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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ a gunman targets the white house. the secret service says they found a bullet that smashed a glass window. now, questions this morning whether this incident is linked to a shooting near the white house on friday. we'll have details coming up in a live report. also, new developments in the penn state child sex abuse scandal. the man who said he witnessed jerry sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a shower, now giving a different account of what happened in an e-mail to friends. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning. it is 6:00 on this wednesday, november 16th. we are taking a live look outside right now. you can see a little bit of
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cloud cover or haze or something hanging around out there. good morning, everyone. thank you for wake up. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey i think we have a little bit of everything out there. >> fog is what i meant to say. >> got some rain out there. >> not the prettiest of mornings. >> mild temperatures. >> it is not cold. >> it is a messy morning. it will be a messy day today to be sure. you will need the umbrella with you today. let's take a look. we'll start with hd radar, show you how things are shaping up out there. indeed, we've got some rain including some areas of heavy rain now moving across la plata and waldorf up towards chesapeake beach and that area of heavy rain has grown a little bit during the last 15 minutes. we'll keep our eyes on that. inside the beltway, i'll say inside the district, not much going on. there is some fog and there is a little bit of mist out there. no rain per se in the district at this moment. we will have some more rain showers coming through. let's take a look at the bus stop forecast.
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if you are getting the kids ready for school, they will need the rain coat, the galoshes as they call them and an umbrella. showers, cool temperatures. morning temperatures in the low to mid-50s. more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. let's check in with julie and find out how traffic is this morning. >> it is heating up out there on the roads. you will fine that your lanes are open each way now and you are traveling down south at the wilson bridge. we do have some problems to report out there on the highway. if you are traveling outbound new york avenue at florida, that is where we have the stalled buses. that is what is tying up most of the outbound stretch here. look like of this a tow truck on the scene here. it is impeding your traffic on the westbound side. inbound side is able to get by. no other problems to report.
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if you are traveling in southeast, that earlier crash at suitland park bay is cleared. i-95, volume uncreasing here trying to work your way across the occoquan and continuing up in to newington. then finally, wrapping it up in northeast washington, that is where we have the incident. this is north capital street at m street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, the white house hit by a bullet. >> the investigators are looking into whether or not this is connected to a recent shooting. stacy cohan is following this story from near the white house this morning. >> if it is not connected, it certainly is a very eerie coincidence. there are many questions surrounding these bullets. first of all, which weapon did they come from and where onering is oscar ortega hernandez, the man they are looking for in connection with the shooting last week. these two bullets, one was found that had shattered a window at the white house. it was stopped by this protective ballistic sealing they have on the inside of the
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white house. a second bullet was found on the white house lawn and once again, they are still looking for the man connected with the incident on friday. he is oscar ortega hernandez and here is what happened. on friday, some wpsz said they heard some shots fired outside the white house in the area of constitution avenue and two vehicles speeding away. -- some witnesses said they heard some shots fired outside the white house. investigators found an abandoned vehicle with an ak-47 inside and some information that led them to believe that this car is connected to ortega hernandez. he has been missing ever since even though there is an arrest warrant out for him. he does have a criminal history mostly minister midwest of drug charges and assaulting a police officer. it is up clear whether the shooting here has been linked to ortega hernandez. back to you.
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president obama has begun a quick visit to australia. the president and australia's prime minister spoke to reporter after he arrived in canberra today. the president's trip is focused on economic and defense ties between the u.s. and australia. president obama is the fifth sitting president to visit australia. bridge county police investigating two separate homicides, one in oxon hill. they found a man laying in the street with gun hot wounds. he died at the hospital. a few hours earlier, a similar scene in district heights. this one in the 2100 block of county road. police found a man laying in the a parking lot. he had also been shot. police do not have suspects in either case and no word if they think these crimes are relatedded. fairfax county police are investigating an incident of a man jumping into a car at i shopping center that is eerily similar to a murder they're
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happened last year. they are examining surveillance video of the confrontation at the fairfax plaza. this is in merrifield two week ago. the woman in the car scream and then ran off. this is the same area where teenaged murder victim van' pham was last seen in the summer of 2010. -- vanessa pham was last seen in the summer of 2010. >> you see the victim walking as -- across the parking lot. it is the same parking lot where vanessa pham was last seen alive gymnast june 27th before she was eventually discovered murdered. >> the woman who screamed and jumped out last month later provided police with a composite sketch of the man said to be in his 20s or 30s. the penn state graduate assistant who said he sawiery sandusky assault a boy in a locker room is now giving conflicting accounts and unidentified source says mike
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mcqueary says i did stop it. d he went on to tell the grand jury that he left the locker room and phoned his dad after witnessing the 2002 assault. former coach joe at paterno could be looking at a big pension. he worked at the university for more than 06 years. that would put him in line for a pension of more than half a million dollars a year. the 48-year-old coach, former coach is not officially retired yet and a number of factors including the internal revenue code could determine the amount of his pension. coming up, and occupy wall street update from new york where protesters are not happy with the camping ban. up next, what they say they plan to do about it. it was more than just a game for duke's head basketball coach. what mile stone he passed with last night's big win. 
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occupy protestors in new york city are back in zucotti park in lower manhattan. the adown ruled they could return but their free speech rights do not include setting up tents. in california, a man was shot by police at uc berkeley after he raised a gun. berkeley students joined the occupy cal movement but it is not clear in the gunman was part of the protest. tax hikes till a sticking point for the supercommittee. -- still a sticking point for the supercommittee. the red rink just keeps on piling up for the postal service. it says it lost more than $5 million in the past year and expects even higher losses in the coming year. that is mostly due in part to faster than expected declines in first class mail. the postmaster general is urging congress to give a
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reprieve on a big health benefit payment which is due friday. the race to the white house tightening in iowa now. the details from the campaign trail coming up next. it is official. the nba is canceling more games. so what are the chances of getting any kind of season in. we'll have the answer after the break. 
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time now, 6:15. taking a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge. can you definitely see traffic is kind of picking up there this morning. thicker than it was earlier. people will want to get a little bit slower this morning. it is wet out there on the roadways. >> not a pretty start to the day today. >> wet roadways, fog across the region. >> going to be like this all day today? >> not thing for -- not the fog but it will be wet all day. we'll start is it see some clearing tomorrow and that clearing will bring in cooler
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air as well. that is what we have to look forward to. let's take a look at what is going on out there now. we'll start with a look at our sentinel radar. i'll show you where the rain is. i want to mention again that we do have some heavy rain down to our south. that is where we're seeing it at this hour. and across the washington area, starting to get some rain move in here as well. i want to mention that, at reagan national airport, they are now reporting light rain. they were just reporting mostly cloudy skies. some fog and mist earlier. there is your area of heavy rain as well. let's pull this out. want to take a look at the satellite-radar for the entire region. gives you a better sense of what we're dealing with today. there is the cloud cover. that is all across the region. there are the rain showers moving along that frontal boundary. that will continue to be pushing through during the course of the day today. we've got more precipitation to deal with. temperatures, they're not bad really. 57degrees right now here in
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washington. 55 up in baltimore. also, 55 at dulles airport. quantico and fredericksburg are both at 57 degrees. 55 in stevensville. winchester, virginia, 54 degrees at this hour. as you can see, we still have the mile air but that frontal boundary sinking through. the cold air lags behind it but it will move in here. we've got much cooler air off to the north and west. detroit, 48. 37 in chicago. we will share in those temperatures eventually. i think starting tonight and then tomorrow and the next couple of days. for today though, cloudy skies. some showers, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms later on today. 62degrees for your high. a little bit breezy too. for tonight, continues to be a bit breezy. cloudy skies, showers continue. the overnight low, 46 degrees. for tomorrow, rain in the morning for your thursday and then gradual clearing as the day progresses but a high only in the low 50s. 51degrees. then tomorrow night, overnight low at the freezing mark in town. that means some of you will be
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in the 20s. friday, a pretty but cool day. high only 50 degrees. maybe the 40s for some of you. saturday, sunny, not bad, 55. sunday, more clouds begin to build in. 65degrees for your high. now, let's got more on this morning's rush hour traffic. we go to julie wright for that. >> take apeek at the crew in sky fox -- taking a peek at the could you in sky fox. they are headed out towards mva. a slow go on this wet petch as you work your way south of father hurley boulevard and headed south of middleburg road and out towards mva the pace will improve only to slow again through the rockville interchanges headed out to the beltway. heads up out of frederick. accident activity reported just before the exit for route 80 in you are ban avrgs in urbana -- in urbana along the right side of the highway. if you are traveling southbound on the george washington parkway, park police tell me they are on the scene of an
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accident that is closing the southbound lanes of the parkway here at the tr bridge. no one is able to get any further than that exit there at 66 coming southbound at the tr bridge. northbound fire and rescue units are responding they're blocking the left side of the highway. accident activity along north capital city at m street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. aer inly dead heat in iowa for four republican presidential candidates. a bloomberg news poll shows cain leading the pack as the top choice for people likely to attend the january caucuses in iowa. ron paul comes in at 19% followed by mitt romney and newt gingrich. but 60% of the people polled said they still could be persuade to change their mind. economic issues seems to be the driving point for voters in iowa. john hunts it is man is betting his entire presidential campaign on new hampshire. and he is not trying to hide it either.
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last night, the former utah governor told several dozen voter in that state, he doesn't care what the rest of the country thinks or feels. more fall outfrom the nba lockout as the league has now canceled all game through december 15th. a total of 324 games have been lost, more than 6% of the soap. the news came just hour before locked-out player he's fired two antitrust lawsuits against the league in at left two states. duke head coach mike krzyzewski became the all-time winningest coach of all time. the blue devils gave coach k his 903rd win breaking the tie with bob knight. his college coach at army and his mentor throughout his career, the two men hugged last night. some positive news on wall street. we'll go live to fox business network in new york with more
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on what helped fuel tuesday's gain. also take a look at the debt crisis looming over the u.s. postal service. a look at how bad that situation really is. introducing htc rezound.
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talking business news now. stocks rose tuesday on positive news about the u.s. economy and it is not looking good for the postal service. it may be on the express path to bankruptcy. robert gray with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morn, robert. >> good morning. >> give me an idea here. we have some positive news for once, it is actually nice that we don't maybe have to talk about europe, what is going on over there. what was going on over here that we have such good news from yesterday? >> we do have to keep an eye over but clearly the focus was front and cent are statewide with consumer spending and it was a lot more than expected
6:25 am
last month. that is good news for the economy. triple the expectations there when you factor out the very volatile auto sales. we did see that helping fuel some gains in yesterday's session. also, a pretty good sign as we start heading into the crucial holiday shopping season that consumer are continuing to spend despite the very sluggish economic recovery if you will. >> some good news there at least. good news, not so much though for the u.s. postal service. we know they've been struggling but now, it looks like they could be even worse than we thought. what is going on with them? what is the news coming out? >> well, they just finished their fiscal year at the end of september and they've posted basically a $5.1 billion loss. that was lower than expected. of this a $5.5 billion payment they have to kick down the road if you will until this friday which fell into the next fiscal year so that made the loss look
6:26 am
a little bit smaller they have to pay $5.5 billion. they prefund that health benefits program. that is due. the postmaster general is trying to get that pushed down the road a . more chains are coming. they've laid off 130,000 jobs in the past year. saturday delivery likely to go away and on the same path right now, they could republican out of money and have to file for bankruptcy by the end of next fiscal year. that is in september or halt service. >> robert gray in new york. we'll be watching this closely. thank you so much this morning. >> absolutely. have a good day. >> coming up next, macy's is getting ready for a thanksgiving day tradition and a bullet hits the white house. we're live with the latest on the investigation coming up next. 
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thanksgiving is next week.
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that manes an annual tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. organizers are preparing for the big day by rolling out new floats and character. new balloons include jowlious the monkey, sonic the hedgehog and i 35-foot foot elf named gazer. are we supposed to know them. >> i don't know gaze are or julius the monkey. >> i think i've heard of sonic. >> he is a hedgehog. >> of course. >> is that julius the monkey? >> that is a sock monkey. >> there is the elf gazer. >> if you've never been to that, you got to go. >> i would love to go sometime. >> i remember as a kid -- i never went as a kid but i used to watch it on tv. it was so magical. >> it was. >> i didn't look up like that watching on tv. >> we know what you mean. let's take a look at what is
6:31 am
going on with the weather. we've got rain showers across the region. there are spots of heavy rain now starting to move across portions of the chesapeake bay. it will be pushing into eastern maryland but near chesapeake beach we are seeing some heavy rain right now and south of la plata a little bit heavy rain. light to moderate rainfall across the rest of the region but expect more rain today. right now, reagan national reporting a temperature of 57 degrees. baltimore, 57. ocean city at 58. your forecast for today, plenty of clouds around. period of rain, showers. maybe a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. high, 62 degrees in town. upper 50s up to the north and west and our temperatures will start to fall off during the course of the afternoon with the passage of a cold front. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. we will answer the question, where have all the acorns gone? >> they can leave.
6:32 am
i've got a ton of them in my yard. i did have. >> you did have. >> you need more squirrels around. >> they bury them and then they come back for them. >> it is a whole vicious cycle. >> it is nature. >> it burns me. no, no, not true. i do like nature. >> check in with julie wright. >> you were here the other day and i was running and there was a little squirrel standing up in the tree watching me run. he threw one at my head when i ran by >> that was tucker. >> it was like you're running so slow, i can hit you. >> you can run fast are. >> they are vicious i'm telling you. >> who needs a running coach when you've got a squirrel. tony and tucker have been talk about the weather moving into the area and we've got some fog as well. the crew in sky fox is not able to fly up to urbana to show you
6:33 am
the accident there. this is the intercomming out of germantown. right side of your screen is the southbound commute and nothing but brake lights at this point as you work your way out towards mva and continue down into rockville. lanes are open but it is a tough go leaving father hurley boulevard headed past 124. this is southbound 29 approaching lock wood drive. again, trying to work your way past the trader joe's and head out past university boulevard. accident activity at southwood is tying up the right side of the roadway. we have this congestion headed down towards four corners. inbound new york avenue. here is the deal. traveling inbound at seventh street northwest, all traffic is turning around at seventh street. all traffic being diverted off. on the side of town, you will find northbound i-95, no problems to report.
6:34 am
just heavy volume as you work your way northbound headed for the occoquan. two bullets found at the white house. >> one of them hit a window and now secret service is investigating this. fox 5's stacy cohan live near the white house with the latest. >> reporter: it is sort of a mystery out here. first of all, there was at shooting that happened last week and then on tuesday, bullets were found and it is not clear if the events were connected. now, yesterday, the secret service apparently found one bullet that had shattered a window in the white house. now, that was stopped by some ballistic glass that shields the inside of the white house. another bullet was found just outside the white house. we do not know if that was connected to the shooting that happened on friday. u.s. park police have issued a lookout for a man who they want to arrest. they've,ed an arrest warrant for oscar ortega hernandez and apparently on friday, some witnesses reported hearing the
6:35 am
gunfire on constitution avenue near the white house and seeing two vehicles speeding away. one vehicle was later found abandoned. there was a weapon inside that vehicle and an assault rifle, an ak-47 and some information connecting the vehicle to ortega hernandez. this man is no stranger to law enforcement. he has faced drug charges and charges of assaulting a police officer. the charges are mostly out west. idaho, utah, but police are looking for him in connection with this. now, back to the bullets that were located on tuesday. once again, we do not know if this has any connection to what happened here on friday. secret service has not said. i'm sure there are ballistic tests being run. that is about all we know about the two shootings so far. reporting live from the white house, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. in the meantime, police in fairfax county now looking for your help in identifying a man who is asking suspiciously in a merrifield parking lot last month. he jump knopped i woman's car.
6:36 am
the woman screamed and security cameras show her running away. heened into a woman's car. different cameras show the man walking away leaving the park is lot. this is the same area, however, where teenaged murder victim vanessa pham was last seen alive in the summer of 2010. her husband tells us via skype from her home in new york that she just heard about the latest incident. >> the girl was able to scream and i guess avoid the situation. unfortunately, something bad has to happen in order to find out who did this to vanessa. i don't wish that on anybody. >> the woman who screamed and jumped out at the end of october give place a sketch of the suspect. police are on the lookout after a rash of armed robberies. there very found hold-ups near the nationals mall and nationals ballpark.
6:37 am
each time it was after dark and there are three to five robbers. a loud county teacher resigned after drinking on the job. he taught middle school at lops ford middle school in south riding. other teachers said she smelled alcohol on his breath. he is now charged with being drunk in public. wal-mart announcing plans for six new stores in district. that is two more than they originally thought. one area opening a box store is the skyland town center in southeast, a location district leaders have long pushed for in the past. an alert for the elderly in montgomery county. police say this is a surveillance photo of suspects targeting wallets.
6:38 am
an 89-year-old fell victim on a elevator in a medical office. o now to a fox 5 exclusive. metro transit police let fox 5 tape appear undercover sting operation catching thieves at the prince george's plaza stop. an undercover transit officer starts by laying the bait. a$3,800 bike out in the open, unlocked, an invitation for thieves. last we had afternoon, police say the bait lured in some bad guys. >> there was two suspects, adults ped and they were asking in concert. they had identified the bike. when they thought everything was clear, one served as a look outwhile the other one tried to take the bike. >> the bike was rigged to malfunction so catching the thieves did not take them very long. other metro transit officers are routinely riding the rails subjecting similar sting operations. they are serving as decoys
6:39 am
displaying iphones and other electronic equipment to catch criminals. if you spot a safety concern, you see trouble on the tracks or problems with metrobus, e- mail us your stories, your picture or your video. can you send them to fox 5 video at g we'll talk safey to when it comes to your kids' toys. how well do you know all 50 states? remember having learned that in school? >> of course. >> all of that stuff over and over. stiewts in the district put their knowledge to the test in an annual competition. students in the district put their knowledge to the test in an annual competition. the winning team joins us live. $29 gets you nearly $200 worth of services from gilda's beauty. go to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. [ male announcerthe chicket
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how would you like to within a free thanksgiving dinner? sounds pretty good. find tom, ity in order to do that. he is hidden somewhere in a story on so go to our web site, find the logo in the story. click on it and you can register to win the free feast from pea pod by giant. the contest runs all this week. >> a consumer alert this morning. toys are getting safe are but injuries are still alarming. a report by the consumer product safety commission found there were 34 toy recalls in 2007 down from 172 in 2008. but toy-related death for kids younger than 15 increased from 12 to 17. almost half were from kids choking on balloons and small balls. there were nearly 252,000 kids taken to emergency rooms. that is consistent with recent years. today mark the fifth anniversary of the campaign to
6:44 am
eliminate drunk driving, a arpana have i project -- a project undertaken by mothers against drunk driving. tony, slide on in here and talk about the forecast. it is a little wet out there. >> yes, it is. we have rain showers across the area. mainly light rain but there are spots where we're seeing heavier rain. we'll start with the graphics. radar, you will see where the rain is -- our sentinel radar, you will see where the rain is. if you are not getting rain right now, you will likely get it later on. you need a rain jacket and an umbrella. rain will be with us through the day. right now, raining across the district. the heaviest rain is down near prince frederick and also chesapeake beach and moving across the bay into eastern maryland as well. some heavy spots. some places we're in the getting rain right now. that will fill in later on as the morning and as the day progress. let's broaden this picture. you can see this is all
6:45 am
socialed with a cold front that is coming through the region as we speak. hence the rain. hence the cloud cover. hence the cooler air that is behind this. that will gradually work its way in here. today will be cooler than we were the last couple of days. we'll really feel it by evening and then tonight into tomorrow. let's take a look at the surface map. tell you what is going to be going on today. there is your front. it is slowly moving east- southeast across the reason on. rain through the day today. some of it will be heavy. could see some thunderstorms as well. then, after the rain gets out of here, tomorrow morning, high pressure settles in. forecast for washington for today looks like this. certainly cloudy skies all day. showers, maybe a couple of thunderstorms all afternoon. your high about 62 degrees. then for tonight, we will see more clouds, more showers, overnight low, 46 in town. so a bit cooler tonight. then your five-day forecast, tomorrow, rain showers in the
6:46 am
morning. then that rain ends. we'll have gradually clearing skies and cooler temperatures. 51 for your high tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s. tomorrow night, the freezing mark tomorrow night in the district so some of you will be in the 20s. friday, a pretty day but quite cool. highs in the upper 40s to around 50. coal again saturday night. sunday looks good although we think the clouds will build in and there is a chance of rain sunday night. hopefully, that will hold off until after the redskins game. there you go. that is a look at the weather. say hello to tucker barnes. >> thank you. thank you. >> glad to have you here w tucker's appearance, you know that means it is time for ask the weather guys! yes. it is the segment where tucker and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. fascinating question today. it comes from joy thompson in mount airy, maryland. she writes, live in an areaway lot of trees and usually around
6:47 am
this time of year, before a lot of acorns falling from the trees. i've noticed this year that there are no acorns on the ground. can you tell me why there are no acorns on my trees. does this means something in regards to the kind of winter we are going to have? excellent question. >> please tell me what you did so can i have no acorns falling off the trees. >> so you have plenty of acorns. >> i have tons of them and we do every year. >> every year? >> yeah. >> every year? >> do you doubt me? >> we were raking them up. >> you have that many acorns. >> yes, because -- >> what do you do with them? >> we just put them in with the yard refuse that they collect and tough like that. maybe there is fewer. that is the deal perhaps? it just still seems like a lot. >> before looking it up, i thought the answer was maybe she's just not seeing. maybe the squirrels are picking then up and putting them away.
6:48 am
>> storing them away. >> tucker found some great information. >> let's get to it. this is your quiz real quick. how long does it take an oak tree to start producing acorns. how old does it have to be? >> 30. >> i would say 25. >> 20 to 50 years of life. >> a 70 to # 0-year-old tree can produce up to 2200 acorns a year. you. >> you must have one of those tree in your yard. >> we have a lot of trees. >> there you go. >> acorn production varies widely year to year and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with weather. the nutrients that a tree is able to get in, they are only able to produce bountiful fruit, as it were, every couple of years. so your tree might just be taking a bit of a break basically. it doesn't mean it is not healthy. doesn't mean it won't produce a lot of acorns the next year. but it isen able to do so year after year. so if you had a lot of acorns last year, the chances that
6:49 am
your tree will have a lot of acorns this year are less. >> it will be interesting to see that next year, you should have fewer acorns. >> all right. >> what else affects acorn production? the nows are that are produced in the spring are very tend are and they are subject to frost or drought. so a lack of acorn production in the fall probably has more to do with the spring weather than what is going to be happening this winter there is a little insect called the w eevil. >> they put their larvae into the acorn. it destroys the acorn so they aren't able to mature. >> look,' he waving for his friends. >> this is a great acorn. >> i'm not done. squirrels, blue jays and woodpeckers all haida corns. interesting. not just squirrels. chances of an acorn making it
6:50 am
from acorn to full grown mature tree, war the chances? >> it can't be high. one in a thousand. >> one in 10,000 acorns make it for a fuel mature tree. >> because otherwise, you would have a forest in your backyard. >> you mow and -- >> great weevil movie. >> he was fascinated by the movie. >> excellent information. thank you very much. if you have a question you want answered, go to, click on the weather tab and -- i guess we could not find an acorn song. upload your video question and we may play it on air. >> this is our default song. >> we'll come back strong next time. >> a lot going on this morning on the wet pavement. here we go live with the crew in sky fox traveling along 29 at south wood avenue.
6:51 am
that is what is going to tie up your commute if you are trying to work your way away from the beltway. this activity is tying up along the right side of the road and that is how you are squeezing by to the left. it is reported to be on the northbound side of the highway just past south wood. if you are coming southbound, you will find lanes are open. anticipate a god delay as you work your way out of white oak headed down towards the scene. we'll move not next cameras and we'll show you the commute along southbound 29 and headed out towards university boulevard. heavy and slow working past the trader joe's and past the activity. we had the accident activity with all traffic activity being diverted onto southwest. it appears fire and rescue have left the scene and everyone is able to get by at this time. more show traffic waiting for you 395 headed from duke street up towards seminary road. we do have problems to report
6:52 am
layhill road at norbeck road for the accident. follow police direction to get by. 270 is a gridlocked mess right now. average speed right now at 109 is 23 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. students in the district have proved how much they really know about the world that we live in. 32 elementary and middle schools and home schooled students competed in the geoplunge tournament. and joining us this morning are the students from the winning school, j. o. wilson elementary and their teacher and mentor as well. thank you for coming in. this is kendall evans. you are a teacher and i guess their coach as well at the school. we have stefan who is in the middle if i'm right, kyree. i knew i was going to mess that up. and the last one is john. so tell me, a little bit about
6:53 am
what is the geo plunge tournament. how does it work. >> it is a competition where the students get to test their knowledge and show their knowledge about things like state capitals, top cities, flowers, birds, just about anything related to a state even the order that they became a state within the union. so they get to practice this information and they get to show this information at the time they're competing with various other different schools and the district of columbia. >> how long did you guys prepare for this? i got to think it had to take a while. has it been all school year? >> i would say about at lost a month or two. about a month or two. >> so what kind of things do they learn in class about? what-- i mean everything that has to do with geography that you could think of. >> everything that has to to with the united states geography. in order to make the team, they had to show me they were able to tell me all of the cap tams.
6:54 am
so if i gave them a capital, they had to tell me the state. from there, we learned other different things such as statehood and flowers and birds and then we play these various did i have report game. so, one cool game this they play is a game called race for the border where they get these cars and have to put border states. they have to put it together as quickly as they can and then they win the game. >> you guys are winning team. obviously, have you the trophy. quick test for you. what is the capital of michigan? >> lansing. >> they're on t. >> you guys did this all yesterday so you are up on it. how does it feel to be the winners of this competition, pretty cool? >> what was it like out there yesterday? >> it was kind of exciting
6:55 am
because we play most of the time and work on our games and so it was fun. >> how proud are you, kendall? >> i'm very proud. this is actually -- the seventh year that they've had the plunge and j. o. wilson has won it four times. of a very proud of these gentlemen. they did and slept job working hard and showing sacrifice and achieving their goals. >> we appreciate you guys coming in. congratulation on your trophy. >> thank you. >> back to you guys. >> thank you very much. coming up next hour, high left hand flying acrobatics, dance renditions. a little bit of magic too. holly is live getting a look at the newest cirque du soleil show. stay tuned. it is 6: 6:55. [ fefemale announcer ] at,
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now let's send it over to
6:59 am
tony good morning. >> thank you very much. security has always been tight at the white house. >> since 9/11 it has been like a fortress there. but one person managed to fire shots there. we are live with the investigation. security stepped up at a northern virginia strip mall after a shopper said a man jumped into her car it happened near the scene of the mysterious murder of vanessa fan last year. >> fall out from the penn state sex scandal spreads across the state. more on that. fox 5 morning news continues right now h. temperatures are mild. the date, november 16th, 2011. good morning i am steve chenevey. >> i am tony perkins in for alison this hour. shs


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