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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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50 and 55 miles per hour. they will be getting better. i think they have peaked and we're going to continue to see some gusts coming down and still, we have a gust to 32 miles an hour and this is putting a chill in the temperatures and thats says 51 and feels like 35. more on the thanksgiving holiday and what can you expect. and traffic starting to build in virginia. this is i-95 southbound on route 1 and can you see the trail of white lights out of town and on that road. the beltway at the american legion bridge, the same thing. slow motion, stop action and tops of taillights and headlights. no major incidents to report. >> the father of a georgetown university student under arrest
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at egypt said that high speak to his son. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is following this one now. what do you have to say? >> reporter: he said he's okay. from his home in missouri, kevin sweeney said that derek spoke with his family this morning but briefly. the sun reports that under the circumstances, being treated well in this egyptian custody and denies attacking egyptian police. for the second day, three american college students remained in custody after egyptian authorities claim that they threw makeshift explosives at police during anti- government protests. >> reporter: she is the mother of her son who is studying in cairo. she said the violent accusations against her son goes against what she knows of him. >> i remember him as a child and wanting his sib languages
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to get along and not one fighting, you know, just arguing fighting and let alone, fighting with violence. >> reporter: sweeney with gregory porter of drexel university and luke gates of indiana university, were shown on egyptian tv with items that police say were molotov cocktails. look gatess old guidance counselor hopes that he is safe. >> would that not be everyone's fear and i don't know that. he was not impulsive. >> reporter: officials did not respond. the u.s. state department issued a warning to americans in cairo. >> important to note that we do urge all u.s. citizens to avoid a demonstration in egypt. >> reporter: charges have not yet been filed against the three and that u.s. embassy officials were granted access. >> we were able to detain citizens earlier, i believe, and to -- our officials in kero reman in good cop-- close
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contact. >> reporter: the father said the son was taken into custody on a rooftop while watching the demonstration and denies throwing anything. >> tonight, the u.s. state department put out the emergency message and announcing the embassy staff will be able to leave egypt and they remain and are urged to avoid the demonstrations. >> officials will decide to get their hands full and release the students. is that a reality here? >> and there is a good question and it was mentioned at the briefing today. the smokes -- spokesman was asked in advance, thanksgiving is tomorrow and is there a possible of a gesture of goodwill from the military egyptian government to the united states? they would not delve into that deeply, but behind the scenes,
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it's highly likely, analysts tell us, there are no notions significant -- negotiations significant in all of us. official charge iss were not filed. -- charges were not developed. developing news in d.c. where a woman was carjacked with her baby inside. and this happened at a gas station. and took off with a baby. the suspect jumped out a few blocks away. the baby was not hurt. witnesses say the suspect got into another and took off. >> a monasses woman accused of two bank robberies and car jackings is on the run. we're learning more about the past. stephanie assault with a deadly weapon is a former -- stephanie schwab is a former gang member who testified for the government in a high-murder case. paul has more details. >> reporter: stephanie schwab is a witness to the prosecution in the 2003 murder of brenda
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paz, a toonager cooperating with authority when is she was found tabbed to death on the bangs of the shenandoah receiver. they were members of the same gang, ms -13 and lived together at one time. this is stephanie schwab as she looked tuesday when the 26-year- old held up a fairfax county bb&t bang and schwab is accused of robbing a monasses bang and carjacking a woman trying to do her a favor outside of the tyson's two neiman marcus department store last saturday. in the course of reporting the story, we learned that schwab was the critical wetness and spinning five hours on the witness stand and details the eninner she loved being in a gang, it was like an obsession and some online court records show offenses and nothing more serious than grand larceny charges. she was 19 years old when she
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testified and tonight, the police are looking for her still and in the 2003 acura she allegedly stole last saturday. the occupy d.c. group took over the hart office building on capitol hill today. a small group walked from mcpherson square chanting against government greed. >> and we are here to say. >> the demonstrators left peacefully. families get ready to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday and many are counting their blessings, even though struggling to make ends meet. earlier today, thanksgiving came early for thousands in need and that annual feast of sharing took place. she saw more people in need in recent years. >> and there is a lot of peak.
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they have a small on their face and you care about me will and that is overwhelming. >> across down in southeast d.c., mayor gray helped hand out free turkeys to families in need and plenty of hugs and thank yous. and similar giveaways took part in other parts of the city. this year than last, you add up the stuffing, the cranperries, trimming and desserts and it will cost a minimum and last year would have cost you $43.47, about 13% less. >> a new list of the worst airports in the country. how does dulles am extra holiday traffic? the list is coming up. and it -- . >> santana moss hopefully is coming back. he hasn't played since week 5 and broke his hand. people want to know will 89 get back in the mix? we'll have the answer for you coming up in sports. brian. and the edge is getting
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>> an admirable moment from last night's debate in washington. two republican presidential hopefuls say they favor profiling to pick out potential terrorists at the nation's airports. rick santorum and herman cain defended more patdowns for muslim manners the -- americans. he said they're the people likely to comet terrorism. ron paul strongly disagrees. >> it's not a people. this is a very careless use of words. what about this? sacrifice liberties because they're terrorists? you are the judge and jury? y in, they're suspects and -- they have changed. >> cain agreed with profiling certain people but wouldn't say which specific group he was talking about and prefers to call it targeted identification. checking on the airport
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delays tonight, some flights at reagan running about a half hour behind because of problems in the northeast. flights from boston's logan airport running more than an hour behind tonight. new york has delays of 38 minutes and this is video from laguardia, where flights are running about an hour and 20 minutes behind. >> an hour delay in san francisco. and no major problems in dulles international airport today. that didn't keep yet off of a new list of the one of the airports in the country. the daily beast crunched the numbers from the airport's council international counting the average delays, holiday performance, and security wait time. dulles, 13th on the list of the worst. reagan national, 23rd. bwi marshal, 15. jfk is number three, newark liberty, number two; chicago, o'hare. the worst when it comes to delays on that list. and the navy's blue angels are on the budget. hear why concern for the pilot is still ahead. and jimmy fallon has
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apologized for insulting michele bachmann. that may not be enough. they played a song derogatory towards women as she walked on to stage. the band said it was a spur-of- the-moment choice. bachmann said the network would have apologized if it happened to michelle obama. ama. cç
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>> flying hasn't been smooth for the navy's blue angels. they're celebrating 65 years and budget cuts are causing uncertainty and this is why some want the popular shows grounded. >> more color. >> throw yet out. >> what they do is breathtaking and takes a lot of skill. these are, let pilots, the
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navy's top guns. they grunt for a reason. the pilots fight the intense graphitational forces and keep from passing out when doing the high g-force maneuvers. >> the problem with the g-force is that the fluids in your body cool from the lower extremities. you will lose consciousness. >> reporter: and this is a serious concern. tragically ill straighted out of 2007 south carolina air show performance, where a pilot blacked out, crashed, and died. and with the physical demands of the job, there is added stress. >> the defense department is going to have to sustain up and make cuts over the coming years and blue angels could be a threat. >> reporter: the readers say most of them acted over tired service members and listed
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eliminating them. >> $3 million is nothing to look at and we need to be sure that money is doing what d.o.d. said it's doing and is that going out and convincing people? >> reporter: the blue angels captain believes his team is a valuable resource. he recalls when he was a boy, the dreams of becoming a blue angel. >> and i think was look most young kids, excited about aviation and the sound and speed and that thrilled me. >> cutting the blue angels has been suggested before and times of financial constraint. and they still around celebrating 65 years. the secretary of the navy seems to think that they're likely to fly through the latest round of budget. >> i think the blue angels, as ambassadors for not just the navy but the entire american military across the country and the world are simply
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inparalocalled and that we get more than our money's worth for what they do. >> reporter: rina hutchinson -- [ indiscernible ] >> started out balmy. >> the front came through and the temperatures were in the mid-60s and crash and burned here with the temperatures and the big, big winds and windier than we expected it and that is the strength departing and the huge pressure and we look to pennsylvania avenue, you can see the flag blowing in the breeze and with some guts -- gusts to 25, 30 miles an hour and each hour, that is going to get better. i would describe the overnight hours as on the breezy side. the showers are just about out of here and they're getting blown away. still, a couple of showers here and lingering across calvert county and extreme eastern portions of anne arundel and that this is in the form of
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sprinkles. a big and impressive deck of clouds that will be getting better. our travel problems came early this morning as the storm was coming through, which we expected about 3 to 6 in the morning and a lot of thunderstorms really bogged down the works and for some of the hub cities like new york and boston, you know. snow as well on the other side of the country. we also had some storminess, which i will show you here and there is nothing in the middle. believe it or not, no problems tomorrow and too bad we couldn't have our big travel day one day later. for thanksgiving, that is goings to be wall-to-wall sunshine and tomorrow, temperatures cooler than today and a few days this week. 56 to 58 degrees and all things considered, a very nice thanksgiving here and me while, the peak wind gusts at 50 to 30 miles per hour.
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39 at reagan; 47 at leesburg and dills, 43. looks like the wind advisory is until 10:00 and this includes frederick county and loudoun county and most points west and south until you get to garrett county. the wind gusts on the order of 50 to 55 miles an hour and this is peaking earlier in the day and some significant gusts. the temperature, or wind gusts at reagan is 32 miles an hour and 33 at fredericksburg; 25 for annapolis and 35 in martinsburg. it takes the temperatures that are in the low 50s and upper 40s, and makes them feel quite a bit colder and feels like the gusts not being picked up here in d.c., still, 51 and that is still feeling like it's in the 30s and colder than that and in many other spots. tonight, temperaturewise, even after the winds lighten up a bit, we're going to drop to 32 degrees in front royal,
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gaithersburg, 34; a real chill in the air early in the morning for fredericksburg and d.c. dropping to 39 degrees as skies clear out. our winds are going to get better out of the north- northwest at 15 to 25 and that is still blustery and still chilly and up to 57 degrees and this is your planner. lots of sun at 40 at 8:00 a.m. and noon, 53 degrees and to 5:00, 54 degrees and man on that chill as well and that is out of here for friday, saturday, and sunday and some temperatures into the mid-60s, thinkings a couple of showers on -- thinking a couple of showers are on monday and sunday. not just clouds but a couple of light showers late in the day on sunday very nice. >> welcome all of the out-of-up tokers. >> perfect. enjoy the d.c. chamber of commerce weekend. and in these tough economic times, more and more people
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struggling and those doing okay seem to be willing to help their neighbors and some workers collected a generous amount this year and that is the highest in 30 years. and light look live outside now. the holiday traffic is moving for drivers in and out of the district, on 395 north at the 14th street bridge and smooth sailing. lots of cars on the road in maryland and this is the beltway at new hampshire and also looks like smooth sailing as well and i might have to call out the left of the night. on the road and that looks good. drive safe, of course, buckle up and drive slow. he was a member of the redskins practice squad. the hometown kid who will make his debut against the -- in the nfl against the seahawks. and even the armed forces needed to have some fun every once in awhile. the soldiers in afghanistan figured out ho to shoot a plan out of their missile longer.
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the challenges -- launcher. the challenges are hard each day. day. 
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>> good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. the offense scored 24 points against the dallas cowboys. the most the offense scored all season and they came within two feet of winning that game and see graham ganoit in overtime. in the end, they lost. now six straight. i have good news. the santana moss sighting. he broke his left hand in week 7 against the panthers and sidelined ever since. 25 catches still ranked third on the team. he was back on the practice field and practicings fully. the question is, can we expect him on on sunday against the field and seahawks. >> i just wanted to take it day-
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by-day and i don't want to get my hopes up too high and i didn't want to you go crazy. i had to let metheme see me get the balls and, like i said, we can do some progress day-to- day. >> mike shanahan said barring a setback, he will play. evan royster promoted and will make the nfl debut against the sayo -- seahawks and he was drafted in the sixth round where he's the school's career rushing leader and imagine the reaction when the hometown kid received the news he would suit up on sunday for the burgandy and goal. >> and happy as can be. been waiting for this all year and i told everyone i was excited. i am going to be ready to play a nap. and that is probably not going to happen, you know, i'll be ready wherever they give me. >> watch him every day with
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that pass protection. when you run against the defense, you get to see someone's toughness in and see if they're ready to hit the hole at the right speed, you feel like he deserves a chance and one of the reasons why we drafted him is to give him an opportunity and we're going to give him an opportunity this weekend. >> and the maryland terrapins conclude their season on saturday and going to raleigh, 65 north carolina state, kickoff is at 12:30 and on fox 5. and the hoyas lost to number 49th-ranked kansas and today, had to face memphis who they found in a consolation bracket. facing memphis in the third game of the maui ini haveitational and the hoyas early and 17 in the first half. georgetown in front and 18-11. later in the first half, the freshman porter makes the steal
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and gets the return pass on the break and dunks yet home. the hoyas led by 5 at the half and trail by 6. brian, back to you. >> dave, thanks. thanks for joining us. 
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> they're selling anti-semitic vodka in new york city. >> a company hosted a billboard said christmas quality, hanukkah


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