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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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are working around the clock to find him. tonight, nationals fans are gathering at the park. marie is there live with the vigil. marie. >> brian, fans are slowly making their way here to the park it is keeping some people away. actually, they are slowly coming here, but we are joined by two fans here who have come to lend their support to this vigil for wilson ramos. thank you so much for talking to us tonight. why did you feel it was important to come out here? especially out here in the cold on a friday night. >> you don't have to be a nats fan to feel for this poor young man who has been kidnapped. i think everyone in d.c., our hearts just sank. anything we can do to lend support, let the family know that everyone in the nats community is hoping for safe return. >> and this is scott. joining me now is david who is also a fan. why did you think it was important to come out tonight? >> well, you hear about all the kidnapped victims in places like mexico and venezuela.
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you don't know them. this brings it home. somebody was actually known. and somebody brought us a lot of joy. we were watching the replay of this walkoff home run the night we were here in june and he is, you know, he's a good guy and we just want to show support to him and his family. >> of course, as i mentioned, fans are slowly coming here. a lot of people would say he's a rookie player. yet, people are showing support. that really says a lot about the washington community, doesn't it? >> absolutely. and about washington nationals fans. it's a great community and we have a lot of love for these young teams being built. >> thank you for coming out. words have not come out of venezuela yet regarding wilson ramos' condition. have not heard from the kidnappers. we are hearing authorities who have a sketch of two suspects and they are saying the last reports that they are convinced they can solve this case soon so they are certainly hoping
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and so are a lot of fans here. that is the very latest from here. back to you in the studio. >> thank you maurine. following new details. assistant coach, mike mcquery is on indefinite paid administrative leave. mcquery was planning on skipping tomorrow's final home game after receiving threats. he testified to a grand jury. he actually witnessed jerry sandusky abusing a child and faced criticism for not doing more. the school's president spoke out about a new focus on ethics on campus. >> never again should anyone at penn state regardless of their positions feel scared to do the right thing. my door will always be open. >> meanwhile, the assistant coach at the center of the sex abuse scandal could be facing more charges in san antonio, texas. the charges stem from jerry sandusky's visit when penn
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state played in the alamo bowl. the indictment says the victim who is known as victim 4 traveled with sandusky and his family to the game and refused his advances. meanwhile, students are camped out waiting for tomorrow's final home game against nebraska. for the first time in decades, joe paterno won't be playing. >> i'm outside beaver stadium in state college and talking to jake and drew who are waiting in line to get to the game tomorrow. jake, what are your thoughts about getting into the stadium tomorrow for the game and not seeing joe paterno on the sidelines? >> it's going to be strange. he has been here at every game that anyone who is camping out here can remember. and certainly for 46 years beyond that, and it's going to be really weird not to see him. but it's still about penn state football and still going to go out and cheer for the team. >> your thoughts, drew? >> he hasn't been on the
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sidelines lately because of his health. just knowing he's not there, it's going to be strange and it's not going to feel like normal penn state football. but it's going to go out there and give it everything we can. we still have to win the big ten. >> it's going to be emotional. you'll have a full house. you're playing nebraska and everybody's focus on state college. you're going to have a huge television audience. how emotional do you think it's going to be? >> everybody is going to pull together. this brought the penn state community together and i think that penn state together, we're just going to cheer as loud as we can and do everything we can to make our team win. >> everyone is being asked to wear blue. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think it's a good idea because obviously first people think about this whole situation are the victims of it. and we have to do what we can to support them as well. >> jake, your thoughts on wearing blue tomorrow? it seems like the thoughts are coming more around to the
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alleged abused victim. >> it's good that people are starting to remember again what this is really about and supporting the victims and find anything we can do to remind the country of what we stand for and supporting on the victims and standing up against this will do. >> jake and drew, thank you very much. there will be a candle light vigil on the main campus tonight at 10:00. and a moment of silence to remember the alleged abuse victims. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> seven securities and exchange commission employees are in trouble for failing to stop bernie madoff's scheme. some of the employees will have to pay, at least take pay cuts. others will be suspended from work. a formillion investigation found the sec could have done a lot more to stop madoff. he is currently serving a 150 year sentence. >> huge layoffs at mm global. all 1066 workers at the trading
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company were let go today. the company will try to clear its headquarters as soon as possible. the layoffs part of a bankruptcy agreement. investigators are trying to determine what happened to $600 million in missing client money. >> it is still missing and if someone knows where it is, they should raise their hand. this is one of the real mysteries. i have never seen a firm of this size have this kind of money missing for this long. >> and a global collapse after making a bet on european debt under former ceo. corzine was the former new jersey governor and u.s. senator. >> veterans day celebrated in many ways, in many different places today. one of the most emotional spots for veterans for families and friends, the wall in washington, d.c. which congressmen rates those americans who lost their lives. fox 5's john hanrahan spent part of the day there. >> it was a blustery, colder than usual veteran's day in
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washington. but that did not keep the crowds away from the vietnam veteran's memorial on the national mall. as usual, visitors left flowers and other more personal remembrances for the more than 58,000 names on the wall. richard and his wife came to the memorial to, with the help of a volunteer, get a rubbing of the name of a kid from the old neighborhood in union, new jersey. the lieutenant died in vietnam in 1968. he used to trail us around. he used to play ball. he used to follow us. he used to hang out in the corner and follow us, you know. >> 43 years later, he still gets choked up thinking about stewie and about the thousands and thousands of others who fought in the vietnam war. dave was one of them. >> i remember to making a lot of friends and losing friends.
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>> during the vietnam war, american public opinion turned against the conflict. dave said that made things very hard for vets returning to america. >> came home, i hid my uniform. it was just too painful. i went to college and i went about my life. >> dave became a career teacher in arlington county public schools. >> happy veteran's day. >> some americans spent this veteran's day thanking those who put on the uniform. this is six-year-old riley of charlotte, north carolina. riley and her two siblings handed out homemade thank you cards to every veteran they could find. in washington, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> one of the great pyramids is closed today and the unusual
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date has everything to do with it. veterans are gathering today to remember from minority vets. sue. >> brian, as john said, it sure was a blustery day. temperatures only in the 40s. headed for the 30s tonight. i'll let you know what the rest of the weekend is holding, and lindsey, i'm sure everybody bundled up for those friday night games. >> coming up in sports, the latest on the search for wilson ramos, plus, more fallout for penn state football and deangelo hall misses practice. we'll tell you why when the news continues. t
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is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. minority veterans were the center of attention at the black history museum. almost a full house showed up to honor the veterans. to pave the way for the minority officers. retired ozzie jr. said he stands proudly on the shoulders of those who fought for his
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right to fight. he worries about what vets today are coming home to. >> coming back, they should be first in line to get the job. they should be the ones in the houses, not on the streets. i know it's in the a traditional thing, but these are the things i worry about. >> high ranking retired used the day to speak out about the experience of minorities serving in uniform. the republican presidential hopefuls aren't taking any breaks. we're going to catch up with them as they hit the campaign trail. and rick perry trying to save face up to that embarrassing debate performance. harry's top ten straight ahead. 
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scandal or no scandal, herman cain still leading the polls. cain has 18% of the support. newt gingrich moving up tied at second place at 15%. they fin issued the top five. michele bachmann and john huntsman have less than 5% of support. the battle for the republican nomination continues tonight in new york, new hampshire, south carolina, the gop hopefuls plug away. one day ahead of another debate. in less than two months until the first nominating contest. fox's craig boswell reports. >> mitt romney is in south carolina ahead of tomorrow night's gop debate. discussing veterans issues. >> how about job prospects? what have you found? >> romney is near the top. but it is far from a done deal. a majority of south carolina gop voters say they are still undecided. not to mention, romney placed fourth there in 2008. however, huge debate gap by rick perry and sexual
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harassment allegations against herman cain are opening up opportunities, not just for romney, but also for newt gingrich. >> there's the mitt romney and the i'm not mitt romney. we have two top contenders for the second category. newt gingrich and herman cain. >> and michele bachmann is also there today. president obama marked the holiday laying a wreath at the tomb of the unnope and during the remarks touched on part of his jobs bill that provides tax breaks for those hiring veterans. >> on this veteran's day, i ask every american, recruit our veterans. if you're a business owner, hire them. >> president oh bam many obama -- saturday's gop debate in south carolina will focus on national security and foreign policy. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. texas governor in damage control mode after wednesday night's debate gap. the gop presidential hopeful tried to make light of the 54
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second brain freeze as he tried and failed to recall. he would abolish by presenting the top ten list on david letterman last night. >> number seven, i thought the debate was tonight. >> there you go. that happens to everybody. it was a mixup, ladies and gentlemen. sure. and number six. >> hey listen, you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you, that is one handsome dude. >> i know. i know exactly what you're talking about. >> he's been making the rounds on major network shows since his debate flaw. i have to say, he was very funny. i watched it and he is a good actor. really good. >> well -- awful windy today. >> isn't it? the wind is awful. with these temperatures in the 40s, really felt it. for the first time today, i thought, why did i not put gloves in my pocket?
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the wind is going to get better. still gusty out there now as we look live across d.c. on friday night, tgif. but it is going to be, wow, it's going to be a cold friday night as these winds continue to gust right around 20 miles per hour. we are going to show you temperatures first, because as we have been talking about. our front went through yesterday and it brought temperatures down a little bit below average for this time of year and we are at 46 degrees right now, which is up a degree or two since last hour. but in gaithersburg, 41. frederick, you are down to 39. culpeper is right with you and most other places, feeling even colder because of these winds gusting to 21 miles per hour. manassas you're right there as well. we had some gusts to 35 and close to 38 miles an hour in a few spots today. the wind is still going to be noticeable. but the gusts will get better as we go through the night and it will be plain breezy, not blustery tomorrow. but happy veterans day to everybody and this is definitely one of th
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ones. the sunshine is going to be back tomorrow. now we have plenty of sunshine today. some clouds in the afternoon and we are watching the first of our lake effect snows here, which hasn't been a bad deal. but that is going on across upstate new york, into new england, as cold winds blow across the warmer waters. tonight, we are thinking it's going to be at or below freezing in the suburbs. bundle up for that. front royal, 31. frederick dropping to 30. and even here in the district, upper 30s. and of course, even though the wind will settle down. dress for the early portion of the night where we'll have windchills much colder than the temperatures you are seeing here. plenty of sun. temperature of 60 degrees ask winds out of the south, southwest. a warmer direction, but still breezy. at 8:00 in the morning, if you have practice or games, 42 degrees. 30s in the suburbs. by noon, we're 50. and by 4:00, 52 degrees. doesn't look like that got updated. but do expect chilly morning
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temperatures and maybe even some frost on the windshield. we eventually will get back up to 60 and maybe upper 50s across the region, which believe it or not, is close to average for this time of year. of the two weekend days. saturday is brighter. some clouds come in on sunday and there may be very late sunday night and into monday. a spotty shower. check out the five-day forecast. we have a couple good trends to see here. one of which is the temperatures are actually going to be warming a couple of degrees now over the next few days, including into monday. spotty showers from monday, brian, but tuesday into wednesday it looks like better chance for some showers coming with the frontal system. >> a little hint. i am playing golf for the first time in eight months tomorrow. >> okay. >> 60 degrees in november? >> you'll be wearing your shorts, i'm sure. >> i will. >> and hopefully you did wash your car. because i finally got mine done. we are going to hold off a
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little longer on the showers. >> thousands of couples got married in las vegas today. marking their anniversary. 11/11/11. the courthouse handed out two marriage licenses every minute yesterday and chapels ran up to 10 an hour. typical vegas fashion. >> we have a maryland monroe wedding tomorrow. we have three blues brothers weddings tomorrow. we have a camelot wedding tomorrow. >> we do 10 to 20 weddings and bump that up to 200. i'd say that's a nice day. >> the number of weddings is expected to come close to the record hit on 7/7/7. next up, chapels will start booking weddings for 12/12/12. closed the biggest of the pyramids to keep groups from holding ceremonies. some people believe the pyramids would have a special power today and authorities were worried the large groups could do damage to the
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good evening. i'm lindsey murphy. it's the maryland 4a west region semifinals kicking off tonight at 7:00. let's change gears a little bit. more than two days have passed in the wilson ramos kidnapping remains a mystery. venezuela is confident they can solve this quickly. last night, neighbors held a candle light vigil outside ramos' house and at games, a moment of silence was observed. authorities believed the on duck abductors belonged to a group.
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>> mike mcquery has been placed on administrative leave. after receiving threats. mcquery testified in a grand jury investigation that led to child sex abuse charges being filed against former defensive coordinator, jerry sandusky. >> the redskins will be in miami tomorrow to phis a 1-7 dolphins team. le'ron landry didn't practice fully. he is expected to play tomorrow and deangelo hall didn't practice today because his wife had twins. congratulations to the hall family. miami will be a homecoming for wide receiver. the rookie will make his second nfl start on sunday following a four catch, 34-yard performance against the niners last week. hankerson is trying to round up 50 tickets for family and friends. all who watched him break records at the u. >> st's just a matter of
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preparing. doing the things it takes and just keep it going. i mean, the challenges here, just have to keep working. have to keep impressing. that's why he is getting an opportunity to play, because we know that hank can play. he can make plays and we look to him to continue to get better. >> to the college ranks, losing to uva. maryland hits the road for the final three games of the season. the terps won't travel far tomorrow. only to fedex field to face notre dame in a nationally televised game. despite playing on the big stage, randy wants his boys focused. >> we go on the field, all i want our guys thinking about is playing against the opponent. the field at fedex is the same distance as the stadium. it's 120 yards long and 3 1/3 yards wide. so we just have to go out there
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and play and i think our kids will play very, very well. >> tomorrow on my 20, mc state faces boston college. coverage begins at noon. and finally, caps defenseman likely to play tonight against the devils. brian. >> thanks, enjoy the game. and thank you for joining us. back here tonight at 10:00. the news edge at 11:00. have a fantastic friday night. see you then.  [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company be ahead of the curve and still completely behind you? dave thinks so. he's putting two kids through college. ♪ and aetna's payment estimator lets him compare in-network specialists and out-of-pocket costs. ♪ so he knows what to expect before getting the bill. money saved. ♪ see the savings.
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