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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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stormed a maryland convenience store and stole about everything they could get their hands on. investigators want you to take a close look at the video to help them identify some of the thieves. fox 5's will thomas taking a look at this one. >> the term flash mob was something we used to describe impromptu gatherings of people dancing or singing out in public usually organized online, but this latest incident in silver spring is another incident of when flash mobs go from spontaneous events to crimes. miss think the group organized at a birth -- police think the group organized at a birthday party. >> reporter: 7-eleven on silver springs tech road, inside cameras rolling everyone coming and going. here's what the security cameras caught over the weekend. montgomery county police say it's the beginning of a flash mob theft. about 50 people believed to be between 16 and 18 years old simultaneously entering the store saturday night about to take whatever they want.
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>> they don't care about what they're doing, much less couldn'ts of what they're doing and that's -- consequences of what they're doing and that's what bothers me. it's not a good sign. i feel that the next generation, it's just another kick for the next generation for us to worry about. >> reporter: the 7-eleven security system includes multiple camera angles that caught some of the mass shoplifting according to police. snacks and drinks quickly disappearing from store shelves and despite cameras placed in plain view you might agree no one seems to have a care in the world. >> my son is 16 and me and my wife are active in his life, his whole school career so far, but other parents don't show up. they don't help the kids. it's a lack of respect. >> reporter: a similar flash mob theft happened last august at this germantown 7-eleven. police describe it as 60 seconds of anarchy. montgomery county officials are debating over a proposed curfew
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to keep kids under 18 off the streets late at night and hold parents more accountable, but saturday's mass theft in silver spring happened at 11:30 at night. the curfew wouldn't have kicked in until midnight. montgomery county police want to send a clear message here. if you participate in one of these flash mobs, they're going to distribute the video to every media outlet that will show it and they will find you. police stopped six people saturday night and they were all caught with items they didn't have receipts for, but investigators want your help identifying everyone. the video is already posted on >> where do things stand now with the proposed curfew in montgomery county? >> the council is scheduled to vote on it december 6. it may also take up a loitering bill that has some lawmakers seeing it as a counter proposal to the curfew. new tonight the man accused of being the east coast rapist will soon head to northern virginia. the state's attorney's office in connecticut decided to
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extradite aaron thomas to prince william county where he will face rape charges. connecticut originally wanted to try him in new haven first. lawyers for thomas are fighting extradition. authorities say dna evidence links thomas to 17 attacks since 1997. six were in virginia. thomas was arrested in march in new haven. will he or won't he stand trial? a hearing date set for a u.s. soldier accused of passing thousands of classified documents to wiki leak's? bradley mang's hearing is set for december 16th at -- manning's hearing is set for december 16th. he is currently held in leavenworth in kansas. he faces about two dozen charges of aiding an enemy. if convicted of the most serious charges, he could get the death penalty or life in prison. developing news from capitol hill where the super committee is more like a super dud. the 6 democrats and six republicans famed to reach a compromise on -- failed to
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reach a compromise on cutting the federal budget deficit. fox 5's laura evans with the story. >> after countless meetings the bipartisan committee was unable to reach a deal. the 12-member panel had been trying since september 8th to fine $1.2 trillion in save -- find $1.2 trillion in savings. republican senator jeff sessions says mr. obama deserves some of the blame. >> the commander in chief is absent from that, he needs to be leading in this. if he had told this debt committee, this 12, that he wanted an agreement, we would have had one. >> many democrats in congress were willing to put politics aside and commit to reasonable adjustments. >> this is not finger pointing. this is simply saying that we are stuck because we do not believe that the wealthiest people in america ought to get a huge tax cut. >> many are concerned about the
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automatic cuts that are set to kick in because of the failure of the super committee. those cuts are required by law to take effect in 2013. >> who would be affected by the automatic cuts? >> we're talking $1.2 trillion almost half would come from the pentagon budget. we do know that medicaid and social security would be exempt from any cuts. the man accused of firing shots at the white house appeared in u.s. district court here in d.c. the judge ordered oscar ortega hernandez held without bond, appointed him a public defender. the judge ordered a psychological evaluation. ortega hernandez was arrested in pennsylvania last week accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house 10 days ago. the mother of terror suspect jose pimentel is speaking out tonight. she's apologized to new yorkers for her son's alleged activities. pimentel was arrested saturday. he was close to assembling a bomb he intended to use against police, post offices and
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troupes returning home from afghanistan -- and u.s. troops returning home from afghanistan. his mother said her son seemed like a normal guy. >> he seemed like a nice guy. >> pimentel apparently was motivated by terrorist propaganda investigators say he was energized and motivated to build pipe bombs after muslim cleric anwar al-maliki was killed in yemen. he was under surveillance since 2009. the former fbi director now in charge of investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> louie free said his investigation will be fair, comprehensive and relatively quick. he's already brought in former fbi agents, federal prosecutors and others to look into records from as far back as 1975. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight children. some of the alleged attacks took place in school
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facilities. a provide test at california davis today -- a protest at california davis today. last week the protesters were sitting down when they were sprayed by pepper spray. the police chief and two officers are now on administrative leave. loudoun county investigators say improper disposal of smoking materials caused this apartment fire in sterling. the flames broke out early yesterday morning at the building on reserve falls terrace. two people were taken to the hospital. the fire and smoke damaged more than a dozen apartments. it also did more than $2 million in damage. a news edge investigation now, diving deeper into a story that everybody saw. recently we told you about a d.c. man who owes the d.c. government nearly $18 million in delinquent taxes. what's being done to get that cash and what about other tax offenders out there? fox 5's matt ackland went looking for answers of. >> reporter: as you add up the 18 biggest -- answers. >> reporter: as you add up the
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18 biggest alleged tax debt, just on this list is more than $25 million. barry morrow wits allegedly owes will over $17 million. many were stunned after learning how much tax debt was uncollected. >> i talked to them about it as recently as today. >> reporter: council member jack evans has oversight of d.c.'s office of tax and revenue. he has asked its leaders to get more aggressive. >> who overs us money, what are they doing to collect? >> reporter: it looks like the district might have some trouble getting some of that money back. for example, this business on georgia avenue owes the district government $270,000, but when we came here today to talk to the owner, we found a chain on the gate, the trash overflowing and no one in sight. so we headed to another place on the delinquent taxpayer list, the breakfast cluck llc that was here on -- club llc that was here on fourth street
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northeast. >> they closed them down. >> reporter: this time we did find someone, a new business owner who opened up a bakery two years ago after d.c. tax and revenue shut down the previous owner. otr says he refused to pay $175,000 in back taxes and was operating without a business license. back toot biggest alleged offender -- to the biggest alleged offender barry more wits, we wanted to know -- morowitz, we wanted to know if the district can seize his home and use it to sell and pay back taxes. >> i wish it was that easy and i think the answer is in this country we really protect property rights. >> reporter: d.c.'s office of tax and revenue sent us several statements saying it is working hard to collect delinquent taxes. it showed us further proof of its enforcement efforts. several businesses it has shut down when taxes went unpaid. still council member evans plans to keep the pressure on
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and tells us he'll ask for a jaunts date at the next oversight hearing -- tax update at the next oversight hearing. evans says the city needs the money it's on id. >> if we had an extra 20 -- it's owed. >> if we had an extra $25 million, there's a lot of places we could use that. hue science is protecting infants while -- how science is protecting infants while they sleep. plus a fake doctor busted. wait till you hear what was injected into a woman who wanted a curvier backside. later skins receiver getting in trouble on twitter, what he posted following the bitter loss to the cowboys. the news edge is back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. ♪
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this florida woman under arrest accused of injecting another woman with cement and flat tire sealant in a botched implant job. the victim wanted a surfier backside. miami police tracked down -- a curvier backside. miami police tracked down the doctor after a year of looking for her. she allegedly performed of the injections on herself. she's charged with practicing medicine without a license and causing serious bodily injury. a medical mystery, talking about healthy babies dying in
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their sleep, sudden infant death syndrome. scientists are starting to unravel the mystery of sids and there are things to reduce the risk. fox 5's melanie alnwick reports. >> reporter: sids, it's one of the saueriest words a new parent can hear, a cloak -- scariest words a new parent can hear, a cloaked menace creeping into nurseries at night stealing a baby's breath and life. >> it is a scary word and i think a lot of people feel it's fate or god's will. >> reporter: now science is unlocking the mystery of this sleeping death. >> it's not a mysterious syndrome that nobody can explain. >> reporter: researchers discovered there are three factors that when they all come together put babies right in the bull's eye for sids. first a critical stage of development. 90% of sids cases happen before a baby is 6 months old. second, a recently discovered risk factor, dr. rachel moon
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has been studying sids for 20 years. >> we do know that there are certain babies that are very vulnerable. >> reporter: serotonin is a chemical in the brain. scientists know now it helps regulate breathing and body temperature. a study on babies who died of sids found they had less serotonin in their brain tissue. >> if they get into a situation where they do need to wake up because they're not getting enough oxygen, they may not be able to. >> reporter: third is what researchers call an outside stressor, usually an unsafe sleep environment. >> these are deaths that can be prevents of? >> reporter: babies sleeping face down -- prevented. >> reporter: babies sleeping face down in adulted byes or surrounded by stuffed animals exhale carbon dioxide into stuffed air pockets and breathe it in over and over again, but babies with normal serotonin might move or wake up taking away the risks of soft bedding
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giving vulnerable babies a fighting chance. sids deaths have gone down 50% since the back to sleep campaign started. >> babies on their back, they don't -- they have an open area to breathe and so the carbon dioxide doesn't build up. >> reporter: dr. moon just published new recommendations to reduce a baby's risk. >> this doesn't have to be fate. >> reporter: breastfeeding as long as possible helps boost the baby's immune system. vaccinations are important, too. >> if you are fully immunized, it actually halves your risk of sids. >> reporter: finally make sure babies sleep alone, on their backs in cribs without blankets or bumpers. that's been judy ramey's mission since her son joe died of sids in 1996. >> the degree of grief changes. it never leaves you. he had a very short life, but i really think his life has had a large impact on other families and other people and hopefully
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in saving other children. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> put our heads down and get through these next couple days even though it's sort of the great get-away. >> i really do think a lot of people get going tomorrow, brian. it's going to be kind of soggy. so pack your patience. you're probably going to be greeted with a little of this in the morning, a bit of fog out there as we can barely see the capitol, visibility in d.c. down to about 4 miles which is still very doable, but it's slightly annoying if you're traveling a long distance and add that to all the road spray. it's going to be slow travel the next day or so and wednesday morning, but i think the bulk of this rain will be out of here by wednesday afternoon. tonight we've had the drizzle around. we've had mist, but we're beginning to pick up a bit more intense action here, not intense, just a bit more light to moderate. we're picking up a couple
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yellows. this is moving west to east and will overspread the area overnight, but there's a lot more to come. the batch coming out here has to come across, but it will really get expanded and kind of enhanced by this area of low pressure. this is definitely going to track more to our west. it will take its heaviest rain up to ohio and up through pennsylvania, but we are definitely going to get some of that as well. i think the bulk of it may be tomorrow afternoon and evening and into the overnight hours before it ends wednesday afternoon or at least it winds down to a few showers. it's been very filed i haven't mentioned and at this hour 51 degrees is -- mild i haven't mentioned and at this hour 51 degrees is very mild. dulles was 62 degrees. across the region it's not as cold as it could be. so that's one of the upsides to this in fact, still 55 fredericksburg and quantico, 52 annapolis and not a cold night. detroit has 37 degrees,
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pittsburgh 43, binghamton 28 degrees. if you're heading towards northern new york or new england, coal the next day or two. they'll -- cold the next day oar two. they'll tarp up on thanksgiving. drizzle and areas of -- warm up on thanksgiving. drizzle and areas of fog tonight. it will be a wet day. the rain will pick up by noon hour tomorrow and continue into the afternoon and evening. our temperature of 58 degrees is still above average, but it does look as though this could get kind of heavy a while in some spots. at 8 a.m. a light rain and 51, light rain at noon, 56 degrees, but picking up in intensity by 5:00 or so and through the afternoon hours. as that area of low pressure works its way up from arkansas on up into ohio and eventually pennsylvania, it will drag a stronger cold front through here. that will cross wednesday morning. it could produce a thunderstorm as it crosses our area even in the morning hours, but it will blow through town and the rest of the week looks really nice, even into thanksgiving and
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wednesday afternoon i think we'll begin the process of improving. that's why we're showing some sunshine there. 64 wednesday, thursday 58 degrees, friday and saturday looking nice, too into the 60s. come on back. dave has the sports report when we return.  hey... there's mom! hey, let mom try. ready, go! ♪ yeah, rock on, mom! [ male announcer ] sometimes a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. wait a minute...i... [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers like a complimentary first month's payment on the 2012 rx 350.
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this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> remember when the capitals started the season with a franchise best seven straight wins? that seems like years ago. since then they've won only
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three of their last 11. talk about a team in desperate need of home cooking, without alex semin who was a healthy scratch which is a hockey term for he was benched bruce boudreau seeking his 200th win as the caps head coach. 2nd period coyotes lead 1-0. roy kupikoski on a penalty shot. the slapper deflects off the stick and in tied at two. 3rd period now still 2-2. joel ward shoots, nick backstrom scores on the rebound. six for the year. caps up 3-2. later 3rd period caps with a two-man advantage, backstrom out to brooks laich. his slapshot find the back of the neck and the caps rally from a 2-0 deficit and the caps end a four-game losing skid. >> it was against a good team
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and i think they played hard, but when you are getting out of hopefully a little funk, it doesn't go from low to high. it takes little steps. so hopefully wednesday we'll be better than we were today. the penguin sidney crosby playing his first game since january 5, concussion issues. the opponent, islanders. five plus minutes into the game backhands it topside for the first of two goals. there were two assists, what a comeback. the penguins shut out the islanders 5-0. jabar gaffney had a good game yesterday against the cowboys, seven catches, 115 yards, one touchdown. he didn't have a great postgame. got into it with a cowboy fan who heckled him and gaffney responded on twitter saying 3-7 ain't a record to be proud of. i'm just proud i ain't you.
11:25 pm
get a life or kill yourself. gaffney later tweeted that he didn't really want the fan to kill himself but then later later added this on twitter. they say i can't tell people to kill themselves, didn't know freedom of speech had its limitations, oops. yesterday the cowboys facing 3rd and 15, redskins 49. dez bryant turns, atogwe goes the wrong way and he goes to the outside, the result a 26- yard game which kept the cowboys drive alive. three plays later dallas would kick the game winning field goal. after the game d'angelo hall was his own worst critic. >> i can't point a finger at anybody but myself. the way i'm playing, they need to cut me because i'm definitely not worth what i'm getting. >> deangelo is a stand-up guy, a man of character and integrity. so that doesn't surprise me, but at the end of the day the team, all of us, thinks could have did something better on
11:26 pm
that play, myself included. >> i don't like people to get down on themselves, but at the same time i hike people to be tough on themselves -- like people to be tough on themselves. i've got a lot of faith in deangelo. trent williams said the tests conducted on his left knee indicate no torn ligaments, but the second year pro doesn't know if he will miss any playing time, but this is good news, could have been out for the season. tonight locally in college hoops george mason over brown 74-48, gw defeats detroit, howard falls to riders, virginia 66-62 and georgetown and kansas tip off at midnight in hawaii for your night owls. i'm dave feldman. that's your sports. brian is back with more of the edge after this. have a good night. ♪
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oh, my god. it's like a snowman puked all over my living room. >> taking the edge off with this viral video. this is what happened to a mother's house when she left her young kids in the other room for a few minutes and they created a winter wonderland with flower. a 3-year-old and 1-year-old found a 5-pound bag, decorated the entire house in a matter of minutes. now you have the news edge. back here tomorrow. you will be, too. have a great night. oning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> paris hilton's little brother >> today on "tmz" -- >> paris hilton's little brother is a modern day ferris bueller.


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