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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  November 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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us. with holiday shoppers already bustling, the tysons ii mall wound up the crime of a scene. >> a woman was carjacked at knife point. >> reporter: police say that the victim had just pulled into the parking lot outside neiman marcus when she was approached by a young woman who said she ran out of gas and needed help. as the good samaritan was driving the woman to a gas station, she pulled a knife on her, forced her out of her car and took off. >> while the victim was not injured, she certainly extremely was extremely upset and distraught. she was trying to do the right thing for somebody who needed help. >> the suspect is a female, 5'5", blue eyes and brown hair. at the time of the carjacking, she was wearing a black hoody and light colored sweat pants. >> the young woman was non- descript. there was nothing unusual about
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her, no accent. she looked like anyone else, didn't appear to have any problems or issues. was very calm. >> reporter: the carjacker forced the woman out her vehicle. she is now driving the silver four car acura with xek-8095 virginia license number. >> this is an extremely rare occurrence. we don't have things like this typically so we are hopeful that someone will have information and will be able to make and arrest in this case. >> reporter: while this type of crime is extremely rare, police are warning shoppers to be on alert. if someone approaches your vehicle, they advise you to stay in the car with the doors locked. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. taking the edge to d.c. now. an abandoned school has been occupied. local activists inspired by the occupy d.c. movement stormed the old franklin building on 13th street, northwest, trying
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to get the city to restore it as a homeless shelter. some of the banners unfurled read, public building occupied by the community. the cost so far for occupy d.c. has been $900,000. this week's key bridge rocked up more than $4000 for traffic control. in libya, there are celebrations in the street after the capture of muammar qaddafi's son. people honked horns and fired into the air to celebrate the capture. prosecutors say that the younger qaddafi will be tried in libya if the country's leaders can guarantee him a fair trial in egypt, at least one person is dead after pro democracy protests turned violent. police fired tear gasses to try
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to disperse demonstrator at tahrir square. scary moments after a new york-bounds plane strikes a plane. a bird strike in panama city caused the pilot to lose power. the pilot managed to shut daunte en gin and returned safely at the airport norm cleanup continues in davidson, north carolina after a dep stating tornado. tonight's fox's chad tucker interdues us to a woman who introduces us to everything she needs. >> i was right about here in the kitchen, what used to be my kitchen >> reporter: she survived the storm after her son shielded her with his body in the bat
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tub. >> luther jumped up on the table and said that's a tornado. he grabbed me really fast, took me right here to that bathroom. >> reporter: it took only 20 seconds. >> i'm holding on to that closet because i thought that we were going to get sucked up >> reporter: the tornado destroyed the son built by her father and husband almost 20 years ago. >> everything on the bed, head board, foot board. we don't know where that is. it ripped the sheets, bed, comforter but left mattress. >> reporter: the storm was strong, ripping the roof even the light switches right out of the wall. >> we'll replace it and knock all of this down and we'll start fresh. >> reporter: the storm may have been powerful but so is rummages faith. >> i have a lot of faith in not only god, but in the goodness of people. there's inherent goodness in people and it's still there. people, when you are at your worse, a lot of people are at
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their best. >> reporter: many people have come offering and giving help to her and her family showing her the power of love is very much alive. >> you don't know how much people love you and care about you until something like this happens. you are just overwhelmed. it's actually kind of great to know that i'm so loved and people think, you know, so much about me to try to pick up my life. i mean, it's just 20 years of life in this house. it's not the biltmore but it's mine. we're going to be okay. faith and tenacity. a movie about vampires take a huge bite out of the box office. another popular one. the first half of the final installment in the popular twilight series had the third biggest opening day in history. breaking dawn, parts part 1,
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took in a whopping number. only harry potter and it fellow twilight took in more. and why you can buy some of aretha franklin's clothes at auction. the i'm going to have the details on what you can expect and the thanksgiving forecast as well. be back after the break. 
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we had a beautiful fall day temperatures, 55 degrees for daytime highs at all three airports. actually, that's just one to two degrees away from the average normal high for the day. the clouds are rolling in and that's when we are keeping an eye on. we've got mainly cloudy skies and over the course of tonight, the clouds are not going
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anywhere too far at all as we move into the forecast period. right now, it's 50 degrees at national airport, the same at manassas. 49 degrees in baltimore, gaithersburg at 48. cooler in couple better land, 37 degrees, 47 degrees at dulles. ridge of high pressure moving its way out. here is the cold front that's going to push its way into our area tomorrow. a series of disturbances will ride along it. we are looking at rain showers by tomorrow evening as that front does move through and stall out. be prepared for that. by around the 6:00 or so, we should see some of the rain. rain will be sticking around for the week but won't hit us for the cowboys-redskins game. here is a look at the planner. 63 degrees, we are warming up it a high of about 65 degrees. it's going to be pretty nice and warm as far as temperature are concerned.
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the wet weather sticks around right through to wednesday, gets out of the way just in time for thanksgiving. however, turkey day, 49 degrees. no short annual of sunshine. it will be great weather to get out and enjoy once you have eaten all that food. back to you. >> thanks, again. we are taking the news edge off tonight with a story that may remind to you go to the cleaners. >> looks like areth franklin forget to send her people to get the clothes. now the business is putting the queen of soul's clothes up for sales. gowns, along like hats, shoes had been in storage for seven years after her house in detroit were flooded. itemsthey took items to the cleaner but foregot to pick them up. that does it for us. fox sports is next. one more gift...
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good evening and thanks for staying up with us tonight i'm lindsey murphy. coming up, what the redskins can't afford to do against the cowboys. and the shuttle continues for the maryland football too many but, first, let's hit the ice. tonight was the third and final game of the capitals' road trip, a road train has been tough. the capitals scored just one goal in each of the first two
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games. not enough to get it done. of a starting the season 7-0, they have lost 7 of the last 10. the caps trailed 1-0. jason chimera leads the rush into the toronto zone and drops the book to brooks laich. the nice move, the blind pass to phil kegs he will. bruce boudreau would pull tomas vokoun. leafs on a power play. slapshot beats michael neuwirth. they finish the road trip 0-3 for those of you keeping kennedy townsend, that's 50 days ago since the terps won. today, that gave them


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