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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the news keeps coming. here is brian with the news edge at 11:00. >> news edge working several big stories on deck tonight, a deadly shooting at a nightclub filled with celebrities and a local sports star. the man hunt sparked by bullets hitting the white house. and the problem plaguing the tsa this holiday travel season. we're going to begin at howard university. a straight a college student is banned from campus possibly facing expulsion. she claims it's all because she fought back when she was bullied and attacked. wisdom martin has the exclusive tonight. >> brian, this is a story about a student two was arrested and suspended from school. she also says she was a victim of bullying. >> i absolutely love howie. >> this is howard university premed student, kirsten jeffrey. >> i have a 4.0 and i'm majoring in laboratory science. >> october 20, her dreams came to a halt when jeffries and her
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roommate got into a fight. >> he was injured. she was injured on her nose. injured on her elbow and neck. >> police recall, according to the police report, jeffrey's roommate was yelling and cursing at her about her dishes. then allegedly attacked her. >> there is evidence that the complaint was the aggressor and our client only responded in self-defense. >> the police report says jeffrey, in self-defense, grabbed hot water and threw it on her roommate. jeffries was the only one arrested and charged with acult. >> assault. >> she is the victim. the day before the incident, when the bullying started. >> jeffries is banned from campus and classes. her roommate is not. >> it's unfair to bar one student and not the other. >> a spokesperson says the united states student handbook outlines our zero tolerance
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policy for violence of any kind. privacy laws prohibit the disclosure of further details without the written consent of students. during this process, jeffries could lose an entire year of school. worst case scenario, her days at howard could be over. >> being away from the school and the family environment that i enjoy has really -- it's like something of me is missing. >> we have not named the roommate because she has not been charged with any crime. as to why one student was suspended and not both, the university says they can't comment about that. kirsten has a hearing with howard university wednesday morning. her court case could happen sometime in the spring. of course, brian, we will be all over this one following it until the end. >> wisdom martin. eight people are charged with the kidnapping of wilson ramos. he was snatched from his ohm no venezuela late last week.
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prosecutors charged the suspects with kidnapping, car theft, and other crimes. ramos was rescued amid gunfire. it's not clear why he was taken, but abductions for ransom are common. we're learning more about a deadly hooting inside a manhattan nightclub. the place is filled with celebrities, including washington wizards -- what went on. >> brian, the gunfire broke out early tuesday morning at the juliette supper club. the "new york times" and the daily news are reporting that several celebrities, including john wall were in the crowded club when a gunman opened fire. police have not arrested the gunman yet. the club is high end and celebrities are often in attendance. this is the second murder there in the last few months. in september, someone was killed outside in a stabbing and neighbors are getting worried. >> scary.
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my daughters don't go out at night. i live in a decent building with a doorman. >> now wall was not injured. he later tweeted he did not see anything happen. according to the new york daily news, celebrities in the club including new york giants player, victor cruz, kendall walker also actor ryan philipe and steel. a young man accused of opening fire on the white house. police say he was on the run since last friday when he ditched his car. they caught up with him at a hotel. let's go to the white house. will thomas is following the new developments. >> a 21-year-old with a record of crime in three states and a history of mental problems is locked up. he's accused of firing into the white house. the obama's weren't home when it happened. they were traveling in california the night of the incident. >> oscar ortega-hernandez.
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he is suspected of using an ak- 47 style rifle and firing shots at the white house. the secret service discovered two bullets. one of them breaking the historic glass on the third story residential level but stopped by protective ballistic glass just behind it. investigators photographed on the balcony inspecting the area. >> tait police personnel responded to the hampton inn and took mr. hernandez into custody without incident. >> pennsylvania state police found him here in indiana. a hampton inn about 100 miles outside of pittsburgh. to understand what led authorities here, let's go back to the shooting incident last friday night. shots were fired from constitution avenue near the white house. ortega hernandez's car found abandoned. officers found the rifle inside it along with evidence that indicated he recently stayed at the pennsylvania hampton inn. >> he went to locate his
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friend, maybe the person he was staying with. >> was that person still in the hotel? >> they were not. >> is there any person wanted next that? >> my understanding is no. >> all along, detectives thought he might be in the d.c. area. they checked homeless shelters, even those occupy encampments. they found him in pennsylvania. ortega-hernandez will have to be arraigned in a federal court in pennsylvania before he can be extradited to d.c. there is talk he could be charged with attempted assassination. at the white house, i'm will thomas. now back to you. >> a guilty plea from a robber who preyed on a craigslist user. >> alexandria faces possible life in prison for robbing a victim of $2500 in cash. his victim thought he was meeting dur to buy iphones. but instead of steeling him anything, dur, an active duty air force staff sergeant at the time held him up at gunpoint
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and today he pleaded guilty. he'll get a minimum of seven years in prison. new concerns tonight over safety on metro. a survey finds that majority of metro workers -- sometimes they don't report them. metro's management commissioned the study that finds not everyone reported the problem because of fear of retaliation from coworkers. six wal-marts coming to d.c. it means more jobs. one store will go up in southeast. another in northeast. and another near georgia avenue. five of the wal-mart stores are expected to open. >> just in time for the holiday travel season. new claim the tsa is plagued with problems. the changes, some are calling for now. plus, how did a group cheat their way to $7 million at casinos. the clues are in this surveillance video. we'll explain how it all worked. sue. >> steadier showers are beginning to move out now.
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there will be another round during the day tomorrow and we'll combine that with falling temperatures to have an interesting thursday. i'll have your full forecast coming up. hang tight. look at our rundown. we're back in 60 seconds. 
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you're watching one of the most elaborate card cheating scams to ever hit a casino. the blackjack dealer in on the scam pretending to shuffle, but keeping the cards in the same order. the smoker is watching the deal and talking into a hidden microphone to a guy outside at a computer keeping track of the deck. the computer guy tells the smoker how to signal to the blackjack players. bet or hold. the group won $7 million from 25 casinos before they were busted. 30 people were involved. most pled guilty. a different kind of scam targeting fliers, plus help for certain homeowners hit by.
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>> anyone who flies the friendly skies. number five, be aware of an e- mail scam claiming delta airlines charged for a ticket. they are investigatorring who sending the e-mail and warning consumers not to click on any links or open attachments because they could contain viruses. >> number four, google unveiled its much anticipated digital music store. the songs will be available through its android market. tracks are available. some are free, others range in price from 69 cents to $1.29. number three, do not take metro if you are flying out of reagan national. reagan national and bradduck will be closed from 10:00 p.m. shuttle buses will be running from all of the closed stations. number two, johnson and johnson has begun removing two harmful chemicals from baby products sold here in the u.s.
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the move follows extreme pressure from consumer and environmental groups. johnson and johnson says it will remove preservatives from baby products within two years. and number one tonight, help for homeowners, renters, and business owners hit hard by tropical storm lee back in august. the small business administration declared parts of virginia disaster areas. low interest loans will be available to residents in loudoun, fauquier, stafford, alexandria, falls churning, ma ma manassas and manassas park. why the tsa is plagued with problems. plus, forget new york or l.a., the next reality show might be set in culpeper, virginia. find out why and how you could land a spot on the show. but first, don't drink too much coffee when you are in new york. they want to close restrooms in some of its stores.
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the new york post, the starbucks cannot be the city's public bathroom anymore. no official comment by starbucks. stores are required to have a public restroom if there are more than 20 seats. ♪
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the wake of the 9/11 attacks. a new report says it is falling way short. katherine has the latest from reagan national. >> the transportation security administration is celebrating an existence but coming under fire. >> the tsa has an important agency as far as security for the american people. unfortunately, this report details that tsa has lost its way. >> representative john mica, the house transportation committee chairman released a report entitled, a decade later. mica says the agency is plagued with problems, including its size, claiming tsa has grown into a massive bureaucracy. inadequate technology, including 500 technology machines that can be easily defeated. ask more than 20,000 since the agency was established. to fix the problems the record recommends the following. reducing the staff. revising the screening program
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with private firms and raising the authority of the tsa administrator. >> we hope from the ten year anniversary and from our review that we can make tsa even more affective and eliminate some of the problems we have experienced over the past decade. >> report comes as it announces its findings. 2/3 of respondents were somewhat or very satisfied with the overall performance almost 90% still thought it takes too long to get through security. >> unfortunately, the process still remains inefficient and frustrating for millions of american travelers. >> a smoke man says they are pleased that the vast ma jr.ty of those surveyed believe they are heading in the right direction. the wait time is 20 minutes or less. katherine, fox news. of all places, culpeper is one step closer to becoming the setting for a new reality show on oprah's network.
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it's called lovetown u.s.a. it would play match makers. they met for an official tour and check out the hot spots before making its final decision. >> anyone who knows about tourism in virginia knows virginia is for lovers and culpeper apitmizes that. inns and wineries than you could ever visit in one trip. >> the show look ling for singles ages 21 to 60. if you want to apply, head to culpeper's facebook page. >> that part of virginia has stolen my heart. all of the air goes out of your head. it's like the pressure goes down. it's beautiful. >> hit a couple wineries. >> it's lovely. congratulations culpeper. >> good winery tasting weather, that's for sure. >> this is a dreary, soggy day
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and continuation tonight. it's not as rainy and a lot of us didn't get the same rain that southern suburbs got and especially through southern virginia. the tornado count for the day is up to 16 with season ef2 touching down in alabama and creating an injury. we start with radar because things are winding down out of this round of showers. here's our culprit. that's why we had more actions south and east and also the tornado warnings that we had across north carolina. a number of touchdowns there. but no significant damage. over to sental radar. you'll be able to see a fetch. this red box is where we have an active tornado watch. then there's one last wave that wants to ride along that stalled out boundaries. coming here, that also went to pivot. they try to build back in.
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at which point they will be playing tag with colder air that will coming in and it could end as wet snow far north and west. tonight, it's drizzle and clouds. the breeze is going to pick up later and another round of showers closer to morning. maybe during or just after the morning rush hour they get going again. our temperature tonight 48 degrees. guess what? we're not going to get much warmer than that. maybe 49. we'll have another round of showers. they should end in the early afternoon. that's the point in which the colder temperatures start to come in. it will head south into the 30s. it will be blustery. could see, if there's anything left over, changing over to some wet snow with no accumulation expected, unless you're in a higher elevations. you might get an inch or two. it's chilly and showers. at 8:00 in the morning, we'll call for more showers, look at this. by noon, we're down to 45. by 4:00, sun is back. we think the precipitation is out of here. closer to 2 or 3. at 4:00, we
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are 43 degrees. here's the future cast. taking tonight's rain out of here. 9:00 in the morning, a few more showers and snow in the mountains. take this out to 1:00 and some of the suburban areas appear to want to end as snow. model has gone back and forth with this, emphasizing it tonight. so don't be shocked if you see wet snow. but through your rush hour, it's out of here. something exciting to talk about again if it does happen. the real story is colder temperatures, windchills in the 30s. friday, a better day. it will be brighter. it won't be quite as windy, but the weekend not bad at all. more clouds on sunday and a shower as we head into the first day of the big thanksgiving week. that's your five-day forecast. a changeable day. more to talk about skins. it's dallas week. we have to talk about it. we'll be right back. 
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this is your local nissan dealer sports with dave feldman. >> all losses, the washington redskins have scored one touchdown. and tallied only 20 points. in their last three games, the cowboys scored eight touchdowns and totals 74 points. advantage, dallas, who comes here sunday. rex grossman's return as the starting quarterback did not result as a victory or a touchdown. but it did result the passing
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game. 22 yards. mike shanahan has decided to stick with grossman sunday against the cowboys. the quarterback was asked if a victory over dallas could turn this season around. >> i'm an optimist. you never know. we have to beat dallas. and gate victory. and then you know, everybody starts to have fun and feels better coming here next week. you know, 4-6. nobody is giving up and everybody believes that we should be a lot better than we are. >> if they beat dallas, the food tastes better. the forecast looks better. one redskin happy to be back and play against his old team. the four-year vet drafted by the cowboys in 2008. during his tenure in dallas, rushed for 100 yards, 4.6 average. redd skeins -- october 299. he has been battling an injury
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since his arrival. i asked him, will he suit up sunday? >> oh yeah. i'm ready to go. been patient, you know, coming with my injury. just working hard, trying to get myself healthy. it felt really good this week. as long as i play, i'll be fine. >> the stars could be aligned, sunday is your birthday. and you're playing your old team. >> god don't make mistakes. there's a reason for that. i really believe that. i'm going to be patient. i'm not going to say too much. my former teammates on the other side of the ball. i'm just determined, we have to get a win. >> good practice today. that was a big positive. the practice went well last week. i would say if was 85, 90 percent. hopefully there's no setback. get a chance to dress up. >> sunday 1:00 against the cowboys. sue tells me partly sunny, 59
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degrees. the winningest coach. 182 wins. he had not entered the win column so far. number three against florida, would that be the charm in jeff jones and the eagles playing their first home game of the season. and mike jarvis is now the head coach at florida atlantic. late first half, charles hinkle will go ahead to danny. the runner got it. he had five points, but those three were spectacular. late in the game, leads by three. they go to charles hinkle on the win. converted the four point play. au defeats florida, 52-56. first win of the year. and the maryland terrapins take on alabama tomorrow in the first round of the puerto rico classic. brian is back with more of the edge after this. have a great night.
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at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. well tomorrow looks like it could be an interesting day. it's going to be cold. could some rain end as some wet snow stay in the middle part of the day. that could happen. don't let it take you by surprise. 49-degree temperature. it will still melt. some excitement tomorrow. >> now you have the news edge. as always, thanks for joining us. see you tomorr


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