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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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morning. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. already saw some cars out there. maybe heading to work, maybe heading to grandma's house. hello, tony perkins. >> we have some heavy rain off to the east. rain showers across portions of the region including heavy rain off to the east right now as you continue to see the motion in the atmosphere. eastern maryland seeing some very heavy rain. we've had reports of that kind of activity in st. mary's city, waldorf, places like that. we'll continue to see some problems through the course of this morning. now, out to the west, not so much in the ray of rain. you will notice another band of rain getting organized. that will enhance and move through the area a little bit later. so we are not done yet. current temperatures at the area airports, i believe this is the most mild air we've had early in the morning this week.
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62degrees at reagan national. 56degrees right now at dulles and 61 at bwi marshall. these are your current temperatures. kind of a complicated forecast. our high temperatures as we said yesterday, our high temperatures will be early in the day. later on, after a secondary front gets through here, our temperatures will begin to drop though breezes will pick up. we've got more periods of rain today into this evening we now believe. not the prettiest day for your get away wednesday. we'll have more details on all of this. cog up in just a little bit. >> just makes getting there all that much better. >> that is true. let's see if folks can get there today and see if they are. let's check in with julie wright. not going to be an easy one, julie. >> i got to get there. there is absolutely nothing left in my fridge. i mean not even a diet pepsi. >> isn't that usually the case by wednesdays? >> that's true. hey, you're sick. i'm taking it easy on you. all right, folks. on the roads, you will find if
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you have to make the trip to the j-o-b, you are greeted with road spray and a little bit of fog. the long and winding roads, drainsville road, coming in from cascades parkway, you know what i'm talking about. it gets slick out there. 66 looks good. no problems to report as you travel eastbound out of manassas. you will find that the lane here are open. northbound i-95, that is where we had some earlier problems. we had the crash at 606 in stafford, that has been moved to the shoulder. we've got light traffic volume on the top stretch of the play leaving college park trying to get past 29 colesville road. the icc is open in each direction between gaithersburg and laurel and free for you to use until december 5th. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this morning, the great getaway. folk heading out of town for the holiday. >> it is expected to be the busiest thanksgiving travel in several years. stacy cohan at reagan national.
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anybody there yet? >> reporter: you know, if you want to travel, come out here right now. it is relatively open and quiet but this is going to be a very busy day. that is good news that it is a busy day, that more people are traveling than previous years. let's get right to the figures that we have from aaa and i'll show you how much travel they are expecting. it is expected to rise by 4% from last year. that translates to over one million people just from our region. now, 92% of the people traveling will hit the roads to get to their thanksgiving destination and overall, the american automobile association predicts that 42 million people will be traveling this holiday weekend. now, here at the airports, things are fine so far. they do have extra people on hand. the washington airports authority. they have student volunteers wearing yellow t-shirts and other volunteers that are wearing blue blazers in an effort to assist travelers. standard travel rules apply for the holidays. be sure that you arrive early, check online to make sure your flights are on time. if you have any packages, make sure they are unwrapped and
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prepare yourself for some lengthy security procedures. on the roadways, well, the gas prices are up higher than they were last year, about 20% higher in fact. and the average person that is driving on the holiday season is expected -- or the average traveler is expected to go about 706 miles this holiday season. now, that is an average between flying and driving. but if you are hitting the roadways in our area, it is a bit damp out there this morning so you just always have to pack a little patience when you are traveling for the holidays. or flying. and just keep in mind, what is going to happen when you arrive at your destination, see everybody and get that good thanksgiving feast tomorrow. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan of course . back to you. >> more than a dozen students at the hospital. they went there to get checked out after their bus was involved in an accident in mechanicsville. the bus was struck after two other vehicles had crashed.
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the driver of a pickup truck was arrested on the scene, charged with dui. police say she has quickly become a one-woman crime spree. they say within a matter of days. stephanie schwab has robbed two banks and carjacked a woman shopper at tysons corner. police say last friday, she robbed a bank in manassas. no one was hurt in either incident. the eight republican presidential candidates went head to head once again, this time right here in d.c. it focused on foreign policy. candidates answered everything from how they would deal with immigration to the war in afghanistan, china and the middle east. here is what some of them said about supporting israel if it attacked iran. >> i would support israel, yes and some some instances depending on how strong the
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plan is, we would join with israel. >> why does israel need our help? we need to get out of their way. we interfere with them with they deal twhair borders. when they vanity want to have peace treaties. -- we interfere with them with their borders, when they want to have peace treaties. >> six weeks to go until the first vote is cast in the republican presidential primaries. site georgetown student is one of three people under arrest in egypt. the three are accused of throwing molotov cocktails during a demonstration in cairo. he interned for a missouri
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congressman who is now working for his release. thousands of protestors have been gathering at cairo's central square. they are demanding that military rulers hand off power to civilians now. and s.a.t. cheating scandal continues to grow. up next, some current around former students taken into custody. we'll tell you where it's happening. preps for the holiday taking a near deadly turn. wow! look at that video. we are checking more headlines on the other side of the break.
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wow! scary stuff happening down in new zealand. that helicopter pilot, all they were trying to do was put up a christmas industry. the chopper blades got caught in the cables and the back of the helicopter as you saw just snapped right off. amazingly, the pilot was strapped in and was able to walk away without any serious youries. new details coming to life in the death of natalie wood. the lifeguard believes the actress could have been saved
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if the search would have started earlier. he said it took four hours until he was alerted that she was missing. he believes that she survived some time before being blown out to sea. the case was officially reopened last week. i more and more students are being charge maid test cheating scandal on new york's long island. the total number is up to 20 now and several of them turned themselves in to police tuesday. investigator say they paid other people anywhere between $500 and$36 town than take the s.a.t. or act gams for them. the impostors apparently fooled test administrators with fake identification. why the future may not be so pride for these suspects. coming up in just a few moments, we have the latest on today's forecast. we have more rain in the forecast. take your umbrella with you. julie wright is here. she will tell us about the drive on the day before thanksgiving. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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d.c. councilman marion barry gave out 2,000 turkeys to ward 8 residents in need. the families who came out got to meet a pair of professional local boxers who wanted to be there to lend a hand. >> coming up, we didn't get any thanksgiving dinner or anything like that. we do now but you kind of miss those things when you're young and you get sensitive to things like this because you know there are kids out here who don't have and they want to just be feeling normal and just do normal things and do things that everybody else is doing. >> the line are getting longer. job are getting less and less. the misery is increasing. the school system is not doing what it needs to do. but we're going to keep pushing. we're in the going to stop. >> and by the way, this is the fourth year for this event. d.c. firefighters went door
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to door handing out thanksgiving dinners to 40 families. it is an annual tradition for the fire department. the firefighters deliver the whole deal, turkey, stuffing, side dishes. the firefighter chip in their own money to buy these items. you can see the holiday spirit all over the area. >> yes. >> a lot of people will be traveling, trying to get to where they need to go. >> if you are driving and headed east this morning, you have some problems out there. we have very heavy rain, water pooling in some roadways and the like. so some trouble spots. i want to start with sentinel radar as we show you across the eastern portions of our viewing area, yeah, a lot of rain. a lot of it is heavy rain this morning. we've not seen reports of thunder or storms or anything hike that and have not seen any lightning in any of our radar images. we certainly do have the rain. again, we are talking about points to the east. so eastern portions of maryland, the chesapeake bay, down to our south, portions of southern maryland as well. heavy rain this morning.
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we're going to be dealing with that for another couple of hours. there is your next batch of rain getting organized out to the west of the monday trains. that will be making its way eastward and we'll get another band of -- oh, hey, i don't know where to go. another band of precipitation coming through later on. there is a band of low pressure that will sweep new later on today so we have to keep the chance of showers in the forecast through the day today although it will not be raining constantly all day long. you might see a little sun, in fact. let's talk about what is happening out to the west with a wind advisory. not here in the washington area but out to our west for this morning. 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. tonight. wind could gust up to 50 miles per hour out there. here, close are to home, we could see our winds gust up to about 35 miles per hour this afternoon and this evening as that whole storm system gets moving through here and then pushed out of the region. current temperatures are quite mild. we are now at 60 degrees here
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in washington. 63 in annapolis. 63 in leonardtown. check it out to the west. you see that colder air working its way in behind the frontal boundaries. 55 in gaithersburg. 50 in martinsburg. 46 in cumberland, maryland. that is the cooler air on its way here for tonight and tomorrow. so the forecast for today, chance of showers really all day long. we'll have more this morning and probably a bit a break later this afternoon and during the evening. we could see some rays of sun later on. becomes windy. temperatures falling through the day. we're in the 60s now but as the day gets going, especially in the afternoon, the temperatures will be falling through the 50s. winds could gust up to 35 miles per hour. then for tonight, a lot of clouds. still can't rule out a shower. i think before a chance of rain up until maybe around 8:00 or so. and still rather gusty and then for your holiday weekend, thanksgiving day looks pretty
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good. it will be cool, 56 degrees. that is actually normal. it is one degree above normal. i think it will still be a little bit breezy but friday, saturday and sunday look great. sunny to partly sunny skies. highs in the low to mid-60s for the three days. that will be really good. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and find out what is happening with traffic. i have not forgotten. i owe you a pumpkin pie. >> i'm glad you brought that up. as soon as we finished our last break, a got a phone call from a friend named paul who said why is your refrigerator empty? count tony owe you a pie? >> that's right. i'll be getting it to you shortly. >> just make sure when you are cooking it, you aren't sneezing in it. >> i won't be sneezing in it and you will find one slice missing. >> i got you. you are at speed in spite of the wet pavement eastbound 66
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coming in from manassas. no problems there. now, we do have some problems. tony is talking about the weather out to the east. we do have accident activity reported on i-97 northbound at route 100. allow extra time out there on the roadways. check the vehicle. make sure tire pressure looks good before you head out to grandmas and make sure the wipers are working properly and you have a full tank of the gas as well. just as the holiday travel season is getting under way a bill before congress could potentially get rid of some of the airline baggage fees. the legislation would allow passengers one checked bag and one carry-on bag for free as long as the bags are regular size. many travelers dislike the baggage fees and so does homeland security. officials say the fees have forced passengers to bring on board more carry-on lug am and that slows down the security checks. thieves with an eye for fashion are stealing high-end glasss from virginia vision stores. these are pictures of the
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people police are tracking. fairfax county investigators say every time the thieves strike, one ever them distracts the employees while another one pockets the afl-cios. the smoking gun video that could land former county executive jack johnson in prison. busted allegedly taking bribes. up next, newly released undercover video taken bit fbi. we'll see it and hear it right here after the break. 
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we have undercover fbi video showing jack johnson pocketing cash. >> the former fbi executive is accuse of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from developers. will thomas has a look at what some are calling the smoking gun. >> well, i have 24 days. >> yeah, the time flies by. >> reporter: 24 days before his term as prince george's county executive came to an end. the fbi secretly videotaped jackson son and a laurel developer who already pled guilty for his role in the corruption scheme. the two of them, according to prosecutors, had been making deals for two decades. listen to johnson as he says it is a good thing his days in office are numbered because of possible prosecution. >> you got a lot of legal enemies. they call the various prosecutors and prosecutors always want to try to --
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especially minorities, they like to try to put them in jail if one of the prosecutors are able to bring somebody like me down, they brag chair whole career, i prosecuted jack johnson. >> reporter: who is having the last laugh now? this footage was shot just before the fbi showed up at the johnson's mitchellville home. leslie johnson called her husband in a panic. their conversation also recorded by the fbi. >> you got the cash? >> uh-huh. >> okay. put it in your bra or something like that and walk out of there. >> reporter: back to the video. the prosecution says the developer seen giving johnson $1,500 in cash during this meeting. he takes it right of the desk. mosts later, it goes into his jacket pocket. johnson is also heard talking about his wife leslie who had just been elect the to the county council. the prosecution says jack made
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it clear leslie would position herself to help developers. >> you know, sometimes god works in mysterious ways too because all the white boys have been trying to figure out who is going to be the chairperson and leslie is going to take chair of the zoning panel. i told her to stay there about three years. >> reporter: the prosecution is trying to convince the judge to throw the book at jack johnson when he is sentenced. that is why they're highlighting moments like this one. prosecutors say it is another cash bribe. >> oh, okay. thank you. >> much more on that situation and, of course, we'll learn
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more as that story continues to develop. millions of people hitting the roads to the airways, the railways, all headed to their thanksgiving destination. let's head to the airport where stacy is. >> would you like a live look at reagan national in here you go. all is well right now. but what will it be later today. i'll give you a preview of what you can expect this holiday travel season when fox morning news continues. [ speaking french ]
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stacy cohan is down at reagan national airport so we thought we would show what you it looks like inside the concourse now. some folk getting an early start to the day as planes are getting ready to start leaving. >> probably a lot of people headed out yesterday too i would ma'am. >> maybe. >> yeah. i'm sure we'll see it pick up out there, also out on the roadways later on. >> you know, i think many of us, most of the time you look at the airport and you think i wish i was going somewhere. i have not flown an. a long time and i'm so glad i haven't. >> be glad. be very glad. >> they've taken the fun out of it certainly. >> taken a lot of fun out of it. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there as far as our rainfall goes. we'll start with hd radar. check it out. if you live to the east, you know what is going o it is rain, rain, rain. some of that rain is heavy now moving across portions of the lower chesapeake bay, eastern
5:31 am
maryland into southern maryland as well. now, much of the rest of the area not getting rain but i do want to mention there are sprinkles, there is drizzle, mist, a little bit of fog, all that kind of stuff going on as. we there are certainly problems across the region but the real rain and heavy rain is off to the east. right now, reagan national reporting a temperature of 60 degrees. relative humidity, 93%. your winds are out of the south at three miles per hour. those will definitely pick up as the day progresses. it will get rather gusty later this afternoon. all right. your forecast for today, lots of clouds around. more rain this morning. we'll get another batch of rain coming through a little bit later. could see a little bit of sunshine later on but then i think more rain later in the afternoon into the evening hours. your temperatures today will be falling during the course of the day. more coming up in just a little bit. >> let's check in with julie to find out what is happening on the road. >> wet pavement, road spray, a
5:32 am
little bit of fog, you name it, we've got it out here on the highways. travel look good as you work your way across the people headed to tyson's. no trouble spots to report right new on 395 leaving duke street headed out towards the 14th street bridge. that is still an easy go for you guys. allow extra time out there on the roadways. we do have accident activity reported if you are travel along 97 northbound at route 100. now receiving word of a crash on the northbound side of the bw parkway near route 100. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. well, it is the great getaway this morning. >> and millions of people are heading out of town for the holiday weekend. fox 5's stacy cohan is live at reagan national. stacy, i'm starting to see a few people walking around back there. >> there are a few people that are here. i'll step out of the shot he you can get a better idea. there are a few. this is a busier than normal
5:33 am
travel season. we do have the numbers from aaa and i can give them to you. it says aaa is reporting that there will be a 4% increase in folks traveling this year. that translates to over one million from the d.c. region. 92% of those, however, will not be in the airports. they will be on the roads and overall, the american usual association is expecting 42 million people to travel this holiday season. so what does that mean for you? if you are going to fly, it means the normal precautions, check to see that your flights are on time. if you have packages, make sure scherr -- they are unwrapped. for folks driving, they are also seeing a price increase. the average price of gas per gallon about is $3.42. that is up 20% from last year as well. and with 92% of people using the highways, that gives you some idea that it will be busy. busy is good news according to
5:34 am
aaa. that does mean that folks are for economic reasons finding some extra cash this year to make those trips to see friends and family here at reagan national airport and at dulles, they have volunteers available to you. some will be wearing yellow shirts. some will be wearing blue blazers. if you come here or need some extra assistance, we saw a woman with very small children and her things toppling over, there are some extra hand here at the airport to help you out. take a deep breath and think about the meal tomorrow. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. back to you guys. >> good idea. the police say she is quickly becoming a one-woman crime spree. they say within a matter of days, this woman, stephanie schwab has robbed two banks and robbed a female shopper at tysons corner. police say last friday she robbed a bank in manassas. no one was hurt. police are asking for the public's help to catch her. >> the public is instrumental in helping us. we have the vehicle out there.
5:35 am
we have the tag out there. we have a very good description. there are pictures. and so it is a matter of time. >> here is the tag number. investigators say that stephanie schwab was driving a stolen 2003 silver acura with these tags, xek 8095. if have you information, call police. the republican candidates faced off last night. >> reporter: newt gingrich opened the debate saying americans will forever be in danger of an attack and as a result, we should strengthen the patriot ask. >> we are trying to find somebody who may have a nuclear weapon they are trying to bring into an american city, i think you want to use every tool that you can possibly use to gather the intelligence. patriot act has clearly been a key part of that and i think looking at it carefully and
5:36 am
extending it and building and honest understanding that all of us will be in danger for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: herman cain agrees but takes it one step further. >> the terrorists have one objective that some people don't seem to get. they want to kill all of us. he we should use every means possible to kill them first or identify them first. >> reporter: ron paul says a tougher patriot act will undermine personal liberties. >> our government and our congresses are so willing to give up our liberties for our security, i have a personal belief that you never have to give up liberty for security. >> reporter: when it comes to protecting our borders, rick santorum is in favor of racial profiling. >> muslims would be someone you would look at, absolutely. those are the folk who -- the radical muslims are who are committing these crimes by and large as well as younger males. these are things that you profile. >> reporter: on the issue of nuclear weapons, mitt romney
5:37 am
says the u.s. should impose harsher sanction ozzie ron. >> right course in america is to stand up to iran with crippling sanctions for violating the geneva -- or the genocide convention. put in place the kind of criminalling sanctions that stop their economy. >> reporter: in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. arsenic in apple juice in those claims by tv's dr. oz certainly sparked debate. >> the food and drug administering has details on this. we are checking more headlines.   -- the food and drug administration has details on this. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. more civil death after a dave security deaths and violence in the iri can't. activists say at least 28 people were killed tuesday, same day a u.n. committee voted to condemn human rights violation by the syrian government. nearly 4,000 people have been reported killed in the last eight months. the syrian president is facing global pressure to end the military crackdown. new details from the fda about arsenic in apple juice. dr.oz started the debate.
5:41 am
the fda said 95% of the juice samples between 2005 and 2011 had low levels of the heavy metal. the agency now says there were eight samples, mostly from the u.s. that can contain high levels of arsenic. fda also made an about-face saying the arsenic they found was mostly inorganic, the exact opposite of what they had first said. thanksgiving in addition to your traditional turkey and meal also manes the macy's parade. up next being, we'll show you some rehearsals as they get ready to go tomorrow. >> i look forward to that par -- parade every year. >> the christmas tree with the golden touch. it is worth millions of dollars but not even close to a record. we'll explain and show you this wonderful tree coming up. plus, we're checking your weather and traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ male annou  the chicken marinara meltt
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don't rain on my parade. although it started to. that is what these youngsters said last night. they practiced in a downpour for the 85th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. good news is you practice in the rain and you get better weather for the actual main event. is it should not be raining there tomorrow. there is a slight concern about the wind gusts that could keep some of the massive parade balloons grounded.
5:45 am
certainly hope not. always one ever big draws of the parade. now, let's talk about christmas. it is not that far away. a christmas tree worth nearly two million dollars. take a look at this thing. a tokyo jeweler unveiled it tuesday. it is about eight feet tall, made out of 26 pounds of pure gold and decorated with gold hearts. the$2million tries tag is impressive but it doesn't come close to the record. last year arab hotel had and $11 mull ontree decorated with diamonds on display. oh, my gosh. can't you just have one of those little diamonds. >> there is some wealth in the world out there. >> that $11 million tree was in the middle east. go figure where wealth is shown off quite often. >> that is true. >> we have a wealth of rain. that is for sure. >> if that was currency, we'd be rolling in it. >> we have plenty of t particularly off to the east this morning. although most of the area is damp with some misty conditions
5:46 am
and the like. a lot of road spray out there. owe slow down your drive. let's start with hd radar. let's take a look at that. show you where the rain is and where the heaviest rain is at this hour. it is all off to the east. you can see it is continuing to pull away from the washington area. really during the last couple of hours, much of eastern portions of maryland were just inundated with heavy rain. that has pushed off to the east now moving across eastern maryland, easton into delaware down to our south. if you are in salisbury, getting a little heavy rain. i think you will get another batch of heavy rain coming through shortly. most of the rest of the d.c. area i'm not going to say is dry. but it is not raining. there arconditions out there. a little bit of drizzle, road spray and the like. still not out of the roads woods. we won't be for quite some time. let's take a look at the sentinel radar -- still not out of the woods. we talked about the complex nature of the weather system
5:47 am
we're dealing with. here is a frontal boundary that will be coming through later. you can see another band of rain forming there and filling in. this is going to be coming new here a little bit later on. we certainly have plenty of cloud cover and then the area of low pressure, that moves across the region. it will bring windy conditions into the area and some more showers later today. here is our futurecast doing a very good job of capturing the heavy rain to our east right now. we'll put it in motion for you. look at this. tucker was talking about this earlier. i agree with him. i think we'll actually get some sunshine later on today. this is suggesting late morning into the early afternoon but it will be brief and don't let it fool you. don't think i'm going to put the umbrella away. later on this evening, there is more shower activity. during the evening rush hour, if there is an evening rush hour today, the green indicates more wayne. after about 8:00, we start to clear out. it is windy and we set the stage for thanksgiving. the temperatures around the region right now, 60 degrees.
5:48 am
during the course of the afternoon, our temperatures will fall. your forecast for today looks like this. some morning showers, then some sun, then some afternoon showers. becoming windy. temperatures falling through the day. winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. for tonight, still quite breezy. still got the gusty wind. lots of clouds. could be an evening shower. after about 9:00, that all bins to clear out. tomorrow, we have a good a sunshine but it is cool, 56, a little bit breezy. friday, saturday, sunday look great. good a sunshine, highs in the 60s. now, let's get to julie wright and find out what is happening with traffic. >> all right. right now, sky fox is in the air. we are hoping to check in with them in just a few moments. if you are traveling around town, you will find that your lanes are open. if you are traveling northbound 395 here at duke street, no problems to report continuing up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. traffic flowing freely right now if you are traveling the beltway here at the american legion bridge. no incident to report. you will find however on the inner loop of the beltway,
5:49 am
we've got a five-car accident on the inlieberman here at 295, the baltimore-washington parkway. only the left leap is able to get through. now, the crew in sky fox, if we have that shot, we can pull it up. accident activity is where they are on 97 at route 100. the ramp partially blocked right now as you travel on the inner loop. hard to see through the dark. but again, tow truck is on the scene. they had this ramp completely shut down. that is no longer the case. some traffic is able to get by off of i-97 to exit onto route 100. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. football fans, you will have a full plate of touch match-ups on thanksgiving. join us now the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. how you doing? >> hello, tv. >> happy thanksgiving in advance. this is for me and i've been watching these games for years suffering through so many horrible detroit lions games. this may be the best set-up of thanksgiving day games that i can remember. >> yeah, going to be some great games.
5:50 am
typically detroit is horrible. we saw them explode offensively last week. i was just telling the boys, wouldn't be surprised if detroit wins that game tomorrow. i think green bay is favored by six, six and a half. short week for the green bay packers. i think detroit has a real shot the knocking them off. >> i'm one of the few that embraces tradition on thanksgiving day. i till like knowing i'm going to see detroit play on thanksgiving and dallas play and the detroit-green bay game, first time an up beaten teams that played on thanksgiving day in 50 years in the packers and i think the lions have a chance. we saw the green bay packers strug olympic defense last week against tampa bay and detroit has a much better offense. >> you haven't even mentioned the 8:00 game yet. that is the best game. the niner-ravens game. >> i'll be there. >> the niners have not allowed a 100-yard rusher in basically two years. they've only allowed nine rushing touchdowns in the last 26 games. so it will be very tough for ray rice to do his work.
5:51 am
if they can contain ray rice and make f pl. aco flow the ball. you insofar know what you're going to get. it will be a defensive battle. >> that means i i might have to bench ray raise for my fantasy team. >> how many picks for carlos rogers tomorrow? >> i hope seven. >> but you tell you what. he let one go through his hands in the arizona game when fitzgerald caught the touchdown. he still is second in the league in interceptions. having a great year. >> not going to be able to talk to you before the game on sunday. redskin, do they bounce back on sunday? >> i would have to say no. when your leading rusher for the redskins is still at this time tim hightower with 321 rushing yard and he has been out since the carolina game in week seven, you have a huge problem on the offense. >> we've lost six in a row. the seahawks would won two of the last three. they're he not very good but they beat the rav an two week ago. they beat the giants in october. i think our work is cut out for
5:52 am
us. >> no one wants to go play in seattle. i don't care how bad they are, how good you are, you do not want to play out there. >> it will feel like how it does around these parts these last couple of days. i want to talk about baseball. not only did we get the mvp's announced the last couple of days because the labor deal done. nfl took forever, nba took forever. major league baseball done in advance and now we have extra wild card teams actually one- game playoff. what do you think about that? >> i think it is great. it is the most stable league. you will be talking about 21 years of labor peace. adding in the extra wild card, they will be the first league to institute hgh testing which is huge. >> a lot of criticism for bud selig but he has got ain't lot of things done. >> i aloft people saying with the new system now, it might actually allow a team other than the a.l. east to get in that wild card position. we'll see what happens. we have to leave it there. you guys outdoors today because you are all bundled upeled up with the rain gear on this
5:53 am
morning? >> no, just the thermostat in here is always messed up. so we have to dress like we're broadcasting from a meat locker. >> you insofar know when a car is going to drive -- you never know when a car is going to drive through the building. >> that's true. it's been done before. >> enjoy the holidays. happy thanksgiving to all of you. >> you too. >> you got it.   we'll be right back.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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it is tony ray today. he owns his own computer business by the way. so he gets up really early every morning and checks outs our fan page. his son gets to sleep in until 7:00 when he turns on the show to see the forecast. so good morning and thank you for watching. we appreciate t. one. giants of film making has a new movie that comes out today. what you might not expect from a martin scorsese production is that the movie in 3-d. >> hugo is about a boy who secretly lives inside a paris train station and gets caught up in magical events. the director talked with kevin mccarthy about why he became fascinated with 3-d movie making and he says once the movie making transitioned from black and white to color, the next logical frontier became 3- d. >> color finally settled in but it was never taken seriously, never, until 1935 and even then only for musicals, westerns, comedies, that soft thing.
5:57 am
in 197 0rbgs every picture had to be made in color. there was a real problem to get raging bull made in black and white by 1979 only a few picture made in black and white and they were all hits. those worked out. let us do it in black and white. but in any event, why not then think further and it isn't as if you are doing something -- you are trying to recreate. you are tell a story and recreating life in a way. >> kevin mccarthy will join us in our next hour to talk about another big movie that is also opening this weekend, the muppets. >> kevin has been busy lately. we'll see him soon. stay with us. we'll see you toon soon too in two minutes -- we'll see you soon too in two minutes at the top of the hour. 
5:58 am
5:59 am
tomorrow is the feast. today the traveling. >> compared to last year, more people are heading out of town for the long thanksgiving holiday. we'll take a look at what


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