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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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one way to work offer the thanksgiving calories. >> brave the day after thanksgiving crowds. take a look at this video a viewer posted. it was the midnight rush in at the h & m store in tysons corner. just one snapshot of what has been going for hours. we're live this morning on all the black friday madness do you believe that? >> i hope no one got hurt during that. we knew it would happen. a gormtown university student and two others arrested in -- a georgetown university student and two others arrested in egypt will be on their way home soon. we are starting you off way live look from sky fox on this november 25th, 2011. they are over the staples on leesburg pike in the tyson corner area. that store just about to open
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its doors. do we see a line of folks there? they just went inside, we understand. they just opened the doors. there was a line of eager shoppers waiting to go in and that will be the case for a lot of stores today. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm matt ackland. >> the h & m store -- >> that was madness. are you kidding me? >> they had to be giving away something. >> it is like what's the deal. >> i would pay money not to be in that crowd. that was rough. >> there were december a couple hundred people. >> i hope everyone was okay because that did not look safe. >> this was a stampede. >> i wonder what they had in that store. >> that's what i'm saying. let's get right to the weather forecast. my job is easy. it will be beautiful. if you get a chance, go for a nice little walk today. it will be one of the nicest days. our temperatures will be well
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into the 60s with a lot of sunshine. just amazing all the way from new york down to washington. philadelphia down towards richmond. as we look out to the west, out towards cleveland, i can't show you any clouds. never miewpped any rain showers or snow. this pat were is very quiet. we have high pressure intact. that will keep things very quiet around here for a few more days. -- never mind any rain showers or snow. it looks like rain returns by the second half of sunday. 41 at reagan national. much of the area at or below freezing. check out dulles, 30. it will be on the chilly side to start but once the sunshine gets out, the atmosphere should warm quickly. we'll be well into the 60s with sunshine. so it will be a beautiful afternoon. just a few clouds, 64 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and a dry afternoon. >> sounds good. thank you. let's check in on the traffic and see how things are out there. willmar is with us today. what are you soo something. >> this whole black friday thing just phac enates me. i want to take another look
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from tyson's corn are at the staples there. -- this whole black friday thing just fascinates me. everybody is in a rush to get in there. the arguments about parking space. and some are also a little bit sleepy i'm assuming after all that turkey yesterday. everybody inside the staples now. let's head over to traffic land. we had an accident in frederick, 355 northbound lanes near the entrance to the francis scott key mall. that has cleared. 270, no problems for you out of frederick in toward the beltway. you should be running pretty smoothly. no accidents are incidents reported. beltway look good in maryland and virginia. 395, 95, no problems for you. hov restrictions are in effect.
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metro on a regular schedule today. marc is closed. vre on a holiday schedule. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a shooting at a hospital parking lot. this happened late last night at the university of illinois chicago medical center. one woman was shot. we have no word on her condition. police say the shooter is her ex-boyfriend. they are still searching for him. at last word, the hospital was still on lockdown. closer to home, violence on one d.c. streets that authorities investigating a shooting and stabbing. d.c. police say a man was shot in the 1300 block of columbia road northwest around 1 charleston 25 this morning. they say of his a robbery victim. then about 40 minutes late are, a man was fond stabbed in the 1700 block of columbia road. no word tonight or this morning for the two crimes are related. you know, plenty of people spend today shopping and by
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this hour, some intrepid shoppers may have wrapped things up already. >> i'm still trying to get over the video we just saw. at tyson's corn are, things got kicked off at midnight. let's go to sherry ly who is right in the middle of everything. have you seep that video yet? >> reporter: no, i haven't. talk about insane. call people here crazy but i tell you, what you are right here when the store opens at midnight, get the best of all the deals. and a lot of the people would were here, they have packed their bag into their cars, this home sleeping it all off right now. the full opening time was midnight but they did open the doors a few minutes early because there were so many people here. and this year, you really have a lot of savvy shoppers. take a look at some of the apps that are out there right now. there are all kind of apps that will map out all of the best deals and the ads this year and then allow you to sort of map out which stores you are going to go to. who has the best prices and all those great things.
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it you take a look at the mall out here, you can see there are plenty of shoppers. we are told there were 15,000 to 20,000 people waiting at midnight outside tyson's corn are center this -- corner cent they -- center this morning to get in the door. some people sitting down having a little breakfast and coffee getting their second wind. for a lot of people this year, it is all about finding the right bargain. despite the economy and everything that is going o they are expecting sales to increase a little bit this year but people are really looking for that good deal. >> they're progressive conservatival shoppers. they know what they want. they know where they're going to get it. they also know the experience they want to have when they're shopping for it. you combine all that and our retails are have really figured out a way to accommodate them and do what they ask for. and this is a very
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important day for retailers. they don't call it black friday for nothing. this is traditionally the day when stores start to turn a profit going from the red into the black. but interestingly enough, experts say, despite the deals out there for black friday, this is not necessarily the best time to get the best price. a lot of the items on black friday tend to be small are appliances, lower end items at good prices but if you want some of those higher end items, what the experts say, it is the week right after thanksgiving when you get the best deals there and then try not to shop just before christmas because a lot of the price for toys and things shoot right back up because they know the shop everys that are last minute are desperate to get what they can find. so that is the latest here at tysons corner. back to you. >> all right. be controlling on cyber monday. thank you. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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welcome back. three u.s. students arrested in egypt may be coming home soon. an egypt january court ordered their release yesterday. it is still uncheer when they will return to the u.s. the americans including georgetown student derek sweeney were arrested in cairo sunday. they are accused of throwing a molotov cocktail at police during the protests. meantime, protestors in cairo vow to stay in tahrir square until the general running the country steps down. military rulers have so far rejected those demands. but they did reaffirm a first round of eelectrics would be held on time next week. egypt january state media is reporting the generals picked a former prime minister to form a new government but he is in hid 70s but many say he is too old to lead egypt into a future that has been brought about by
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young activists. activists have been charged since former president president hosni mubarak was out out of -- ousted nine months ago. ago. still ahead, it is appear incredible image you have got to see. some call it a sign from above for the familiar live a fallen soldier and it alls that do with a very special dog. >> our little best friends doing a lot for us. we'll check in with tucker for your full forecast when fox 5 morning news continues. stay with us. ?
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. what a beautiful picture there as the sun is coming up over the washington area. it looks like it is going to be
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just a gorgeous day. tucker barnes is here. i guess you can confirm that for me, can't you? >> i can officially confirm that. >> the sky is so pretty. >> it will be gorgeous. sunrise not for another 45 minutes. once the sun gets up, the atmosphere should warm quickly and we'll be in for a rather warm afternoon. when you are talking mid-60s in november and end of november, that is unseasonly warm. it looks like things change here a little bit on sundays. that is the only change in the forecast since yesterday. >> this weekend, you've got to do the leaves. some of us, you have to actually do them. ill rather go shop. >> that's what i'm going to do. >> you have a leaf blower? >> yes. >> you want to come over an use it? >> no, of a he got my open prog he. i have a big project too. all right.
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61 at reagan national -- no, i've got my open project. >> i show you these because we'll do better than this late are on today. not expecting more than a passing cloud during the day. the quest weather pattern continues into your daytime hours tomorrow. get on the an enjoy the next couple of days. temperatures will be cooling off as we get into early next week. ments cool out there at the moment. washington now down to 39 degrees. that is an update temperature. 39 in washington. 34 in gaithersburg. much of the area at or below freezing. places off to the west and south here, manassas, 28 at the moment. 29 out at dulles. 32 in martinsburg. you get the idea here. plenty of cool air pooling overnight to the north appear west. not a whole lot warmer to the south. leonardtown is 41 and 43 in annapolis. this is a very quiet weather pattern. futurecast will show you that. we're in the even looking at much in the way of cloud cover today. it should be just a bright, sunny day of a few passing clouds from time to time but as i put the map in motion here
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for you at noon, we don't have anything at all going on. we will have a cold front developing during the course of the weekend. that will start to approach late in the day tomorrow. i think there will be a few more high clouds during the day tomorrow and by early sunday, we start to cloud up and we present the possibility of some showers around here. i don't think it will be raining at 10:00 sunday morning. but by sunday afternoon, we'll have some rain moving in and that will turn into a chilly rain around here for the day on monday. monday's daytime highs will struggle to get to 50. enjoy today. 66 your daytime high. sunshine, mild temperatures, wind out of the south and west at about five miles per hour. chilly tonight, your overnight low. it will be cold during the overnight hour with the clear skies and light winds. 65 tomorrow. another beautiful day, cloud up on sunday. rain arrives at some point on sunday. hopefully, we'll hold that off until sunday night. showers monday and cooler. look at your daytime highs monday and tuesday. only about 50 degrees. that is about where we should be. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic. willmar is in with your latest.
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how are the mall parking lots looking? >> from what we're seeing from sky fox, they weren't too bad. there are a lot of folk out there. so you do want to be careful. still some room to get in to the staples on leesburg pike in tyson's. in tyson, there is an accident, it is inbound just trier pot beltway. if you are leaving tyson's, that would impact you trying to head toward the beltway. we are getting word you are getting by single file to the right. sky fox heading to check that out as well. let's take a live look out there as you travel the highways. no real problems to report. we had reports of a disabled vehicle northbound 59 athe lorton but it is off on the shoulder. not causing any slowdown. keep in mind hov restricts are in effect today. here we are traveling the beltway. nice trip in virginia. no problem on the inner or outer loop as you head into montgomery county across the american legion bridge. wilson bridge, also running well.
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there we are, montgomery county to the left of your screen. headlights headed towards you, the outer loop past colville road. also want to mention 15 sound southbound at point of rocks. accident remains there. no problems on 207 heading in toward the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. coming up next, comfort for the family of a fallen soldier. >> it is all thanks to a dog named hero. the story behind this picture and why some believe it is a sign from above. stay with us. back in a moment. 
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traditions are important in the military and many were carried out during thanksgiving dinner at fort meade this year. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: if you think you've got a small army to feed at your house, meet u.s. army
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concern ed rothsteep. just back from afghanistan, he is the garrison commander at fort meade in maryland. he says overseas or here on base, serve a first chase thanksgiving is a major mission for an army at war. >> there is a lot of stress put on us as soldiers and service member being away from family and friends. but in truth, the resiliency of being there with my comrades, you do the best you can. >> reporter: the army, like any family, has its traditions. one of the oldest is having the entire senior leadership don their dress uniforms to serve the soldiers. >> it is a great opportunity when we had opportunity to give back to the soldiers and they come out and serve them. >> i was intimidated. usually not intimidated bay the people that serve you food but it was. >> that has been the best thanksgiving away from home. this is really good food. >> reporter: even for the united states army, serving thanksgiving dinner for 750 people is a big job and that comes with an equally big
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shopping list. fort meade won the ward as the top dining facility in the army this year. >> had to get 400 pounds of turkey, 200 pounds of ham, 140 pounds of roast beef, about 150 pies. >> reporter: while many would rather be closer to home, they know many of their fellow soldiers are even further away in harm's way. >> it is a tradition of my family to be in the service. i wanted to join myself. >> i still have that longing to be with my family. i just graduated from bct. i'm here for training. so i'm in the used to all this moving around and stuff. >> a reminder how even in the army a small taste of turkey can bring a small taste of home. in fort meade, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. an incredible story here about a fallen soldier in a very special dog. justin roll lynn was killed in
6:26 am
iraq in march of 2007. the night before he died, he and some fellow soldiers were told about a bunch of puppies found in a port ajohn. this is a picture of rollins with one of those puppies. after he dude, his fiancee arranged for one of the puppies to come to the u.s. to live with justin's parents. they named the dog hero. during a recent interview, a abc news producer caught this image of hero in their backyarden she calls it an unforgettable moment that left her and justin's family wondering if it was a sign from him. >> that is so sweet. >> that is pretty amazing to see that picture. >> it looks like he is looking into the light. coming up next, we are live way look at all the day after thanksgiving madness. >> sherry ly is live in tysons corner. >> it is packed here at tysons corner center. santa's elves are out here packing up their bags with lots
6:27 am
of good stuff to take home for the boys and girls. we'll tell you how some people are a little bit more naughty than nice. we'll have that coming up. you ready  for your present? yeah.
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all right, i'll be right back. okay.
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welcome back. these are pictures from the h & m store in tysons corner. these are folks waying to get into the store. you can see them stampeding in there to get the deals that apparently they have today, matt. >> are you kidding me? look at that. more and more people. we've been watching for 15 seconds now and people continue to come. so you say these gift cards could be -- >> there are fashion finds of up to $5. the first 100 people in line
6:31 am
got scratch-off tickets that i guess could be valued up to $30,300 goes a long way at h & m. these folks know it. >> that is like three wardrobes. >> look, they're still filing in. i hope no one was hurt there. >> this is the most impressive black friday video we've seen so far. >> i hate to ask. i don't know what h & m is. >> that is women's clothing. >> i think it is a younger type people wear those clothes. men and women. >> it is age inappropriate for me too. >> you can wear it and it is very inexpensive, kind of fashionable stuff that changes with the time. >> would you wait in line at a stampede iwon't wait in line for any store. >> i wouldn't even do that for an apple computer. >> you would or wouldn't? >> the apple stores are always crowded. >> can you imagine that today? good luck. >> let's get over to the
6:32 am
forecast. that is what i do know about. obviously i don't know much about fashion. >> i didn't mean it that way. >> i get your hint, matt. we'll be very quiet today. great-look forecast for your friday. great-looking saturday. sunday, so-so. temperatures will be in the low 60s but we'll get some rain by sunday afternoon. right now, we are in the 30s. 20s off to the north and west in a few spots. look at that, 39 in washington. 29 now at dulles. 28 in manassas. there is plenty of cold air. it will be chilly. it will take to 9:00 or 10:00 to start to warm the atmosphere. open it up a little bit. new york, 47. not so bad. 41 in detroit an 44 down in cape hatteras so temperatures generally where they should be this time of year. at least overfight temperatures, daytime highs, that is not where we should be. that is about 10 to 15 degrees above normal. 66 your afternoon high in washington. 62347 fredericksburg with sunshine. more detail on the weather and
6:33 am
we've got a video submission for ask the weather guy coming up in a few minutes. >> that is a nice treat. this is a brand-new one. >> we don't do reruns. >> we did yesterday. >> a fresh show. >> we did yesterday. >> we did an update yesterday. >> okay. sorry. >> all right. let's go ahead over to lauren demarco who has a check on the traffic today. how it is looking out there? >> first of all, want to say i hope that video submission is not about fashion. i don't want to put tucker to the test. we did have an accident reported eastbound leesburg pike just past the exit for the outer loop of the beltway. sky fox did go and check that out. there is accident activity there blocking right lane but we had them move on to try to get some more parking lots for us because it is not causing any slowdown. you just want to be careful as you head towards the beltway leaving tyson's. but again, shouldn't cause you much in the way of delays. let's take a live look out there. here we are in prince george's county near route 4,
6:34 am
pennsylvania avenue. nice trip right now. no problems to report crossing the wilson bridge as you head into virginia. taking a look at traffic land. 66, no real complaints for you. 95, nice trip all the way up here past the fairfax county parkway in towards springfield through the mixing bowl. 395 all looks good from the beltway up across the 14th street bridge. keep in mind, the hov restrictions enter effect today. metro is also running on a regular schedule. no marc. vre is on a holiday schedule. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a frenzied tradition is in full swing this morning. we are talking about black friday shopping, of course and many big box shores really pushed up that you are opening times this year. while the reason on's major malls used midnight to kick off the unofficial start of the shopping season. >> serriely is at tysons
6:35 am
corner. are things picking up or easing off a little bit. >> it is easel off but we are six and a half hours into the shopping here at tysons corner center f it wasn't for this little thing called work, might be doing a little shopping myself. problemy the busiest place is starbucks over here. people are getting their coffee trying to revive themselves or back up for they are just getting here because a lot of people came out here at midnight. some of them have gone home and now others are just getting started. it has been jam packed here at tysons corner center all morning long. they opened up at midnight. and about 15 to 20,000 people we're told were waiting outside to get in. they actually opened the doors up just a little bit early because they had so many people out there waiting. and this year, we understand that about 8% of people according to national retail federation -- or a survey by. bay, about 8% of people are expected to spend a little bit more this year.
6:36 am
60% will spend about the same. so a lot of people are out here shopping looking for the good deals and this year, macy's at tyson corner center also opened at midnight for the first time. a lot of people had to make sure they didn't get run over. >> we had people running into the store -- many of the younger customers don't always shop normally and they didn't know where things were necessarily. there was a lot of anxiousness to find where the demeanor was to get their buy. >> ann taylor lost is one of my favorites. they give 50% off on everything in the store. it was just wonderful. abercrombie and fitch, levis, all 50 to 40% off. really amazing. >> now, some people love black friday and some people hate it and sometimes it doesn't bring out the best in all of us. a survey by found that 96% of people dread some
6:37 am
parts of the holiday shopping son and some admit to grinch like behavior. 4% said they would park in a handicapped spot even though they're not. some might even take an item from someone else's shopping cart. 3% of people fessed up to do that. another 3% said they have physically or verbally fought with someone over appear item in the store. another 4% admitted some mean manners. i think the percentages were a little bit small. but when you are trying to go after the good deal, sometimes it can get a little hairy. everybody out here so far as i've seep, they are being more nice than naughty. that is the latest here. back to you. >> when i heard that woman you talked with say 50% off, then i start to realize, okay, maybe i got to get it now. that is a lot. that is a good savings. >> thank you. it will begin to look a lot like christmas at the white house starting today. first lady michelle obama will
6:38 am
be presented with the official white house christmas tree. the first lady traditionally steps out on the north portico where the tree is brought up. it comes from wisconsin this year. you can be treated to some amazing holiday displays. tonight, national harbor kicks off its harbor lights fifty valentine with a tree lighting and fork at 8:00 p.m. old town alexandria will light its giant christmas industry and in market square at 7:00 tonight. those fifty its include a special holiday performance, community caroling and a visit from old st. nick, santa. now, it is time to get serious. redskins taking on the seahawks. what is the chance we'll be celebrating? i don't know. seattle i don't think is a very good football team but the redskin have not proven to be a very good football team as well. when you are in the midst of a
6:39 am
six-game slide like the redskins are, just one win would feel so much better. it is a grind not just for them but for the media. you feel bad every week kind of hey, what is it going to happen. >> then they have to talk to you all afterwards. >> they don't like that. if they win, they get mondays off. they haven't had a victory monday in seven weeks. we like it because we don't have to go out there. so we're all rooting for the redskin to get a win this weekend. this is hope because santana moss should be back. he is their number one wide receiver. i don't think this is ironic. since he got hurt right here, his left hand, they haven't won since this game. that began the six-game slide. he has been back at practice. >> do you think that was it? >> i don't think it was just that. thats with the first thing that happened and the domino effect. but having him back at their top wide out could help out rex grossman this week. we talked to moss all week. this is what he had to say
6:40 am
about his prospects for playing on sunday. >> i don't want you all to be oh, 89 is back. i just want to take it day by day. i don't like to get my hopes up too high so i didn't want you all to be going crazy. like i said before, i had to let them see me catch balls and see me go through a practice before i know anything further. we can just progress day to day. >> yesterday after practice, he said i'm fine, to go. i'll be there. this was the fox game. this is ndamukong suh for detroit. he will drive the head of evan dietrich smith and the kick, the foot stomp. that got him kicked out of the game. he might get suspended. we'll talk about that in a minute. this was aaron rogers going up top to james jones. the packers still undefeated. the ndamukong suh play, he was
6:41 am
a borderline player. he plays on the edge. he went over the end and he crossed the line. you don't stomp on anybody. the by star thing is he came out after the game and said i didn't do it. >> like that wasn't caught on camera. jeersly? i didn't do it. >> let's roll -- seriously? i didn't do it. >> let's roll back the video. >> i think they'll be having a little chat. as we go to break, a look at today's my fox half off deal it is from cotton's candy land. for$125, can you host a sweet celebration for your child's next birthday. that is pretty cool. that is actually a $250 value. to get in on this, go to look for my fox half off on the right side of the page. >> just what i need, more sweets. back in a moment. [ male announcou ] the chicken marit
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it makes you feel like it is christmas, doesn't it, already? >> we are one some out already. it gets nut mood a little bit. >> a lot of people in the mood this morning heading out to local malls and doing a lot of shopping. getting up extra early for those black friday sales. so it looks like a beautiful morning to do it. >> i know. definitely tucker. >> it will be absolutely beautiful today. >> it still is out there. >> it is making me a little tired. >> me too. >> we need to get something faster going for the christmas spirit. >> you got it. it will be a beautiful day. it won't feel like christmas t -- it has to feel like christmas. >> i'm from florida and it is always this way for christmas. >> i can't imagine what it might be like to be in florida every year. it is cold out there at the moment. if you are headed out to do? early morning shopping, going for walk the dog, go for a jog,
6:46 am
that kind of thing, temperatures are generally in the 30s. we have some 20s not too far away. look at manassas. you are 28 degrees and also in culpeper. fredericksburg, good morning. you are now 32 degrees. a little close to the water. water temperatures still up. we are holing on to the low 40s. leonardtown, 41. today will feel even better than that. i think we will feel almost warm for a few hours here during the course of the afternoon. we are expecting just a beautiful friday. not much to show you. a little bit of cloud cover here in upstate new york. that is about it. across the washington area, baltimore, philadelphia, down towards richmond. it is very quiet as i focus out to the west. high pressure moving through from kentucky. that will keep us high and dry here friday, saturday and then it will break down on sunday and by sunday, we'll get a nice southerly flow but we'll have a cold front approaching. that will increase the clouds and the chances for rain around
6:47 am
here for everybody's return home from grandma's house sunday afternoon. here is your forecast. 66 your daytime high. winds out of the south and wets at about five miles per hour. it will be cold tonight. -- wind out of the south and west at about five miles per hour. temperatures will fall off quickly once the sun gets down at about 5:00. here is your five-day forecast. look at that. 56 tomorrow with sunshine. we will cloud up early zipped. i think the rain will return by afternoon on sunday. it will linger into monday. behind the front, it's lot cooler. highs by monday and tuesday only about 50 degrees. yeah, 50 degrees. >> great. back to normal. matt, it is my favorite time of day. it is time for. >> ask the weather guy. >> ask the weather guys. >> you are the other guy today. tony per kind and i put our fabulously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. tony is enjoying another day off. he might have been in that
6:48 am
stampede. >> at h & m. i'm sure. >> out of my way. >> we have a video question today. it is from jasmine. her mom, kathy, says jasmine recorded this herself. let's take a look at jasmine's video submission. take it away. >> hi, tony. hi, tucker. may name is jasmine and i just want to ask why does the moon change shape. do you know? because i don't know. >> i love it. gentleman all i know -- >> all i know is jasmine is really cute. >> you know where moonlight comes? >> little a reflection of the sun off the earth and back on to the moon. >> matt? >> i thought it was just the sun hits the moon and we see the reflection. >> that is absolutely right. >> okay. >> we did it again. i love this. >> i brought in some tools to
6:49 am
help understand exactly what goes on here, jasmine. you have to bear with me. this is planet earth. >> we're high budget here by the way. >> this is the sun. >> a coffee cup, a toilet roll. >> so here what is happens. exactly what matt mentioned. the moon does not make any light itself. it is all reflected off the sun. the moon goes around and around around the earth. when the moon is on the far side of the earth, the sunshine bounces off it and we can see it as a fuel moon. so round and round it goes. when the moon is between the earth and the sun, you see that? >> uh-huh. >> that is what we call the new moon because the light is coming in, bouncing back and we don't see it. we see the dark side of moon. so it is dark. so the various shapes and very yuhas sizes we see of the moon are all reflective of where that is in that orbit that it
6:50 am
does every 29 1/2 days. >> so you see -- so -- >> so the dark side of moon is always dark t never sees light. >> so show us where the moon would be in position if you see like a little sliver of it. >> a little sliver, it is either waxing or waning. it is approaching in this case the new moon status. you might see a little sliver as it is approaching that. then, of course, you will see close to maximum fuel moon when it is on the other side. >> nowhere near the sun. >> it is on the other side of earth so the earth is blocking the sun from the moon. >> this is high budget. making me want coffee. all right, jasmine. i hope we answered your question. it was a great one. i promise when tony comes back, we'll get better tools to help explain ourselves. >> no, you won't. >> you'll end up using the pop tarts in the vending man in some way. >> the coffee is looking good. if you've got a question you want answered, go to click on the weather tab.
6:51 am
please give us the video submissions. we'll try to answer your questions ped and again, i promise i'll get better tools. >> i thought you did a good job. way to use the resources we have. later, willmar, what is going on outside? >> love the t. p.. i think i have a follow-up question about the twie loot movies and books and where the names of them came, because they're new moon, eclipse. >> now we have a request coming in. >> video submission is necessary. we will consider that. >> the sky fox photographer tells us that the parking lot is more than half full at the leesburg outlets. you will deal with a crowd crowd as expected. just be patient out there. try to be courteous. watch out for pedestrians. let's take a live look from the
6:52 am
west field montgomery mall in bethesda. we do not have that shot but there, things are filling up as well. be patient. it is all about the holiday spirit, right? let's take a live look from traffic land. our highways are returning pretty smoothly. we do have the accident as you travel eastbound leesburg pike approaching the beltway, not causing much of a problem there. hov restricts are in effect today. 66, nice, easy trip out of the manassas in towards centreville and in towards the beltway. beltway itself, here we are at montgomery county, new hampshire avenue. you can see we have very light volume. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you guys at the desk. >> look being good out there. thank you. the crowded parking lots, the stores, jammed with shopper as if that wasn't enough to contend with. germ could put a damper on your
6:53 am
holiday spirit too. come pied this list of germiest places at the mall. most are not surprising, of course, like the western sinks and foot court tables. escalator handrails made the list too with samples in one test turning up traces of e. coli and lots of other nasty things we would raeer this not mention while you're eating breakfast. atm pads are a hot spot too. >> it make perfect sense. >> you can't touch anything apparently when you are out shopping. new developments in the uk phone hacking scandal. author j. k. roweling and siena miller are among those pushing for tighter controls over the british press. moaght testified in a media scandal inquiry. news of the world was owned by news corp., the parent company of fox 5. we have a report from london. >> reporter: an inquiry into media standards getting an
6:54 am
earful of those affected by the still unfolding scandal over illegal eavesdropping by rupert murdoch's news of the world. the committee set up by prime minister david cameron is trying to get an idea of what needs to be done to protect allsy accidents from privacy invasion. siena miller said she couldn't understand how very private details were getting out to the public. >> it just seemed so intensely paranoid to assume that your house is bugged or you're being listened to somehow. it just seemed so extreme especially considering that i changed my number so many times and it still happened. >> i think it is across the board really but mainly nonbroad sheet newspapers so red top and tabloid newspapers. >> reporter: author j. k. roweling telling the group she had to move after published
6:55 am
photographs revealed the location of her home. >> it is incredibly threatening. it feels threatening to have people watching you. i don't see why this is in the public interest to know exactly where i live. i mean clearly i can't put an invisibility cloaking device over myself and high house, nor do i wish to. >> reporter: the second part will examine the extent of alleged unlawful activity by journalists. that is not scheduled to begin until detectives complete their investigation. you may still be sleeping off the turkey. or if you are seeking some day after thanksgiving deals, you may just be getting out of bed. >> next hour, we're checking in on the scene at tysons corner this morning. it has been open since midnight and the crowds have been steady. we're back in a moment to check on it out live. stay with us here on the fox 5 morning news.
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three families have a lot to be thankful forment. their son which had been jailed in egypt is released and the crush of midnight madness continues thank then, if you are trying to avoid the black friday crowd, you probably will want to do it online. >> good morning, everyone. take a look outside. it is a beautiful morning. most folks from the day off. a few people working and if


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