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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he was found safe was really remarkable. it -- and i get emotional and talk about it now. it's, you know, one of our own. he is a family member. and when things are dangerous and goes beyond baseball, it was good. >> reporter: mike rizzo said ramos was touched by the outpouring of support he received in washington, especially from last friday night's candlelight vigile. >> he's a -- and he's alone and scared. does ramos know that we love him so much and we're thinking about him? may be this is the best way to show that. >> he does now. >> i just want to say thanks nats fans for your prayers and your support and i am happy to be here and with my family, see you in spring training. >> reporter: the venezuela
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government said they abducted him and hill him captive in the mountains until commandos freed him two days later. his visit here is short. he will return to venezuela tonight and begin playing winter ball next week. a decision that mike rizzo said the team fully supports. >> we have put into place things that will make him, that we believe will keep him safe and sound and happy andel this hi -- healthy there, and we feel when we do that, then we'll feel comfortable with him being there. >> ramos will catch this winter for the arugua tigers. eight people were charged in the abduction. seven men and a woman. ramos said the kidnappers told him they were going to demand a large ransom. he's convinced that the catcher is in, quote, terrific shape. >> why are officials telling him not to talk about his ordeal? >> that is a good question. they came out, a team spokesperson came out into the locker room before ramos and rizzo came out and said he would answer no questions at
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all and, in fact, one reporter tried to ask ramos in spanish a question and she was cut off immediately. >> hmm. >> so they didn't want him to relive it. who knows. they were patrolling the situation and they were not allowing questions. >> interesting. paul wagner, thanks for bringing us up to date. >> sure. developing tonight. a hollywood star days under mysterious -- dies under mysterious circumstances. thirty yearsulary, the police are reopening the death into natalie wood because of new information. >> reporter: thirty years later, the death of natalie woods remains one of the greatest mysteries here in tinseltown. it was ruled an accident but questions have always surrounded the death of three- time oscar nominated actress natalie wood and now almost 30 years after drawing off of the coast of southern california, the los angeles county sheriff's department is reopening the case and staying
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tight-lipped on details to why. >> recently, we information that we felt was substantial enough to make us look at the case gan. >> reporter: the news comes after the captain of the yacht woods was on when she died appeared on a morning talk show claiming he lied to investigators about what really happened and alleges that natalie's husband, actor robert wagner, had something to do with it. he said the couple had dinner that night with actor christopher walken, who was shooting a movie with wood at the time. all three returned to the boat off of catalina island for drinks. davern said he heard wagner and wood fighting in the cabin and tried breaking yet up. hours later, she was messing and her body was found off of the california coast. at a news conference, a sheriff real estate lieutenant was asked if he thought wagner was involved in the death. >> is robert wagnersy awe -- a
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suspect? >> no. >> a spokesperson for the family said they have not been contacted by the sheriff's department but fully support their efforts in following up on this investigation. the los angeles county coroner who investigated this case in 1981 telling fox today that he stands by his ruling of this being an accidental death and adds we'll see. shawn? >> and we'll watch more in the story later. thank you. >> yeah. more bad news tonight. joe paterno has lung cancer. his son said the cancer is treatable and doctors believe that he can make a full recovery. paterno is 84 years old and he was fired this month after being accused of failing to report that another coach, jerry sandusky, was molesting children. and mean while, the ncaa will investigate how school officials handled the allegations against sandusky and today, the attorney claimed
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his client doesn't regret the nbc interview that he did with bob costas, saying it won't ole help his defense but calls into question mike mcqueary's credibility. >> at this point, based you upon what i'm hearing, he said in his text to other people, i think there is a serious credibility issue here and what i am hoping is that if there s the folks at penn state will be totally destroyed by this mess and will be vendicated in an early stage rather than a later stage in the process. >> sand of you think's lawyer -- sandusky's lawyer also,s the more they hear him, the more they believe believe -- they will believe he was wrongly accused. two victims accusing a assistant coach at syracuse university. two former bald by -- ball boys said that bernie fine molested them for years. the school placed him on administrative leave. one of the alleged victims claims fine molested him
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hundreds of times. >> and in sixth grade, 11, 10 years ole, and he started trying to touch me and things like that, you know, and -- hostly, i don't remember if i thought that is what is supposed to happen. >> the chancellor has vehemently denied the allegations and should be given a fair opportunity to defend himself. and we're all over a news alert. a relentless police investigation may have paid off. a suspect from maryland has been indicted a year and a half after the murder of a handy man and john henrehan has more. >> reporter: i covered the story the week we covered it in 2010, and i remember how shaken and sad were the victims of the family. the employee was shot to death when he tried to wrestle a gun away from intruders. it was a family in the mansion in compton road. the family runs a variety of
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businesses, including check cashing stores. investigators believe on may 17th, 2010, that two men laid in wait in the garage. there, they encountered the owner's son and the handyman, jose cardona, who was shot and killed at the scene during a struggle and police quickly release two skipes of the assailant. the case was stalled and a year later, the police released a photo of ab an old white pickup truck that may have been used in the getaway and a call made to the family members while the crime was in progress. >> okay. okay. okay! [ screaming ] >> okay. >> you will [ bleep ] judge please! >> reporter: investigators processed cell phone contacts made at the antenna nearest to the scene of the shooting and that led them to a man named vincent millhouse, who, according to the records, owned
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a 1989 white pickup truck. the call on the cell phone led to another man, a 22-year-old who was earlier convicted of illegally carrying a handgun and both were called before federal grand jury and both indicted and millhouse's indictment was later dismissed and a witness at the scene of the shooting has picked out his photo from an array of other pictures. crowder is charged with four federal counts, including causing the death of a person through the use of a firearm. the attorneys representing them did not return telephone calls seeking comment. crowder remains in federal custody. if convicted, he could remain in the death penalty. they're seeking another man in connect with the murder of the handy man. laura? >> thank you, john henrehan. >> and two men pulled the knife on a university of maryland student near a dorm last night. the victim was walkinger in nor
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cecil hall around midnight when the man pointed the gun at his neck and took his wallet and cell phone. what are police saying about this? >> and this is the most important part of the story and this is that video of one of the suspects, one of the two suspects walking into an establishment after this and some background information now, thursday night, a male student was walking in a parking lot near cecil hall when two male suspects bumped into him. the two men robbed him and took his money and wallet and his cell phone and they took off. the student was not nearsly injured in this and pleasing say this is the first actual robbero campus after a year. after this, they support out an e-mail alert and text alert to the students informing them of
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what took place on campus and we wanted to tell you is that police say there are surveillance video cameras all over campus and there is a strong tossability that they could be on other videos on campus and that could be a crucial part in solving this case and helping get the people who committed this robbery behind bars. >> was the victim hurt? is he okay? >> the victim was fine and is not seriously injured in this and they just took his money and wallet and items and the suspect took off. >> we hope to get to that. thank you. and coming up, a recruiting trip turns tragic and a college athletic program is mourning the death of two couches. the details coming up. and one of the president's daughters home when shots were fired at the white house. that question is still up in the air tonight as the bizarre video of the accused gunman surfaces. aces.
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and they're planning to camp out here and at freedom plaza for the long hall. how are they going to make it through the long, brutal winter? we'll take a look. look. and very, very coal overnight tonight. as a matter of fact, tonight -- cold overnight tonight. tonight could be the first freeze for d.c. and not the suburbs but for d.c. how cold will it get? a first look at the forecast coming up. a chilly evening out there and still gorgeous. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5 will continue. 
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>> there are new questions tonight about whether president obama's daughters were home when a gunman fired shots at the white house last friday night. one bullet cracked a window in the family's residential suite. the president and first lady were away, but the secret service refuses to say where sasha and melia were. according to documents, oscar ortega hernandez fired up to nine shots at the white house. his car was abandoned nearby. >> ortega hernandez, say investigators, believed president obama was the aspect christ of the video -- the anti- christ. video shows he thinks he was jesus. >> there is so much more that god needs me to express to the world. it's not just a coins dense that i look like jesus. i am the modern-day jesus christ you're waiting for. >> the suspect thought the president wanted to implant children with tracking chips. the mother said he has no
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history of mental illness and has been charged with attempted assassination. the temperatures are dropping outside and so is the number of protestors. the occupy wall street movement in new york. a smaller group braving the cold this morning in new york's ducati park. some of the protestors walked all the way to d.c. this week and others were arrested during a week of action yesterday. there is a group dedicated saying they're not going away any time soon. >> and that includes many die- haroccupy d.c. crowd and bob barnard has more. >> reporter: just a few blocks from the white house, the okay boy d.c. movement is settling in for the long haul. yes, that means a long, cold winter as well. >> the pilgrims came over here with nothing else. they were out in the winter and the cold. and in those days, winter was more severe than today, you know in.
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>> you're not worried. >> worried about what? >> reporter: the fact on many winter nights, it's downright bitter coal in the city. >> i'm not concerned enough to make a general announcement twice a day and walk through the encamp metand ask people the condition of their wellness. >> reporter: he runs the mash tent, occupy d.c.'s makeshift medical clinic, stuffed with blankets, thermal underwear and lots of medicine. >> the kids don't know how to camp. they get in the tent in the down sleeping bags with the clothes on. >> he has a propane heater to keep warm. >> and this will glow. >> got you. >> glow hot. >> they're staying in what looks like a house of tarp than a tent. >> i try to insulate the walls making sure that we have, you know, absorbent colors on the floor like black where can you attack it from the solar panel as well. you can bring in heat from that.
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>> reporter: many using donated pallets to raise their tents off of the ground. the nurse said for every so- called sleeper out here, those living in these tent cities, there is another person or two that you don't see who are supplying the cause with what they need to survive. some of these 99 percenters say they will be here until springtime. >> the evil prevails and the good do nothing, man. right here, we, we -- this is what -- foot soldiers and ground work happening? >> reporter: regardless of the weather. bob barnard, fox 5 news. and chilly outside indeed. >> and every time winter comes around, it takes me a couple of really, really cold days where i am not wearing a heavy coat. >> it makes us forget that, you know, how cold is it outside? >> 44. >> yeah, makes us forget that.
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>> and keep in mind, 48 degrees was the high today. 48 degrees was sunshine and light winds feeling a lot better than 48 degrees in some clouds and some rain. >> that is true. >> okay? >> we like the positive. >> don't believe it. >> you don't? >> y in, i was so cold. >> we can do an experiment. >> i believe you. i'm not ready for it. my skin hasn't thickened yet. >> i understand. me, too. this is what is going on. i'm not a cold fan. 44 in town now and on the suburbs, frederick is 37; winchester, 39. in leopardtown to the southeast and real, real cold. we'll probably -- leonardtown to the southeast and real, real cold. yet to freeze at national and with 40 degrees, chilly, 38 at 9:00 and 36 at 11 and can you
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take five, 6 degrees off of the numbers there and through the evening hours. the weekend forecast, and we'll touch on that and to next wednesday, the great getaway for thanksgiving and what we're thinking for that, too. >> thank you, gary. proof that winter is on the way. outdoor skating season began. the national gallery of art sculpture ice risk, though a limited number of people took to the ice, their enthusiasm was sky high and fox 5s dick krantz has more. >> reporter: they're centuries old as the paintings from the national gallery of art illustrate. washington, d.c., has a unique experience in the sculpture garden ice risk, located a -- ice rink and surrounded by museum quality sculptures. and -- and mariannean was one of the first on the ice this year. >> as you're skating around,
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you look up at the national archives and then you're surroundid by the modern sculpture garden. couldn't be more beautiful. i have the privilege of skating on the most pure, perfect ice i have been on. >> fantastic here. >> reporter: that perfect ice is a machine aided and the responsibility of rink manager john connor. >> people come from all over the world and to skate in the rink. we have them on a daily basis on the lunch hour and that is a real freedom to ice skating that is unlike any other activity i have done, but for snowboarding. the gliding and the wind in your hair, especially outside. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: the former olympic coach gives skating lessons all season at the ring. the first two of the year were beginners and that is jacqueline bower and sarah peterman. >> you never ice skated before? >> no, didn't know how to tie the skates before coming here.
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>> i haven't skated in many, many years the whole morning before i came here and i am glad i did it. >> seeing people on the ice is another reminder that the seasons are channeling and whether you're a skater or looking for a good place to go, this mean a good place to include in plans. from the national galleria ofite skating rink, dick krantz, fox 5 news. >> and remember that time we went ice skating? >> i did. >> last season or the season before? >> it was not ice. >> yeah. >> and this is like a thick plastic. >> right. >> and kind of cool, though. >> yeah. >> when you fall, you were not cold. >> and good for the kids, too. >> absolutely. >> we'll have to try the real thing. >> after we bundle up and grow the thick skin. exactly. >> still ahead, the flames are spreading fast. a growing wildfire is destroying several homes and now shows no signs of letting up. >> and oklahoma state coach is killed during a recruiting trip
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and this is not the first time the university dealt with this tragedy. details are next. [ female announcer ]  at, you can choose your channel package.
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>> a plane crash killed two of oklahoma state universities women's basketball coaches and that is coming 10 years aftersy similar tragedy hit the schools. the head women's coach budky and serna died when their single engine plane crashed in arkansas. the pilot, a former oklahoma state senator and his wife died in that crash. the coaches were on a recruiting trip for the school. >> you know, every day we bring a recruit in, he would walk and goes look at this place. look at this place. i love this place and -- and he meant it from the hart. >> and in january of 2001, a plane crash in colorado killed
5:26 pm
10 men affiliated with the team, including two players. >> a growing wild fire is threatening homes in repo, nevada. it's burned down six smiles damaged others. firefighters are trying to contain the blaze. heavy winds are making it tough to keep them from spreading to other structure. evacuations are underway in other parts of reno. coming up, a dilemma for home owners trying to avoid foreclosure. >> we work every day and pay our rent, our mortgage. excuse me. how do we salvage this? that was never -- the option put on the table. >> why millions who can't afford the mortgages are learning a short sale is not the answer. swer.  [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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>> tonight, we're learning the foreclosure crisis is far from over. millions of home owners can't afford the mortgages. for man people, the answer is something called the short
5:30 pm
sale. it's where the bang agrees to sell the home for less than the mortgage and the home owner walks away. that is not the end of it. sherri ly explains why in this fox 5 investigation. >> we want a piece of the pie, you know, the american dream. >> reporter: for five years, couldn't mccain and his family lived the -- kent mccain and his family lived the dream in this home they bought in 2004. >> we didn't have a million- dollar home, we had something of our own to call home. >> reporter: their kids were growing up, making memories for a lifetime. >> we worked hard and felt look we deserved something for ourselves. >> reporter: their adjustable rate mortgage doubled to $3,000 when the housing market was in freefall. they found themselves buried in paperwork, tied up in red tape, told to do one thing while the lepers continued to foreclose. >> they tell me you have to be three months behind. >> reporter: trying to avoid
5:31 pm
foreclosure, they chose a short sale. the lender agreed to sell for less than the mccains owed. >> i thought it would be the end of it. it didn't raise an eyebrow am weep deaf stated, but at least we get out of it -- devastated and at least we get out of it without the loan over our head. >> reporter: they were wrong. the house had a sec mortgage and the lender got a judgement against them for $50,000. backing the mccains in a corner. >> they want the money. doesn't matter. nothing else matters. screw you pay me and that is what that boils down to. >> the bangs going after home owners for the remainder of the mortgage called the deficiency, sometimes dropping the bomb days before a sale. it's a shock to home owners deep in debt. >> and they start thinking where am i going to get this meany? if i had $10,000, $20,000, i would pay the mortgage in the first place. >> reporter: it's not illegal.
5:32 pm
>> people don't understand in the process of getting the mortgage, it's a two-step process. you sign a note that makes you responsible for the amount you're borrowing. >> reporter: the number of short sales is expected to rise 25% this year and nick's a real estate attorney with new world title and escrow and tells home owners not to bet on the debt. >> it's forgiven and you buy yourself a lawsuit in the end. >> and that is what liz thought she did when she sold her condo in a short sale. show doesn't want to be identified. >> there is a confusing process with so many ifs, and, or butts to it. >> the first mortgage agreement said she wouldn't owe anything else but the paperwork for the second did not. >> they hounded me. the bang started calling me, i kept getting calls from them and their attorney. >> reporter: the mortgage plus
5:33 pm
interest and attorneys fees totaled more than $50,000. >> i don't have the mean. i'm working three jobs trying to get ends to meet. i don't have the money to pay them back. >> the lender took her to court and agreed to drop the debt to $17,000. she'll be paying it off the next 20 years. >> i feel like the banks take advantage of you. >> they can garnish your wages and bank account. they can report liens on other properties you own and properties in some jurisdictions you don't know yet. >> it's the bangs call whether to forgive the debt or go after the shortfall. in their case, there was no negotiating. >> they wanted to weather the storm and tell us how. we work every day, pay our mortgage, our rent, excuse me, how do we salvage this? that was never an option put on the table. >> reporter: why not just
5:34 pm
foreclose? homeowners who do that can be on the hook for the entire mortgage. >> there might be better options for you than a short sale. maybe bankruptcy is a better course of action, allow to go into foreclosure, depends on your particular situation. >> the people who go through the short sell process overwhelmingly, most people have opted to file for bankruptcy. >> reporter: they declared bankruptcy, unable to pay the mortgage, unable to pay the debt from the short sell hanging over their head. >> i was devastated. it was a slap in the face, terrible and that is the one of the thing that could have happened. >> reporter: in the end, the house he bought for $299,000 sole for just $90,000. the banks lost a small fortune, they lost their home and their dream. sherri ly, fox 5 news. it's been five years since the for closure crisis started and new -- foreclosure crisis started and new reports say we're not halfway through it.
5:35 pm
42million americans got a home loan in 2004-'0 at. by february, 2.7 million of the households lost their home to foe closure. according to the report from the center of responsible lending, an additional 3.6 million households are at immediate risk of foreclosing. northern virginia families who lost everything in the september floods following tropical storm lee protested outside of fema headquarters in d.c. today. >> for the people! help for the people. help for the people! >> earlier this month, fema denied them help through individual assistance programs and they signed a petition asking fema to reconsider. 66 homes in the holly acres mobile home park were condemned and they will get some relief, though. fema announced it approved disaster assistance to eight counties through a different program and prince william county will pass some of that along. mechanic's doing damage tonight after shocking video
5:36 pm
from a supplier that hits the internet. and up next, why the fda is revoking approval of the drug avastin. arvey levin producti.
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>> it's a drug once touted for breast cancer. they declared avastin should no longer be used on the patients. the fda said it's based on a lack of proof that the drug extends lives. gennen tech is disappointed and plans to start a new trial of avastin in combination with another drug that could identify patients who about dobenefit from the drug. it's still used for colon cancer and other tumors. >> mcdonald's is trying to distance itself from a supplier after seeing a disturbing, undercovervo from a minnesota egg farm. some of the images are graphic.
5:40 pm
dead hens are pulled from cages, the workers are seen torturing the animals. mcdonald's calls it unacceptable and stopped using the supplier. the food and drug administration gave the farm a warning letter. coming up, drama on the "x factor." >> i said you in this position together, are you going to take the same attitude where you're not going to come out and sing? look me in the eyes. >> why some say the wrong contestant got the boot. lindsay? >> yeah, two games and two winning streaks on the line tonight for our play-off game- of-the-week. we'll talk strategy with the head coach. 
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meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> thatime of the week again. lindsay must by is in ashburn, virginia, for the winning matchup as south county takes on stonebridge. hey, lindsay.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: hey, laura, it's cold out here. you know play-off football is in the air. we have a doozy. we have south county, a team that is 8-3, winning eight in a row, taking on stonebridge. stonebridge win 9 in a row and not to mention this is the northern region semi finals. all of the action is -- action is kicking off at 730time. dave, can you come join me. thank you very much. first of all, is there some excitement here with game-of- the-week here today? >> it's very much so. the kids know it, we announced it yesterday afternoon and i think we will have a good crowd tonight. >> tell me about stone bridge. they lost one game. for 10 consecutive seasons, they're able to win 10 games a season. >> it's amazing what the coaching staff can do and there is one thing, we have a great team and it does help. there is a -- it's a young group, a lot of juniors and seniors and that is the main goal they have each year and that is, you know, you have a tough part of the first
5:45 pm
schedule and they try to get better as it goes on. >> i appreciate everything you did. thanks for standing by. >> okay. >> and now, the head coach from stonebridge, mcy thompson. thank you for joining us. i'm not letting you out of my sight. >> you better not. >> congratulations what, does winning that 2 hadth -- 200th game mean to you? >> we have had a lot of success here. >> you never played south county, a game coming in on an 18-game winning streak. you your -- are on a 9-game winning streak, what do you expect? >> i have no idea. these are the games you like to play. what i think is going to happen, i don't know that it's going to happen, but that is why you play. you get to measure yourself and to see if you can evaluate talent. >> you're able to win 10 games for 10 straight seasons, how do you manage that? >> luck. get a few people in the area and we're fortunate and there
5:46 pm
is no wording worry. we work hard and do the best we can. >> very humble, maybe that is why you had success. fox has you covered with the highlights at 10. laura? >> all right, thank you very much. stay bundled up out there. it's going to be a cold one. >> friday night. >> and that is friday night football night. >> more than two blankets, like foot warmers, hand warmers. >> you haven't issued a snuggle alert. >> not tonight. >> yeah. here we go. >> gain has a snuggle alert. >> i don't get to go home until 2 a.m. >> and snuggle with the dogs of about getting there yo and that is going to work.
5:47 pm
it just looks coal. it's cold and that is getting colder. the temperature is 44 degrees in the city and look at gaithersburg and tread wreck. 37 for culpeper and right now, 39 degrees for fredericksburg. in the city, at 7:00 and with some clear skies, chilly for sure and in the suburbs there, that is in the 30s and take about 5 degrees off of some of these numbers and 9:00, 38 in town and freezing. clear and cold at 11 in town and 36 degrees. so, willy-nilly cold leave night tonight, everything is coming -- overnight tonight and everything is coming together for the really, really cold leave night. one of the reason -- overnight. one of the reasons y clear skies and the high pressure is centered on top of us, meaning that it's going to stay clear
5:48 pm
overnight tonight. sinking air is coming down on top of us and the winds will die down. most areas will be below five miles an hour and you have clear skies, you have light winds. one more thing, too, that is a very dry atmosphere. the dew points are incredibly low. the temperatures tonight will really drop off and that is looking like we will stay clear enough overnight and that it won't hamper the cooloff, what we call radiational cooling, when the heat of the day evaporates and there is some slightly milder air to the west, though. 56 for st. louis. the temperature now, little rock, 58 and into texas, the temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow, that will be warmer and even with some clouds on sunday. we're talking lower 60s. the best way i can describe the coming weekend is remember last weekend. saturday was gorgeous and by sunday, we had some clouds around here. took away the sunshine.
5:49 pm
clear and cold overnight tonight. the first freeze in d.c. is yet to get below freezing. or freezing here in the metro and in national. tonight is down to 31 degrees and we're not going to get it for awhile. overnight lows are warming back up the next few days and tomorrow morning, starting at 34; sunny at noon tomorrow and with 49 degrees and on that chilly side. more clouds coming in and looks like sunday, even though we're going to be mostly cloudy, the temperatures will be on the mile side. 63 degrees -- 62, pardon me, on sunday. showers on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and that looks unsettled. it looks unsettled for wednesday if you're the great
5:50 pm
getaway and with thanksgiving and black friday look gorgeous. >> they do. all right, we're going get ready for it. >> okay. >> thank you, gary. the l.a. county sheriff's department reopened the death investigation of actress natalie wood. she drowned 30 years ago after drowning in the water when partying on the yacht with her husband and friend. the author of the book learned something interesting about what wood was wearing that night. what are you hearing about this? >> in the original report, they said she was in a flannel night gown and socks and had an overcoat down jacket on that they took off of her when finding her body. in the original report, they said the jacket would have weighed her down and made it worse in the drowning. the author in the book said they have done porence -- forensic testing on the same jacket and it would act as a life preserver, this jacket
5:51 pm
would have kept her alive for hours in the water floating nearby this boat. so there are a lot of questions to the investigating, when they reopened it, wait a minute, if she was alive for hours, why wasn't anyone looking for her? why didn't robert wagner, her husband at the time try to call for help, call 911 and the coast guard. anything. and this is one of the reasons we're told they reopened the investigating. >> and also, we heard today during the press conference that police said that robert wagner was not a suspect but natalie woods sister, we understand, is accusing him of withholding information about the case? precisely. she said she's tried to talk to robert wagner about this, giving her any information about what happened to her sister and he doesn't want to talk about it. not only that, she accuses him of leaving the island right away without being interview by investigators, giving any
5:52 pm
information about where and how her sister could have ended up in the water and how she could have taken the boat out from the yacht, the dinghy. she said we need to talk to robert wagner and get more information about the death. this is over 30 -- this is 30 years ago. so, what he's going to remember and what they can use in court if they have to do that, we're going to have to see. >> a lot of unanswered questions with this. thank you very much, we'll see you here for tmz on tv at 6:30. you are showing disrespect to your mom, you're showing disrespect to the audience at home and i don't look people. >> not really. >> yes, you are. >> no disrespect to you or the show, but i feel like if you're going to put me in the bottom 2, i don't want to perform for people who don't want me here, you know what i inside. >> i think that was disrespect and immaturity. the 15-year-old got called out by simon on the results show for his attitude. he was in the bottom two and not happy about it.
5:53 pm
when told he needed to sing the song for his life, he didn't want to, his mentor talked him into it and simon was still not happy and in the end, the judges ended up sending cindy francis and letting the 15-year- old stick around. regis philbin signed on for the last time. >> you will never be able to answer the cards and messages that poured in the last few weeks and i will always remember spending the mornings with all of you. thank you very much for the great years together. god bless you all and i hope i see you again soon. >> family, friends, and coworkers packed the student audience with live and regis and kelly this morning it say goodbye to the longtime host from his tv gig. the show biz vet was holding back tears as he thanked his loyal fans and kelly rippa. the 80-year-old is leaving the show with a guinness world record, by the way, for the most time on the air by any tv personality. >> that is incredible.
5:54 pm
i don't think they named a replacement yet. >> no, i haven't heard either. i wonder if they will do that the same way with kelly, round robin in. >> who knows. and let's check in with a look at what is coming up on the news edge at 6. and charles county, maryland, sheriff is in hot water. what he's telling the news edge about controversial comments that have some questioning his ability to serve and protech. and answering a help wanted ad on craig's list with tragic consequences for one boston man. a frightenning account of what happened to another. and a recent liver transplant recipient taking his new body on an extreme test drive. those stories coming your way and more on the news edge at 6. 
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>> take a look. we're giving you a look at the first new ladies exhibit. it will be displayed at the
5:58 pm
american museum of history. it will be in china and 26 other dresses including one wore by michelle obama, laura bush and more than 160 are the objects are on the display there. the exhibition opens to the public it were. secretary of state hillary clinton was surprised by her daughter's decision to become a member of the media. chelsea clinton accepted a job as a special correspondent to nbc news. her feature stories will be reportedly used in making a difference series, which runs on nbc nightly news. hillary clinton said she supports her daughter's decision. >> well, she's a grown up and i think it's good for a mother to support what her children do and i'm excited for her. i think she'll do an amazing job. >> she won't be only doing the news biz. she will continue pursuing her graduate studies and working for her father clinton's foundation while doing the news thing. thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts
5:59 pm
now. the charles county sheriff sparks some anger after making controversial comments. tonight, he's talking to the news edge to clear up the confusion. and a 60-year-old maryland man is not letting anything keep him off of his feet. his long work to recovery and longer road that he's racing tomorrow. the charles county sheriff feeling the heat over a joke. the remark came during a community crime meeting when the sheriff was asked about shooting an intruder. some say his answer is no laughing matter. sherri ly starts the news edge off tonight. >> reporter: charles county sheriff said that he was clearly joking about planting evidence on an intruder. everyone laughed. when the story appeared in the newspaper, critics read it differently. the pineville civic association


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