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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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we'll start ofa foggy look at the beltway this morning. we have rain on this tuesday morning. november22nd. glad you're with us this morning. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. good time when you start your day thinking it's wednesday? >> it's a short week for a lot of people. >> i'm thinking are we there yet? >> not yet. will take a little while longer. good morning, everybody. we have rain out there. we have some fog as well. let's take a look at what's happening. we'll start with hd radar. this picture not as ominous looking at the actual live shot is, it's because the live shot picks up all the gray in the sky, the mist, the fog, and the precipitation. we don't really have that much in the way of precipitation now. we have another area of showers that popped up to the west of the city from reston to points southward. dulles toll road likely seeing rain out there.
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in the district, mit now. off to the east a few showers across the bay and eastern portions of maryland. temperatures across the region are in the low 50s and upper 40s. 50 now at reagan national and bwi marshall. dulles international, it's currently 48 degrees. forecast for today, lots of clouds around. we will continue to see rain showers off and on through the course of the day. you'll definitely need the umbrella and the windshield wipers. highs today in the mid- to upper 50s. 56 in washington. now let's go to julie wright and get more on the rush hour traffic. talking about the icc. stacey cohan has been reporting live from the icc all morning long. she'll be with us shortly. between laurel and gaithersburg is open, which is advising to see people still stuck in this. leaving 95 headed towards georgia avenue. again, at a crawl around
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towards silver spring. did we mention the icc is free now until december 5th? that could shave off time to that commute between laurel, silver spring and gaithersburg. meanwhile, other side of town, southbound 270, no issues to report out of german town. earlier crash near the exit for montgomery avenue has cleared. if you are traveling on the beltway, headed towards the american legion bridge, double nickel. accident reported still in place. inbound approaching the d.c. line, that accident moved out of the roadway. accident accident northbound route one blocking the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. as julie talked about, now you can use almost all of the icc. >> second segment opened today
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and stacey cohan is there live. how is traffic? >> reporter: it's amazing, i was just saying to photographer ron, i feel like there's more traffic today on this brand-new stretch of the icc than any point on that first section that opened last year. maybe it's because folks are finding it more useful to go to gaithersburg to laurel. there are several entrance and exit points along the way. you can get off georgia avenue, new hampshire avenue, route 29. it's supposed to also, this six- lane highway ease congestion on area roadways and it could save you serious time. >> it's going to cut commute times and travel times significantly. for example, from gaithersburg to bwi airport, from 71 minutes to 37 minutes using the icc. we expect congestion on the local roads to be eased. we're saying people who don't take the icc will benefit from that. >> reporter: i'm not counting
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cars, i don't know exactly how much vehicles traveled the icc prior to today. i can tell you it's steady. it's free for now, until december 5th. enjoy it, because maryland spent a lot of money on it, $2.6 billion. and according to the "washington post," emptied the funds needed for new road construction. this will be it for a while. we'll see if it eases congest con. from gaithersburg to prince george's county area, it should really save you some time. stacey cohan, back to you. >> see if people pay for it in a couple of weeks. occupy protestors arriving in washington from new york. a few weeks ago they decided to march to d.c. their goal, to spread the movement to 12
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cities and small towns they passed through. they timed their arrival in the district to the debt super committee deadline which we now know isn't going to be met. protestors also rallying in alexandria this afternoon. that starts at noon at market square and after 3:00 this afternoon, they'll march back into the district. alexandria police are expecting traffic tieups for the rally. the city says it supports the protestors' rights to peacefully assemble. turning to the failure of the super committee. they are giving up on finding an agreement on cutting the budget. sarah simmons in studio with more. good morning. >> allison, painful cuts at the pentagon and a veto threat, some of the failout from the failure of the so-called congressional super committee to make cuts in the nation's budget deficit. ♪ i will always love you ♪ >> reporter: a pleasant evening of country music at the white house last night. a sharp departure from the
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discord hours earlier. the bipartisan congressional subcommittee laboring for weeks, utterly failed. president obama was quick to pounce. >> i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts domestic and defense spending. there will be no easy offramps on this one. >> reporter: the automatic cuts will kick in starting in 2013, because the committee couldn't agree on an alternative. which means the pentagon budget gets slashed. republicans may try to reconfigure the cuts, despite the veto threat. >> we're in an area of hyper polarization and hyper partisanship and those things are making it difficult for congress to do anything. >> reporter: the markets weren't thrilled either. the dow fell almost 250 points
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because the breakdown. also means a host of tax and budget issues remain unresolved. more uncertainty at a terrible time. >> maryland congressman put out a statement after the failure, and he's on the committee. he writes, i'm disappointed the joint committee was unable to come up with a plan in a predictable balanced way. this was a huge missed opportunity for the country. he goes on to say he believes this is a sad day for the nation and an opportunity missed. allison, back to you. >> thank you so much. the republican presidential hopefuls make their way to the district tonight for another debate, the focus on national security. according to a new cnn opinion research poll, gingrich tops romney headed into tonight,
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followed by cain and rick perry. president obama hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire today. he is targeting republicans in congress in his push for extending payroll tax cuts due to expire the end of the year. the white house says if the cuts aren't renewed, the average family would pay about an extra $1,000 in taxes, that's if they bring home about $50,000 a year in income. a judge has ordered the man accused of firing shots at the white house to undergo psychological evaluation during his first court appearance in the district. oscar ortega-hernandez was also appointed a public defender. he was arrested in pennsylvania last week. his next court date is set for next monday. the alleged east coast rapist could soon be headed back to northern virginia. the state's attorneys office in connecticut has decided to extradite aaron thomas to prince william's county to face charges. connecticut originally wanted to try him there first.
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lawyers for thomas are fighting the extradition. authorities say dna evidence links thomas to 17 attacks since 1997. six of those in virginia. a tsa officer has been suspended after being accused of sexually assaulting a neighbor in uniform. a 37-year-old woman says he approached her with his badge early sunday morning, talked with her and attacked her outside her home in the bull run section of manassas. his next door neighbor can't believe the charges. >> he's always been very nice to me and nice to my daughter and my wife and he always seems very helpful, like you'd expect a tsa officer to be. not anything but that. >> he does not have a criminal record. charges include aggravated sexual battery, and abduction with intent to defile. the hunt is on for a man who attacked a jogger.
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, this in alexandria. happened around 6:00 monday morning. the woman says the man came from behind and groped her. when she screamed, he shoved her and took off running. time 10 minutes past the hour. still ahead, a mystery at a texas airport. what was found inside a small plane after that plane crashed during takeoff. as details continue to emerge in the penn state sex abuse scandal, the team is turning to a former fbi director to look into allegations of a coverup. we know which sports programs are being cut from university of maryland. reaction from the school's president and students as the programs are eliminated. ♪ time to go to work, everybody, as we head to the break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie, next. ♪ if you start me up ♪
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making headlines, protests continue this hour in egypt. these are live pictures now. thousands spent the night in the square in cairo overnight. at least 29 people have been killed in several days of protests, and thousands more injured. the cabinet submitted its resignation yesterday, but the military rulers haven't accepted that resignation. a possible drug traffic operation discovered inside an abandon plane near houston. the search is on for the pilot. investigators found a large amount of marijuana on board after the plane skidded off a runway last night. the exact amount of the drug hasn't been determined yet, but police say it was a lot more than just personal use. with no end to the nba lockout in sight, three superstars are hitting the road for charity, including lebron
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james, carmelo anthony, and dwyane wade. their tour starts december 1 in akron, ohio, and it will wrap up with a december 10th contest in new jersey. proceeds will go to their charitable foundation. google plus will stream each game live. >> you like to see that, doing something positive in their time off. >> there you go. >> not just like, you know, doing nothing. that's great. >> that's good. we've got some rain showers out there. we have mild temperatures i would say cool to mild, upper 40s and low 50s. mid-50s across the region. so that's what we're dealing with in the early morning hours. let's start with the u.s. temperatures map. 50degrees. look at the difference, 50 here. 61 in raleigh. 25 in rochester. >> wow. >> new york now.
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36 in detroit. 73 right now in new orleans. man. this is some real warm air. >> all over the place. >> we are all over the place. we'll have our own mini version of that during the next 24, 36 hours. we won't get to 73, i'll tell you thank you very much. temperatures from the 50s into the 60s. back in the west, 37 in omaha. 26 in denver. los angeles at a cool 47 degrees. let's look at the national satellite radar comosity. storm system moving across the eastern half of the nation. warm front, cold front, little bit of everything, heavy rain and perhaps thunderstorm activity as well. here's what you need to know, rainfall during the day today and tonight. maybe thunderstorms overnight. rain showers during the first half of tomorrow. today's high, mid-50s. tomorrow, mid-60s. fairly early in the day. then temperatures begin to drop. tomorrow night, cool to cold night.
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thursday, thanksgiving, not bad. mix of clouds and sun. 56degrees. the friday after, 60 degrees with sunshine and saturday is 62 degrees with sunshine. not bad at all. >> i like your thanksgiving logo thing. >> tucker put that together. it's a little turkey. >> happy thanksgiving from the turkey. >> it's cute. >> who might not have a good thanksgiving. they don't know. >> they'll find out watching. hi, julie. thank you, allison. i can't look at tom turkey the same. >> sorry. >> just sides. >> you can have tofurkey. >> no! >> on the roads now, lanes are open, but the pace slow on the outer loop leaving 95, college park towards georgia avenue. stacey cohan is reporting live from the scene of the icc. this 18-mile stretch is open and free until december 5th. you should try it out.
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saves you time. beltway outer loop commute leaving 95 headed to georgia avenue, slow go on 95 headed southbound. this happens to be the accident activity tbound on 66, headed towards manassas. if you are traveling in virginia, we have delays northbound on route 1, tying up the left side of the highway. definitely slow going traffic trying to get out of woodbridge. and 395 northbound towards the 14th street bridge, average speed down to 43 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. today marks a dark event in our nation's history, the assassination of john f. kennedy. he was gunned down while riding through the streets of dallas. lee harvey oswald fired the fatal shots. dallas officials and the folks that run what is now the 6th floor museum are raising money to rennovate the plaza in time
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for the 50th anniversary in two years. the child sex abuse scandal at penn state is expanding to capitol hill now. a senate committee will hold a hearing next month to determine how well the country is protecting its children. in the meantime, penn state has picked a former fbi director to lead an independent investigation. willie free says his own -- is on his own fact finding mission, and it will go back as far as 1975. that's a much longer period than is covered in the grand jury report, which accuses jerry sandusky of sexually abusing several children. some of the alleged attacks took place at school facilities. >> i'm committed to ensuring our independent investigation be conducted in a thorough, fair, comprehensive manner, leaving no stone unturned and without any fear or favor. if we find or run across any
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evidence of criminallality, we'll report that immediately. >> freeh says his investigation will be fair, comprehensive and relatively quick. he's brought in former fbi agents, federal prosecutors and others to look into records. it's official now, the university of maryland has dropped the ax on a number of sports programs. the decision not sitting well with some students. we get more from wisdom martin. >> reporter: by june, eight of maryland's 27 sports teams will no longer exist. maryland's president says it was one of the most heart wrenching decisions he has ever made. >> today is a day for me of enormous sadness, because we will be saying goodbye to some of the members of the maryland athletics family. >> reporter: gone are all three men's track teams, mens
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swimming and diving, men's tennis, women's water polo, women's acrobatics and tumbling. the athletic director says he met with the athletes, coaches and parents to break the news. >> the only thing i could equate it to is losing some family members. >> reporter: what did the students think about the loss? >> i thought it was ridiculous. the university of maryland an acc school, 23,000 undergrads, how could we not have a tennis team? that seems absurd to me. >> i think it's highly disappointing, but in terms of the financial situation, i feel it was something that had to be done. >> reporter: total of 166 athletes and 12 coaches are affected. >> even though it's unfortunate the sports were cut, i feel like these were sports that fewer students knew about or even attended the games. >> reporter: dr. low says the revenue from football and basketball supporting all other sports doesn't work.
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part of the problem is fund raising of football and basketball teams has been on a steady decline since 2006. bottom line, there is just not enough money to go around. >> financial responsiblity means that we cannot continue year after year having expenses, living beyond our means. >> reporter: reporting from college park, wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> maryland will honor the scholarships and pay the coaches' salaries. the programs will end in june 2012. the university is working to raise funds to save the teams. time now is 7:23. should home schooled students be allowed to participate in public school athletics? we'll talk about who is taking up that issue today. plus, police need your help tracking down the kids seen in this surveillance video. what they're accused of doing, next. also, mummies have returned
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to the national mall. >> we knew holly was pregnant. mommy or mummy? >> reporter: i know. i'm going to be a mommy. oh, that's a different kind of mummy. look at this amazing coffin. i know the story behind it. it's a middle class woman who used to be a dancer. i'm spending personal time with the lead curator on the new exhibit at the smithsonian. the largest mummy exhibit they've ever mounted. coming up, you'll get the inside information, too, from the curator, and he'll tell you why and how you need to come out and see the exhibit yourself, coming up on fox 5 morning news. introducing htc rezound.
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another so-called flash mob robbery called on camera. police say it happened saturday night and stole just about
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everything they could get their hands on at the 7-eleven. they want you to look at this to help identify the thieves. virginia lawmakers are looking at the issue of home schools playing sports. 7:27 now on this tuesday morning. the blame game is starting to heat up after the failure of the debt super committee. coming up, a look at what's next. as we head to break now, let's take another look outside this morning, as we peer through the raindrops on a tuesday morning. we have a traffic update from julie wright and tony has your weather forecast, though we can tell you it's going to rain most of the day today. 50degrees now at 7:28.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more a and more for cae
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♪ little country music last night at the white house. the president and mrs. obama welcomed country music stars to the east room of the white
7:31 am
house. dirk bentley playing there. >> i want to speak with kris kristofferson. i feel like i haven't seen him in a long time. >> i bet he still has a beard. >> you think so? >> just a guess. >> i bet he does. i saw him in something recently, i don't know what it was. maybe he was acting in something. >> we'll look it up. >> it wasn't nick nolte was it? i get those confused, nolte and gary busey. >> you just lost a fan. >> chris chris tufter son is still in town. >> he is not a fan of allison's anymore. >> all right, going to be a wet tuesday. if you're traveling, heading out of the area, wherever you're going, it's going to be wet. periods of rain. we have some now, though most
7:32 am
of the region is not seeing rain at this moment. we'll show you the radar. here's your rainfall. again, i'll say this, we have a bunch of different radars we show you. this one in particular overplays the rain a little bit. shows you where the moisture is. across the washington area we have more rain building in off to our south and west. that will be coming through portions of the viewing area. this picture changes throughout the course of the morning and course of the day. this is your main weather maker. it's a frontal -- it's two frontal boundaries, actually. we have a warm front and cold front that will come through. the collaboration of both of those systems means we will get plenty of rain and also means we could see thunderstorms trigger once the cold front comes through. really overnight tonight is what we're thinking and then during the morning hours tomorrow. all right, let's take a look at the forecast for today. cloudy skies. periods of rain. 56degrees for your high today.
7:33 am
low tonight is right next to that. going to be 55 degrees. temperatures don't change very much. overnight hours we think they increase. a couple of thunderstorms are possible overnight. here comes that turkey flying in. odd, since turkeys don't actually fly. tomorrow, morning rainfall. 64 the high. 50s for thanksgiving, mix of sun and clouds. plenty of sunshine friday and saturday, and highs in the low 60s. here's julie wright with another look at traffic. heading out to the west now on 66, working out towards 28 in centreville, accident activity along the right side of the highway. eastbound definitely a slow go working in from manassas into the beltway. about hour commute there.
7:34 am
outer loop of the beltway, bogged down. icc is open, and could save you time. stacey cohan has been reporting live from the scene. lighter traffic there than here on this beltway outer loop. did i mention it is free for you to use until december 5th? we have problems to report the other side of town. traveling into downtown, working from the beltway heading northbound on 295, average speed at the naval research lab down to 20 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. there will be no easy offramps on this one. we need to keep the pressure up to compromise, not turn off the pressure. the only way these spending cuts will not take place is if congress gets back to work and agrees on a balanced plan to reduce the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion. that's exactly what they need to do. that's the job they promised to do. >> that's the message from
7:35 am
president obama just hours after the super committee announced their failure to reach a deal. the president also put the blame solely on republicans, saying they refused to budge from not extending the bush tax cuts. for more on what happens next, joining us is budget and fiscal policy writer. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> a lot of people looking at this as a failure. was this entirely a failure, or is there some good we can take out of their dealings? >> there is some good to take out. the super committee spent several months scrutinizing deficit reduction proposals, a wide range. and i mean, that work is there. so i think that a lot of what they talked about and debated and different approaches to this problem, i think will be pulled out. i think congress will pull it out and look at some of these approaches over the next year or two to attack the deficit. >> that said, they did not get the job done they were charged
7:36 am
with doing, so what happens now? >> well, congress has a year to see if it can, you know, find some deficit reduction that would stave off the automatic cuts that go in effect in 2013. they're $1.2 trillion over 10 years. only about $120 billion in the first year. so all they really have to look at right now is whdo to reduce the impact of those cuts the first year, if we want to do that. there have been a lot of concerns expressed about defense being really hurt by the cuts. >> we look at the bigger picture and look at it from an outside perspective, obviously the biggest concern was initially how the financial world would respond to this, and we may see that on wall street. we saw a little bit of that yesterday. bigger picture is if in fact the global economy loses faith or confidence in the u.s. if we
7:37 am
see another credit down grade because of the inability to get things reached, is that the biggest worry right now? >> at this point it doesn't really look like there will be a credit down grade. standard and poor's downgraded the u.s. treasury bond rating back in august. but they said yesterday that they will not change the rating based on the super committee failing. and that's because there will still be the $1.2 trillion in cuts. those are still scheduled. now, if congress were to repeal those cuts, that would be another story. then you could be looking at a credit downgrade. >> what about the faith the american people have in congress right now? >> well, it's probably down as a result of this, because a lot of people were expecting i think the super committee would come up with some kind of solution and they did not. i mean, the problem they wrestled with is a problem congress has wrestled with the last couple of years.
7:38 am
and republicans and democrats have not been able to come together over significant deficit reduction at this point. so the obstacles that have been there will continue to be there over the next year. >> i think the bottom line is whether or not something gets done before the election. seems like both sides, nobody wants to make tough decisions, but seems like both sides are trying to delay this. will something get done before the election next year? >> it's unlikely, but it's possible that congress could agree on some cuts that would reduce the impact of the sequester that begins in 2013. since they were not able to get it done this time, they probably won't get anything major done at least until after the election. >> not exactly promising news there. they do need to get something done before the end of the year, because there are a couple of issues coming up, one of them payroll taxes. is that going to happen, are we going to have a decision reached on that? what are we looking at as far
7:39 am
as what congress has to do before the first of january? >> right. the payroll tax cut expires the end of the year. the extended unemployment insurance expires. in this still fragile economy there's going to be a lot of pressure to extend those. and i would say that most likely they will be extended. but that will be a big issue over the next month. >> we're going to hear a lot more about that. paul, we appreciate your insight this morning. we have a lot more to talk about, so come back some time. >> great. >> one day it will be uplifting news, but for now we're trying to keep it real. allison? thanks, steve. 7:40now on this tuesday morning. still ahead, actor hugh grant is taking shots at the media. what he said during a hearing involving the u.k. phone hacking scandal. plus, in our 9:00 hour, a big guest on fox 5 morning news. mrs.obama's make-up artist,
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see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers like a complimentary first month's payment on the 2012 ct 200h. making headlines, a lawyer for the british inquiry into media ethics say they are -- it comes on the heels of the scandal involving the now defunct news of the world. hugh grant testified yesterday and blamed the entire tabloid
7:44 am
press in new england. >> there are certain pockets of quite toxic yellow journalism around the rest of the world. but on the whole, it's still done with a certain elegance, an elegance we've lost in the last 30 years in this country. >> the paper denies the claim, describing grant's allegations as an online editorial smear driven by his hatred of the media. news of the world was part of news corp, the parent company of fox 5. former president george w. bush will travel to africa to raise awareness about cervical and breast cancer. 7:44 now. we say good morning to a manly sounding tony perkins today. >> yes, indeed, thank you very much. >> is there a frog in there, or
7:45 am
are you not feeling well? >> horse in there or i don't know what. >> i like it. >> thank you. let's take a look at what's happening around the region. we'll start with hd radar, as we continue to monitor the showers that come through. for the most part this is mainly light rain. couple of areas where we see a little bit heavier rain, up 270 from gaithersburg towards frederick, couple of spots there. district, light rain. misty conditions and light fog across most of the region, even where we are not getting the rainfall. let's take a look at futurecast, figure out what's going on today. you want the rain coat and the umbrella, because there will be periods of rain today. rain now across portions of the viewing area, though not everybody getting it. noon, 1:00, everybody is getting rain. some is heavy to the west. still raining in the evening hours around 8:00 p.m. lots of heavy rain across pennsylvania. then did you see that line come
7:46 am
through during the overnight hours? that's when we can see thunderstorm activity. you could be awakened by thunderstorm activity overnight tonight. five-day forecast, high today about 56 degrees, with rain. tomorrow, continuing showers in the first half of the day. 64 for your high on thanksgiving. looks like a pretty decent day, mix of clouds and sun. 56. friday and saturday look good at this point. good amount of sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. going to peek ahead to sunday. sunday looks okay. chance of rain sunday. but temperatures still in the low 60s. >> i like friday and saturday. >> there you go. >> thanks, tony. check in with julie wright. good morning. >> you think we'll still be waddling from the dinner table friday morning? >> most definitely. >> yeah. >> i thought you were talking about the line dance. >> going back for leftovers on friday. >> not the wobble, wobble. wrong thing, sorry. >> on the roads now, traveling the top stretch of the beltway
7:47 am
leaving 95 headed to georgia avenue, it is a slow go. 26-minute commute leaving college park headed in the direction of silver spring. icc is open and free now. may want to use that as an alternative between laurel and gaithersburg this morning. traveling northbound on 295 headed for the inbound 11th street bridge, down to 21 miles per hour. all lanes are open. traveling south capitol street, slow to the freeway. they were checking for a vehicle fire here, and nothing popped up. just traffic light delays and outbound 66 the wreck still in place here approaching 28 and centreville. state police still on the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells ♪ a holiday tribute to old blue eyes. frank sinatra's family helped
7:48 am
light the tree last night at capitol records and they just released a new album of his. the tree has been lit every year since 1958, except for one year during the 70s energy crisis. >> i have not bought a cd in months. but i bought that one. >> great one to have. holly is learning about the mysteries behind mummies. going way back in time. >> going way back. she is live at a new exhibit at the museum of natural history. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is absolutely fascinating. you are right, we are exploring the afterlife this morning, thanks to a new exhibit. really it's an old exhibit that's become a new exhibit that's better than ever before, and it has everything to do with mummies. why you'll want to get wrapped
7:49 am
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a brand-new exhibit opened at the natural history museum in downtown d.c. >> holly is there to learn all about eternal life in ancient egypt. >> fascinating. >> a little light news on your plate this morning. >> reporter: right, exactly. it is fascinating, though. really, this is a wonderful example of when the public speaks, the smithsonian listens. it also could be called return of the mummies. dr.zetter is with me, senior research science and curator of old world archeology, to name a few titles. this is back by popular demand and you listened and made it
7:53 am
even better. >> yep. we'd an exhibit for 30 years on western culture, which we took down in september last year. we had this outpouring from the public saying when are mummies coming back? how could you be a natural history museum without mummies? so here they are. >> reporter: the smithsonian has a huge mummy collection. >> we have a substantial mummy collection. where you wouldn't expect it, a good number of human mummies, all intact, and all on display. plus, we have a very large holdings of animal mummies. >> reporter: which we're going to head over. a lot of people are more familiar with the human mummies. they think they know about them. you'll know more when you come to the exhibit. this is fascinating. >> animal mummies were a huge
7:54 am
part ancient egypt. they mummyfied their pets and favorite food, steaks. this guy here is one of our most special holdings. >> reporter: really? >> this is a sacred bull mummy. it's one of only two in the western world, or in the western hemisphere. the other one is also in our collection. i think there are a few in vienna and that's it. they are nowhere else. this guy was probably a sacred animal raised by the priest, revered, associated with a variety of different gods. when it died, it was mummy fied and placed in a special tomb and worshiped as well. this wonderful holding here. we've x-rayed him. we had the fine folks from kodak bring out a sledge. it's got a jumble of bones, but all one bull mummy within that. wonderful piece. >> reporter: next to it you have an array of animals.
7:55 am
this was almost a business? >> this was a huge business. what these are, these are votive mummies. they're the most common for animals there are. there were various gods with various animal avitars associated with them. the priests had a huge business of either raising animals in the case of dogs and cats that they raised by the millions for this. or going out and getting wild animals. so it was sort of like, your lobster tank at your restaurant, you'd say i want that one. so you'd go to the temple, you'd say i want that cat. they would dispatch the animal, mummify it and offer that to whatever god was being featured at that temple. >> reporter: they felt like they were in better standing? >> they were in better standing. >> reporter: when we think of this, we think egyptians were
7:56 am
obsessed with death, but really it's with life. >> exactly. obsession with death isn't farther from the truth. they were obsessed with life. all this animal votive stuff, all the activities we're featuring here were a way of taking someone from death and eternal life. eternal life was a good deal. this was very much -- >> reporter: people looked forward to it. >> and very much like your life, only better. you took your jewelry, you took your make-up, your hair extensions. >> reporter: all the things that meant something to you. we have to go. this is so fascinating. i wish every time i came i could bring you along with me. is our web site. we have a link to the national museum of natural history and their new eternal life and ancient egyptian exhibit which is open now. coming up in our next hour, you've heard of skeletons in the closet, we're going to talk to the guy who takes care of
7:57 am
all the skeletons here at the museums. >> skeletons don't necessarily stay in the closet, when holly is around. making your black friday efficient. also, look who it is, our movie reviewer kevin mccarthy, with a couple of his good friends. he had a sit down with piggy and kermit the frog. talking about the new muppets movie, coming up at 8:45. ♪ it's time to raise the curtain on the muppet show tonight ♪     
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the so-called super committee fails to reach a deal. what happens now? i'm craig boswell in washington. that's coming up. also this morning, the icc opens, linking i-370 with i-95 in prince george's county. officials are hoping this will ease commutes. kevin mccarthy with miss piggy and kermit the frog for good reason. they are talking about the new muppets movie. pretty fun interview kevin got with them and we're going to
8:01 am
share that coming up later. stick around for good times. it's 8:00 now on this tuesday morning. almost had me saying wednesday already. >> i know. i thought it was wednesday. >> well, it's a short week. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. who is better than kermit? he is better than a lot of humans i know. >> absolutely. >> without a doubt. >> maybe not miss piggy. >> i like fozzie bear. >> the comedian in the group. >> i'm looking forward to the movie. my son is not, but he's going. >> then he'll know. >> rain showers moving through. looks like we have a good batch of rain coming through later on this morning off to the west. scattered rain showers through the morning and indeed through the day today as well. couple of pockets of heavy rain
8:02 am
here and there. maybe thunderstorms overnight tonight. right now reagan national reporting a temperature of 50 degrees. relative humidity, 96%. winds out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. here's your day planner for today. lots of clouds around. periods of rain. you'll need the umbrella, rain jacket and the like. it will be, actually a seasonable day. temperatures where they should be. high of about 54, 55 degrees, and that will do it for us for today. there you go. more details about the forecast coming up in a little bit. tony, thank you. >> let's check in with julie. >> we've been talking about the icc and it's open and available, and it's free, between laurel and gaithersburg. stacey cohan has been reporting live from the scene. nice and paved, no pot holes. why are you not using it? that's my question. again, it beats sitting in all of this, bumper-to-bumper traffic from 95 towards georgia avenue. southbound 29 slowing down
8:03 am
white oak headed to the beltway. delays southbound on 95 out of laurel headed towards 495. 66, between 28 and centreville, that accident cleared. crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge, lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks, julie. the much anticipated second segment of the intercounty connector opened today. it's about an 11-mile stretch linking montgomery county and prince george's county. the first 10 miles opened in february. fox5 has been following the opening all morning, and we have our stacey cohan along the icc in laurel now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is just busy. things are chugging along. we have a steady stream of cars. i'm near the end of this new patch of the roadway, where it converges with 95 near laurel. you'll remember the original section of the icc opened last
8:04 am
year. was just over 7 miles. the remaining stretch of roadway, 19 miles long, is open and free of charge. what they're hoping, what the hope is, this will take some of the pressure off of the secondary roadways and some of the highways around montgomery county and prince george's county and ease congestion. it's $2.6 billion, that's how much the roadway cost. in fact, because it cost so much, it is not likely we're told by the "washington post" that will will be another publicly financed road project in maryland for some time. one way of earning money is tolls and those will kick in beginning december 5th, but until then, it's free. you can pick it up in gaithersburg at 370. ends in laurel. several juncture points which you can access the roadway. new hampshire avenue, 29 and georgia avenue. so far, people seem to be really traveling it. we'll see what happens when
8:05 am
they start charging us. as steve chenevey said earlier today. for now, everything is smooth. reporting live, i'm stacey cohan. back to you. >> thank you so much. steve? also new this morning, u.s. park police investigating a sexual assault where the occupy d.c. site is set up. it happened around 7:00 last night. one man arrested. no word if the suspect or victim were involved with the protest. occupy protestors from new york will be arriving in d.c. today. they started marching here a few weeks back. their goal, to spread the movement to 12 cities and small towns they passed on the way. protestors are also rallying in alexandria this afternoon, it starts at noon in market square. after 3:00, they'll march back into the district. police are expecting traffic tieups around market square, and old town for the rally. the city says it supports their right to peacefully assemble.
8:06 am
members of the bipartisan super committee announced they were not able to reach a deal in time for the wednesday deadline. they were charged with cutting over a trillion dollars in spending last summer. fox's craig boswell is here with more. >> reporter: nearly a tense nearly 3-hour session monday, members of the committee tried one last time to reach a deal. but the differences were too big and it came down to taxes. after months of negotiations, hours before their deadline, leaders of the bipartisan super committee announced the group could not strike a deal. the cochairs of the committee released a written statement saying, despite our inability to bridge the significant differences, we end this process united in our belief that the nation's fiscal crisis must be addressed and we cannot leave it for the next generation to solve. >> still too many republicans in congress who have refused to listen to the voices of reason and compromise that are coming
8:07 am
from outside of washington. >> reporter: shortly after the super committee's announcement, president obama put the blame squarely on republicans. republicans say it was democrats who tried to impose tax hikes in addition to the revenue cuts. >> we put the breakthrough proposal on the table for tax reform, and we got nothing but rejection from the other side. >> reporter: both sides say they'll continue working to resolve the issues, hoping to avoid the automatic cuts, mainly to defense. >> this doesn't end here today and tonight. i want to say that to every american. this fight just begins. because now we're going to hold people accountable. >> reporter: the automatic cuts begin in 2013. president obama says he will veto any effort to undo the deficit reduction measures. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. foreign spies have been
8:08 am
working for the cia, outed in lebanon. possibly iran. u.s. officials fear some may have been executed. they were caught by hezbollah. the spies are not reportedly american citizens, but local informants working for the cia. several captured in the last few months. time for a look at the morning's other top stories. tsa officer who works at dulles is charged with sexually assaulting a woman outside her home. the 37-year-old woman says harold rodman approached her in uniform early sunday morning, flashed his badge and attacked her. he has been suspended from his job pending an investigation. he does not have a criminal record. alexandria police looking for a man who globbed a jog -- grabbed a jogger and pushed her to the ground. happened about 6:00 sunday morning. the woman said the man came from behind her and groped her. she screamed and he shoved her
8:09 am
and took off running. police are hoping the public can help them track down as many as 50 young people involved in a flash mob robbery in silver spring, maryland. happened saturday night at a 7- eleven on tech road. the teenagers grabbed a bunch of items and walked out. they organized the robbery at a birthday party police say. it's 50 degrees out there on this tuesday morning. up next, we'll check out the other stories making headlines. which sports programs have been cut at the university of maryland. >> reporter: there's positive news in the fight and prevention of hiv and aids. i'm ainsley earhardt in new york, and that story is coming
8:10 am
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come try arthur christmas's favorites. only at denny's. and see arthur christmas only in theaters. the alleged east coast rapist could be extradited to prince george's county. aaron thomas arrested in connecticut earlier this year. investigators say dna evidence
8:13 am
links him to 17 attacks, six in virginia. penn state board of trustees is asking former fbi director louie freeh to investigate. university of maryland doing away with more than half a dozen sports teams because of budget cuts. eight of the 27 team sports are going under the budget ax now. it affects a total of 166 athletes and 12 coaches. that's bad news. if you look out your window now -- >> not up better. >> -- it's not much better. so we need a little pick me up, along with the forecast. the pick me up is much better. trust me. >> i would have to agree. pick me up is better than the forecast. it's time for the my first 5 photo of the day. wow! >> all right! >> wow, look at that head of hair. >> gorgeous.
8:14 am
>> that's damien. he is 15 months old. 15 months old. look at that head of hair. his family says like most little guys his age, he gets into everything. like the shirt. is that a bee shirt, a steelers' shirt? >> says here comes something. >> busy bee or something maybe? >> maybe so. tony, do you like that hair? >> yes, i do. i used to have a head of hair like that. yeah, i miss it. he's cute. thanks for sending the photo in. if you want to send us your child's photo, go to, click on mornings. here's a look at the temperatures around the nation. we start here in our home town, 50 degrees in d.c. variety of temperatures out there. 36 in boston. 62 in raleigh. 27 in rochester, new york. man, these temperatures really vary. 73degrees in new orleans. 60 in atlanta.
8:15 am
66 in little rock. only 49 in st. louis. 37 in wichita. 13 in bismark. and l.a. is chilly at 45 degrees. satellite radar for the nation, you can see that we've got a pretty good amount of rainfall in the eastern portion of the country, associated with two frontal boundaries, a warm front and a cold front. we'll get both of those coming through. the combination of those two could produce thunderstorm activity tonight, overnight into early tomorrow. we'll certainly get much more rain during the course of the day today, tonight, and early tomorrow. here's your five-day forecast, today we're looking for a high of about 56 degrees. rain during the course of the day today and tonight. i mentioned the thunderstorms overnight. and some showers during the first half of the day tomorrow. 64, more mild. then the cooler air works in. 40s wednesday night. thursday, thanksgiving, 56 with a mix of clouds and sun. friday and saturday look to be pleasant days.
8:16 am
now, tucker barnes will be up in a couple of moments. let's find out what's happening on the area roadways. i hope you feel better, sir. >> thank you very much. >> you can't be under the weather and tom turkey comes to town. >> i don't want to be. >> on the roads now, outer loop of the beltway bogged down with delays leaving 95 headed past georgia avenue. lanes open. no problems on the icc. it's open and you can travel for free between now and december 5th. that could save you time. 395 on the slow side. beltway across the inbound 14th street bridge. all lanes opened. no problems to report now getting through the traffic lights northeast to northwest. an odor has led to new testing in fort detrick. the discovery of the odor and
8:17 am
new testing raises concern for some who believe there's a cancer cluster in the region. one that's directly connected to the installation. >> this is not a coincidence, but this is a wakeup call, and it's certainly, in my opinion, is a time for ft. detrick to have full disdisclosure to the community. the number of people dying from hiv and aids is seeing a huge decline. officials say that's due in part to health experts making strides in the fight against this disease. ainsley earhardt has more. >> reporter: a new report released by the united nations suggests the number of people becoming infected with hiv is at its lowest level in more than a decade. that's largely due to population growth and the epidemic peaking years ago.
8:18 am
the report shows the resulting of a successful strategy. >> if we put people on treatment early -- [inaudible] -- reduce infection by 96%. so we are dropping -- [inaudible]. >> reporter: in south africa, it's fallen there. >> [inaudible] -- in less than one year put more than 14 million people -- [inaudible] -- reduce the price of the drug by 52%, and increase the number of people on treatment. >> reporter: despite all the advances in prevention, treatment and information, the virus is spreading in eastern
8:19 am
europe and central asia. experts say that's due in part to illegal drug use. >> showing that in 10 year, we have an increase by 250% on number of new infection. >> reporter: u.n. aids say their goal is working towards zero new hiv infections, zero discrimination and zero aids related deaths. in new york, ainsley earhardt, fox news. going to the dmv in the district can be getting a driver's license, obtaining temporary license plates and getting an hiv test? d.c. has one of the highest rates of aids cases. so health officials are letting people get tested while they wait for their driver's licenses. so far, 5,000 have done just that. it's free. you can get a five dollars supermarket gift card if you get tested. it's 20 minutes past the hour now. some businesses, churches, even nonprofits out millions of dollars. police say the victims of a major ponzi scheme. more on that when we come back. a little later, we're live
8:20 am
at the national history museum. the smithsonian has opened its largest exhibition of ancient mummies and artifacts in its history. a live look this hour. stay with us. it's 8:20 now.  
8:21 am
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8:22 am
update on the d.c.
8:23 am
government's effort to collect on delinquent taxes. the biggest tax cheats owe more than $25 million. the biggest offender, owes well over $17 million. >> why doesn't the district say, you've owed us a lot of money, we're going to take your house and now? >> i wish it was that easy. i think the answer to that is in country, we really protect property rights. extra $25 million, there are a lot of places we could use that money. >> d.c.'s office of tax and revenues says it's working hard to collect the taxes and several businesses have been shut down when taxes went unpaid. we're learning more about a ponzi scheme that the feds say happened in the district. securities and exchange commission has charged garfield
8:24 am
taylor and his company on wisconsin avenue with running a ponzi scheme. the victims include churches and nonprofits who lost millions of dollars. no one responded to our knocks on the door of his million dollar home in montgomery county. time is 8:24. 50degrees on this tuesday morning. two days until thanksgiving. three days until black friday. >> coming up, tips how to make the shopping experience easier and more efficient than ever. time now for a look at today's my fox half off deal. it's a bargain if you like to go to sporting events, concerts or the theater. twenty dollars can buy $50 worth of credit of score big, a members only site that offers event tickets. it's a 60% savings. to find out more, go to, look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. we'll be right back.
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you know astro from the x- factor? he's apologizing for the way he acted last week when he refused to perform. he was in the bottom two and when asked to perform, he said he didn't want to rap for people who didn't want to hear him, then gave a lackluster performance. he told his fans he was sorry on his facebook page. he said, i'm 15 and i think i know everything, and i was wrong. was that him or his to be agent? >> sounds like a handler. >> this we know is astro. >> i feel like it happened for a reason. something went on behind the scenes in the show. i don't think i really got voted in the bottom two. i don't see how you can have the most followers, not to be
8:29 am
cocky, and be voted in the bottom two. that's why i was mad. i'm over it now. the past is the past and today is a new day. i'm ready. >> he's already got the cliches down at 15. that's pretty good, right? you can catch the show tonight at 8:00. >> hope he's not in the bottom two this time around. >> could get ugly, right? >> yeah. >> not pretty today, right? >> rain in the forecast this morning, midday, and through the evening commute. i know a lot of people traveling and the roadways not going to be cooperative today. rain consistent the next 24 hours or so. kind of hit-and-miss inside the beltway at the moment. not seeing a lot. we have seen showers and pretty moderate showers break out to the north. there's 270 and to the east into montgomery county. western howard county, mount airy, maybe sandy spring shower activity. lifting off to the east and
8:30 am
north. frederick some showers. manassas, dale city, you'll be getting more showers. getting a break the eastern side of the beltway. lots of rain today, lots of clouds. fog holding thick. temperatures won't budge a lot. warmer air later tonight. here's why we are thinking rain all day. combination of a warm front, and then a cold front which comes through later tonight. rain in the forecast today. temperatures in the 50s late this afternoon, particularly tonight, i think the temperatures will be on the rise, as that warm front pushes through. winds shifting out of the south. i think by tomorrow morning our temperatures will be in the low 60s. cold front comes through, and by tomorrow afternoon, clearing late tomorrow afternoon clearing and the temperatures will fall back in time for thanksgiving. good news, thursday through saturday looks beautiful. sunshine will build in from the west. should have a couple of quiet days and nice days to start our
8:31 am
holiday weekend. 50 now in washington. 50 baltimore. here is your forecast. later today, 56. lots of rain in the fgh the eve rain into the first part of tomorrow. could be a thunderstorm early tomorrow morning. the front out of here. thursday through saturday, temperatures above normal. lots of sunshine. i don't know if that's good shopping weather or not. that's a look at weather. i'm going to toss it downstairs to allison. i'm down in the web center. we're talking about black friday, of course, it's fastly approaching. this year google has used timely analysis of what people are looking for online, they tell us to try to make black friday easier and faster for all of us. >> good morning, allison. thanks for having me. >> our pleasure. timely analysis of what people are looking for, how did you gather this information? >> we look at search trends, and right now black friday, the
8:32 am
term black friday, is just soaring on mobile devices it's up 175% compared to last year. in d.c. searches for printable coupons, the term printable coupons is up 15% more than anywhere else in the u.s. >> you know it's going to be a big friday. tell us about making this easier and more efficient. what's the headline here? >> grab your smart phone. there are so many great apps and tools you can use. you use your phone almost like a personal assistant. there's an app called google shopper and it lets consumers look up millions of different items, get information on the product. look at product reviews. compare prices both online and offline at brick and mortar retailers. and even check local inventory levels to make sure it will be on the shelves when they go to buy it. >> there's a way to set a holiday budget, right? tell us about that. >> well, with setting a budget, there are a lot of different
8:33 am
ways people can really be savvy about their shopping. i mentioned comparing prices both online and offline. but there's also lots of searches to find deals and coupons, as i had mentioned. taking advantage of google wallet, for example, it's a new app we have, that allows you to actually pay for your purchase with your smart phone, and have coupons that you have from a particular retail, all in a single tap. really convenient and it helps save money. >> at some point we might want to go out and figure out how to get to the brick and mortar stores, so tell us how the mobile app can help with that. >> yeah. google maps, it's something people use year round, but particularly at holidays it's a great way to map out a really optimal kind of trip so you spend more time in the stores versus in the road. you get live traffic updates to avoid congestion. you can get turn by turn directions. so it really helps in terms of making that shopping trip super efficient.
8:34 am
>> one of the things i have a problem with, i found something and i'm like, did i get the best price? you briefly touched on the price comparisons, but could you go into that a little bit more? >> absolutely. with the google shopper app, you can look up a specific item and be able to compare the price of that item at online only retailers as well as retailers that have physical stores so you can be confident you're getting the best price. >> okay. this might be the question i should have started with, but for those of us who have no idea how to get to all of these different apps, what's the first step when we go on google? >> well, a lot of times people just start with basic searches. so whether that's on your mobile phone or your desktop, mobile searches are up 500% in the last two years. so people are definitely looking for things and places on their mobile devices. search is a great place to start. >> what do you think as far as shopping this year? you tracked a lot of people
8:35 am
looking at the online clips and all that. we're in a tough economy now. do you think it might be a good black friday this year? >> well, i'll tell you, consumer intent is certainly high. some of these terms are up triple digits versus last year. they'll be shopping and i think they want to find the right gift and make sure they're getting the best price. i think the consumer intent is certainly there. >> julie kruger is the google retail industry director. happy shopping, and happy thanksgiving first of all. >> happy thanksgiving to you as well. >> thank you. back up to you in the studio. thank you very much. somebody who might not pay attention to price tags is donald trump. he's revealing how much he is worth and we'll share that number when we come back. check out this christmas tree on display at a tokyo
8:36 am
jewelry store. it's made with, as you might be able to guess from the video, pure gold. it's worth $2 million. let that soak in for the holiday spirit. fox5 morning news will be right back. ♪ 
8:37 am
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8:39 am
if you're looking for work, don't forget about our job shop. today's job of the day -- for more on this job and more, go to, on the home page look for the job shop tab. another staff shakeup for d.c. mayor vince gray. he has a new communication director and deputy chief of staff. he announced yesterday his head of communications would transfer to the health department and two new faces would join the administration. >> i believe that some of the things that we have done have not gotten out there as strongly as they should. and i hear this from people, people who know what's going on. people telling me it's not because i asked them. >> both are joining the city after leaving jobs on capitol hill. the mayor says he hopes the new appointments will improve
8:40 am
getting his message out to the public. real estate and media mogul donald trump is revealing his net worth. hold on to your seats. in his new book, he says he has more than $7 billion in the bank. he also says the trump brand name is worth $3 billion. >> that's a little bit of money, huh? >> happy for him. >> that's great. 8:40now on this tuesday morning. coming up, we're going to have a little bit of fun. kevin mccarthy sits down with the stars of a new movie. you might have heard of them. kermit and miss piggy. >> i think i have heard of them. that's coming up. the mummies have made their home on the national mall. holly, good morning. >> reporter: this is kind of like a sequel to the movie, you could call this the mummy returns. they are back and it's bigger than ever. it's all about the after life of ancient egypt. it's also a chance for you to explore the science behind
8:41 am
mummies. we're in the forensic anthropology lab, which is open to you. we'll tell you what you can learn live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:44 now. you can see more mummies at the natural history museum. >> holly is there today to take a look at their exhibit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what i really want to get across in this hour is how you can make the most of the museum experience while you're here. it's such a treasure to have the smithsonian in our back yard. this is dr. dave hun, the collections manager for the anthropology collections. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: you're in charge of all the skeletons in the closet? >> absolutely. >> it's a big job. >> reporter: it is. you have the largest collection in the world, right? >> one of the largest.
8:45 am
>> reporter: like 33,000, something like that? >> that's correct. >> reporter: we thought it would be fun, because one, we don't think a lot of people know about this lab, but two, there's a connection between the new mummy exhibit and the science that goes on here. talk a little bit about that. >> well, in the exhibit we try to exemplify not only ancient egypt and the people and animals, but also show the technology we can use to study those artifacts without having to damage them. and particularly using x-rays and ct scans to be able to see what was inside of these things without having to damage them. >> reporter: that makes a big difference. you look at this outside mummy and you're like, if only we could unwrap it, but we don't want to. show us what we're looking at here. >> this example here, to give you an idea, this is in the forensics lab where they train about the age of an individual, looking at the sex of an individual, some of the things you want to look at can only
8:46 am
really be seen in x-rays. you can get the age from the teeth. same in humans. you can use that to age the individual. >> reporter: ct scans are one thing. and we could talk about any one thing for a long time. i want to touch on it, so when people come they can talk more indepth. from there you can do the whole facial reconstruction? >> right. >> reporter: like what did this king look like or whatever? >> we can do more than what the regular x-rays do. we can make a three-dimensional image in the computer, and with that you can make the 3-d images and we can rebuild the face on that rebuilt plastic skull. then you can get an idea of what that individual is going
8:47 am
to look like. we've done that not only for the egyptian exhibit, we've also done that in our research when we've done research on iron coffins and people in there, and we do a facial reconstruction of them, so we get an idea of what this person looked like while they were living, rather than being this dead dried up body. >> reporter: tell me what else is going on in this room. >> at the end of the bone exhibit, there is this forensic lab where the public can come in here, and it's set up for classroom teaching of doing essentially a forensic investigation, or a skeletal biology investigation, if you want to look at it from a historical perspective, such as what is presented and written in bone. this table here has a case that you're going work on, and then it has examples of pelvis of male and female to compare them. then the next station over
8:48 am
here, to get the stature of the individual. the next station is what they might have as far as pathological condition, information about their health and how they are living. >> reporter: i have to go, but i know you worked a lot on this exhibit. how do you think this compares now that it's back and has more space and more mummies? >> gives you a broad perspective of what life was like in ancient egypt, and the fact these people, though we often think of them as focusing on death, because we just see the mummies and all this stuff they used to bury the people with, this was their life. as much as we spend a lot of our time with our religion or social or cultural things that we think about in our life, they were doing the same thing. >> reporter: i think i've heard that before. i think we talked about that last hour. dr.dave, thank you so much. we appreciate it. is our web site. we have a link to the national
8:49 am
museum of natural history where their new mummy exhibit, or renewed mummy exhibit is open, i should say. don't forget to allow time for the forensic lab. you'll want to make time for it. it really is fascinating. coming up, we're going to talk about mummies and social networking. it's a meet and tweet th mummies. would the egyptians ever thought of that? back to you. >> all right. i look forward to pulling all that together. holly, thank you so much. jim henson created the muppets in the washington area more than 50 years ago. but those muppets are still going strong. with a new movie opening tomorrow. >> movie reviewer kevin mccarthy sat down with kermit the frog and miss piggy to talk about surviving in show business and why kermit thinks kevin would be a good edition to the muppet family. >> one of my dreams is to fist
8:50 am
bump with kermit the frog. >> my goodness. >> life long dream? it only came into fashion five years ago. >> in washington, d.c., it's been going on for years. >> let's do it. yeah, that was wonderful. >> you've officially seen the best fist bump of all time. >> i got my start in washington, d.c. >> where did you live in d.c.? >> i was on a show in 1955. >> he's a lot older than he looks. >> i have been around. >> i like older men. >> how do you both stay so young looking? you guys look fantastic for your age. >> we both do certain things. >> for my age? how old do you think i am? >> i have no idea. 1955. >> you look wonderful for any age. >> thank you.
8:51 am
that is how you flatter a woman. >> quick save. i use a lot of pond scum. being from the pond. it's not for everybody. works for me. >> all i need is love in my life. and that keeps me young. >> if i want to be the next muppet, how can i do it? >> i think you have a good start. you have a muppety look about you. >> that's a good thing, right? >> i don't know about that. >> what is muppety about me? >> you have great hair. >> a lot of enthusiasm about you. >> love the hair. >> you're hired. >> kermit, i read a quote from you recently i thought was amazing. you say, people need to accept people for who they are. once you find that place where people do accept you, wonderful things do happen. >> it's true. >> what was that moment for you both, when you figured out a
8:52 am
place where you were accepted for who you were? >> i would say for me, after i was a tad pole, i grew legs, and my tail fell off. happens to us frogs. i left the swamp and -- >> you had a tail? >> i did. i'll show you a photo some time. i went to hollywood and people enjoyed what i did, you know. our singing and dancing and making people happy. and then i knew we were on the road, you know. so that was probably the first time for me. >> you felt accepted? >> yeah. >> what about you? >> for me? the second i got off the farm. >> yeah, that will do it. >> is it me or is piggy's top really cute? >> fashionable to be a muppet these days. >> i guess. >> have to get with the times. >> kevin will be here tomorrow with his review of the muppets. it's one of those critic proof movies i would hope, though. >> a different take on the
8:53 am
muppets. >> they're in it, though. >> kevin also talked with martin scorsese and the story behind how he scored that sit down is a story in itself. we'll get the story and the story behind the story coming up tomorrow. >> i can't wait. movies are made for people, but don't tell that to jake the border collie. he watched "babe," every day for 11 and a half years. >> what? >> look at him right there, steve. when jake was a puppy, he would push the tape into the vcr himself. watch what happens when rex the bad dog in the movie hits the screen. [dog barking] >> so cute. he's a border collie, too. jake's owners have gone through
8:54 am
seven televisions, 10 vcr. people thought dogs couldn't see tv. >> right. >> i've always heard that. this proves them wrong. >> they can sense it, right? >> maybe brownie is watching me now. hey, brownie. >> means the whole household got to watch that movie every day the past 11 years. >> good thing it's a good movie. we're lucky to have a special guest inhouse today. nobody may be happier than sarah simmons. >> i am so jealous. she is getting her make-up done now by a celebrity make-up artist. >> who does who? >> the first lady, and oprah's, too, as well as other celebrities you know. we can't wait to talk to him in the next hour. don't want to miss that. time now is 8:54.    
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coming up on 9:00 now. time to say good morning to tuesday's facebook fan of the day.
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she says she checks out the news every day because she is a 911 dispatcher. she can let us know what's going on as well. if you'd like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching for fox5 news and post a comment under her photo. the holiday shopping season about to start, but some items already difficult to find. the popular ugly sweaters are tough to find this year. there is a run on ugly sweaters thanks to the growing popularity of ugly christmas sweater parties. some stores report they were sold out of them before thanksgiving was really a thought. if you got one, good luck and enjoy the holiday celebrations. tony and allison will take you up to 10:00 now. thank you, steve. a disturbing crime caught on camera in maryland. police say dozens of kids stormed a convenience store and stole just about anything they
8:59 am
could get their hands on. how authorities plan to handle this latest flash mob robbery. we are helping you take care of the techie in your life. tablets are the rage now. but each comes with its own feature. which one is right for your family? we're going to look at the pros and cons of the most popular ones on the market. we have a special guest in our studio now. make-up artist derrick rutledge is trusted with some famous faces, including the first lady's. he's treating sarah simmons to his services and sharing tips with us, and he'll talk about his own touching success story. we say he's treating her, because we would not be able to afford his services. >> laugh it up, girl. that's right. fantastic. tucker, we could benefit from make-up expertise this morning, but you look fabs.


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