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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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let's tech a look at the capitol dome early on this thursday morning. the date, november 17, 2011. good morning. glad you're up early with us at 5:00 this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. going to be a little bit chilly as you head out. let's check in with tony perkins for the latest. >> yeah, here it comes. we'll see cooler temperatures certainly for today for the next couple of days definitely. and some other stuff going on as well. let's jump right in. we'll start with hd radar. a couple more showers out there early this morning so we're not quite done yet. most of you aren't seeing any precipitation currently but there is a little more rain to get through, even a little spot of heavy rain down to our south and west near culpeper. but for the morning hours, a few more showers coming through and out to the north and west, believe it or not, i think tucker mentioned this, a chance of a couple of snow showers off to the north and west during
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these morning time hours. right now, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 51 degrees. relative humidity, 66%. winds are out of northwest at 17 miles per hour. it will be rather blustery, quite cool as well. forecast for today looks like this. plenty of clouds this morning give way to partly sunny skies later on after some afternoon clearing. some more showers this morning, maybe a couple of snow showers off to the north and with is and then temperatures falling during the course of the day. around 50 in the morning but certainly in the 40s by the afternoon. we'll have more details on all of that coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> good morning to you, steve. on the roads right now, it is dry pavement. that is working in our favor around town. no incidents to report as you continue southbound along 207 coming in out of clarksburg headed in out towards germantown. an easy commute as you line up and head out towards rockville. 395 behaving nicely as you work your way north of duke street
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headed out to the 14th street bridge. had that accident southbound on the gw parkway south of 395 and now inbound on 66 leaving manassas headed towards centreville. traffic volume still working in your favor as you head eastbound from the virginia visitors center. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story this morning, the man suspected of shooting at the white house is waiting to go in front of a judge in pennsylvania. oscar ortega hernandez was arrested at a hotel in pennsylvania after police found receipts from that hotel in his car. we are learning he may have had a hatred for washington and the president. state police talked to workers at the hotel there. the worker called 911 when hernandez showed up. >> he went to locate his friend, maybe the person he had been staying with. >> was that person in the hotel? >> they were not. >> is there any person wanted in connection with that friend?
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>> my understanding is no. >> park police linked shots fired at the white house friday to ortega hernandez but have not matched the two bullets found at the white house to the ak-47 found in his car. another big story we are following. occupy wall street and its sister protests around the country are marking the two- month anniversary of the movement with a series of events. oregons are vowing this will be their biggest protest yet. stacy cohan is live at mcpherson square with the details. >> good morning. at the present time city remains intact here at macpherson square and organizeers of the occupy movement across the country are calling for this two-month anniversary to be a day of action and of celebration. now, of course, there has bain lot of news out of new york. the protesters began there in september with the occupy wall street movement. today, in new york, their aim is to shut down the new york stock exchange. now, the group there insists
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that their march, their protest, their demonstration will be nonviolent. >> they told us they wanted all we have and we need to come with all we have because it is not an occupation anymore. it's revolution. >> here and in the different cities around the world, it is wound. because it gets people together and it is a venue for people to come together and see what is going o. >> here locally, what you can expect is the occupy d.c. movement is going to have a demonstration and march beginning at macpherson square around 2:30. the plan is to converge on the key bridge and remain there throughout the afternoon. according to the group's web site, part of the reason for the key bridge selection is that it is a sign of the aging infrastructure in the united states. reporting live from macpherson square, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. president obama laid a wreath a sunken american ship
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from world war ii in australia overnight. this is the first time a u.s. president has visited the city of darwin. and a little while ago, he addressed australian troops at an air force base there. president obama thanked them for their service alongside american troops in afghanistan and iraq. the president is now arriving in indonesia this morning. guilty verdicts for the protests last april when mayor vince gray was arrest with 40 others. a judge fined sick people who were arrested along with the mayor last spring and they continued their protests this week. a two-day trial just wrapped up with the superior court judge in the district ruling that they did block traffic and failed to obey police orders to disperse. and 18-year-old college student from fairfax has died after being struck by a bus. jane wong was crossing the street when she was hit by its bus. police say she was crossing against it is light and wearing
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dark clothing. the driver will not be charged. students have created a facebook page in memory of the victim. hypothermia appear cain back in the headlines. details of an incident with a reporter that has his campaign team apologizing. stay with us. want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury.
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now the latest on the child sex abuse scandal rocking penn state. the jump presiding over the case has been replaced because she had ties to the case. a lawyer representing one of victims says sandusky's nbc interview revictimmized the victims in the case. police say they never got a report from mike mcqueary, the former grad student would testified he recognized sandusky rape a boy in the locker room. he claim he discussed the incident with police. texas governor rick perry is facing some new questions about his immigration record. people attending a perry presidential campaign event in
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new hampshire were asked to prove that they are american citizens. the forum was hosted by granite state manufacturing. a company employee said noncitizens would not be allowed in. campaign officials said federal regular layings required proof of citizenship because the host company handles defense contracts. gop presidential candidate newt gingrich on the defensive now. he says there is nothing wrong with the work he did for fredee macafter leaving congress. he was reportedly paid $1.5 million by the federally backed housing agency over the past decade. he said he was a consultant and did not do any lobbying on behalf of the agency. but the associated press says a former fredee macexecutive says gingrich was hired to identify people on capitol hill who would help the company. herman cain campaigns while his team is apologizing for an earlier scuffle with a reporter. cain was returning to his tour
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bus way plainclothes journal lift tried to get to the candidate but a security person clothe lined the reporter saying they were trying to protect cain. in. we have the latest on the today's forecast. couple of more showers out there this morning. we'll tell you about that. and julie wright is here. she will tell us about our on- time traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol.
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we're getting close to the end of the workweek. traffic is moving along quite well and the street will be packed next week coming up on thanksgiving here if you can believe it or not. how would you like to win a free thanksgiving dinner? sounds pretty nice. all you have to do is find tom turkey hid np a story on
5:15 am so head to our web site, find logo in the story and you can register to win the free feast. that contest runs all this week. it won't be long. well, a week. >> it doesn't seem possible but okay. >> the weather is getting closer to that time of year. >> it will feel like it today. we'll be very chilly today. a little breezy as well. got a lot going on so let's jump right in. we'll start with hd radar. we'll show you where there is some precipitation this morning. we told you yesterday there would be some lingering showers for our morning hours and indeed we have them. not everybody is getting rain right now. some of you are. certainly to the south of the district in alexandria, we've got some rain showers going on down through dale city. just to the south and west of dale city, a little patch of heavy rain right there. manassas getting some rain showers. right now,ments dry in reston, baltimore, chesapeake beach, st. mary's city. but fredericksburg are, you are seeing some showers as well.
5:16 am
your headline for today, we could choose from any number of headlines. maybe a mid-day snow shower. believe it or not, we particularly think this will be the case north and west of the district. we've got some very cold air that will be pulled into the region from an upper level low. certainly a possibility. nothing that is going to cause any problems. dope be shocked if you see some snowflakes particularly north and west of the city. let's go to the sentinel satellite-radar. i'll show you one of the ropes i'm talking about that. see that little patch right there. that is a little bit of snow falling out to our west. most of us or some of us seeing some rainfall this morning and i think most of our viewers here, that is what you'll get, some showers during the morning hours but again, some snow showers are occurring right now and more are possible during the morning and into the very early afternoon hours north and west of the city.
5:17 am
all right. look at the current temperatures. 46degrees now. 46degrees. 50 in baltimore. we've got 47 out at dulles airport. 51 in quantico. frederick, maryland is at 45 degrees at this time. your forecast for today, plenty of clouds this morning. again, some scattered showers, maybe some snow showers to the north and west. then, some afternoon clearing. temperatures falling today so around 50 during the morning hours and then falling by the late afternoon hours. we'll be in the low 40s we believe. it will be aling breezy too. tonight, clear skies, cold, overnight low in town. 32. the freezing mark and then outside of town, you will find some 20s there. five-day forecast, tomorrow is a chilly day. i don't think we get out of the 40s tomorrow. for saturday, cool, 54 degrees. check your overnight lows in the 30s. some of you in the 20s. sunday, it begins to cloud up. chance of a late day shower. right now, we think in the evening, we'll keep our eyes on it because we know some of you are going to the redskins game.
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on monday, a few showers are possible, high about 60. here is julie wright. she has an update on traffic. >> the skins win, i owe you pumpkin pie. >> dallas wins, you owe me pumpkin pie. >> okay. i better go big that up. >> have faith. >> no problems reported as you work your way through silver spring. southbound 95 and 259 in good shape coming nowft laurel. this is the inbound stretch. -- southbound 59 and 295 in good shape coming in out of laurel. 66 is in pretty good shape as you work your way eastbound coming in from manassas headed
5:19 am
in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a fox 5 follow-up this morning. six wal-mart stores coming to washington. d.c.'s mayor vince gray says it is about bringing jobs to the city. >> not everybody like this plan. fox 5's beth parker has more. >> wal-mart, it is a corporate giant with no stores in the nation's capital but that is about to change. >> it has been 22 years in the making and i'm sure everybody is excited to see this come to fruition. >> reporter: mayor vince gray is referring though, the sky land plaza, in southeast washington long said to be on the verge of development. now, it will be home to one of two additional wal-marts planned to d.c. with another at fort totten and four other sites already announced. that is a half dozen stores total. you would have six wal-marts constructed in a relatively small area. for example, here at fort
5:20 am
totten square at the intersection off south dakota and riggs road northeast. it is just a mile and a half way from another proposed wal- mart location here on georgia avenue near riggs road. but a wal-mart spoke man told fox 5 the stores will serve very different neighborhoods and city leaders say it will bring much-needed jobs to those neighborhoods. yakiah shepherd worked at a maryland wal-mart in 2007 and 2008. >> they promised me a full-time position. they promised me $10 an hour and they promised benefits. >> reporter: she says she ended up being part-time, made $8.90 an hour and she says the only benefit was a discount card. fiona forester is part of a coalition pushing the city and wal-mart to respect employees and d.c.'s nearby small businesses. >> we know that we need jobs but we need jobs where people can go and work every day, have a schedule they can rely on so they can be an effective part of their community and family.
5:21 am
we need jobs where people can afford to live in the district of columbia. >> five of the wal-mart stores are expected to open in 2013. beth parker, fox 5 news. a vampire saga at the movie theaters. the latest chapter in the twilight movie seer ayes. taylor lautner sat down with kevin mccarthy for a little werewolf 101.
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he is one of the stars of the hotly anticipated third chesapeake tier in the -- chapter in the movie series. >> if i ever find myself in a situation where i become a werewolf, i need your advice, can you give me some stipulates on how to get to the angry point, how to look cool doing it before the transformation. >> you have many different optioned. you got to be in the right wardrobe. you got to have those little jean shorts, a t charity that you can easily just that red off. >> with my big muscles. >> you look like you've been working out since i saw you last. >> are there breathing exercises. >> you can do some deep inhales and exhales. maybe a little bit of shaking. if you look at the whole pack, everybody does day little differently. i think you should ask the other pack, work up an opinion
5:25 am
and just go for it. you got to make it yours though. >> the whole film, you are at i adeep emotional state. what that camera turns off, does it stay with you? >> sometimes it does. especially when you are dealing with stuff like this and this intense. you try and not let it. you try and cut and then you're back to yourself. but sometimes it is a challenge. it will stay with you a little bit and it takes a second. >> hkp÷/bs an actor, when you to go to the set and you're in a bad mood, do you work that into your sequences. how do you separate yourself from that emotional state. >> that is tough. and that is what i love about acting. you got to forget about taylor and go straight into jacob. i mean that is what is exciting. if you are any bad mood, then it's tough. you better find out how to get in a good mood fast. it is kind of helpful with this
5:26 am
specifically that wear all friends and we're so close and we know so much about each other that we can do little things. but we keep the mood pretty light. >> when you are actually running, do you actually jump onto something. how does that -- when does that process turn into the cgi? >> it depends. jab object has two different kinds of transformations. he is the only one who can transform midair. as a human, he can jump up in midair and while he is some midair, poof into the wolf. i will do the actual jump. sometimes i'm be on wires if it is a huge one and they'll pull me up and stop me and halfway, they will transform my body into a wolf. if i'm on the ground, i'll do the motion of this and then the c tb. i picks picks it -- then the cgi picks it up from there. >> i would love to see kef in's
5:27 am
transformation into the werewolf. i think he has the facial hair thing started. >> might take him a while to grow it out. >> we'll have kevin's interview can kristin stewart. an illegal jewelry operation in our area. busted. up next, more than $100,000 worth of stolen jewels on the market and it may be just the tip of the iceberg. >> that is next plus stacy is following our big story this morning. >> the afternoon rush hour may be a little interesting around our city. the occupy d.c. movement will be on the move. i'll have all the details coming up in a live report. stay with us. [ male annou ] the chicken marinara melt
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taking a look over washington d.c. this morning. hopefully in your area, the rain has stopped. i believe it has pretty much for the dark spot. >> what is the dark spot in the middle -- >> do we have a power outage or is that overlooking a park. >> it could be a park. what was your question, senator? >> no, we are continuing to see some showers. we do have some showers out there. we'll continue to see that activity through the morning hours. thenning with get some clearing going on a little bit later. let's start with your sentinel radar where we are keeping track of the precipitation as
5:31 am
it moves through. there you go. a little bit of heavy rain down to our south near the dale city area. you can see the motion of this system as it continues to move from the southwest up to the northeast. now, check it out to the west. yep, that area of gray, that is some snow, some snow falling. i do want know yet if it is all hitting the ground. even if it is hitting the ground, we went see any accumulations or anything. there are some showers out there. the cool air is working its way in here. current temperatures at the area airports, reagan national, 49-degree. dulles, 47 degrees. bwi marshall, 50 degrees at this hour. forecast for today, clouds this morning. it will be chilly today with temperatures falling through the day. so these temperatures are just kind of arbitrary highs that
5:32 am
we'll see maybe in the morning. 50 at washington. 50 at manassas, 49 in baltimore and then they'll start falling later in the morning and by the late afternoon, we'll be in the low 40s. so one of those days. >> hello, fall. more details on all of this coming up in just a little bit. >> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> still looking pretty good. no incidents to report southbound along 270. lanes are open georgia avenue at emery lane checking for the crash there. inbound canal road approaching the chain bridge, no problems to report. traffic flowing freely headed out towards m street and the whitehurst freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the big story, cities across the country bracing for a step-up of the occupy movement. organizers are marking the two- month anniversary with a series of events including a march in the district and that could cause big problems for the evening commute. stacy cohan live at macpherson
5:33 am
square with the story. >> good morning. i can tell you all is quiet right now in our little tent city that we have here at macpherson square but it is early and things will change as the occupy movement has called for this anniversary to be a day of action and celebration. now, of course, the movement started in new york with the occupy wall street movement and there has been a lot going on there. in manhattan, the plan is this morning for a march to wall street to shut down the new york stock exchange. that is what the group has put on their web site. they say that protest and demonstration will be nonviolent but it does come a day after some pretty violent clashes with police in riot gear as they cleaned out and forced the protesters out of zucotti park. >> it's day of international action. >> i'm really excited for the hopeful shutdown of wall street itself. >> i think this is an opportunity today and tomorrow and for days to come that larger and many ways of a
5:34 am
different modality and we can in some way go into different ways of behaving that will be more successful. >> reporter: here in washington, what is planned is around 2:30 this affect from macpherson square, you will have the occupy d.c. movement begin marching all the way to the key bridge and then their plan is to remain on the key bridge throughout the afternoon rush hour. that could cause some tricky commuting. they say they chose the key bridge, according to their web site, to highlight the aging infrastructure across our city pointing out that the government in their opinion is not directing money where it needs to be but instead funding and supporting wall street bankers. there you have it. that is it from now. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. the suspected white house shooter might possibly face charges of trying to assassinate president obama who was in california at the time of friday's shooting. 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez is accused of opening fire on the white house. secret service found two bullets. one of them broke the historic
5:35 am
glass on the their story which is the first family's living quarters. police found hernandez at a hotel 100 miles outside of pittsburgh working on a tip from the hotel work. >> state police personnel spended to the hampton inn and took mr. hernandez into custody without incident. >> detectives thought he was still here in our area after the shooting friday. they looked at homeless shelters and the occupy camp at macpherson square. appear arrest in an illegal jewelry operation in prince george's county. more than $100,000, mostly in gold jewelry, seized and police say the operators were knowingly taking in stolen goods. we get more from roz plater. >> reporter: after shutting down an inlegal jewelry operation, officers from prince george's county police department special enforcement division sort through more than $100,000 in jewelry, most of it gold and likely stolen.
5:36 am
>> two gold rings and clear stones. >> reporter: investigators say part of the investigation was run out of this international market in riverdale inside at a kiosk where police first approached one of the operators. >> we sent an undercover officer and she displayed the gold and portrayed it to be stolen and they bought it without any hesitation whatsoever, without asking for identification. they gave us more information which led to us a home. >> reporter: at had home on hamilton street, police say there was a second part of the operation, a workshop in the basement. >> it was apparent that they are either melting it down, taking it part, reconfiguring it, if you will without any identifying mark or without any identification, you would not know where the jewelry came from. it is melted down quickly and it is almost instant cash. >> reporter: officers say when they raided that home on wednesday morning, they also found a fully stocked grocery store on the premises also being run illegally. investigators say it lookss like the jewelry business had
5:37 am
been operating for about a year and they suspect with the price of gold soaring these days, there certainly may be others. >> they are getting a lot of cash for the gold now. we are seeing that a lot of jewelry is being stolen. >> reporter: roz plater, fox 5 news. a debate in congress over the balanced budget aamendment has one lawmaker from our area sounding off. that story coming up next. the casino cheating cam that netted one group $7 million. you are watching how it unfolded. we will explain this newly released surveillance video. stay with us.  [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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arab countries ganging up on sir ya. the arab league giving syria a couple of days to stop killing civilians. the arab league is like a mini united nations. they've already kicked syria out. nearly 4,000 people have been killed in the crackdown on protesters. just yesterday, defectors calling themself the free syria army launch ago taxes on a military base. lawmaker are starting to debate a balanced budge today and a virginia republican says it is badly needed. >> if the last 50 years, we've
5:41 am
only balanced the budget sick times. we have a $15 trillion national debt and you can pick any point along that 50-year time line and say if you had a balanced budget amendment after that point, we would not be in the circumstance that we are in today. >> democrats some h -- had agreed to today's vote as part of the august debt ceiling deal. we are getting a firsthand look at one of the most elaborate card cheating scams ever to hit a casino. surveillance video just released by investigators in san diego. they say the black jack dealer was in on the scam pretending to shuffle but at the same time keeping the cards in the same order. the smoker is watching the deal and talking to a guy in a hidden microphone at a computer keeping track of deck. he tells the smoker how to signal to the black jack deal are on how to bet or hold. the group won some $7 million. thirty people were involved. most have already pled guilty. the washington red skipped
5:42 am
are hoping to beat the odds sunday when they welcome the cowboys into town. coming up next, is in the week the skinned finally get back on track? >> what's it going to take to beat dallas? the sports junkies are next. we are checking weather and traffic so stay with us. 
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
we take a look down over wisconsin avenue now on this thursday morning. you are starting to feel the change already in the temperatures. couple of days ago, this time of the morning, it was in the 60s. then it was the 50s and now it is the 40s. we're going back in time. >> going forward in time. >> probably be in the 30s this time tomorrow. >> that is certainly a possibility. we'll be in the 30s across most of our region. our high tomorrow only in the 40s and temperatures today primarily in the 40s. so we've got some cold air on tap. i will say this. we have agot another batch of mild air coming in towards the enof the week and into the first part of next week. it is back and forth a little bit. let's start by showing you sentinel radar and you can see
5:46 am
here we're see something rain showers this morning. there are rain showers out there. wear not done with this yet. we've still got a little more precipitation to get through but a nice little band of rain right now really from the washington area from points south across up to baltimore and then into northeast maryland down to our south, fredericksburg, see something rain and south and west of there, there are a couple of spots of heavy rain here and there. many of you are dry right now. you may not be dry but it is not raining. you will probably get a few more showers coming through as the day progresses. i'll pull this out, broaden the picture. you can see mendte of clouds around the mid-atlantic and northeast and we have an area of snow falling out to the west in portions of west virginia. so we have to mention the chance of snow showers this morning north and west of the city as some cold air really works its way in to the mid- atlantic region. all right. temperature across the area. we are at 49 degrees right now. it is not too bad.
5:47 am
50 in baltimore. 52 in fred rikdz fredericksburg. it is colder in the upper levels of the atmosphere. here is the futurecast for today. again, this morning, some rain showers. now, i do have to say futurecast is suggesting at around 11:00 this morning we are getting rain all across the region. this is actually more impressive than it was at points yesterday. it also has the area of snow expanding into western portions of virginia late this morning so we'll keep our eyes on that. then by afternoon, you start to see some partial clearing going on. the precipitation pulling out. after that, we get some clearing skies and it will be clear and cold overnight. forecast for today, cloudy. some early showers noor the early part of the afternoon. maybe some snow showers as well to the north and west. then partial clearing this afternoon and temperatures falling during the day. we were at 50 degrees not too long ago. now we are at 49.
5:48 am
we might get back to 50 but the general trend for today will be falling temperatures. then for tonight, clear skies, cold, 32 degrees for your overnight low in town. some of you will be in the 20s overnight. five-day forecast looks like this. tomorrow, a chilly day with a high only in the 40s. cold again friday into saturday night into the 30s and 20s. saturday, cool, 54. sunday, clouds build in. we'll see some showers develop late in the day or in the evening. 64degrees and then 60 for monday with some showers. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's go to julie wright and find out what is happening on the roads. >> getting busy in gaithersburg. here is what i know. if you are coming southbound on 117 chopper, this is coming southbound out of germantown working your way down towards the chevy's and if you are coming southbound on 117 approaching 124, we have accident activity right here and it looks like a few people are able to get by under police direction. this will be on 117 coming out of germantown in the direction of 124. 124 would be at the bottom of
5:49 am
your screen. traffic there is get big freely in each direction. this is impacting the commute out of germantown along 117 headed down towards 124. now, we've got more problems to report. this time around, southbound on 270 leavare receiving word there is a car fire just south of i-70. heads up coming in off of 70 trying to work southbound. better bet may be to stick with 35 # and use that as the alternate ride. wrapping opportunity on 395, still an easy commute coming over the pat omak. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- over the potomac. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. flying out of reagan national? don't plan on taking metro if you are. stations will be closed from 10:00 friday night until 5:00 a.m. monday. metro says the shutdown is necessary for major repairs an upgrades. if you are going to the airport from downtown d.c., there will be a nonstop shuttle bus from metro center to reagan
5:50 am
national. shuttle buses will also be running between all the closed stations. redskins getting ready for the cowboys. rex grossman behind center once again and some basketball updates as well. joining us now the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. happy thursday, guys. >> hello, steve. >> how are you? >> good. eric, you nailed it on your twitter earlier. this has to be the quietest dallas week ever. this week, you hear nothing. >> i know. it is like no buzz at all. it would be one thing, we were just talking about it if it was like week 16 or 17 but here we are, week 1 of the season. and skins fans are already apathetic. we feel like we don't have a chance. it is tough when you are playing a dallas team that has owned us of late. >> butt redskins, they're cratering. they've lost five straight games. their offense is showing no signs of life whatsoever. you've got the resolving door
5:51 am
at running back. you never know who is quarterback is going to be. i can understand why there is no buzz on the redskins facing dallas at this point. >> it is hard to focus on the other team when you don't have your own house in order. >> and they're 3-6 and no one thinks they're going to beat everybody. >> it is a traditional rivalry. >> you do tend to play up when you're playing up against your biggest rivals but playing up for the redskin might mean scoring one touchdown? maybe a touchdown and field goal? >> they will be lucky to get to 13 points. >> dallas scores in the high 20s and the redskins score 15 points a game. >> looks like a huge mismatch on paper. >> dallas started out this season lousy. >> they just have to -- the redskins are v. to hope they dont' get the tony romo on display last week. >> he about had a perfect game i think his quarterback rating was like the 150 range.
5:52 am
and then the running back demarco murray has been on fire. he is averaging six yards per carry. >> 6.7. >> had you are we going to stop that guy? >> if you look at dallas' record and their schedule, they're 5-4. the next three are the skins, miami and arizona. they can bet to 8-4 and be right in the thick of things. >> so nobody is taking the red skinned this weekend i take it. >> no. >> no. >> negative. >> on that note -- >> how can you? maryland basketball getting under way. what is your take on the terps this year? >> it will be a long season. they only have two guys the other day that had started games for maryland. they got the big kid that they're hoping will contribute but he has to sit out 10 games.
5:53 am
it could be a long season. the good thing is people feel like they do have the right guy in place but it will just be a transitional year. >> you got to give him two recruiting classes. he's got jake lehman coming and give him that class and another class and build on that. if they win 12 or 13 games, i think that is a great achievement. >> you have to if -- havefaithh in turgeon. >> it will be a different style. turgeon emphasize defense. they will play low-scoring games. >> a little more deliberate. >> but they will get better players. >> if it works, then it works. and with no nba right now, maybe more people will be watching. enjoy the game on sunday.
5:54 am
we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you, buddy. the junkies at 106.7 the fan. one town in our area headed to reality television. how about that? coming up next, lovetown usa. >> time to check out the latest my fox half off deal. $9 can get you two glasses of wipe and a cheese platter at jackie's wine bar. that is a savings of 57%. go to and look for the high fox half off on the right side of the people.   right side of the page -- ride rite side of the opinion.   -- right side of the page. 
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. gary lloyd from winchester, virginia. we were talking about winchester a little bit earlier. if you see a few snow showers out there, maybe possibly take a picture and send it our way on facebook. to be tomorrow's fan. day, find us on facebook. just post a comment under gary's photo. the town of culpeper a step closer to becoming setting for a new reality show on oprah's network. it would be called lovetown usa. it would play matchmaker to couples in culpeper. >> the produces are met with town officials yesterday morning for an official tour and to check out the hot spots before making their final decision. the show is looking for kingles ages 21 to 60 to file out appear indications to appear on the show and they talked to us as well yesterday. pretty interesting. good luck. >> good luck. we'll be back after this.  big! big.
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