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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> yeah. >> reporter: this saturday, tom bradley will be the school's first head coach other than joe paterno in 46 years. he will coach the 12th-ranked nittanylyons through the end -- nittany leones through the end of the season. he went to penn state and played football there. he was a special team's captain for joe paterno. he's been the lead assistant the past 11 seasons and considered the leading in-house candidate to replace his hall- of-fame boss. bradley found out he was replacing paterno last night while watching game film preparing for nebraska. he said he called paterno around 11:00 p.m. asked to describe the conversation, bradley would only say i think that is personal. he also said this: >> i take this job with very mixed emotions due to the situation. i have been asked by the university, by the board of trustees, by road er-- rod
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ericson to handle and this and iy to them i would do it last night and i would proceed in the matter penn state expects. i met with the players last night and the expectations are the expectations. we're not going to waiver from that. >> the assistant coach mike mccreary would be coaching saturday and was not sure if he would be on the sideline or in the coach's box n.2002, mccreary was the graduate assistant who went to paterno and reported seeing sandusky assaulting a young boy in the penn state showers. fox 5 paul wagner is in state college with reaction from students and, paul, i guess it's safe to say there is leave -- overwhelming support of joe paterno? >> reporter: there is. right now it's calm in state college. late last night, this avenue here, college avenue, was filled with students who were very, very upset over the firing of joe paterno. we got here earlier today and i jumped out and started talking to students here on the street.
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we talked to a dozen of them. overwhelmingly, they're furious that joe paterno is taking the fall. at 1:30 this afternoon, employees with the department of public works in state college were hard at work, replacing some of the street let's torn down during last night's riot. independents of people, most of them -- thousands of people, most penn state students, poured on to beaver and to college avenue after the board of trustees announced the coach, joe paterno, was being let go. some mixed it up with police and others turned over a news truck. a scene that left some students we talked to embarrassed. >> i think it was a small percentage of the student body out here, and i think that the lack of leadership that was occurring is what happened. >> i think people were upset and that is what is going to happen. >> i wish people waited until all of the facts were made on the table to make a drastic situation like being on the
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streets. >> reporter: although no one we spoke with condoned the actions of the people in the streets last night, they understand their anger. virtually everyone we talked to thinks joe paterno is a scape goat and that is not right. >> the whole school, they wanted to see his legacy remain, you know, untainted, but everyone is upset that joe pa had to be brought in this. all of the negative light is shined on him that he didn't deserve. >> it's about the victims and i feel that joe paterno is getting blown way above what it should be and they should focus on what this started from, the victims. >> reporter: i talked with the police here in state college a couple of hours ago and asked them if they had any information about any arrests or any pending arrests. basically, when turned over the van and some of the street lights that were pulled up here in state college. i was told they would not have any comments and if they did, they would put it in the press release here after 5:00 p.m. we still have not heard from the police. feldy?
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>> paul, what is student reaction or any other campus reaction to mike mccreary, the assistant coach who reported the 2002 incident being allowed to coach this weekend? what have you heard on that front? >> reporter: very strong feelings about that as well, dave. although they don't think joe paterno should have been fired, they fear if paterno went, why didn't mccreary go as well. if they're saying paterno didn't do as much, mccreary didn't either. >> thank you very much, paul, at penn state. >> -- penn state. >> sure. >> you know, this brings up many different emotions. when my son was going through the process, we went to penn state and met them and talked about it today. i was asking my son on what his thoughts were. he feels bad for joe pa and understands he thinks motorcycle mccreary shouldn't be on the sidelines coaching. >> it was all joe pa's program. >> right. >> he may have had a boss but
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no one was more powerful than joe paterno. it's under his responsibility. if joe pa's being punished for in the death enough, you would -- doing enough, you would think mike mccreary should be out also. >> the governor of pennsylvania will be speaking at a press conference shortly. as that happens, we'll bring you the latest and let you know what happens. we ask the facebook fans, did penn state make the right decision? jim hagerman said yes, sex abuse allegations were deliberately covered up, people knew about it and the people who knew about it let it continued inexcusable. >> another wrote it's easy to point fingers, if they put people in his shoes, they wouldn't know what to do. terry weighed in saying they need to fire everyone else who knew about it and never did anything but report it to the university. paterno is not the only guilty
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party in this fiasco. okay, now to another big story we're following. washington nationals catcher wilson ramos kidnapped from his home in venezuela. there is new details coming in on this one. lindsay must by is here with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: wilson ramos is an up and comer with the washington nationals, a young catch or the rise to stardom. like many baseball players in the majors and minors, play in a winter look. in his home country of venezuela. sometimes it's dangerous for those players and their families. 24-year-old ramos was preparing for winter ball with his team tigres de iragua. when he was take know by his home by four armed gunmen yesterday evening. no contact was made with his family. the vehicle was used by the men. it was found in a nearby town today. this is the first time a major league player was abducted this
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the country, although other player's relatives were held in the past. >> this is in the headlines across the media because we're talking about a normal personality, players for lack of a better term is like royalty. all baseball players are among the elite in terms of media exposure. we have seen blocks from police gather and working 24/7. yeah, it makes it, you know, the highest profile case right now in terms of crime in this country. >> reporter: ramos became the nats everyday starter this year, his first foul year in the big leagues. he hit .257 with 15 home runs, a record for a nats catcher. the nationals and major league baseball released a statement this afternoon saying, quote, our foremost concern is with wilson ramos and his family, and our thoughts are with them at this time. major league baseball's department of investigations is working with the appropriate authorities on this matter. major league baseball and the washington nationals have been
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instructed to make no further comment, end quote. the u.s. state department is monitoring the case but as of right now, has not been contacted by venezuelan authorities or major league baseball. >> we condemn these keens of violent -- kinds of violent acts and stand by to help what jeff possible, the family, if -- whatever possible, the family, if they contact us. >> reporter: at noon today, even zooel apintelligence could confirm if ramos is alive. he made the league minimum of $415,000 this season. at this point, the police and the family are waiting a phone call from the kidnappers. the thought is they will be asking for a some. >> we -- for a ransom. >> we talk to randy, who played in the venezuela winter league and a teammate of william onramos. brandon, thank you for coming in, buddy. >> no problem. >> you knew wilson and you were teammates for a short time?
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>> i played over there for a month all season and i got to play with him for one week. seems like a great guy and that is unfortunate what happened. the players are with him and i hope it turns out good. >> you were there about a month. was safety always a major concern? were you, did you feel safe when you were over there? >> yeah, i feel look they went out of their way for the american players. and we would get a cab ride to the field, whenever we needed security security to the fold, we would get that and we would each have our own room there and at no point was i under the sealing that something bad could happen to me. i felt like there was a guard there and who was armed at the time. after the games, they would take us through the huge crowd and we would fall behind and get into our taxi. i thought it was a great experience and i would do it
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again. >> and if you were at the game in the middle of the game or something and you were not there again on the field, you wanted to get something to eat, an armed guard would have to leave the dugout with you to go to the concession stand? >> yeah, yeah, basically, after batting practice, we would talk and get a guard and he would escort us to the cosession stand and we would get food. that was not the time we most needed it. we needed it after the game when there was a huge crowd outside of our locker room and walking about 100 feet to our taxi. and besides, that i felt safe. at the same time, it doesn't shock me that something like this did happen. baseball players, or people over there, they have the most money and so i think naturally they're going to be, you know, targeted by these people. >> i haven't asked murph this, may be for her and you, are you going to play in the venezuelan league again? >> i don't know. i got asked to go this year. i turned it down to rest my
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body and everything. i never say never. something like this won't deter me from going back. i felt safe there. >> all right. thank you, brandon. >> all right, thank you. >> brandon guyer, the rays. shawn, back to you. >> thank you so much for coming in, brandon. >> stay with fox 5 of the continuing coverage of the developing story onair and online. we'll post information as we get it and can you find out more about wilson realmous and -- ramos and his player bio. >> and what a difference a day makes. yesterday was like go out and have a picnic and today it's heat up the fire place, turn up the heat. what is going on? >> reporter: we have had several days this thahave been nice around -- that have been nice around here and yesterday is one of many. this is a one-day wonder in the road, clouds and rain. >> sure. >> the good thing is, we're getting showers now, nothing too heavy and we can see on radar here this rain is very,
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very light and that hasn't measured a 10th of an inch -- and as it moves to the east, it will continue to lighten up for about everybody. i do believe, though, we would probably have another 45 minutes to an hour, hour and a half of this and that isard the metro. the temperatures are dropping. we were 59 for a high today, will, and that was at 11:00 this morning. >> that is a big difference. >> yeah, 48 now and that is some wind kicking up. the rain is moving to the east and that looks like as the front is further to the area, the kids will kick up and that is going to be cool for tomorrow. dry and sunny and this is setting the stage for the weekend. >> all right. >> and the weekend's good. >> going to the grocery store,
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going to a restaurant and you highway patrol need the umbrella and you'll need a coat. back to you. >> all right. coming up here on fox 5 news at 5, mishandled remains. the pentagon is doing damage control after the disturbing revelations about how mains and the u.s. war dead were handled. the new walter reed military medical hospital is formally dedicated in bethesda. there are traffic problems here. and find out why workers have returned to the washington monument. we'll be right back. ack. 
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>> more fallout over the sloppy handling of the remains of the u.s. military war dead. a yearlong investigation found the air force mishandled unidentified remains at dover air force base. and some of them, even wound up in this virginia landfollow. fox 5s tom fitzgerald joins us live from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the defense secretary leon penetta ordered the --eryon pineta ordered the secretary of the air force not to fire three supervisors at a mortuary airfares base in delaware. the veteran's group said the pin needs to do more than this to honor the dead of the americans and how their remains are handled. dover air force base is where america's honored dead comes home. but a scathing report said bad
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handling of some remains dishonor those who gave their lives. >> all americas -- all americans, including myself, jar justifiably disturbed. >> reporter: they found parts of bodies unidentified andm properly disposed of by air force more tishians in landfills. the secretary -- more tishians inlando fills. additional probes are underway. >> to determine whether there are management repricals that have been -- repricals that are taken at dover. this is a serious issue. and someone who voted for the whistle-blower legislation. >> reporter: the investigation began in may of 2010 and found the air force lost body parts of two service members in 2009, which included ankle and tissue fragments. in one case, a marine's arm was removed without a family's permission and it was reported that cremated remains were eventually dumped in the
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virginia landfill without the family's handle. >> it's despickible. >> reporter: richard denoy is the national commander of the veteran's of foreign war. after burial mistakes at arlington national cemetary and substandard housing, the old walter reed hospital, the lawyers said the latest scandal never should have happened. >> we're not going to stand for this or allow this to exist. we have to do it better. it has to be corrected. >> reporter: so far, two civilian supervisors at the air force's mortuariy at doverrary force base were reassigned on to other jobs. as the fallout continues, more questions and more consequences could be on the way. looks like the questions will come sooner than later. congress is weighing in on all of this tonight. virginia congressman whitman is the chairman of the house arms services investigation subcommittee and tells us that he'll be seeking in depth and detailed ax counting of what happened and that will begin the debriefing on the
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situation, will, next week. >> and may be we'll get more answers. tom fitzgerald in the newsroom. thank you. the brand-new walter reid national military medical center was formally dedicated today. significant improvements around the larger facility are years away. fox 5s john henrehan has more. >> reporter: the new walter reed national medical center in bethesda is actually been in the process of opening up in stages for about a year. [ applause ] this new joint service medical facility has now been formally dedicated. leon pinetta told the crowd this complex is offering the best possible medical care to oned service members and veterans and their families. >> to those washiors, this nation is -- these warriors, this nation is a debt. >> reporter: with the old
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closure in d.c. and from 8,000 people to 10,000 people and the estimated number of patients and visitors jumped from a half a million a year to nearly a million a year. people who live around the complex in bethesda said traffic has gotten worse the last few mots. >> i came back from a -- months. >> i came back from annapolis the other day and had to make a list to the development and it took five minutes before i could make it in and before people could let me in. >> because there are many cars? >> yeah. >> and -- >> reporter: fairly minor traffic mitigation problems are underway and significant stuff is two years away from completion. near the now and exbanded military medical center there
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is a metro stop and the only escalators and alveators are on the nnih side. a pedestrian tunnel from the metro to the hospital campus probably won't be finished until 2015. in bethesda, john henrehan, fox 5 news. workers are hanging on the washington monument again and a difficult access team is rigging up equipment to allow crews to work on the outside and we're going to spend the week installing a temporary weather sealant in all of the cracks and this will keep water, from seeping in. the government approved governor bob mcdonald's request for federal aid to help prepare the damage. louis a county high and thomas jefferson elementary school are closed indefinitely. they're using temporary facilities until repairs are
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completed. the august 23rd earthquake was centered in mineral nlouisa county. it's playoff time and we have a winning matchup with gaithersburg at churchhill. and that is the game-of-the- week tomorrow. the game grabbed a whopping 46% of the nearly 25,000 votes. join us back here tomorrow night at 5 for a will pregame action and interviews with both teams. we'll have special highlights on www.myfoxdc.comcom. kidnaps and abused for months. survivor elizabeth smart is in town and on a mission. the brand-new campaign. we'll hear from her coming up next. and gary giordano's lawyer drops a bomb shell to the client behind bars in a rob a. fox 5 news at 5 is far from over. if you see a story you think we should cover, sunday your tips to news5 or calls at (202)895-3140.  to make a commitment
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>> the governor of pennsylvania is expected to speak any moment. let's go to it now about the penn state scandal. >> the investigation that has resulted in the charges against mr. sandusky started under my watch as attorney general in tape. -- 2009. i was attorney general until this year. under discipline airy rules, i am limited about what i can say. i won't go into the investigation whatsoever. it's an ongoing investigation. you saw the comments of attorney linda kelly, and particularliness is it's an ongoing investigation, i will stay as far away as i can. i make my observations as governor of opinion pep and the interest of the -- pennsylvania and the interest of the board of trustees. i won't go into the details of the deliberations and the
5:26 pm
ongoing deliberations of the board of governors, and that will be for the president and vice president of the board and for rod ericson, who is the now president of the university to make the statements upon the conclusion of the deliberations of the board. universities are by their nature, larger than anyone any one figure. penn state will, i believe, i'm convinced of this, will continue in this excellence, the reputation and the tradition of its excellence and education. the bord acted, as i said yesterday, and a couple of days before that, swiftly and decisively. the actions this week's actions by penn state show that it's ultimately governed by a board that represents a cross-section
5:27 pm
of the people. a cross-section of pennsylvania, and that is how it should be. certainly, every pennsylvanian who has anything any knowledge of this case, who has read the grand jury report feels a sense of regret and a sorrow to also see careers end. but, we must keep in mind when it comes to the safety of children, there can be no margin for error. no hesitation to act. i want to repeat what i said yesterday in a press availability bill signing this is directed to the students of the university. as i said then, the eyes of the nation are on you. they're fixed on this campus. look around this room and the
5:28 pm
campus. please, please behave and demonstrate your pride in penn state. your actions speak much louder than your words. it will carry with you for a very long period of time. i believe in your right to assemble, your right to express your opinions i do not believe, nor does anyone believe, your right to violence. there is no such thing. when you chanted we are penn state, make sure that you're demonstrating penn state at its best. as a state, though, we now need to focus, and we have focused, but we need to refocus where it should be.
5:29 pm
on the victims. we need to identify these victims of sexual abuse. we need to find them and we need to help them, and they are our children. as the attorney and the state police have asked, if there are more victims out there or witnesses out there, please come forward. i don't have the numbers with me, but you do have the numbers with you. with that, i will be happy to try and answer insome of your questions. >> can you begin to comprehend the arrow against of the men who believed that they could get away with this and what should we learn from this? >> it's a good question. i believe the special committee that is being put together by the board has a mission to determine how it happened. maybe how that power was center ed in a few.
5:30 pm
we need to learn not only as a board, as a administration, and as students, as a society, what i said earlier, but we need to protect children, we need to act. unfortunately in my career, particularly as attorney, i have seen many instances where people who have power believe that they're beyond the law. and i don't know you, so i'm assuming you're from the national media. we have had a serious of investigation -- series of investigations, not convicts, in the capital of harrisburg, both the democrats and republicans. that is what happens when people believe they have so much power nobody can touch them. next question. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you have been listening to the pennsylvania governor tom corbet talking about the child sex abuse allegations against a former penn state university
5:31 pm
coach. he revealed the grand jury investigation into jerry sandusky began when he was the attorney general there in pennsylvania. so he had intimate handle of the case but does not -- knowledge of the case but doesn't want to go into it because he was a part of the investigation from the beginning. >> started under his watch. one of the statements that stuck with me, shawn, look, when it comes to the safety of children, there is no margin for error and a warning for the penn state students, many of whom who have been seen in footage more or less rioting. they turned over a tv truck, they're out there and they're upset. they want their voices to be heard. he said, look, the eyes of the world are watching you now. please behave. i think all of us hop they hear that message. >> ultimately they will reach to the victims, any other victims out there asking them to come forward. where's wanting healing there in state college, pennsylvania. he, along with the eyes of the nation, are watching penn state university, and he said he believes that the university can continue with the line of
5:32 pm
excellence that they have held this far and that is just what where's hoping for as they move forward. >> seems to be backing the board of trustees and their decision. all right, as we continue, he said one mistake won't break his campaign. rick perry tries to recover from the brain freeze that has a lot of you talking tonight. we'll go in depth next. state farm. this is jessica.
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>> a day after the republicans debate, candidate rick perry is getting most of the attention and certainly not the kind he would like. his performance is being called by many a disaster after he forgot part of his own platform. jennifer davis runs down the debate and how the candidates are moving on. >> reporter: rick perry is motorcycling -- making the rounds to explain this awkward moment in wednesday night's gop debate. >> the third agency of government i would do away with
5:36 pm
the education, the -- . >> commerce. >> commerce. >> and let's see can't. the third one i can't. sorry. [ laughter ] >> there are a lot of americans out there that were not unlike me as they sit around and they think about federal agencies that they would like to forget. >> reporter: he's not bowing out of the race, but some say his stumble will prove defining and perhaps deadly. >> it was a disaster. there is just no way to put any fine point on it. >> reporter: michele bachmann moved on to south carolina, the site of the next gop debate on saturday where her speech was interrupted by occupied charleston members. >> sit down. [ indiscernible ] >> sit down! >> reporter: herman cain stayed in michigan hoping a bus tour would help him move on from a sexual harassment scandal. >> i was in a debate last night. >> remember nothing! >> i saw this pretty well. >> reporter: mitt romney campaigned in the key midwest, too, and seemed to take a dig at perry in his forgetfulness,
5:37 pm
as he quoted a favorite childhood poem. >> i learned the first four lines and even i can learn four lines. >> reporter: rick perry said his campaign is having fun about the brain freeze. they're asking folks what part of the federal government they would like to forget and they already have 2,000 hits. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. let's go in depth on the debate now. wtop political analyst mark plotkin is here. good to have you. >> thank you for inviting me, will. >> let's start with governor perry. he suffered from a severe case of brain froze on the stage. it was an agonizing 52 seconds. what do you make of this? >> i watched it, in fact, here, and commented about it last night. look, is every candidate's nightmare to do something like that. and it's especially damaging to perry because he is considered not a rhode scholar and not the smartest guy in the world. that thasimple.
5:38 pm
he admits he doesn't do debates very well and was not going to participate in more of them. >> does this exacerbate his image as a poor debater? >> no, besides being a poor debater being president, is maybe not that up to the game and not that smart enough to be president. but i don't want to be cruel. what he did in reaction to it has been actually perfect. he's been self-depricating, he hasn't hidden, where's tried to make light of it, and he's tried to have fun with it. and i think another thing you should realize, the man has $15 million in the bank. he's been a very profinishient fundraiser and -- profishient fund raiser. in the long-haul, he has to survive and the money will help him survive. obviously, he didn't want this moment. it's not good and now it's his obligation not to have this define his candidacy. >> not to define it. it's really all about how he's handling it? signs like they're giving him good marks on that. >> he's doing the right thing.
5:39 pm
the more he kids him about it, the better off he'll be and it will evoke sympathy. >> we're moving to herman cain now, it would seem to me from looking the debate, he escaped serious damage with the lingering issue of sexual harassment allegations coming up. what is your take? >> yes, i mean they didn't press him. there were one question romney handled it perfectly when he asked would you fire this guy. he said that is up to herman cain, although i must say newt gingrich and romney say different things when they're not standing there. look, in the ultimate verdict will be made by the voters. the caucusgoers ineye, the independent voters in new hampshire, the voters in south carolina and florida. they will determine if his candidacy will survive. >> sure. >> and right now, no votes have been cast. right now, he's surviving because they hate the media of the people. >> there seems to be a lot of talk the media is fueling this. let me end with this question. mr. cain raised eyebrows in the
5:40 pm
debate. >> this is nancy. >> nancy pelosi, princess nancy, he regretted that, didn't he? >> yes, stupid, unnecessary and self-disruptive and damaging. i don't know why he would say that and bring exactly the question that you just asked me up. it was ridiculous for him to use that kind of phrase andsta thastays with -- that stays with people. >> thank you for being on. >> thank you. coming up here on fox 5 news at 5, elizabeth smart comes to washington to put pressure on the president and congress. we'll explain why. next. next. 
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>> a big shakeup in the defense team for gary giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance of a woman in aruba. his aruban lawyer stepped down from the case this week. he claims that robin gardener
5:44 pm
was swept away when snorkeling. the judge ordered him held until the end of the month on specific of involvement in her murder. a new lawyer took over the case. she was abducted and held captive for nine long months. elizabeth smart is on a mission to keep it from happening to other child. she's in town meeting with congress and the goal is to help fund a series of public service announcements that would air on national tv and the internet. >> unfortunately our country's internet crimes against children task forces have no -- resources and funding to investigate less than 2% of these cases. that means 98% of crimes related to child pornography are not being investigated. >> the campaign, which includes the psas and a website was produced in collaboration with a group of hollywood producers who all donated their time. she's 23 now going to brigham
5:45 pm
young university. she's moved on and taking charge. >> good to see her. >> yeah. and a shakeup for hollywood's biggest night. who will produce the oscars. late developments from l.a. of the. and what a dramatic difference outside. cold and rainy, will that continue for the weekend? gary is on the other side of the break with the answer. y keep charging you more...
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it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. >> buckle up for a little rock'n'roll tonight. we found a school for kids and adults who want to learn how to play some rock. it's called the frederick rock school. tonight at 10, i'm going take you inside the school for a look at how people are discovering the rock star talent here. more than 100 students -- what makes it unique, the school creates bands with the students and sets up gigs around up to. the man who started it used to play base in local bands and
5:49 pm
transition into management. working with the low-key artists like kid rock. low-key, right? >> yeah. >> are you going to be performing? >> no, no. >> okay. >> and what you don't know is he likes to sing and dance. >> one tease for the story. one of the kids has a challenge that he works through and harp to play guitar despite not being able to see. >> oh, wow, we're not looking forward to the weather unless you tell us it's going to change tomorrow. >> we were talking awhile ago and that is getting better and better. making me nervous. the weekend is going to be real, real nice. >> that's good. >> coming after the weekend? >> no, always, you know, you think it's going to be real, real nice and you come in on friday afternoon and that has changed. i always get nervous and i think we got this one nailed down for the weekend and if you thought last weekend was good, you wait. we do have some showers out
5:50 pm
there this evening, though, continuing to push to the east we start and with some mass hd radar and most of it pushed east of the city and that is pushing east to i-95 and to 50. back to southern maryland, too and to the eastern shore. back to the west and northwest, things are drying out. there is some road spray out there, i am sure of that and temperatures are starting to cool off. the front has come through and we managed up to 59 degrees right around 11:00 this morning and with that 41 coming through, 48 in the city; gaithersburg, 45 and there is that wind chill out. there 44 in town and that is not much off of the actual temperature. we'll have the wind chill factor in effect for this evening and in effect for at least the first part of the day tomorrow. and some showers lining at 7:00, 45 and i think just breezy at 9:00 with some
5:51 pm
clouds, 42, and everyone should be dry by 9:00 and breezy with the decreasing clouds by 11:00 and temperatures dropping into the 40s and this is that rain moving by. not a lot of rain, though. maybe you picked up a .01 of an inch and may be the highest totals are around a quarter of an inch or so and back to the north and west, though, a cold pocket of air aloft here, to and look at the snow across the great lakes and we're going to have the snow, lake-affect snow machine setting up the next few days and nothing for us, though. the weekend is looking great. the high pressure to the south of us and that is going to allow warmer temperatures to come in. 61 on saturday; 64 for a high temperature on sunday and you like it when you can get a applause out of will. skies are clearing out overnight tonight. breezy and coal. we start off -- breezy and cold. starting off tomorrow morning,
5:52 pm
chilly and 42. breezy tomorrow, the winds are kicking up, 15, 20, gusts up to 25 miles per hour and in the afternoon. it's feeling blustery tomorrow with the sunshine and i think that is a mix of clouds and sun. if you're off tomorrow for veteran's day, we are, you know, you have to contend with a cool day. the weekend shapes up nice. >> that is how we like that. >> we describe that on saturday and sunday. >> sweet? >> is in. >> it's nice with will thomas on lead guitar. >> there you go. >> you played base. i can't remember. >> a will above. >> okay. >> and thank you, gary. >> a new producer is chosen for next year's academy awards. tmzs has beeny ref sip live in l.a. this new producer has some ties to bret ratner, i understand. >> reporter: the new producer
5:53 pm
is brian grazer and the two of them have been producing partners on movies as recently as "tower heist," which just came out, with ed murphy, by the way. and he left the oscars after where thener left. >> any chance to get him back? >> no, and i'll tell why. we found out and i cobb firmed it, the new host -- i confirmed it, the new host of the oscars next year, you ready? >> yeah. >> billy crystal. >> wow, really? yeah. >> and you were getting commentary in the studio. they're excited about that. >> i will say look, where's great. bley crystal is great and will be funny --bley crystal is great and funny. what the oscars was trying to struggle with is how do we make this more relative and current
5:54 pm
and younger. they did not accomplish that and billy crystal is great and everything else, but it was not what they were looking to get and that is an easy default, and i don't know. i mean, you know, i'm not sure if they have a voice anymore or what they're looking for. or if they know what they're looking for. >> and we'll see what billy crystal has to do. may be they'll get eddie back next year. who knows. >> thank you so much for the inside scoop. we look forward to seeing you here at 6:30 for tmz on tv. >> i was looking forward to eddie as well. billy is great and did a great job before. hopefully he'll be relevant. >> i hope so. >> surround himself by young writers. and to brian bolter with a look at what is next on the news edge at 6. staying on top of the penn state sex abuse scandal. the focus is on the firing of joe paterno. we're going to talk to an abusive victim to get their perspective on the story. >> a guilty plea and a tragic crash in olney. we hear from the victim's
5:55 pm
relatives. and a big break, a bank drops another fee for the customers. the planned charge bank of america is scrapping. ping.  ♪
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>> in tonight's consumer alert, i'm going to make you smile. the competition is already starting to attract black friday shoppers, maybe that is you. wal-mart is opening at 10:00 thanksgiving evening and target and best buy are three errorring open the door -- throwing open the doors at midnight. wal-mart is announcing the big deals. it will sell a vizeo3242-inch tv for 598. that is probably savings of $200 a kodak 14 megapixel camera for $49. likely a more than 50% savings on that gameet. >> wow. $-- gadget. >> wow, $frown? >> that is exciting. >> yeah. and thank you for joining
5:59 pm
us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. a night of riots at penn state after trustees fire longtime coach joe paterno. we're live on the campus with the latest. and a catcher for the washington nationals kidnapped from his home in venezuela. why officials there say wilson ramos is still alive. certainly every pennsylvanian who has any handle of this case -- knowledge of this case, who has read the grand jury report feels a sense of regret and the sorrow to also see careers end. but, we must keep in mind when it comes to the safety of children,


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