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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 24, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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others just hours from throwing open the doors. but we begin tonight with that deadly crash. thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. a man became the victim of what police believe is a free accident even on a holiday. fox 5's roz plater working this one. >> still a mystery why this bizarre accident happened, but most of the victims were laborers looking for work to see their families. just after 1:00 in the afternoon in the parking lot of the hyattsville home depot something went terribly wrong. investigators say a man in his 60s was behind the wheel of this four-door sedan leaving the parking lot after discovering the store was closed. at the back end of that parking lot a half dozen men sitting or standing on a small island when the car suddenly accelerated and came barreling towards them. >> i'm not sure what happened with the driver. he passed out. he had some type of medical condition and he ended up
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driving veering off to the left and struck six people. reporter: the passenger in that car grabbed the wheel trying to veer away from the crowd, but instead it sent the car airborne then crashing into a wall. when the dust settled, victims were lying everywhere, one dead, five others seriously or critically injured. it was a shocking scene even for veteran officers. >> it was horrible. my guys were pretty shook up. you could tell on the radio it was pretty bad. reporter: friends of the victim who stopped by the accident site say one of the men struck is a contractor. the others are day laborers. times are so tight they were here looking for work even on thanksgiving. one of the men says earlier in the day he was standing in that exact same spot. >> everybody out looking for the job in the morning every day. all week and the weekends, too. reporter: it's hard. >> yeah, it's hard. it's slow. you have to find work.
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you have to take care of your family. reporter: police have not yet identified the man who died except we know he is 38 years old. they're also not saying much of what led to that medical emergency. still no word on what caused an explosion and building collapse in georgetown this afternoon. the blast blew out windows and brought down a wall in the 1400 block of wisconsin avenue. a special task force and canine unit checked inside the structure. neighbors say the property owner had been doing some construction recently and the blast was big enough to disturb the other building. >> it looks like just from peeking into the building it looks like my second floor storage and office, it got shaken up a little because i see windows lowered and boxes kind of like thrown around from outside. >> neighbors say the building used to house a clothing store before it underwent renovation. no one was hurt in the
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explosion. the hunt continues tonight for the person who kidnapped a 75-year-old man and forced him to withdraw cash from an atm in wheaton, maryland, yesterday afternoon. the victim was in the parking lot of giant food store in university boulevard when the suspect forced him into his car, then drove him around for hours making him take out money at an atm. the suspect eventually drove tie metro station where he got out and dis-- to a metro station where he got out and disappeared. the victim drove home and called police. police in northern virginia still trying to track down a woman wanted for two bank robberies and a carjacking. these are pictures of stephanie schwab as they robbed a bb&t -- she robbed a bank in bb&t bank in fairfax county and held up a woman in a parking lot of tysons 11 last saturday. schwab was a high profile witness in a murder case involving the ms-13 gang a year ago. a developing story out of egypt. an egyptian court ruled three
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american students held in cairo including one from georgetown university can be set free. at the same time protesters in tahrir square are trying to hold their ground. fox's amy kellogg has more. reporter: an egyptian court orders the release of three american students held in cairo, derrik sweeny, luke gates and gregory porter were accused of throwing firebombs in tahrir square. now family members say while they held on for a peaceful resolution, they're glad everyone is freed. >> i know when we talked to luke yesterday morning, he was very scared, very upset. he was at the police station. they were making arrangements to take them back to their dorm and i've made a flight arrangement to have him home tomorrow. we're just ecstatic. we're just so happy, so happy for the other boys as well and their families. reporter: military officials
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jeaning protesters' demands -- rejecting protesters demands they immediately step down. they add parliamentary elections will be held on schedule. rulers continue to apologize for the deaths of dozens of pro democracy protesters and vow to prosecute those responsible. those occupying tahrir square remain defiant promising to stay put until the army steps down. translator: god willing this truce will continue as it is now. i can see that everyone is standing together without any disagreement regardless of their beliefs and we are here waiting because if anyone gets through and does anything, there could be problems. reporter: continuing protests in cairo and other egyptian cities are posing the gravest challenge to that country's military rulers since president hose any mubarak was overthrown in -- hosni mubarak was underthrown in february. >> one of the students arrested
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was george sweeny from georgetown university. his mother's reaction tonight at 11:00. >> we could not have asked for a more beautiful day, blue skies, mild temperatures. it's getting chilly, though, right now. so grab a count if you're heading out for all those midnight dials. gwen tolbart is in the weather center with the details tonight. >> hi. we had an absolutely fabulous day today, couldn't have asked for anything better. let's look at our maps, a range of high pressure in control dominating our skies and keeping the clouds at bay leaving us with clear skies into the course of tonight. it's 49 degrees now at national airport, light southerly wind and the winds were gusty earlier today. we're finally getting a break in the wind department, humidity 71%. our highs today above the seasonal average, at least 6 to 7 degrees. we reached 61 at national, the same at dulles and 60 degrees at bwi airport. right now it's 48 degrees at
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national airport, 42 degrees at dulles. we've got 46 at baltimore, 46 to the south at fredericksburg and not too chilly for the late night shoppers. black friday shoppers by midnight it will be around 45 degrees as they get ready to head in for those bargains. your overnight low will be 38 degrees, cooler in the burbs in the low 30s. the skies will stay clear, a light westerly win flow and as we head into the weekend, things -- wind flow and as we head into the weekend, things aren't looking too bad at all. we'll have a look later as well as that all important five-day forecast as we head into grande new week. a brand-new week. all right. take a look at the most dedicated shoppers in maryland. this is the best buy on shady grove road in gaithersburg. we found people camped out at 6:45 this morning just to be first in the store on black friday. they even brought along the family dog. maureen umeh is going to leave
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and go out there after the news tonight. >> no, i'm not. >> okay, maureen. best buy opens at midnight tonight. well, the wait is almost over for black friday shoppers. some stores are already open and many others open at midnight. paul rafael is live at the best buy in fairfax which is open all night of. reporter: just like the best buy you were talking about, this one has a very big line. it reminded me kind of like a tailgate earlier. they had tents up, music playing. they even showed a movie. now the tents are down because they are building up to get that rush inside. the store opens at midnight. people have been waiting in line for hours. the person who is first in line i talked to had been waiting there since wednesday morning. best buy officially waited till midnight and black friday to open, but that wasn't the case for many other stores in our area. many of them opened today on
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thanksgiving with the hope of enticing people to get some barring aims early and it worked. people -- bargains early and it worked. people were at k-mart as early as 6 a.m. and by midafternoon some of the deals of the day were already gone and at toys r us they opened a little later, 9 p.m. we visited their store and watched a huge flood of people go in, very excited to get their toys r us deals and it was safe to say that they didn't lose any enthusiasm by shopping a day early. >> so we came here last night and we drew out a map of everything we want. so we're ready to go. we have a game plan. we have teams broken up and we know exactly where we're going to go and we have a point to go cash out. reporter: so a map, a rendezvous spot, people don't take this lightly out hire black friday shopping. people are still coming in here and everyone else is kind of
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getting to wait to get their best buy at best buy. maureen. >> look, i'm going to take this one because i don't understand. i see the lady there talking about a map and teams and all this stuff. are the deals really that good i cannot foresee me ever doing this? reporter: i think so. i think the big thing is the electronics. toys r us, that laid was very enthusiastic -- lady was very enthusiastic doesn't get the lowdown of some of their deals. i've heard some amazing deals on electronics, half price, even lower on some of the tvs they're offering, but it's for the people who got those elite spots at the front of the line. so the people showing up now won't get those amazing deals. >> paul, thank you. remember, don't come back empty handed, okay? reporter: i'll get something for all of you. >> we'll hold maul to that. thanks for braving that out -- paul to that. thanks for braving that out there. one group, if they had their way, they would do away with all the shopping tomorrow.
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a campaign called occupy black friday is trying to encourage shoppers to boycott major retailers the day after thanksgiving. a message on the group's facebook page says corporations control politics and hurt the consumer. we'll see how much traction they get with that one. montgomery county wants this year's black friday to be green friday. they're asking all holiday shoppers to use their own reuseable bags instead of plastic bags. the county's bag tax goes into effect january 1st. it will cost you five cents for both paper and plastic bags in retail and grocery stores. her story serves azan speirings to millions, but gabby giffords says -- as an inspiration to millions, but gabby giffords says she's the one that's been inspired. 
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords surprised troops at an air force base in tucson today in one of her first appearances since being wounded last january. giffords was joined by her husband mark kelly to help serve thanksgiving dinner. fox's james rosen has more. >> ma'am, you're an inspiration
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to the community, to the base and to the nation. >> thank you. reporter: gabrielle giffords helping serve thanksgiving dinner to service members and retirees at davis-monthan air force base in her hometown. it marked the arizona congresswoman's first constituent event since being shot in the head last january during a meet and greet with constituents outside a tucson supermarket. for the holiday gathering gifford sported a baseball cap and apron with her nickname gabby sewn on front. she was joined by her husband mark kelly, retired astronaut, the congresswoman using only her left hand as she served turkey continues to undergo a robust rehabilitation program in houston. her husband supported giffords on her left side and helped serve ham to the troops. >> we have a lot of members unfortunately that sustained battle injuries and they're dealing with a lot of the same issues that the congresswoman and her family has had to deal with. reporter: base officials had originally asked a member of gifford staff to take part in the dinner, but when gifford found out, she decided she
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wanted to -- giffords found out, she decided she wanted to go herself. >> these airmen, a lot of them 19, 20 years old, the first time away from home during the holidays and to have her here as part of our family to let them know they're home with their family now and we're serving them great meal and to have the comradery and be part of this day is just an amazing thing. reporter: giffords has earned a reputation as a strong supporter of soldiers, veterans and their families. earlier this year she was named honorary military spouse of the year by the national magazine military spouse. in washington james rosen, fox news. news. president obama spent part of his holiday wishing americans a happy thanksgiving. the president also gave a special thanks to the men and women serving their country overseas. >> to all the service members eating thanksgiving dinner far from your families, the american people are thinking of you today. when you come home, we intend to make sure that we serve you as well as you're serving america. >> this morning president obama
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called 10 members of the armed services. the president thanked each one of them for their service and sacrifice. we know there's an old saying an army lives on its stomach, so when thanksgiving rolls around, the united states army has a reputation to live up to. as fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports from ft. meade maryland, many soldiers this year are thankful to be back in the states. reporter: if you think you've got a small army to feed at your house, well, meet u.s. army colonel ed rolf steen, just back from afghanistan, the colonel is garrison commander of ft. meade in maryland. he said overseas are here on base serving a first class thanksgiving is a major mission for an army at war. >> there's a lot of stress put on us being away from family and friends, but in truth the resiliency of being there with my comrades, you do the best you can. reporter: the army like any family has its traditions.
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one of the oileddest is having the entire senior leadership -- oldest is having the entire senior leader shill don their dress uniforms to serve their soldiers. -- leadership don their dress uniforms to serve the soldiers. >> it was really great. i was intimidated, usually not intimidated by the people that serve you food. >> this is the best thanksgiving way from home. this is really good food. reporter: even for the u.s. army serving thanksgiving dinner for 750 people is a big job and that comes with an equally big shopping list. ft. meade won the award of the top dining facility in the army this year. >> had to get 400 pounds of turkey, 200-pounds of ham, 140 pounds of roast beef, about 150 pies. reporter: while many would rather be closer to home, they know many of their fellow soldiers are even further away in harm's way. >> it's a tradition of my
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family's to be in the service. so i wanted to join myself and it's actually really good. >> i still have that longing to be with my family. i just graduated. i'm here for ait training. so i'm not used to all this moving around and stuff. reporter: a reminder how even in the army a small taste of turkey can bring a small taste of home. at ft. meade tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> thanksgiving dinner arrived early this morning for troops in afghanistan. packed in boxes to keep it warm in the cold kunar province. the top commander in the region came by helicopter to wish the troops a happy holiday and while they ate they could still hear gunfire in the distance, but one sergeant said having each other for company kept them in good spirits. this will be the last thanksgiving in iraq for most american troops based there. they'll be home by the end of the year, but today they had their thanksgiving lunch inside an operation base and they're talking about the contributions the u.s. has made there since
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2003. >> i really think america, we have left a great legacy here and even when we pull out and we will see it once we leave on how these guys will still continue on doing missions and taking charge of their country. >> there's still about 20,000 troops left in the country leaving at a rate of about 1,000 soldiers per day. so even though they have to be away for thanksgiving, many u.s. soldiers are expected to be home in time for christmas. j.k. rowling and cienna miller are two of the big names that say the british tabloids have gone too far. plus a tragedy as a father and three young children crashes and explodes, staying on top of the developments next. 
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six people are dead after a small plane crashed in arizona last night. the pilot and his three young children and two other adults
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were on board the twin engine plane when it slammed into the superstition mountains east of phoenix and then exploded. the pilot owns a small aviation company in southeastern arizona. he had just flown to mesa to pick up his kids for thanksgiving, no word on what caused the crash. author j.k. rowling and actress sienna miller are calling for stricter control over the latest press. they are the latest to testify in the wake of the news of the world phone hacking scandal. the tabloid which has since shut down was part of news corporation, the parent company of fox 5. fox's laura ingall has the latest from london. reporter: an inquiry into media standards getting an earful from those affected by the still unfolding scandal over illegal eavesdropping by rupert murdoch news of the world. the committee set up by prime minister david cameron is trying to get an idea of what needs to be done to protect all citizens from privacy invasion. actress sienna miller says she
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couldn't understand how some very private details were getting out to the public. >> it just seems so intensely paranoid to assume that your house is bugged or you're being listened to somehow. it just seemed so extreme especially considering that i changed my number so many times and it still happened. reporter: miller's lawyer mark thompson believes the phone hacking extends beyond the news of the world and is common industry practice. >> i think it's across the board really, but mainly nonbroad sheet newspapers, so red top and tabloid newspapers of. reporter: author j.k. rowling telling the group she had to move after published photographs revealed the location of her home. >> it's incredibly threatening. it feels threatening to have people watching you. >> i don't see why it is in the public interest to know exactly where i live. i mean clearly i can't have an
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invisibility cloaking device for myself or my house, nor do i wish to. reporter: this first part of the inquiry is investigating practices in ethics of the british press in general. the second part will examine the extent of alleged unlawful activities by journalists. that part is not scheduled until detectives complete their investigation and any prosecutions have concluded. in new york laura ingall, fox news. everyone is looking for a good deal, especially on black friday, but how can you tell if it's a deal or a rip-off? fox 5 investigates how you can spot a fake coming up next.
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let's call this a perfect blue sky holiday. many people who would have gone without a thanksgiving dinner found a welcome feast through the generosity of others. fox 5's dick krantz has the story. reporter: policeman, firemen and other public service workers found a gourmet meal waiting for them at the four seasons hotel in georgetown.
10:30 pm
their hosts included an indian maiden, 200-pound turkey and a pilgrim father. it was dinner on the may flower, not the pilgrim's boat but a moving van decked out for a feast. >> while this is an event we started 12 years ago and it was really intended to say thank you to all the public servants in washington, about 300 meals here will be served on the may flower on the van and about 200 meals to go. >> today is all about the community. it's all about giving back to those individuals who give so much to us and to everyone else. this is doing our small part. reporter: aside from the meal what else were people thankful for today? >> thankful to be alive. a lot of us have been in situations worse than most people can imagine. so i'm happy to be here, happy to be healthy. >> thankful for my family, my friends, my co-workers and to be employed. >> i'm really thankful for the sacrifice that our men in uniform, our men and women in
10:31 pm
uniform, are doing overseas keeping our country safe. reporter: another thanksgiving dinner at elks lodge 85 served veterans, the homeless and senior citizens. macy o. jones has organized this dinner 32 years. >> you'd be surprised how good it makes me feel when i know i can hand somebody a bag of food or a plate of food and necessity say thank you and i say you're welcome -- they say thank you and i say you're welcome. reporter: tom owens is a vietnam war veteran. >> difficult when nobody seemed to like us when we came back. now they want to accept us. a lot of us it might be too late for, because they've already passed away. so maybe they'll accept us now. reporter: from d.c. northwest, dick krantz, fox 5 news. a driver in upper marlboro is giving thanks told for two good samaritans. she was -- today for two good
10:32 pm
samaritans. she was involved in a three- vehicle crash this morning. her car burst into flames. she couldn't get out. that's when two men who witnessed the crash pulled her to safety. the woman and one of the other drivers were taken to the hospital for treatment. now to a fox 5 investigation you need to see before you start your holiday shopping. we're always looking for a bargain, aren't we, especially on designer goods, but high end products at rock bottom pricings are sometimes too good to be true. fox 5 -- prices are sometimes too good to be true. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick has more on how you can spot a fake. reporter: gucci, chanel, loui vitton, tiffany's, design labels in high demand and the counterfeiters know it. immigrations and custom enforcement agents seized a semi truck of watches, clothing
10:33 pm
and handbags. >> it's a whole organization starting with the manufacturers through the importers and distributors down to the vendors of. reporter: this tape is worth about $3 million. i.c.e. says counterfeiting and related crimes have grown in size and sophistication. sometimes the combs are so good they're hard to spot. >> -- combs are so good they're hard to spot. -- copies are so good it's hard to spot. >> we need to make sure we are getting an authentic handbag and selling an authentic handbag. reporter: before her consignment boutique any secondhand designer bag gets a thorough background check. >> it's designer has a set of rules and regulations and they have serial dates and codes. reporter: can you tell the difference? here's two loui vitton bags about $1,200 each retail. first the bag on the left. >> this one they've used a
10:34 pm
canvas lining. reporter: then the bag on the right. >> they had the logo where it's supposed to be. they have a good quality of the leather handles and the heavier zipper. everything looks really good. reporter: but it's this bag on the right that's the fake. >> this is probably one of the best knock-offs that we've had. reporter: even though there's a serial code on the inside, cheap lining and a poorly attached inside tag, the give- aways. next check out these classic chanel bags, almost identical, but only the lilac one is the real thing. >> does it have a leather lining? does it have a fabric lining? where's the serial number? reporter: the black bag has a plastic lining. >> chanel would never use a plastic lining in their bag. reporter: both gucci bags are bogus, sloppy stitching on the underside of the strap tells the truth. >> it's a tricky thing these days of. reporter: before you fall for a rock bottom price be ready to play detective. inspect stitching carefully.
10:35 pm
red flags are uneven edges or loose threads. look at the logos. they should line up even on seams and never be cut off. check the hardware. does it have good weight? is it fastened instead of glued? then try the zipper. it should open and close smoothly and, of course, trust your instinct. while it may be tempting to buy a knock-off, there's a much bigger cost. >> this hurts americans. americans lose jobs because people are counterfeiting merchandise. u.s. industries lose revenue which they would use in turn to hire people. so it's hard economic impact on the u.s. reporter: quite a price to pay for a cheap bag, melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. lots of people are spreading more than holiday cheer this season and while there's no cure for the common cold, you can ease the symptoms. find out how next. plus incredible video of a shopper crash and tonight the man a -- chopper crash and
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tonight the man flying it is speaking out.
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we'll make your first month's payment. the pilot of a helicopter that crashed in new zealand yesterday says he is ready to nye again. greg gribble was flying the chop -- fly again. greg gribble was flying the chopper helping install a christmas tree when the chopper's blade hit a cable. gribble was nearly thrown from the helicopter that slammed into the ground. >> it's attached to the floor of the aircraft and that basically all must have just slid around inside it, thrown me out, directly back in and had gone over backwards. >> it was sped out by the roses. >> you know, if i wasn't wearing that, it would have been all over. >> gribble walked away with cuts and bruises if you can imagine that. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 more details how you can score the best deals as black friday begins early, plus two of the best local high
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. most wonderful time of the year can also be a sniffling, sneezing, aching time of the year, too. fox's laura ingall checks out some tried and true remedies for the common cold. reporter: it's that time of year again when the weather dips down and cold season revs up. >> the common cold is usually caused by rhinovirus and other airborne viruses that cause a collection of symptoms such as a stuffy nose, post nasal drip, sore throat often from coughing
10:44 pm
and usually low grade temperatures. reporter: dr. hallas says a cold lasts five to seven days and could trigger secondary infection like strep throat, that mean ya and ear, sinus and -- pneumonia and ear, sinus and lung infection. there is no cure for the common cold but many remedies claim to make you feel better faster like echinacea. >> very popular. there's not a tremendous amount of evidence that it actually is beneficial. it doesn't seem to be harmful in any way, but there isn't a tremendous amount of data that it actually is preventing or helping the cold leave faster. reporter: what about your grandma's chicken soup? >> there is actually some nice data that shows chicken soup is more than just a comfort food, that there really is something inherent within the ingredients that may have some antioxidant and maybe even some anti bacterial activity. reporter: a lot of people turn to vitamin c, but does it work? >> again not a tremendous
10:45 pm
amount of data that the large doses of vitamin c are actually going to prevent your coal or make your cold end -- cold or make your cold end shorter. reporter: how about humidity? >> humidity helps our body to keep our airways moist as well as soothe if we're coughing. additionally a lot of humidity in the environment makes it harder for the cold viruses to actually travel. reporter: taking zinc when you're feeling under the weather can help you feel better fast. >> zinc actually happens to be my favorite out of all these because there is some very nice studies, one out of cleveland, one out of dartmouth that, shows zinc can decrease the duration of your cold by 42% of. reporter: colds can make you feel miserable, so the doctor says prevention is actually the best medicine. >> wash your hands regularly. wash common surfaces. stay home if you're not feeling well so you're not
10:46 pm
contaminating others. moderate form of exercise. keep well hydrated and a good balanced nutritious diet of. reporter: i'm laura ingall, fox news. >> a beautiful day in new york for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. millions of people lined the streets to watch as it marched into harold square. the parade featured more than 40 balloons, 27 floats and hundreds of clowns including wisdom martin. ha ha. the balloons made their debut along with the fan favorites like buzz lightier, spider-man and snoopy. >> i know you didn't mean that. if you guys could only see what was happening during the commercials. >> we have a good time. we're feeling even better because the weather was so nice
10:47 pm
today. >> the weather was fabulous. >> do it again tomorrow. >> we may just do it again tomorrow, okay. a really nice look outside right now, skies really clear out there. we had some gusty winds earlier today, but that has now changed. the winds are very calm and a really nice night. -in control. that gave us all the great -- high pressure in control. that gave us all the great sunshine. more sunny days ahead in my five-day forecast i'm happy to say, temperatures above average and we've got a cold front on the way. we'll watch that because that will be a weather changer. highs today 61 degrees at national, the same at dulles, 60 degrees at bwi. these temperatures from 6 to 7 degrees higher than the average norm for the day. we did very well. it's 48 degrees now at national airport, a light viral win, humidity 74%. elsewhere -- light wind,
10:48 pm
humidity 74%. elsewhere 39 winchester, martinsburg 46 degrees and 48 degrees at frederick. as we head up the eastern seaboard, 38 degrees for boston this hour, 50 degrees in new york city, 41 to the south at raleigh. our skies doing very well, a ridge of high pressure in control. so we've got clear conditions through the next day or so. that ridge of high pressure makes a big difference. anybody headed out west that you know for thanksgiving? they dealt with a little wet weather still hitting areas of the pacific northwest and snow in the mountains. the southwest seeing a little bit of rain, a few clouds across the upper midwest and you can see where this ridge of high pressure is controlling the mid-atlantic and areas south. tomorrow it continues pleasant, that ridge of high pressure still in control. it kill gradually start to slide off the coast -- it will gradually start to slide off the coast, temperatures in the 60s and no shortage of sunshine.
10:49 pm
it's going to be really nice tomorrow. here's your day planner. by midday, sunny, 63 degrees and if you're heading out tonight, one of those late night shoppers, expect around midnight to be around 45 degrees, not too chilly. we'll see clear skies continuing as well for tonight. overall your overnight low will dip down to 38 degrees. it will be a little chillier in the burbs, low 30s, westerly wind flow 5 miles an hour and tomorrow the winds will push in from the southwest at 5:00. we're still keeping those temperatures up there, senator sunny pleasant day, double 6's, not all bad. the frontal system will head towards us moving to the end of the weekend. so we're looking at a few showers by the time we head into sunday. that will linger through into monday. we've got a stronger system that's going to pull through. keep the umbrella handy. we dry out tuesday. we'll be cooler behind that frontal system from the 66
10:50 pm
degrees tomorrow to tuesday to the 50-degree mark, budget as we head into friday and saturday and the majority of sunday we're still looking great. >> thank you, gwen. this is your local nissan dealers know your opponent. >> this sunday the redskins will travel to the pacific northwest as they face the seattle seahawks. >> fox 5 sports director dave feldman put another redskins player to the test about the emerald city in this week's know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host, dave feldman. >> know your opponent with dam carriker from kennewick washington air. are -- with adam carriker from kennewick, washington. did you grow up a seahawks fan at all? >> a little bit. i grew a husk irfan to be honest with you. reporter: you -- husker
10:51 pm
unanimous to be honest with you. reporter: you ready? >> yes. reporter: it's the largest coffeehouse company in the world, 17,000 stores, first store was in seattle where the company remains headquartered. >> starbucks. reporter: was that insulting? >> no, it's not. reporter: 1-1. what is taller, seattle's space needle or the washington monument? >> space needle. reporter: that's correct. the space needle is 605, the monument 555. >> i've seen them both and it seemed a little bit taller. reporter: washington state produces more blank than any other state in the union. i'm going to give you three choices. >> yeah. can i just say it and see if i'm right? reporter: okay. >> apples. reporter: the bonus point, didn't even need the choices. >> behind my parents' house where i group there's an apple orchard. they're all over the place of. reporter: the seahawks have a
10:52 pm
ceremony before each game with a flag bearing what number is raised? >> 12. reporter: why? >> because they're raising the 12th man. reporter: you're on fire. seattle has a reputation for rain and indeed it has the fourth most rainy days of any major u.s. city. name me just one of the top three and your clue is two of them are nfl cities. >> do i get a lifeline or something? i have two in my head, but one is not an nfl city. portland? reporter: no, it's not portland. >> miami? boston? reporter: starts with a b. >> buffalo. reporter: correct. >> got you of. reporter: buffalo, rochester and cleveland get more rainy days than seattle. >> that's a very hard question. >> you didn't want me to go 5- 5. i don't get the prize? reporter: you don't but you did very well. >> appreciate it. thank you.
10:53 pm
>> did you know all those? >> some of them. >> i'm sure you did. >> but you had an advantage. you've lived in seattle. i'm just telling all your business. maybe not. moving on. a holiday tradition is celebrating major milestone this year. >> a behind the scenes look at washington ballet's 50th anniversary performance of the nutcracker. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. ♪
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a holiday tradition is celebrating a major milestone this year. it is the 50th anniversary of the washington ballet nutcracker. fox 5's stacey cohan gets a look behind the scenes. reporter: inside these well worn sneakers are the feet of a phenom. >> that networks musically. reporter: the washington ballet's artistic director
10:57 pm
since 1999 earned a reputation as a dynamic dancer and an outstanding advocate for the arts, a man who very nearly leapt into a different occupation entirely. inside these floors are the feet of ballet's future. >> dancing makes me happy because when you're feeling upset, you can just dance and feel relaxed and then you come home happy. reporter: his happiness comes courtesy of the scholarship program. both he and kennedy jackson dance at the arc in southeast washington. >> when you dance it makes you feel so calm like they make you feel graceful. let's calm down today if you're having a really bad day. reporter: all those pirouettes are funded largely by the nutcracker performances which bring in the bulk of washington
10:58 pm
ballet's budget and while admitting he's glad it only comes once a year, weber manages to channel the children's excitement. >> to see a little mouse grow up to be a party child and then move to be a toy soldier and her aspirations of being clara one day. >> clara is the child in the ballet who gets a toy nutcracker that becomes the subject of magical dream scapes on christmas eve, not so unlike the magic in the mind of a city kid dreaming of becoming a professional dancer. >> i want to be an adult that doesn't like sit on the couch and do nothing, watch tv all the time, just get out and have fun. reporter: or the vision of a ballet veteran who believes everyone who has roots in the city should have equal access to flying high. >> that's good.
10:59 pm
without the wings, without the imagination to soar, life is lacking something special and we provide those wings. that is a good question. i just want more art in the world. reporter: stacey cohan, fox 5 news. >> the news keeps coming. wisdom martin now with the news edge at 11:00. it's that time of year. the black friday rush getting started earlier than ever this year, some stores open all day this thanksgiving holiday. toys r us is already open for two hours, wal-mart throwing open the doors an hour ago and target, best buy, macy's opening in less than 60 minutes. fox 5's paul reza has been out in the early holiday rush. reporter: it is crazy out here at the best buy in fairfax, virginia. all the shoppers are patiently waiting for that store to open at midnight, but not all


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