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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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you saw it first on fox 5, a bizarre video of the accused white house shooter. tonight the news edge diving deeper into his past. the feds say he fired several shots at the white house last friday night after a giant manhunt. agents arrested him wednesday in pennsylvania. now his family and others are giving us new insight into the man who faces a attempted assassination charges. roz plater down in the newsroom. >> subpoenas were flying in idaho falls today. we're told witnesses are making their way to d.c. over the weekend presumably for questioning, possibly a grand jury probe all as we're learning more about the suspected shooter. >> it's not just a coincidence that i look like jesus. i am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. >> reporter: this bizarre video we first showed you of oscar ortega hernandez was taped in september. the now suspected white house shooter was launching an appeal to oprah to help him get his
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message out. >> i'm begging you, oprah, please have me on your show. >> reporter: we now know it wasn't his first attempt. back in july at his family's restaurant he reached out to a computer consultant to help him put together a 30 minute infomercial reportedly telling him the president wanted to put gps tracking chips in children. >> i truly can't go into it now. >> reporter: monty mccall is that computer consultant who says the feds asked him not to talk about his encounter with ortega hernandez anymore until he and the other witnesses get to d.c. >> i have to go and testify now in grand jury. so i'll have to leave and that's why i have all these computers, because i have to get everything i needed to get that all next week today of. >> reporter: it's unclear if a family of ortega hernandez is among the witnesses, but his sister and mother told the pulse register in a copyrighted story over the past year he had
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changed both his behavior and appearance growing his hair and beard long. he became withdrawn, spent hours on the internet, became a health nut, a mixed martial arts fighter and a more devoted father to his young son. that tattoo on his neck that says israel is his son's name. just before halloween he told his family he was headed out on a one-week vacation. when he didn't come back, they reported him missing. that's the last they knew until november 11th, the day he's accused of firing at the white house. house. now it is unclear just how long these witnesses might be here for questioning. they've benefield the feds cannot promise they'll be home in time for thanks -- been told the feds cannot promise they'll be home in time for thanksgiving. the impression is that the feds are casting a rather large net trying to get people in and their stories to the roar and under oath rather quickly -- stories on the record and under
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oath rather quickly. another question, where were president obama's daughters when the shots were fired? the president and first lady were away, but the secret service refuses to say where sasha and malia were. in montgomery county three people in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning because of a faulty furnace in an aspen hill apartment complex. two victims are in critical condition. the third is in serious condition. the victims on the ground floor, no one else in the complex affected. to college park where two men pulled a knife on a university of maryland student near a dorm last night. the suspects were caught on surveillance video walking around campus. the crime happened near cecil hall. a short time later there was a text alert from the school telling students to stay in a safe location. >> we put those alerts out. it's rare given the little crime we have on campus, but the alerting system is there just for that, to let the students know if there's an imminent threat. >> this is the first on campus armed robbery at the school in
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more than a year. the sheriff in charles county wants to set the record straight about a controversial comment. he made a joke about shooting an intruder during a community crime meeting. some thought a dancer was -- some thought his answer was no laughing matter, aull though those people weren't there at the -- although those people weren't there at the time. >> reporter: the citizens association was fed up with the break-ins, so they asked the sheriff to talk at a crime meeting last week. a reporter was there, too and quoted someone asking what if you double tacked one of these guys in your house? >> i was asked a question in jest and responded in jest of. >> reporter: the sheriff is quoted saying make sure you have a steak knife in your drawer that doesn't match the other sets and throw that on the body. you know i'm joking. association vice president bill covonell says no one took his seriously. >> i think it's been blown out of proportion, taken out of context and unless you were this, you should watch what you
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say. >> reporter: it wasn't until the comments hit the newspaper that the sheriff came under attack. what written words miss is the sheriff's adamant urging that people not be vigilantes. >> i also told them no amount of property was worth someone's life. >> reporter: for some the joke didn't go over well. critics took issue when the sheriff suggested everyone arrested is guilty. in a letter to the editor the naacp calls the remark alarmingly lacking in judgment noting the constitution guarantees a presumption of innocence. >> certainly i don't want to see anyone that's innocent of a crime be convicted and you know i support the constitution. so that's silly that i don't. >> reporter: more than 100 people from the pinefield neighborhood heard the sheriff. none complained. >> all i know is the people there at that meeting, nobody cringed, nobody got upset. >> i say what i think. i don't pick and choose my words like a lawyer like i'm trying a case because i don't need to do that. i'm here to stand up for the victims in our county and i'm
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going to continue to do that. >> reporter: i could have said it differently, perhaps? but coffey says he's not going to change. sheriff coffey doesn't remember exactly what he says. he says what was recorded is similar to what he recalls. people who were at the meeting tell me if this had only been videotaped so people could hear the sheriff comment in full context, this wouldn't be an issue. in the newsroom sherri ly, fox 5 news. six people charged in a ponzi scheme here in the d.c. area. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the six are believed to have defrauded about 130 investors out of more than $27 million. the security and exchange commission says between 2005 and 2010 the accused lured investors into low risk investments urging them to refinance their homes, promising returns as high as 20% a year. the sic naming garfield taylor of -- the sec naming garfield taylor of bethesda as one of
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the accused. albrecht muth who is 407 years old is accuse -- 47 years old is accused of beating and strangling to death his 91-year- old wife viola drath. she was a socialite and journalist. the two lived in georgetown. he toll the judge today he thinks his -- told the judge today i thinks his wife's death was a hit -- he thinks his wife's death was a hit by iranian agents. there will be electricity cut tonight to a large area of the national mall and memorial park. that will several hours. many traffic signals will be affected if you're driving through the area. rescued from kidnappers one week ago tonight. now wilson ramos is back in d.c. with a message for his fans. plus we're uncovering the scam that's draining certain bank accounts. >> cold out there tonight, but we'll have a nice little warm- up as we head through the weekend. question is do we have any rain on sunday? the full forecast is coming up.
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check out some of the other stories on the rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only,
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it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. steven days after being res -- seven days after being rescued from acid were ins in his native venezuela wilson -- kidnappers in his native venezuela ramos met today with management and team doctors and then the media to thank fans for their support. >> i just want to say thanks to my fans for your prayers and support and happy to be here, happy to be with my family and see you in spring training. >> ramos' visit was short. tonight he's headed back to venezuela where he will be playing winter ball next week.
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in tonight's top five a weekend travel alert, plus it will soon cost more to ship packages. shawn yancy has the details. >> up first tonight the foreclosure crisis is far from over. no. 5, it started five years ago and a new report says we're not even halfway through it. more than 42 million americans got home loans between 2004 and 2008. by february of this year 2.7 million of those households have lost their homes to foreclosure and an additional 3.6 million households are still at risk. no. 4, they are waiting until the holidays are over, but ups is still raising rates. customers will see a 4.9% increase on ground, air and international shipments. the new rates take effect the start of the new year. no. 3, major news in the fight against pres cancer. the fda cleared the -- against breast cancer. the fda declared avastin should no longer be used. the fda says there was a lack
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of proof it worked but there was enough evidence that the drug caused severe high blood pressure and hemorrhaging. no. 2, a great weekend activity, the new first lady's exhibition opens saturday at the smithsonian. it features china, 26 dresses including some worn by francis cleveland, lou hoover, jacqueline kennedy, laura bush and michelle obama. the exhibition is on the third floor. no. 1, do not take net pro if you're flying out of -- metro if you're flying out of reagan national this weekend. a nonstop shuttle bus will run from metro center to reagan national. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. coming up on the news edge criminals stealing your money before it reaches your account. find out how that scam works. plus the archrivals are in town, what you need to know before the skins/cowboys game, the sports edge. but first a michael jackson
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if you or if you or someone you know is getting social security, you need to know about. this criminals have found a way to divert the cash and rob the system using prepaid cash cards to do it. we'll hear now how the scam works. >> i'm sad. i'm scared and i'm very angry that people do. this. >> reporter: like a lot of seniors barbara adams depends on her social security. she needs it to make ends meet, but this month that money was stolen. >> she said barbara, your social security hasn't come and i just feel my face just gets hot and my mouth must have been dropped open. i said what? >> reporter: she said the social security office told her someone rerouted her direct deposit. instead of going to her bank account that, money went to a prepaid debit or money card, something she never authorized. >> i really was in such a state
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of shock i was kind of feeling frantic that this was some kind of silly crazy mixup. >> reporter: there was no mixup. local authorities and the secret service are now investigating. she's not the only one. calls are coming in from seniors all over the bay area. part of the problem may be the social security administration's own website which lets seniors access their information online. >> i still can't believe it. i don't have anything extra put aside because there isn't anything extra. so it's been rather scary. >> reporter: barbara has never used the social security website. she doesn't even have a computer. now her bank account is bare. >> i had to scrape up some money to try just to keep $2 in there. >> reporter: she says the administration told her she'd get her money back, but she has no idea when. >> i just can't imagine. i just don't know how they can
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-- whatever they bought with it how could they be so happy knowing that someone was depending on that money? >> investigators are warning seniors keep a close eye on their bank accounts. the secret service won't say how many cases there are, only that they are trying to stop it. >> chilly. >> real cold. >> winter coats out. >> mine ought to make everybody feel better. this morning in fairbanks, alaska. >> which is why we don't live there, but go ahead. >> 41 below. >> they don't have -- is this the time of year where they don't have the sun? >> you can see it. i don't think it gets completely light. >> sounds lovely. >> having never been there and no plans to visit, i hope, i'm not completely sure about that. >> maybe snowboard there. >> i did look at fairbanks, alaska, arctic cam this afternoon to kind of see what it looked like and oh, it looked cold as you might imagine.
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they have a local newspaper there. you can check it out online if you want to, kind of interesting. really cold for us overnight tonight, nothing like that, though, thank good, but it looks like if things keep dropping off here overnight tonight d.c. could have its first freeze of the season. we've had freezes all around us, but here in the city at least for national no official freeze so far, 39 in the city, manassas 28 degrees, frederick 27. we have clear skies overnight tonight, big area of high pressure right on top of us. so that allows for very, very cold temperatures and under the center of that high when is you can get the coldest reading. tonight we're heading down to 31 in the city, gaithersburg headed for the lower 20s out there, centreville 24, even fredericksburg 24 degrees. so all around us very hard freeze and again right at freezing, if not a degree or two below here for national early tomorrow morning. what about the weekend? well, warmer tomorrow.
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we were 48 for a high today, 53 tomorrow, loads of sunshine. warmer still sunday with temperatures up into the lower 60s. it does look like we will have more clouds on sunday, not completely cloudy, but then again a lot less sunshine than what we'll have for tomorrow. the redskins play at fedex. they'll have a 1:00 kickoff against the cowboys. we will have more clouds, as i just mentioned, no rain. rain will stay off to the west of us. maybe by sunday night and into monday morning we'll have a few showers. temperatures at kickoff time lower 60s, 60 to 62 degrees. clear, very coal overnight tonight. we could be in for again the first freeze here at national. mostly sunny tomorrow, warmer than today, high temperature up to 53 degrees in town, centreville 54, winchester 52, columbia 52. down to the southeast of us right around 53 degrees for a
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high. tomorrow looks like this, 53 again, mostly clouds, more clouds sunday, should get some sunshine, though. showers come in here monday. on tuesday and wednesday. so if you're going to be traveling, at least for the first few days of next week, it could be a little unsettled, but now the way it looks for thanksgiving and the friday after looks real nice with sunny skies and temperatures upper 40s to lower 50s or so. there's your weekend forecast. again if you are traveling, be careful. lindsay murphy joins us back here with sports, big week. cowboys week. stay with us. edge continues. 
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this is your local nissan dealers sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> i'm not dave feldman. i'm lindsay murphy, but you already knew that. the maryland football team does not have much to fight for as the season winds down. tomorrow they play wake forest, a team that is one win from becoming bowl eligible. it is up to quarterback c.j. brown to lead the terps in a spoiler type of game terps in transition and the great look to a leaping barry white. what's that movie again, white men can't jump? terps up early, trail by 8 at the half. 2nd half the terps exploded. 32 points. the terps outscored colorado 52- 37 in the 2nd half and earn the
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win and improve to 2-1 under mark turgeon. nine days passed since wilson ramos was kidnapped from his home in venezuela at gunpoint. seven days ago he returned to his family safe and sound. today ramos was reunited with his d.c. family at nationals park. it was short and situate and ramos has already returned to his home -- and sweet and ramos has already returned to his home country to may winter ball. he was all smiles this morning. the 24-year-old catcher meant with mike rizzo and a few national -- met with mike rizzo and a few national teammates. he had a very special message for nats fans, especially those who prayed for his safe return. >> i just want to say thanks and i'm fine for your prayers and your support. i'm happy to be here, happy to be with my family and see you in spring training. >> we are happy to have you back. it has been a quiet dallas week simply because the skins
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are in the midst of a five-game losing skid and close to half the team is ailing or on injured reserve. laron landry and jammal brown fall into the questionable category for sunday, although landry said he would be upset if he didn't may. wide receiver anthony armstrong opened the season in fine fashion, week one versus the giants hooked up with grossman for a couple nice catches and a touchdown, but since then aa only has three catches in the last eight weeks. missing sometimes with injury and some due to the coach's decision. on. >> it's very frustrating especially when you couple it with losing. you get a win and a lot of that stuff gets brush under the rug. i think a win will cure lot of this in decision and controversy stuff going on. acc football reminder, on my 20 tomorrow georgia tech travels to duke to take on the blue devils. kickoff is 12:30. once again on our sister
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station my 20. d.c. has an nbc this year, rosario. he was named the most valuable player today in the mls, the first time in his career. he scored a career high 16 goals this season with 12 assists. dave rosario is the fourth mls mvp. our game of the week match- up south county beat stone bridge 25-3 to advance to the northern region finals for the first time in school history. that's all for sports. the edge will be right back. 
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about the weekend, tomorrow is sunny, sunday more clouds and the rain holds off sunday until sunday night. taking the edge off, turns out northern virginia is home to one of america's best restrooms, one of the best places to do your business in the renaissance arlington capital view hotel. it was voted runner-up in this year's america's best restroom contest. a restroom products company conducted the internet poll. the hotel was recognized for its cutting edge design, unique style. topping the list if you've ever there, the field mew see. in chicago. now you have the news -- museum in chicago. now you have the news en. thanks for staying up this late


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