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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 11, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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10:00. we're following breaking news, a shooting on the d.c. side of the roosevelt bridge. >> several shots were fired from an automatic rifle. audrey barnes there now live with detape. >> reporter: this is hooting actually happened on 6 -- with details. >> reporter: this shooting actually happened on 16th street at constitution. it was a shooting between two vehicles police say. one of those vehicles ended up here on that 23rd and constitution right outside ironically the institute of peace. now i did walk up the ramp outside the building and i did see that vehicle facing in the wrong direction on the up ramp. the doors are open. there is no sign of the driver. police fanned out across the city looking for both drivers of both vehicles and so far they are still on the loose at this hour. now we did get some video of one of those searches at
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virginia avenue at the boathouse. we saw police officers with weapons drawn searching that property looking for one of the drivers involved in the shooting. we're also hearing that police are searching the area 15th and constitution and also 17th and constitution looking for the two gunmen involved in this shooting. as far as we can tell this shooting did not happen on roosevelt bridge. it was actually 16th and constitution, a very active crime scene. you can probably hear the domain police dogs barking in the background. they're still looking for at least two people who were involved in the shooting that took place. back to you in the studio. >> more details on the news edge at 11:00. the sex scandal rocking penn state. >> 48 hours ago students were rioting in the streets. tonight they're together again, this time hoping to set a much different tone. we have complete coverage of the scandal tonight. fox 5 laura evans tracking the latest developments in the
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investigation. we'll start off with wisdom martin live tonight in pennsylvania. >> reporter: tonight what we're seeing is thousands of students here on campus of penn state university. they just got done with a moment of silence. they got the band there and people speaking. this is a vigil that he went organized by the students at penn state -- that's been organized by the students at penn state university through word of mouth and through twitter and facebook. they say the reason they're doing this as we look at some up close video of this actual event, the reason they're doing this is because they say during this entire ordeal the focus has been on joe paterno, jerry sandusky, the football program and the administrators. they say the focus should be on the victims and that is why the penn state students are here tonight to show that penn state students do care and that they care about the victims of this tragedy. a short time ago we spoke with a couple seniors here at penn state and asked them why they decided to participate. >> i feel like after everything
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that's been going on the students really need to show that it's not about us, it's not about joe, it's about the victims and this is what our school -- really is a great way to show is in a peaceful manner. >> i came out here same reason. i feel like it's getting overshadowed and that the media is following joe paterno around more so than it should be focus more on other things like the victim -- focused more on other things like the victims. >> reporter: now also today the president of penn state university announced they hired an ethics officer who will deal with these kind of situations in the future. their main goal is to do what they can to start healing process and get past. this also want to tell you tomorrow another organization here on campus will have a vigil after the football game from 4:00 to 6:00, same kind of tone. they want the students to be part of that as well. this no doubt has been the most tumultuous week in penn state's history. the board of trustees is trying
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to restore some sense of public trust, but the fallout continues. laura evans is in the newsroom now. >> the man at the center of it all, jerry sandusky, is not only facing death threats, he's dealing with vandals who broke out a window in his home. meanwhile president obama is now weighing in calling this case heartbreaking and penn state meanwhile is increasing security for all athletic events this weekend. ekend. trying to move forward from the sex abuse scandal rocking penn state, the board of trustees is creating a special committee to investigate the alleged abuse. they're vowing to restore public trust in the university. >> this is a tragedy for many lives and it will take all of us some time to come to grips with the full magnitude of all the damage that has been done. >> a special committee will bring all of its resources including counsel to determining whether or not officers and employees of the university acted responsibly in
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connection with these allegations and whether going forward we need any changes to the university's policies or procedures to ensure the protection of children in the few. >> reporter: and more developments friday. one day after coach joe paterno was fired for not doing more to stop the alleged abuse. >> assistant coach mike mcqueary has been placed on administrative leave. he will not be coaching nor attending tomorrow's game. >> reporter: mcqueary testified in grande jury investigation that he saw the alleged abuse taking place back in 2002. that eventually led to child sex abuse charges. meanwhile former assistant coach jerry sandusky could face even more charges. police in san antonio are confirming they are looking into a possible assault during the 1999 alamo bowl. one of the alleged victims traveled with sandusky and his wife to the game.
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san douse ski threatened to send that victim home when -- sandusky threatened to send that victim home when he recess the. tmz -- when he resisted. tmz says mcqueary is no longer at the university but is in protective custody and double fisting food. >> what about coach paterno? have we heard from him since the firing? >> we have not. a statement was released tonight by his son scott who says in part like everyone who has watched this story unfold my father is experiencing a range of powerful emotions. he is absolutely distraught over what happened to the children and their families and the statement goes on to say they've hired a high profile criminal attorney and while his father does want to speak publicly, he has to follow the legal process now and for now he needs to stay silent. >> and the investigation continues. thank you. we want to know what you think. has the university handled the scandal correctly? text yes or no to 29473.
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standard text messages rates apply. messaging rates apply. more breaking news literally just coming into the fox 5 newsroom, nats catcher william ramos found safe in venezuela two days after being kidnapped by armed men. fox 5's maureen umeh with this story. >> the news coming in via various sources tonight from twitter to just the washington post now reporting wilson ramos has been found safe. venezuela's minister of information saying authorities have found him. he is safe and taken now to his family's home. news coming from various sources, as i said. the 24-year-old catcher kidnapped wednesday by apparently four kidnappers, two police had sketches of and were really hoping to crack down this case sooner than later saying confidently they thought it would be solved. that appears to be the case now, wilson ramos found safely on his way home now to his family's house in venezuela. also his press assistants, one
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of the other people confirming this good news coming out of venezuela tonight. earlier today dozens of fans gathered outside nats stadium to pray for wilson ramos' safe return and to show solidarity. you see there they had homemade signs and had a candlelight vigil in the cold weather tonight hoping, praying that wilson ramos would be found safely, many of them confident police were doing the work needed to bring the 24-year-old home safely. that, in fact, happened, again word coming into the newsroom at this hour that wilson ramos, 24-year-old nats catcher, has been found safe in venezuela now headed to his family's home there. authorities confirming that right now. , the news coming via various news sources. we are still gathering information and as we learn more as to where he was, if there was a demand made moneywise or anything of that nature, once we learn that we will bring that information to you, but again wilson ramos found safe and headed home to
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his family tonight. back to you. >> indeed great news. >> a chilly winnie start to the weekend and temperatures -- windy start to the weekend and temperatures are dropping tonight. it is going to be a cold one. fox 5's gary mcgrady in the weather center now with what we can expect. >> cold weather at least overnight tonight. there's several areas outside the beltway well below freezing tonight. i expect it to be very cold out there, especially in the suburbs overnight tonight. we're 43 in town, but look at manassas, down to 30 degrees, culpeper 34. the win has died down quite a bit --ed wind has died down quite a bit this evening and frederick now sitting at 34 degrees. if you factor in the wind, there's not a whole lot now, but in some places where there's still a bit of a breeze it feels cooler, 39 in the city is the way it feels. we'll go 29 tonight in frederick, 39 centreville, 33
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fredericksburg. here in town mid- to upper 30s, but out in the suburbs easily below freezing in most locations. weekend forecast coming up in a bit. the nation pauses to honor all the veterans who served our country so bravely. we will show you the touching way they're being honored coming up. new information about what was found inside osama bin laden bin's hideout including plans to launch a new wave of terror attacks. a local shelter under investigation after a wheelchair bound homeless veteran died right across the street. what happens? we'll go looking for answers at 11:00. 
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six months after osama bin laden bin was killed we're still learning exactly what officials found in the al-qaeda leader's compound. fox news learned in addition to talk about attacking trains and striking on national anniversaries, bin laden also discussed using buses to attack
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americans. >> reporter: a new intelligence bulletin obtained by fox news warns that terrorists had targeted bus networks more than any other mode of transportation. buses like this one in london where a suicide bomber's backpack was full of explosives. more than 7,500 attacks were documented from 2004 to 2009. this week the tsa acknowledges the new warning. >> it's something we're seeing and reporting over time that terrorists around the world clearly are interested because of the accessibility, the open architecture both of buses and rail. >> reporter: coming just one week before the thanksgiving break, the warnings to law enforcement in the nation's capital reads in part bus systems are considered attractive terrorist targets because they are relatively soft targets. while ieds like this attack in iraq are common, the bulletin says al-qaeda in yemen inspires as the case of vehicle attacks
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in crowds, buildings and other vehicles. >> we ask to be cognizant of what's going on arched the world as we enter the biz -- around the world as we enter the busy holiday season. >> reporter: intelligence obtained showed osama bin laden bin even considered ramming the buses into buildings attacking americans. >> he always felt he wanted to leverage his target, both use a soft target that he had access to and one that was spectacular. >> reporter: homeland security and tsa officials say there is no credible intelligence terrorist groups have immediate plans to hit the bus network, but increasingly the law enforcement bulletins warn of terrorist groups trying to recruit employees who work in the bus, train and airline industry. the three whistleblowers who witnessed the mishandling of remains at dover air force base are speaking out telling the associated press they were shocked by what ey saw. two say they witnessed lost body parts, some ending up in a
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virginia landfill. another worker said he was ordered to saw a protruding arm bone off the marine to so it would fit in a uniform. he refused and someone else did it. recently officials at the mortuary have been reprimanded but not fired. an investigation has been ordered into the matter. americans celebrated veterans day nationwide, one of the most emotional spots for veterans and their families is the wall here in washington d.c. it commemorates u.s. service members who lost their lives during the vietnam war. fox 5's john henrehan takes us there. >> reporter: it was a blustery colder than usual veterans day in washington, but that did not keep the crowds away from the vietnam veterans memorial on the national mall. as usual, visitors left flowers and other more personal remembrances for the more than 58,000 names inscribed on the wall. richard patrico and his wife came to the memorial to with the help of a volunteer get the
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rubbing of a name from a kid in the old neighborhood in union, new jersey. lieutenant stewart melnick died in vietnam in 1968. >> used to trail us around. he used to play ball and follow us. we used to hang out in the corner. he'd follow us. >> reporter: 43 years later patrico still gets choked up thinking about stewy and the thousands and thousands of others who fought in the vietnam war. dave macedonia was one of them. >> i remember making a lot of friends, losing friends. >> reporter: during the vietnam war american public opinion turned against the conflict. former army sergeant dave macedonia said that made things very hard for vets returning to america. >> came home. i hid my uniform. it was just too painful.
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and i went to college and i went about my life. >> reporter: dave macedonia became a career teacher in arlington county public schools. >> happy veterans day. >> thank you. >> reporter: some americans spent this veterans day thanking those who put on the uniform. this is 6-year-old riley wooten of charlotte, north carolina. riley and her two siblings handed out homemade thank you cards to every veteran they could find. in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news. nearby in the national mall a tribute to veterans of world war ii. an honor guard presented the american flag and the flags of all the branches of the military. also special tribute was paid to the thousands of black americans who served while dealing with discrimination and segregation at home and in the service. president obama spent veterans dane at hearing ton national cemetery honor -- day at arlington national cemetery
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honoring the memory troops. after laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown he promised the government would hire more veterans and asked private business owners to do the same and then gave a special thank you to all service members. >> to all our nation's veterans, wherever you fought, you are part of an unbroken chain of men and women who have served this country with honor and distinction. on behalf of a proud and grateful nation, we thank you. >> defense secretary leon panetta was on hand for today's ceremonies. the republican president candidate did not take the holiday off, the hopefuls are in new york, new hampshire and south carolina. mitt romney is popping near the top in south carolina, but a majority of voters say they're undecided and a big debate gaffe by rick perry and sexual harassment allegations by herman cain are opening up
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opportunities. >> there's the mitt romney and the i'm not mitt romney and two top contenders for that second category, newt gingrich and herman cain. >> the candidates are gearing up for a debate tomorrow in south carolina hosted by cbs news which just released a new poll showing newt gingrich making major gains. next we take you to a first ever college basketball game on an aircraft carrier. also ahead a day that comes along once in a lifetime. we will show you how people took advantage of 11-11-11. [ male announcer ]  the chicken marinara melt
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the president and first lady watched a college basketball game near san diego tonight on a u.s. aircraft carrey turned ncaa basketball -- carrey turned ncaa basketball court. the game took place on the flight deck of the uss carl
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vinson, the navy warship that buried osama bin laden bin's body at sea. about 7,000 service members attended the game. 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year, a lot of people thinking it's their lucky day. we're taking you to the celebrations coming up next, but first shawn. thank you. we are staying on top of breaking news. we're talking about national pitcher ramos -- sorry, national catcher wilson ramos being found safe and alive tonight in venezuela. lindsay, i know you've been working the phones. >> i know that just came out. apparently he was rescued around 9:50 eastern time and it's been broadcast even on television now he's safe and sound. according to these reports, he's being escorted by police to his family's home and i know a family friend actually is the 1 that was tweeting some of that -- one that was tweeting some of that information to a gentleman, rafael rojas, who was on our show yesterday. he is safe. apparently he was freed from
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the mountains of montoban. that's the latest that we have. we're not sure if anything has happened with the abductors, as far as where he was found, but the good news is he is safe and sound being returned to his family. >> you're still working to see if we can find video or more information. just to bring people up to speed. he was kidnapped wednesday evening outside his home in venezuela. we talked a bit about why he was down there. >> that's his home country where he spends his offseason, but a lot of baseball players, minor and major leaguers play in venezuelan winter leagues. there's winter leagues in mexico, the dominican republic. venezuela is a huge one. it's as big, if not bigger, than the mlb. a lot of these players are treated like royalty. so ramos was a big target even though he's not a huge name here quite yet in d.c. he was a rookie. is considered a god, a royalty in this town. >> there's speculation he was kidnapped because he has money
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and still we never heard word the kipnappers contacted his family, but we know you'll keep working the phones. >> yes. he made the league minimum which is 415,000, but he wasn't a person that was ever showy with money. never bragged. he actually lived in a very modest home with his family. he was with his father and two brothers when he was taken away by four armed gunmen. the good news is he's safe. let's hope this is all true and we can get some video definition and see him smiling again. >> hopefully very soon, good news tonight again. wilson ramos found safe and alive in venezuela. we'll be right back. t
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couple ofs across the country are taking -- couples across country are taking advantage of this special day to say i do on 11-11-11. look at some of the crowds in las vegas. some chapels reported performing up to 10 weddings an hour. we caught up to a local bride
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to be hours before she walked down the aisle. >> when i was in college, bake, what i have a thing with dates -- way back, what i have a thing with dates and i said oh, it would be really cool to get married on 11-11-11 and i looked up the date and it was a friday. >> jennifer and her husband exchanged vows this afternoon at st. dominic's church in northwest. we wish them well. also a special day for a little boy from springsville, west virginia, just right outside hagerstown. our beth parker paid him a visit auto this very exciting day. >> reporter: he's just 11, but this is a birthday to remember. >> 11-11-11. >> reporter: how old are you? >> 11. >> reporter: that's right. matthew nichols is turning 11 on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2011. his mom says he arrived right
10:31 pm
on his due date. >> matthew came like there was no tomorrow. it was like he just knew that he was supposed to be coming like right then. the doctor had just walked in the doctor when he was delivered. he looked at the clock and said i, it's 11:11. >> reporter: what's your lucky number? >> 25. >> reporter: that's why his football jersey is known 25 and matthew has big -- no. 25 and matthew has big plans. >> in the nfl. >> reporter: you want to play in the nfl. will you be no. 11? >> no. >> reporter: now he's celebrating having a sleepover with his buddies. how late are you planning to stay up tonight? >> all night if we can. >> reporter: who do you think will be the first to fall asleep? he likes video games and singing. because matthew's birthday is on the 11th, it always coincides with veterans day. that means he gets of birthday off school, but he does take it seriously. look what happened when we
10:32 pm
first started chatting today. tell me what's the number. >> veterans day. >> he even tells me that he's very proud to have his day being with the veterans. >> they served our country for us. >> reporter: friends tell ann weller she should play the lottery. >> you need to play them 11's of. >> reporter: but she's already lucky. she has a good son with a birthday she could never forget. beth parker, fox 5 news. a major star hitting the dance floor with a quantico marine this weekend. justin timberlake is attending the marine corps ball in rich land with corporal kelsey desantes. she asked him last summer to be her date through a youtube video and he said yes. she's already bragging she may be a better dancer. timberlake was one of several celebrities who agreed to attend the marine corps ball this year. think about how many pairs of outgrown or barely used shoes you have tucked way in your closet, probably don't
10:33 pm
give them much thought, but those old shoes could be a lifesaver to a child in kenya by providing something desperately needed there, fresh drinking water. audrey barnes with more on what some local churches are doing to help an african village one shoe at a time. >> reporter: this is home video of a mission in africa. calvary baptist church was there providing restaurantly needed medical care to a village. a conversation with a doctor changed the pastor's focus entirely. >> one of the things the doctors have pointed out to us is that we just got to put in a beige over gangrene because they're drinking the water. -- a bandage over bang green because they're drinking the water. -- gangrene because they're drinking the water here. >> reporter: the water is filled with parasites. the pastor saw the need firsthand. >> to see the people living in
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the conditions that they're living in, it just touched my heart. >> reporter: the next step was clear. >> we have got to get a well here. >> reporter: with the help of george hutchins, the shuman. >> i don't need a lot of money. -- the shoe man. >> i don't need a lot of money. i just need you to do a shoe drive. shoes provide water. >> reporter: that's how the mountain of shoes growing at a warehouse in temple hills began. >> i'm going to take these shoes to third world countries and sell them for 35 cents a pair and the proceeds will be used to drill a well. >> reporter: after watching some villagers choose shoes over medicine, the pastors knew they were on the right track. >> in the first couple weeks we had actually raised our collective 14,000 pairs of shoes. >> reporter: if they can get 5,000 more pairs by next friday when the shoe man arrives, he's promised to build a well in salawa by next may. to put this in perspective, all
10:35 pm
of these shoes, 30,000 them, represent just one well and that one well will save a lot more than 30,000 lives. the pastors vow this first well won't be the last. >> we will not scratch the surface with one well. so the goal is to continue this process over and over and over again. >> reporter: one pair of shoes at a time. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> great story. what would you do if you accidentally toss something worth about 10 grand into the trash and then it went to the landfill? one man wasn't about to let it go. his story coming up. apple has a fix for the big problem it says with its latest iphone. but first is there a big problem with one of chevy's hottest sellers? fox business network's neil cavuto with your world. >> chevy volt sparking a fire and now an investigation. the government wants to know
10:36 pm
what one of the chevy's battery powered cars caught fire while parked at a government testing facility. the investigation is coming just as automakers start shifting production on plug-in cars into high gear. meantime caterpillar doing heavy lifting to help lift the job market, bulldozers and earth movers planning to build a new facility in north america creating about 1,000 jobs but on the other end of the spectrum ms global in hot water after betting the house and losing, says every worker has to go. that's nearly 120000 folks. the move is part of mf global's bankruptcy deal. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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a consumer alert in time for thanksgiving, 4,000 pounds of wegmans mashed sweet toe take toes being -- sweet potato being recalled packaged in 24- ounce plastic trays with a use by date of november 18. the packages were sold at stores in six states including virginia. customers can return the packages to wegmans for a refund. apple is responding to customer complaints about the short battery life of the new iphone. a software update was released. you can download it by connecting to itunes. some users who already have the update are still reporting battery issues. apple says the software should fix most of the problems but they're working on the others. buying holiday gift cards is years this year. most can be delivered electronically. several big retailers like best buy, gap and fizz a hut are introducing e cards -- pizza hut are introducing e cards for the first time this year. 8% of them a survey shows have
10:41 pm
expiration dates and one in seven charge purchase fees. >> not many of the cards in our survey charge you a purchase fee. most will be with a general purpose gift cards which are the ones that have a credit card brand which is visa, american express, discover and mastercard. >> e gift cards could help alleviate one problem. about 6% get lost every year. we're staying on top of breaking news tonight on the news edge, nats catcher wilson ramos rescued from kidnappers in venezuela. plus a fox 5 exclusive at 11:00, a homeless veteran wheelchair bound found dead after being turned away by a shelter. what happened here? the news edge investigates.
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the latest gop presidential polls still have herman cain and mitt romney on top, but they're being joined by a familiar face, newt gingrich is gaining ground. earlier today i spoke with chris wallace about what this means for the front runners. >> according to the cds poll, all three, gingrich and romney
10:45 pm
are tied at 15%, cain i think at 18%. to not have a frontrunner in the 20s even, let alone the 30s is really an indication this race is wide open. i not only think it's up for grabs among those three, but some of the ones trailing. if the front roner is only at 18%. the other -- runner is only at tonight%. the other thing i think is that cain has really been hurt by these allegations. he's still leading, but his support among republican women has dropped from 28% to 15. that's why he's dropped in the polls and that's clearly since the allegations came out of sexual harassment. >> not only did cain have a tumultuous week, but that brain freeze by rick perry. at this point if you're mitt romney, you've got cain still up there. you have newt gingrich making a comeback. should mitt romney be concerned? >> yeah. he's steady and up near the front. so it's better to be there and he's raised a lot of money, but
10:46 pm
the fact is you've had donald trump who at one point was in the polls leading and then michele bachmann and rick perry and now it's herman cain. they raise and they fall, but romney seems unable to build any support. his ceiling seems to be at about 25% which means that 3/4 of the potential electorate is looking for somebody else even though they've fallen disenchanted with some of these other people. that is not a vote of confidence for mitt romney at all. >> no, it is not. let's talk about another important issue, who is on your show this weekend? >> i can answer that. we'll be talking about penn state and just the tragic events there, first of all, the young kids and secondly, of course, the football program and legendary joe paterno. we'll talk to the great franco harris from penn state. we'll talk to the head of the student body and a top sportswriter who is now a professor of journalism there. then we'll talk about the super committee because as of sunday
10:47 pm
they'll have 10 days to make a deal where it sets off those automatic triggers. they got to find a trillion dollars in deficit reduction. we'll talk to two key members, pat toomy republican senator of pennsylvania. >> we'll see you here this sunday at 9:00 here on fox 5. thank you. >> thank you. >> i stepped outside tonight and wanted to step back in. it's cold. >> the wind's died down. that did help some, but what a difference from what we've had earlier in the week to today's temperatures staying basically in the 40s for highs out there. that was with good amounts of sunshine. most of the day the wind chill value if not in the upper 30s for some of you with the gusty winds down to the lower 40s. thank goodness at least the winds have called down a little bit and it's turned into a real nice crisp fall evening. it's going to be a very cold
10:48 pm
overnight, a very cold fall overnight, but it will warm up a bit the next couple days. 44 here in town, gaithersburg 37, manassas, culpeper, they continue to drop like a rock now in the upper 20s there. fredericksburg is 32. that's dropping off. everybody outside of the beltway is really dropping tonight. baltimore holding up at 9th degrees, annapolis 42 -- 39 degrees, annapolis 42 and leonard town fairly cold. a couple places with a little wind creating a bit of a wind chill factor, feels like 40 in town, feels like 26 in frederick, 30 for quantico. in culpeper and manassas, the normal temperature of 28 degrees indicating no wind out there. clear skies tonight. the very cold air mass has settled in. it was producing lake effect snow earlier in the day but
10:49 pm
that has calmed down. they may get a little more tomorrow, but most of that should stay well up into western sections of new york state. of course, nothing for us even though we did have some flurries reported down in the shenandoah for tomorrow. want to take you out to the central plains. you see all this cloudiness coming out into parts of colorado and texas. it looks like now by sunday some of this high level moisture will work on in for our area and so i think while tomorrow will be completely gorgeous with loads of sunshine, we're talking now like we're going to get some sunday clouds coming up on the backside of this high pressure. as the high pressure does very nicely for us tomorrow, brings us a lot of sunshine. we'll go 60 degrees and then it looks like on sunday the little change here has been that we've increased the clouds on sunday. i don't think it means that we're going to be completely sun-free on sunday, but i think we'll have enough clouds to make it at least mostly cloudy
10:50 pm
by the late afternoon. temperature there will only be up to around 60 to 63 degrees. it just depends now how much sunshine can get through some of those high to midlevel clouds. a cold night. the wind is settling down, temperature 37 degrees here in town, but in the suburbs it's just a free for all out there in some places. a cold start tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine through the day, high temperature up to right around 60 degrees or so. that's about 10 degrees, 11 degrees warmer than where we were today and the wind, a little breeze out of the southwest 10 to 15, perhaps a little bit higher than that at times tomorrow, but not nearly like it was today. 42 to start, 56 at noon and 54 degrees by 6:00 tomorrow evening and we'll cool right back down tomorrow evening. futurecast indicating nothing but clear skies tomorrow, but
10:51 pm
as we progress into sunday, notice it brings cloudiness in sunday, sunday afternoon no, rain. that will stay well off to the west of us. five-day forecast, at least the good news here, we aren't talking about any extremely cold weather after we get through tonight. temperatures every day there at least in the 60s. the post season kicked off in high school football around the region. >> our fox 5 game. week went to maryland as gaithers -- game of the week went to maryland as gaithersburg faced off against churchill. >> playoff football was the best and tonight was the 4a semifinals, gaither the no. 3 seed, churchill the no. 2 seed and these two teams play games as close as their seedings. september 30 churchill beat gaithersburg on two late turnovers and tonight a rematch. the home squad churchill ready to go for this do or die
10:52 pm
playoff time. churchill quarterback finding dominic williams in the end zone for the 45-yard touchdown. it's 7-0 churchill and once the touchdown celebration was over, a little handshake, watch this play. there's two tacklers duped, break another one and go he way bulldogs. churchill leads 17-0 at the half. gaithersburg will not go down out of a fight. late in the 3rd the trojans driving quarterback lincoln reyes recovers the high snap but gets picked off by jonathan lee. he returns it 15 yards before taking a huge hit. then on churchill's next possession a deep throw to dominic williams again for 45 yards, no touchdown this time, not yet anyway. three plays later in for the 5- yard touchdown. churchill wins 24-6 over gaithersburg. >> i tell you when i came here three years ago, this was the
10:53 pm
goal, to be in the lead program in the state of maryland to try to get to the playoffs and make something happen. we put in a lot of hard work these past three years and i'm glad that it finally paid off for us. >> congratulations to churchill with the win. they are the 4a west region finals. 10 grand tossed in the trash, but one husband was not about to let his wife's engagement ring go without a big fight, his extreme dumpster dive coming up. at 11:00 here's one most parents don't worry about, getting their kid a cholesterol test. doctors are now adding it to the list. why on the news edge. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. ma t.d mm
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today on fox 5 morning news our own holly morris thought she was doing a story about expectant mothers and massage. holly is expecting a little one of her own and our own allison seymour unveiled a big surprise for holly on the air. take a look. >> oh! oh! >> this is your special day. >> oh, my god. >> we know you couldn't have done this production without the help of someone very special. so we want to welcome thomas to the shower. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's up at this hour? oh. >> holly's wonderful husband. he was in on this from the beginning. >> this is holly's fox 5 family baby shower. her best friend from college kim joined the party by phone. of course, we had plenty of food and holly even got pampered at the red door salon.
10:58 pm
a precious piece of jewelry trashed by accident and a husband went to the extremes to get it back. fox's richard jordan has one amazing story. >> it will never happen again. i'm not in charge of the ring anymore. >> never. >> reporter: anna and brian mcwood can laugh now, but the couple was heartbroken when their engagement ring vanished. brian realized he accidentally threw the ring away. >> it was the most thoughtless thing i've ever done. >> reporter: a anna was in the shower, handed the ring to her husband who had other garbage in his hand and dumped it in the kitchen trash and threw out the bag. >> to look at the horror of any wife's eyes, my heart sunk. >> i felt absolutely devastated. i was shocked. i was crying. i just felt hopeless. >> reporter: the mcginns ran
10:59 pm
out to the neighborhood dumpster. >> we missed the waste management company by five minutes. >> reporter: but brian wasn't going to give up on finding that ring. >> i love her. the ring means a lot to us. it had to go back on her finger. >> reporter: brian went to the pompano beach landfill. there the committed husband had to suit up and dig. >> i was lifting chairs out of the way, broken glass, other sanitary items i don't want to get into, but it was horrific to say the least of. >> reporter: brian says the worst part was the stench. >> it was like nothing i've ever smelled before. i actually did slightly vomit. it was pretty bad. >> reporter: but the ring finally surfaced and now the couple is back on track to live out their happily ever after. >> he's my hero. he's my absolute hero. >> it's good to get that title after you real mess up. >> he's got some leverage for quite a while. he's not allowed to touch the ring. i will never again give it to him and i probabwo


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