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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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over the legal limit of .08. he was then arrested for being drunk in public. >> i don't know. there is search of a danger for students sitting in the classroom. the issue would be that they drove there possibly under the influence earlier and became intoxicated during lunchtime or at some point, would have gotten in the car and driven off of the cool grounds. there are still students and people walking around on school grounds. this person would have ended out on the roadway and in an intoxicated state. >> children were not aware of what was happening. he was discrete. all of our staff was instructed if they detect the problem to report to the administration, which they did and the administration immediately reported to the office. >> reporter: two parents we talked to said they are pleased with the way the allegations
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was handled. >> and how responsive the staff is and how responsible they are and how concerned they are about the safety of the students. >> i think i am proud of the way that the proceedings were amd when they discovered and detected that happened. it shows everyone in the organization is taking collective responsibility and taking sure they step up to the plate and doing the right thing to ensure that student safety and security is never compromised at every level of the organization. >> reporter: neither parent we spoke with had children that were being taught by the man. he was in the louden school system last year but this is the first year that the school opened here and this school has been open since september. previously, he worked in the fairfax system. >> thank you, paul. now, where a woman claims
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she had a terrifying encounter with an intruder and that happened on october 27th at the fairfax shopping center. the woman claims an unknown man got into the passenger side of the car as she cot into the driver's -- got into the drover's side. the location here is significant. and this is that same shopping center where she was last seen a year ago. the fairfax county woman was found dead inside her car in a ditch. bob barnard is live with more information on this latestupsy dent. bob? >> reporter: this might be an eerie coincidence or the killer tries to strike again. either way, what happened here last month has fairfax county police on alert tonight.
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no audio ] okay. folks, sorry about that, folks. that was an alarm or something not related to the story and the video -- i think you got a sense of it from there. what we sing is a composite skip of the man in this fairfax plaza shopping center in the merryfield area on the night of october 25th and he is said to be a man in his 20s and 30s, someone who approached this woman and luckily she got away. whether this person has any connection with the vanessa fan murder 16 months earlier to the day, fairfax county police don't know. but it's an alarming coincidence and we will have more, i'm hoping, at 10:00. the video we will show you eventually, even at 10:00 tonight, will show you what happened in this parking lot night of october 25th, laura.
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>> and was she threatened? >> injured at all? >> she came out of the thrift stor here and into this parking lot. she's getting into a car and this guy got out jumping into the passenger's seat. she screamed and ran and realized she left her purse in the car, went back to get it and he was there and that is what spooked the guy and he took off running and she was fine, understandably upset, though. >> and hopefully this was a lead. thanks, we'll have more at 10. >> yeah. >> and as we were motioning, the 19-year-old was last seen in the same parking lot june 27th of 2010, and later she was found stabbed to death in her car that same day. and that is less than 25 miles
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away. a private reward is offered and crime solvers is offering a $1,000 reward as well. >> for the first time since the penn state sex abuse scandal explode, we're hearing from the man charged with molesting eight young boys. he spoke to bob costas last night. >> and there is a 40-count indictment. the grand jury report contains specific details. there are multiple accusers and eyewitnesses to various aspects of the abuse. a reasonable person said where there is this much smoke, there must be plenty of fire. what do you say? >> i say that i am innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> well , education say that i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts.
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i have hugged them and touched their leg. without intent of sexual contact. >> sandusky said that he now thinks he shouldn't have showered with the children and is accused of abusing young boys. tonight, the new york times is reporting that 10 additional victims have come forward since the arrest. the paper is quoting sources close to the investigation and that is as if police are investigating the new claims. sandusky's lawyer, how far, has not commented. >> and they are charged -- however, has not commented. they're charging where the budget ax, will fall. >> now, a panel appointed to help the university take on the major budget deficit is recommending the university cut nearly 1/3 of collegiate sports teams. big parker has more. >> reporter: the university president calls this situation distressing and saddening and
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there are millions on the line here. this is about heart and dreams and so much more than money. on youtube, the lobbying has already started. spiral videos urging. a commission's recommendation means the university of maryland might be closing the door on eight of the 27 varsity teams. on the chopping block, tennis, swimming and diving, water polo. track and field, and tumbling. >> the programs getting cut shouldn't get cut. we should try to find money from somewhere else. >> if i was on the swim team, i wouldn't be happy about that and that is a business. ing is about money. >> reporter: it's about numbers. the school is facing a multimillion deficit. and some sports are not generating enough money. >> i don'ting we generate enough with football and
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basketball and we're kind of in a rut and have to get augusts out somehow the i understand where we're coming from and do not believe it's fair. >> they would be able to keep their scholarships even if their sport goes away. >> and there is that thing about playing the sport. i used toes whereel in high school and that meant something to me. i have the skill to do this sport. >> reporter: this is not a done deal. ultimately, it's up to 9 president of the university to decide what programs will be cut but this is a, quote, detailed report with sound conclusions and that might be an indication the president will follow the lead. >> thank you. >> and. it's a thanksgiving day tradition. coming up, mayor gray announcing which two people error errors will battle it out in the field in the annual turkey bowl. and what city leaders have been asking for. d.c. could get more control over the budget. there is a catch.
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we'll have the details. etails. and dozens of wall street protestors getting a boost in new york city. we're going to take you there live after the break. plus, gary will have the forecast. >> reporter: we have the clouds today and not so much in the way of rain but don't worry, it's coming later on tonight and that is looking like most of the day tomorrow. going to want to figure out a way to stay dry. the complete forecast is next. [ male announc ç the chicken marinara melt
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>> minutes ago, after a raid on the occupy wall street protestors. nypd in riot gear swept through the park around 1:00 a.m., forcing out demonstrators who were camping out there for two months. mounds of trash as can you see here and some tents. the protestors asked the judge to let them set up the tent again. >> reporter: good evening to you. a judge sided with the city saying the protestor's first a menment rights don't entitle them to camp out here in the park. what is going to happen here, in the next hour, the park will reopen and some protestors canes bring their tarps or sleeping bags back in and they're marching through downtown new york city looking for a new place to stay, coming
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after a surprise police raid this morning in ducati park. hundreds of officers holding plastic she'lls and batons and arrestd about two -- shields and batons and arrestd about 200 people. >> y that knew we were making a move tomorrow with concerted effort to expand the new space. >> reporter: michael bloomberg defends his decision to clear the park saying that the situation became intolerable. >> the first amendment protects speech and not the use of tents and sleeping bags. they will have to occupy the space with the power of their argument. >> reporter: today's eviction comes ahead of plans by protestors to shut down wall street on thursday and they want to protest. police in other major cities cluing oakland and portland, made similar sweeps. there were fatal shootings and sexual assaults reported in some of the encampments. and this is going to be interesting to see where things progress from here.
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they probably -- the park should be opening soon to the occupy wall street demonstrators. they can't bring their parks, sleeping bags or anything else into the park. they can't camp here on and on and on and that remains to be seen whether this is a dismantling of the movement i hear and what these protestors have called liberty park. back to you, laura. >> craig bosswell, not a done deal yet. thank you. we'll follow this one. >> and cc could be one step closer to budget autonomy. the congressman in charge of the house oversight committee is offering to give the city more budget freedom. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: behind the scenes, district leaders have been making phone calls to each other, trying to figure out how to respond to a plan offered by representative darrell issa. the legislation would allow them to pass a budget and not wait for congressional approval, but they would have to step back from their fight
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to fund abortions with public funds. it caused a firestorm this year as the u.s. government faced a possible shutdown, so did d.c. the district's budget was tied up with federal leave sight. it was one reason they were arrested on capitol hill, demanding budget autonomy. it appears that budget freedom is offered j. we want to look at it and on its face is exciting to see that budget aughtopmy is heard and we're not sure how far it gets us. >> reporter: he was cautious. one reason, it comes with a stipulation that public dollars can't be spent to carry out abortions for low-income women, something that outraged congresswoman eleanor holmes norton when it was included in a spending bill last april. >> the district of columbia may not spend its own local taxpayer raised funds on
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abortions for its own low- income women. it's time the district of columbia told congress to go straight to hell. >> reporter: on tuesday morning when we caught up with the congresswoman, she refused to do an on-camera interview about the proposal from chairman essa. brown issued a at the same time monday night saying he was reviewing the proposal and declined to speak on camera. the mayor said after careful research, his office would have a position on this issue as soon as possible. >> and how long it would take. >> i'm going to talk with them when i go back. >> reporter: all right, as of this morning, mayor gray said that he had not spoke with congressman iss about this. a spokesperson for mr. issa told us it's important to know currently that public funds are not permitted to be used for abortions in d.c. and this new plan would simply leave that federal law in place, laura.
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>> all right, thank you. and many families are preparing for a big meal next week. in the district, city leaders are making preps for the turkey bowl. the 42nd annual game will pit the cupbarr crimson tide against the coolim colts. mayor gray announced the details today. safeway is sponsoring the game, paying the district $150,000 in cash and in deep allegations over three years. comcast will record the game and broadcast it friday night. the mayor expects another great matchup. >> and to those of white house didn't know or see the game they played a couple of weeks ago, it was probably the best, i would put it, in the category of the top three best high school games ever played in this city. and no one should have lost that game. >> by the way, dunbar won that by a single point in overtime. the other three match for the championship is at 11:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day and that is at eastern high school.
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just a sparring match to get ready for the main event. and big time boxing is returning to the district december 10th. three local boxers will fight in matches broadcast live on hbo. lamont peterson will be part of the 12-round championship bout and mayhem mitchell and anthony peterson will find opponents for 10 rounds. time for gary's stormy weather. [ laughter ] >> manage out with the blue satin cape. >> i hope not. >> -- coming out with the blue satin cape. >> i hope not. rescue us from the doom and glancing gary. >> that is how rumors get started. >> that is not a rumor. >> there is video of you, too. >> that's right. >> uh-huh. >> and you have to be careful what you do on camera. >> exactly. >> sue palka is a bad influence. that is all i have to say. showers and clouds and that is
5:19 pm
right. she has to defend her own. what can i say? this is max hd live radar and they picked up the last few hours and most is from the south-southwest and to i-95 and to the occoquan. you end up with a few more showers to stafford county and this is to the north of fredericksburg. 61 in up to; managed up to 68, believe it or not, with the front noising in here, it's gotten cooler, and some temperatures have dropped. the 50s to the north and into that west. the temperature around 60, 58 at 9, 55 or so at 11:00 and the showers are starting, they will stay with us and that is looking like it's wet for tomorrow. sue will join me again and we're going to talk about our
5:20 pm
winter weather forecast, what to expect coming up in terms of snowfall amounts. >> oh, good. >> this winter and that is what everyone wants to know. >> okay. >> 540, 5:45. >> okay. good. >> coming up, congresswoman gabby giffords gets her first on-camera interview plus. >> i don't agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. that was a different one. um. >> yikes. we'll tell you why herman cain and rick perry -- well, why herman cain had a rick perry moment of his own. and caught on camera, two politicians coming to blows. where this happened. next.  to make a commitment
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>> take a hook at this. the -- take a look at. this a tense political debate exploded on on a tv show in lebanon. two rivals were sharing their views on the conflict with libya -- syria. the opponent picks up the chair and the hose jumps in between
5:24 pm
them. a studio technician comes running in and the show cut to commercial. back here at home, herman cain may be wishing he could have cut to a commercial yesterday. he had a brain-freeze moment when the reporter from the milwaukee sentinel asked him if he supported president obama's handling of the crisis in libya. >> okay. libbia president obama supported the uprising. correct? president obama called for the removal of gaddafi. i want -- gaddafi. i want to make sure we're talking about the same thing before i say yes, i agree or no i didn't agree. i do not agree with the way he amd it for the following reasons: no, that is a
5:25 pm
different one. >> an aid later blamed cain's performance on a lack of sleep. congresswoman gabby giffords is spoking on camera the -- speaking on camera the first time since being shot in the head a year ago. she and her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly, sat down with diane sawyer. she struggled with her thoughts and kelly stepped in to help her. >> i -- oh. >> she wants to get better. >> better? >> you want to get better. >> better. >> and so you think to yourself i will go back to congress if i get better. >> yes. yes. yes. yes. >> and that is where you are right now? >> yes, yes, yes. >> and the introduce -- in the interview, she said she never gets angry at what happened to her. she was shot in a rampage that killed six people and wounded many others. she's brave. >> i don't think people realize
5:26 pm
how traumatic brain injuries can be. >> it's a miracle, number one, that she's alive. >> yeah. >> and that she can talk. how brave she is to come forward. i applaud her. >> indeed. >> they were supposed to have the recomations ready next week. can the lawmakers on the debt supercommittee get the job done? why there is some optimism. and a congressional spike could influence what your kids eat at school. why some say healthy options are being tossed out of the wino as the biggerring continues on capitol hill. and did you notice something strange on your facebook wall? an investigation is underway. and facebook is flooded with stunningmams. next. ♪
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>> another debt ceiling countdown is underway. get the countdown blocks -- clocks ready. the supercommittee has until next week to come up with over
5:30 pm
a trillion in budget cuts. the relations between democrats and republicans as we all know are far from friendly and this time there is optimism that a deal can be reached. tom fitzgerald has more. how long do they have here? >> reporter: they don't have forever. they have until next wednesday, november 23rd. this committee was born out of the deal that raised the debt ceiling last summer. as the clock ticks down there, could be more movement toward approaching the deal and there -- billions in government spending are at stake and both sides say that that would go too far. with only eight days left before congressional supercommittee's deadline to find $1.2 trillion in savings, both sides are racing to avoid the panel's so-called poison pill. the widespread cuts that automatically go into effect if the committee can't reach a deal. >> my hope is thato the next
5:31 pm
few days, the congressional leadership bites the bullet and do what knees to be done. >> reporter: democrats have been trying to push republicans to raise revenue. they say bush-era tax cuts can't continue. >> we're prepared to do additional cuts and make tough reforms. but, you have to have a revenue componment. you have to close some of the tax loopholes. >> reporter: some members of congress are pushing the supercommittee to go bigger on cuts rather than finding $1.2 trillion in savings. they want 3 to 4 trillionfo hold off any future debt crisis. >> before we get serious about cutting our debt and debts, we have to talk about a 3 or $4 trillion deal over the next 10 years, and i don't think the democrats are serious about making those kinds of cuts. >> reporter: not reaching a deal comes with major consequences. you were the bill that created the supercommittee, if they can't find an agreement by next wednesday, massive cuts would go into effect, including 600
5:32 pm
billion in defense spending alone. >> it would indelibly hurt our military and be catastrophic to this nation. any additional cuts to the military are absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: even if the supercommittee can agree on a $1.2 trillion package, the questions still linger if that is enough to hold off any future debt crisis. well, the good news at this point is that so far both democrats and republicans remain optimistic that they will have a deal by next week. already, the defense secretary leon pinetta is warning if the pentagon has to deal with $450 billion over the next 10 years in cuts, automatically imposing another 600 billion in cuts, they say, that that would really make the pentagon's military capabilities and programs suffer to a degree that they have never seen before. >> oh, boy. and let's hope this optimism doesn't fade quickly. thank you. and there is another fight on capitol hill over what our kids eat for lunch at school.
5:33 pm
healthier meals versus the high costs for school districts to provide the healthy meals. congress is considering a spending bill that would lower the standards for school lunches. health and fitness specialist joins us now to explain what this could mean for all of our kids. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> earlier this year, the agriculture department set new healthier standards for school lunches, including fewer potatoes, lowering sodium limits and boosting whole grains. the bill that congress is considering would delay all of that and allow for things like tomato paste on pizza to be considered a vegetable. what will this mean for the nation's children? >> this is absolutely outrageous. this is brought on by the companies and the schools that don't want to change. what it's going to mean for the kids is that they're going to continue to lack this fruit and vegetable intake. eighty% don't meet the vegetable and fruit needs and that fruits can serve pizza and fries every day and congress says says that is good enough
5:34 pm
on as vegetables and i disagree. we need better stuff. >> i would agree with you here but i'm going to play devil's advocate for a minute. >> okay. >> part of the pressure on congress is from the changes coming from the companies that make the frozen pizzas and french fries. as you said, there is push back for the school systems saying, hey, they don't have the money and so their hands are tied. what would you say to them? >> think cost is an excuse. -- i think cost is an excuse. we're going to pay for it one way or another. they need to be great future leaders, we're going to pate for it down the road in healthcare costs and we have good evidence showing that kids with too much sodium get high pressure and need blood pressure medication. our kids and that is unacceptable. we can't do this and we have to get it through our heads that our bodies need good nude opens, we need the vegetables. pizza and fries, tomato paste not going to cut it. we need kale, broccoli -- our kids deserve it.
5:35 pm
>> i know sometimes when i look at the school lunch menu i say you can't have that and i will pack a lunch for my child to take to school. parents have options. what are some healthy options? >> i want to make points. some parents do have that option. as a child of the reduced lunch program, we have to remember that there are parents without that option and that making it more of an issue. if you are frustrated and you do have an ability, i would say any type of corruptiony vegetable that they like -- like, whether it's carrots, black pepper, himus -- all of that stuff is vegetables and is going to be good for the kids. fresh fruit, absolutely. do what you can. >> health and fitness specialist becca, thank you for breaking yet down. >> thanks for having me. >> the treasury bonds from the
5:36 pm
federal reserve. anda they gaffe us some of yours. >> he's back and going viral again. the smooth singer behind the chocolate rain video a few years ago has returned and this time, where's singing about the economy, explaining how america got into the situation that it's in today. can you watch the entire video called mamaeconomy on >> i don't remember the chocolate rainbow. >> me neither. [ laughter ] >> and facebook users are gettingup expected surprises in their news feeds. it's been flooded with porno graphic, some gory and violent images and languages and videos the last few days. it's not sure how the spam is being spread but facebook is investigating. do in the click on questionable items in your news feed and if this happened to you, share your story on our facebook page. search for my fox d.c. coming up, a popular singer is being sued. why a couple claims patti labelle is responsible for their child's personality change. and the prosecutor in the casey anthony trial is out with
5:37 pm
the new book. find out why he's slamming anthony's attorney and the jury. jury. 
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>> the prosecutor in the casey anthony trial is out with a new book and slams anthony's attorney and the jury. jeff ashton retired after losing the case. his book "imperfect justice" hits store shelves and he confirms that anthony refused to plea deal near the end of the trial. he called anthony's attorney jose ba ez arrow gant and careless with the facts and had concerns over the amount of efforts the jury was willing to expand on the case. the new york city family is suing patti labelle. the parents claim their 18- month-old threw up because she was so scared and the baby has personality changes, sleep
5:41 pm
disorders and fear of strangers. kevin monk and his family were in the lobby of the apartment building when she started yelling profanities. the couple is suing for damages. but their lawyer said they will donate any money to a children's charity. lable, meantime s not -- labelle is not commenting. >> call it a flute faux pas. a popular singer gets caught in an awkward position. >> and a young girl trapped for days lives to talk about the accident that killed her father. we're going to have her amazing story of survival. and another snowmageddon coming our way. winter weather predictions from the fox 5 storm force. a team of experts is next.  to make a commitment
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>> another day of above-average
5:45 pm
temperatures outside. guess what? winter is around the corner. do you remember this a few years ago? we saw record amounts of snowfall in the d.c. area. who could forget snowmageddon. what can we expect this year? the fox 5 storm force is crunching the numbers for us. sue and gary are in the weather center. you don't have graphs or hats on. that is good news. >> reporter: you can -- have hats or gloves on. you can hope. we talked about this last night. >> thank you. >> we talked about this last night and do not think we're going to have the repeat of the 2009-2010. >> right. >> and everyone knows it's snowmageddon. >> the most snow in d.c., 56 inches, 73 inches in the suburbs and that is crazy. i would say for us, personally, it was an easy forecast. >> it was. and you just -- how much did we want to go? >> right. >> everything we predicted probably within five or six inches. >> and that was nice and coal.
5:46 pm
>> yup. >> last year was different, folks. we had 10 inches of snow. we had 10 inches in the city for the season, 12 1/2 in dulles. >> you know what is important about that, too? we don't need a lot of snow for things to get disruptive around here. >> right. >> and we need to keep that in mine. >> the difference between 2009- 2010 and last year was something called la nina and that is back this year. what is lano onia? an unusually cold ocean temperature plume of water that we see in the tropical pacific and is already showing up. not as strong as last year. according to noaa, we think this is going to be weak to moderate and la nina has a big influence on the entire globe. in particular in the winter for the east coast and that is usually predictable. we have had 21 lano onia winters and all feature above
5:47 pm
normal temperatures and below smaller snowfall. >> it disrupts the jet stream and this is what happens over a typical la nina winter. the storm track basically stays to the west of us and the reason it does that is that we don't have a lot of cold air coming down. and even during la nina, we can get into the southeast. when that happens, that creates a storm track to the south and east and we get the coastal storms that we know of as nor'easters. and this will be, this will happen occasionally, even during a la nina winter and this will brings the best chance forgetting some accumulating snow around here. because it's la nina and because we have the pattern, doesn't mean we won't get an occasional nor'easter.
5:48 pm
>> and they can be seen two weeks or so in advance. it's hard to factor them into a long-realm forecast and has a lot to do with the north atlantic and whether or not there is positive or negative pressure changes going on there and gets too technical n. a typical winter, gary, we usually see the above. >> and that is about 15 inches of snow. >> and that is average. this year, drum role, please and that is behind the production. in the suburban areas and nowhere and western suburbs, more likely 12 to 16 inches of snow and that is somewhat below average, a little below last year and depending on the strength or weakness of la nina. the stronger, the less snow you get. >> that's right, and there is continuous la nina forecast the next few months.
5:49 pm
if it's stronger, more than likely, the snow totals will go down and we become warmer. this is the prediction. >> and we put it to the rest of the team, too. >> right. >> we asked tony, tucker and gwen to waveway in and this is what the rest of the stom team had to say about the -- storm team had to say about the winter. >> what we think it's going to be look. >> and we look forward to it every year. >> and that is an average winter. >> yeah, maybe 15, 16 inches in washington. >> let's say 15 to 18 inches overall and maybe, a canadian 20-inch snowfall is possible. that is canada style, of course. >> and that is the outlet. the la nina year. equal chances -- . >> and don't get technical. >> that type of thing. >> he's getting technical. back to you now. >> and feel free to get technical with us or have fun with it g. to and post on our facebook page
5:50 pm
what you think the winter outlook is going to be and we'll pay attention. we'll share some on air as well and maybe you will beat us. >> and i think tony and tucker start, what, ay to two -- two- week performance cycle at the improv? >> love their stuff. >> we'll talk about the forecast at home and some clouds and showers. it's picking up and not too wet and that is not bad. will be a wet morning commute and we'll warm up into the lower 60s and that is in the day and into the evening hours. by wednesday night and tomorrow night, heavy, moderate rain will pass by and that is drying out a bit. they take on it and i will tell you the other guidance is suggesting and that maybe the rain hangs in longer on thursday morning. and chilly on friday, mice on
5:51 pm
saturday and sunday is looking better, and that is our predict. >> and we're not done with the warm stuff. >> i think we need a scorecard here. we'll revisit the tape. >> yes. >> and how well you did. >> and we're prepared for that. >> and we're going to lose this tape. >> exactly. >> if it's gone, we'll know who did it. >> okay. geary. thanks -- gary. it's that time of the day that we're dishing the dirt with hot 99.5 sarah frazier and we're starting the topics with katie perry's flute faux pas and justin timberlake. not the only celebrity to attend the marine corp ball. >> many. >> and that is that type of the year. when is it the latest? >> why do we talk about that? >> you need to know. some people are in transition with relationships and need to get rid of the significant other. >> okay. >> and this is do or die time. >> okay. >> and on to christmas eve.
5:52 pm
>> the most important. >> katie perry had a big one. >> okay. >> and let's look. >> fake flute plague, everybody. you ever see that? >> a little awkward. >> and with the instruments and lip sink? >> i am shocked. >> anyway, she did -- i thought she handled it well. >> she did. >> and recovers and says yeah, i'm not a -- . >> that is how you have to handle it. >> exactly. >> and let's talk about justin
5:53 pm
timberlake. so sweet he kept his promise and how he went to the marine corp ball. >> and both of them this morning have been talking about what a great experience it was. >> and he was sweet about it. and on twitter, it was one of the most moving nights ever. >> right. >> and he was an awesome date, they danced and everyone met him. >> and mila kun six? judge she's going friday. -- mila kunis. >> okay. >> she's going to be there with her dat who originally kicked everything off. >> right. >> and that followed and i was . >> i know. a utube invitation. i was fortunate enough to -- james, in the marine, who is lovely and asked me over youtube earlier and i got to god with and that is that is one of the most moving, the patriotic and inspirational. >> uh-huh. >> and that is some top notch.
5:54 pm
>> yeah. >> and you are a superstar. >> you are. and that was great. i am glad you had a good time. >> that was a blast. >> and this is it. >> okay. >> and this is this friday. this thursday? >> this is it. >> you have to dump your significant other. >> okay. >> and this is the reason why. they're going home and it's easier for them to rep cover. >> okay. >> and you're almost in that window where all of the holidays are coming up and that is hard to dump somebody. it's either now -- . >> right. >> or you have to stay with them until the new year. >> and you say i'm thankful for the future ahead? >> right. >> and that isgyings them -- giving them a chance to rebound. >> okay. >> and on that sense? >> okay. >> and thursday is your dump day. >> and did you consider them in
5:55 pm
your single days? >> i did not. >> and i saw cain on facebook and he was looking for a special word from his listeners. did -- . >> we need a special word for glee. i will come up with that. >> yeah. >> and i will rival him on twitter and we'll see who says it tonight. >> no problem. >> and -- . >> we'll see how that is. >> and i like that. >> and. an issue so hot, almost 100 people signed up to testify. will the slot machine stay open? the decision from the council. >> and d.c.'s statehood drama goes to the courtroom. the judge rules and the protestors arrested with mayor gray this spring. and a big city mayor tries to fight the occupy movement and that could mean trouble for her political career. the details at 6. [ female announcer ] at,
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>> we're going to start off with new details in a heated debate. the prince georges county council has refused to shut down slot machines at the rose crop raceway for now. john henrehan is live with the latest. john. >> reporter: at least the idea. they're not here yet but boy, the owners really want them and it could be urged. if you -- argued. rose cough raceway in prince georges county might be the perfect spot to tempt out-of- state gamblers. we're two or three miles from d.c., about five miles from virginia and residents remain deeply divided


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