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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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poop on the lawn. it's part of nature. this is why i love living here. >> the state agency responsible for controlling the fur kips says the community is divided -- turkeys says the community is divided over what to do, keep them, move them or kill them. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. we're staying on top of the two stories in the national spotlight, penn state cleaning up after last night's campus chaos as the child sex abuse scandal continues to unravel. also tonight nationals catcher wilson ramos still missing after being kidnapped from his home in venezuela. we'll begin in state college, pennsylvania police out in full force making sure scenes like last night doesn't happen again and new details about saturday's football game. paul wagner joins us live from campus. >> reporter: we have a late breaking story. the last hour the university put out a statement saying that mike mcquery, the wide receivers coach would not be coaching this weekend. he would not be at the stadium. mike mcquery is the graduate student who says he saw jerry
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sandusky in the shower with a young boy back in 2002 and he's currently the wide receivers coach. the university put out a statement saying that he would not be coaching because there have been multiple threats made against him. as we talked with students in state college today, many brought this up and they said wait a minute. if joe paterno didn't do enough and he got fired, why isn't mike mcquery being fired because if joe paterno didn't do enough, mike mcquery didn't either. late last night after the board of trustees announced joe paterno would not finish the season as coach of the penn state nittany lions, students took to the streets in protest. some rocks and bottles were thrown. light poles were torn down and a news truck was vandalized and turned over. police in state college now say that they have looked at video footage and identified suspects and charges will be forth coming against some of those people, but as we talked to students today they were overwhelmly supportive of the
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coach. overwhelmingly supportive of the coach. >> i think it's a huge disappointment. >> he's made out to be a scapegoat. i kind of feel that way. legally he is cleared. morally is yet to be determined. i mean if you are reading some of the reports not yet as shown what exactly mcquery told joe paterno and what the actions were after. we need some more information before it goes out, but why is joe paterno's name on top of the list when sandusky is in jail? despite, you know, maybe joe's negligence, you can even call it that, why not let the man finish out? i mean he already at the start of the turmoil decided on his own that he would step down after the season and then the board of trustees basically just spat in his face and said no, you can't finish. >> reporter: and the students
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announced today there will be a candlelight vigil here on the old main campus lawn at 10:00 tomorrow night. there will be a moment of silence and a candlelight vigil to remember the abuse victims. >> pretty decent police presence out there tonight. >> reporter: no doubt. they're circling up here all along college avenue over to beaver avenue. there are officers on courseback. there are officers in patrol cars. the multiple officers i'm seeing four and five in these cars coming by. so heavy police presence, but still very calm up here tonight. the scandal has dominated the national conversation all week. that includes a major charity event in d.c. tonight which featured a guest list of politicians, athletes and celebrities. fox 5's dave feldman was there, joins us now. >> reporter: people always talk about sports at fight night. they're sports guys and usually there's a variety of topics, but tonight it all centered around penn state and joe paterno and as bob barnard found out, opinions were not
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hard to come by. >> reporter: leaders of business, government, sports and entertainment in washington tonight for a big charity dinner. it's fight night with some legends of the ring, the star attractions, but listen to the conversations and much of what you hear is talk about the penn state child sex scandal. >> i work with kids a lot and the things that they go through has got to stop and what they're doing finally after all this time is just starting at the top and making the change. there's sick people out there and there's children that are going to be scarred forever. >> whether we are athletic leaders or business leaders or in politicians, at some point you got to live up to the standards you talk about and do the right thing and if you see stuff that's not right, you got to call it out. >> i'm a pennsylvania boy. so i've known joe paterno for 40 years and, you know, it's so sad to see his career kind of come to this end as it did. >> reporter: tom mcmillan is a
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former nba star and congressman from maryland, a terrapins hoops star in the 1970s now on the university's board of regents. >> the lesson to be learned is that vigilance is very important. the athletic department cannot become greater than the university. >> reporter: last night's fight night dinner raised more than $2 million for charity. the main beneficiary is an organization called fight for children which provides education and healthcare services for low income children in washington. and so the demise of such a renowned sports institution over a sordid scandal involving young children has even some lesser known guests at this party of 2,000 shaking their heads. >> i think a lot of people are tied into who said what, who knew what, but all you need to know is man, young boy, you know, in the shower. you don't need any more than that. that right there is enough to stop. >> reporter: at the washington hilton bob barnard, fox 5 news.
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penn state will host nebraska saturday in the school's home finale. interim head coach tom bradley will lead the nittany lions in joe paterno's absence. another developing story we're following tonight is the abduction of nationals catcher wilson ramos kidnapped at his home in venezuela wednesday night when armed gunmen in an suv approached him and took him away. this morning authorities found the kidnappers vehicle abandoned in a nearby town and investigators are examining it for evidence. major league baseball and the national league and the nationals said the league's department of investigations is working with authorities in this case. the 24-year-old just completed his rookie season with the nats and was in his home country preparing to play his winter season with his venezuelan team. >> it's obviously of great concern to us, you know. we did cite in our country specific information the very
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real dangers of kidnapping and violent crime in venezuela and we condemn these kinds of violent acts and, you know, we stand by to help in whatever way possible the family if they contact us. >> at noon today venezuelan intelligence could confirm that ramos was still alive. his family remains quiet. they continue to pray for his safe return. ramos made the league minimum, $415,000 this season. at this point police and the family are waiting for a phone call from the kidnappers. they they the kidnappers will be calling asking -- they think the kipnappers will be calling asking for rain some soon. on the news edge -- for a ransom soon. on the news edge the new walter reed medical center is officially open, but how bad will traffic get in the area? that story is it next. check out. the other stories on our rundown. the news edge will be back in 60 seconds. >> this is fox 5 news edge at
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surveillance video showing the earthquake from this summer shaking a louisiana county virginia high school. the governor has approved -- the government has approved governor bob mcdonnell's request for aid to repair damage. schools are using temporary facilities until repairs are completed. the august 23rd quake was centered in mineral in louisa county. the new walter reed national military medical center was formally dedicated today, but major improvements for the traffic around the larger facility are still years away. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: the new walter reed national military medical center located on the old navy medical camp us in bethesda has actually been in the process of opening up in stages for about a year. [ applause ] >> reporter: this new joint service medical facility has
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now been formally dedicated. secretary of defense leon panetta who served as an army lieutenant in the 1960s told the crowd this new hospital complex is offering the best possible medical care to wounded service members and to veterans and their families. >> to these warriors, this nation owes an irredeemable debt. >> reporter: with the closure of the old walter reed army hospital in d.c. and the consolidation here in the new joint services hospital, the medical workforce in bethesda has jumped from roughly 8,000 people to 10,000 people and the estimated number of patients and visitors has jumped from half a million a year to nearly a million a year. people who live around the complex in bethesda say traffic has gotten a lot worse in the last few months. >> i came back from annapolis the other day and i had to make a left turn into this development and it took like five minutes before i could make it in before people would
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let me in. >> there's so many cars. >> yes. >> bumper to bumper. >> reporter: fairly minor traffic mitigation projects such as new signals are underway, but significant improvements at nearby major intersections are probably two years away from completion. near the new and expanded military medical center there is a metro stop, but it's across route 355 and the only escalators and elevators from the metro station are on the nih side of rockville pipe. a pedestrian tunnel from the metro to the hospital campus probably won't be finished until 2015. in bethesda, john henrehan, fox 5 news. coming up on the news edge elizabeth smart visiting the districts putting pressure on the president and congress. her mission next. plus starbucks wants to do for juice what it did for coffee. we'll explain in tonight's fox
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5 top five. before we head to break workers are hanging onto the washington monument again fixing damage from the august quake, the team rigging up equipment to allow crews to work on the outside. this week they're installing a temporary weather sealant on the cracks to keep water from seeping in until more permanent repairs are finished.
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she was abducted and held captive for nine months. now elizabeth smart is in town calling on the president and congress to make rescuing children from predators a national priority. the goal is to help fund a series of public service announcements to air on national tv and the internet. >> unfortunately our country's internet crimes against children task forces have only the resources and the funding to investigate less than 2% of these cases. that means 98% of crimes related to child pornography are not being investigated. >> the campaign which includes the psas and website was produced in collaboration with gripe of hollywood producers who all -- a group of hollywood producers who all donated their own time. a group of consumers alert, shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> 1st tonight a sure sign the
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holidays are here. no. 5 the salvation army's bright red kepts are popping up outside stores -- kettles are popping up outside stores across the cities. this year's red kettle campaigns hopes to raise $1.6 million. you can donate via cash and credit card from now until christmas eve. no. 4, the foreclosure rate has hit a seven-month high. the reason? many lenders were forced to slow or halt foreclosure activity after revelations of improperly signed documents. experts say the foreclosure activity that was suppressed by the robo signing scandal is now just reaccelerating. no. 3, starbucks wants to do for juice what it did for coffee. it bought juicemaker evolution fresh incorporated and plans to open new health and wellness stores in the coming year, no word yet where they will be located or what they will be called. no. 2, forget black friday. some retailers are prepping for black thursday. wal-mart is planning to open
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nationwide at 10 p.m. thanksgiving night. target will open at midnight. consumers can expect major discounts on toys, clothing and home accessories. wal-mart will offer price matching from now until december 15th. no. 1 tonight, it will cost you more to serve up thanksgiving dinner this year. the american farm bureau federation estimates the average cost to make a meal for 10 people is about $49. that's almost $6 more than last year. the biggest price hike? the turkey. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> we have talked about, it but today for some reason felt like the very first day of fall to me. the leaves were just right. the sky was dark. it was windy. >> it smacked you, didn't it? >> yup. >> it's nice we have all our seasons, but this definitely felt like a late november, early december day, temperatures dropping through the 50s and were headed for the 40s and 30s. we're in the 40s now headed for
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the 30s tonight. no foggy problems in the morning to deal with like so many of you may have noticed early today and the showers are long gone. look at radar and put it in motion. it was a frontal system that came through. that's why we're so much cooler today, after mid-60s most of this weekend. this thing is out of here. there are a couple showers left on the eastern shore. we'll get snow in the mountains. i wouldn'ted to show you something we haven't talk -- wanted to show you something we haven't talked about for a couple days. this is tropical storm shawn and that little island will have tropical conditions developing very soon in the overnight hours. the good news about this is the frontal system that came through our area today is racing towards this system, so tropical storm shawn will get kicked out of the area pretty quickly. it's moving east, northeast at 13 and it's going right past bermuda to the north and west and it will get caught up in that frontal system and quickly
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get pulled out of the area. they'll get a few inches raisin and strong winds, but beer maude -- inches of rain and strong winds, but bermuda will do okay with this. wind gusts will pick up tomorrow and i see here winchester is getting a gust of 30. going through the overnight the winds will likely start to increase but they'll really get going tomorrow, especially after daybreak. expect winds out of northwest at 15 to 25, occasional gusts to 30. it will make these temperatures feel a lot colder. we're down to 36 in culpeper, manassas 39, hagerstown 37. in the district 47 degrees and lots of cold air on the weather map especially out to the midwest with st. louis coming in at 35 and chicago as well. more storminess for the pacific northwest, but that storm that hit alaska and a piece of the energy that will come into the northwest is going to keep the west very busy and actually
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help to us get warmer next week. not so for the weekend or at least certainly the first part of it will be cool and breezy tomorrow and again that cold air may produce our first lake effect snow. we'll get some snow in the mountains, maybe a few inches, wouldn't be shocked if some of the panhandle communities see a few flurries tomorrow. into the weekend, we take the edge off the 50s, sunday 60 fewer degrees with a bit of an increase in cloud cover. -- 64 degrees with bait of an increase in cloud cover. that -- a bit of an increase in cloud cover. that will lead to a few light showers monday. it will be a dry day tomorrow but chilly. we're clearing out. our temperature drops to 38 in the city, blustery and cold tomorrow, only 63 degrees, well below average for this time of year. we don't stay down long, sunday 64. we're climbing again monday with a few sars around at 65 degrees, tuesday -- showers around at 65 degrees, tuesday nice, too with just a few cloud
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around. get your tee time and speaking of golf, sports and everything else there's so much to talk about. feldy will have a recap when we come right back of all of today's breaking sports events. i
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[ male announcer ] the epa estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. for wherever life takes you. this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> good evening. more than 24 hours have passed since washington nationals catcher wilson ramos was kidnapped at his home in venezuela. police have found the vehicle used by the armed men in the kidnapping abandoned in the
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nearby town this morning. venezuela's government has dispatched its top investigators gathering evidence from the vehicle that hopefully will lead them to ramos. authorities confirmed ramos was alive earlier this afternoon. he was in his home country preparing for his winter season with the tigres de aragua team when he was kidnapped. this is the first known kidnapping of a major league baseball player in venezuela, though relatives have previously been held captive for ransom. tonight reaction from some teammates through twitter. our thoughts and prayer goes out to ramos and his family. this is awful. i don't know what too think and drew storm tweet -- to think and drew storm tweeted extremely upsitting news about ramos, thoughts and prayers with him -- upsetting news about raiments, thoughts and prayers with him during this scary situation. for the -- about ramos, thoughts and prayers with him
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during this scary situation. this first order of business for the new head coach at penn state will be leading the nittany lions against nebraska saturday but it won't be easy for the coach who is nicknamed scrap for scrappy as in the way he played on special teams. paterno has been his role model, coach, mentor and boss since he arrived on catch us in the '70s. pa -- campus in the '70s. paterno is one of the rare people in sports that has become synonymous with his institution. that coupled with his personal relationship with paterno makes this move for bradley a difficult one. >> coach paterno will go down in history as one of the greatest men, maybe most of you know him as a great football coach. i've had the privilege and the honor to work for him, spend time with him and he's had such a dynamic impact on so many -- i'll say it again -- so many people and players' lives.
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no. 10, virginia tech visiting no. 20 tech, hockey can is trying to main tear -- hokies trying to maintain their lead. 4th quarter hokies holding onto a one-point lead. thomas find frazier for a 14- yard touchdown. highway kids beat the yellowjackets 37 -- hokies beat the yellowjackets 37-26. mike shanahan and the redskins preparing for the miami dolphins sunday. john beck is still looking for his first win as starting quarterback in the nfl, 0-7, 0- 9 overall and 0-3 this season. while the offense has struggled since the quarterback change, the defense still has to do what they can do only maybe do it better. >> nothing is smooth sailing for 60 minutes in the nfl. it doesn't work that way. so when bad happens, turn it into good. so if something happens bad, there's a turnover, stop them. make them kick the field goal. stop them. get the ball back and that's the only thing you can control.
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carson palmer making a second start for the ravens visiting the chargers tonight. oakland upset in the 3rd. palmer hooks up with of for 26 yards for the score, second td catch of the game. the ravens lead 24-7 team. the nba players and owners have broken off talks. derek fisher says no progress has been made. brian is back right after this.
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