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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 20, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> coming up, a second pansyse scheme taunt dunn coin the district -- ponzi scheme taken down in the district.ict. and just in time for the wht will lace, a marine surprise his parented, returns home, and then gets a surprise of his own.n. it's almost time for the cowboys and redskins to renew the rivalry. we have you covered on the big game, all morning, and off the wall in the sunday sports section. >> i toe you're going to be into the game -- i know you're going' to be in the game. >> also, we are going to following a car jacking in tyson's corner in the middle of the day. and more protestors arrested in dc, but first, let's get a chece of tthe weather, a bit chilly yesterday, but a warmer start today, at least it seems so too me. a bit milder.. let's check in with >> it is going to get warmer,
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the difference will be the sunshine there is less sun today and more clouds. i'll show you the clouds rolling in, and also you can see a little bit of wet weather on thh radar.rada over areas of the allegheny,lleg middleton, seeing some light rain. we're going to be keeping our ice to the skies. yesterday's higher, 55 degrees at all three airports, and, that's where we should have been right now, it's 53 at national, 51 at bull less, and 53 at baltimore, -- at dulles, and 53 at baltimore, so we are close t where we were yesterday in terma of y the high. for today, cloudy skies, mild,l, looking temperature rising 10 degrees warmer than yesterday to 60, but a chance of wetet weather this evening. >> thanks, gwen. we begin with the dc protess that sent a dozen people to the hospital, and it wasn't "occupy"
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dc. >> it was contentious at times,, as the protestors clashed with the police, they were inspired by the "occupy" dc movement.nt they want the city to restore the franklin building at a homeless shelter. activists say it was a similars occupation in 2002, thatat convinced the city to turn itit into a downtown shelter until ir was shun down in 2008. supporters say the home listst activists have a point.nt >> on the cuss of hypo they wero i can't season, we have a lot f folks in -- hoo hypothermiahyp season, we have a lot of folks that need a place to go. so right now, we have community space lying empty that should be
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used for the public good.d. >> there's a health at 801 east, but that's far from the services that they need and support that is downtown.ntow >> the activists who were arrested and supporters vow this is the last we've heard from them, they want the city to lett the community decide what should happen to the old schoolhool building. >> protestors are calling for ag meeting with the community tomorrow night at 6:30. on 11th and k street.k the building has been empty for about three years. as for the "occupy" dcc movement, it has cost taxpayers $900,000. that's according to a reporta from wto p. the cost includes overtime for police and sanitation workers. this week's key bridge protestt alone racked up more than $40,000 for traffic control.rol. warning is going out to shoppers in fairfax county. it comes after a woman was carr jacked at knife point. at tyson's galleria. gathe thief, another woman who h
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stillo on the loose.loos audrey barnes picks it it up frm there. >> reporter: the victim just pupped you will in the parkinge lot by nieman marcus -- just pulled up in the parking lot at nieman marcus with a woman wasws approached by another. >> the victim was not injured.r. she certainly is upset, distraught. she's trying to do the right thing and be kind to somebody sowho said they needed help.ded >> reporter: the suspect is described at white female,, between 20-25, about 5'5", with a medium build, she has blue eyes and brown hair. at the time of the car jacking, she was wearing a black hoody and light colored sweat pants. >> the young woman was nondescript, there was nothing unusual about her, no particulat accent. she looked just like anyone else. didn't appear to have any problems or issues. was calm.
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>> reporter: the car jacker forced the woman out of her vehicle at old courthouse cutr and route 23. she is now gaving her silver 2003 acura with virginia platept number xex8095.8095 this is a rare occurrence, weur don't rehave things like thisthi typically, so we are hopeful that someone will have information and we'll make anak arrest. >> reporter: a lot of this type of crime is rare. police are warning people to be alert, and if somebody you dent know approaches your vehicle, they advise you to stay in the car with the doors locked.cke >> a man and family and friendsn are daccused accused of 95ing a ponzi scheme in our area. the sec says the company targeted middle class peopleas with little or no investingi experience and insured themem investments were low wick with i thrye he plated out of a -- low income
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with a high return.. >> if it's too good to be true,, it is. there is no such thing as 20% return with no risk. risk and reward always go together. >> the company shut down last year. the sec is looking to get an they're going to tray to reclaim money for the alleged victims and ask the court for penaltiesp and fines.d time is running out for the so-called super lawmakers have until wednesdayed to reach a deal on the deficit. and that leaves the committeeco with three days of work or automatic spending cuts kick inn in 2013. the committee need to agree on $1.2 trillion in savings over 1n republicans contends they can't get democrats to agree to the cut: we have afind several trillion dollars in sense i were
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responsible spending re -- sensible proposing spendingspen reductions.ns but we've sailed back theed b proposal to just $750 billion. l >> to have something on the table that does gnat ask thee wealthiest people -- not ask the wealthiest people to share is not >> they are to submit the plan to the budget office 48 hours prior to a vote.e. so that pushes the deadline toto tomorrow. and six of the republicanicn presidential candidates tookda part in a forum in iowa focused on their religious faith, but newt gingrich got a round ofd applause after making a statement about the "occupy" wall street movement. >> they take over a public park they department pay for to go to the bathrooms they didn't payay for, to beg for food, to obstruct those who are going to work to pay the taxes to sustain the bathrooms and sustain the
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park. you just need to say, go get a job right after you take a bath. >> gingrich was joined by thee others, mitt romney and jon huntsman did not attend.ot romney is set to win a major endorsement in the king swinging state. new hampshire center is expected to give her support at a campaign stop later today. romney is leading in the pollsh in the early primary states. nyaa is launching a -- ncaa is launching an investigationve into stpenn state. there is evidence of week long developover camps with thewi charity that former couch and accused child molester jerry sandusky david lee miller reports.. >> reporter: the records show penn state receiving more than a quarter million dollars from th charity. this according to fox that charity founded by jerryjer
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sandusky. the funding coming years afterte the accused child molester wasle banned from entering the sports facilities in the main campus.he sandusky cheld sleeveoverover football camps for boys at satellite campuses.c even after the second mileile severed ties with the disgraced allegations sandusky sexuallyexa abused children go back to the late 1990s. so far, at least 8 have comeom forward. sandusky maintains his the nocounty's child advocacy center now in high demand. >> people who are wondering what, if something might have happened to their child are calling. we're seeing a four time over call, calls by adult survivors that we never got before. >> reporter: the 2346789 caa is looking did -- the ncaa is looking to see college protectoc any rules. mean while.m eajoe paterno has now been diagnosed with a treatable forme of lung cancer. paterno's son telling espn about
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the no-nonsense >> he just waved me off. don't bug me. i'll be fine. he has a shynesses to minimizeme things, but he's going to be fine. >> reporter: the cheryl continues to face an heuncertaia future. -- the second mile continues to face an uncertain future. a fast moving fire continueo to tear three reno, nevada. firefighters are making majorr head way and there is a film he of hope.. coming up next, sundayday sports trifecta, a resurrection of sorts for tiger woods. more on the big matchup when the cowboys and redskins. -- between the cowboys and redskins. something one more gift...
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[ gasps ] [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers like a complimentary first month's payment on the 2012 es 350. making headlines this inmorning, libya's justicesti minister says muammar gaddafi's son will face the death penalty.
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he had been the last of gaddafi's 8 children still on the run.t he was turned over to the international criminal court. the prosecutors says. [ inaudible ] police are clashing with thousands of protestors for aa second day. [ choppy you had -- audio ] >> some good news on the battle against the wildfire in reno, nevada. the blaze is now 80% contained and officials fully expect to have it mopped up by the middle of the week. more than 50 homes have beenbee damaged or destroyed, oneyed, firefighter was burned, and an elderly man died of a heartt attack while trying to run away. it's believed the fire wass sparked by power lines that hit a tree. time now for the sunday sports trifecta.
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the three big stories?tori this week's trifecta features as couple of local teams looking to right the ship, and maybe we're seeing the former number one golfer returning to form. dave, we haven't said the name tiger woods much.wo >> not very often, but did hebu look good.ok i stayed up late and watched ath little bit in australia.stra but we will begin with college football and the marylandland terrapins who showed us if the team wasn't a building projectct when the coach took it over, it is now. yes, there is the first yearfi head coach, trying to lead thehe terps to the first win sincece october 1.oc looks good here, second quarter. cj brown hooks up with picket,e, and 31 yards to the house, and tied up at 7 at the half.. second half, all demons. price and gimps, there they go. and there goes another loss to the
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they fall 31 high pressure 10.ur now at 2-9 -- 31-10. now at 2-9. ouch! going to score right there, third of the year, we're all tied up at 1. but in the second period, alld, toronto, all the time. a nice pick, back to bozak.o there is another pass, and they get raked by the leafs, get it? and our trifecta winner, how about all of american golf as the united states wraps up thee president's cup. earlier in australia i can't, and look who clenching thethe winning points!in yep, you guessed it, tigerer woods, he looked close to returning to his on form,rm, whipping the australian toan clench the cup. he is ranked 50th in the world, can you believe that? 5-0. but was chosen for the team as a captain, and that proved to be a
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very smart maybe tiger getting closer to his former number one it's time for us to go off the wall. e e we're talking about collatel damage for the nab -- nbaa lockout. and here we go. we're back.w you knowe' who is not back?back 9 guys in the nba, we have no nba basketball, and looks like we won't have any. are we going to see it? are they going to resolve this >> no, they're not. david steps saying if we starte it wenow, we need a month, 30 days, you do the math, we're past christmas. just shut it if that's what you want, stopp with the fake time frames, it's not like they reached basketball what's the long term effect?
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will they be like the nhl and think came back stronger?er? or baseball in '94. >> if they don't play a game this year or next year, it's going to be armageddon, really.. >> can you imagine not playing for two season?two >> i can't, they're coming off some great times with lebron and the controversy, and you have some stars, you have to get this resolved in the interest, listening-term interest.rm >> some believe because of iwht you just said, the star power, even this they come back whenever, that the fans will come back, because it is a star-driven league.iv do you think people enwill get o upset that they haven't had that fluff they'll stay away? >> i don't think. basketball usually picks up a big audience, other than the hard-core they pick up the bigger audienca when the nfl is over, and college basketball -- they look for something else, they have until june, nba picks up. >> do you think this lockout, i,
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won't hinder them as far as theh fans? >> they get is resolved byd january or february, it's okay.. >> that ain't happening.h you know what else isn't happening? the redskins, cowboys with the spurs coming in on sunday. who wins?? >> all the i got to say, cowboyy hung a 4-0 spot on the bills last week. >> who shut out the redskins north of the border.. >> that's all the i'm going to say, i'm not a hater. >> you a hater? >> are you going to say it's going to be close? >> they hung a 44 on buffaloffal last that's all i have to say. i'm not going to make a prediction anymore.nymo >> i will, i will. redskins will lose, it's not going to be pretty. i just think now we've seen the talent that was there, with thee injuries, they're done: nobody: to throw the ball to. >> he didn't have the ball to throw to anyway. >> everybody is out, it seem
8:20 am
like for this team. >> it seems like they've been out since week one. we agree, but i'm trying to take the high road.d. >> can i say this? we're going to take the loww road. the pig, john beck is a pig with >> we'll see you in another edition of off the wall. >> he finds the line and he just goes right off.. >> or you know pole vaults overr it. we'll talk more about the redskins and if under avenue in a good spot or bad -- and if they're in a good spot or bad spot. thanksgiving is now justno days away, and it appears morers people are gearing up to hit the roads this year, and we'll havee tips on how to keep thingsee stress free. >> no way. and police are investigating a vestring of robberies at two local colleges. could they be connected? we have details on those when we return. ♪
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some closures. the crystal city reagan stationn are closed until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. metro says the shut down is necessary for major repairs andd upgrades.up if you are going to the airport from downtown dc, there is a nonstop shuttle bus from metro center to reagan national:n aaa predicting the busiestss thanksgiving travel in fourour years 1 expected to rise 4% from last year at this time. that translates to over a million people from the dc region hitting the road. 92% will be heading out of town on the roads. we have tips before you head out of town. >> know that there's going to be a lot of travelers, airfare is up, so whether you're going to the airport, train restation or hitting the road, you're going to have a lot of company, soy, plan ahead, make sure if you're
8:25 am
going by rail or by air, thatat you allow extra time, and certainly if you're hitting the road, you have a lot of companyy with you. >> overall, aaa predicts over 42 million people will bee traveling this holiday weekend,, and increase will extend through the new year. four local college students held up at gunpoint, one at the university of maryland, the, others at gw. a they connected?co that's what investigators are attrying to determine. >> reporter: aroundor 11:40 thursday night, a testudet was walking on the south part of the university of maryland near a dormitory called cecil paul when had a brief violate encounter. >> our student tried to walkk away, and he was accosted by at man who put a knife to thinksks throat. >> reporter: they took theto student's wallet and cell phone, university police later released this security video, from a
8:26 am
store if college park.. they believe this man is one of the two suspects in the campus robbery. an hour and 20 minutes after the maryland robbery, a series ofs robberies began on the cam pugse of george washington in the foggy bottom -- campus of george washington in the foggy bottom neighborhood.ig two students were hbrobbed whera dorm is located. cell phones, wallets and backpacks were taken by two menn wearing ski masks.mask no weapon was displayed,laye according to the policeolic five minutes later, along 8th 8th street as well, another robbery attempt, this time the student managed to call for help, and george washington university police responded in time to capture one of the suspects. the other got away on foot. both universities put out textxt messages alerting students todet the robberies. one gwu student told us occasional street crime is the price of choosing an urban university. >> i mean, you're in the city.
8:27 am
i was born in dc. it's sad, but that's reality. we're,. >> university of maryland police confirm they are activelyctiv investigating the possibilityilt that the robberies on both campuses were committed by the same men. the suspect taken into custody is identified by dc police as 22-year-old quinton johnson ofof rocking ham, north carolina. he is charged with robbery,obbe using force and violence. the second suspect is still onn the loose.. team-mine new 3 until the congressional super committeeco hits its deadline. lawmakers need a reach a deal on more than a trillion dollars in savings. so what happens if they don't? fox news sunday asks about the threat of another creditdit downgrade. and gwen is back with another look at the weather, and that all-important thanksgiving haweek preview. stay with fox 5 morning for news will be
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right back. 
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>> we're on the divide.e. the congressional superessi committee is stalled as the deadline approaches. a the panel has been asked to finn more than a trillion dollars ino savings in the next decade. we have the latest on thee negotiations, host chris wallace joins us. good morning, again.ning, >> after months of saying failure is not an option, ittion appears that it might be. >> yeah. they really don't have three days deadline.e. the formal deadline is nextne went, but they have to submit whatever agreement they come toe to the congressional budget office for analysis by midnighti tomorrow, so they just have hours, and we're going to talk at the top of the hour to
8:32 am
republican co-chair and democratic member, unless theyey surprise us in 28 minutes, itnut appears they're going nowhere. appears there won't be a fullll deal, a grand deal, or a partial deal. it's going to be ag complete >> so, even if two, the two step plan, that might be a no-go?no-g >> it appears at this point that there's going to be nothing. they just copter agree. you heard the democratic argument there from patty murrar who says there needs to be someo contribution from the wealthy,w they need to fay their fair share. -- pay their fair share. republicans wouldn't go withwit that. they wouldn't go with bigb changes in social entitlement,t, structural reform, like scaling back on the cost of living adjustments. just one interesting fact that i learned this morning, they have not had a formal meeting, the whole 12 members of the super
8:33 am
committee since november 1. three weeks, so this appears toa have been on life support, andt sets the question, whether theyt decide to call time of death. >> the blame game, i suppose, begins chris?g >> you know, it won't bet different than what we've seens before. sayto publicans are going to they wanted to, you know, toow, stick it to the rich, and democrats will say they wanted it to come out of the hides of the seniors and needy, and you know, it's going to be aa campaign issue, but, but, having said this. this super committee had the power. if they had come up with a plan, there wouldn't have been a filll bus fur, and as of wednesday,wen that will go away and then we're back to the same old thing ofthn the same old rules, and youd know, it looks like we're not going to make any seriousseri progress. i mean the one thing is, there will be the automatic triggers so we will get $1.2 trillion in
8:34 am
deficit reduction, but a real opportunity for a serious effort to control our debt appears topa have gone by the board. it's disappointing.s >> yeah, i agree. i know you're going to speaksp with mark zandy. they decided to hold back on the u.s. credit rating in august. do we think that is at risk now? >> that's one of the questions. on the one hand, they are goingo to get the trillion dollars in deficit reduction from the triggers, but remember whenembe standard and poor downgraded thd u.s. eddebt, the markets took aa tumble it was about thet political dysfunction and thenc question of money.mone the political dysfunction is worse than >> chris, definitely a lot toly talk about on your show. hopefully we'll keep our fingere crossed. >> they can always surprise us, but it doesn't look that way. thanks, chris. she is a woman of her word, mill la kunis attended a marinea
8:35 am
corps ball last night. they pulled up in an suv, but no cameras were allows. sergeant moore asked her through a youtube video, this comes days after justin timberlake escorte a marine to the marine corpscor ball in richmond. okay, gwen. it's the week. thanksgiving week! everybody is hitting the roads.e >> the pressure is on.ress >> everybody wants to i think people will be fairlybe happy about t but let's begin with a look where we stood inoo terms of temperatures yesterday because it's going to be warmera today. 55 degrees at all three airports, and clouds, guessgues what, that is what will dominate our skies. increasing clouds, so not a lot of sunshine. a few light showers over theth allegheny front happening, andha we are looking at seeing a chan of showers later temperature right now, 53 atnow national airport, humidity atat 74%, we have a southerly windery flow about 12 miles an hour.
8:36 am
that's going to help to boost t the temperature up, but includes are not going anywhere. by this evening, expect to see showers starting to push through. we're looking at a high ofof 65 degrees, that's 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> all right, i like it! thanks. huge opening at the box office for the latestla installment of the twilight series, up next, all three stars sit down with kevin mccarthy and he gives us his review. stay with us. 
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fans were knock to theoc theater to see the latest in the twilight series.t -- flocking to the theater to see the latest in the twilightht series. some fans camped out fored days to get a ticket.ket. kevin mccarthy sat down with all three the young stars in the
8:40 am
film. >> when you're actually running, do you actually jump on to something?so how does that, when does that process turn in a --rn >> it depends, so jacob has two transformations. he's the only member that can transform in air. those are cool, because as a human, he can jump up in the air and then while else's in mid-air, poof into the wall. so there for, i will do the actual jump, sometimes i'll can on wires if it's a huge one, and they'll pull me up, and stop me, and then halfway they'll transform my body, and if i'm on the ground, i'll just run and kind of do, i'll do the motion of this, and they'll pick it up from >> the fast-paced vampire movement that you do, i love that aspect, anaheim they willll chicago, you -- and hypothetically, you could speedu up any daily activity in your life, if you could, what would you do if.f.
8:41 am
>> hair and makeup. i just sit there going crazy.g r i hate it. it sounds so meager, and like petty, but, good, especially before you go onset, all you want to do, it takes an hour orr two before you can get to wheree you're going, and t it's just s slow and it's like get away from me. yeah. definitely that. >> bella's character, she'sshe' becoming an adult, growing up, leaving her childhood behind.nd it's a very emotionally deepep thing. i want to ask you, as an actor,, in your real life, do you remember that first scaryy moment? >> every adult moment, like getting an apartment, getting the car, all these things,gs, getting a car, getting a car in america is different than -- - >> yeah. >> you have to be a real grown up to get a car in england.en nobody has a car.. but, and all those experiences.x
8:42 am
pei had just in, it was out of having fun. my first apartment was like inas the middle of london, and i kind of got it on a whim, like renting it out with my bestt friend, and it was a joke. i never start like an adult ever. we never paid the bills or anything. >> so that's the actual film about all the hype.e. kevin sat down with steve toto give his review.iew. >> this is a pretty hard core pg-13 movie. i thought it was decent, ii thought the chemistry i thought this is jacob'sjac strongest it's not a great movie, butovie , definitely some awkward momen. i gave it 3 out of 5. i didn't hate it, i thought it was decent, i think fans will b insanely happy with it. >> i sadly have no desire.. coming up next, you hear hi all the time on espn, you'reu're going to see him right here,re, chris russell is here, he will
8:43 am
talk all things burgundy and gold, and you want to hear what he has to say about the fate of your redskins. hopefully the redskins will pull through, because i'm giving them the right weather.her. >> a beautiful day? >> football weather.eath >> if football isn't so good, the weather is. fair enough. >> we'll have the thanksgivingtn forecast coming up. we'll be back after the ♪
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local activists inspired by the "occupy" movement stormed thee old franklin building, trying t get the city to restore it as a homeless police arrested 13 people there for trespassing. and suspected ponzi scheme taken down in our area.ur the sec says gibraltar asset management group targeted middle class people and defrauded 130dr investors of more than $27 million over five years.
8:47 am
hopefully, our weather is no scheme? it's actually, like you said, seasonal and good, and a great day to get out and enjoy it.. >> right, we have more clouds than sun today than we hadad yesterday, and it's going to be a warmer day, but we have changes coming up in the 5-day forecast, and there are the clouds. you can hardly see much as a result of it in e our camera sh. but the cloud started rolling in last night and are going to continue to thicken into the course of today. so once again, don't look for a lot of sunshine, it's notot happening. so, clouds on the increase, that's the top line of our weather headlines.h we have a cold front moving in, that's what we'll be watching closely, and also, some unsettled weather days ahead ana temperatures will be up and down, be up, down, they're just all over the place into the course of the 5-day here's a look at the satellite and radar. we have increasing clouds, it's all ahead of a frontal system that will move through. high pressure that was in
8:48 am
control has moved out, and we're going to see just, already i should say, a seeing a few light showers, pendleton, mineral,, grant county seeing that, but very light in nature.e. yesterday's high, 55 degrees,55 straight across the board. temperatures about 1-2 degreess from where we should be for the average normal for the day, soso pretty much where we should havl 53 for dulles, 57 norr fredericksburg. 54 at baltimore, and 53 right now at national airport.rp look at orthis dividing line and look at the temperatures. 20s and 30s, single digits, you know we're glass we're not here. 1, i'm happy we're not there. this is where we have the cold front right now. so there's a lot of cold northerly air settling its way down on the back side of the front. however, as we look on the areat to the east, we're getting a southerly wind flow, and that'sd two to warm us up, even though we're dealing with clouds. but the front will come and
8:49 am
stall out into the course of the next day, we're going to end up seeing rain showers. as it moves through into thegh course of itoday, into tonight, we expect to see some rain. rai i expect to see it start happening gnat early eveningeven hours, probably around closer t 6:00, you can salvage most ofe o the day, but not with a lot of sunshine. southerly wind flow as well.. series of disturbances ridingrii along that frontal system, ande strong fur system by the time we -- stronger system by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. 62 by midday, for the continues game, looking at mainly cloudydy skies, sprinkle not much happening there, kickoff at 1:00, 62, 62 degrees, give oree take, but we will see more ofe the rain into tonight as opposed to mostly cloudy, chance of evening rain, 65 degrees. deg overcast skies, rain expected,pt around 51 tore tonight. here's -- for tonight. here's a look at the 5-day. wet weather is sticking around,d monday, tuesday, wednesday, but turkey day?
8:50 am
guess what! mother day loves us. sun returns for it is the week all skins fans mark, big "d" is .. good morning, guys. >> good morning. you know, sub died might be the word to -- subdued might be the word to discuss the rivalry, but the man who is never subdued is chris russell. you have to go out and leave us here, but while we have you, it is the cowboys, they are in town. if there was every a team you could resurrect your season it, would the this one. >> i'm not going to resurrectec anything, other than gettingg some gold and burling did i people off my urbutt and on to - and burgundy people off my buttt and on to shannon than. they think he -- shanahan. they think i see everything. the team is not very good, but
8:51 am
even though mike shanahanan wouldn't say they aree rebuilding, they are re tooling how about that?ou? we're not rebuilding, notnot reloading. >> today with the cowboys coming in, and they are coming in hot, all of a sudden they look good, put up 44 last week against buff leaf. can you put on the rose colored glasses and give them a chance?c >> i give them a chance to make it competitive, and any time a game is competitive, of course, things can find a way to work out. but what they have to do, dave, is they have to find a way to get pressure off the edge offf dallas's two offensive tackles. >> kerrigan and doc walker says he has half a sack in every game, which is an amazing stat. carrigan has been great. they have got to createcre turnovers, they have to put the ball in the end zone. >> that's the rest. >> the offense can't bail themhm out. >> let's talk about the offense,
8:52 am
rex grossman is back. do you think it was initially a mistake to bench him like they did? >> even though the players, they talked about the decision. he thinks it was a mistake, rex things it was a mistake. i thought you had to make thee move. and rex wouldn't have played the next week anyway, because --cau >> we didn't know that at thee time. >> he was really sick, so thek,s move was going to be made anyway.yw >> yeah.h. >> bottom line, it didn't work out, it's not, it's not all john beck's fault, please. >> people have to understand tha injuriesnd have crippled this tm and did not give john beck a fair chance, nor does it give rex a fair chance, but one thing i will say, rex has to be even more careful with his propensitr to force throws, take chancesanc inside the red zone, we saw it
8:53 am
last week. >> simple question. john beck, is he out of chancesf to be a quarterback in theck national football league?ue? >> no, absolutely not.utel even though they are frustratedt with him in his inability to recognize where pressure is coming from in the bills game, in his inability to see open receivers down the field, take more chances, in the sanan francisco game, the bottom line is, they truly realize that he was a rookie in terms of playing experience and going against some pretty active defenses, an, also playing without, again, essentially five starters. s >> do you think we'll see him at some point in the season?? >> i do, once they are officially eliminated, i thinkik you'll see him back. >> mike shanahan, i guess a year and a half now into his regime, do you think they are better of now than they were a year and a half ago?al >> night and day. look, i know people don't wantnt
8:54 am
excuse-makers, and her's where i will put on my upon upons -- pom poms, vinnie stunk, he left them nothing, no talent, no depth, nothing at all.. mike and bruce have madede mistakes, no denying that, they will continue, but this team is a million times better. think about s this, carrigan,ari star, stud, jenkins hasn't even played yet. yet hang son, again, tough injuries, tough stud. neil, going to be good, we can go on and on. >> we like perry last week. chris, for people that -- just stay the course, they have toav give him three, four years.s. >> absolute >> i have to toss it back. couple of quarterbacks last night, robin bring, you think he
8:55 am
has a -- griffin, you think hen has a chance? >> oh, yeah. >> you're saying there's a chance? >> that's right.s ri incredible homecoming for a local marine, his family'smily double surprise when we return.
8:56 am
to make a commitment is to sesee things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars
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and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment. at&t
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>> that is one big surprise, aur gate burger family has a lot to be thankful for. he returned home from a deployment mein afghanistan, an matthew got a surprise of his own. his sisters and their friendiend arranged a parade and a marching band, and this is, folks, this, is like at 10:30 at night, henih had been wound -- i had no clue, i was flying home, i surprisedre my parents, and i got surpriseds too. >> i'm overwhelmed.over the girls have been telling mei that i'm going to love the surprise i had planned. but i didn't know it was to thi >> that took a lot of planning, a lot of planning. and getting the news across, and
8:59 am
they had huge -- crowds, thee high school band stuck around.nd >> the band, come on! just a great story. >> great story.ry. especially now with thanksgivink coming, holidays, familiess, trying to -- >> exactly.>> e today we have a lot ofa clouds outside, and looking at some showers later on.ater we have frontal system, series of disturbances and it's going to set us up for unsettledu weather monday, tuesday,tues wednesday.we but here's the monday/tuesdayayt forecast, expect to see rain,ran keep the umbrella handy.lla by the time we hit thanksgivingk ridge of high pressure comments to cour rescue, thank you, motr nature, she was's bringing us -- >> -- she was's bringing us -- she's bringing us what we want.


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