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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 17, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right off the top tonight video you will see first on fox 5. we have the bizarre ramblings of the man police say pulled the trigger in an attempt to kill the president. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. that video giving us a look inside the mind of the man police say was allegedly trying to fire shots at president obama. he's charged with trying to assassinate the president. fox 5 as he ross plight has more of the video you're
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sighing -- roz plater as more of the video you're seeing follow the first time. >> this man was asked to make a tape in a making a difference for oprah winfrey. it sat on the shelf until the girl friend of hernandez told secret service about it and tonight we'll show you portions of it. towards the end of the 45 minute long tape oscar ortega hernandez makes what may be his most startling claim in his appeal to oprah. >> you see, oprah, there is still so much more that god needs me to express to the world. it's not just a coincidence that i look like jesus. i am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. >> reporter: never mentioned president obama but did lash out at the government accusing the feds of waging war for oil. >> because the government is fighting or should i say bullying these other countries
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for their oil, our freedom is at stake. >> reporter: the idaho state university student who recorded the tape never submitted it to tone ra and his professor says they never consider -- to oprah and his professor says they never considered turning over the tape to authorities. >> in the video we have there is no threatening statements whatsoever. there is no reference to president obama at all, none of that and that's why we really didn't do anything with it. >> reporter: the professor says much of the rest of the tape is rambling. >> he's just been watched over by god and feels that he's somehow got some mission that he needs to accomplish. >> reporter: now the 21-year- old is charged with trying to assassinate the president. federal charging documents say witnesses in idaho claim ortega hernandez had become increasingly agitated with the federal government and called president obama the anti-christ and said he had to hurt him. then the feds say friday night ortega hernandez fired a series of shots at the white house
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from constitution avenue inside his car police finding a romanian semiautomatic assault rifle with a large scope on top, three loaded magazines, several more boxes of ammunition, nine spent shell casings, an aluminum baseball bat and brass knuckles. ortega hernandez appeared in federal court in pennsylvania today and will be held there until he's brought back to d.c. if convicted, he could face life in prison. >> we've heard ortega hernandez may have been in the d.c. area nearly a month. do we know what he was up to? >> just today one of our fox 5 crews discovered someone who had a rather unpleasant encounter with him a few weeks ago, more on what happened and where at 11:00. another big story tonight, the two-mon anniversary of the occupy wall street -- two-month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement inspires congress on a key bridge. it was a peaceful protest and
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like other cities there were no arrests, no traffic blocks. fox 5's bob barnard where some of those protesters are still out tonight. >> reporter: we're at mcpherson square where they're bedding down for the night after a busy late afternoon joining a much larger protest against the have's by the have not's. >> we voted to win. >> -- we voted you in. >> we'll vote you out. >> reporter: calling themselves the 99%ers, young and older, black and white. members of a number of protest groups with an urgent message of congress, quit bowing to the whims of the wealthy 1%. >> that 1% versus the 99% is real and most people believe it and the statistics show it to be true and yet we can't seem to get past this because money and politician is what runs everything. -- politics is what runs everything. >> reporter: they brought their peaceful demonstration to the key bridge during evening rush hour capturing all the
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attention they'd hoped for. [ longing horns ] >> the banks have gotten -- honking horns ] >> the banks have gotten bailed out. now congress is looking at cutting significant social programs, cutting the safety net that we all think is important. >> reporter: scores of d.c. police officers were deployed along m street primarily to keep the bridge and other roadways open. nothing bad happened. nobody even tried to block traffic. protest organizers choosing the key bridge they told us as a symbol of the nation's aging infrastructure needing attention potentially putting many people back to work. >> in order to have the economy flowing and moving we need the jobs. we need the money to spent so that the business can keep going so this country can keep going. >> reporter: going nowhere fast here as the protest broke up around 6:00, countless commuters trying to make their way through georgetown. >> oh, this is the worst it's ever been for me, yes. this is really, really bad. ad. >> reporter: so bad we saw this
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driver laptop open doing her e- mail, others killing time sending text messages. >> i'm actually coming from my daughter's school. she goes to duke ellington but we live way out in waldorf. so we got a little ways. >> reporter: the late day populous protest not winning over everybody today. organizers of the 99 percenters say they plan another week long protest capitol hill the second week of december. >> we'll be on top of it. bob barnard, thank you. occupy wall street is still going strong in manhattan tonight as the temperatures drop there. nearly 200 people arrested throughout the day in new york, several for sitting in the middle of center street blocking cars from getting to the brooklyn bridge. several hundred occupy protesters marched to the bank of america plaza in downtown l.a. some set up tents on a nearby lawn. police with batons surround the base of the bank tower. the protesters remain peaceful,
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but there has been several arrests. let's get to a fox 5 weather alert. the bill chill is here. remember those 70 -- the big chill is here. remember those 70-degree temperatures? kiss them good-bye. sue palka is in the weather center with the november details. >> i bet you didn't wear shorts today, brian. >> no. you're right, the first day. >> if you factor in dropping temperatures, we still center a bit of a breeze and that wind chill is kind -- have a bit of a breeze and that wind chill is kind of hard to take. it won't rain tomorrow is the good news and the showers we had earlier you can see on sentinel radar coming with the front that brought in the colder air, they're out of here, still could be a few lingering flurries or light snow showers in the higher elevations out tower west. you can see that moving -- to our west. you can see that moving by and in the wake of that we are left with this chill. it's 40 degrees in the district, down to 34 degrees in frederick, 35 in hagerstown, manassas, culpeper, winchester
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down to 36 and even with a lighter wind and it did gust closer to 35 miles an hour today down to 10, it's still cold enough to produce a wind chill in the upper 20s to low 30s all around the region. overnight hours, clear skies will continue, but it's going to be chilly, well below freezing, into the 20s for the northern and western suburbs, probably not our first freeze in the district come income at 33 degrees, but under -- coming in at 33 degrees, but under clear skies and sunny skies friday we'll only recover back into the 40s. we'll talk about friday and the weekend and a sneak peek into thanksgiving week when i join you upstairs. now to a story only seen on fox 5, it's been nearly three months since the murder of a maryland man and police are still searching for his killer. antoine henderson was found in a car in fairmont heights in awe, his body burned beyond recollect -- august, his body
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burned beyond recognition. his family is asking for the public's help. >> tonight the victim's mother recalls the night that he went missing, the day she heard about the burned up car and having to identify her son's body. >> if it was your child, if it was your brother, i mean you know, somebody knows something. >> reporter: august 31st virginia henderson's 34-year- old son antwon henderson left his girl friend's house around 11:00 at night. >> for him to leave that time night somebody had to call him, text him or get him out. >> reporter: antwon never came home. at 5 a.m. a prince george's county police officer found a burning vehicle on balsam tree place. in the trunk was a body burned beyond recognition. virginia heard about the car, looked on the internet and immediately knew it was her son. >> when i heard that the body was burnt, i mean i'm praying all the time, i'm going to the police station when i called
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them. i'm praying all the time that it wasn't him. nobody should be -- nobody should see what i had to identify him by. and it was my baby. >> reporter: virginia has been in contact with the police in prince george's county and at d.c., but at this point investigators don't have any suspects. >> in the beginning they thought they had something, but now they say no leads, no nothing. >> reporter: she is hoping after seeing this story someone will come forward and give them the real story about why this had to happen to antwon. >> you're looking over your shoulder. you're wondering who? who would do such a thing? here holiday time, they got three children. you know, they miss their dad. i just want to know why did somebody have to burn my baby? i mean, you know, why did they have to do this?
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>> now the body was found in prince george's county, but investigators think he was killed in the district. so at this point the metropolitan police department is investigating this case. brian. >> wisdom martin tonight. a new twist in the 1981 death of actress natalie woods. tonight police say they're reopening the case. plus the new report says your safety on metro could be at risk because of the push to make the rail system safer. we're monitoring metro next. tonight at 11:00 call it revenge porn, an x-rated website linking news pictures with facebook links. is this legal? the news edge investigates at 11:00.   ill lyle injections to women in hotel room -- illegal injections to women in hotel rooms, the bizarre procedures she was said to be performing. also at 11:00 it's about getting back at your x and it's
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all x-rated at 11:00.
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welcome back. we are following several fox 5 news alerts. the first one comes from california. the police are now reopening the investigation into the death of actress natalie wood. she drowned in november, 1981 after a night of partying with her husband robert wagner and co-star christopher watkins on the couple's yacht. the boat was anchored off santa
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catalina island. her death was ruled an office, but the los angeles county sheriff's office announced it's taking another look at the case after receiving new information. a press conference is scheduled for tomorrow. an assistant basketball coach at syracuse university put on administrative leave amid allegations of sex abuse. espn reports two men accused bernie fine of molesting them in the '80s and '90s when they were ball boys with the team. some of the abuse allegedly happened in syracuse facilities. both victims are in their 30s and are related. fine has been with the school 35 years. more fallout from the penn state child sex abuse case. a pennsylvania lawyer says his client will testify that former coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulted him. the lawyer also says other accusers are coming forward. he expects to say more in the coming days. the statement comes two days after sandusky's tv interview claiming he was innocent of all the charges. sandusky's lawyer says exacts some of the alleged victims to
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come -- expects some of the alleged victims to come forward and deny allegations. metro employees are putting in long hours on repairs, but are those extended shifts putting your safety at risk? a new report raises concerns about worker fatigue within the transit agency. fox 5's john henrehan is monitoring metro. >> reporter: according to both labor and management at metro, it's actually quite rare metro train operators are asked to work double shifts, eight plus eight hours, but when it comes to mechanics, maintenance personnel and construction workers at metro, particularly rail workers on weekends, very long hours for some employees are the norm. that has some board members concerned about fatigue. >> i always think about my daughter who rides metro at least twice day and would i want her on a train or an escalator or an elevator that was being operated by or had
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been repaired by somebody who had been working 12, 13, 14 hours a day? the answer is no. >> reporter: the vast majority of metro's workers are unionized. under their contracts and because of a key arbitration ruling, the most senior employees usually soak up the most overtime, especially as they approach retirement. >> guys who can add 50% to their pension, some cases 75% to their pension, by working excessive hours, we, in effect, are not recognizing that we're creating financial incentives for people to put their lives at risk to enhance their pension. >> reporter: managers say they hope to trim extended overtime in the next few months as a new group of hires finishes training. management wants to limit shifts to no more than 14 hours at a time. some board members think even that's too long a workday and so do some passengers. >> hire more people. increase the budget.
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>> reporter: that might cost more in fares? >> hey, we got to pay for our safety. >> remember you can help us monitor metro. if you is for the a safety concern, trouble on the tracks or problems with a bus, e -- spot a safety concern, trouble on the tracks or problems with a bus, e-mail us your photos or video. the state's top 50 tax cheats have been named, a part of the caught in the web program. the program lists the worst delinquents on the hook for nearly $21 million in unpaid taxes. joining us for more on all this is the controller himself. if these tax cheats around of aren't worried about the legal ramifications, why do you think shaming them will work? >> we find their friends and family when they read they're on the list or see this show and see that their relatives or friends are on that list, they want them to get off because it's embarrass and they should
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be ashamed of themselves. almost everybody pays their taxes or tries to do the right thing and we have these 25 companies and individuals that are thumbing their nose at the state and acting as if they shouldn't pay their taxes when, in fact, most of them have the money to pay. >> you've long published the names of tax scofflaws in years past. i've gone and knocked on the doors of the worst that year. has that paid off and how is this different? >> oh, yes. we've gotten over $26 million in the last few years from this kind of a program. we're publishing $21 million this year. we'll probably get a significant part of that and it will be put to use for good purposes in the state of maryland, but the main thing is for those people doing the right thing and wonder whether anybody ever goes and gets these people that are scofflaws, yeah. if i have to go get them personally, i will because this is just a disgrace to folks that have phone cheat on their taxes. >> if you're going out personally to get tax
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scofflaws, give us a heads up. we'll send a camera along. i know the top tax kite right now is actually a florida -- cheat right now is actually a florida company. isn't it difficult to recoup from companies that fail or restructure? >> yes, but we have judicial liens and we'll pursue them. we have our own law enforcement division within the controller's office. this is a wholesale professional enforcement effort. we're not going lightly on this because we want them to come clean just as much as their friends and relatives do and get them off this list. >> peter franchot, best of lunch to you. the energy department under fire on capitol hill, hear the tough questions asked about more than half a billion of your taxpayer dollars. millions of families facing foreclosure resorting to the one option that can cut ties with their home, but tonight we're exposing a hidden cost 
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 at 11:00 busted in d.c., a woman accused of giving dangerous illegal injections to women in hotel rooms, the bizarre procedure she was performing. it's about getting back at your ex and it's x-rated. we'll tell you about a website devoted to revenge at 11:00. 
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the white house said today politics played no role in proving a nearly half billion dollars loan to solyndra before it went interrupt. secretary of energy steven chu tved today and refuses to -- testified today and refused to apologize for loaning the money. >> i'm aware of no communication from white house to the department of energy saying to make the loan. the president and democrat colleagues shrug it off and say hey, sometimes things just don't work out. >> house committee members still want to know why the energy department reworked solyndra's loan when the company went bankrupt private investigators paid back before taxpayers. the clock is ticking tonight, the debt supercommittee has less than a week to cut more than a trillion dollars from the budget with plain.
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despite progress on some issues -- a plan. despite progress on some issues like cutting programs there are still hope some agreement can be reached. president obama said he will veto any legislation that will halt or interfere with those triggers. it's bad enough when you can't make your mortgage payment and have to short sale your home. tonight our investigative team is explaining why you could be left holding a bill worth thousands. laura. laura. >> reporter: a wedding, a werewolf and vampire baby, the crowds lining up inside the real cinema in bethesda for the latest installment of the twilight series am i'm laura evans, that -- series. i'm laura evans, that story coming up.
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the foreclosure crisis far from over, millions of desperate homeowners trying to dig their way out. they can't afford their modern and don't qualify for help. for many the answer to their problems seems to be a short sale. the bank agrees to sell the
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home less than the mortgage and the homeowner walks away, but you may be in for an expensive shock. sherri ly now with this fox 5 investigation. ation. >> here's the shocker. you sell your home in april of short sale, think you're in the clear and -- a short sale, think you're in the clear and find out you still owe money for a house you don't even own. >> we want a piece of the pie, the american dream. >> reporter: for five years kent mccain and his family lived the dream in their fredericksburg home they bought in 2004. >> we didn't have the million dollar home, we still had something of our own to call home. >> reporter: their kids were growing up making memories for lifetime. >> we work hard. we feel like we deserve something for ourselves. >> reporter: but their adjustable rate mortgage doubled to $3,000. the housing market in free fall, they found themselves buried in paperwork tied up in red tape, told to do one thing while the lenders continued to
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foreclose. >> they're telling you you have to be three months behind. >> reporter: trying to avoid foreclosure, the mccains chose a short sale. the lender agreed to sell for less than they owed. >> i thought that was the end. it didn't rise an eyebrow. we were still devastated. we thought at least we could get out of it without having this big loan over our head. >> reporter: they were wrong. the house had a second mortgage and the lender got a judgment against them for $50,000 backing the mccains in a corner. >> they just want the money, nothing else matters. screw you. pay me, you know. that's what it all boils down to. >> reporter: their realtor dedra brown sees this more often now, banks going after homeowners for the remainder of the mortgage called the decision fee, sometimes drop being the bomb days before a sale -- dropping the bomb days before a sale. it's a shock to homeowners deep in debt. >> they need to start thinking
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where am i going to get this money? if i had 10 or $20,000, i'd be paying the mortgage in the first play. >> reporter: and it's not illegal. >> what people don't understand, in the process of getting a mortgage it's kind of a two-step process. you sign a note which makes you personally responsible for the amount you are borrowing. >> reporter: in the wake of the robo signing scandal on foreclosures, the number of short sales is expected to rise 25% this year. a ray attorney with new world title and escrow -- a real with title and escrows tells homeowners don't count on the debt being forgiven. >> you want to make sure that's spelled out it's forgiven because you're buying yourself a lawsuit in the end. >> reporter: that's what liz thought she did when she sold her district condo in a short sale. she doesn't want to be identified. >> it's a very confusing process because there's so many if ace, and's or but to it. >> reporter: her first mortgage agreement clearly says she wouldn't owe anything else, but
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the paperwork for the second mortgage did not. >> they hounded me. the banks were calling me. i kept getting calls. then i'd get their attorney. >> reporter: the mortgage plus interest and attorney fees totaled more that be $50,000. >> i don't have the money. i'm -- more than $50,000. >> i don't have the money. i'm working three jobs trying to make the ends meet in the first place. i don't have the money to pay them back. >> reporter: the lender took her to court, agreed to drop her debt to $17,000. she'll be paying it off for the next 20 years. >> i feel like the banks, they really take advantage of you. >> they can garnish your wages, garnish your bank accounts. they can record liens on other properties you night own, even property in some jurisdiction -- might own, even property in some jurisdictions that you don't even owe yet. >> reporter: it's the bank's call whether to forgive the debt or go after the shortfall. in the mccain's case there was no negotiating. >> we work every day and pay
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our mortgage. how do we salvage this? that was never an option that was put on the table. >> reporter: so why not just foreclose? homeowners who do that can be on the hook for the entire mortgage. >> because there may be better options than a short sale. maybe bankruptcy is a better course of action. maybe allowing to go into foreclosure. it just depends on your particular situation. >> for people who go through the short sale process overwhelmingly most people have opted to file for bankruptcy. >> reporter: the mccapables declared bankruptcy, unable to -- the mccains declared bankruptcy, unable to pay their mortgage, unable to pay the short sale hanging over their head. >> devastated, like a slap in the face. it was the worst thing that could have happened. >> reporter: in the end the house the mccains bought for $299,000 sold for just 90,000. the bank lost a small fortune. the mccains lost their home and
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their dream. >> we contacted the mortgage bankers association which represents the mortgage industry, but they did not return our calls. while federal stimulus money bailed out banks, government programs to help homeowners have fallen short. as of july, out of the 2.5 million drink went home loans only about -- delinquent home loans only about 25% have had their loans modified. a hollywood power couple is calling it quits tonight. hear what both sides are saying about it coming up. look at this dog literally sentenced to death, put in the gas chamber but survived. tonight there's even more good news coming his way. but first check your cabinet. a popular pantry stable is under recall tonight. fox business network neil cavuto has what you need to know. >> black friday could be seeing more green. the national retail federation expecting 152 million bargain hunters to hit the malls the day after thanksgiving, a 10% jump from last year, stores
10:35 pm
hoping early openings will get more people into the holiday spirit. homebuilders not be much, construction of new homes falling -- not building much, construction of new homes falling. a peanut butter recall from the smucker, the food company pulling back thousands of 16- ounce jars of its chunky natural peanut butter for possible salmonella contamination. the recall affecting 24 states and washington d.c. so far, though, no illnesses have been reported. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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skype is teaming up to offer you a another way to video chat with your friends
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with facebook. it expands an existing partnership between the two companies. since july facebook has allowed users to make skype powered video calls on the social networking site. this new feature allows users to video chat with facebook friends through skype. tablet computers are expected to be a top selling gift this holiday season, but with so many out there, how do you choose? a tablet specialist from best buy joined us earlier at 5:00 to help us sort it out. the amazon kindle fire and barnes & noble's nook hit store shelves this week. those were suggested mainly for reading but when it comes to choosing between the ipad and an android-based tablet, how do you decide? >> if you wanted something to synchronize between your pc like outlook and e-mail, you'll go more towards android and it's a little bit more not so much easier to use than apple. the apple ipad is more intuitive, so it's a lot easier for people. >> you can go to to watch the
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entire interview and learn how to choose the right tablet. at 11:00 the feds say she promised to improve their looks, but she was putting their lives at risk, the woman accused of giving illegal implant in a hotel room. plus nude photos attached to facebook information. the porn site that should be illegal but is still up and running and growing. news edge kicks off at 11:00. @@
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it's the end of the road for ashton kutcher and demi moore. the 49-year-old actress told the associated press she's filing for divorce. she said the decision comes with great sadness and a heavy heart. the news comes mid rumors of infidelity. kutcher tweet the marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and sometimes unfortunately it fails. twilight fans waiting for
10:44 pm
breaking down hitting the big screens at exactly 12:01 a.m. theaters are already packed or are getting packed with twi- hards. fox 5's laura evans is outside the real cinema in bethesda. people wonder are you team jacob or team edwar and i have no idea what that means because i -- edward and i have no idea what that means because i have not seen the movie. >> reporter: i'm team jacob. come on, shawn, get with it. actually i have to come clean here. i've not seen any of the twilight series, but i have seen the ads. but as you said it opens at 12:01 tonight, the fourth installment and it's showing at two theaters here at the regal cinema. i'm told there's only 15 seats left, a lot of people in line but they're inside because it's so cold. the first two people showed up a bit before 8:00. in case you are like me and you have not seen the twilight series, don't know much about,
10:45 pm
it i'll bring you up to speed on what it's all about. it's a series of now four vampire themed fantasy romance novels that turned into movies. bella, a teenage girl moves to washington state and falls in love with a 104-year-old vampire. the first novel twilight came out in 2005, the first film phenomenonning in '08 and after that you may remember -- following in '08 and after that you may remember new moon, eclipse and now breaking dawn part one. when we asked if you were the -- a few of the first people in line tonight what they loved so much about the twilight series, here's what they had to say. >> old-fashioned love story but kind of that forbidden love type of thing. >> it's scary and it's a lot -- it's like -- it has werewolves in it and it has vampires. >> i'm a werewolf fan, go jacob. >> reporter: the hair around your head? >> that's why i'm wearing this, too because it's like my whole
10:46 pm
little costume thing. >> it's four years in the making. i came here when i was a freshman. now i'm a senior, whoa, all grown up. now she's getting married. >> reporter: they're all so fun. they're having a lot of fun with this. that's really what a lot of the twi-hards as you heard shawn say, the diehard twilight fans, that's what they love so much about the series is they've really grown up with these characters in the new i have. breaking dawn part one is get -- the movie. breaking dawn part one is getting mixed reviews. some critics are saying it's erratic pacing, lame special effects, but the fans are looking forward to what the critics say is it's intensely emotional and delivers to fans exactly what they're looking for. i think fans in here will be happy. >> i saw people on facebook talking about going. stick around. only about an hour and a few minutes to. go you'll have fun. >> reporter: i'll be a is
10:47 pm
reach. >> i've read all the books and seen the movie and you read them, where's the next one. i think the last two books are really good. >> are you going to be there? >> i like to wait till the crowd goes away. then i'll go. i'll absolutely see it. team edward. >> i'll see it when the crowd goes away in about 20 years. >> i am a mom with two daughters, so they were reading it. >> that makes sense. >> isn't laura right, it's such a cold night to be standing out there? >> it's freezing. >> that will cramp your style if you're trying to wait in line for the movie. there's something you can do while you're out there in addition to jumping up and down, you might want to look east after midnight for the meteor shower, but it's also going to be hard to see because the moonlight is so bright. at least the clouds departed as we check on sentinel radar. anything we had been watching is out of here. don't be shocked if there's another flake or two well up
10:48 pm
north and west. we've got lake effect snow showers that have produced a few more flakes. we have very light accommodations in the mountains. maybe you saw a random flake northern and western suburb, but that's it. tomorrow the clouds are gone, sunny day but chilly on friday. we're thinking now only about 48 degrees, but lots of sun and a lighter wind. so it will feel better to you. saturday we recover to 53 degrees, lots of sunshine and then just like last weekend sunday it's going to cloud up and get warmer at 63 degrees. we could have a couple showers late sunday. i'm talking after 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening, but that would be it. meanwhile the big story is about the temperatures tonight. while d.c. and a few other spots are at 40, everybody else is in the 30s and many places will head down into the 20s and we're already there on the other side of the mountains. that's what's going to filter. luckily the winds have gotten a lot calmer, so the wind chill isn't as bad, but it's still
10:49 pm
out of west at 10 at reagan national, makes it feel like 33 degrees. dress for that. the wind chill in winchester is 24 and cumberland 25 degrees. tonight the temperatures in the suburbs will head down to the mid-and upper 20s, low 30s, probably not to freezing just yet in d.c. because of the wind, but friday night football playoffs for the high school kids, dress for the chill. it will be pretty cold tomorrow night. high pressure builds in for friday. that's why we'll have the sunshine, but only with temperatures in the 40s that will definitely be colder than average, but a lighter wind and full sunshine, sun still feels really great. for the weekend that area of high pressure slipped off the coast a bit and on saturday real nice, sunday warmer but clouds will close in. l system and it may produce a shower late at night and a spotty shower monday as well. sunday 63 degrees, not bad when the skins take on the cowboys at 1:00. the temperature should be right around 59 degrees, a good day
10:50 pm
for football weather. temperatures tonight breezy, cold, 20s in the suburbs, 33 degrees downtown, a friday that will feature sunshine but refrigerated chill, temperature 48 degrees. here's your five-day forecast. as we look towards thanksgiving travel times, a lot of people take off tuesday. there will be a couple showers around but warm temperatures, but by tuesday 90 it's out of here and wednesday for most of the -- tuesday night it's out of here and wednesday for most of the east coast looks like a good travel day. late next week coming back sunday there might be some rain, but we'll focus more on that as we turn the corner into next week. this is your local nissan dealer's know your opponent. >> each week sports director dave feldman quizzes a redskins player on how much he knows about the upcoming opponent. >> this week's guest has the best chance to know the most of any so far this season, dave feldman now, ready to put him and us to the test. >> who is going to win, guys?
10:51 pm
>> shawn, i am. >> have you won one yet? >> not the point. >> each week we do this and this guy, tashard choice, has a good chance because he's playing his old team. it's dallas week, a big thing and this guy hasn't played yet for the skins. he really wants to. so he's a natural for a thing we like to call know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host dave feldman. >> know your opponent with tashard choice who spent four years with the dallas cowboys and now you come to the redskins. talk about going through the opposition. >> well, rivalry in the nfc, so going to the redskins, i'm just happy to be here to be honest with you. >> you ready for your quiz? >> absolutely. >> texas is referred to as the what? >> longhorn state. texas is called --
10:52 pm
>> you're close, the longhorn state. the lone? >> the lone star state, that's correct. >> i don't know that. >> we give it to you. texas possesses three of the top 10 moist populous cities want in united states. they -- most populous cities in the united states. what are they? >> dallas, houston, san antonio. >> correct. very good. what dallas cowboy holds the nfl record for most career rushing yards? >> emmett. >> emmitt smith. your bonus question, do you know who he beat? >> tony dorsett? >> no. for all time. >> walter payton. >> correct. very good. >> i'm a running back. >> you got the bonus, too all right. you lived in dallas. you probably occasionally saw the mavericks who won the national champs, the nba title. name me three players from the starting lineup.
10:53 pm
they did different starters. give me three. >> dirk, jason kidd and shawn marion. >> you got it. which one of your team may wants is not, not from texas, brian orakpo, anthony armstrong, lorenzo alexander or trent williams? >> lorenzo alexander. >> that's correct. he's from oakland, california. trent williams is from long view, anthony armstrong from carrollton and orakpo is from houston. >> yup. >> good job, man. 5-5. we give you a little help on the first one, 4 1/2-5. >> what die get? >> what do you i -- what do i get? >> what do you win? we'll get something. way to turn it around on me. thank you, tashard. >> appreciate. thank you. >> we have a developing situation. for the first time ever shawn has beaten brian 2-1. >> no. >> i want to look at the tape. >> you gave her a tie.
10:54 pm
i named two of the three cities and she names one and you're like oh, yeah, it's a push. >> to get it right you had to get three. >> that's not the one on won on. >> lorenzo alexander, she said the second one. if lorenzo alexander was the second guy we mentioned -- >> then i got it right. >> if not, brian was right and we give him a public apology. >> i won't. >> good job, shawn. >> thank you, feldy. >> congratulations. >> red flag. >> shawn yancy. >> review the play, please. >> good scoring driver. i want to know what's going on. >> you don't get to do it over. that's just the way it is. >> even if you won one this whole season, which i still provide test -- >> feldy called it. >> thank you. he is being called a miracle dog surviving a gas chamber, now his story could be prompting a change in the law. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.
10:55 pm
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i cheated death in an alabama -- he cheated death in an alabama death chamber. now the so-called miracle dog is settling in with a family in new jersey and his story could be prompting a new law. fox's sharon crowley has the story. >> reporter: looking at daniel a beagle mix now and it's really hard to imagine he survived a gas chamber, but he did. you see, he was left at an alabama animal shelter and a few days later he and other dogs were supposed to be put down, only somehow daniel lived. >> when the door was opened, he was alive backing his tail and the operator didn't have the heart to put him back in apparently, thought he might pass away during the night because of ingesting the gas, but next morning he was still a happy, healthy dog. >> reporter: after his ordeal the shelter decided that daniel
10:59 pm
could be adopted out. that left new jersey dog trainer's joe dwyer's family to bring him home. >> he's development a lot to teach us as humans because he's one -- he's got a lot to teach us humans because he's a happy go lucky guy. >> reporter: daniel has been checked over and doesn't appear to have any ill felt affects. in fact, daniel has -- ill health effects. in fact, daniel has become somewhat of a celebrity inspiring a new law that would help protect other dogs. each state has a different way of euthanizing dogs left at the pound or shelter. many animal lovers want to get rid of the gas chamber method altogether because they don't consider it humane. if they do get daniel's law passed in pennsylvania, advocates will have the spunky beagle mix to thank for it. in nutley, new jersey, sharon crowley, fox news. . news keeps coming. here's brian now with the


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