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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 18, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we'll talk weather and the redskin game in a few minutes. back upstairs to you. tucker thank you. our top story at 9:00, another prestigious sports school in the spotlight over alleged sex abuse. it's syracuse university. espn is reporting two men have accused bernie fine of molesting them in the 80s and 90 when they were ball boys. the university said it became aware of the accusations in 2005 when one of the alleged victims came forward, telling school officials he had gone to syracuse city police with the claims. the city says they didn't pursue it because statute of him rations had run --
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limitations had run out. to the fallout from the penn state case, pennsylvania lawyer says his client will testify that former coach sandusky sexually assaulted him. he says other accusers are coming forward. the statement came two days after sandusky's tv interview claiming he was innocent of all charges. the search is on for suspects after an armed robbery overnight on the university of maryland campus. campus police say a male student was approached by two masked suspects. one of them was carrying a knife. the student was not injured, but it's unclear what the suspects got away it. it happened in a parking lot near cecil hall dorm before 11:45 last night. earlier we reported it occurred inside the building. we have confirmed that is not
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the case. another big story we're following, a bizarre video of the man suspected at firing at the white house. it's giving more insight into oscar ortega-hernandez. >> he has been charged with trying to assassinate the president. let's get more from fox 5's tom fitzgerald live at the white house. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. two months ago authorities say oscar ortega-hernandez talked another student at idaho state university into videotaping him in what was a rambling and quite frankly bizarre address to former talk show host oprah winfrey. the u.s. secret service found that tape two days ago, and it's giving us new insight into a man now charged with attempting to assassinate the president of the united states. towards the end of the 45- minute long tape, oscar ortega- hernandez makes what may be the most startling claim in his appeal to oprah. >> you see, oprah, there is
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still so much more that god needs me to express to the world. it's not just a coincidence that i look like jesus. i am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. >> reporter: he never mentioned president obama, but he did lash out at the government, accusing the feds of waging war for oil. >> because the government is fighting, or should i say, bullying these other countries for their oil, our freedom is at stake. >> reporter: the idaho state university student who recorded the tape never submitted it to oprah. >> in the video there is no threatening statements, no reference to president obama at all. none of that. that's why we really didn't do anything with it. >> reporter: the professor says much of the rest of the tape is
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rambling. >> been watched over by god, and feels that he's somehow got some mission that he needs to accomplish. >> reporter: now, the 21-year- old is charged with trying to assassinate the president. federal charging documents say witnesses in idaho claim that ortega-hernandez had had beenagitated with the federal government. inside his car, police found a romanian semi-automatic rifle, a large scope added on top. three loaded magazines, several more boxes of ammunition. nine spent shell casings and a baseball bat and brass knuckles. strange story that keeps getting stranger. oscar ortega-hernandez is expected to be extradited back here to the district of columbia. however, at this point, tony
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and allison, it's not clear exactly when that transfer will take place. back in to you. thank you. meanwhile, in the race for the white house, presidential hopeful herman cain is the first of the republican presidential candidates to receive protection from the secret service. he says he has received death threats, though he won't talk about the specifics. candidates can request the protection before the nomination. newt gingrich seems to be the latest flavor of the month. a new poll shows he has a double digit lead in iowa. he's also feeling heat about his past divorces, personal spending habits and outside work. that includes a contract worth over a million and a half dollars paid to his consulting firm by freddie mac.
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president obama makes headlines today. the president defending secretary of state hillary clinton to the country formerly known as burma. he says the world is detecting flickers of progress there on the road to democratic reform. his first visit on december 1st, will be the first such high level visit to my an mar in more than 50 years. the house about to vote. today the first by the house since 1995. some say it's the only way to fix a congress that's divided over how to cut the budget. meanwhile, the debt super committee has only a few days to shrink the deficit if they don't come up with a deal by thanksgiving, deep spending cuts will kick in. congress may let emergency unemployment aid and a social security tax cut expire. either move would slow growth and spook the markets. the two-month anniversary of the occupy wall street
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movement inspires demonstrate operations world wide. protestors here in our area remained peaceful. but there were tense moments in other cities. in downtown new york city, demonstrators marched through the financial district, trying to shut down wall street. but they failed to disrupt operations at the stock exchange, as police arrested more than 300 people. >> we rattled their cage. they're cracking down. we got to show them we're going to keep going on. the harder they push us, we won't break. >> our government is suppressing democracy. how much hypocrital can that get? >> protestors and several police officers were injured during clashes. >> if anyone's actions crossed the line and threaten the health and safety of others, including our first responders, we will respond accordingly. >> demonstrations underway in other cities, including boston, miami, and philadelphia. hundreds of protestors marching
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in downtown los angeles more than 20 people arrested there. here in d.c., hundreds marched from mcpherson square to the key bridge during evening rush hour. no arrests, but it did cause traffic to back up. [chanting] in london, a deadline for demonstrators camped outside st. paul's cathedral, passed without one person moving. sources say city officials will likely start legal proceedings in the next few days. >> we will react nonviolently and we will come back again and we'll keep coming back again. >> the occupy wall street protestors on a march from new york to washington, made their way into maryland now. they crossed the delaware/maryland border yesterday. it appears apple is getting more competition for its iphone. just ahead, what big name online retailer is getting into the smart phone business.
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plus, can the redskins get into the winning business? can they? they face the cowboys this sunday, and dave ross joins us straight ahead. you don't want to miss his friday football forecast. he found some funny in it. >> really? >> yeah. 9:09.   
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amazon is taking on the iphone. they are already coming out with a tablet to rival the ipad. now there are reports amazon is planning to release a smart phone. but you'll have to wait. it's expected to hit the market in time for next year's holiday season. amazon's new smart phone reportedly using the same technology as its kindle e- reader. a georgia woman busted, charged with giving women illegal silicone injections. procedures allegedly done in local hotel rooms. federal authorities say they
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watched kimberly smedley for six months, accusing her of performing illegal hip and back side injections. they say a stripper nearly died from complications from four treatments smedley gave her in a baltimore hotel room. smedley was arrested last month where they say they was set up to do more injections. tony, not smart. no, it is not. >> either person. it's dallas week. how do the skins look? we know how they look. doesn't look good. dave, if you were, i know this would never be the case, if you were in the market for a butt implant -- >> yeah. >> -- and the person you were going to -- >> i have been in the market for those. >> -- meet at the at the hotel. >> probably not a good idea. >> i would have shot that down. >> good point. we are worried about this game as a redskins fan. i get a feeling you're leaning towards the skins in this game.
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i can't wait to get your take. tony predicted the exact score last week. he had 20-9 for miami. should have gone to vegas my friend. >> wish i had. >> the last time these two teams met, week three, the skins played pretty well. it was a different feel, monday night football, tony romo was banged up. high tower with the touchdown reception. hightower on reserve these days. late, cowboys kicked six field goals. >> crazy. >> fumbles, game is over. we talk about quarterbacks, because it's the leader, the guy. they have one down in dallas that i don't think many people question. i think people were early in the year. talking about tony romo, of course.
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he's had injuries, but still been really good. thepoint being, his quarterback rating is still 97. average for his career is 95. rex's is down 70 for his career, 65 this year. romo without that elite receive now, austin has been out, he's had guys go down. still figuring out a way to get it done. >> looked good the last few weeks. >> they put 44 points on the bills last week. we know what the bills did to the redskins a couple of weeks ago. we're looking for a leader. they have one in big d, whether you like him or not, he is their leader. i would ask allison, i think you know, but do you know what it takes to be a quarterback? if you don't, al paccino can give you life lessons. >> it's the top spot, kid. the guy takes the fall. it's the guy everybody is looking at first, the leader of a team. who will support you when they
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understand you. who will break their ribs and their noses and their necks for you, because they believe, cause you make them believe. that's a quarterback. >> i love it. >> oliver stone with the gripping stuff. the reason i bring that up, they believe in denver. tim tebow -- >> amazing. >> it's stunning. last night, final minute of the game. down 3. tebow takes off. watch the reaction of his teammates. teammates are thrilled. i think elway is more stunned. he's made them believe in denver. first guy to celebrate was champ bailey. he's from d.c. >> sure. >> veteran guy been in the league 10 plus years. the rushing over to be with this guy. >> they believe in him.
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>> everybody on this team believes. >> i will say this about the redskins, rex, there's bad rex, good rex. is he the guy for the long- term? probably not. i think they like rex. here's my take, and i've been very honest about this. there are games i thought we're not going to win this game. despite everything that's going on, i think the redskins somehow pull it out. i think the defense does the job. i think they somehow with a couple of lucky breaks beat the cowboys sunday. >> wow, tony perkins on record! and you had miami last week. >> yes. >> let's hope you're right. i think this would be great for the city. they need this. >> i think they do. >> i think the odds are against them. i'm taking the cowboys but hope you're right. >> i agree. appreciate it. let's see more al paccino. >> i knew al knows what it needs to be a quarterback. >> the only clip from that movie you can show. >> had to bleep out a lot of things.
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>> i love that movie, so thank you. it's friday, so we are answering an ask allison question up next after the break. are you familiar with the term frenemy? we are talking about that on the other side of the break. holly is helping celebrate chile this morning. good morning. >> reporter: exactly. i feel like i've been transported to chile and all i had to do was come to the national museum of the american indian, where they are getting ready for rakizuam festival. it's a chilean festival of culture and in fact, the ambassador of chile himself will join us live later in the hour to extend you your own personal invitation. 
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♪ tell me something good ♪ that music means it's friday. it's time to answer an ask allison question. let's leave this week's viewer anonymous. here is the question. it reads in part, i used to
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work with someone who pretended to be a friend. in reality, she could be a back stabber. most of us maintained a surface level friendship with her to keep the peace. she moved to another job, but recently she sent me an e-mail still pretending to be my friend. i have no desire to stay in touch. how should i respond? >> this one is near and dear to my own heart. thank you for writing in. we have all been there. again, on a former job, this same thing happened to me. i know this issue too well. it can be uncomfortable indeed. here's my advice. first, investigate this person's motive for getting in touch with you in the first place. if it is self-serving, which i sense it might be, recognize that for what it is and don't fall victim to that person trying to get information on former coworkers or information on what's going on at the job. you don't need to play that person's game. to that end, though, i think you don't have to make a big
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announcement that this person -- you don't care to be associated with this person anymore. even if she is doing this for bad intentions, you don't need to say, i don't need to be in touch with you, i know what you're trying to do. let it fade away by not contacting this person or coolly answering her e-mails. she'll get the hint over time. she might ask you about it, and when she does, i wouldn't burn bridges, because you never know where life's twists or turns take you. i'd hate you to need this person as a reference or what have you and she would have the opportunity to get you back in a spiteful way, and i have a feeling she is a spiteful person anyway if she was a back stabber. normally i would say face it head on if it means saving a relationship or friendship. but in this case you weren't close anyway. so don't waste your energy by telling this person all about herself. she'll get the hint hopefully
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and both of you can move on. in my situation, tony, got to the point because i would never call -- it was a former co- anchor and i would never call him back because he was petty. he was an insecure personality. he said to me, if you don't call me back, i'm going to think you don't want to talk to me. i'm thinking, good. and i haven't talked to this person. that worked. >> i think that's good advice. i think that's a situation that's probably fairly common. >> it is. >> as people move from job to job. why make a confrontation if there's possibly a way to end it. >> exactly. and the whole time they worked together they didn't have one, so let it go. go to and click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison and hopefully i will tell you something good. >> you always do. we have a great follow-up. conspiracy theories have been flying around about strange
9:25 am
patterns in the desert in china. we showed this yesterday. this is the view from google maps. this morning we're following up with an explanation from one u.s. researcher as to what this actually is. that's straight ahead. >> was there a great pyramid nearby? >> no. stacy frances sang her swan song last night. she'll join us live to talk about her experience on the show. plus-- >> i really don't want to perform. i feel like it's not necessary. >> remind you of little kanye west there? >> little bit. >> somebody said that this morning, and i thought that was priceless. that's astro in the bottom two and he caused some drama. >> he's a kid. but still. >> he acted like a baby. we'll see what happened on the other side of the break.
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. check this out, a follow-up on a story we did earlier this
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week. we have a good idea what the strange grid lines are in china's desert. seems they are used to calibrate china's spy satellites. that is the assessment of jonathan hill, a researcher at the mars space center in arizona. he says the lines and circular image are used by satellites to orient themselves in space. the u.s. also uses these grids. >> why didn't they say it in the first place? >> can't talk about that. >> so should you be talking about it? >> probably not. >> ask the weather guy we talked about aliens. >> that's what i said. is there a giant pyramid nearby? >> we just explained it. >> that's what it one guy says. >> i believe that. >> really? and do you believe aliens could have created the pyramids? >> could have? >> yeah. >> sure. >> but you believe this guy
9:30 am
outright? >> you pick and choose what you believe. >> okay. >> he seemed authoritative. >> oh, that's the answer, okay. >> you give in too quickly. let me do the weather quickly, because yesterday i got in trouble because i took too long. 39 at reagan national. >> that added like 12 seconds. >> exactly. tony, stop interrupting me. 37 in fredericksburg. these temperatures will remain on the cool side today. back in the 40s, but our average daytime high should be the mid- to upper 50s. about 10 degrees cooler than that later today. let me mention the winds, not terribly strong. still out of the west here at 5 to 10 miles per hour. this is your windchill, feels like 33 in washington. 30 baltimore. 30 patuxent naval air station. lots of sunshine today. dry this afternoon. a few clouds moving through
9:31 am
from time to time, as high pressure builds through. quiet, clear skies out to the west and should be a nice day. tonight cold and clear. tomorrow plenty of sunshine and a little warmer. as we get into football sunday, by sunday afternoon the clouds will move back in with a weak cold front. another look at it, surface map, high pressure i mentioned the clear skies and quiet conditions. 40s today. on the cool side. cold tonight, temperatures across the area at or below freezing. another cold one. a gradual warmup this weekend. here's your forecast. sunshine, cool, breezy, winds out of the west at 5 to 10. actual air temperature in the mid-40s. will feel to lower 40s when you mix in the winds. wind out of the south at 5 miles per hour tonight. five-day forecast, as we get into tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. temperatures rebound into the mid-50s. now mid-60s, low to mid-60s sunday.
9:32 am
i think we'll keep the game dry. will be late day and/or evening showers lingering into monday and tuesday. back into the 50s by tuesday. allison, tony, back over to you guys at the desk. ♪ amazing grace ♪ ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ 42-year-old stacy frances eliminated from the x-factor last night. nine remain in the competition. stacy joining us live from l.a. to talk about her experience. nice to see you smiling. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi, allison, good morning. >> i got to ask you, first off the bat, i said that because you just stood there and took that criticism and your face had this look on it, and my question, what were you thinking? i wanted to say that when i saw it. let me ask you now, what were you thinking last night -- >> the performance night or -- >> performance night when they
9:33 am
were giving you the, you know the criticism and praise. what was going through your mind? >> to be honest with you, i couldn't hear the music when i was singing and i was so frustrated and i think i was unprofessional, because i let it show that i couldn't -- the audience was screaming and i didn't have a monitor in my ear to hear the music. i knew i was off key and i was disappointed. i knew what was coming. l.a., he was like, okay, i see that face. i'm not going to say anything. >> right, right. >> he sort of took a stance like it was good. don't beat me up. i guess i looked like that. i went home and watched it back and i was like, oh my god. if i could have had a little smile. i still believe and always will, even though i wasn't happy with my performance, i think simon cowell was a little bit too hard on me. i don't think i deserved to be beat up that much. that's what i was thinking, just so you know. >> i don't think you deserve that either. talked about your hair and
9:34 am
whole thing. who cares? that voice of yours took you so far. >> thank you. >> we don't have much time to talk. we all cried during your audition. it thank you. >> because your story moved us. what's next and what can you tell the franatics out there. >> i love it! that's awesome. i want to tell the fanatics i'm going to keep going. some people came up to me after the show last night and hopefully, you know, hopefully we'll follow through and do good music and do songs that they love hearing me sing, and keep going, you know. i don't want to stop. i've had this wonderful platform and this wonderful opportunity and i'm hoping to keep my name fresh in the mind of the american people and the people that support me, especially fanatics. that was sweet of you. >> kiss your sweet babies for me. >> i will. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. all right, d.c., peace. thank you. >> as we say goodbye to stacy,
9:35 am
this morning 15-year-old astro getting a lot of buzz. he was in the bottom two with stacy. when asked to sing, he said, i don't really want to perform. his monitor, l.a. reed talked him into it. here's what happened after he sang. >> you are showing disrespect to your mom, you are showing disrespect to the audience at home, and i don't like -- >> no, really. >> yes, you are, astro. >> no disrespect to you or the show. but i feel like if you're going to put me in the bottom two, i don't want to perform for people who don't want me here, do you know what i'm saying? >> he did go on to apologize somewhat and simon told him he needs to grow up. unfortunate moment, because he is on this platform so huge. so many artists just would kill for that chance. he's there and you want -- you don't need to eat humble pie all the time, but show humility and maybe that's a lesson he
9:36 am
needs to learn. >> hopefully it is. it was disrespectful. it is not cool. but he is 15. i don't know how the kid was brought up. hopefully he'll get something from it. it-- the damage may be done. >> right. i bet his mama got on the phone right after that. back in 1981, the death of actress natalie wood was ruled an accident. >> but now detectives in los angeles are reopening the case into woods' death. the captain of the yacht owned by her and her husband, robert wagner, tells nbc that he lied to investigators 30 years ago and he's blaming wagner for woods' death. >> big allegation there. >> sure is. meanwhile, the end of the road for ashton kutcher and demi moore. the 49-year-old actress is filing for divorce from her 33- year-old husband of six years. moore says her decision comes with "great sadness and a heavy heart." the news confirms rumors of a
9:37 am
pending split. yesterday kutcher tweeted "marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail." the much anticipated breaking dawn part one debuted in theaters at midnight. it's the latest in the "twilight" saga. our movie reviewer gave it a three out of five. he says he thinks fans of the book will be satisfied. >> critic proof movie. >> it is. no matter what they say, people will see it. he warns for the younger set, there's a graphic birth scene he says is a little much for younger people. the price of one major ingredient in some holiday desserts going up. more on that after the break. then later this hour, we're going to have a chef instudio. been a while since we've done that. showing us gluten-free desserts
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that don't sacrifice flavor. to have 1 pound of currency, how many bills would you need? really interesting question. quite random, but i like it. fox5 morning news back after the break. 9:38.   aaron, you're all set. great, thanks. mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies
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9:41. we're back with a live look from new york. the dow is up, about 49, 50 points. there are signs the european debt crisis may be easing at least a bit. investors are waiting for this morning's report on leading economic indicators due in 20 minutes. dow up 42 points. answerries list stock jumped. it's a web site where people post reviews of local
9:42 am
contractors and service companies. despite the fact the company has never made a profit. alson? just in time for the holidays, and beloved pecan pie, prepare to pay more for the newses. the scorching summer in texas and drought had farms producing only 10%. production costs doubled, due in part to the weather and increase in demand for pecans from china. do love the pecan pie. >> never liked it. >> serious? >> too sweet. we are learning how to make crowd pleasing desserts safe for everyone to eat. celebrating chile. holly is live with a look at some of the events going on downtown this weekend, and she'll have a special guest.
9:43 am
stay with us. 
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9:46 am
it's that time of year, it can be tricky to come up with a meal that satisfies all your guests. it's good to see you again. >> great to see you. >> been some time. >> been too long. >> this is what you specialize in, because it can be tricky coming up with something that tastes good and all of that. >> absolutely. i think at thanksgiving time in particular, which is total food center holiday, people tend to get stressed out if there are food allergies. what i have brought today is samplings of traditional gluten
9:47 am
free foods you can offer at thanksgiving, but also cover other food allergies as well. i have brought three different pumpkin pies. i have come up with interesting and helpful tips. i have put them on my blog, so you can roll out the crusts with confidence. let's say you're still concerned about the crust and you're not sure you want to do the traditional crust. you can do a graham cracker crust, which is super easy. there are gluten free graham crackers you can buy. or you can make them yourself, which are easy and tasty. i have brought some here for you to sample. let's say you're still a little nervous about making those crusts. there's the crustless pie option. >> i just noticed that. >> crustless. isn't that amazing? total holds its shape. not like if you served that, people would say where's the crust? holds together, it's
9:48 am
beautifulful wonderful texture and has the lovely flavors of the pumpkin pie. three choices, depending what you're up for. obviously this is the most simple, but they're all simple, all gluten-free. this one is also vegan. >> okay. >> these two also have some other sugar options. some people are trying to cut back on sugar for the holidays especially. these are refined coconut sugars. you can do a lot through using different ingredients. i used this coconut spread -- >> where did you use that? >> in all of them. the crust in particular. and the gluten-free flour to use the crust. and i put in our in the pie to -- flour in the pie to hold it together. >> that's okay? >> yes.
9:49 am
>> oddly enough i'm allergic to coconut. >> it's in this crust and this. but not in that. >> i will try that. >> as this is, like i mentioned before, the graham cracker that you can use and crunch up and make your crust, or you can serve them and this is kind of a fun decoration there. >> yeah. >> let's say you're not a pie person and you want to have fun desserts. this is apple cranberry cake. i put them in ramekins. you can set one at everyone's table. fun and tasty, unexpected flavor treat. brings in all the flavors of the fall. >> we have someone on our staff who follows the gluten-free diet and he was asking, he said sometimes you can find things that do taste good, but sometimes the texture is not quite right. particularly with pastries. how can you make that right? >> that is all about the flour. what i always tell people is stay away from heavily rice flour products, because that gets gritty. it also can have to do with sometimes if you use a lot of
9:50 am
bean flours, bean flours leave a kind of strange aftertaste sometimes. experiment with flours that are milder, like the blend i use, which is my personal blend, has no real taste, and it's very light. so the texture will feel just like a regular wheat flour. cookies, pie crusts, anything. >> you can go to our web site to get the recipes, we'll link you to her web site. thank you for coming in. >> happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. it's good. very good. >> serve it to everybody. nobody will know it's missing anything. >> we will. allison back to you. >> tony, save a piece for that coworker you were talking about. it's his birthday this weekend. >> really? i certainly will. >> gluten-free pie for his birthday. >> that's great. chilean dance, craft and culture seminars some of the things going on at the national museum of the american indian this weekend. holly morris is there today to
9:51 am
learn more about their celebration of chile. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the festival is called rakizuam. when they talk about rakizuam, they're talking about really their essence of being and how they pass that on, their knowledge of being, be it about the environment or skills they have and how they pass that on from generation to generation and they're celebrating all that and more here at the national museum of the american indian this weekend. this is a very important festival, not only to the museum, but to the country of chile. so important that the ambassador has come out. arturo fermandois has come out. good to see you. >> good morning. >> reporter: why was it important for you to be here this morning? >> because we want to add other things to our foreign policy, our by lateral relationships. chile is known by its wine, wonderful fruit, opera, but we
9:52 am
want to add culture things. the hand crafting of our people is very important to add to offer to the american public and american people. here in the museum of the american indian is the right place to be. >> reporter: when you talk about the different cultures that are shown here, there's other people and artisans represented here, how important are those people today to the country of chile? >> very important, because we have the -- [inaudible] -- chile is fighting against poverty. we were able to reduce poverty in the last 30 years from 30% to 13%. but we need to continue fighting. many of these hand crafted things are coming from those areas, rural areas where we need to bring opportunities to
9:53 am
the area to be entrepreneurs. for the country, it's one thing offering to the america public -- [inaudible] -- but also it's including more people -- [inaudible]. >> reporter: do you think that the people back in your country that are here that have displayed these wares here understand the treasures that they are now getting to share with us here? >> probably they really are, you know, they have the awareness of, that they have a treasure on their hands. but they probably don't know the possibilities of world wide. offering to so many people, we have in the other museum the rest, here probably don't realize how deep could be the impact of bringing them to here. >> reporter: that really puts chile in the forefront, the world was gripped by the story
9:54 am
of the chilean miners. >> yes. >> reporter: first of all, how are all the miners doing, one, and two, the other big story was the earthquake, obviously. >> yes. >> reporter: how is the recovery going on that? >> the miners are alive. some of them are going back to work. others are -- [inaudible]. some are struggling with the consequences of being so long under the mine. but we are trying to -- [inaudible] -- regular life again. the earthquake, we are happy because recovery was very quick. we recover infrastructure, schools, hospitals. we still have pending task on housing. building housing with a new building cold and also with aesthetics for a better country. [inaudible]. >> reporter: before we go, we're going to have a special toast, carlos -- sorry, it
9:55 am
can't be chilean wine. we have to go fruit juice. >> i propose a toast for your baby, okay, holly, cheers. >> reporter: cheers. gracias. is our web site, and we have a link. the festival began yesterday, and runs through sunday. they have lots of demonstrations and different things going on throughout the day. come out and enjoy. shop, you will be supporting the country of chile. you can tell i've already supported. >> absolutely. >> reporter: i said, this is a good place to do holiday shopping and i bought four gifts for myself. back to you. >> the sad thing is, i was hopeful, like for me? >> thank you, holly. >> thanks, holly. >> thanks to the ambassador as well. tucker has a final check on weather coming up. and we'll hear the answer to today's trivia question. stay with us.  q
9:56 am
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don't we love this song? back now with the answer to today's trivia question. to have 1 pound of currency, how many one dollar bills would you need? >> each bill weighs 1 gram and there about 454 grams in a pound. >> learned something new. 46 your daytime high. 31tonight, below freezing. warmup this weekend. game looks dry. low 60s. >> does money make the world go around, tucker? >> according to the sun it does. >> no it doesn't, according to the sun. >> according to a styistic song it does. >> money makes the world go round. have a good weekend. ♪ captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838.


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