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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 9, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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visibility a quarter mile or less that should burn off in very short order entire region expecting bright sunshine for a good pover the day temperatures regan national, -- good part of the day, temperatures regan national, here is a live look at satellite radar, clouds out to the west, rain shower activity that is our frontal system tomorrow we will be dry later this afternoon, 44 regan national, humidity up, 98% winds light out of the north shifting south later today, warmer air one more day sunshine high temperatures, 67 washington 68 afternoon high in baltimore. alison, tony back to you. the child sex abuse scandal at penn state seems to be growing by the hour there are
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reports, football coach joe paterno will be out of a job soon. >> as a ninth potential victim has come forward. stacy. well t latest news is out of the new york times that paper is reporting joe paterno will leave his position as head coach that is not what his family seems to be saying. his questionable future is part of the fall out surrounding the arrest of penn state's former defensive coordinator, gerry sandusky on child sex abuse charges. according to documents, he was seen in a sexual encounter in a school shower with a young boy more than 10 years ago that was reported to paterno who saws school officials but not police. his son is saying no one asked him to resign, he will continue coaching. many hoped to hear from the man himself but his press
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conference yesterday was abruptly cancelled. supporters and reporters gathered outside his home. >> i know you guys have a lot of questions i was hoping i would be able to answer them today i will try to do it soon as soon as we can. at this point in time there has been no discussions with the coach about retiring, no discussions ability stepping down as far as he is concerned, -- about stepping down as far as he is concerned he will continue coaching for the foreseeable future. >> that future is unsure, the board of trustees is launching an investigation a ninth man is coming forward saying sandusky sexually abused him when he was younger. he claims to have met sandusky through second mile. stacy thank you so much. meanwhile coming up in 10 minutes, we will talk with assistant sports editor for the washington post, cindy barnes
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for more about the scandal that has people talking across the country alison. tony another big story we are following, the latest on herman cain a day after the republican presidential candidate fought back against allegations of sexual harassment, two pip are considering to be -- two women are considering a joint public appearance. >> this may be the next shoe to drop for the cain campaign as the former anonymous accuser has come forward publicly. herman cain did hit best to beat back accusations. >> i have never acted inappropriately, with anyone, period. i don't even know who this woman is. >> that woman is sharon bialik who says she approached cain for a job in 1997 and he groped her in a car another woman has come forward, she was then one
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of three anonymous accusers seen here back in 2000 when she was a spokeswoman for the ins. washington post and new york times say she wants to come forward with other cain accusers, including bialik. >> i know the truth he is not telling it. >> as for cain problems keep mounting. >> he tried to put an issue to bed he failed it didn't happen he raised many more questions than answers. >> there are questions about cain's accusers the cain campaign points out bialik has had a number of financial problems and bankruptcies suggesting a financial motive and they report that the other woman later filed a work place complaint with ins, according to a supervisor a coworker forwarded an e-mail, comparing computers to men and women because she had been denied frequent requests to work from
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home. cain may have to address all this again today he and fellow republican contenders will square off in a debate in michigan. cain won't be the only target of tonight's debate the backdrop, rapid foreclosures, high unemployment and volatile auto industry, candidates will gather outside detroit at oakland university, mitt romney, cain and other rivals will have to explain their opposition to a government bailout of the auto industry. president barack obama pushed that program, to save chrysler and gm and the jobs those companies provide. last night's elections republicans are poised to take full control of the state senate they want half of the 40 seats and control the tie breaker. in virginia's house of delegates, they surged to the highest ever winning a record 56 seats complete results of the elections in maryland and virginia on our website
9:06 am in ohio, voters rejected a new law restricting the collective bargaining of public employee unions the new law set minimum contributions for health care and retirement and banned strikes for now the current rules will stand until the gop controlled legislature, plots its next move. >> in mississippi voters defeated a ballot initiative that says life begins at conception, it was rejected by more than 55% of voters supporters hoped the measure would have served as a vehicle to challenge abortion rights nationwide. fox 5 follow up, federal jury acquitted curry of charges of public corruption, prosecutors accused the prince georges county democrat of taking payment from shoppers in exchange for government favours, defense argue he was a
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paid consultant for the chain the jury acquitted two former executives of shoppers, including the former president. moving on past the corruption scandal in prince georges county the new councilmember taking over leslie johnson's seat officially in place, derek davis was sworn in yesterday he takes over district 6 he won special election last month. johnson resigned? july after pleading guilty to bribery and tampering with evidence. >> what if you were enrolled in a class in school that class never met everyone in the class got an a for a grade. george washington university is fighting allegations of that right now. that director has now resigned from the university. >> one of the careers taught at the medical school at george washington university is called physician assistant program. according to a source familiar, all pas were required to take a
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class called evidence based medicine, how to do research in medical literature to keep current on practices and medications. the director of the physician assistant program was supposed to teach that class our source tells us spring and summer semesters 2010 that class never met, letters sent by three graduates of the program to university steven lerman confirm they were never taught the courses, never received communication, course materials or instruction, and in the final meeting of all members of the graduating class, several days before getting their diploma were told all students would be ascribed a grade of a. in the two courses. all three signers of the letter enclosed copies of their academic transcript presumably showing the as as evidence one dated november 30th the other october 12th six days later the
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doctor offered a letter of resignation to george washington university the university confirmed the resignation and said officials are investigating allegations that lead to the resignation of the head of the physician assistance program. >> physician assistance is a two year course or three year course at gwu the course in question is a required one, tuition at the school is more than $1,100 a credit. we tried to reach the doctor by phone and at her home we were not successful. in the newsroom, fox 5 news. coming up more on the sex scandal rocking penn state, joe paterno may be forced out of his job. we will talk with an editor from the washington post and more on if this is the end for this legendary coach. >> you may remember the story
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>> an undate on the 9-year-old girl who made headlines, after she drove her drunk father to the store. her dad is facing charges now she was forced to take the stand and testify against her father she broke down several times under their questioning. did he seem normal. >> yes. >> after he started drinking did he still seem normal? >> yes. >> was his voice dragging or slurred? >> no. >> did he ever tell you he was drunk? >> no. >> judges decision is expected next tuesday. pentagon will take another look at dover military mortuary
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an investigation revealed workers lost portions of u.s. troop remains twice in 2009 the airforce inspector general concluded the leadership faced gross mismanagement no laws were violated but a special council does not agree saying quote in these instances the report demonstrates a pattern of the airforces failure to acknowledge culpability for wrong doing relating to the treatment of service members and their families three senior level officials have been disciplined, no one fired. the defense secretary ordered a special panel to review operations at dover. could joe paterno become the next casualty of the penn state sex abuse scandal. many think so after the university abruptly cancelled a press conference with the coach yesterday. assistant sports editor for the washington post, cindy born
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joins us to talk about the latest, thank you for joining us what is the latest happening at penn state do we know when he may be leaving? can we expect the president of penn state to make a statement about this? >> well, not that i know of, at the moment, the statement that came out late last night was from the board of trustees they plan to meet again on friday and they will appoint a special committee to look into everything that happened and make determinations which doesn't sound to me like that will be any time soon it will be committee -- committees i am familiar with work, there is a game saturday he is preparing to coach in it, penn's last home game of the season it seems it will be really weird to me also seems like it will be really weird when after the game, they go to a press conference and he talks about first downs and stuff like
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that, no body is going to want to ask about that, it is just -- it has been handled poorly, i can't imagine they are going to let him coach saturday but that is where we are right now. >> talking about how it has been handled penn state is notoriously fickle about dealing with the press doesn't like to deal with the press and seems to me they have done just about ever thing wrong they could do when it comes to being upfront about this and making people available to talk. >> yeah, you know paterno was supposed to have the press conference yesterday and it was abruptly cancelled by university communications department 30 minutes before it was to begin but before that, they had said he will take your questions but in the about the scandal. well, okay what are we going to talk about folks you know. it was kind of -- it was just awful they have done a terrible job of handling it in fairness to them, how do you handle a
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scandal like this. this isn't payment to freshmen and cars this isn't selling memorbilia or tattoos this is beyond. this is serious business and we should mention you know people talk about paterno and all that we are talking about young boys who were allegedly abused and assaulted, on in some cases on the school grounds let me talk about joe for a moment is he to some extent being made a scapegoat? here is why i ask this he himself is not the target of any investigation has not been, not charged with committing any such acts, he -- someone told him what happened what they had seen he did report it to officials at school and testified before the grand jury why so much pressure on him to step down. >> i think people are looking at a pattern this wasn't just the horrible 2002 incident in the shower everyone is
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focussing on, these allegations went back -- go back 15 years to as early as 1998, i think that was the first one mentioned in the grand jury report. and people are speculating because of that, sandusky was no longer going to be his air current and that is when he opted to retire there was a problem with this guy an awareness here and they were trying to deal with it. that to me, seems to be the issue and that is why he gets so much heat for this i think he should you know it is his program. >> cindy i want to shift gears for you here trying to take a sharp turn as long as we have you here in some quarters it is sounding like the nba lock out, the nba may be on the verge of canceling the season. >> well, you know they are
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saying it is a take it or leave it offer for players and players you know have to come up with a decision on it, probably by later today i think, late in the afternoon today, we've also seen these -- i am a little skeptical about going too crazy with this oh, take it or leave it it is the end the final moment we have all been down this road with labor negotiations with sports leagues and players, but, you know at some point here, they really are coming down to a dropped edge level i just don't know it is quite today i am skeptical about that maybe i am just trying to cling to some little bit of happiness. right. well, cindy thank you for your take on both those stories hopefully we have you on the program again. >> thanks so much >> assistant sports editor with the washington post. >> coming up president of iran saying his country won't back away from its nuclear program. this after a new un report on the country's weapons
9:20 am
possibilities. details coming up next. >> holly is helping soon to be moms stay fit and look fabulous doing it good morning. >> i am doing squats i thought when i was pregnant i might get a pass at doing squats but actually it is the perfect time to do squats because not only will it help you but also will help you bounce back after baby you are right we are talking about being fit and pregnant and how you can too it is all live later on fox 5 morning news stay with us first a look at today's trivia question, steven spiel berg has been directing films since the 1970s but didn't win his first academy award until the 1990s which film won him his first directing oscar, shinnieder wills list, jurassic park, indiana jones and the last crusade or hook. 
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iran secretly working on a nuke word from the international nuclear inspectors the u.s. is threatening more sanctions on iran the country's president is promising to continue with its nuclear program he says iran won't retreat quote one iota is rejecting the un report. the italian prime minister will step down once the parliament passes the reforms the european union is demanding he lost his majority in parliament yesterday after he informed the country's president of his decision to resign. more loss at fannie mae they are asking the federal government for another 7 .8 billion dollars to bail it out it just posted a net loss of just over $5 billion, for the
9:25 am
third quarter, that is on top of the 3 billion it lost second quarter losses are due to low mortgage rates and home prices. declaration in dc following the august earthquake, it allows for millions in federal funding to be used to repair government facilities including the national cathedral and some dc schools fema money goes towards preparing for future emergencies. >> at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon if you see an alert on your tv or hear one on the radio do not worry it is just a test fema is activating a first of its kind nationwide test, of the emergency alert system eas is activated to broadcast critical information in the event of an actual emergency you have probably seen it a few times on local tv but this is the first nationwide test happening 2:00
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p.m. eastern. one of the most influential rappers of the 90s has died coming up, we will talk with tmz about the life, career and legacy of heavy d. >> he was great. it is looking like another great day out there, changes are coming now, tucker barnes, hey what is going on with traffic. tucker barnes up next with the forecast. we will be right back these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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welcome back to the program, 9:29 a.m. i just got to take a second out for a thank you and a little rivalry type of talk. >> okay. >> yesterday when we came back to the station we went out with the family that came in yesterday for lunch with the weather -- it is a whole thing behind the scenes when i came back there was a package for me and a note involved i want to read this note it was on howard university letter head for those of you who watch this show you know -- there is that
9:30 am
bison there, you may have heard i went to hampton so howard and hampton big rival schools, and the assistant football coach took the time out to write this entire letter to say to me the last time howard beat hampton was 1996, 15 years ago and the new coach was making great strides in the team and they are writing to say in capitols we finally beat hampton 10-7 this past weekend and they sent over this shirt for me to wear and they said that they would like me to be an honorary bison until our two teams meet again while i would never wear this shirt i do thank you for sending it over it is i wrote him back it is in the spirit of love that you spent this coach and i really do appreciate it maybe i will wear it just with big dark glasses but go hampton enjoy your success because you might not get it for another 15 years. >> howard is a local school. come on.
9:31 am
>> but i went to hampton. >> traitor. >> this is a cool thing for you to have done and they also say, thank for the work we do they watch fox 5 every morning at the athletic department. >> what size. >> xxl can i give it to you tucker? >> would your husband wear it? >> wis a triple x but i will treasure it it is very sweet. football practice later today, beautiful, enjoy today changes this weekend. >> i love this headline. >> yes. >> wonderful wednesday. >> oh, what a wonderful -- >> sing it. >> more than enough. >> temperatures, 47 regan national, warming up quickly, 52 gaithersburg. 43 for you quantico, did we mention the fog still holding tough in a few spots across the southern bay down into southern
9:32 am
maryland, leonard town, st. mary city, that will burn off next hour or two you two will get plenty of sunshine, most of the area, backing into the sunshine a quick warm up here over the next several hours expecting high, mid- to upper 60s there is your sentinel sat rad, things will change later today really tonight into tomorrow the frontal system approaches it will not pack a lot of punches rain showers as we move in will be scattered in nature but usher in cooler air behind the front out to the west as temperatures right now 20s and 30s won't be that cold around here but highs after being in the 60s last several days, will top out low 50s by friday, cooler temperatures on the way, rain showers starting tomorrow, not the case today, another beautiful day, 67 daytime high, one more warm afternoon winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour, clouding up tonight, 50 your overnight low winds out of the
9:33 am
south, 5 miles per hour a few showers, cooler temperatures, much cooler friday, right now the weekend looks dry, highs sunday, 62 degrees. tony that is a look at weather back to you at the desk. all right tucker thank you we are following breaking news from northwest washington. several -- not sure what that picture was but breaking news from northwest washington, several secret service agents on the scene at the rear entrance to the russian embassy our crew spoke with a person who lives in the neighbourhood he said they heard a gunshot 3:45 a.m. our photographer has seen agents using metal detectors to search for evidence more information as it becomes available. all right tony thank you. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of another star. >> and jurors involved in the conrad murray trial are beginning to talk. >> more on these stories we
9:34 am
check with dax holt he joins us live from l.a. this morning. dax good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we are sad heavy d was one of the good guys. >> he really was you know one of like the nicest guys out there, always so friendly to our cameras everyone just really loved him and yesterday apparently he was headed home after doing some shopping, got to his complex was walking up the stairs having a hard time breathing, slumped over one of the guy that is live there, is a designer saw him he said i can't breathe i can't breathe so they ended up laying him down into this guy's lap and called paramedics the call was made about him being unconscious by the time paramedics got there he was talking, breathing, they got him over to the hospital he had a pulse and then passed away around 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, some people in the complex seemed to thing it was a heart attack we cannot confirm that we have to wait for some time of coroner's report to tell us what happened, we do know he was
9:35 am
suffering from pneumonia, recently, but you know obviously, it just was quick and he was performing a couple weeks ago up at the michael jackson tribute concert in london everyone said he was in great health a sad loss. >> he can be seen in a small role in tower heist a lot of people when you hear heavy d a lot of people will say maybe this had something to do with his weight he lost a bunch of weight trying to do more acting like 100 pounds so it wasn't that it was technically right now pneumonia. >> that is what we are seeing so far. exactly. >> all right dax let's talk conrad murray and jurors. well, we have spoken to one juror who did not want to be identified but saying it was a very easy decision to say that conrad murray was guilty of involuntary manslaughter over the course of a couple weeks everyone had just come together and said look he is guilty and it wasn't so much conrad doing
9:36 am
the interview or anything, one thing in particular it was just the amount of evidence against this man, that they said, everyone was in agreement from i guess a little while ago and it was a quick decision easy everyone agreed and boom he was guilty. >> want to end with the brett rattener story sorry to the viewers, he said something about a homophobic slur can you fill us in. >> yes, so he was out, doing some interviews, for tower heist his movie and he was in front of a live audience and he is sitting there getting interviewed one of the questions was oh, do you rehearse a lot and he says no, rehearsing is for boom and he drops the f bomb, which is a homophobic slur and people were laughing and clapping and thought it was funny that was recorded, it hit the internet and people are not thinking it was funny he had to resign from
9:37 am
producing the academy awards coming up which was a huge honor for him to produce something like that and he had to pull out and people are saying this is you know you open your mouth he is a good director you open your mouth there is consequences to your actions he released a bunch of statements saying he apologizes for saying something like that, he said you can be a smart person but if you say something dumb it will come back and haunt you. he is definitely kicking himself in the face for his stupid comments but it is what it is. >> all right dax, what was funny you were carrot top for halloween. i liked it. >> good i am glad. >> dax thank you hope to see you next week. >> bye guys. >> you can catch dax, in his regular get up, not carrot top and the tmz crew after the news edge at 6. with a was surfer dude. >> i can't remember, he had his hair in pig tails. >> he did i like him >> any way tony over to you.
9:38 am
>> thank you. he is in line to become king of england which makes him a popular figure and well known around the world news someone was paid to spy on prince william, who is behind that, coming up next. >> first, here is another look at today's trivia question, steven spiel berg has been directing films since the 70s but didn't win his first academy award for directing until the 90s which film won him his first directing oscar, was it shinnieder wills list, jurassic -- shinnieder wills list, jurassic park y keep charging you more...
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. an update on the news of the world phone hacking investigation, media outlets in england are reporting the tabloid spied on prince william this while the paper was being investigated by police for
9:42 am
hacking voice mail messages and an expolice officer was hired to follow the prince, back in 2006, news of the world closed in july, owned by the parent company of fox 5. 19 kids and counting, and yes, they are still counting because baby number 20, is on the way do you understand what i am saying. >> 20 children. >> yep there is the family you may know them reality show stars, jim bob and michelle dugard announced they are expecting another bundle of joy their kids range in age from 23 months to 23 years dugard said she was surprised she was pregnant again at the age of 45, shouldn't she be surprised if she is not. >> what is going on jim bob. >> they leave their family planning up to god and they have no hobbies. >> they have a hobby. >> that is true. >> you heard the saying if it
9:43 am
looks too good to be true it probably is that goes for those sweet deals you thing you may have found. coming up. >> we just had the ftc guy in here. >> hopefully he is still enroute. >> our mommy to be is taking fashion and fitness -- talking fashion and fitness when it comes to expectant mothers don't miss that next look at holly pregnant. really pregnant. no, no, i just paid my car insurance bill -- ouch.
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breaking news we talked about, a shooting at the russian embassy. stacy. >> reporter: well, this is a developing story i can tell you this much they have the road shut down here 2500 block just off wisconsin avenue this is the rear entrance to the russian embassy you can see the
9:47 am
united states secret service vehicle blocking the road there are investigators down, more toward the middle of the road, as to what i am imagining a back entrance to access this embassy building, we are told we had a crew on scene earlier, mike morran was out here earlier and spoke to a neighbor who said there was at least one report of a shot fired overnight they heard at least a single gunshot fired, we are not being told very much by police secret service remained quiet, mpd was out here investigating they were assisting, they stayed on the perimeter and allowed secret service to control what is happening at this point i can't say with any certainty in anybody was shot or how many gunshots were fired it is active. >> live at the scene thank you very much. >> shoppers are always looking for a bargain especially on designer goods. >> high end products, with rock bottom prices are some times
9:48 am
just too good to be true. melanie has more on the real price of counterfeit goods and how you can spot a fake. gucci, channel, louis vuittion, tiffany, designer labels in high demand and counterfeiters know it. at this recent raid in washington dc. immigration and customs enforcement agents received a semi truck full of baked goods, jackets, watches, nfl gear, handbags. >> it is a whole organization start being the manufacturers, to the importers and distributors down to vendors. >> this take is worth $3 million, counterfeiting and related crimes have grown in size and sophistication some times copies can be so good they are hard to spot. >> if you were not well trained this would be an easy one to miss the owner of this thought it was real. >> it is her business to tell the difference. >> we need to make sure we are
9:49 am
in fact getting an authentic handbag and selling an authentic handbag. >> before her consignment boutique sells any second hand designer bags it gets a thorough background check. >> each designer has a different set of ruleregulations and they change how you can tell it is authentic they have serial dates, codes. >> can you tell the difference? here is two lewis vuittion bags retail price $1,200 each the one on the left. >> this one they use a canvas lining. >> the bag on the right. >> they had the logo where it was supposed to be quality of leather handles and heavier zipper, everything looks good >> but this bag on the right is the fake. >> this is probably one of the best knock offs we have had. >> even though there is a serial code on the inside, cheap lining and poorly attached inside tag are give aways. next check out these classic
9:50 am
chanel bags all look identical only the iraq one is real. -- lilac one is real. >> does it have a leather lining,. >> the black bag has a plastic lining. >> chanel would never use airplaysing lining. >> both of these -- lasting lining in their bag. >> both of these look good. before you fall for a rock bottom price be ready to play detective inspect stitching, black flags are uneven stitching, watch for logos they should line up, check the hard ware does it have good weight fastened instead of glued try the zipper it should open and clothe smoothly and trust your instincts while it may be tenting to buy a knock off there is a much bigger cost. >> this hurts americans they lose jobs because people are
9:51 am
counterfeiting u.s. industries lose revenue, so it is hard economic impact on the u.s. quite a price to pay for a cheap bag melanie, fox 5 news. ice officials say counterfeit goods fund child labor and human trafficking there is a large online market too. all right our own mommy morris will feature maternity themed segments rest of this week. >> mommy morris is with the instructors of mind the mat learn about prenatal yoga and pilates. >> this is about being active, the entire time my doctor told me be active as long as you can because there will be a point where you can't be i am 36 weekstill active and i think it has made a huge difference in my pregnancy. deana has been the same way you have been running right?
9:52 am
>> 30 weeks yesterday. >> you are still going strong. >> still feeling good definitely helping moving around makes me feel better >> i agree so you are right mind the mat ladies are here with us megan and sarah they do pilates and yoga you think this can make a difference. >> a world of difference in the way you feel while pregnant keeping in shape, increasing flexibility and strength, but it also helps you through labor and delivery and after you have the baby. >> well, labor and delivery is not far away deana let's get started let's go through a moves first. >> sure go ahead and lie back on your side and prop your head up make sure it is comfortable, your head is on top of your spine we will start bending the bottom leg to gain more stability have your hand down on the mat for support. >> got you. >> lift that top leg up, hip width position before you start moving lengthen that leg in
9:53 am
front of you as much as possible once you feel like it is a little awkward not uncomfortable, just awkward using all those muscles you will inhale and kick forward keeping stability in your back exhale point the foot sweep it back behind you, squeeze the bum. let's do that again. inhale kicking forward exhale point and reach the leg back. >> as we do this are there -- i know you have to modify your exercise as you are pregnant what are things we should make sure we don't to. please do not exercise on your back it is not a great position for the baby to be in because it come presses one of the main veinous flows to your heart at 20 weeks, work on side lying activities, or standing, but don't lie back on your back that is just not a good thing for you or the baby. >> good. >> definitely feeling this one. >> good. >> hold here.
9:54 am
>> before we start this one, aim your bellies down toward the mat so the baby is more supported and wrap that thigh out wardly good that is external rotation in the hips stretch the leg further and start to do teeny tiny precise circles working into the deep row traitors of the hip right now -- row traitors of the hip right now, core stability your abdominals have to keep working to keep your trunk aligned all these are great to keep your pelvis stable. >> how many kids have you had megan. >> two. >> i guess it works. >> yes thank you. >> this is pilates i want to make sure we get in yoga too. sarah. >> absolutely why don't we sit up on our mats, in lotus posture that is the classic yoga posture here, and we will work on side openers, so we are going to bring our hands to the mat, and then we are going to lift the right arm and extend
9:55 am
toward the ceiling, you are lengthening here, lengthening your whole torso and your spine, we will place the left hand on the ground and press away, to open the right rib cage keep the shoulder down elbows slightly bent with the left hand and reach over, stretching through the rib cage, breathing deep, into the rib cage, deep expansive breath. so one of the most important things when you are pregnant, is to relax and breathe. >> easy for you to say wait you know what, she does know what she is talking about when did you have a baby. >> 3 months ago. >> and my last question before we go how soon can you start exercising after you have your baby. >> really you need to wait 6 weeks but i have had some people come in as early as 4 weeks because of course they did prenatal. >> go to our website we have a link to mind the mat pilates and yoga in
9:56 am
dell ray also a link to apple seed maternity and baby boutique that hosted us all morning long thank you for that and don't forget about lauren rothman her website as well if you want the look cute whether you are pregnant or not any way i am relaxing exercising and i am throwing it back to you. >> healthy mommy and healthy baby. >> we will be right back with the answer to the trivia question  [ [ screaming ]
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