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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i have the same goal today. that is why i decided to announce my retirement effective at the end of the season. this is a tragedy. it was -- tragedy. it was one of the worst sorrows of my life. joe paterno has been a part of penn state football the last 61 years. the 84-year-old coach was hired as an assistant in 1950. he became the head coach in 1966. paterno is the all-time winningest coach in division 1 history with 409 vectors and won -- vectors. winning 9 national championships. the 37 bowl appearances and 24 bowl wins are both records. he met with the coaching staff and players to tell them the news in person. we were told it was a emotional session with paterno breaking down in tears. the penn state board of trustees is set to meet tonight to talk about the scandal and the future of paterno and the university's president, graham spannier. the board could decide to force
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paterno to leave immediately and could take action against spaniard. fox 5s wisdom martin is live where former punxsutawney phil state football player and redskin lavar arrington is reacting to the news. wisdom. >> reporter: we're here live at 106.7 the fan with former penn state great and redskins great lavar arrington. joe paterno, the man who coached you. where's staying at penn state in the midst of the scandal. let's talk about your reaction to that? >> we'll have to wait and see what happens. that is my reaction. i got word from school that he had a press conditions at 11:00 a.m. with the players, andy that -- a press conference at 11:00 a.m. with the players and they discussed the particulars of what was going o. he said he would finish out, finish out the year. so, my reaction is one that i kind of feel as though at this
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moment, it mean a more selfless act to maybe step away. i think that there is so much is rounding this and so big. there are kids involveed and that is a hard one for, i think, people to be able to comprehend and say if where's doing it for the football team, that is noting abouter than the well-being of a child. so, it might make more sense if he may step away. we'll have to wait and see. it's wednesday right now. a couple more days we'll have to so if that maintains what the story is by saturday. >> all right, i have one more question. you took some calls on penn state and the whole scandal. you being from penn state. a lot of people are taking exception to what you're saying about joe following protocol in this who will thing. a lot of people angry at you about this. >> it's interesting. i'm trying to point out the information. and i underattend that people
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want to get -- understand that people want to get upset and be bothered because of the moral value that should have taken place during the course of this whole ordeal, but what i was merely trying to say is what this person over here, how they may be raised and this person over here may have been raised is totally different and so some people, protocol may be the way that they do things. and it may be differently over here. that was the point i was trying to raise. people are going to want to hear what they want to hear and say what they want to say. that is part of it, that comes with it. >> thank you very much for tacking with us. we -- talking with us. we know he has to do his radio show. we're going to try to catch him later on in the show. that is the latest from here at 106.7 the fan with lavararyington talking about the -- lavar airington talking about the penn state scandal. >> we asked our facebook fans if they think the exit was the right move. andrew said quote bad move. the media shouldn't blow cases
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out of proportion to the point that innocent peopleup willingly tied to bad people are punished. >> she was basically complicit in the ongoing abuse of young children. he should have gone to the police and not university officials and saved space to retire gracefully? >> reporter: jason said, quote, his time is up now. no matter what, it would hamper the time error and the school if he -- team and the school if he stays. where's doing the right thing for the school, whether where's right or wrong. we want to remind everyone when you get the latest details on the story on, and we posted joe pa's entire conference today. >> we'll see you later this hour to talk about redskins. shawn, over to you. one day after herman cain denied all allegations of sexual harassment, two accusers are planning a joint press conference of their own. tom fit gerald spoke with one of the a -- tom fitzgerald spoke with one of the attorneys today.
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what are they planning? >> reporter: the attorney for kraushaueer is working on getting all of those women who were sexually accused by cain in one place. yesterday he denied harassing anyone ever. he went on to say where's never metro -- meter seen sharon bialek, the chicago woman who said he groped her in 1997. another woman who settled a complaint against cain when he headed the restaurant sorgho may come forward. -- association, may come forward. >> my client is trying to reach a woman in new jersey, the other woman who filed a complaint and had a settlement to see if she wants to participate in the joint press conference we're planning. >> beny told us the attorney gloria allred is on board with her client sharon bialek and they hope to schedule the news conference the next few days in
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washington. >> any response from the cain camp about this? >> if the most part today, the cain campaign has been quiet. their motive now appears to try to change the subject and get back to on politics. all of the republican candidates will debate in michigan and hopefully herman cain's forces hope he can move beyond the controversy, shawn, that shows no sign of going away. >> thank you. and staying with politics, it, per -- appearance effective control will pass from democratic hands to republican hans. that is because of an incredibly close race in the state's 17 senatorial district. longtime incumbent democrat ed halk appears to have been ousted by bryce reefs and the margin of victory is increasing of. after counting provisional ballots, the lead swelled from 86 votes to 284. john henrehan is live with more in spotsylvania county to tell us john -- this means. john. >> reporter: the republicans
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control the house of delegates in virginia. after yesterday's election, their control is larger and they have smore, at least, seats in the house. the prize was the sate senate which, democrats controlled by two seats. because of the narrow and apparently and enlargingly narrow victory by the republicans and another win elsewhere in the state, it looks like republicans will have control of the state senate also. relatively urban fredericksburg, as expected, went solidly for 28-year democratic incumbent state senator ed houck. >> where's been a longtime resident, 28 years. where's one of the seniors there. where's always treated thisiary with the utmost honesty and everything. >> reporter: houck and the democratic majority redrew lines to redraw part of alley albemarle county that of the secs of the senatorial
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districts in culpeper, orange, and spotsylvania counties went for the republican challenger bryce reeves. the bottom line -- >> reeves won by 224vos out of 45,000 votes cast. the turnouts in this close election, putting the republicans in the driver's seat in richmond, was 35% of registered voters. >> i had time to vote. i could have voted. >> but? >> why not? >> nothing interested me. it's that simple. >> i get a little overwhelmed with a lot of the junk mail that comes in. >> so you chose to not vote? >> well, i was so busy that i didn't have time to do it. i didn't know enough about the candidates to think it was going to make a lot of difference, to be honest with you. >> reporter: a relative handful of votes would have made a difference in this case, although it's here, appears the republican is the apparent winner based on the
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unofficialitaly. it gets certified later this month. the loser, the apparent loser has an opportunity because the margin of victory is so small to have ask for a recount. but since the republican margin is incoming at this point, it -- increasing at this point, it's looking better for reeves. therefore, the virginia senate in the next session will be 2020, the lieutenant governor gets to cast the deciding vote and this puts the chamber in the hands of republicans. >> all right, john henrehan in spotsylvania county. thank you for the update. looking at the big issues decided nationwood, voters in mississippi defeated the personhood amendment, which would have declared that life begins at fertilization. it was intended in the tool in the fight against abortion. pro-choice supporters said it would have criminalized birth control methods like the pill and the iud. 55% of mississippi voters rejected the initiative. and in ohio, a big victory for unions.
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voters rejected the state's new collective bargaining law and would have limited the bargaining abilities of 350,000 unionized workers, including fire fighters, police officers, and teachers. 63% of voters voted against the law. and in georgia, citizens in dozens of cities and towns voted against laws that ban the sale of alcohol on sundays. in atlanta, unofficial tallies show the measure allowing sales passed with 81% support. one up to, the atlanta suburb of forest park, rejected the new law. >> coming up here on fox 5 news at 5, opponents and supporters of the gun rights, gun rights laws come face-to-face during a rally at a local university. also ahead, a local father is facing serious charges tonight -- facing serious charges tonight after a fight after a high school football game. >> and our top story tonight, longtime penn state coach joe paterno will step down as sex abuse scandals infold. we'll take to you -- unfold. we'll take you to happy valley.
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and beautiful weather again today. will it stick around through the weekend? the first look at the forecast is coming up. stay with us. fox 5 news at 5 will continue.  [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture.
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>> both sides of the gun rights debate faced off at george mason's university fairfax campus. at issue is the school's regulation barring guns on campus. the virginia citizens defense league argues that not allowing guns on campus puts everyone at risk. they held a protest this
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afternoon urging the university to change its policy. >> right now, somebody with a concealed handgun permit can not carry the students, faculty, staff, or as a guest, you can't carry in the building. george mason would be rolling in his grave. >> it's factually true. more guns mean more guns. i don't think they do anything to contribute to public safety. >> in virginia, the virginia supreme court unanimously uphill the ban on guns. >> the father of a potomac high school player is facing assault and battery charges on october 28th. the police say he hit and shoved a 16-year-old player from hilton high school during the fight. the violence brock out after players lined up for the post game line shake. >> the incident where the fight broke out doesn't happen often. this is broken up by police. unfortunately, the small altercations occurred and they
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were broken up. no major injuries were supported. >> and the father turned himself in on monday and was released on his own. back to our top story, penn state had coach joe paterno is the latest casualty in the sex abuse scandal rocking that campus. joe pa announced where's going to retire at the end of the season. where's been under fire, as you know, for the way he handled the allegations against his one- time heir apparent -- heir aparent sandusky. here's more from what is going on. everyone must be talking about it. >> reporter: everyone's talking about it. we talked to a lot of students and there is no forgiveness from the students to the president, graham spannier. and while many students appreciate joe pa as they call him and they were running by his house today, some of the track teams and applauding in
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front of reporters, they appreciate him but say it's time for him to go. so they're talking about it and they're not forgiving. >> what does it mean for paterno's legacy. where's a beloved coach out there. >> yeah, and some folks tell me they were looking for the coach to lead them into another bowl game this year, they're 8-1 and that they're saddened by this, vent and by the departure of paterno. >> and is there a call for more resignations? >> reporter: that is something that we're hearing from the blogospear and some students -- blogo sphere and many students demanded the president of the university leave. we know there is a meeting tonight. we're hearing where board members will deal with this and we burp stand a bigger dealing will come at a -- understand a bigger dealing will come at a
5:17 pm
meeting oned from. the biggest call is for the resignation of the president of the university. >> we heard from lavar arrington, the former redskins. it's his opinion that maybe he needs to do the selfless thing, joe pa and leave now. what is your take from what you're hearing in the community? >> reporter: we heard the same think this. we heard from students today that said he should go now and forget about the saturday game. if anything, it would help this community heal. so we're hearing a lot of that out here as l. >> all right, dave, thank you so much for the update from pennsylvania. >> the scandal is tarnishing the legacy of one of the most respected programs and revered coaches in the game. wisdom martin has more liveak. >> reporter: we're here at 106.7 the fan, of course, lavar arrington and chad duce. lavar arrington went to penn state and played under joe pa and coach jerry sandusky. this is the thing going on right here. a lot of people lighting up the phone lines today, calling into the show and talking about what
5:18 pm
is going on with penn state. not happy, clearly not happy with what is going on. we talked to lavar arrington a short time ago and he said maybe joe pa should step down and get rid of the spectacle surrounding penn state and he also said that joe pa, joe paterno, did follow protocol and that has a lot of callers irate. they're calling to the station and they're really upset with what lavar is saying. where's saying where's just expressing his opinion and that is going back and has gone back and forth. a lot of people upset about lavar saying that joe pa did follow protocol in this. we have been following a lot of comments on twitber what is going on at pen -- twitter about what is going on at state. we'll read you some comments. one person said no one can say what they would have done unless that were in that exact position. no one will ever be joe paterno. other comments here that says, oh, my battery goes low here,
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no man should continuously allow a sex offender to go around a college campus, including joe pa. and another said joe paterno is not a hero, legend, or icon any longer but a guy who helped cover up seckenning child abuse -- sickening child abuse. a lot of strong comment on twitter, on facebook o the radio -- all around the nation about this penn state scandal. >> a lot of people have a comment about this one. wisdom martin, thank you. we want to know what you think. do you think joe paterno made the right decision by stepping down? weigh in by texting to 29473. text 1 for yes, two for no. standard text messaging rates apply. talking about opinions, i'll bet the. census on whether it's darn nice out. >> it is. >> and looking live at the city and it's light outside at 5:19. >> and that is hard to get used to that, right? it's getting darker sooner, though. >> yes, it is.
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>> and can we expect the gorgeous weather to continue into the evening? >> yes. >> not tomorrow? >> not tomorrow. >> all right. >> reporter: and don't get me wrong, tomorrow's not going to be bad but it's not relative to where we have been the last few days. the weather's going to go downhill. we're still holding out for a good weekend. at this point, veteran's day, friday, that is not looking bad either. listen, this is radar and showing you what is coming our way. we have a line of showers and that is looking like clouds will increase leave night tonight and we have a chance -- overnight tonight and we have a chance of rain tomorrow. keep the umbrella for you tomorrow and you'll be in good shape. we're notes picturing anything heavy. the temperatures are cooling down though, quickly. 58 in the city; 55, monasses and the temperatures will drop off pretty quick and during the late evening hours, we'll have temperatures actually steady out just a little bit in the mid- on to low 50s with the clouds on the increase. we'll have the full forecast staking -- taking you on through the weekend and that is
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okaying good in a few. >> see you then. thank you. connecticut's largest electric company is offering $10 million to help customers who lost howar in an october snowstorm -- power in an october snowstorm. near lea million customers lost the electricity at the height of the storm, more than 3,000 are waiting for the power to be restored nearly two weeks later. can you imagine? what if you have kids? connecticut's governor will administer the fund and his administration will decide how to spend the money. christmas got merrier for fans with live christmas trees. the white house has mixed a feed that would have kicked in an extra fee. the 15-cent tree fee was not a tax from the administration but a fee imposed by the christmas tree industry and would have been leveed on producers and importers of fresh trees and passed on to consumers. the u.s. department of agculture is putting a hole on
5:22 pm
the 15-cent -- hold on the 15- cent tax indefinitely. he was injured while battling a vicious house fire. now, he is back on the job. we're going to tell you why day 1 is full of excitement. and also ahead,er this nearly a half dozen men -- nearly a half dozen men stranded for a week on the deserted island. the rescue is next.  for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf,
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so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. >> one of the firefighters injured battling a house fire in april is back at work today. he didn't get much time to celebrate taking part in the rescue of a construction worker who was trapped in a terrific. ryan was severely burned over more than 40% of the body during the fire. this morning, rescue squad 3 welcomed him back and we asked him how it feels. >> amazing, truly amazing. fortunate to be here. >> good for him. we like a happy ending.
5:26 pm
duce plead guilty to five charges and other charges. he is going to be sentenced in february. more than a half dozen men reported missing at sea are okay tonight. their ship never made it to the destination and so they ended up spending a week on a deserted island. a coast guard crew dropped estimates to the serve men after locating them here. a tiny eland chain in the pacific ocean. u.s. and australia-navy helicopter crews spotted the men. they were waving palm tree branches on the beach. and it could go a long way toward easing congestion in our area. the good news there if it works, right? we'll find out when the second section of the enter county connector -- intercounty connector will open and the big money incentive for drivers using it. and hundreds driving with expired tags. new details about the number of people throne in jail for the -- thrown in jail for a minor offense. and toyota announces
5:27 pm
another major recall. ll. 
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>> just in time for the biggest holiday travel weekend of the year, the second session of the intercounty connector will open for business. the 18-mile, $2.4 billion highway will connect owe-by-270 to i-95. melanie alnwick took a tourist new section today. >> reporter: one word we love here is the word "free." both serves of the icc will be -- both sections of the icc will be free to reid o. there are changes to the ez pass program, to. maryland travelers won't have to go over the river and through the woods this thanksgiving weekend. now, there is a new shortcut. >> from gaithersburg to bwe airport. now using local roads is a 71- minute trip.
5:31 pm
using the icc is a 37-minute trip. >> and 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: the first opened in february 2011, section b connecting the road to owe owe 95 will open november 22nd. >> and that is exciting. we had a lot of people working hard to make this a success. >> reporter: the toll will be $4 from end-to-end one way, less during offpeak hours. the toes are collected electronically from a driver's ez pass and to encourage more to get one, the maryland transportation authority changeed the monthly fee structure. >> if you have three toll transactions in the previous month, you won't pay an ez pass maintenance fee. >> reporter: icc will be photographed and mailed a bill without a pass. that service is going up to $15. >> we're on time and on budget and excited about that. >> reporter: the project director said that today's highway is much more environmentally sensitive.
5:32 pm
>> we span entire flood planes with our bridges that go through parks. we have innovative storm water management and sure we're handling the drainage appropriately. the esthetics of the highway are different than maybe they would have been 20 years ago. >> reporter: there are still signs to post, sound barriers to complete and landscaping to finish. after 50 years, the road is finally a reality. >> reporter: icc's director said there is enough money to complete part three going to route 1 in laurel and that should be done by 2014 and mta is adding three commuter bus routes as well and they'll start in january. we will have more on our website. >> we can't say that enough. thank you. and. hundreds of pope in the district were arrested fors wired tags or unregistered cars, a story we're following here on fox 5. there are new details about the number of people arrested. the police records show officers arrested 3400 people over the past two years, 256 of
5:33 pm
them ended up behind bars. the law has been on the books in the distribute for awhile. last month, d.c.'s council passed legislation ending the practice following sharp criticism from aaa and following our reports. john townsend with aaa mid- atlantic joins us tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you and great being with you. >> reporter: what is your reaction now that we have the specifics about the number of people who were actually arrested and spent time behind bars? >> it's four more -- far more extensive than thought. i have the list of the names of the persons arrested and that is almost horrifying. it's a huge number of persons arrested and detained because of the expired tags. the thing that is disconcerting about this is that you will not be arrested for this. in the jurisdiction in the entire united states. >> and just to play devil's advocate, we learned in most cases, the drivers were given seating as. only a small portion of them were locked up.
5:34 pm
so, what is your response to that in. >> it doesn't matter, like council member jim graham said and graham said if one person were arrested, that is one person too many. when you look at the 50 jurisdictions and look at every city across the country, it's not done and this is ab administrative issue and paperwork issue. it's not a traffic misdemeanor but an infraction that rises to the level of a parking texet and that is tant amount to arresting you or myself for having a parking ticket and that is not done. this is too draconian and this harkins back to the days when d.c. was, remarks the murder capital of the united states and they could -- was the murder capital of the united states. what we're finding are law- abiding citizens being arrested for no other charge other than the expired tags. they don't have contraband in the car, no weapons or drugs or
5:35 pm
anything like that. this clearly says the rest, where the top charge involveed expired tags. and that is what is so troubling about this. >> let me ask you what do you think the punishment should be for driving with expired tags? should people get off with a warning and given, you know, a ticket? >> let me tell you what the standard is across the country. in most states, if the tag has been expired for less than 6 months, six months, not 30 days as is the case in the district, you simply are given a ticket. and if it's expired for more than six months, you may have points on your driver's license or you may have to appear in court and defend that. but the fact of the matter is this is a minor traffic infraction. there are others who say maybe those people who are driving with an expired tag may not have insurance. that is an altogether different
5:36 pm
issue. people populled over for this are because they made a mistake of forgetfulness. >> d.c. couple took that law off of the books. thank you for coming in, john townsend. >> and thank you for being a great devil's advocate, too. >> thanks, john. this tonight's consumer alert, another recall from toyota. it's calling half a million vehicle mostly in the u.s. the problem is a glitch in the steering. it can make cars harder to steer, several toyota and lexus car models are included in the recall. which go to and click on the tab to see the whole list. coming up, we are learning new information about the disappearance about a virginia teenager. >> wait until you hear where she was found and who is facing abduction charges. wisdom. and what we're talking about, the big scandal going on at penn state, we're here at 106.7 the fan and lavar arrington. they're taking a lot of calls
5:37 pm
about what is going on at punxsutawney phil state. we're also -- at penn state. we're reading your comments from twitter and facebook. we'll show you reaction to everything going on at penn state when fox 5 news at 5 continues. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network
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ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. >> a former virginia sheriff's deputy is facing an abduct charge in the disappearance of a teenager. the 16-year-old was found with 47-year-old ernest grubbs in kentucky on sunday. he was a resource officer at her school and he was fired last month after he was arrested on 12 counts of taking indescent liberties with a minor. we have more now on tonight's top story. the child sex abuse scandal infolding at penn state university. the controversy is ending the 61-year career of ledgen airy coach joe paterno. wisdom martin is live with more
5:41 pm
reaction to the news. wisdom? >> reporter: we here at 106.7 the fan and on the air is chad duce and lavar arrington. we know who laregard air beton -- lavar arrington is. they have been discussing this for awhile today, for an hour or so today. when they start talking about this, the phone lines let up with people calling. lavar airington, we talked with him a short time ago and said in the weak of all of this, we know that joe paterno is going to stay. in the weak of all of this -- weak of all of this, he said paterno should probably leave and step down. it would be better for the university to end the spectacle. the football game is going to be be crazy and chaotic with him on the side oiliness. another thing that -- sidelines. another thing is that when he said that joe paterno did follow protocol when he was reporting to the higher ups. a lot of callers called in saying he didn't do enough. he should have gone to the police and that started a lot of other conversation on the phone lines here at 106.7 the
5:42 pm
fan and on tasteo -- facebook and twitter, we're tracking comments through the magic of the iphone. the question that was posed was who is more responsible? who is the most responsible person in all of this penn state, other than sandusky? we know what he has allegedly done and we have a lot of comments saying all of the above, we have people saying even when paterno reported it, it was not enough. he had a moral obligation to go to the police next and there is a long comment here. i will read you some of it. when crimes are committed, i was taught to report them to 911 or 311 in a non-emergency. you have a lot of people with strong opinions about this. this scandal is huge and is not going away. joe paterno is going to be on the sidelines for the rest of the season. of course, all of this -- there is going to be further investigations, the court and a lot of teams are going -- things are going to happen. people are fired up about it. we'll continue to track and see what happens to this through
5:43 pm
our facebook, twitter and see what fans are saying here at the radio station as well. >> thank you, wisdom martin. can you hit us up on facebook or tweeter. and where's never tasted victory in the nfl. coming up on the 5, redskins quarterback john beck tells us he feels pressure to get the first win. plus, academy awards drama. the producer of the show forced to resign and the shakeup did not stop there. there. 
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the best place for a vacation is mississippi. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to be. alabama's got you all beat. no matter which state you choose, everyone agrees the gulf is vacation at it's best. mississippi outdoors, louisiana seafood, florida beaches, alabama shoreline. so come on down to mississippi, louisiana, florida, alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. >> the redskins return to the practice teal with -- field with john beck at quarterback. the question is, is this his week to breakthrough? sports director dave feldman is here with more. >> reporter: becs is an z-fer, as an 0 for 7, 0 for 3 as a starter with the redskins, 0
5:47 pm
for 8 in nfl games that where's played in. he started the first time in four years when the redskins face the panthers on october 23rd. he threw a touchdown pass and was picked two times in the 33- 20 loss. the next week, the north of the border against the bills, peck was back on the team record 10 times as washington was shut out 23-0. the first time mike shanahan was blanked as an nfl head coach and last sunday, peck unable to muster -- beck unable to muster offense in the quarter. in the 19-11 loss to the 49ers, a game that was not that close. for the second-round pick out of byu, does he feel pressure? >> you always want to win games. especially when you're the quarterback and the team hasn't been winning games. you want to step up to the plate n. this league, we -- week in, week out, you so it. the desire to win, the feel for the need to win the game. there is always pressure every
5:48 pm
week regardless of who you're playing and the situation you're in. even when you're winning all of the games or not, there is always pressure to win. the skins play sunday at miami. the dolphins are -- dolphins are 1-7 and one day after the patriots waived haines worth, the buck nors signed him today. >> and where's like the energizer bunny. >> with nine lives for sure. >> thank you, feldy. and a nice looking day today. i guess you revealed earlier that may not last as long as we like in. >> that is like a one-day bump in the road. what is good is that we have been forecasting a nice weekend. it looks like it's still going to be a real nice weekend. >> good. >> and that is good as last week. >> i love when you put that spin on it. >> you like that? >> yes. >> and that is about hope, shawn yancy. >> half full. >> i'm not in the weather business but the hope business. beautiful out there and that is turning into a nice evening. the temperatures are dropping off. let's look at temperatures right you in. 54 -- temperatures right now. 54 in mes ines.
5:49 pm
in the city -- manasses and in the city, 58 degrees; frederick in the lower 60s and martinsburg at 61 degrees. you get the idea. if you look back to the west, columbus is 57 and that is a little, eh, where we are, too, today. if you look to chicago, 39 degrees there right now and that is the colder air and that will touch us as we get into friday and then linger through parts of the weekend. still, the weekend is setting up to be very, very nice. there is a little bit of rain back out to the west of us. we have been talking about that and it won't get here this evening. nice at 7:00 and some clouds at night and the clouds will be increasing later on this evening. back to the west of us now. 54 at 9; 52 at 11:00 and, of course, this is for the city out in the suburbs. it will be cooler than that. now, this is our satellite and our cloud, satellite and our radar together. so you see the clouds, they're just back to the west and, again, give them's few more hours and they'll be -- give them a few more hours and
5:50 pm
they'll thicken up areawide. this is in the much rain here, and we're not expecting a lot of rain as this comes on through. it's ahead of the fronting system. can you -- frontal system. can you see to the north and west and the colder air, there is some snow. we don't have to deal with that and there will be some snow in the lee of the lakes the next few days. here are the clouds increasing a little bit and look at the line of showers, moving into western pa and through parts of west virginia, coming out of kentucky. this will move through overnight tonight and then for the day tomorrow, we're going to have at least a chance for some showers. this evening and leave note, the increasing -- and overnight, the increasing clouds and this will come through ahead with a front. by tomorrow, some showers. it does not look like it's going to be an all-day rain. it could be a situation where some of you tomorrow don't have any rain. some get some and others of you will stay dry and, again, long this front, we'll at least have
5:51 pm
a broken lone of showers and then you jump the front, the front goes through and wins will kick up tomorrow night and bringing the cooler air in. the clouds increase overnight tonight. a few showers, 48 degrees and spotty showers for the morning commute, spotty showers at noon and i will still leave in a few spotty showers at 5:00 tomorrow. again, it gets out of here quickly, we're cooler and breezy oned from, a high of 53 and saturday, close to 60. sunday in the lower 60s. >> all right. >> good. >> signs good. >> okay. >> the king of home. >> thanks, gary. -- king of hope. yeah. >> and the talk of the town on tmz. was there a language barrier in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. it's good to see you. >> good seeing you. >> you, too, will. hey, you discovered some of the jurors may have -- . >> i just said that. >> you discovered some of the jurors had -- . >> i just said that. >> i know.
5:52 pm
i know. i did. >> listen, some of the jurors may have had trouble in the trial listening? what is going on? >> well, there were a couple of jurors there who spoke spanish and said they spoke fluent english when signing up on this. during the deliberations, we are told by one of the relatives of one of the juror that there was a juror having difficulty understanding the testimony and another juror had to communicate that back to him in spanish in the jury deliberation room. that raises the question what did he burp stand when he was sitting in open court? could he burp stand the testimony? y doubt this -- understand the testimony? i doubt this is going to have an impact on the appeal unless they're specific about how it made a difference, but it could be a issue. >> got you and, by the way, i didn't realize there was a delay. my bad. >> no problem. >> all right, can you file this one under creepy. michael jackson's death bed is hitting the auction block? >> you are not going to believe
5:53 pm
this story. something just happened, will. yes. they are going auction off the bed. the owner of the house, it was not michael's bed but owned by the owner of the house and they are now auctioning it off. we got the october ear on tm -- auctioneer on tmz live a few minutes ago and asked him about it. he'd we're not going to reveal it's michael jackson's bed, but it should go -- a regular bed like that, they can't sell the mattress because it's used and under law they can't but the bed frame should go for $7,000 unless people find out that it's michael jackson's bed and then he said it could go between $100,001,000,000. >> wow. >> and that is like what do -- 100,000 and $1 million? >> what do you mean? you're on tmz live and we're tacking about that it's michael jackson's bed. you know, you know the again. >> yeah, i do and i am sure they will reveal that. it's about the dollars sometimes. harvey, always good to talk to you, my friend.
5:54 pm
take care. all right, now to the big shakeup for the next academy awards show. today, eddie must by dropped out as the host -- eddie must have beeny dropped out as the host and follows the resignation of his friend ratner. who was crittized for making a public slur last weekend dug an interview for "tower heist." and let's go to brian bolter now for a look at what is next on the man six. joe pa-- the news edge at 6. joe paterno's fate is sealed. the latest from pennsylvania. plus. thousands of cabdrivers who work here in d.c. say it's been too long since they got a raise and now, they also want to be able to ask for your fare up front. i have details coming up. and a bizarre arrest near the white house. puts one of america's most wanted behind bars. the edge starts at 6. tarts at  it's about building cars in america.
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>> reports claim that apple is telling parts makers to show down shipmens because of a slowtown in -- a slowdown in sales. one analyst doesn't believe the reports of a slowdown, noting the joy joy phones are selling out in some stores. apple. >> i joy phone 4s sole presell records and sold a -- sold presell records and sold a whopping 4 million the first day they hit the market. low-income families will be able to get internet access for less. non-profit groups are working to make it accessible to those families. they can mess out on jobs and other opportunities. microsoft is promising to sell pcs with office software for $250 through what they call the connect to compete program. >> and another deal hitting the
5:59 pm
market, republic wireless is promising unlimitedandroed service for $19 a month and there is a catch. you knew this was coming. you have to be onwify to get the unamount -- wyeify to get the uneliminated access. the republic wireless claims that people can access wifi networks 60% of the time. thank you for joining us at 5. >> thage in six starts right now. -- the man six starts now. cain's press conditions doesn't top the controversy. why we could hear from more accusers soon. first, an officer near the white house makes what might be the easiest and unusual arrest of his career. the suspect said he was just tired of being on the


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