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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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partnership between affordable solar works, private investors and state grants. tonight we are continuing to scroll results at the bottom of your screen. here is brian with the news edge at 11:00. >> we are starting the news edge off tonight in d.c. the high profile case of a halloween night shooting in georgetown. now a homicide investigation. the 17-year-old victim died last night. now his family is wondering why he was on the streets. tyronn garner was in the juvenile justice system and supposed to be in a drug treatment facility. he was not. wisdom. >> brian, police arrested a 24- year-old man who was seen leaving the area after stuffing a handgun in his waistband the night that tyronn michiganer garner was shot. he remains behind bars charged with carrying a pistol without a license. but he hasn't been charged with
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garner's murder. >> jane said her son would be alive if he was sent to a drug treatment facility in pennsylvania. but for some reason, that didn't happen. >> i don't know why, but he knew the judge wanted him to go. i guess he can't understand why they didn't take him. >> according to his family, he had been locked up at new beginnings, the secure facility for juveniles. he was supposed to be transferred. when he wasn't, the judge ordered him released into the custody of his mother. three weeks later on halloween night, garner was fatally shot in the head on m street. city councilman, jim graham has oversight of juvenile justice. >> there are various things we are hearing about this. >> councilman graham says there are lots of questions within the services. >> why did the judge, after having made a decision on commitment revoke the commitment and not send tyrone to another secure facility such
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as youth services center? >> it's just hard right now because he's gone. he's gone. he is 17. he didn't get to live a full life. i just want everybody to know that he was a loving person. >> that's not the first time this family had to deal with tragedy. five years ago in 2006, ty's 17- year-old brother was also murdered. shot in the head on alabama avenue southeast. as far as ty's murder is concerned. there is still no motive for that shooting. brian. >> another big story we're following tonight. gop presidential candidate, herman cain going on the offensive. denying that he ever acted inappropriately towards women. this as another woman has now gone public and accused cain of sexually harassing her. >> this was a defiant herman cain saying that he was not about it abandon his campaign for the presidency in the face of even more allegations of sexual harassment.
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the most recent coming just monday by a woman who says cain aggressively groped her. after he was finished answering questions, cain appeared at a news conference saying he did nothing wrong and denying the allegations by former national restaurant association employee, sharon bialek that claims cain aggressively groped her in 1997. contrary to bialek's account, saying she spoke with him at an event last month. herman cain denied even knowing or even meeting bialek. herman cain says he is staying in the presidential race. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. period. i don't even know who this woman is. secondly, i didn't recognize the name at all. and as far as these accusations
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causing me to back off and maybe withdraw from this presidential primary race, isn't going to happen. >> now another one of cain's accusers are coming forward. a woman who settled a claim against cain at the national restaurant association tells the "new york times" she would be willing to appear at a news conference with several other of cain's accusers in her words to, to put their story forward. tom fitzgerald, fox5 news. developing news on that sex scandal. trustees will appoint a special committee. earlier today, a storm of reporters and cameras are seen outside paterno's house. the first time joe paterno has seen in public since jerry sandusky was arrested over the
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weekend. the media tracking paterno at his home today after the university canceled his weekly press conference. >> please let him get to the car. >> i know you guy haves a will the of questions and i was hoping i would be able to answer them today. i will try to do it as soon as we can. >> some are calling for paterno to resign for not doing more when he first learned about allegations. he reported it to university officials, not the police. meanwhile, a ninth man has come forward claiming he was abused years ago. >> for as long as they would want me to do. >> maryland state senator, currie, will now have the opportunity to do just that. after a federal jury found him not guilty of bribery, conspiracy, and other charges. the jury reached its verdict in its fourth day of deliberations. prosecutors that accused the democrat of taking payments
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from shoppers food warehouse. the investigation began four years ago. currie always maintained his innocence. the jury also acquitted two former executives of shoppers, including its former president, william white. >> a disaster decloration in d.c. following the august earthquake. laura evans. >> president obama signed the decloration today. it was a response to mayor vincent gray's response. all of this allows for millions of dollars in federal funding to be used to repair government facilities, including the national cathedral and some d.c. schools. the fema money goes toward preparing for future emergencies. some occupy wall street protesters are taking their demonstration on the road. they'll leave manhattan at noon tomorrow and they will be walking to d.c. hoping to arrive by november 23, which is the deadline for a congressional committee to decide whether to extend the busch era tax cuts. protesters don't want the cuts extended, saying they only
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benefit rich americans. >> the cleanup of the oil spill along the gulf coast is winding down. the coast guard has given the okay to end the cleanup, which opens the next phase of work. that's restoring the damaged areas. the oil spill in u.s. history happened in april of last year when the deep water horizon exploded off the louisiana coast. >> police work for months before they arrest the bad guys. other times, they get lucky. the call that led to the biggest drug bust in a local police department. we had good luck in the weather forecast department. a beautiful weekend, a great start to this week. can we keep it going another day? i think we can. we have changes ahead. i'll fill you in on all of those coming up. and the news edge at 11:00 will be back in 60 seconds. this is fox 5's news edge
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trying to move on past the corruption scandal in prince georges county. the new council member taking over the seat was sworn in. davis takes over the vacant position. won a special election last month. johnson resigned in july after pleading guilty to tampering with evidence. it is a drug bust that took a half million dollars of marijuana off the streets. it isn't something police have been working on. in fact, as fox 5 shows us, they stumbled on to it. >> salt right here along route 1. they did find a victim who had been stabbed, but that was just the beginning. >> everyone is very surprised. >> surprised to see three loaded guns. >> it's crazy. >> and even more surprising, 58-pounds of marijuana. >> the marijuana has a street
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value of approximately $527,000. >> that's right, a half million dollars worth of pot. a major bust for chief doug holland. >> to everyone's memory, this is the largest drug seizure in the history of this police department. >> here's what happened at the scene of that assault. >> assault victim advised the officers that the suspect was the owner of a local business. >> the victim said the suspect had run into the business, which is right across the street. police surrounded the building. >> after a rather significant amount of time, the folks that were inside the building did eventually come out. >> but police wondered what took so long. so a metro transit officer and a search dog were sent in to check the building. that's when they found the drugs. >> we think is positive. we didn't see this coming. it caught us by surprise. a lot of times that's what happens. >> first-degree assault, drug, and weapons charges. fox 5 was unable to reach him for a comment.
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ty works right across from the building. >> a lot of partying over there? >> at nighttime. >> the stabbing victim is out of the hospital and expected to be okay. the business is shut down. thomas is locked up. he is being held in jail without bond and police say their investigation continues. in hyattsville, beth parker, fox 5 news. up next, you never know who is listening and watching you in public. the burger king breakup. the argument that got a play by play on twitter. next. plus, the skins not letting this losing streak get to them. dave feldman visiting redskins park. and take a look at this. prosurfer broke the crazy world record off the coast of portugal. he rode a massive wave that measured 90 feet tall. the old record, 77 feet back in '08. ♪
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i'm listening to a marriage desin grate at a table next to me. aaron couldn't write this any better. a few minutes later, she thinks it is unfair he gets to play video games and she has to clean when his mother tells her. after more loud arguing, why did you marry me? because i love you, she responds. loved me? we in the restaurant noticed the past tense. one more example. kind of weird having to talk to you about this here, she says. he laughs, she sort of laughs. a few of the tweets. we posted a link on with a little bit of a video clip and pictures as well. look under web links. here at home, a warning for the roads and the rails. shawn yancy has your top five. >> up first tonight, why banning soda from schools doesn't really stop kids from drinking those sugary beverages anyway. number five, according to new research, 67% of 8th graders in schools with soda bans say they
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still have access to sugary beverages in school. researchers found soda isn't being sold in the schools, it's being replaced with other drinks like sports drinks and those high calorie fruit drinks. number four is good and bad news in the housing market. there were fewer foreclosures in 2011. that means there are now more homeowners. according to 28.6% of borrowers owe more than their properties are worth. number three, dc is the most shopaholic city in the united states. according to d.c. residents spend $263 a month on clothes, shoes, and other things. arlington, virginia, came in second spending an average of $255 a month. number three may affect your weekday commute. or number two may affect your weekday commute. metro crews will be working on the red line monday through thursday evening from 8:00 p.m. to closing.
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as a result, trains will single track, expect delays up to 20 minutes. and number 1 tonight, head's up. it is deer mating season and that means more deer running across the road. both maryland and virginia are in the top 15 for deer related crashes. d.c. ranked number 46. the best advice, slow down and buckle up in case of an accident. and brian, that's tonight's best five top five. see if we can get this streak going one more day at least. >> got to enjoy it while we can. i think today was one of the nicest days we've had in weeks. the color adds to it. the brilliant blue sky and changing leaves. it's all good. and we get to do it one more time again tomorrow before some showers come into the picture. not a washout or anything like that. definitely going to be cooler once those come in. so we start you out with a look at the temperature trend. because today we did get into
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the upper 60s. i think it's doable for tomorrow. note the average is 61 degrees. so oh yeah, it's november. and you will be reminded of that on thursday when our temperature drops to 57 degrees. we'll add in a blustery wind, too. and same deal for friday. a little cooler still at 53 degrees. we begin to rebound a little bit on saturday at 58. i think thursday and friday will both be breezy and we'll have showers around on thursday. that's pretty much the only rain in the forecast. you can really see what's coming and also enjoy what we have had in the mid atlantic. boston was nice today at 69 degrees. cincinnati 72. raleigh 70. we came in at 68 degrees. here is our frontal system. much colder behind it. it's in the 40s and here in the battle zone where the temperatures in the 40s bumped up against temperatures in the 70s. we had another tornado outbreak today east texas, louisiana, and oklahoma. a total of nine tornadoes touching down today and there were about six yesterday. meanwhile, here at home, we were watching temperatures with
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clear skies and light breezes really tanking again tonight. although not as cold as we found them at 11:00 last night. culpeper 37. winchester at 39. 48 for annapolis and d.c. coming in at 49 degrees. gaithersburg, you're down to 41 degrees. that will be one more day of special temperatures in the upper 60s for us above normal. it's a cold one. chilly with maybe a patch or two of fog later tonight. dropping to 46 degrees. 30s in the suburbs. great wednesday ahead. a few clouds roll in later in the day. our temperature tomorrow, 68. and with the clouds, we won't be as cold tomorrow night. enjoy the sunshine. 47 at 8:00 in the morning. fog. by noon, we are 64 degrees and by 4:00. 66 degrees. but the showers will be coming in. tonight the severe weather has been here in the middle part of the country. here's what changes for tomorrow. the high pressure moves out of the way and by thursday, that
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dip in the jet stream is going to allow some of the cooler temperatures to come in and the shower wills be around on thursday. cooler for friday. so we wrap it up with your five- day forecast here. 68 degrees tomorrow. another great day for us. thursday 57 with showers. a breeze is cooler for veterans day on friday. and the weekend is nice and bright. temperatures are in the upper os to low 60s. you know what? that's a bargain any way you slice it. coming up next, dave feldman is talking about caps. maybe we'll revisit it later in sports. we'll be right back. ur
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chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. this is your local nissan dealer with dave feldman. >> good evening. it doesn't happen often, but it did tonight. the caps hosted a team with a better record. 9-3 washington. taking on the 10-3 dallas stars. the caps skating for the sixth straight game without mike green. the caps rips one. off comes his mask. wow. later in the first period, michael's turn to make a save and lose his mask. mask issues in northwest d.c. tonight. caps on the power play. nick flying past. rifles it past. third of the year was tied at 1. second period, caps down 2- 1. they win the faceoff. back to john carlson. tied at 2. third period.
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goes airborne and that's a little fancy. caps surrender three goals in the third and fall to the stars 5-2. the first home loss of the season. the penn state board of trustees had an emergency conference call this evening and will meet in person tomorrow to discuss joe paterno's future in the wake of a school sex abuse scandal and possible coverup. paterno's regularly scheduled news conference was abruptly canceled today. the school spokesman sited on going legal circumstances. former assistant coach molested eight young boys between 1994 and 2009. and that two penn state administrators failed to notify authorities of a 2002 incident reported by an eyewitness. this was the scene tonight when paterno returned home after practice. 84-year-old greeted by hundreds of supporters began chanting his name. he was asked by a reporter if
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he's still the coach. he thanked everyone for coming out. but his son, earlier said he plans to coach saturday when nebraska comes to penn state for the lions home finale. today the redskins released donte stallworth. he had five catches. the team added former texasan receiver, david anderson. shanahan served as the coordinator in the 2008/2009 season. it's been difficult for players to mask their emotion. four consecutive games. two of them at fedex field. the struggle offense is also to blame. not about to give up. >> if you lose your confidence in what you are trying to do, you stand no chance of getting better or fixing things. it's when you stay confident. we continue to take our steps. right now, i believe that's our mind set. we are saying hey, we're
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putting our foot on the ground and doing everything we can. because that gives us the best chance. >> so much for albert haynesworth loving new england. this season, he played in six games. registered three tackles. no sacks. participated in just 132 of 568 defensive plays. maybe it's not just us, maybe it's albert. today american hoops held its media day. jeff jones guided the eagles over the last four years. eight winning seasons in his previous 11 years. this season a pretty big challenge. four starters are gone from last year's team that went 22- 9. troy started off 31 games last year and averaged over 11 points per game. jeff jones, what do you have? >> my goals, my expectations every year, simply hard to be the best that we can be and to have a chance to play for the patriot league title. that -- for our program, you know, that's the standard, i
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think, that we want to aim for each and every year. >> the nba deadline for the players union to agree to a deal that includes 51% of basketball related income is tomorrow. 5:00 p.m. i'm dave feldman. have a great night.    fox 5 news edge at 11:00. by verison. ma t.d ig thco
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it's going to be a nice day. jusas


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