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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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of the white house. we'll get to you work this morning. no problem at all hopefully but getting a little wet out there. glad air with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. i could hear the rain just as i was getting ready. then it stopped. now i'm wondering will it be like this all day. >> we'll have periods through the course of the day. at times, it could be a little bit heavy. good morning. as expected, the rain is falling across portions of the viewing area. take a look at hd radar. and you will see that many of of you are seeing shower activity at this time. not so much to the north. columbia, it is dry there. gaithersburg, leesburg, dry there. right around waldorf, this is a little batch of heavy rain, south of dale city as well. rain showers at chesapeake beach and manassas. porks of prince george's county and the like. so we'll continue to see rain not just through the morning but really through the day today. can't even rule out a
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thunderstorm later on today. temperature as cro the region were mild. 56degrees at reagan national. -- temperatures across the region were mild. forecast for today, cloudy skies. periods of rain through the day. showers, maybe a couple of thunderstorms here and there during the course of the afternoon. highs today will range from the upper 50s to the low 60s but here is the thing about our highs today. they will occur fairly early in the day and certainly by mid afternoon, our temperatures will start falling. that cold air will work in behind the cold front. an early high today. we'll have more on the weather coming up in a little bit. >> let's check in with julie wright for the latest on traffic. >> tony just mentioned north of town it doesn't seem to be that wet, at least not yet. you will find that the lanes are open. in fact, you are traveling on wet pavement but no rain occurring right now. this is the beltway at colesville road. the pace is still good to go head over towards 270.
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rain definitely coming down. make sure we've got the wipers working properly. headlights on so we can see you. wet and winding roads. gw parkway. dulles toll road, that sort of thing. allow extra time out there on the roads because of those fallen leaves. 395 here at duke street. no problems reported. light traffic volume in the loves and main line headed for the teenage. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, prince george's county police investigating two separate homicides. we start in oxon hill where police were called to the 700 block of maury avenue around 11:00 last night. they found a male laying in the street with gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. a few hours earlier ache very similar scene in district heights. this one in the 2100 block of county road. police also found a man laying shot in a parking lot. he died at the scene. police do not have suspects in either of these cases and no
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word if they think the cases are related. a disturbing discovery. secret service found two bullets on the white house grounds. >> one of them actually hit a window of the white house. stacy cohan is live near the white house this morning with the details. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of questions this morning. first of all, are these bullets that were discovered connected to the shooting last week and where is the man that police believe is responsible for that incident? now, first off, they found two bullets, just outside the white house and one that had smashed through a glass window. it was stop bid the special ballistic shielding that protect the inside of the white house. we do have i photograph of the man u.s. park police are looking for in connection with the incident last week. he is oscar ortega hernandez. and friday, just outside the white house, constitution avenue, witnesses reported hearing gunfire and seeing two vehicles speeding away. a short time later, a vehicle was found abandoned.
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inside that canada, there was an ak-47 assault rifle and according to law enforcement, there was information that would connect that vehicle to ortega hernandez. this man has had several run- ins with the law before including in some western states utah and idaho he has been arrested previously on drug charges and assaulting a police officer. we do not know why police believe he is connected to this specific incident. also a question is whether or not the two bullets found here by secret service yesterday have been linked to that rifle found in the abandoned car but certainly very interesting. they will be following up on that. again, the manhunt continues for ortega hernandez. reporting live outside the white house, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. the president in the meantime is in australia where he will have a whirlwind trip focused on economic and defense ties between australia and the u.s. he was greeted by the prime minister in the capital early this morning. the president becomes the fisk sitting president to visit australia. he is headed to parliament
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house for an official welcome by the prime minister. police in fairfax county are trying to figure out if an incident at a shopping center last month is also related to a murder from last year. a man jumped into a car with a woman in it on october 27th. she screamed jumped out and got away and no one was hurt but it is the same place where van' pham was last seen alive last summer after her car was caught on surveillance video leaving that parking lot. plus are on alert this morning. there have been four hold-ups in the last 10 days near the national mall and national ballpark. each time, it was after dark and there were three to five robbers. d.c. police are offering up to $10000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. you can remain anonymous by contacting d.c. crimesolvers. ate loudoun county teacher arrested for drinking on the job has resigned. the teacher was a physic teacher at j michael lunsford
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middle school in south riding. some teachers said they smelled alcohol on his breath monday. police say his blood alcohol limit was over the legal limit of .0 #. he is charged with being drunk in public. herman cain on the defensive this week over this uncomfortable moment. >> do you agree with president obama on libya or not? >> okay. libya. libya. >> next, herman cain offers an explanation for this.
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occupy wall street demonstrators have returned to the park in lower manhattan. the park had been cleared out yesterday after a judge upheld the city's move to remove people from the park and stop the protestors from bringing their tents back n the jump said they do have rights to peacefully assemble but not with camping equipment. about 750 people came back when the park reopened late last night. herman cain is in damage control mode after a brain
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freeze during a recent interview. the gop presidential hopeful strug followed near a a minute monday to answer a question on whether he supported president obama's actions in libya. he is now defending his brain freeze blaming it on fatigue. >> when you have a kind of aggressive schedule that you have yes, you can get tired and so we have been doing a better job of not overcrowding my schedule. of course, any candidate running for president, is going to be challenged with having too much and experiencing some fatigue but that is just natural. >> now, this is the late in a string of distractions for the candidate following public accusations of sexual harassment. congress is taking steps to end those million dollar bonuses to executives at fannie mae and freddie mac actually house committee has approved legislation that would suspend tens of millions of dollars in executive compensation packages and stop future bonus packages and align salaries with other federal employees who make much less money. the senate is expected to take
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up a similar measure. twelve executives received roughly $35 million in bonuses in 2009 and 2010. a big surprise for some alleged bike thieves. they thought they were about to make a quick getaway. instead, they were busted. up next, metro transit police officers are luring in the bad guys. also coming up in just a few moments we've got the latest on the forecast. tucker hard at work back there refining the forecast as we speak. julie wright will tell us what is happening on the area roads. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 3q um, miss ? you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must.
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welcome back. we're taking a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge. you may want to slow down just a little bit out there today because the combination of the rain, the leaves and everything
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could be a little slick out there. right, tony perkins? >> sounds like kind of an indoor day today. >> i would agree. a good day to stay indoors. >> catch up on stuff. >> play guard games. >> not go to work. >> you got to go to work. >> no. why? >> you mean like on your ipad when you say board games? >> does anyone play board games? >> very few, i think. they are tucked away in the closet never to come out again. collecting dust. >> let's play the weather game by talking about the rain we've got across the area. as expected, we've got some rain showers. we will today. you will need the rain jacket or the umbrella. even if you are not getting rain right the now, you will likely get some rain showers at some point today. you can see where the rain is at this hour. just off to the south and east. and more rain showers out to the west. this is going to obviously change through the course of the morning as the system continues to ride along the frontal boundary that is now moving through our region. let's broaden this picture out. you will see a pretty good a
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precipitation. there it is, riding along the front. it is really heavy rain out across portions of -- to our west, kentucky, the mississippi river valley, pushing into the ohio valley, places like that. we will indeed get some spots of heavy rain through here i think during the course of the day here and there. for the most part, we are looking at moderate rain but a couple of spots of heavy rain as this continues to train along that front. 57degrees right now in washington. 57 in annapolis. dulles airport, 56 degrees. quantico, virginia, 55 degrees at this hour. here is the forecast for today. it's relatively simple one. cloudy skies. showers, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon. our high today about 62 degrees. i think early in the afternoon, maybe right around noon, and then those temperatures begin to drop off because the cold front will be coming through.
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it is coming through now. that cold air will start to filter in. an early high temperature today. for tonight, cloudy skies, showers continue. instead of being in the 60s or 50s overnight. we'll be in the 40s. a little bit breezy. and then for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, can't rule out some showers in the morning flags will be some lingering patches of rain. but then we'll have clearing skies, high tomorrow only about 50 degrees and then i should mention tomorrow some of you will top out in the upper 40s. same for friday. high in town, 50. some of you in the upper 40s. overnight lows in the 30s. sunny on saturday and then we look good on sunday. we're going to keep our eyes on it. 65degrees. it will become mostly cloudy. we think maybe some rain sunday night. we'll keep our eyes on it. see if that doesn't move up and impact the redskins game. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's find out what is happening on the area roadways. here is julie wright with that. >> on the roads right now, dealing with wet pavement and a couple of problems as you work
5:18 am
your way up through kensington. head up, 3 # # at old georgetown road, authorities are checking for the accident activity as you work your way southbound out of rockville headed out toward the beltway. 35 # at old georgetown road, they are checking in each direction. on the beltway at connecticut avenue, they are check here for accident activity reported along the left side as you work your way past the exit to go northbound. that is where we have reports of this accident activity. inner loop nice and clear. no problems reported as you continue from 270 around towards college park and 66 is in good shape leaving fair oaks headed in towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to a fox 5 exclusive. undercover officers taking down a suspected bike thief at a metro station. theft and robbery always a big concern around the holidays. now the cops are out on the hunt battling criminals, watching, waiting to pounce. they let our cameras roll on the operation to send a message. the message from police to criminals on metro is simple f you steal someone's electronic device you might be taking it
5:19 am
from a police officer. >> as fox 5's will thomas explains, undercover officers are working in roving crime teams. >> reporter: this is metro transit police video shot november 9th. two men caught stealing a bicycle at the prince george's plaza stop. but they don't get far. undercover officers move in fast. to understand how this bait bike operation works, we'll start at the beginning with sergeant jason williams. he videotapes all of the action. >> if you catch someone what do you do with the video? >> what we could do is we would submit this to the court and that would be played as evidence. >> reporter: an undercover transit officer lays the bait. a $3,800 bike. little out in the open, unlocked, an invitation for thieves. sergeant williams rolling on it all. >> reporter: last wednesday afternoon, police say the bait bike lured in some bad guys. >> there was two suspects,
5:20 am
adults, and they were acting in concert. they had identified the bike. whether they thought everything was clear, one served as a look outwhile another one tried to take the bike. >> reporter: the bike is rigged to malfunction so catching the thieves doesn't take long. officers arrested both men. some of the same metro transit officers are routinely riding the rails conducting similar sting operations. officers are serving as decoys, displaying iphones and other electronic equipment to catch criminal whose might otherwise be targeting you. >> it is more of awareness. when you are standing by like this, it gives the thief something to grab ahold of it and simply run with it. >> reporter: the officers may work undercover but the department's top brass wants to get the word out as a warning. >> the next person you might rob might be an undercover metro police officer or not that citizen or innocent victim you think you're robbing. >> police believe they are preventing few tour crimes and detectives think getting the word out will deter others.
5:21 am
>> as for the bike, police say the ones normally ripped off are valued at more than $1,000. most jurisdiction allow police to charge suspects with felony theft a charge that carries more jail time. some toe tapping action at the movie theaters this weekend. coming up next. ♪ we are a part of the rhythm nation. >> there are plenty of reasons to dance. >> papi feet 2. coming up next, the voice behind one of the character, robin william sat down to talk about why he is so lucky.
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he has been a comedy icon since the 1970s and robin william is making a whole new generation of people laugh. >> funny guy. he talks about how he keeps his comedy fresh. >> and why he considers himself a very lucky man. >> one of the major thing abouts this movie is being different and that make you who you are, dewho you are as a person. >> there are plenty of reasons to dance. >> i think you're one of the great comedic actors of our time. what is that different aspect about you that you think makes you different, that sets you apart from everybody else? >> besides being physically who
5:25 am
i am? >> yeah. i've always done weird things, weird characters, kind of drawn to them. is sets me apart, i think just the idea of always being willing to try something different. i tried not to duplicate things. i wanted to do things like one- hour photo or at wakenings or bird cage and then you do something like allad inwhere it is just fun. >> already female animated characters that people can have crushes. on i think it is totally cool. i some a crush on jasmine from allad in. who is your animated crush? >> in terms of older animation. you think betty boop. so you like girls like that with little tiny waists. shut up. i think that would be the closest thing. recently, have you to say jessica rabbit. >> when you first came to hollywood, did you have to
5:26 am
struggle to be someone you were not? >> no, i was lucky. i got to do what i did. it took a while. i won the lottery. all of a sudden, i'm doing stand-up and i made the transition from san francisco and i had one television show that came and went really quickly and then i got this audition for a happy days to play this character, this i'll yep because gary marshall's kid had seen star wars and he wanted to be like an alien from outer space on happy days. and gary is going i don't know. that might not work. we'll see. and then they have an alien go on happy days and i got that character. cut to a euro later, there is a commitment to put a show on air without a pilot and then paramount throws together this show that goes on for 12 shows. than i win the lottery because all of a sudden bang. i went from zero to 100. so in a weird way, the luckiest dude on the planet to get that
5:27 am
at that time so fitting in wasn't a problem. >> funny guy. i had a chance to meet robin william here in d.c. a couple of years ago. i said i have one of your comedy albums. he immediately goes into character, starts doing bits from the old album. he was a funny guy. >> amazing how quick he can turn into one character from another. it can be difficult to follow him at times. >> great to see a new generation enjoy him. we'll have the stars of "twilight" light breaking down. >> kevin sat down with the big stars. you will see all of the interviews right here on fox 5 starting tomorrow morning. the white house has a fairly serious mystery on its hands this morning. stacy cohan continues to follow that story for us this morning. >> two bullets are found here at the white house. who fired them and where is the man that may have committed a shooting earlier last week? i'll have all all the details
5:28 am
coming up in a live report. stay with us.
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around the area. >> what do you want to know? >> i don't know. you were singing. >> about the rain covering the area and the region. >> yes, let's start with the radar. >> i felt like we were in an infomercial. >> we do have rain. there it is, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, moving into our region from the south and west and it is here. we have rain showers and most of that rain is light to moderate rain. there are a couple of spots where we've seen some heavy rain. this particular radar image i think overplays the heavy rain we are not seeing as much as that. just to our south -- hey, tucker, tell me on hd radar, where is that heavy rain? >> down near fredericksburg ysm all right. down near fredericksburg is where we're getting the heavy rain right now. this is the way it will go today. period of rain and sometime it will be heavy. temperatures are in the 50s. 57degrees right now in the district. 56 at dulles and 56 in
5:32 am
baltimore. here is your day planner for today. cloudy skies, periods of rain. at times, heavy and maybe a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. highs today around 62 degrees. all right. that is latest on the weather. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. let's say good morning to julie wright again. i heard something with a tone in my ear. >> it was me singing. you know you lover it. >> when i witness the tune maybe. >> we were unclear. ♪ well the rain's exploded with a mighty crash. >> oh! >> paul mccartney. >> phil mccartney? >> he will not forgive you. you'll be tuck with him. >> earlier this morning, sarah
5:33 am
thought a turkey did something other than gobble. >> it was 4:45 give me a break. >> i'm on cold medicine. give me a break. >> phil mccartney and chuck lennon were great in the beatles. >> if there is not appear accident, there probably will be after this break. all lanes are open right now. we are dealing with wet pavement this morning, folks so allow extra time out there on the roads. no incidents to report coming inbound from the west off of 66 but the volume definitely increasing and starting to slow as you work your way in from 50 headed over towards 123. i do have a couple of problems to map out for you. 355 at 187, authorities are responding to this crash. suitland parkway at alabama avenue for the wreck. heads up trying to work your way into southeast. and new this morning the
5:34 am
white house hit by a bullet. >> investigators are now looking into whether this is linda luccied by a rosent shooting on constitution avenue. stacy cohan is live near the white house with the latest for us this morning. >> the secret service actually discovered two bullets, one struck the white house. one was found outside the white house. this discovery was made yesterday. one of the bullets actually went through a window, smashed the window but was stopped because the inside of the building is lined with a special ballistic shielding to protect the interior of the white house. the other one found outside the white house on the ground so the question is whether or not these bullets are connected to that incident on friday. police have issued an arrest warrant for a man oscar ortega hernandez in connection with what happened on friday and the shooting near the white house. recognizes reported hearing gunfire and seeing two cars speeding away. later on friday, park police found a vehicle abandoned and inside that vehicle, there was
5:35 am
an assault rifle, an ak-47. we are told there were various other items inside that connected the vehicle to ortega hernandez. this man apparently has quite a history with law enforcement in several we were states. he has been arrested in connection with drug charges and assaulting a police officer. we do not have any information on leads. park list have issued an arrest warrant and are looking for him. there is an effort to discover where the bullets came from at the white house and we do not know whether or not they've been linked to the assault rifle in the vehicle on friday. back to you. president obama is down under this morning. the president arrived in australia's capital overnight. he is headed for a former dinner tonight. he will travel to the city of darrin would meet and greet troops. the next stop on his asian trip
5:36 am
is an east asian summit some bali. a man jumped into a woman's car but she screamed and ran off. it is the same area where teenaged murder victim vanessa pham was last seep alive in the summer of 2010. the similarities are a bit eerie. >> you will see the victim walking across the parking lot. she is now getting in her vehicle. he is approaching the rear. it is the same parking lot where vanessa pham was last seen alive last june 27th before she was eventually discovered murdered along arlington boulevard and williams drive. >> the woman would screamed and jumped out last month later provided police with a composite sketch of the man said to be in his 20s or 30s. later on today, wal-mart is going to announce plans for six new stores for the district. that is two more than first thought. last year, the discount chain said it would be moving into cities in urban areas. one area it is opening a box store is the skyland town center in southeast, a place district leaders have pushed for in the past. as we continue to learn
5:37 am
more about the penn state scandal, one legendary basketball coach now responding. here what he has to say about joe paterno. e paterno. >> a heated debate gets a little too heated. what sparked this exchange as we check more headlines on the other side of the break. check the markets first. a slight uptick on the markets though. the dow closed up 17 points. the nasdaq was up about 29. overseas, jap -- japan's nikkei fell about 79 points.
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making headlines this morning, the "new york times" reporting that as many as 10 new victims in the penn state sex abuse scandal have contacted authorities. in the meantime, a former pennsylvania county prosecutor says he passed on a report of alleged abuse by jerry sandusky in 2009 because of an indirect connection to sandusky's family. the case was then given to the state attorney general's office headed at the time by now governor tom corbett. it is referred to in the 23- page grand jury report as
5:41 am
victim one. meantime, duke university basketball coach mike krzyzewski is speaking out about the resignation of joe paterno. >> i feel badly for him and whatever he is responsible for, it will come out and hopefully, it will come out from him. >> coach k says people need to remember that there is a lot involve in this situation. he thinks pattern owe is a great man involved in a horrific situation. a hundred deaths in syria in the last couple of days causing politicians in neighboring lebanon to go after each other on live tv. n live tv. >> the rival politicians pointed fingers and insulted each other. at one point, threw a glass of water. the show ended up cutting to
5:42 am
commercial before they got too physical there. >> that's why we keep an eye on the guys in the weather department. >> things get a little crazy out there. up next, we know about the problems at quarterback for the redskins but running game is also come up empty. >> will they have better luck versus dallas this weekend? we'll talk live in sports junkies. tony perkins has your weather and julie has your traffic. ur traffic.
5:43 am
aur fgo r te iha
5:44 am
5:45 am
taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning and it doesn't appear to be too bad from the picture. but we do have a little bit of rain in the area, even some fog perhaps that you might have to drive there as well. >> yes thank you for mentioning that. because i have failed to mention it frankly. there is some fog out there. i drove through some myself. >> glad to help you. >> appreciate that. the rain is there. let's take a look. we'll start by take a look at hd radar. we'll show you where the rain is. as we mention aids short time ago, there are some areas of heavy rain right around the fredericksburg area.
5:46 am
again, not everyone is getting rain. here in the district, it is like some drizzle that is falling at this time. but here, just to the north of fredericksburg now, we have that spot of heavy rain move up to the north. la plata, you are getting some of that now. it will come up the potomac river it looks like and maybe acrossual dorveg, you will get some -- across waldorf, you will get some of the heavy rain. most of the rest of the area is seeing light to moderate rain at this time. this will change throughout the course of the day. you know this, with the rain in the forecast, clouds all day today. cloudy skies all through the mid-atlantic into the northeast now. a lot of precipitation along this frontal boundary that is coming through as we speak. and this is what is going to be hanging here through the course of the day as it just rides along that front. as you can see, there is a lot of heavy rain well out to the west. we'll get some of that but not
5:47 am
all of it. let's take a look at the futurecast and see how things might develop during the course of date tonight and into tomorrow. here is a look at what is going on today. there will be periods but more comes through wednesday afternoon. this is indicating -- this afternoon. this is indicating some heavy rain up to the north of baltimore and off to the north and west of washington. more rain showers right around 6:00 p.m. right in time for the evening rush hour. some areas of heavy rain perhaps coming through. some partial clearing town in the norfolk area. then through the nighttime hours, periods of rain, clouds. by early tomorrow morning, it looks like it is mainly cloud cover. still, some precipitation nearby so we can't rule out some showers coming through the washington area during the morning tomorrow. then we'll get some clearing going on tomorrow afternoon. for today, cloudy skies showers, maybe a couple of thunderstorms later on today. high 62 degrees. our temperatures will be falling during the course of the afternoon from mid afternoon on, i think as the cold front -- as the cold air works its way in behind the
5:48 am
cold front. tonight, cloudy skies, showers continue, 46 for your overnight low. still some showers in the morning. a much cooler day. high only about 51 degrees. clearing skies the latter part of the day. your overnight lows in the 30s. friday, quite cool, high 50. many of you just in the 40s. saturday looks good. sunday looks good although our skies will gradually become mostly cloudy. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> all right. i was waiting for you to call me judy or something. >> i was trying to think of something. >> it is that cold medication. i got the sniffles. >> okay. >> on the roads right now we have some problems along the rockville pike at old georgetown road. the crew in sky fox up with us early this morning to show you what is happening here. if you are traveling southbound on 355 approaching old georgetown road, that is where you will fine the activity along the right side of the highway. again, traveling southbound on the pike in the direction of beltway, you will find at that time right lane remains blocked off with this incident.
5:49 am
you will find all of your lanes open. the only thing left here, this particular scene is the police officer and it looks like he is backing up at the scene of this incident. we'll show you what else is happening. if you are coming inbound along new york avenue here at florida avenue, this is where we have the stalled bus. as you can see, the stilled bus right in the middle of the intersection here. some traffic is able to get by. it will cause some robs as our volume increases this morning so again, this is new york avenue at florida avenue, stalled bus imup pacting -- impacting your commute in each direction. accident activity, suitland parkway here at alabama avenue. follow police direction in order to get by there. if you are traveling in northeast washington, inbond 50 still look good as you travel new york avenue out towards bladensburg road. north capital street at m in northeast. that is where we received word of a building fire. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the redskins trying to reboot the running game. the caps lose on the road again and coach k making some history in the world of hoops. joining us now, the sports
5:50 am
junkies from 106.7 the fan. happy wednesday, guys. >> good morning. >> i want to talk about the caps first of all. they lost again last night which you wouldn't think would be a big deal. last 10 games, a losing record of 4-5-1. should we worry? i don't know that you are super worried. six losses in the last nine. i'm not going to panic yet. i believe too early. it is a long, long, long season. you know, when they started off undefeated, i was getting killed because i said it doesn't matter. we know this soap is all about the playoffs. it is what happens in the post- season. the regular season is to position themselves. hopefully, they win the division, have home ice once the playoffs come but i wouldn't panic over losses in the middle of the season. >> it is a little disturbing the way they lost last night. by the time i went to bed, start of the third period, 0-0. look like it was okay. the caps actually score to go up and everything falls apart in the last four minutes. >> you don't like a late stage
5:51 am
collapse. >> that part hurts a bit but i think everybody is due for a bad game. vocou nu. had his. >> i'm concerned that he has to bench his stars every other night. >> he benched month, stemmons the other night i think that is a new attitude from bruce boudreau. he says if you're not performing and i don't think you're going to score a goal, you are agoing to sit on the bench. >> the a good point about the playoffs. so we'll see what happens there. redskins, just a quick update here as far as what is happening. the running gape has been getting attention this week. last three weeks, running backs have averaged 38 yards per game. >> that is what is disturbing, steve. >> pretty good if you ask me.
5:52 am
>> that is what mike shanahan's hallmark is. just pick any running back being plug them in. that hasn't worked. >> all the injuries along the offensive line and then there is the constant switching between torain, helu, hightower in the mix before he suffered the snee injury. he is not relying on one guy. we are seeing the results or lack of results. >> the season is over. he doesn't love ryan torain. that is obvious. let's see what roy helu can do. we're in that mode where we're starting to evaluate everybody. >> it is not like they're facing a good running back this week. demarco murray is only averaging seven yards a cary. >> he is only the best in the nfl over the last four weeksen so no big thing. >> can a bunch of guys from maryland at least appreciate what coach k was able to do last night down at duke? >> absolutely. >> we it k. appreciate it. you don't necessarily need to
5:53 am
glorify it. >> you think i'm going sit here and fawn over coach k. the coach at duke? that's not going to happen. >> give him credit. is it 903 wins now? >> a great accomplishment. >> let the durham news fawn over him and praise him all morning. >> not going to do it here in washington. >> just like to see not many of those 903 against maryland. >> if gare williams had that talent and he deserves credit, gare would have more than 904, 904 wins. he would have about a thousand. >> let's bring him back. they will need some help up there. thank you, guys. it's the junkies at 106.7 the fan. up next, video going viral. first, take a look at today's my fox half off deal. $29 for nearly $200 worth of services from guild's beauty.
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to get in on the deal, go to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. back after this.
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is anita gatling she says her husband and her daughters
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watch the show every day. if you want to be tomorrow's fap of the day, find us on facebook. no space between fox and the number five. just post a comment under anita's photo. check out this new viral video. he can do circus constitutes, worked on a bunch of movies and the new sherlock holmes. >> he admits he done always land on his feet. he actually hit his head and broke a finger doing this video but says it is worth it for the footage. >> i would think out of all that, if you break a finger, that is probably -- is in pretty intense stuff. >> that is pretty okay. >> you can watch the whole thing. we'll put a link on the web site if you would like to watch the rest. back after this. we'll see you at 6:00.
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