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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. off the top of tonight at 10:00 a disturbing encounter in northern virginia near the scene of the mysterious murder of vanessa pham. police want to know tonight if the cases are connected. a local teacher under arrest after police say he showed up to class drunk. and live look at the radar, rain moving in just in time to slow down your morning commute. we begin with the new twist in the vanessa pham murder mystery. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. another woman says she was leaving the shopping plaza
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where pham was last seen when a man jumped into her car. fox 5's bob barnard working this one in the newsroom. >> this may just be a sickening coincidence, but what happened in that fairfax county shopping center parking lot has vanessa pham's friends wondering whether her killer was trying to strike again. the 33-year-old victim in this case is there dressed in black heading to her car parked at the fairfax plaza shopping center on gallows road in merrifield. it's 8:30 p.m. on thursday, october 27th. that's her getting to her car. in seconds a figure appears in silhouette from the right corner. he's walking to the woman's car. police say he'll jump into the front passenger seat. she'll scream and run away. moments later that's him wearing dark pants and a lighter colored shirt leaving the parking lot. from a different security camera he's standing next to the building then walking off hands in his pockets looking all innocent. the victim later providing
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police with this composite sketch of the man said to be in his wents or 30s. could he be -- 20s or 30s. could he be a killer who has been here before? >> the scenario of him doing that is too eerily similar. >> reporter: friends of teenage murder victim vanessa pham say they've been told homicide detectives are investigating the possibility the two crimes are linked. >> i'm hoping it's the same guy because then they can -- there is be on mosh information now than they had the day before -- more information now unanimous that he had the day before that and -- than the day before that and i don't want to happen what happened to vanessa to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: vanessa was last seen alive inside her car leaving the same shopping center. police believed she was murdered by somebody who jumped in her car. it was later found crashed into woods about a mile away. >> we don't want to get our hopes up, but in our minds we
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do think it's him. we want to think it's him so we can figure things out, get more leads. >> maybe he's just having some sick urge to want to do it again thinking he'd be able to get away with it. >> fairfax county police would like to speak with the man seen on that video and in the composite sketch. they say he didn't commit a crime, didn't hurt the woman or steal anything from her, but it's worth talking to him just the same. >> and the vanessa pham murder still a mystery? >> no suspects, solid leads, no videotape of that killer in the parking lot the day vanessa pham was murdered. a rash of armed robberies in southwest d.c. has police a o alert there. have been four -- on alert. there have been four holdups. each time it was after dark, three or fire robbers. councilman tommy wells represents the area and says police have one thing working for them. >> one of the things in this
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part of the ward is the police know the people very well. they know the young people very well and i have no doubt that the perpetrators will be caught. >> d.c. police will pay as much as $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. you can remain anonymous by contacting d.c. crime storms. a loudon -- storms. a loudon county teacher was arrested in school today charged with being drunk in public. he was a physic teacher at j. michael hundreds field in sod rating. other teachers -- lunsford in south riding. other teachers called the police department when they smelled alcohol on his breath. >> reporter: a sheriff's deputy arrived to investigate the report of a drunken faculty member before school was dismissed. >> he was confronted by the resource officer and was very cooperative, not really forthcoming with information, 0 what in denial i would say -- somewhat in denial i would say but was very cooperative. >> reporter: when the teacher
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was tested with a portable breath device, it showed his blood alcohol content to be over the legal limit of .08. sivarampillai was then arrested for being drunk in public. >> not so much as a danger to the students sitting in their classroom, but the issue would be obviously they drove there possibly under the influence earlier or became intoxicated during lunchtime or at some point would have probably gotten in the car and driven off of school grounds. there's still students and people walking around on school grounds. obviously this person would have eventually ended up on the roadway in an intoxicated state. that's the concern. you can't let that happen. >> i think the children were not aware of what was happening. it was handled very discretely. all our staff is instructed to report this kind of problem to the administration which they did and the administration immediately reported to sheriff's office. this is nothing we want to identify? >> reporter: the two parents we talked to with -- to hide.
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>> reporter: the two parents we talked to with children enrolled at the school were pleased with the way the allegations was handled. >> it immediately tells me how responsive the staff and how responsible they are and how concerned they are of the state of of the students. >> i think i'm very proud of the way the proceedings were handled when they discovered and detected that this had happened because it basically showed everybody in the organization is taking collective responsibility and making sure they step up to the plate and doing the right thing to ensure that students safety and student security is never compromised at every level of the organization. >> reporter: wall bagger in, fox 5 news. >> the teacher was just -- paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> the teacher was just beginning his second year in the loudoun county school system. before that he was employed by fairfax county. new tonight the debate over dealing with teen crime in montgomery county. the council discussed a curfew to keep kids off the streets overnight. fox 5's wisdom martin live at rockville now. what happened? >> reporter: a lot of this talk
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about the curfew started in the summertime in july 4th when there was a big fight in silver spring that involved a large group of young people. some people at the time say a curfew was unconstitutional and they don't really work. well, tonight one of the council members, a council leader, has come up with an alternative plan b. the proposed montgomery county curfew would work like this. sunday through thursday from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. and friday and saturday starting at midnight anyone 18 and under would have to be off the streets. the county exec and police chief both agree it's the way to deal with youth crime, but some residents say not really. >> the proposed curfew bill punishes the great majority, the greatest majority of under 18 residents who are behaving properly. >> reporter: councilman phil andrews had some concerns, too. >> the curfew is unjustified because youth crime is down in montgomery county and a curfew is an incredibly blunt way to try to get at miss behavior by
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a few people. >> reporter: -- misbehavior by a few people. >> reporter: at a public hearing councilman andrew talked about bill 3511, loitering and prowling. >> the bill would give the police the opportunity when they see someone doing something that is a threat to other people or property to intervene before the damage happens. >> i've been the victim of a crime. several years ago three boys broke into my home while my family slept. >> reporter: montgomery county resident be electric a smondro -- rebecca smondrowski like the the bill. >> it's based on behavior rather than age and time of day it. is a measured and targeted approach to addressing suspicious or menacing behavior that is a threat to people or property. >> reporter: some say the loitering bill is even worse than a curfew because it's vague and unclear. >> americans expect our legislators to only craft unambiguous absolutely necessary laws that don't infringe on our rights. so i hope you won't pass this one.
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>> reporter: so the council will have to decide whether it will be one or the other when they have their next meeting, which is december 1st. back to you. >> wisdom martin, thank you. >> the fox 5 storm force is tracking showers out there tonight. they sort of have been hit or miss, but that is all about to change. sue palka is in the weather center with details. i hope this means we're done. >> no, it doesn't, shawn. what we've had today has been hit or miss and it's pretty light out there, but we'll see this activity increase in the overnight hours and for the morning commute and got to say it. it looks like a wet day tomorrow. we'll start out with a look at radar. this has been light mostly west of town. we've not seen lightning and certainly it's very mild. that's kind of helping temperatures in the upper 50s across the region, but as i expand the view, you'll be able to see the bulk of the rain on sentinel radar has been up to our north and west during the day, but that is inching closer
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to the metro area. it will be in here for the morning. so the commute will likely be a bit wet and then we've got to say this moisture feed goes back to texas with an area of low pressure moving out of east texas into louisiana. they've had some thunderstorms and a tornado watch in effect. some of that moisture will stream across the region. so we'll still be dealing with this rain even at this time tomorrow night. pack the rain gear. it looks like tomorrow will be fairly wet. we'll have waves of showers and occasionally a couple of those could be moderate to perhaps even heavy. the setup is we have an area -- a frontal system sinking south and this wave of low pressure will ride along it. eventually we'll see changes as this thing pulls out of town taking these rather comfortable temperatures and pull in colder temperatures. it will get blustery and we'll dry out again, but get ready for a wet one. we'll talk more about the five- day forecast and weekend in detail when i join you upstairs.
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a developing story in california, a man with a gun on a university campus shot down by police. it unfolded at university of california berkeley shortly after 3 this afternoon pacific time. the students got a campus alert and the school's website posted a message saying a faculty member had seen a man with a gun. police cornered him in a computer lab. they say he raised his gun, so they fired. it's not clear whether the 33- year-old man was associated with an effort to establish an occupy cal camp at the school. there was a protest earlier. the man's condition has not been released. pornographic images popping up on facebook pages across the country. tonight the alert you need to know about. no elevator meant taking the escalator for one metro rider, but moments later that went out, too. we'll show you how other riders came to his rescue. 
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 at 11:00 corn graphic pictures invading people -- pornographic pictures invading people's facebook pages tonight at 11:00.
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tonight and only on fox 5 metro riders rush to help a man in a wheelchair at the brooklyn station this morning.
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witnesses say the elevator was out, so he tried to go down the escalator in his chair. we have pictures of the rescue. fox 5's audrey barnes is monitoring metro tonight. >> he was screaming why aren't you helping him? he can't just be standing there watching. why aren't you helping him? >> reporter: when anthony shoeford got off the train at the brooklyn station this morning, he saw main in a wheelchair trapped on the -- a man in a wheelchair trapped on the escalator. >> i started snapping pictures. >> reporter: pictures of at least two metro employees he says stood by watching and not helping. >> this picture right here just showing all these people coming in asking them why aren't you all up there trying to help this gentleman? their response was he shouldn't have been on the escalator. >> reporter: and he might not have been except the elevator was broken which passengers say is often the case at brooklyn. >> these elevators are always out. i don't care when you come here to use an elevator or escalator or both at the same time.
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>> reporter: the elevator wasn't working still at 5 p.m., some nine hours after the wheelchair user needed it most. so with the elevators out here are your options. take a shuttle bus to the next station. take the escalator or steps, all 42 of them. not good options for leticia mitchell whose son uses an adaptive stroller much like a wheelchair that doesn't fold up. >> they want you to put a baby on a carry stroller and another, this does not break down. i have to go to another station, catch another bus and find another alternative to get to our destination of. >> reporter: metro says they don't have a report of the incident at brooklyn, so he can't comment on the actions of metro's employees in shoeford's picture. he does stress it's never a good idea to take a wheelchair on the escalator. metro provides free schultz bus service to the next symptom at any station -- shuttle bus service to the next stop at any station if the elevator is out. there is good news for the
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wednesday commute. the elevator at brooklyn is back up and running at least for now. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> that is some good news. metro has 237 elevators. only 10 were not working today. six were scheduled for maintenance. remember you can help us monitor metro. if you follow the a safety concern, see trouble on the tracks or on a bus or problems with the metrobus, e-mail us your story, pictures or video to fox 5 metro at g we are down here in the web center with the fox 5 news alert for facebook users. have you noticed unusual activity in your news feed these days? like perhaps pornographic images or violent images, links and postings, scenes sort of like it's familiar but not really? it's spam. facebook knows it. they're investigating trying to figure out where this stuff came from. they released a statement saying in part today we are always working to improve our systems to isolate or remove
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material that violates our terms. protecting the people who use facebook is a top priority for us. we asked you guys if this has happened to you. got a lot of responses on our facebook page at my fox d.c. richard says these are nothing new to facebook. i i'veed one in my mailbox that even looked like it had a personal message attached to it. didn't click on it. i'm surprised so many people can't detect them this day in age. i added that last part. shelly says good grief, yes. i knew it was spam. the one i received today was even more disturbing. obviously a lot of folks have received this stuff. people are getting to point where they recognize it's spam and not even opening it, but just be aware. a lot of people even in this newsroom gone to their facebook page want in news feed and it's popped up. -- page in the news feed and it's popped up. the former football coach at the center of the penn state child sex abuse case says he's
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innocent. jerry sandusky said he made some mistakes but denies being a pedophile. >> reporter: just about everyone on the penn state campus watched, read or heard about alleged child molester jerry sandusky's televised interview with nbc's bob costas claiming he was innocent. >> i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. >> none of the dozen people we randomly talked to believed what sandusky told nbc news. >> he's absolutely guilty i think. what the interview said i think it's gross that he even says that he's innocent. >> reporter: did you believe him? >> no, didn't believe him. >> it just seems a little bit like crap to me. >> reporter: since the interview sandusky has not been spotted despite half a dozen reporters and photographers who set up camp outside his state college home.
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the new york times citing unnamed sources says as many as 10 new victims have contacted authorities. for the first time since head coach joe paterno was fired interim coach tom bradley held the team's regular weekly news conference and tried to focus more on football than sandusky's broadcast interview. >> have you seen it? do you have any reaction? >> no, i did not. i was working in ohio state last night. i had other things to do. >> reporter: in another stunning development there is a report now that the judge who released jerry sandusky on $100,000 bail received in 2007 a financial contribution from the second mile foundation. that's the charity founded by jerry sandusky. at penn state david lee miller, fox news. >> tonight a new twist in the sex abuse scandal. according to the associated press, former penn state graduate assistant mike mcqueary told a friend via e- mail that he stopped that 2002 shower assault i witnessed and then went -- he witnessed and then went to police about it which contradicts the grand
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jury report. the friend made that e-mail available on the condition he not be identified. occupy wall street protesters given the boot and a new ruling could end the movement just steps from the financial capital of the world. plus she batted back from a devastating brain injury. today gabby giffords reaches out to the people that elected her. at 11:00 tonight undercover cops burst at the seams at metro stations. a story only seen on the news edge.   tonight at 11:00 a fox 5 exclusive, comes on the hunt after a rash of stolen bikes at metro stations. we go undercover with police to thwart these metro thieves. also at 11:00 pornographic pictures invading people's facebook pages. we'll tell you how to avoid these porno pop-ups at 11:00 tonight. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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slot machines may still come to prince george's county someday. the county council apparently is prepared to punt the entire issue to the state legislature. fox 5's john henrehan explains what's going on. >> reporter: the new owners of rosecroft raceway say the only way this track can make money is if slot machine gaming is permitted on the premises, but neither rosecroft nor any other
10:25 pm
location in prince george's county was among the five sites for slot as proved by maryland voters in 2008 -- slots approved by maryland voters in 2008. scores of people signed up to address the county council on a bill that would flatly prohibit slot machines here. bowie state professor la tonya brown talked about the economic benefits of gaming. >> it would create 3,645 jobs it and the ongoing operation phase jobs would increase by 2,020 new employees to the county. >> reporter: some in the large crowd urged the council to keep the door open for slots as a source of tax money. >> the state has discussed the possibility of offloading the retirement for county schoolteachers to the county. slots could possibly bring revenue to buffer some of the financial impact of this occurring. >> reporter: others in the crowd adamantly opposed the spread of legalized gambling into p.g. >> but i am concerned about the
10:26 pm
man that loses his rent, that loses his utility money, loses his house. stand firm and vote against slots in prince george's county. >> reporter: the bill that would prohibit slots was tabled or killed for now. the vote 5-4. to appease the opponents of slots the council passed a resolution calling on the state legislature to require a local referendum if a slots profile for p.g. comes back in the future. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> so today's effort failed, but john says there's a good chance the whole debate will come up early next year. they're called unmentionables, but we are breaking that barrier tonight introducing you to a local woman whose new line of underwear could change what you wear forever. also ahead could this be the beginning of the end for the occupy wall street movement? the dramatic new developments next. 
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after two months of protesting the future of the occupy wall street movement is now uncertain. today hundreds of activists were arrested in lower manhattan and their camps cleared out and there are other new developments today. laura evans is working this story now from the newsroom. >> occupy wall street protesters had planned to hold raley thursday to shut down wall street. it was an -- a rally thursday to shut down wall street. it was an event to mark the two-month anniversary of their campaign, but those plans may be in jeopardy after the demonstrators were evicted in an overnight raid. zuccotti park in lower manhattan where the camping gear is now gone and most of the protesters are scattered, a judge tuesday upheld the city's decision to remove their camping gear. hundreds of occupy wall street protesters spent tuesday evening as a result marching through downtown looking for a new place to stay. all this started with a
10:31 pm
surprise police raid early tuesday in the park. the nypd in riot gear evicting the demonstrators arresting about 200 people. after two months of protesting residents around the park are fed up with the camp and so is new york city mayor michael bloomberg who says the movement has deteriorated into a disorganized mess. >> unfortunately the park was becoming a place where people came not to protest, but rather to break laws and in some cases to harm others. >> reporter: bloomberg says protesters will be allowed back into the park but without tents and sleeping bags. >> the first amendment protect says speech it. of. it does not protect the -- speech. it does not protect the use of tents and sleeping bags to take over a public space. >> reporter: in recent days police in other major cities including oakland and portland made similar sweeps after reported fatal shootings and sexual assaults in some of the
10:32 pm
camps. meanwhile protesters in new york vowed to continue their demonstration even after the eviction. here in d.c. demonstrators continued their efforts while just north of us protesters in occupy baltimore disrupted a talk tonight by karl rove at johns hopkins university. so it's going on everywhere. congress tonight has taken steps to end those llion dollar bonuses to executives at fannie mae and freddie mac. a house committee approved legislation today that would suspend tens of millions of dollars in executive compensation packages. it would stop future bonus packages and align salaries with other federal employees who make much less. the senate is expected to take up a similar measure. 12 executives at fannie and freddie receive roughly $35.4 million in total salary and bonuses in 2009 and 2010. d.c. could be at least one step closer to budget autonomy. the congressman in charge of the house oversight committee is offering to give the city
10:33 pm
more budget freedom. there's a catch. fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> reporter: it caused a firestorm earlier this year as the u.s. government faced a possible shutdown. so did d.c. because the district's budget was tied up with federal oversight. it was one reason mayor gray and 40 others were arrested on capitol hill demanding budget autonomy. well, now it appears budget freedom has been offered. >> we want to look at it. i mean on its face it's exciting to recognize that our message about budget autonomy is being heard, but we're not absolutely sure yet how far this gets us. >> reporter: mayor gray was careful as he commented about the proposal offered by chairman darrell issa. one reason is because it comes with a stipulation that public dollars cannot be spent to carry out abortions for low income women, something that outraged congresswoman eleanor holmes norton when it was included in a spending bill last april. >> the district of columbia may
10:34 pm
not spend its own local taxpayer raised funds on abortions for its own low income women. it's time for the district of columbia to tell the congress to go straight to hell. >> reporter: but tuesday morning when we caught up with congresswoman norton on capitol hill, she refused to do an on camera interview about the profile from chairman issa. council chairman kwame brown issued a statement monday night saying he was also reviewing the proposal, but declined to speak on camera. meantime the mayor said after careful research his office would have a position on this issue as soon as possible. >> can you give us a time frame how long it might take you? >> our staff has it at this stage and i'm going to talk with them when i go back now. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> a spokesperson for congressman issa told us it's important to note public funds are not permitted to be used for abortions in d.c. currently and this new plan would leave that law in place. technology now changing
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what you wear. we're showing you what's so great about hi-tech underwear that a local woman invented. also ahead tonight an incredible survival story, a young girl trapped for days in a wrecked car. also ahead the largest yellow diamond in the world is up for auction. fox business network's neil cavuto has the price tag. >> ahead of the holiday rush more people rushing to just go shopping. retail sales rising in october as folks were snapping up more cars and electronic items. some of the shoppers spending more at wal-mart, the discount retailer seeing a bump in quarterly sales at u.s. stores open, something that hasn't happened in more than two years. wal-mart's profits coming in below expectations. meantime apple is tapping a new chairman of the board filling the last position held by steve jobs, arthur levinson taken over the top spot vacant since jobs death last month. you pay for it now, you are really paying for, it the
10:36 pm
government saying the taxpayer bailout of general motors and chrysler will top 23 billion bucks, 9 billion more than expected and who knew a yellow diamond could cost so much green? the 110-carat stone selling at auction for nearly 11 million smackers not including taxes. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock mart report is brought to you by your lex have us market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. all of young girl survived a nightmare trapped for two days in the wreckage of an accident that killed her father. her car flipped into a ditch in craven county, north carolina, friday night. 9-year-old jordan landen survived on poptarts and gatorade, cried out for help every time she heard someone. a man finally spotted the car
10:40 pm
sunday night, called police. jordan was taken to the hospital. >> she said at the hospital that she was hungry and asked about her dad and we had to break that to her and that hurt the most. he was a great man. >> fire crews worked for an hour to cut jordan from the car. investigators say her father was traveling 105 miles per hour at the time of the crash. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is reaching out to her southern arizona constituents. giffords posted a voice recorded message on her facebook page today. she said she's anxious to get back to work and misses her home. she's living in houston undergoing rigorous rehabilitation. >> i'm getting stronger. i'm getting better. it's been a hard year for all of us. there is a lot to say. i will speak better. i want to get back to work.
10:41 pm
>> giffords was shot in the head back on january 8th during a meeting with her constituents in tucson. six people were killed, 13 others wounded. a news edge exclusive tonight at 11:00, undercover cops on the hunt taking down thieves at metro stations. we'll show you how they're catching criminals targeting you. forget about talking heads. this political talk show nearly erupted into a fistfight. the play by may of a bunch of old guys act -- play of a bunch of old guys acting like they're going to hit each other but really don't at 11:00. to make a commitment
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is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality
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and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment. at&t
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the cost to drive the dulles toll road may not be as expensive as first predicted. the tolls should be around $8 by 2019, about $13 less than averageally predicted. the money from the tolls will help pay for the dulles metrorail project. the toll increase is due in part to cut a billion dollars from the cost to build the rail line. a topic that makes some
10:45 pm
people uncomfortable, a businesswoman in our area decided to tackle the hush hush nature of underwear issues. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, she's hoping her new product won't be a secret for long. >> reporter: behind closed doors -- >> i have a lot of women friends and we hang around and talk about things of. >> reporter: they talk about relationships, work stress, sweaty underwear, that's right. >> when you're talking to women, they get it. >> reporter: like a lot of women angela newman was not pleased with the way her cotton underwear held up after a long day or even an hour at the gym. so the d.c. resident took action armed with a harvard mba creating a fix and a business, hi-tech underwear. >> it's so tiny it would be called a nanoparticle. they are embedded into the cotton. >> reporter: the product called knockout is designed to keep underwear odor free and dry. watch what happens when newman
10:46 pm
pours a 1/2-teaspoon of water on the cotton liner. >> see how they're turning white from being wet to turn white? that's where the fibers are dry on the top. >> reporter: she bought the patent for an odor fighting technology called no trace originally used to make hunting gear. >> if it works for animals, that had that great of a nose, it ought to work to us. >> reporter: newman talked her mom into making the prototype on a family trip. before long she was approaching manufacturers, most of them male. >> they say what? i don't know about this. i say go home and ask your wife. >> reporter: the underwear is now manufactured in south carolina. >> it makes me really happy when women come up to me and say i love your panties or i'm wearing them. >> reporter: of course, they're doing some marketing, but they firmly believe that what will make people buy this product is word of mouth. >> this is something women tell each other about, but what
10:47 pm
we're finding is that that's the best marketing you can have. when someone says i own this product and i love it, that's the best you're going to get. >> reporter: knockout panties are in 100 stores in the u.s. and canada including chevy chase. >> what's really cool is have my kids walk in and go mommy, they have your faints of. >> reporter: anybody can buy knock -- your panties. >> reporter: anybody can buy knockout online. >> we have teenage girls and 70- year-old women that boy these of. >> reporter: newman hopes the growth continues with boy shirts and t-shirts and military use in hot climates. now she says people are talking about sweat and odor and how both can be transformed into something beautiful. in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want more information or want to purchase some panties go, to our website stop. >> uncomfortable? >> when was the last time i said panties on the air? prices range from 24 to $38 a pair. i don't know if that's dispense
10:48 pm
sieve or not. ot. i -- if that's expensive or not and i don't want to know. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> you did well with that, brian. >> good job. >> we won't see what you said during the story. >> let's talk about the coming rain and actually speaking of wetness, we are going to be -- >> oh, sue. >> i couldn't resist. do not put that bait in front of me. we've got a little bit of rain coming, folks, and yeah you're probably going to need that rain gear as we expect to have showers increasing throughout the region overnight. we'll start out with radar so you can see we do not have a lot going on, but off to our west we begin to see more showers and perhaps a couple moderate showers around win chester where you see some of those yellows showing up. that's going to continue filling in moving in our direction. you might want to plan extra time in the morning for the
10:49 pm
rush hour. let's look at sentinel radar. most of the day this moisture has been just up to north and west. so heavier rain through pennsylvania, west virginia, this is slowly kind of sinking in our direction and we'll have this around in the morning. all of this is kind of following along a frontal system that has pulled down to our south now, but a little bit of jet stream moisture keeping this precipitation kind of flowing in this northwesterly direction, but again we expect it to move overhead by the morning rush hour. it will see this increasing throughout the night. when we track it all the way down to an area of low pressure through louisiana, that will also move along this front. that will give us waves of rain throughout the day tomorrow and at some point i think it's going to be heavy for some of us especially south and a little east of d.c. one tradeoff of all this is we've had a couple really mild days and still mile tonight. 57 in d.c., 60 degrees in nauplius and baltimore, early this morning our low -- annapolis and baltimore, early
10:50 pm
this morning our low temperatures in the 60s, so very mild and we had our 73- degree day a couple days ago. today's temperatures started in the upper 60s and has fall ton 67 degrees, a bargain for this time of -- fallen to 67 degrees, a bargain for this time of year. tomorrow night we have a stronger push of cooler air. 49 chicago, 29 fargo, 36 lincoln, nebraska, and while we won't get real cold, we will get significantly cooler than in the past couple days. tomorrow 63 degrees, off and on rain throughout the day and at thursday maybe a morning shower, best chance of that east of d.c. temperature of 52 degrees and a big gusty. so get ready for that. friday 51 degrees, cooler still but the skies will brighten and the showers may linger. we know they will throughout the day tomorrow, maybe the first part of thursday morning. so how much rain are we talking about? for a wide region all the light
10:51 pm
blue here probably 1/2-inch to maybe 1 1/2 inches. that's right, you thought you didn't have to cut your grass anymore. if we get this kind of rain and mild temperatures, you might have to. in the purple around the richmond region, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain possible with some heavier downpours. here's your futurecast. for 7:00 in the morning we may have had a good wave of moisture go by. there will probably be heavier downpours south and east of d.c. and light showers for the rest of us. into the afternoon we go and the evening rush hour also looks like it will be a little on the wet side, maybe heavier downpours here and by wednesday night we're starting to clear it out, maybe they linger the first part of thursday morning before we finally chase everything on out of here by thursday night. here's your five-day forecast. we'll show you what we're talking about here with temperatures that will drop back to the 50s, about 52 degrees as mentioned thursday, friday 51, saturday about 55
10:52 pm
and we think it will recover a bit into the second half of the weekend right up to about 63 degrees. so no change over to colder weather but kind of a soaker tomorrow especially for areas south of d.c. >> the weekend looks good. >> not bad and dry. a new york family tonight is suing singer patti labelle claiming she flew into a rage in the lobby of their apartment building last year and terrified their daughter. the parents claim their 18- month-old threw up because she was so scared and now the baby has personality changes, sleep disorder and fear of strangers. the couple says labelle started yelling profanities at girl's mother because the baby was near the door. no word tonight from labelle's camp. hot 99.5 sarah frazier in the newsroom now. >> it was a huge night for glee. so tonight focused on a lot of music but also on a big story
10:53 pm
line proving to be more controversial than last week. >> scandalous. >> involves a student lash teacher relationship. this actually happened -- student/teacher relationship. this actually happened. it could be very controversial. the biggest one. so we'll see if that happens. >> are we talking a legal ramification here? is this something ripped from the headlines? >> huck is 18 and let's just say hot for teacher was one of the first songs they sang of the night. so that's where that's going. as you mentioned mash-up music big, also the music blogs saying this could be some of the most downloaded music of the season, which i do agree. i think it's a strong night for their music. >> get some adele songs. >> and hall and oats and hot
10:54 pm
forteacher. so very popular. a lot of ongoing good story lines. >> off next week and back in two weeks. >> we'll be back in two weeks bolt boat. we got our key word in -- brian bolter. we got our key word in brian bolter. >> was that the key word? >> you're the key word. we made you the key word. >> media synergy right there. back upstairs. >> no comment. $5 million on the line, tonight the x-factor contestants are hard at work. we'll show you what they are doing to win your vote next. at 11:00 the university of maryland is facing a serious budget crunch and athletes who made the team could be put permanently now, details on the -- cut permanently now, details on the news edge. >> your five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big.
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it is the final countdown for the remaining contestants on the x-factor.
10:58 pm
this week the singers will become rockers. we have the latest. >> from that point it's what you wanted. >> reporter: having the support of your mentor can relieve some of the pressure, but for x- factor final 10 picking the perfect song to rock the house can be a tough decision. >> we're going to rock out. >> it's interesting because it's rock week and it's going to be different for me because i've never done a rock song before. >> this week we're going totally rock. it's a song that we picked and feel really confident about and we're going to change up our style a bit. >> fortunate enough for me i'm r and b and now i've got to rock and roll this week. this week is rock and roll week. i got to get a rock song. i got it together now. i'm still bringing my soul into, it though. >> as of right now it's taken me out of my comfort zone because rock is not my yawn raff music. so as of right now -- my genre of music, so as of right now my
10:59 pm
song choice is a little not me, so that's what i'm working on now to make it me. >> reporter: with a wide range of experience everyone has their own way to prepare before going on stage. >> i kind of go into this zone like i'm still playing. i always give it my all whether there's five people or 12 million, doesn't matter to me? >> i just say to myself try not to fall or do anything to make your performance look really bad. >> reporter: while no one wants a negative review, there are two who make everyone nervous. >> i need to see you do something different. >> at the moment l.a. reed seems a little bit skeptic about me, so i might see him a little bit. >> i think it's simon the most. >> it's like nicole has combined you and paula into one person. >> the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. right off the top tonight video


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