you the rain that is being produced. high pressure still hanging on. about 8 or 9 tornadoes produced tonight across east texas into louisiana and a small portion of oklahoma.
10:50 pm
so the severe weather threat has been big out here and we've had a little bit of snow around the wichita area and that extends into iowa. not tomorrow. we hold it one more day and that moisture will get stretched out. so your future cast showing you, we have the sunshine tomorrow. i'm pausing this tomorrow night at 10:00. because a little indication that some kind of on shore moisture might try to develop for those of you at the beaches. we'll watch that. our frontal system out to the west. maybe some showers though as early as thursday morning. so that actually moved the timing up a little bit from what we thought yesterday. morning showers possible thursday. maybe another slug in the afternoon as this moves over to the eastern shore along with the front. we'll begin to see clearing out to our west. might see left over snow showers late thursday and friday. but friday clears on out. it will be blustery and it will be cooler. so we'll enjoy what is on tap for tomorrow.
10:51 pm
tropical storm shawn has developed out in the atlantic and we are keeping an eye on this. we think probably not. a couple computer models get him closer. certainly going to get big swells and have to watch it in bermuda, because it will pass by closely. this is the storm system that passed off the southeastern united states this weekend. but it has been taking a while and now it has some tropical characteristics. it's going to move to the northeast and pass bermuda with winds of 60 miles per hour. if you are heading to the beaches, watch for those big swells. meanwhile, your five-day forecast, it's swell for another reason here in d.c. because tomorrow looks just as nice as today. even though it is cooler, we're in bargain territory. showers for thursday. that's the only rain i have on the five-day forecast. veterans day on friday, and moderate a bit for the weekend and we keep it sunny. >> like the sound of that. >> thank you. >> 19 kids and counting.
10:52 pm
and yes, they are still counting because baby number 20 is on the way. >> oh my goodness. >> reality show stars jim bob and michelle dugger announced they are expecting another bundle of joy. their kids range in age from 23 months to 23 years. dugger says she was surprised to discover that she was pregnant again at the age of 45. the couple leaves their family planning up to god. >> i don't think she was surprised. well, it is now down to the final 11 on the x factor and the remaining competitors are feeling the heat. before they can perfect their performances, they have to select the perfect song. something that can be a challenge. >> it's a different style for me. everyone has seen me sing and dance, but this week i get to show everybody i get to sing for you. >> my selection was difficult. we were back and forth between what kind of song we should do and what fit well with our voices and what could get the audience going. we are going more country.
10:53 pm
>> you can watch the final 11 perform right here on fox 5. it all starts tomorrow night at 8:00. we're in the web center with sarah frazier talking about tonight's glee episode which stirred up controversy. you were chatting all night with folks for the glee chat. what's the buzz? >> okay, so tonight's episode is about firsts. tonight was supposed to feature curt and blaine going all the way, let's say, and rachel and skin, parent teacher came out. i mean, online it was such positive reaction. people that love glee know it. they know it's part of the controversy. this is all about, the show is breaking barriers. it's about bringing up topics that are uncomfortable to talk about and putting their own spin on it. that's what they did tonight. >> what was the talk on the chat?
10:54 pm
were people saying hey, we thought this was a good episode? >> people were -- yeah, they loved it. they thought it was really well done. i don't think it was over the top at all. it was conservative. you saw a lit and will it certainly a lot of innuendo, but in the end, it wasn't this racy -- i think a will the of people on chat were saying really? that's it? we expected a lot more. where is all this action? so anyway, the chat was positive. >> more positive news for glee. nominated for a couple people's choice awards? >> yes, chris, corey montif, people's choice awards happen in january. both of those fellows got nominations and the show overall got several nominations. we'll find out if they are winners in january. that was huge. and also if you are a fan of glee music, which we all are. their christmas album, they did a second one and you can stream already at aol music. so aol will carry that and next tuesday they will release the christmas album to itunes.
10:55 pm
>> i like christmas. >> bring on the christmas music early. >> any other juicy gossip we need to know? >> sam's character is coming back december 2. we'll have a little -- i'm sorry, december 6. and tanya clark is going to play his mom. so we'll find out why he has been mia. >> and sarah, you gave it all to us in a little bit of time. >> thank you. brian, back upstairs to you. rapper heavy d has died. he was found unconscious around 11:30 pacific time this morning. tmz reports someone called 911. he was alert and talking, but he died a short time later at hospital. the cause of his death is under investigation. there's no obvious signs of foul play. he was 44. a local high school making history all by going green.
10:56 pm
we are taking you inside one of the newest solar powered schools. next. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. r te iha
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the high school is officially one of maryland's biggest solar powered facilities. the installation of 550 solar panels that generate more than 100 kilowatts of power each hour, a way to contribute to green solutions and to the community. >> an important point of teaching is stewardship of the environment. and so this grows authentically out of our commitment. an important way to step into the political realm in which we show what we value and what we believe. >> panels are the product of


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