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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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return policy and always buy prosecute reputable retailers. we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox amorning news continues right now -- fox 5 morning news continues right now. let's point the cameras at the sky right now. beautiful monday out there this morning. if you look to the upper left of it, you can see jupiter. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it is nice that it is clear enough that we can see the moon and jupiter. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> the moon was so bright. it is bright right now but a couple of hours ago, so bright that you almost didn't need headlights out there. i'm not saying do that but it was amazingly bright. we have clear skies. a very nice start to the day. clear skies here. once again, we have fog off to the south and east and there is a fog advisory in effect for those regions. we'll talk about that in a little bit. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll show you where the fog is. it is the area that you see here in yellow and orange.
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the orange, the deep orange color is where you see the most dense fog an again, this is in the same areas that we a yesterday morning in eastern maryland, southern maryland, southeastern portions of virginia, places like that. fog advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning that will take a while for that fog to burn off. there was also some fog out to the west out near and around the mountains. nothing really significant going on right here in the district. current temperature, 44 degrees here in washington. 38 in baltimore. 36 at dulles airport. 36 in fredericksburg. 38 at patuxent naval air station. forecast for today, morning fog, mostly clear skies, lots of sunshine and another pretty and mild day. high in town about 67 degrees. we'll have more details on all of that. coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright now to see what the latest is on traffic out there. >> really, not i allot happening right now. we do -- not a lot happening right now. we do have lanes opening
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traveling the beltway some montgomery county. pop up the camera here at university boulevard heading down towards the capital beltway. you will find traffic volume moving at speed. not too many people up and about just yet. no problems reported south on 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more developments on the sex abuse scandal that has embroiled penn state university. the trustees of the school announced they will open their own investigation and another potential victim has come forward. the question still looms though will coach joe paterno hold on to his job. stacy cohan has the details. >> reporter: everyone has been waiting to hear from joe paterno but the news conference
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was canceled. some reporters and supporters waited outside his home. some are calling for his termination as part of the widening sex abuse scandal surrounding jerry sandusky. a large crowd gathered outside paterno's home tuesday night in a show of the support. >> we want joe! >> reporter: the coach addressed the crowd expressing his admiration for the school an its students. >> it is hard to me to express how much this means. i've lived for people like you guys and girl and i'm so happy to see that -- to feel so -- that you feel so strongly about us and about your school. >> reporter: he he is asking his fans to pray for the victims. >> we should say a prayer for hem. tough like when people do certain things to you. >> reporter: sandusky spent three decades on the penn state staff before retiring in 1999. it is alleged he abused at
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least eight boys whom he met through his charity foundation for at-risk kids. with the most recent incident happening just two weeks ago. one former penn state player says he never saw anything suspicious during his time at the school. >> i was up there for five years and never heard of anything. it was just coach sandusky was a great coach and a great guy. >> reporter: the board of trftees will create a special committee to conduct an investigation into the scandal. its role will be to make sure those responsible are dealt with accordingly and to take steps to prevent future occurrences. back to you. >> thank you. embattled republican presidential hopeful herman cain denies he ever behaved inappropriately and says the alleged sexual harassment never happened. cain took questions from reporters at a news conference one day after sharon bialek claimed he groped her back in 1997. as soon as she went public with
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her charges, cain knew he would have to make his denials public too. i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. i don't even though who this woman is. the accusation, i absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen. >> one of the other accusers has now been identified publicly inform a statement from her lawyer, she says she is ready to hold a joint news con presence with other accusers in order to collectively make their case against cain. a federal jury aquitted maryland state senator ulysses currie of charges of public
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corruption. prosecutors accused the prince george's county democrat of taking fees from shoppers warehouse. in yesterday's elections republicans in virginia poised now to take full control of the state senate. they now have half of the 40 seats and control the tiebreaker n virginia's house of delegates, republicans surged to the highest majority ever winning a record 66 seats. we have complete results on our web site at convicted in the death of michael jackson. now, dr. conrad murray awaits his sentencing. coming up next, his time behind bars may be shortened and it has nothing to do with the law. we'll plain. the remains of u.s. soldiers arriving at dover air force base for their final home coming. stunning allegations of what may have happened to those remains once he they arrived here. wrs-- once they arrived here. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive...
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earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale. italy's prime minister is stepping down after dominating italy's politics for the last two decades. the prime minister finally decided to leave office. this comes as the world financial markets lose confidence in his ability to
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control the debt crisis. global stock markets have reacted positively with the dow, european and asian markets all rallying. jail time for michael jackson's doctor may be shortened due to california's overcrowded prison system. dr.conrad murray is guaranteed to spend the next three weeks in jail awaiting sentencing for involuntary manslaughter. he could face up to four years in prison but any time he does get could be shortened. nonviolent offenders are being redirected from state prisons to county jails to reduce the prison population and save money. septupletting allegations of mismanagement at a dover mortuary. it is revealed that the mortuary lost portions of human remains twice in 2009. the air force inspector general reported that they failed to respond to allegations. some argue that laws were
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violated saying in these instances, the report demonstrates a pattern of the air force's failure to acknowledge culpability for wrongdoing relating to the treatment of remains of serve is members and their families. three senior officials have now been disciplined for gross mismanagement. two still work at dover. no one has been fired. defense secretary leon panetta is asking for a separate investigation. officials do not suspect foul play or any criminal intent. this does bring up recent problems as well as arlington national cemetery but air force chief of staff general norton schwartz is discounting any parallel. we've heard of students cutting class. how about a college professor cutting class. >> students say their professor never showed up so how did they all get as in the course anyway. we'll have details coming up. >> coming up, we've got the latest on today's weather forecast. going be for a nice day today. julie wright is here. she will tell us what is happening on the area roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ck. 
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dematha high school is officially one of maryland's biggest solar powered schools now. the school held held a dedication for the installation of 550 solar panels. >> they generate more than 100 kilowatts of power each hour giving dematha a way to contribute to green solutions and to the economy. the panels are the product of a partnership between affordable solar works, private investors, pepco and federal and state grants. tony is back with us with a look at our forecast. >> it is the same forecast as last couple of days. fog in the morning, lots of sunshine, mild to warm conditions in the afternoon. >> like it. not too bad. now, everything i just said is true. now, let me explain it in two minutes. that is the allotted time. >> just elaborate please. >> yes, i will. there is a fog advisory in
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effect for this morning, folks. it is off to the south and east where you see the counties that are colored in gray. that is where the densest fog is. that is where visibility could be used to a quarter mile or less. just because these are the counties that are colored in and that is the area where we have a dense fog advisory doesn't mean there might not be fog that pops up we'll keep our eyes open for that. you know the routine by now. patchy dense fog that will slowly dissipate through the morning hours. let's take a look at the temperatures across the region. right now, we are at 43 degrees here in washington. baltimore is at 38. plenty of 30s out there. dulles airport, 34 degrees. 39 at quantico. 44 in appear appear list and up in hagerstown, it is 45 degrees this morning. -- 44 in annapolis. we have clear skies, beautiful moon, not quite full yet. it will be full tomorrow. clear skies with the exception of the fog. there is that frontal system still out to the west being
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blocked by high pressure that is controlling our weather. but gradually, that will begin to break down. this front will come through. it will bring with it some clouds. i think the clouds start to build tonight. and then some showers off and on during the day tomorrow. the forecast looks like this. sunny skies, one more warm afternoon. we are looking for a high of about 67 degrees. then for tonight, we'll see some clouds begin to build in. it will be a cool night but not as bad. 50degrees for your overnight low. five-day forecast, tomorrow, clouds, periods of rain here and there. 57degrees for your high tomorrow. we do cool off, much cooler on friday. 53 for a high. saturday, 5le under sunshine, mild on sunday. 62degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, hears julie wright with an update on traffic. >> looking good this morning out on the roads. no problems reported as you travel to and from the wilson bridge. here we are at the american legion bridge. traffic flowing freely on the inner loop coming from tyson's coming back up towards 27067
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the outer loop also at speed leaving montgomery county headed down into fairfax. overnight construction in the hot lane zones. all of that has been completely cleared. 66 coming inbound leaving manassas, no problems to report as you travel east of business 234. westbound lanes are open. that is a nice easy commute coming in from vienna. no problems to report as you make your way in. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. moving on past the corruption scandal in prince george's countiy, the new councilmember taking over leslie johnson's seat now officially in place. derek leon davis taking over the vacant position for district six. davis won a special election last month. johnson resigned in july after pleading guilty to bribery and tampering with evidence charges. what if you were enrolled in a class in school but that class never met and everyone in the class got an a for a grade? george washington university is fighting allegations of that right now. the director of the program accused of being a no-show in
5:19 am
class. john henrehan explains that director has now resigned from the hospital. >> reporter: one of the careers taught at the medical school at george washington university is called the physician assistant program. according to a source familiar with the program, all pas were required to take a class called evidence-based medicine, basically how to do research in medical literature in order to keep current on practices and medications. venetia orkutt was supposed to thief that class. our source tells us in the spring and summer semesters of 2010, that class never met. letters sent by three graduates of the program to university provost steve an lerman confirm the students were never taught the evidence-based medicine courses, never received communication, course materials or instruction and in the final meeting of all members of the graduating class several days before getting their diploma, they were told all students would be ascribed a grade of a
5:20 am
in the two courses. all three signers of the letter enclosed copies of their academic transcripts presumably showing the as as evidence. one of the letters is dated september 30th. the others are date the october 12th. six days after the first letter wads sent, dr. orcu. it t offered a letter of resignation. the university confirms the rei go nation and says gwu officials are investigating the allegations that led to the resignation of the head. the physician assistant program. physician assistant is either a two-year course or a three-year course at gwu. the course in question is a required one. tuition at the medical school is more than $1,100 a credit. we tried to reach dr. orcutt by phone and at her home. we were not successful. in the newsroom, john henrehan,
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fox 5 news. more star sightings last night. >> leonardo dicaprio sat down with kevin mccarthy to talk about the challenges of playing the fbi director.  [ screaming ]
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anticipated movie j. edgar who is at the newseum. >> kevin mccarthy talked to the star of the film, leonardo dicaprio, about the challenges of playing a complex and intensely private man, j. edgar hoover. >> you played some pretty intense characters through out your career. do characteristics of the people ever stay with you? do they ever pop up? >> if there ever was one, it would be howard hughes. i louised to do slight obsessive things when i was little, stepping on cracks on the way back home from school and i had to start bringing all that stuff out for the character and that lingered with me. most of the time, if i'm not able to go home and be myself and when the film is wrapped feel like a free man, i wouldn't be doing my job. i try to embody the character as best i can and leave it all on the table, so to speak. whatever you have to portray
5:25 am
about that character should be burned into celluloid. >> a man's legacy is often what is not seen. i think it is an amazing thing to think about. do you feel that is the same for your business. in acting, do you think it is what is not seen on camera that makes you who you are. >> playing somebody like j. edgar hoover, there were so many questions still to be answered about him on a perm level, about his sexuality, what motivated him and you have to retain some of that to keep that ambiguity and make a movie interesting and engaining for the audience. >> when you first came to hollywood, when you were a young kid, did you feel like you had to be someone you were not in this business. was there a strug follow you that you felt like you had to be someone you were not? >> when i was a young actor, it was a very interesting process because you are going through this audition process to get these jobs and you want to please everyone around you. you want to make all of the directors and producers believe you can do and accomplish anything. it wasn't until the moment that i wanted to quit.
5:26 am
remember, i was 12 or 13 years old and i said this isn't for me. i'm not getting much work. and i'm sick of this sort of dog and pony show. maybe i'll go do something else. that was the moment where i started landing roles. it was very interesting to me because i felt like it took a level of detachment and the ability to walk away from something was very important in the process of focusing on the work and wanting to please everyone around you. >> kevin mccarthy, not just satisfied with talking with leonardo dicaprio. he also talked with clint eastwood last night. he will join us next hour to talk about his review of j. edgar and we'll talk more about what was happening on the red carpet last night. >> it should be fun. still ahead, we have your weather and traffic coming up. >> stacy is following our big story this morning. >> the scandal at penn state
5:27 am
continues to grow. will joe paterno stay or go? a lot to talk about, coming up after the break.
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could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin's new smokehouse sausage breakfast sandwich with sausage from hillshire farm. 5:30 right now as we take a look at the washington monument. a little chilly out there. yesterday turned out to be a very nice, tony. >> certainly was. i think today will do the same. temperatures again into the upper 60s today, very pleasant day and like yesterday, we get to have a similar start.
5:30 am
cold temperatures and fog across portions of the area. let's start with hd radar and i'll show you where the fog is. not all of you are getting it or seeing it. there is some out there primarily to the east across eastern maryland, southern maryland, southeastern portions of virginia, so there you go. not a lot happening right around the d.c. area or inside are around the beltway. also out to the west near the mountain, we've got some fog there as well so you might want to leave a little early this morning, allow some extra time if you are in those areas and remember for those regions a fog advisory exists until 10:00 this morning. current conditions right now, 43 degrees in washington. relative humidity, 89%. the wind are calm. forecast for today looks like this. another good one, sunny, calm, temperatures above normal. our average high, 61 degrees. we are looking for a high around 67 degrees in the middle of this afternoon. we'll have more in a little bit. >> thank you. let's say good morning to julie
5:31 am
wright with the latest on traffic. how are things looking? >> pretty good. we are off to a quiet start right now. no problems reported as you travel to and from the american legion bridge. traffic is flowing freely from the exits here and continuing down towards the exits for tysons corner. 66 increasing in volume but no incidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this morning, the child sex abuse scandal at penn state university. another potential victim has come forward. the school's board of trustees is opening its own investigation. this was the scene when paterno returned home after practice yesterday. some video we can see coming up here possibly. the 84-year-old greeted by hundreds of supporters but still there are many people calling for his resignation. stacy cohan in the newsroom with the latest on this. >> reporter: sarah, no one has asked joe to resign.
5:32 am
that is the word from the famed football coach's son scott paterno but the board of trustees is launching a separate investigation into this growing sex scandal. some say paterno should be forced out for not doing more when he learned about the allegations of abuse. he did report it to a university official but not to police. meantime, a ninth man has come forward claiming he was also abused by former assistant coach jerry sandusky years ago. man reportedly contacted police after seeing media accounts of sandusky's arrest. at cording to the participate russ rott news of harrisburg, the man now in his 20s knew sandusky from the second mile charity founded by the former coach. paterno addressed a crowd gathered outside his home. >> i know you guys have a lot of questions. i was hoping i would be able to answer them today. we'll try to do it soon, as soon as we can. can't do it today. >> at this point in time, there has been no discussions with the coach with b. retiring notch discussions about stepping down and as far as he
5:33 am
is concerned, he will be coaching the team on saturday. he is looking forward to it for the foreseeable future. >> that future does remain unclear. the "new york times" is now reporting that paterno will not return next year. we are staying on top. story. i'll have much more coming up in a live report at 6:00. that's it for now. back to you. >> thank you. herman cain says he won't quit and he is again denying the latest allegations of sexual harassment. his campaign tried to undermine the credibility of sharon bialek at a press conference yesterday. he said he couldn't eastbound remember meeting her. she insists she is not motivated by profit and has no deal to sell her story but is not ruling it out. >> i would have to think bay that. right now, my main goal and it was initially too is to get hurricane gabrielle and to
5:34 am
speak. >> the accusations i absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen. as far as these accusations causing me to back off and maybe withdraw from this presidential primary race, ain't gonna happen. >> bialek admits meeting cain a few months ago. a witness says she hugged like old friends and bialek whispered something to him. a federal injure aquitt sta currie of charges of public corruption. prosecutors accused the bridge county democrat of taking payments from shoppers food ware house in exchange for government favors. defense attorneys argued currie was just a paid consultant for the grocery chain. currie expressed relief as he left the courthouse in baltimore. >> this has been a rough four years, almost four years for my wife, my family and i and also
5:35 am
for my constituents so this is the greatest moment of my life. >> the jury also aquitted two former executives of shoppers including former president william white. republicans appear to have fallen one seat short of gaining a working majority in the virginia state senate. thrrn a few races too close to call last night. one includes the senate district 17 race which covers parts of spotsylvania county in fredericksburg. democrat ed houk is locked in a tight race with republican bryce reeves. he leads with less than 100 votes. it is likely headed for a recount. she grabbed in the headlines when she jumped behind the wheel of a van and served as her dad's designated driver. >> we'll hear from the 9-year- old girl as she and in court. stay with us. ith us.  [ man ] i got this citi thank you card s points. -- as she and in court. stay with us. you got a weather balloon with points?
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5:39 am
the history of this police department. >> we didn't see this coming t caught us by surprise and a lot of times in police work, that is what happens. >> the stabbing victim out of the hospital now expected to be okay. as for the drugs, police charged dean roy thomas of lanham with first degree assault, drug and weapons charges. later this afternoon, the government will for the first time conduct a national test of the emergency alert system. so if you hear those alerts on the radio or while watching tv around 2:00 today, don't worry, it is just a test. the alert system is used by the president to inform the public in case of a national emergency. the 9-year-old driver making headlines this morning. last monther, her dad was arrested for letting her drive. she is nine. he was drunk. the little girl was forced by prosecutors to take the witness stand against her dad. as bill gallagher reports, her mom was against the move. >> reporter: 39-year-old sean weim he want r faces felony child abuse charges.
5:40 am
he is accused of allowing his 9- year-old daughter to drive his van while he was drunk. it happened october 8th and the child is shown on a gas station surveillance camera behind the wheel. the child, often tearful, testified at her father's preliminary examination. >> and where was your dad when you were drive something. >> in the car with me. >> whats with he doing? >> sitting there talking to me. >> reporter: the 9-year-old said she saw her father drinking from a bottle of black velvet but wouldn't say he was drunk. >> did he seem normal? >> yes. >> after he started drinking, did he still seem normal? >> yes. >> was his voice dragging or slurred? >> no. >> did i ever tell you he was drunk -- did he ever tell you he was drunk? >> no. >> i'll move o. >> reporter: the girl broke down under questioning from the prosecutor and the judge called a recess. i spoke with the girl's mother off camera. she did not see the necessity
5:41 am
of her daughter testifying, did not want her to appear but was forced to by the prosecutor. >> i only sat in his lap. i never drove. >> here, you were driving and your dad was sitting next to you, right? >> yes. >> was he telling what you to do? >> yes. >> reporter: a witness would asked not to be photographed ended up calling 911. >> i looked at the clerk and i said he is a little drunk, isn't he and he said you think so? and i said he is going to be driving with her in the car in that shape? they said no, she's driving the car. and i'm like you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: the judge allowed the defense attorney to prepare a grief and the prosecutor to respond. the judge will issue his decision on whether sean weimer will stand trial next tuesday. in wood halfen, bill gallagher, fox news. if you are keeping track here, 19 kids and counting and yes, they are still counting. because baby number 20 is on
5:42 am
the way. reality show stars jim bob and michelle duggar announced they are expecting another bundle of joy. their kids range in age from 23 months to 23 years. she says she is surprise stood discover she was pregnant again at the age of 45. the couple says they leave their family planning up to god. i can't believe she was surprised actually. i think she would be kind of used to it by now. >> all think so. washington capitals seeing stars now. >> we'll hear from the sports yompies coming up. plus, we'll check in with tony for your weather and julie for your traffic. -- we'll hear from the sports junkies coming up.  look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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baby, work out. you go, calvin. calvin being our producer finding some old school stuff. >> you were getting all excited there. >> does that inspire you to work out or just listen to jackie wilson. >> good stuff. that is a good deal too. >> yeah, it is. >> you want to know what today is going to be like? >> would love it. >> take a look at the weather headline for today. that will answer your question. today will be a wonderful wednesday. very nice. yes, temperatures will be in the 60s again today and the upper 60s at that. let's take a look. here is where we were yesterday. reagan national, 68 degrees was the high there. dulles international, 69. the withinner though, bwi marshall made it up to 71- degree, not bad at all. today, we'll get close to those temperatures. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. i want to show you the satellite-radar and we'll show you that we've got mostly clear skies. we do have some fog in place
5:47 am
across eastern portions of maryland, southern maryland, some portions of virginia as well. not much happening right in the district but there is fog out there, dense fog advisory. there are your rain showers. finally, that frontal boundary slowly making its way eastward. we've been protected by high pressure. but as that moves into the region, we'll see some clouds move in tonight and then some rain showers during the day tomorrow off and on. forecast for today then looks like this. mostly sunny skies. one pore warm afternoon. we'll call it 67 degrees for a high in town today. then for tonight, skies begin to cloud up. we'll see another cool night but perhaps not as cool. 50 for your low inside of town. five-day forecast, as said, tomorrow, we start to feel the drop-off in temperatures after a high of 67 today. 57 tomorrow with clouds and some showers and then the cool air is here for i acouple of days. 53 on friday. 508 saturday. but a good a sunshine. sunday, mild, 62 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's go to julie wright
5:48 am
and get an update on traffic. >> all right. we'll take you north of town up in germantown. that is where we had the accident activity that is now tying up the northbound side of ridge road at brink road. so again, it is northbound 27 that is blocked off here at brink road. no once able to get by on the northbound side. if you are coming southbound or if you are coming westbound along brink road, can you not make that turn onto ridge at this time. so again, police right here in the middle of thementer section directing some of the traffic by but it is northbound ridge road that remains closed off at the scene. no problems to report on other side of town as you work your way inbound along 66. traffic building in volume only. no incidents to report leaving business 234 headed in towards fair lakes and fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it was a dream come true for some service members in our area. they got a chance to play a round of video games with some redskins players. the event was organized by the nonprofit group pro versus gi joe. they araged the vid rode get- togethers throughout the
5:49 am
football seen. the troops and players also skype with military members overseas. the program's founder says the video game competition has brought a lot of joy to everyone involved. >> it is like hanging out with your best friend in your basement. that is what is important with these events. it is such a relaxed atmosphere. it is playing video games. who wouldn't want to play call of duty with professional athletes. >> this is the third year the redskin have participated in the video game competition. caps lost their first home game this year. big al unemployed now and more joe paterno news. let's check in with the sports ympies now. >> what's happening, steve sphwhoo i have watched more video in the last 12 hours of students, excited, rallying, holing pep rallies on joe paterno's front lawn and to me that makes it much worse. >> students like to rally and find a cause. this is a little young and dumb, i'll clueless.
5:50 am
pay attention to what is happening here, folk. that is really what i would say. but it doesn't help. it certainly doesn't help the situation at all. >> it is an excuse for students to go out and drink at 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon and camp out and just to do something a little bit different and they are going to have pride in their school. i get that. but we are talking about a child sex abuse scandal here. thats that tainted the entire program from the university president through joe paterno, jerry sandusky. there are a lot of element here. these students are by a bit misguide giant food we are penn state. >> they got to dig a little deeper, really look at the situation. >> and i don't want to hear about lawyers. i don't want to hear about pr if i weres. joe paterno had an opportunity to talk. i don't care if the university said we want to cancel the press conference. joe pat were owe needs to answer some questions and answer them now. >> the university saying they weren't the ones that canceled
5:51 am
the press conference. they are saying joe paterno did. what do you think happens with the game on saturday? >> well, you know, it is a really inviting pro testing and mass chaos if they allow joe pa to go out there and run out there. i know some have suggested that potentially they should cancel the game and cancel the rest the season. the problem is there is so much money yen rated with this that i see that unlikely. the easily solution is to figure out away to remove joe paterno from the program. that is really the only plausible way that penn state can maintain any dignity. >> at some point, he will be on the podium. you can eliminate that by finding an exit strategy. >> they are just stalling. >> let me ask you this. here is the question. if you remove joe pat were owe, do you remove anybody who was affiliated with the program which is pretty much then tear penn state coaching staff
5:52 am
because they've all been there for 50 years. >> someone has to coach the team. they're 8-1. >> at the end of the year, you do. >> at the end of the year, they're all gone. this year, they are just stalling. they are hiring this board of regents. he is going to coach saturday. he will probably coach rest of the year and he will be gone. it's stall tactic and that is not what he with want to see. we want see action. >> when you have an 84-year-old head coach who is in the last year of his contract who is embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal, that is when you cut ties with him. that is when you move on. >> think we are past the point of where it should have moved o. speaking of moving on, aps does anybody pick him up? >> i'm happy to know there is always a market for fat malcontents that don't fit into any sort of defensive scheme that is run by any team in the nf. that is great. >> a lot of people including people in this room sid bill
5:53 am
belichick is a genius. he will find a way to work it out. people generally are what they are. we've seen that with rex grossman this year. albert haynesworth is a bum. if another coach picks him up, another organization gives him a shot, they deserve to get what they're going to get which is very little on the football field at this point. >> someone else will give him a shot. they'll get him on the sheep. they can use him for six, seven weeks. he will get another opportunity. -- they'll get him on the cheap. >> we remember the plays here when he would just lay down. there was a sequence of three straight plays where he flat out quit. i think that was the final straw for the patriots. teams around the league are seeing that tape. they are seeing that the effort is not this. i'll actually be surprised if he gets picked up again. tomorrow, we'll talk about the huge match-up with miami, powerhouse match-up coming up
5:54 am
on sunday. >> thank you. how approximate man versus minneapolis. lines between the two becoming more and more blurred these days. >> coming up next, the newest smart robots and he already has a critical task on his to do list. >> what is he doing? >> i don't know. on't know.  state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny.
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this is our facebook fan of the day. she says she watches fox 5 so much, her family calls her for the weather, traffic and all of the school closings. we want to give a shout out to cozy's sister who wrote in you wering us to pick her. good morning to both of you. it is harder to tell the difference between man and machine. honda showcased an upgraded version of a robot. >> the machine can now jog nearly six miles per hour and move individual fingers. it can even open a they are months and pour juice into i cup. honda is working with tokyo electric power company in hopes of building a robot able to
5:58 am
work inside the stricken fukushima power plant. stay with us. we're back at 6:00.  [ [ mom ] haddy, come . we got a new book! yay! [ female announcer ] storytime is not for reading. this is a story about jingle the husky pup. and jingle was a good dog. [ jingle ] ruff! ruff! jingle loved to bark hello. ruff! ruff! ruff! ruff! [ mom ] jingle even loved to sing. ruff! ruff! ruff! ruff! jingle! [ female announcer ] it's for bringing stories to life in a whole new way. jingle, stay. and jingle did. [ female announcer ] hallmark interactive story buddies. when you read key words, jingle responds.
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