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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 22, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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tonight, a local student who took part is now sitting in an egyptian jail. >> plus a big storm hitting the east coast on one of the busiest travel days of the year. but we begin tonight with the one woman crime spree in northern virginia. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shaun yancy. >> she looks like a mild mannered 26-year-old, but police say that woman held up two banks, carjacked a shopper at tyson's corner all in the span of two days. police are trying to take her down. wisdom. >> reporter: all right, this is the bank here in springfield that we are talking about. you can see that there's a sign on the door because the bank is closed because of the robbery that took place today. as investigators tell us, we are talking about two different bank robberies and a carjacking involving a knife. so they say it's their top priority to catch this suspect because she is considered dangerous. police say stephanie schwab wanted for carjacking and bank
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robbery has struck again. this time in springfield. investigators say she came to the bank around 1:00 p.m. implied she had a weapon and demanded money from the teller. she got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and no injuries. >> this is the third apparent crime connected to this person in less than a week. this person, we don't know, but maybe very dangerous. >> saturday, police say she carjacked a driver in the tyson's corner area at knife point. it happened in the neimann marcus parking lot. investigators say a 59-year-old woman was approached by the suspect who claimed she was out of gas and needed a ride. and friday, prince william county police say the 26-year- old manassas resident robbed the virginia commerce bank in that area. investigators say she was driving a stolen 2003 silver acura with virginia tags. xtk8095. >> the public is instrumental in helping us.
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we have the vehicle out there. we have the tag out there. we have a good description, there are pictures. it's a matter of time. >> now police say in the saturday carjacking that the suspect claimed to be a college student. at this point, they say they are still looking for that silver car and they are asking anyone who may have seen it to contact them. >> wisdom martin tonight. police are getting a lot of information from the people caught on camera at a flash mob robbery. the 7-eleven in silver spring got hit saturday night. the chief says some teenagers paid for what they took, some watched. and there was a third group that stole. the chief believes a curfew would help police fight these kind of crimes. >> it's becoming more of an issue for us. i mean, it's happening repeatedly. we are struggling with this curfew law, whether or not the council is going to pass it or not. frankly, i think a curfew would have been a useful tool. could have prevented this kind of incident. >> chief says police have heard
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from parents and the school community because so many saw the video and recognized those teens. now to a fox 5 weather alert. let's take a live look outside where it is foggy and misty out there. in fact, it's been coming down or misty all day long and guess what? a big storm is hitting the east coast just as millions are hitting the road for the holiday. fox 5 is tracking all the troubles from the weather center. people are asking, is this going to affect their travel plans? >> it will for the first half of the day. and something else you may have noticed in the corner of your screen. our temperatures actually 61 degrees. that is the warmest it's been all day. that warmer air that is coming through is going to be followed by another line of showers and guess what? maybe a rumble of thunder. i want to show you what's happening here. not much for d.c. we have the drizzle. we still have the fog, but a little later tonight between 3:00 and 6:00. the big batch of moisture over west virginia, that's out ahead of a cold front and that has to come through. if you are planning to leave
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tomorrow morning really early, it could be a problem. let's take a look at our weather headline. the possibility of overnight thunder, again, between 3:00 and 6:00 in the morning. right now, not much to see. we have some flash flood watches and advisories up through eastern pennsylvania. they had a lot of rain. our rain right now is light. earlier today, we had rain on the order of 3/4 of an inch of rain. but that new batch coming was going to add to our totals in the first half of our wednesday. wanted to give you a quick idea of holiday travel. as you can see, you are not going to have any worries. part of the west coast, if you're going to be traveling interstate 5 or flying in and driving somewhere on interstate 5, it's going be wet and in the higher elevations, it will be snowy, certainly in the pacific northwest and that goes down to san francisco. not much to see in the middle part of the country. we'll get most of our weather out by lunchtime. could be a couple showers left over as a last piece of energy comes on through tomorrow
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afternoon. the worst of it, a very, very early this morning and later tonight. if you can hold your travel plans off until later in the day, you'll have a much easier drive. we'll have more on what to expect after the big travel day when i join you upstairs. >> following a developing story out of egypt. a fourth day of bloody demonstrations in cairo and other cities. 29 people have died in demonstrations that started four days ago. also many arrests, including three u.s. students and one from georgetown. laura evans is following that down in the newsroom. >> derrik sweeney is going to georgetown university. this morning, his parents woke up to the unsettling news that their son is now in egyptian jail. i spoke with joy sweeney tonight. she told me she is desperate for anymore information from the state department. the egyptian government showing on television pictures and
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video of derrik sweeney and two other american students. the trio arrested after a demonstration monday. >> he looks absolutely terrified. i have never seen him so deer in the headlights terrified. >> derek's mother spoke with me by phone from her home in missouri. she says derek has been in cairo since august. in the photos you see sweeney with luke gates of indiana university and gregory porter of drexel university. also shown, the cocktails police say they used during the demonstrations. but joy sweeney says in the video, it doesn't look like her son did anything wrong. >> no official charges have been conveyed to us. >> he is accused of being among a group that is throwing cocktails. does that sound like your son? >> not at all. he's bright, he's a good hearted kid. he's fun loving. he is tri lingual. he believes in solving problems
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peacefully. >> he wants her son released and back home with his family. >> i just want to give him a big hug and let him know how much i love him. >> derek interned whose office says they are working on sweeney's release. >> it's really difficult to say what the future holds for these particular students. amnesty international is broadly concerned about the treatment of all of the people in egypt facing human rights violations. >> the state department says it will hold egypt's military leader to his pledges to treat demonstrators properly. however, human rights advocates say the students safety isn't a sure thing. derek is expected to be questioned again in a few hours from now. after that, she has no idea what will happen. >> thank you. only six weeks until the first vote is cast in the 2012 republican presidential primaries and tonight, eight of the candidates hoping to win the nomination went head to head right here in the
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district. the debate was held at dar constitution hall in northwest. babb is there live with the highlights. bob. >> reporter: shaun, the debate just ended. the issues were foreign policy and national security. the candidates were asked about the war against international terrorists and they were also asked about u.s. policy toward afghanistan and pakistan. here are some of the answers. >> this is not time for america to cut and run. we have been in for ten years. we are winding down. the afghan troops are securing their country and the mission is pretty straightforward. and that is to allow the afghan people to have a sovereign nation, not taken over by the taliban. >> we were told, perfectly natural washington assumption. that our killing bin laden in pakistan drove u.s. pakistan relations it a new low. to which my answer is, well it should have. we should be furious.
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>> we do need intelligence gathering. we need a strong special forces presence, and we need some on going training. but we haven't done a very good job defining and articulating what the end point is in afghanistan. i think the american people are getting very tired about where we find ourselves today. >> the candidates were asked if israel decided to bomb iran over nuclear weapons, what would they do as president? again, a few more answers. >> i would support israel, yes, and in some instances, dependent upon how strong the plan is, we would join with israel for that if it was clear with the mission was and it was clear what the definition of victory was. >> why does israel need our help? we need to get out of their way. we interfere with them. we interfere with them when they deal with their borders. we they will them what they can do. we buy and they sacrifice their
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sovereignty to us, and they decide they want to bomb something. that's their business, but they should suffer the consequences. >> why is it that we are talk about israel having to make a strike against iran? iran has announced they plan to strike israel. they have stated as recently as august, just before president president ahmadinejad. >> there was no gaps and a few protesters out here tonight. members of the occupy d.c. movement trying to get an earful with the candidates as they leave constitution hall tonight. >> bob, political analyst is here now. mark, i think a lot of onlookers assume this wouldn't necessarily be the strength for some of the front runners, including herman cain, who came out the winner tonight? >> it's noteworthy to note that herman cain has been in two of these debates.
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he seems totally out of his league. it seems to me that what was interesting is that ron paul oh is doing better in iowa. john huntsman are the antiwar candidates. they are for leaving afghanistan and for leaving quickly and without a lot of troops and mitt romney is very concerned about protecting his flank and i think bob's line about cut and run was look, i'm strong on foreign policy and i'm strong on keeping the commitment in afghanistan. >> did tonight do in some of the people that were thought to perhaps not really contend in the long haul which is herman cain and maybe newt gingrich? >> newt gingrich, he was asked the first question. and he has a lot of theorizing. i didn't think he had as great of clarity. i think romney always does well. i think perry has recovered and i think it's interesting, as i
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mentioned before, to see, is there a strain in the republican party of leaving afghanistan sooner than what is the conventional wisdom, which is really supportive of the obama administration. >> political analyst, mark, thanks for coming in tonight. a $27 million ponzi scheme carried out right here in d.c. and the victims are lining up. we are tracking down the man who is at the top of all of this. >> also ahead, a thief beats a 92-year-old man with his own cane, but that didn't keep this man from fighting back. more details when we come back.   see the under cover video and you won't believe what they are building. tonight on the news edge at 11:00. inding a car?
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breaking news out of st. mary's county. involved in an accident. the bus was carrying student athletes from great mills high school. they were returning from a scrimmage this evening when their bus collided with a car and went off the road. at least 11 people are hurt. police tell us the driver of the car has been arrested for drunk driving. tonight, who beat and
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robbed a 92-year-old man walking with a cane? that's what police in annapolis want to know. the victim was in the hallway of his apartment building friday night when he was attacked. today he bravely shared his story with john hanrahan. >> 92 years old, normally he walks with the help of a cane. he is doing without his cane lately because it was taken away from him and broken over his head. this all happened at timothy house, the apartment building in which he lives on washington street in annapolis. he had just come home from the racetrack and gotten off the elevator on the third floor. >> i come over to this side. as i get right here, he grabbed me. >> the assailant started going through his pockets, but the 92- year-old fought back.
10:17 pm
he grabbed it. >> he hit you in the head? >> yes. i have stitches right here. >> he showed us the three stitches that an er physician put in his scalp. two of his fingers were also broken in the scuffle. the thief got away with about $20 before running down the stairwell and leaving the building. all 60 units at timothy house are subsidized housing. but in recent years have opened up to anyone who is disabled. that's when the trouble started. >> you know, we try to tell the office, please don't let anymore young people in here, because it started when the young people started moving in here. >> timothy house does have a building security system and managers say they can't legally keep younger tenants out. >> we have to take disabled people in here. we have to abide by fair housing laws and anybody that applies has equal chance to get
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in. >> john hanrahan, fox 5 news. thieves with an eye for fashion are stealing high end glasses. these are pictures of the people that police are tracking right now. 17 pairs have been lifted from four stores in the alexandria and falls church areas. investigators say every time these thieves strike, one of them distracts an employee while another pockets the glasses. police believe these crimes are connected it a string of similar crimes in montgomery county. dozens of local families and businesses are out $27 million. federal regulators say was a ponzi scheme ran by a maryland man. more on the devastating impact it's having on so many people. >> now federal investigators say garfield taylor has victims here in germantown and all over the d.c. metro area. green belt, upper marlboro, arlington, d.c., the securities and exchange commission says the victims of garfield, taylor
10:19 pm
and his company are all over. court documents say some invested their entire retirement savings. at least one had told employees about being hesitant to invest because of quote, bernie madoff and other publicized scams. >> any time you have someone come to you and they lost thousands of dollars, it's heartbreaking and to find out that it's not one person, but dozens or hundreds, it's shattering. it's madoff on a smaller scale. >> ray mckenzie represented two victims. >> educated well to do people who were taken for a ride. >> call it is a ponzi scheme. taylor promised low risk investing, but instead committed fraud. d.c. nonprofit, hill crest children's center lost $8 million. half its endowment. mckenzie got a $300,000 judgment for one of his clients. >> we find it hard to believe that he spent every dollar that
10:20 pm
came his way. so it's a matter of sicking the dogs on him to find out where this money lies. >> some of the money lies here at taylor's million dollar home in montgomery county. his name still on the sign at what was the office in northwest d.c. nobody is around there either. >> he has been difficult to locate. no question. >> so we've had no luck tracking down garfield taylor and lots of others are looking for him. somebody knows where he is, unfortunately it's not us. in montgomery county, beth parker. maryland residents are facing tax and fee hikes. where is the money going? also ahead tonight, imagine walking from manhattan to downtown d.c. without your shoes. one man did as part of the occupy wall street movement. we'll have the litest the latest. drinking, doing drugs on
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their lunch break. as if that's not bad enough. wait until you hear what these factory workers are making for our military at 11:00. ♪
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big day for maryland commuters. the last stretch of the intercounty connector opened this morning. 18.8-mile toll road. known as maryland 200 connects i-270 in maryland to i-95 in laurel. it will cost drivers 25 cents a mile at peek times. 20 cents a mile offpeek and 10 cents a mile overnight. you can test out the road for free until december 5. it was a long journey, but protesters are now in d.c. many of them walked here from new york city picking up supporters along the way. they ended their journey this afternoon at the occupy d.c. base camp at mcpherson square. matt acland shows us. >> we first caught up with the
10:25 pm
protesters as they crossed the d.c. line. cold and wet weather didn't deter them as they completed the last leg of their journey. some of the marchers left in lower manhattan on november 10. their first stop in d.c. was for lunch at the rhode island metro station. for some, it was their first hot meal in a while. >> not too bad, because as long as we keep the inspiration in our heart, that what we believe in, that's all that matters. that keeps you motivated. >> original plan was for protesters to arrive tomorrow. that's when the supercommittee was supposed to vote on measures that might create new jobs. but as we know now, that won't happen. >> i was very upset. i cried because you know, we have been walking here. we're the american people. we walked to come speak to the people who govern us and they have been playing games. they change the date and they
10:26 pm
failed to come to a conclusion. >> the group finally arrived at mcpherson square at 3:00 p.m. some clapped, others offered hugs to those who have come a long way. >> we made it. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> fox 5 news. many of those protesters who made that long journey are staying in freedom plaza tonight where many d.c. protesters have been living. any time you flush your toilet, you are giving money to maryland. this is what happens. more on the viral video. 
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maryland residents bracing for fees. emission inspection fees and the sewer tax. all maybe hiked next year. voters are told the extra money
10:30 pm
needed for state trust funds. the paper wrote improvements, but as fox 5 investigations have found, the money may be going elsewhere. fox 5's melanie on the money trail tonight. >> in maryland, every time you fill up your gas tank, rent a car, buy a house, or flush a toilet, special taxes are collected. money that is supposed to go into state trust funds. but our fox 5 investigation discovered that trust has been broken over and over again. >> it's alarming and people should be alarmed. >> it has become one big lie. >> last year, maryland lawmakers raided more than 50 special funds. taking nearly a billion dollars out of those banks and putting it in the general fund to close its budget gap. but leaving big holes in other programs. >> that's what it is.
10:31 pm
>> aaa mid atlantic is talking about the transportation truck fund. gas taxes, registration fees and rental car taxes helped fill this fund. cities and counties depend on their share to maintain roads, clear snow. lawmakers moved most of the local money. $372million to the state, leaving barely enough to get through this winter. >> we have a transportation infrastructure that is in serious need of repair. we have bridges and roads that are dangerous and we have potholes everywhere and our roads aren't being maintained. >> one significant reason that we're not repairing the roads is that we're taking the money that was dedicated and solicited from the public on the pretext of preparing roads and using it for 100 other purposes. >> the bay restoration fund has also been hit $195 million
10:32 pm
over two years transferred to the general fund. $90million more planned for 2012. >> do these fund transfers hurt your mission? >> yes, absolutely they do. >> kim is maryland executive director of the chesapeake bay foundation. if took some arm twisting in 2004 to create this special bay restoration fund. >> a third of this bay has two little oxygen. >> each household in the state now pays an extra $2.50 a month. the flush tax as it's known is supposed to be dedicated to upgrading maryland's waste water treatment plants to protect the chesapeake bay. >> there has to be more accountability for those dollars to be spent. >> $32 million was moved from the chesapeake. that comes from part of your gas tax and car rental money, too. >> there was supposed to be $50 million designated for that
10:33 pm
fund. we haven't gotten half. >> and that means some of the work needed to protect the bay doesn't get done. even though taxpayers have already paid for it. and the list of rated funds goes on and on. the used tire recycling fund comes from a tire tax, the waterway improvement fund, which comes from a boat tax. the open spaces fund, which comes from a tax on property sales. the volunteer fire company assistance fund, which comes from a tax on traffic tickets and dozens more. again, maryland delegates, luis simmons. >> whether you actually look at all of the funds and the moneys that are collected for one purpose and diverted for another purpose. it really is staggering. >> maryland's house speaker, michael busch, defends the money move. >> i don't think we are unlike other states who are trying to adjust their budgets to prioritize with their funding. when we come here every year,
10:34 pm
our first priority is to fund the system. >> some of the funds like the transportation trust fund and the bay restoration fund are replenished by borrowing money and paying it back with interest. >> to me, it's really a trust issue. >> marta is an analyst with the maryland public policy institute. >> you know, you really are associating what that money paid for and where it's being used. over time, that builds distrust between the people and the people they elect. >> take these to the voting unit. >> that could be a problem, especially at a time when governor o'malley is pushing to raise gas taxes, double or triple the flush tax and add a statewide bag tax. >> we advocate for these fees and feel a certain responsibility to the people that support them to make sure the money is going there. >> delegate simmons says these
10:35 pm
special fund transfers have been going on for a long time and there is another way. >> and saying you know what? if we tax somebody and say the money is going for this purpose, we are going to honor our compact with the taxpayer and if we need money for something else, we're going to have the guts and conviction to say, either raise taxes or cut back the program. and we have not shown the courage or conviction to do either except to raise taxes in a crisis. >> he and many others believe it's time to put the trust back in the trust fund. >> and brian, there are more special fund transfers planned for the next fiscal year. some lawmakers proposed bills that would prevent the diversion of money from the special funds. they haven't gotten very far. >> what about putting the money back? >> as we said, they do put the money back in some cases. not all the funds by borrowing the money, by bonding it out. but that means that we have debts to pay. next year the state will pay a
10:36 pm
billion dollars in debt service and there's also a debt ceiling in maryland. a lot of people don't know that, which is the state treasurer's office, if we continue borrowing the way we have, we're going to hit that debt ceiling in five years. >> thanks. they lost everything in the fierce flooding. tonight their neighbors are helping them give thanks for what they still have. each other. but first, congress can't tackle the debt, but they can tackle those pesky baggage fees. >> the economy not growing as fast as previously reported. the weaker numbers coming right before the busy holiday shopping season. meantime, the federal reserve saying it will give stress tests now for six of america's biggest banks. the fed is looking to see how they would react to a market shock in a worsening european debt crisis. bank of america, one of them getting tested. to more than a two-year low. after reports said that regulators are telling the bank
10:37 pm
to hurry up and get its finances sured up. >> and a painful find. the pharmaceutical company paying $1 billion to settle an illegal advertising gig with the justice department. admitting that it promoted its painkiller for arthritis before the fda approved it. meanwhile, after congress fails at tackling our soaring debt, it is tackling soaring airline baggage fees. that's right, lawmakers introducing a bill allowing passengers to check one bag for free. that's business. i'm neil.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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bathroom and find your kids doing this all over the floor? the couches, i'll tell you what, the kids looked like they were having fun. mom kept her cool, at least she did when the camera was rolling. the little kids kept asking her, mommy, what's wrong? brian, can you imagine coming home and finding that in your house? >> i can't, but i would blame my wife. that's the bottom line. >> all right, thanks. >> coming up tonight, a news edge exclusive at 11:00. factory workers caught on camera drinking and smoking pot on their lunch breaks. what these guys are making for our troops overseas. one of the bribes that could send former county executive zach johnson to prison. the fbi released its under cover video. you'll see it tonight on the news edge. try. ready, go! ♪ yeah, rock on, mom! [ male announcer ] sometimes a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs.
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this year we wanted to be the best carolers in the neighborhood. we hired beth. @@ thankses giving came a few days early. the community turned out in force to make sure they know they have not been forgotten.
10:46 pm
fox 5's audrey barnes has more. >> tropical storm lee really did a number on the holly acres mobile home park on september 8. filling the trailers to within inches of the ceiling with water and destroying everything inside. >> we didn't save anything. everything was torn down a couple weeks ago. we don't have anything. >> the flood split up the community, sending some residents to shelters. others to stay with relatives. they hadn't seen each other until tonight. >> you guys need anything? >> the salvation army and a number of local businesses and groups decided to throw a thanksgiving party at harbor view to let the families know they weren't forgotten. >> these people have been separated because of the flooding and we just wanted to give them a chance to get back together and have a good time for thanksgiving. >> for the family, this is one night to take their minds off the struggles still to come. besides having no permanent place to stay, a healthy emergency after the flood has
10:47 pm
tapped out their finances. >> get her appendix removed. we are facing a thousand dollar bill. we are all able to get back together and have a meal to eat. >> so now these flood victims who lost so much know they have plenty to be thankful for. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. one of those reminders no matter what is going on in your life, there's always a reason to give thanks. >> absolutely. it's all the frat gratitude. >> thankful it's not snow. >> there you go. that's a good way to say it. the temperature in d.c. is 61. in winchester it's 46. 15-degree spread. it can only be one thing. warm front coming on through. hasn't gone to everyone yet. temperatures are going to be mild. we have quite the combination
10:48 pm
around the area. we have fog as you can see here, as we look live at the capital. we have drizzly spots and beginning to pick up on a few spots where more moderate showers are developing and later tonight, our big finale. thunderstorms between 3:00 and 6:00 in the morning. you can see that we are mostly talking about more significant rain just to the north and west across montgomery county. this is going to be moving across 270 and also here in the leesburg area or north of it in loudoun county. as we put this in motion over the last hour. you can see this develops quickly and moving from south to north. so we're going to see more of this in the next few hours and then our line of showers and thunderstorms coming on through. we have the warm front now trying to come on through and just back to west virginia is a cold front. that will also cross this region by mid-morning. this is rain that is still to come. we could get another half inch on what has already fallen and we can take this line and run it all the way down to new orleans tonight. that's how strong this front
10:49 pm
is. a little bit of snow just up to new england. it's going to be rain for us and warm at times. we're going to get most of this rain or more significant rain over with by 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. now we'll have a break for many hours and dry. our temperature up to 65 degrees. then in the afternoon, one last little piece of energy comes on through. the temperature drops, we're going to get breezy and a few more showers around in the afternoon. but hey, gone for thanksgiving. on thursday, it will be 57 degrees. a nice day. a little chilly in the morning. breezy in the morning. but friday warms up and sunshine sticks around. so we're in good shape after we get through tomorrow morning. meanwhile, check out these temperatures. d.c. at 61. and winchester and hagerstown at 46 degrees. you can see the warmer air trying to come up from the south. it is still near 70 degrees at this late hour at raleigh and detroit 38 degrees. it's not terribly cool behind the front.
10:50 pm
it will take a little while to trickle on in. tomorrow will be on the mild side. but we will drop tomorrow night into the upper 30s. so here's what is going on. tomorrow morning, the frontal system is going to cross. maybe some thunderstorms in the early morning. not bad travel for the afternoon. despite the fact that there will be a couple showers that develop. say in the 3:00 to 4:00 time frame. let's check out the future cast. you can see what we are talking about. 10:00 tonight, you can see that the showers and storms are making good progress. i pause this, because that's when we will get our heaviest rain and the better chance for thunderstorms. run this out to 7:00. maybe you're starting your travel. you will run into rain to our north. if you're heading west, you may see a few showers lingering. by noon or 1:00 hour, again maybe some sunny breaks. a little bit of snow in the mountains, but not a lot. and then maybe another shower left over in the afternoon as that upper level storm moves on through. even that keeps on going.
10:51 pm
so that we are in a real nice clearing trend as we head into the day on thanksgiving. even those depart and most of the east coast is going to have a delightful friday as well. we wrap it up with our forecast for tonight. more showers are developing. a thunderstorm is possible. we'll stay around 58 degrees and for the next few hours near 60. tomorrow morning showers or a storm. friday afternoon showers. temperature of 65 will drop in the afternoon. and those winds will be picking up as well. on the five-day forecast. after that, we have a cooler day on thanksgiving, which is also still above normal by 1 or 2 degrees. and check out friday, saturday, and sunday. we might have to bump saturday's temperature up a little bit. >> yeah, la nina. not bad at all. there might be showers next week. >> bring it on. >> yeah, how about it. >> don't pack the shorts away. thank you sue.
10:52 pm
the x factor down to its last few contestants. each singer picked out a song and dedicated it. marcus sang mama. he dedicated the song to his mother who sacrificed so much to raise him. >> we are down in the web center now talking about bowie's own, marcus who blew it up tonight on the x factor with his own version of one of the boys ii men songs. his family is here. we have his cousins. we have sean, we have eric erica and little zoe. what did you see? >> i think he is the best. i think he is going to win.
10:53 pm
>> all of the d.c. region hopes he's going to win. you were out there last week. you saw his performance in person. you saw his performance tonight. what is this journey been like for him? >> it's been amazing. he is really living his dream. this is what he's always wanted to do. it's just amazing for him. it's unreal. unreal. >> what did he say to you guys after he performed last week? i mean, what has he told you about this road for him? >> oh, he's just so excited. he was talking about this performance. he said just wait until next week. he said you're not going to believe what's going to happen. >> erica, when you saw tonight, what kind of emotions, what kind of feelings did it bring up for you? >> joy, because we love darlene just as much as he does. >> darlene is his mom. >> yes, that's his mother. we know how much he loves her and how much she supports him. she's been at every show he has
10:54 pm
ever done. i was so excited and of course we all had tears coming out of our eyes. >> and let's talk about that. we got to see a little bit more about your family that maybe some of our viewers a the home didn't know and america didn't know. they have quite an incredible story. his mom shared the story of not having a car. i mean, tell us a little more about the family and what she has been through to help marcus get to this point. >> well, darlene really loves her kids and she does everything in the world for her children. she's a very, you know, we are very family oriented. we stick together and that's what we do. so, everything she does is for her kids and for her family. it's amazing. >> in closing, what do you want everybody out there in the d.c. region watching right now to know about your cousin? >> marcus is a bonefied star and we need to support him. he's going to the top. >> yes. >> something else?
10:55 pm
>> i'm just very happy for him. >> all right, and last but not least, zoe, what do you want to do who should they vote for? >> marcus. >> the family of marcus, of course we are all rooting for him. that's the very latest from down here in the web center, back to you. >> little girls might be asking for a doll under the tree this holiday season, but what people think this one is saying could send her packing. and in minutes, a news edge exclusive. they built the vehicles meant to keep military service members safe. what was hidden inside? what hidden cameras caught them doing wasn't shameful, it was downright illegal. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, chrysler, and jeep dealers. 
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dnchts you hear that? it's kind of hard. this hot new holiday toy for kids is turning heads for all the wrong reasons. some parents think the you and me brand dolls, baby babble sounds like cursing. if you listen closely, the one dressed in the pink sounds like she is uttering an expletive. so far, no one has complained. new details from the food and drug administration about arsenic in apple juice. you may remember dr. oz started a public debate. the fda said 95% of the juice samples between 2005 and 2011 had low levels of the heavy metal. the agency now says there were eight samples mostly from the u.s. that contained high levels of arsenic. the fda also said the arsenic was mostly


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