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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  November 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm maury um may. >> i'm will thomas. we start with a holiday season warning. a shopper carjacked. >> police have a message for shoppers. audrey barnes is live in mclean to start us o. >> reporter: maureen, the parking lot outside this neiman marcus was crowded with shoppers this afternoon. a woman says as she was pulling in about 1:30 a young white female in her 20s approached her, said she needed help that she had run out of gas so the good samaritan offers her a ride to the station. as they were headed to that gas station this woman pulls a knife on the victim, then forces her out of her vehicle at old courthouse road at route 123, then she takes off. i just got off the phone with fairfax county police. this is what they told me about that carjacker.
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they don't have a good description, but they say she's a white female, between 20 to 25, she has a medium build, and that's about all they know about her. but this is some key information that could help police find this carjacker. they have the plate number of the victim's car. i want to give that to you now. she is driving the victim's silver four-door 2003 acura, virginia plate number xek-8095. if you do see that vehicle, you are asked to call fairfax county police. they want to get this carjacker off the streets. the warning for other shoppers is to be on your guard. it's the holiday season. the shopping is picking up. the parking lot is full of people. this is when this type of crime is most likely to happen. so they are warning everybody, kind of be on alert for that type of thing throughout the holiday season. maureen, back to you. >> certainly a good reminder. audrey barnes, thank you for
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that report. we want to take to you a story you first saw on fox 5 a short time after two men held up a university of maryland student. three g.w. students were victims in similar crimes. john henrehan is live in the newsroom. you've got to won kerr if these robberies are connected. >> reporter: when you hear about the similarities in these street robberies, you will see why police are investigating. around 11:40 thursday night a university of maryland student was walking on campus near a dormitory called cecil hall when he had a brief violent encounter with two men wearing masks. they bumped into the student. >> our student turned to walk away, and he was accosted by one of the men who put a knife to his throat. >> reporter: the robbers took the student's wallet and cell phone. police later released this security video from a store in college park. they believe this man is one of the two suspects in the campus robbery. an hour and 20 minutes after
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the maryland robbery, a series of robberies began on the campus of george washington university in the foggy bottom neighborhood of d.c. around 1:00 a.m. friday two students were robbed on the 2200 block of street where a campus dorm, fulbright hall, is located. cell phones, wallets, and backpacks were taken by two men wearing ski masks. five minutes later, also along 8th street at a small park called university yard, another robbery attempt. this time the student managed to call for help and george washington university police responded in time to capture one of the suspects. the other one got away on foot. both universities put out text messages alerting students to the robberies. one g.w. u student told us occasional street crime is the price of choosing an urban university. >> i was born in d.c. it's sad, but it's the reality, but we're -- there are all kinds of
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people. >> reporter: university of maryland police confirm they are activelily investigating the possibility that the robberies on both campuses were committed by the same men. the suspect taken into custody at gwu is identified by police as a 22-year-old man, quintin johnson. the second suspect is still on the loose. back to you, maureen. >> thank you, john henrehan for that. another developing story tonight. a bethesda man and some of his family and friends are accused of operating a multimillion dollar ponzi scheme in our area. the alleged victims include a clarity and a church. fox 5's roz plater is breaking down the case. >> reporter: the securities and exchange commission says the investment group targeted middle-class folks with little or no investing experience and assured them the investments were low risk and promised as much as a 20% return. the sec says the companies
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operated out of an office in northwest d.c. they're called garfield taylor, incorporated and the gibraltar asset management group, neither of which is registered with the s.e.c. the feds say garfield taylor and his partners pocketed some 5 million including 73,000 for his children's private school. here's how the alleged ponzi scheme would work. the group would collect the money ensuring investors they were covered by a, quote, reserve account and the group would invest in high-risk options and suffer massive losses. they would use the new money coming in to pay off earlier investors and themselves. the s.e.c. along the group used high- pressure tactics to get investors on board with often disastrous results. >> we along that the -- mr. taylor and his associates were trying to persuade people with some measure of pressure to
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take out home equity lines on their homes, to take their retirement money and invest, and we saw in these kinds of circumstances some tremendous losses. >> reporter: both companies shut down last year. this is a civil action. the sec is looking to get an injunction. they're also trying to reclaim money for the alleged victims and they will ask the court for penalties and fines, which could be in the millions. pricey protest. the outcome pie d.c. movement has cost taxpayers nearly $900,000 so far. that is according to records obtained by wtop. the mayor's office says the cost includes overtime for police and sanitation workers. this week's key bridge protest racked up more than $4,000 for traffic control. meanwhile, outcome pie d.c. teamed up with anny gipt solidarity march. activists are protesting giving public money to the egyptian military. the group claims the united
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states gave egypt more than $1 billion in military aid last year alone. another member of gadhafi's family has been captured by revolutionary fighters. this time it is one of his sons. he now faces the possibility of going on trial before either an international or libyan court to be held accountable for his father's alleged crimes. he was once a voice of reform but became one of the world's most wanted men. iran's official news agency says the nation has begun a four-day air defense military exercise near the afghan border. iran did not say what kind of military weapons may be involved. the obama administration is calling for sanctions that would help cripple any nuclear program financially, and the u.n. voted overwhelmingly to condemn a plot to kill the saudi ambassador.
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the naacp is launching an investigation into penn state university. financial records have now shown evidence of week-long sleepover camps coordinated with the charity that former coach and accused child molester jerry sandusky founded. fox's david lee miller has details. >> reporter: financial records revealing penn state university receiving almost a quarter of a million dollars in 2008 and 2009 from the second mile charity, this according to fox that charity, founded by jerry sandusky. the funding coming years after the accused child molester was banned from entering penn state sports facilities and the main campus. sandusky also held sleepover football camps for boys throughout the state even after the second mile severed ties with the disgraced coach. allegations go back to at least the late 1990s. so far at least eight accusers have come forward. sandusky maintains his
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innocence. the advocacy center now in high demand. >> people are wondering if something might have happened to their child and are now having the courage to pick up there' phone and call. we're seeing a four times over calls by adult survivors that we never got before. >> reporter: the ncaa is looking into the case. meanwhile coach joe paterno, who had his name scraped from the big ten title trophy last week, has now been diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer, paterno's son telling about to no nonsense reply. >> he just waved me off. he said, i'll be fine. >> reporter: the second mile charity continues to face an uncertain future. there's a possibility that children in the program may have to be placed with other organizations. david lee miller, fox news. congress has repealed a tax on government contractors set
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to take effect in 2013. the government would have kept 3% of certain payments to those contractors. the original bill was meant to catch contractors who cheat on taxes. it would have generated more than $10 billion over 10 years, but critics said it cost companies much too much. seems like it's getting harder to get around. cab fares are going up in one local area. >> if you plan to use metro instead, there are some major disruptions to watch out for. that is coming up. not a bad day today. you might have been out doing some walking. we've got some changes in the forecast. details later on. >> we are just getting started and we're going to come back in 90 seconds. stay with us. 
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metro is giving bus rides to folks who would normally ride the rails between metro center and reagan national this weekend. the buses are running between the king street and pentagon city stations, the crystal city, reagan national and braddock road stations are closed. if you would rather take a cab through arlington you are going to pay a dime more a mile, up to $2.0 to pay for higher operating costs. the board changed the charges for extra passengers. now you will only to have pay an extra passenger charge if that passenger is 12 years or
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older. the new fares take effect january 1st. the first lady's gowns are back at the american history museum. the myth sewn january exhibit now includes 26 gowns. and now you can watch more video. taking a look at those gowns, they sure are beautiful. you can watch videos of the first couple dancing. that exhibit opened today. >> my mom's favorite exhibit when she visits d.c. >> i've never seen it. the local woman couldn't believe what she saw right outside her back window. >> when i tell you this, i know you're going to go, what? she says she saw a cougar roaming around. that's right, a cougar. that even possible in our area? you're going to interview someone who answers that question for us. it's all coming up next.
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it's not likely but it is possible. that is what zoo officials are saying about a reported cougar sighting in northwest d.c. a resident reported seeing the large cat outside her apartment complex on 42nd street early friday morning. the animal eventually walked away, she says. we're joined by jim tate, a research assistant at the national zoo. thank you for coming in
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tonight. >> thank you. >> you can hear me okay? >> i can hear you fine. >> is it really possible there's a cougar walking through d.c.? >> well, it's possible, but it's not problem afternoon. there has been one instance in the last 50 years or more that showed up last year in connecticut. >> so where would this cougar have come from if, in fact, one did roam through glover park? >> it could have come from one of two places. it could have been someone's captive cougar. there are cougars in captivity. or it could possibly have been a wild animal that traveled cross-country like the one in connecticut did. >> are cougars known to be in this area? i certainly have never heard a report like this before, have you? >> the fish and wildlife service did a study in 2009 in which they determined that a cougar is probably extrapated, hasn't existed here for 50
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years or more. >> you said something interesting. someone might have had this cougar, i'm assuming as an exotic pet. do you hear a lot about people keeping cougars in this area? >> does it happen, but not so much in this area. in other parts of the country, they're known to have cougars in captivity. florida, for example, in the 950's and so forth had quite a few cougars in captivity and roadside zoos. >> the question is what should you do if you see an animal like this roaming around. i would imagine, i certainly wouldn't he approach it. >> i don't want you to approach it, either, but it would be a very good idea if we could get some actual proof for example, the one that showed up in connecticut was seen and recorded several times in wisconsin in 20 0rbgs right up until may of 2011. they got feces, hair, tracks,
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and were able to say the same individual was seen in each of those instances. >> i imagine eventually animal control will trap it and take people out of danger, at least out of this cat's crosshairs. >> i'm not so sure if there's a great deal of danger. cats tend to be a little bit afraid. >> jim tatum, we are out of time, but thank you so much for coming in. you're the research assistant at the national zoo. thank you for your insight on this would-be cougar sighting. >> thanks for having us. >> go figure, guys. save the money on a safari, just go to glover park, or the national zoo. >> that's right, or the national zoo. it would have been a good day to go to the zoo. it was beautiful today. >> it was really nice out today, definitely. hopefully people got outside. you know what's nice this time of year is walking through the leaves. >> or driving through them, as i did on the way to work.
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>> a beautiful shot outside. our skies not doing too bad. that's going to change, though. we're going to see an increase in terms of cloud coverage. there's a nice shot of the national cathedral outside -- the national cathedral there. let's take a look at our weather headlines. high pressure is in control. that's going to move its way out. that helped to give us a fair amount of sunshine. a cold front is moving in. that's what we're going to be keeping close eye on. that's our next weather maker. some unsettled days ahead in the forecast as a result of that frontal system. we're going to see temperatures up and down, up and down into the course of the weak, so some changes in our thermometer also. speaking of that, here's what we've got today in terms of daytime highs. one to two degrees off the mark. 55 at all three airport locations for our daytime highs. pretty much where we should be temperature-weighs for the average. clouds, as i said, they're going to start to push in more into the course of tonight.
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we've got increasing cloud coverage it to the point we're going to have mostly cloudy skies tonight before it's all said and done. current temperatures, 50 at national, 48 degrees it at baltimore, 45 to the south at fredericksburg. martinsburg 45, 46 degrees at hagerstown. as we take a journey up the mid- atlantic, 49 for boston, new york 51. to the south, 49 did he greese for richmond. our national temperature is not too bad. we are going to see a little bit of a warm-up in the next 24 hours. that's because we're going to get the benefit of a nice southerly wind flow. that's going to help to give us warmer air from the south. we are going to see our temperatures rising into the mid-60s. not bad at all. then we get a bit of a cool- down because the front is
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pushing its way toward us. that ridge of high pressure moving off the coast, and what we're keeping an eye on is the frontal system that's bringing the rain here across areas of the upper midwest. that is what's headed our way. more clouds on sunday in the forecast. by sunday evening i expect we'll start to see a few rain showers. we've got that frontal system that's going to move through sunday. it's going to stall out. the problem with that, we're going to be into a wet pattern pretty much into most of the week as we plan ahead. in the meantime for tomorrow we'll start off with mainly cloudy skies. by around k 6:00 hour i wouldn't be sur is praised if we start to see some light rain. for tomorrow, mainly, as i said, a fair amount of clouds for most of the day. but temperatures rising up into the mid-60s at least. so for tonight expect to see clouds continuing to move in. our overnight low will be 44 degrees, a little on the chilly side. winds will pick up into tomorrow. mostly cloudy, and in the evening time some rain showers. keep the umbrella handy monday, tuesday, wednesday. but guess what, a ridge of high pressure builds in just in time for turkey day.
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cold but sunny. the area's top-ranked high schools team up to make history. and the terrapins hope to shed their demons in the wake of a six-game losing streak. up next, sports.
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good afternoon. do you remember the last time maryland won a football game? it was october 1st, 50 days
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ago. but who's counting? today the terps emission was to win their third of the season while playing spoilers to a lake forest team who is one win short of becoming bowl eligible. randy was hoping to say good- bye to that six-game losing streak. second quarter, wake forest up 6-0. a big hit on tarn price. the throw is ruled incomplete. the terps take over. t.j. brown from the shotgun finds justice picket. he's in for the touchdown. game tied at the half. fourth quarter, wake forest leads 17-10. price to a wide open terrence davis for 10 yards. in the fourth quarter, maryland is down 31-10. in san jose today a flyover to celebrate the navy midshipmen. the first ever meeting between the mids and san jose statement seven and a half to go in the half. watch this run with the cut inside, in for the touchdown, to give navy the 14-10
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advantage. right now navy leads in the third. howard falls to delaware state. the bison finish 5-6. last night iowa state hosting undefeated oklahoma state. the cowboys with the chance to take the lead from 37 yards out. no g. and the cyclones' coach loving that. second quarter, tied at 31. ok state's pass tipped, intercepted. one of five oklahoma state turnovers. there's the game winner. iowa state a 27-point underdog upsets oklahoma state, throwing the bcs into utter chaos. annapolis the site of this afternoon's final.
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second quarter, door -- dorian0 daniel. the falcons first title and undefeated season. >> it's all about them. we've been working this, 104th day in a row we've been working. i'm real proud of them. they deserve everything they've earned. >> congratulations to bob melloy and the falcons. 49 days have passed since the redskins last won on october 2nd against the rams. the redskins felt like they should have won in week three when they played dallas on monday night football but the cowboys scored the game wing field goal when it mattered with under two minutes to go and the skins could not respond. we remember this. the skins know they can't let another slip away just like week three. >> fourth quarter, you know, we had our shots to win the game and didn't get it done.
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so that's frustrating. that was the pivotal part in our season. it was disappointing. but we've got a chance to fix those errors and get it done on sunday. >> knowing we went into their house and we gave them what we got, they made more plays than us at the end, but we easily could have won that game as well. no excuses. they won. we have to make sure we take care of our home field. >> skins and boys tomorrow at 1:00. >> thank you, lindsay. quick weather. >> clouds rolling in, then we're looking at some wet weather. >> get the umbrella handy. >> you will need it for a few days. >> but warming up. >> good news for thanksgiving. >> sunshine for the turkey. >> high five there. >> they're just having their own little party there. >> you know you're excited. thanksgiving, you don't want rain. that's going to do it for 6:00. we're back tonight at 10:00 and for the news edge at 11:00. giving me a hard time.
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