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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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have the day off, you are probably at the shopping mall trying to get some of those great deals. i'm matt ackland in for steve. >> and i'm sarah simmons in for allison. and you know who is next to us here? here is tucker barnes. >> it's going to be a beautiful afternoon for us,sunshine, , dry conditions expected for us. >> plenty of cold air. should be a nice rebound in temperatures by the noon hour, we will be approaching 60 degrees. don't mooned the green. that's off to the east. that's just low level moisture but we have plenty of sunshine
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in the forecast and, again, a great-looking day here. high pressure pushing on through. winds out of the south and west at about five to ten miles per hour. we do have some changes in the weekend forecast. details on that looks like the rain gets back in here on sunday. let's do some traffic this morning. lauren, good morning. >> good morning, tucker. the focus today not so much on the roads themselves but on those parking lots the let's take a live look from the montgomery mall in bethesda. we have a lot of folks heading in right now. all the parking spots taken here at macy's. it is very full all around that mall so give yourself plenty of time, be patient and watch for pedestrians. that one folk jogging back to his car. be alert. leesburg, we are told that the parking lots there, more than half full at this point. you want to expect the crowd if
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you are heading out. i'm sure that has been the case. we have been talking about it for weeks now. again, just be patients and, again, it's about the holiday spirit. so don't get into any fights over parking spaces. taking a live look across maryland, look at this nice light volume, really no problems for you here. we did have an accident reported that was suitland parkway at branch avenue. route 7, leesburg pike, eastbound at the beltway. now metro is on a normal schedule today vre is on holiday schedule. marc, no service. >> thank you very much. the feast and food of thanksgiving now a distant memory, it's given way to frenzy and it's an all out shopping frenzy. >> it is black friday and the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season. stores have been opening
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earlier and earlier. time was not a thought for this mass of people who rushed into the h & m store in tysons corner. just incredible video that we are seeing. >> but plenty of people had them beat. this was the scene at a toys'r'us in fairfax at 9:00. yes, thanksgiving at 9:00. and we caught a much shorter line of people on staples. you might call them black friday pro class nate procrastinators. they waited until 6:00 a.m. >> reporter: you should have been here around midnight. you needed your helmet and shoulder pad and football gear on to deal with the crowd because tie sons corper had about 15 to 20 people waiting to get in the door.
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we are now seven hours into the shopping. take a look. people throughout the tysons corner. people expected to spend about 3% more in sales. so retails are seeing people being really wise on how they spend their money. this is the day that retails begin to turn a profit, we are looking at saves of 30, 40, 50% off. a lot of stores here are coming in with a strategy. they have their comfy shoes on, they know what stores they are going for, who has which sales. tysons corner estimates that they're going to have 200,000 people come through here. so a lot of crowds, quite a frenzy. so why people do it? >> sales. we are teenagers. we don't have a lot of money. sales, i guess.
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>> we want to go to one store but if we see one store that has a sale, we'll stop there. >> reporter: and, of course, the deals will be going on all day. if you are in bed, you are or if you are one of those shoppers who is just back. macy's pointed out to me that the morning sale actually continues until 1:00 today. so plenty of time to come on out here and find that bargain that you want. >> sherry, thank you. i also in the that there are some cyber deals. apple has a cyber deal on line so people might be able to stay at home. >> from shopping to picketing on black friday. thatthat's what the occupy
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movement want shoppers to do. they want shoppers to stop shopping at some the big names. >> until people change their behavior and think about what group they give money for. >> they want people to start going to small stores instead of big retailers many. three american students may be heading home soon from egypt. >> an egyptian court has ordered the release of three american students accused of getting caught in the violence in cairo's tahrir skier. they were accused of throwing
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molotov cocktails to troops. the release order has been signed. we are going home. they are not going to -- there are paperwork and immigration. your release has actually been delayed until sunday. he is like, oh, well, that's okay. we are here. i mean, this is not a bad place. this is theodore simon. >> for someone who is under this type of circumstance, under this predicament, it recommends character. >> bill gates already made arrangements for his son luke to fly home. >> we are just happy he is coming home. i know he was happy to hear our voices and he was just so excited about coming home. >> egyptian prosecutors wanted to keep the students locked up so they could investigator further. the boys' lawyer argued for their release and the court
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agreed a thanksgiving tragedy in a parking lot. one man is dead and three other men remain in serious condition after they were hit by a car that swirled out of control. this happened at a home depot store in hyattsville, maryland. the man was behind the wheel when he suffered some sort of medical condition. >> i don't know what happened to the driver. he passed out. he had some kind of medical condition. he veered off to the left and struck six people. >> what was horrible. i'm pretty shook up. you could tell on the radio when they were called. >> no word on the identity the man who was killed except that he was 38-year-old. a driver in upper marlboro is giving thanks to some good share taps. she was involved in an accident. her car burst into flames and she could not get out but that's when two men who saw the
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crash pulled her to safety. the woman and one of the other drivers were taken to the hospital for treatment. still no word on what caused an explosion and bidding collapse in georgetown. the blast blew out windows and brought down a wall in the 1400 block of wisconsin avenue. a special task force and canine unit went into check the structure. the building was used to house a clothing store before it went under renovation. >> it looks like just from peeking into the building, looks like my second floor store got shaken a little bit because i see windows lowered and boxes tossed around. >> the good news, no one was hurt in the horizon. yesterday was a perfect blue sky holiday. and many who would have gone without a thanksgiving dinner were fed thanks to the generosity of others.
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>> policemen, firemen and others found a gourmet meal at the four seasons. it was dinner on the may flower, not a boat but amoving van all decked out for the holiday feast. >> this was an event that we started 12 years ago and it was intended to say thank you to all the public servants in washington. about 300 meals will be served here on the play mayflower, on the van here. and 200 others will be served. >> thankful to be alive. a lot of us have been in situations where most people can imagine. i'm happy to be here, happy to be healthy. >> thankful for my family, my friend and also my coworkers
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and to be employed >> mostly what i'm thankful about is the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform are doing overseas keeping our country safe. >> andipper helped serve the veterans, homeless. >> you would be surprised how good it makes me feel when i know i can hand somebody a bag of food or a plate of food and they say think and i say you're welcome. >> reporter: tom owens is a vietnam war veteran. >> it's difficult. nobody was like this when we came back. now they want to accept us. a lot of us, it might be too late for because they have passed away. so maybe they'll accept us now. >> from d.c. northwest, dick krantz. a very special thanksgiving
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for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> she provided a surprise in her appearance. and then we'll go to the smart phone zone to check out some apps that can help you save time and money on this black friday. 
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the death toll from triple bombing in iraq is going up. at least 19 people were killed. many of the dead or wounded were security officials who rushed to the scene to help after the first blast. american troops overseas took time out of their days to celebrate the thanksgiving day holiday yesterday with a traditional turkey dinner.
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in one province of afghanistan, the commander came to wish happy thanksgiving to troops. while eating, they heard gunfire in the distance. congresswoman gabrielle giffords served dinner to troops in arizona. her husband and astronaut mark kelly was by her side. >> that's amazing to see her. >> yes. >> amazing. >> the weather is incredible, too. >> this is really pretty. that is incredibly beautiful. looks like -- we just lost it again. what a beautiful morning. the fog that we saw is developing on the river. that's a very cool area. >> we have a little bit of fog. >> that's a beautiful shot. the fall will quickly burn off. look at how gorgeous it is out
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there. great sunshine throughout the day. it is going to be spectacular. highs in the 60s, mid-60s. >> you guys have a lot of leaves to rake this weekend, don't you? >> yeah. condo life is great. >> matt shows up on the show and just rubs it in. >> 35 right now at reagan national. 38 in boston. chilly, many communities here off to the west in the immediate community, in the 20s. the sunshine will start to work its magic and we should warm up very quickly here. let's see. hot spot, miami, good morning, 71 degrees. new orleans is 57. if you like the cold stuff, and many people dorks look people -- many people do, look at the rockies. there is your cloudiness and
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storminess into arizona, new mexico and again in the northern rockies, they are expecting about 6 to 10 inches of snow. otherwise, very quiet weather. traveling out west back to california, oregon or washington, generally sunshine out there today and tomorrow. there is the five-day. saturday, 65 with sunshine. we will cloud up late saturday early early sunday. rains will hamper the travel on monday. >> get past sunday and then it's going to cool down quite a bit. >> oh, yes, it's going to feel like fall whether you are planning to hit stores this black friday or do shopping online, one thing you want to keep handy, this right here, the smart phone. >> we have a list of the first five apps this holiday season. lauren?
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>> hey, guys. apple is out with a special offer and it's rare to get a discount for them so take advantage. and we have this app called tgi black friday. search for stores and click on each one. there is a circular. it has been scanned into the app four. you can search by category. so you are looking for a home theater system, you can see what a variety of shoppers are doing. and there is a buzz about a possible sale, you get to see the unconfirmed report and see if you want to take the chances. and push notification, those are like e-mail notifications. there is a tgi cyber monday app. if you plan on doing most of your shopping online, that's a good one to keep in your back
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pocket next week. tgi cyber monday free available for iphone and android users. sale locate for. this one is based on your location. it pulls up a list of all the deals at a store near you. sales locateor is extremely easy to use. while it does a great job, every once in a while, you need to have a physical coupon. for that, i recommend a coupon app. it is not as user friendly but does have a few important features, including those coupons so you can pull it up and have the cashier scan it right on your phone. on to google shopper.
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this app is one that you want to pull out when you are actually in the store. the app uses the camera to scan the bar code. and then it will compare. for a lot of products, you don't even need the bar code. google shoppers recognizes the cover of books, magazines and everything else. all of those apps again are free and available for iphone and android users. for the link, head to my fox back to you. >> lauren, thank you. i love all those ideas for my phone. >> i had no idea my phone did so much. >> some just like about everyone has someone in their family who is hard to shop for this year. >> every year. >> looks like something from the past is making a comeback and may make the perfect
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holiday gift for someone. we'll let you know what that is. and a little later this hour, we'll tell you about the unusual way this dog's owner is searching for her lost pet. it might give you goose bumps. stay with us. we are back with you in just a moment.  "no messages."
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welcome back, everyone. ham radios are making a comeback. yes, you heard it right. ham radios. >> do you remember, though? >> i'm not that old. >> i remember them i vaguely remember people using them. but michele russo is telling us why the iconic communication piece is making such a resurgence. >> reporter: it my sound like
7:26 am
john pritchett is searching for extra terrestrial. >> he is part of a growing trends who has been around for 100 years. according to the federal communications commission, ham radio lies ens are at an all- time high. >> that's great. that's a wonderful hobby. >> it's one of these radios we can easily communication around the world. >> the ham radio business is going well. >> i think there is something magical about being able to communicate with people around the world using nothing but radio, wireless communication, you don't have to rely on cell phones. >> while most hams talk to people in far off distances. if you want to ham it off with friends, you need to do a search. this is the equivalent of ham-
7:27 am
to-ham. most radios compete to find a transmitter. they attach them to a receiver. >> the fox hunt is really fun. competition being the first to find the transmitter. >> all you need ace couple up bucks to get started and an fcc license to join the craze. michele maccalusso. >> it's a craze. >> i'll stick to my smart phone. i can't figure all at that out. >> are you thinking about getting your tree up in >> not yet. it's too early. >> many families use the day of a thanksgiving to put up their christmas decorations and that includes the first family. >> find out what's happening at the white house today. and if you are trying to avoid the black friday crowds and planning on doing some black friday shopping, stay tuned. we're going to have tips on how to protect your identity. 
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welcome back. university of illinois chicago medical center is on lockdown after police say a man shot and killed his girlfriend in a parking lot. the suspect is still at large. a pilot and his three young children are dead along with
7:31 am
two business associates after the twin engine plane they were in slammed into an arizona mountain side. the body of one child has been recovered. searchers are working to recover the bodies of the other passengers. maggie dailey, the wife of the former chicago mayor died. she was 6 years old. a sign of the season at the white house today. first lady michele obama will be presented with the official white house christmas tree. the first lady traditionally steps out on the north portico where the tree is brought up on a horse drawn carriage. the 19-foot tree comes from a farm in wisconsin. it will be displayed in the blue room. >> all right. >> time now is 7:30. >> does not quite feel like christmas yet. >> it does not. >> but it will by next week.
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>> it appears it will be a lot colder by next week and highs will be flirting with 50s instead of the 70s. >> you say flirting with 50s like it's a good thing. >> well, that's the season. in january, if we are flirting with 50s. >> i would be all for that. >> highs at reagan national about 61 degrees. dulles was 61. dulles, 61, bwi, 60. we're going to do even better than this. the highs this afternoon will be in the mid-60s. this is going to be a fantastic couple of days here, both today and tomorrow, great sunshine many. >> here we go. we are chilly out there at the moment. 39 in washington. 34 in gaithersburg and look at the 20s holding tough here out in west and south manassas. fredericksburg, 32. plenty of very cold air out there. we'll be cold for the next couple of hours and then the
7:33 am
sun will get a chance to work its magic here. temperatures should rebound very quickly and mid-60s for afternoons here. that is unseasonably warm. >> showing you the satellite radar, but i don't have a whole lot to talk about. high pressure is moving through. today and tomorrow will look great. as we get into saturday night and sunday, clouds will increase. by sunday afternoon, it's likely that we'll get some showers as the cold front approaches from the west. that front, as i mentioned a few minutes ago, will cool us down. by tuesday and monday, temperatures will be around 50 degrees. much colder air along the way. 662 the daytime high. wind out of the south and west at about five miles per hour. later tonight, it will be cold tonight we'll go chilly officially. parts of the area will be below freezing. 20s and low 30s off to the west and to the north. here is the weekend forecast. sunshine, 65 tomorrow, just a beautiful day. we cloud up quickly on sun day i'm hoping to keep the rain out
7:34 am
of here. cooler temperature, monday, tuesday high, only about 50 degrees. don't worry. it will feel like christmas around here next week. that's weather. here is traffic. here is liz. >> we have a couple of things going on. the big story today black fry day all of the lines out there, everybody heading into the stores and, of course, the parking lot. sky fox is flying over the west field montgomery mall taking a look at how crowded it is there. the sears parking lot is full. there are other parking lots right around the mall where you will find some spaces available but the garages are filling up. so expect the crowd. please, in those parking lots, watch for pedestrians, be on the alert. be nice to everybody around you. you want to be friendly and don't get into fights over parking spaces. let's take a look elsewhere. this is westbound 66. this is past the sorry jenna metro you are able to get by to the left but it is heavy and
7:35 am
slow from before nutley street as you head westbound. eastbound 66, no problem for you. report of a disabled minary tractor trailer could be slowing you down a little bit there, but no problems to report on the hoff lane. hoff restrictions are in effect. month don'try county, no problems. lets that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> starting today and all weekend long, chances are you might be shopping online using mobile apps or even twitter to make a purchase. in the midst of this hustle, you may not be thinking about protecting your personal information and that's why this among, we brought in joe mason who is the senior vice- president of consumer services for inner section incorporated. good morning, joe. how are you dog? >> good morning, matt. >> talk to me. first thing i did this morning was getting on twitter. i already noticed that best buy and other services were
7:36 am
tweeting out their sale. you see that you need to be concerned about who you are doing business with, right? >> absolutely. well, let me first say that online shopping is a wonderful thing. that's a way to avoid crowd, use technologies, use your smart phone, tablets. but consumers need to be very, very careful and vigilant about the information they share. some of the major retailers have online destinations. some of the online sites like amazon, overstock, et cetera, are very good places for consumers to go to buy online and avoid some of the things that frustrate holiday shoppers. >> is that because they have good track record and they are known to be reputable? >> they are known to be reputable but consumers need to take control. do not click on an embedded tweet that may be on facebook because those could have malicious codes behind them that can eventually attract --
7:37 am
they can eventually lead to mallware being downloaded on your computer or other problems that customers can experience. >> if you are on twitter or facebook and you get a link, what to you suggest? don't click on that link, go to the site itself? >> i would not click on that link. i would take control of the destination itself and type the url into your browser? >> how do you know that your site is secured? they are very careful on bank sites. there is a little sign down below. same thing for consumer sites? >> a few things to look for. not all sites will be secure when you are shopping but when you start tone ter your personal information like your name, address, credit card, et cetera, look for urls that begin with https. the s stands for secure. a lot of browser have color coded and they have a lock that
7:38 am
is locked. >> once you feel that it does not feel right and maybe you have been taken, is it too late to protect yourself? has your information going to out there and it's too late? >> not necessarily. what consumers need to realize is that their information is extremely exposed. just living in this day and age, your information is out there. if consumers take careful steps, if they have a different mind set, they may help mitigate the risks they may have. >> i know you talked about release here. and talking about permanent information. you have to be care pl about that. i think about that and think, if i buy something from apple, buy a computer, you have to put personal information in there. how do you get around not putting in p.m. information? >> it's really tough. what a lot of the retailers need, a lot of banks need, of course, they need to know a little bit about you. you have to protect that
7:39 am
information and you can be careful annual you can also get credit monitoring sites. >> many are trying to protect your information. >> are there any other things that you suggest to folks as they sit down and they might shop, either today or monday is going to be a big day, cyber monday. any other suggestions that they might want to keep in mind? >> monday is going to be huge. there is going to be a billion dollars that is going to be spends online monday. knowing which sites are reputable, looking for things, turning your computer off after you are done shopping, these are some ways that consumers can help protect yourself. >> you got me on that. why turn it off? >> because when many people leave the computer on, it's convenient, code can still be downloaded. >> so you are done shopping, click it off for a couple of
7:40 am
hours. >> click it off. >> joe mason with intersection incorporated. well, find out who may be selling out a back pack. the redskins have lost six in a row. this weekend, will it be number 7? dave ross joins us with his prediction when we return. we'll be back. ack. one more gift... [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers on the 2012 es 350 and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's payment.
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for many, thanks is all about food and family. >> for others, it is all about football. dave ross joins us now with a look ahead to the weekend. >> it's always about football for me. you are a d.c. guy first and foremost, welcome home. good to be home? >> happy to be home. happy to see my parents, having a great meal. hope you had a great thanksgiving. we, it thank you. >> you were a salary cap guru here for the redskins.
7:44 am
let's get into this year and a half into the mike shanahan. >> from a cap perspective, they are in a great situation. they did a lot of things in the uncapped year to restructure the contract, with the salary cap so that they have that flexibility. now, as you move forward and you try to figure out, do we need to get younger, do we need to maybe terminate some contracts, they have that flexibility that they have not had in the past. let's talk about some of those older guys like santana moss still on the roster but still performing when he has been healthy. do you look for more change at, let's see, key positions like that from the shanahans or do you think -- mike seems to like veterans, right? >> right >> i don't know how young they're going to go. they have the money to spend. which direction do you need to go? >> you need to do a combination. they had 12 draft picks a few of which have been on the active roster and then you see them sign guys like brian bowen
7:45 am
and coffield. you see that combination. when they bring veteran players, they do it the smart way and trying to bring leonard hankerson. one of the veterans they have on this roster is rex gross man. being from chicago, i'm sure they have feelings about rex, too. for guys around here, it's a bad word when they talk about rex and beck. is this a guy that can be on the roster even in a backup capacity? >> i think so. he understands the problem. you have to bring in a young guy. >> even though mike does not like to do that. >> yes, even though he did it with jay cutler. >> you know, rex gross man can serve as a backup, whether it's rex grossman or john beck. >> people, don't panic but one of those two guys will be back. >> one guy that will be here is
7:46 am
brian karrick. everybody says, you have to have a quarterback. if they took a quarterback, they could not have had 91 out of purdue. he has been everything out of that position. >> no doubt. this is a quarterback driven lead. you know, ryan karrick has been an impactful defensive player since day 1 but you have to get more pieces. >> again, glass half full a year and a half into that. >> let's call a spade a spade. they are rebuilding in this town. i know that's a bad word here in this town. but, you know, the grass is half full. let the regime continue to build a new culture and that's
7:47 am
what a lot of players are doing. >> real quickly pause the last time we had you on, we talked about the nfl lockout situation. and what's going on in the nba, do you see some similarities here? >> the thing about lockouts, it's always about the money. from a player perspective, when you've given on the structure of the system, you can't give on the system and on the monetary piece. in the nfl, in exchange for giving more money on the owners, players got more favorable work conditions when it cops to practice and post- career health. in the nba, the players have given both monetarily and on the system. they have conceded 300 million- dollar on average monetarily. they can't give monetarily and get a more lee restrictive system. >> when you talk about money, nobody better than j. r.
7:48 am
halesell. in the next hour, we'll talk about the game yet andndamukong suh from yet. the key to this is rebuilding. >> he family admitted it. >> 15 years of rebuilding. it's time. >> he is impatient. >> we are all impatient. >> impatient? what are you talking about? impatient. >> you don't care. you are a raven fan. >> i love both. >> you play both sides. >> i do play both sides when it comes to football. let's talk to temperatures. 35 right now at reagan national. 28 in manassas. let's take a bigger look at your numbers. 38 in boss tonight cheg, 43 degrees. there is some chilly air, particularly to the mountains out west. just hang in there. we're going to have a beautiful day. sunshine will warm up quickly.
7:49 am
we'll be in the 50s around here. yesterday, mid-50s. here is your future cast and as we put it into motion for you, you can see that there is not a lot to talk about later this afternoon. tonight, we're going to be clear and cold. tomorrow, we should be fine. lay-day clouds tomorrow and mostly cloudy day on sunday. and that front, that green you see on your map, that cold front will start to move in on saturday. the rain gets in here a little sooner than we thought yesterday. next couple of days, gorgeous. mid-60s and we have cooled down behind the rain. >> it's a good time to go out and play a little football in the backyard. >> great day. >> some people played yesterday. >> definitely. >> let's check on lauren and the traffic. >> hey, guys. we had a bit of an issue with the delays. metro, of course, running on a regular schedule today. marc is not running. no service. vre is on holiday schedule.
7:50 am
take a live look from traffic land. 66 westbound. we had an accident after nutley street. looks like it has been clearing out of the way. it is cleared out so nice easy trip as you head out west. no problems eastbound heading in towards the beltway. 395 northbound to the right of your screen there. main lanes, we had disabled tractor trailer reported near seminary road. that is not causing much of a problem but watch out for hoff restrictions in effect today. traveling the outer loop at eisenhower avenue, disabled vehicle blocking the left side of the roadway, not causing problems because of the nice light volume. delay in prince george's county, you can see things moving very nicely there as well. both the inner and outer loops running at speeds without any incidents or accidents to report. matt? sarah, back over to you. >> lauren, thanks so much. >> december 1941.
7:51 am
those 31 days changed the country forever both for good and bad. the author of a new book, all about the significance of that month. he joins us in studio. and still ahead here, we'll tell you the unusual way that the dog owner is searching for her lost pet. it may give you some goose bumps. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. stores are not the only places where prices are being slashed. the washington humane society is kicking off its hope for the holidays campaign. these are photos of some of the
7:55 am
animals looking for a new home this holiday season. >> they are so cute. >> when a pet goes missing, owners will to just about anything to find it. >> arlene corona is standing on san diego city streets, wearing bikinis and high heels. it's a hope for help finding her chihuahua. corona says she will be out there until her pet comes home. all for chippy. >> i'm willing to stand and freeze outside in my bathing suit from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. until i get her back. >> she must love that dog. seriously. today's high in san diego will only be in the 60s? >> would you do that for a dog? >> no, but i have cats. >> she's getting a lot of attention. i will say that
7:56 am
>> i'm sure she is. >> let's move on now. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. aida joyner. her tv is glued to fox 5 and that's every morning, every evening, i hope as well. if you want to be monday's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. and then post a comment under aida's photo. all right. that does it for this hour but we have much more still ahead here on fox 5 morning news. coming up, a look at natural ways to make sure that you get eight hours of good sleep. on fridays, we typically tell you about the homovies coming to theater. but they cannot all be great movies. movie reviewer kevin mccarthy joins us with a look at some turkeys this year, movies you want to avoid al to. quite a few out there,
7:57 am
actually. stay with us. [ male announcthe chickent
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back now at 8:00 on fox 5 morning news and new video to show you the black friday chaos. a woman pepper sprays fellow customers at a los angeles wal- mart thinking they were cutting in front of her in a mad rush for some march gain video game. are you kidding? and there you go. >> there you go. >> and here is a look at some black friday shopping in tysons corner. some of them have not slept. >> we know about that. >> yes, we do. >> coming up, a look at natural ways to make sure that you get eight hours of good shut eye. morning, everyone. steve and allison both have the day off today but if you are going to be out black friday shopping, don't take the pepper spray. that was crazy. >> come on. >> the stampede that we had
8:01 am
this morning was enough. >> we said this morning, didn't we, something is going to happen. right? >> you know, somebody getting trampled. pepper spray is a new one. >> i want to know what kind of discount on a video game. how much money can you save? >> weather is perfect if you are getting shopping, want to work out all the turkey you ate outdoors. still cold. 46 in annapolis. we have areas at or below freezing. 36 in martinsburg. looking at the satellite rare, we have very, very quiet conditions. career skies, expected throughout the day. high pressure moving through.
8:02 am
nice today, nice to. rain showers returns today on sundays. you want to come up with a chance of rain. won't be a major tomorrow like what we had around here during the middle of last week. temperatures expected to hop out about 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. nice looking day. >> thank you, tucker. >> uh-huh. >> let's go over to lauren dimarco who is following the traffic for us. how is it looking neither malls today. >> that's where we're going to see the congestions. as you travel around the malls, some crowded conditions in the parking lots. sky 5 over leesburg outlet. some arguments over parking sot. leesburg parking lots were at least half full. expect the crowds, be patient and be aware of all the pedestrians out there if you
8:03 am
are heading out. beautiful live picture, of the sun rising this morning. let's head on to traffic consumer watch out for the accident activity. no problem on the beltway itself. nice trip through montgomery county. things look good in prince george's county and virginia. 66 westbound, earlier wreck has cleared out of the way, no problems westbound. eastbound, nice trip as well. heading from route 50 in toward the beltway. nothing there. delays on the metro's red line because of a disabled train in silver spring. give yourself extra time. they are on a regular schedule. no marc service today. vre on a holiday schedule. back to you. we'll keep an eye on that situation. >> the black friday shopping rush topping the news and just as in years past, there are reports of some rather bad
8:04 am
behavior among the crowd looking for a bargain. >> that's right. let's take a look at this video that's off youtube. this is a shot outside of wal- mart near los angeles. police say a woman let loose on pepper spray on her fellow customers. she thought they were cutting in line to get video games and game consoles. come on. you have to pull out the pepper spray for that? at least 15 people were injured during this. >> closer to home, looked like a chaotic scene as hundreds rushed into the h & m store. thinks at tysons corner at midnight. take a look at the people. to our knowledge, no bad desire, just a desire to get a good deal. fox 5's sherrie li is live. how are things looking? >> talk about bad behavior, if
8:05 am
you and sarah don't behave, santa will not bring you anything. >> i don't have any pepper spray so i'm not doing anything wrong. people ran through the doors at midnight. they had to get in line. about 15 to 20,000 people people were outside waiting to get those door buster deals. it is always about the bargains. shoppers had their arms and hands full of bags. things were on sale 20, 30, 50% off, deals to buy one, get one treatment for the first time, macy's here at tysons corner opened at midnight here. this ace big day for retailers to get into the black. this is the day that they have all been waiting for. people pushing trying to get into the store. i went to, press and waited in
8:06 am
line for two hours trying to get a few thing i'm pretty sired. i've been up for almost 24 hours. i have by two-hour energy and i have to drive about an hour to get home. >> do i need a cup of coffee? >> there is a survey don't by talking about many so of the things that people will do on this holiday shopping day. they admit to cutting in line, fighting over parking spaces. some people even fessed up to taking something out of someone else's cart. that's pad. have not seen any of that around here. so far so good. >> that is somes that any shopping behavior.
8:07 am
thank you, sherry. from shopping to picketing on black friday. occupy movement want to star picketing. >> until people change their behavior and send a different message to the system about what their values are, then the system will start to respond. >> some occupy group plan flash mobs with the aim of getting people to go to smaller shops instead of the malls at the big chain stores. >> three american students detained in egypt may be home soon. that include georgetown's derek sweeney. an egyptian court ordered their release yesterday. still up clear when they will return to the u.s. the students were arrested in cairo sunday. they are accused of throwing a molotov cocktail at police during protest.
8:08 am
>> a thanksgiving day tragedy in a parking lot. one man is dead and three others remo vaughn in serious condition after they were hit by a car that swerved out of control. the man was behind the wheel of his your-door stand when he suffered some sort of medical condition and veered off the road. that car hit six people standing on an island in a parking lot. >> i'm not sure what happened to the driver. he passed out with some type of medical condition. he ended up veering off and struck six people. >> it was horrible. my guys were pretty shook up. you could tell on the radio when they called. no word on the man's identity. all we know is that he is 38 years and a surprise from congresswoman gabriel gifford. she has made such an amazing
8:09 am
recovery. and december 1941. the 31 days that changed our country forever, both for good and bad. stay with us. we'll be right back. arvey le. look what denny'y's left for my dad, santa! christmas cookie pancakes. milk & cookies shake. i think santa needs a helper.
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8:12 am
stories making headlines this morning. the death toll from triple bombing in iraq is going up. at least 19 people were killed when a string of bombs went off in an open air market in basra. american troops overseas took time out of their days to celebrate thanksgiving yesterday with a traditional turkey dinner. one province in afghanistan, the top commander in the region came by helicopter to wish the troops a happy holiday. while they ate, they could still hear gunfire in the distance. congresswoman gabrielle giffords helped serve thanksgiving dinner at an air
8:13 am
force base in tucson. her husband was there. base officials asked congresswoman's staff members to be part of the feast but when she found out about it, she wanted to go. >> i love her big smile. she has the greatest smile aren't she is doing so well, it's great to see. another great thing to see is the weather. on top of that, our cute little doll that we're going to see probably. >> time for that? >> you got it. first, we have a picture and then a nice-looking forecast for you. let's get down to business. cuteness factor of the day. time for my fox 5 photo of the day. look at that. how cute. >> this is ten months old kyndal. >> i think that's right. >> yep. >> her family says -- and i would have to agree with her family she has the biggest smile. when you see it, you can't help
8:14 am
but you happy. >> you love life. >> you have to love that when babies lift your spirit. >> you do. >> that's cute, kyndal. >> i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. 10 months. >> can she eat turkey yet? don't know. >> we don't have a mother here. >> no. we don't. >> to send your child's picture, go to and click on the morning tab. let's get down to business. here is the good morning looking forecast. 39 in washington and 38 in boston. as we open up out to the west, nothing too, stream. in the 20s in the northern plains and some temperatures in florida, still 71 in miami. out to the west, california,
8:15 am
los angeles, san francisco, about 50 degrees and 38 in eugene, oregon. most of the region, most of the country is going to be quiet. the beams going round and round but you are not going to find much today. dry conditions friday and into the start of the weekend tomorrow, we should be fine. the cold front that is originating from the central plains will come pushing through here. next chance of rain sunday afternoon, sunday night but otherwise, just fine here. going to be chilly going to tonight but another beautiful day shaping up for your saturday. then you can see after the rain showers, late sunday, monday, we're going to see some cooling down. it's going to feel like christmas around here by the middle of next week. more details on the forecast in just a minute. lauren dimarco has more. >> good morning. i do not envy the folks that
8:16 am
head home. crowded day on the road. fortunately toi, not too bad. the one thing that you do need to watch out for is around the area shopping malls because it's black friday. let's take a look at some videos that we had for folks heading into the parking lots. pretty full. expect the crowd. watch for all those pedestrians and folks walking to and from the shops. let's head out to the highways. this is where we're going to see things running very smoothly, very nice light volume. pass h-o-v restrictions are in effect today. don't think you can just head on to the h-o-v lanes if you are driving by yourself. nothing to report in the beltway in virginia and maryland. everything running smoothly.
8:17 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. it was an event that quite literally changed the world, the bombing of pearl harbor precipitated the war in world war ii. pearl harbor was not the only significant event. according to the author of the book, december of 1941. let's talk about. this -- let's talk about this. the book, if you take a look at it is a day-by-day account of what happened in december of 1941. >> we were an isolationist country. george washington said in his address, that combined with the mop row doctrine made america a
8:18 am
very isolationist country only during the spanish-american war and world war i did we put our toes in the water and get involved in affairs around the world. other that, that there was a gallup poll. something of the order of 70% of american people were against getting involved in the european theater which, of course, had been at war. >> do you think that we would have been pulled into the war at some . had not the event of december 1941 happened? >> we were not looking at the pacific at all, only after the attack at pearl harbor. the japanese attacked six military installations that day, not just pearl harbor but wake eye lane, midway, singapore, hong kong, philippines and other location, both american and british. i don't think we would have
8:19 am
gotten involved. we certainly would not have gotten involved in the european war. of a world war i, there was a lot of bad taste in european america's mouth. >> there is little known fact that people don't know about after december 7th and some of the laws that were put into place. >> sure. >> against japanese americans. talk a little bit about how it was then. >> well, on december 7th, the attorney general francis bidle ordered the surrounding of japanese american here in washington and around the country. the fbi had a list of as many as 1 million japanese americans on their watch list. internment kamps did start. cash assets were frozen. they were not allowed to get on commercial airplanes, could not
8:20 am
leave the country. this was also directed to german americans and italian americans. the most thing was going in dry cleaning businesses seized in san francisco. men could not get their suits and shirts. when they asked about how to do i, they were told towrite the attorney general. >> one thing i was wondering about, if there are any parallels or anything that we can take away from this book looking at where our country is today. any kind of parallels? you automatically think of how things changed so dramatically on 9/11. are there some similarities or no in. >> there are, sarah. the unity that came out of december 7th was similar to the unity that came out of september 11th. but december 7th, it was deeper and longer lasting. the country stayed pretty much unified for three years and eight months until the end of
8:21 am
world war ii whereas, after september 11th, as you know, we fell back into partisanship pretty quickly. >> we sure did? the book is called tease better 1941 and it is a pretty thick one, too. i don't know if you could see it but that's a good time in the holidays to start reading this as well. craig shirley, the author of december 1941, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> over to you, matt. or i'll take it here. there you are. >> sorry about that. many families used day after thanksgiving to put up christmas decorations and that includes the first family. find out what's happening at the white house today when we come back. stay with us. fox 5 morning news continues. 
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
it will begin to look a lot like christmas in the white house. the first lady will step out on the portico when the tree will
8:25 am
be presented in a horse drawn carriage. >> and old town alexandria will light its giant christmas tree in market square at 7:00 tonight. those festivity include a special holiday performance, community caroling and a special visit from san at that. >> sound fun. the holidays can be a stressful time of the year. it's important as ever to make sure that you get enough sleep. coming up in the next half hour, look at some natural ways to make sure that you get eight hours of shut eye. we need that. >> i'm going to be listening if it all falls into place. 3q during the darkest chill,
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
brighten your home and lift your spirits. it's a new way to greet the holiday season. the winter lights collection from air wick. something in the air wick. suspect has been arrested after a deadly shooting at the university of illinois at chicago. the suspect, a 38-year-old man has been working at the hospital for 31 years. he is accused of shooting his
8:29 am
girlfriend in the parking lot. the parking lot was shut down for a few hours. and search and rescue teams are continuing to look for the bodies of those killed in a plane crash. the pilot had just taken up his three children for the holiday. two other adults were on board. so far, only the body of one child has been recovered. the former first lady of chicago has died. maggie daly was the wife of former mayor richard daly. diagnosed with breast cancer in 19292, she continued to stay in the public eye. president obama said that will she was 86-year-old time now is 8:30 on this black friday. it's in full swing. you got it.
8:30 am
it's in beautiful day. you have it's going to be competing with whether you want to play outdoors or go undoors. >> can't wait to open up the sun roof. yeah, there is no competition. i would rather be outside than in the crowds, i would say. >> apparently you are the only one judging from thecrowd at the mall. >> i know. >> let me do mention, it is cold at the moment. after a chilly start, we should start to rebrown nicely here. still below freezing in dallas. look at baltimore, 47. frederick, goon. you are at 46. should be a beautiful friday
8:31 am
and beautiful saturday around here as we are expecting temperatures to be about 10 degrees or above what we consider normal for this time of the year. this is a very, very nice weather pattern. that's going to stroll along through for the next few days and give us just fine conditions around here with sunshine during the days and clear cold nights. as we get into the end of the weekend, cold front out west. that will bring us some clouds. rain showers by sunday afternoon and sunday night. sunshine today, beautiful afternoon. mild temperature, 56 the daytime high. wind out of the south and west at about five miles per hour. 39 the overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. and as we get into the nighttime hours, cold, 39 the overnight low. tomorrow's daytime high, 25. a lot of sunshine expected. rain get in here by sunday
8:32 am
afternoon. monday, tuesday, much, much cooler. highs, monday and tuesday, struggling to get into the 50s. that's a look at the weather. let's toss it over to matt. >> most people would say they would appreciate an extra hour or two with sleep but with work, daly tours and all of the stress that comes with that, people really would like to fall asleep in the evening. that's why this morning, we have vanessa patterson, a cofounder of with some remedies. how are you doing, vanessa? >> i'm fine. how are you? >> you talk to many moms and many people involved with their career. sleep is a career if? very much. i don't get many opportunities to sleep and so when i do, i don't want to be up positioning. and before you know it, hours pass: i have trouble with sleep and i take a prescription
8:33 am
medication. i know people advise against that. are there natural ways to get the sleep that you need? i know there are some examples here. take me through some ideas. >> i have green tea which contains an ingredient that will help you. >> take it one hour before you sleep. >> one hour and there is no caffeine to keep you up in. >> right. >> how about almonds. i need a lot of those. these are magnesium foods. we have spinach, sesame seeds. they help treat stress, insomnia. you want to stay away from refined treats. any special time you should eat these or throughout the day. throughout the day would be
8:34 am
best. >> you want to have exposure to sun light. you want to take a walk outside during the day, maybe 30 minutes around your neighborhood or even during your lunch break, get outside, day lie, exercise, get away from your desk and you're going to sleep better at night, too. that's win-win. >> sticking on the exercise issue, i work out late at night, usually 8:00 or 9:00. some say that's too late. you are getting your energy up and then you are having a hard time sleeping. >> try sun light during the day. you want to exercise when there is sun light. >> the sun light is the issue and that will help. >> yes. >> you don't want too much sun exposure because that could be dangerous? >> yes. >> what about the item here? >> this is mattie's breathe better ointment. try this. thinks made some natural
8:35 am
ingredients, no harmful ingreed yebts so it's safe for both adult and kids to use. go online to or try your local rite aid. >> do you avoid sleep aids? >> i would say try natural first. >> i know that we passed by the yoga mat. right. >> do the down dog, right? >> you want to do the downward dog, get into your yoga position because they can help with deep sleeping, meditation. >> if you do daily yoga for eight weeks straight, it will improve your total sleep time. >> have you tried for those? do they work for you? >> i have and it really does. when i have the opportunity to sleep, i sleep at night. >> eight hours of good sleep? >> yes
8:36 am
>> and you have and eight month old. >> yes, i do. >> author of right? >> right. >> all of this information on the website? >> yes. let's go to sarah. >> matt, thank you. >> shopping malls, you know they are packed not only with people but with germs, too. a look at the do-list of the germiest parts coming up. >> a look at the fox deal. it is in cotton candyland in maryland. for $120, you can host a sweet celebration for your child's next birthday. that's a $250 value. to get in on this one, go to look on the fox page. ♪
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taking a look at our health alert this morning. more research support previous findings that coffee can be good for you. a recent study out of harvard found that it can cut the risk of endomitrius cancer. if you have got to go to work today, here is something
8:40 am
to keep in mind for you. to fight that afternoon energy crash that we all get. a protein-packed snack will help you get through the rest of the day. they compare how different nutrients affect the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that affects sleep. amino acids impact that part of the bruce leshaun more than any other food. >> germs could put a dampers on your holiday. >> i think about safeway. i wipe down the card and all that kind of stuff. now i'm really thinking about this. >> compiled this list of the germ yels places at the mall. most are not surprising like
8:41 am
restrooms, foot cords and escalator handrails, full of e- coli and other things we couldn't want to mention while you are eating your breakfast. >> we'll start wiping thing down or do a little spray. >> then you look obsessative. >> yes, thanks is all about the foot, family and football. up next, a look back at yesterday's game. then on fridays, we tell you about the hot movies coming to theaters or dvd. they cannot all be great. kevin mccarthy has a look at some of the turkeys out here. some of the movies you want to avoid. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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[ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. welcome back. for many, thanksgiving is all about family and food. for other, it's about football. >> dave ross is here. >> who better to talk about football than j. i. >> you and i were talking in
8:45 am
the green room about what you do at priority sport. you used to be a salary cap guy for the redskins. you switched sides as an agents. how is the dynamic >> it's interesting. it's unique. crunching all the numbers anding it the negotiations with chris cool''s agents, now, i do that for the players. it makes that negotiation that much easier when you have a certain contentious discussion because this is about money. >> right, sure. >> people are hard about that. when you have that relationship, it makes it easier. if you have a couple of clients playing for the bucs, you might slide down. >> we represent four players with the green bay packers and we have a player on the chicago bears. when the packers came to chicago to play, we'll take the packer, j.j.
8:46 am
hawk and those guys out to dinner. that's how you keep them engaged. >> the packers played yesterday but the focus was not on the packers being 11-0, but, yes, it was on ndamukong suh. we want to take a look at this and get your perspective. this is evan dietrich smith that he is engaged with and shoved his head in the turf three times and here comes the foot stomp. he will be ejected from the game. we'll take a listen to his comments in the locker room, i guess defending his actions. take a listen. >> i understand in this world because of the type of player and type of person that i am, all eyes are on me. why would i do anything to jeopardize myself. that's why i -- if i want to hurt him, i'm going to hit his quarterback like i did throughout this game. >> i don't do bad things. that appeared to be a bad
8:47 am
thing, j i? >> i agree. he was telling mike ferrera. he said, suh is not a dirty player. he is a filthy player. >> as his agent, what would you have told ndamukong suh before that press conference. >> he would have will a text message waiting for him. look, there are your talking points. even if you don't want to speak, deflect them, you new york you -- you know, defer comment. but say anything but what you just said on that tape. the cowboys won a tight game, 20-19. not a convincing win against the dolphins. are they a contender in the nfc east? they are at least the contender in the division. i think they are a contender. murray has been a good find for
8:48 am
them. at the end of the day, their going to depend upon tony romo and how well he can play. >> they always seem to fate in december. can they get over that hump? perhaps the late season collapse, they got got out out of the way. >> and harbaughs, is one of them a contender? >> because san francisco started out so well, they're going to clinch the division. they will be in it. baltimore is in it to represent the afc east. >> do you believe in joe flak yo? >> i do. >> he has some motivation. he is coming up on the final year of his rookie contract. >> without picking guys that you represent, who should we look for in the super bowl? >> green bay packers on the nfc east and those baltimore ravens. >> go with the ravens? >> yes. >> j. i., thank you very much.
8:49 am
a d.c. guy dog big things in chicago. follow him on salarycap 101 fur looking for a movie to download, there are some out there that you want to avoid. kevin mccarthy is here with his review and talk about some of your turkeys, i guess, for the year, some not to watch. one actually is abduction with tailor lautner. some people see it -- >> he can't carry the movie by himself. robert patinson cannot carry the movie by himself. abduction opened up. didn't milwaukee a lot of movie. the director is a great derek tonight he tried to capture the twilight aspect of lautner.
8:50 am
you know, he does things with shirt off and also angry looks, looks like he is about to turn into a werewolf. he is trying to become a different actor because this series is coming to an end. you have to position him as a different actor. >> and he looks the same. >> same performance. the action was annoying. it made sigourney weaver look bad. >> and there is a sequence where she is talk to taylor. this is one of the worst dialogues i have ever seen. it made her book bad. this is the actress from alien. >> the three musketeers, a lot of moved eye was spent.
8:51 am
people are so tired of unoriginal films. how many must can he tier films. even in other countries, if you put all of them together from all the movies, all-time based on that novel, it's about over two dozen three must can he tier films across the world. >> what they do, there is no chemistry at all between the three must can he tears. it's called three must can he tears. it's all slow action see qepses. the it does not work, it's boring, too long, shot it in 3d. didn't do anything different except for the 3d element. just was not a fan of it. i gave that movie a 1. now, i like ball bethany. he was in da vinci code. i thought he was good. you didn't like the movie overall. >> i like him better as a
8:52 am
dramatic actor. remember a beautiful mind, he was fantastic. he was amazing in that movie. >> he got stuck in this weird realm of these action movies, like priest. he tries to trevor these one- liner, these one you a sam lines. it does not work for him. he was in a great movie called creation, a movie about charles darwin. he has done some good drama it can roles. the scripts are always really bad. makes him look like he is a bad actor in these movies. i hope he goes back to these dramatic roles. please, forget this movie, it's cheesy, boring. do not rent that movie. >> here is another remake. conan the bar barian. >> how many remakes do we have
8:53 am
this year? foot loose. >> yeah, let's not even go there? we are owe inundated with unorigin gnat. youality. you know, you have films that are doing well but they many don't go to wide theaters because people want to see a bunch of remakes. conan the barbarian was just another unnecessary remake. you cannot fill the shoes of arnold. you can't do that. nobody will fill that role like arnold did. you can't do it. take that go on it's luke calling the audience stupid. do you believe jason as conan? no. stay away. rent one from the 80s. that's a classic. >> battle l.a.? i don't remember hearing about that. >> came out like march or something like that many the trailers were unbelievable. i was so obsessed.
8:54 am
i watched the trailer 30 times then you go see the movie. all the best parts were ruined in the trailer. all these movies were boring. it was a acast ser film and it was a disaster. this is one of the biggest disappointment to the year. and happy v 2. i know people are upset with me but i did not like the first one, did not like this one. that's one of the worst films of the year. all these movies, i did not like. stay away. >> any of the ones that he just named. stay away. >> everything else has to be much better. >> much better than that. >> back to you. >> that does it for this hour. coming up at 9:00, black friday madness. this was the scene at tysons corner right there. h & m very early this morning. we'll check to see if things have calmed down. boy, i sure do hope so. take a look at that. we are back in just a few moments stay with us. ith us. 
8:55 am
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8:58 am
right now at 9:00, black friday madness and a scary start for some. mayhem at a los angeles wal- mart when a woman opened a can of pepper spray on a crowd of shoppers. then some gunfire at a mall in north carolina. also craziness at a local shopping center. we'll have more. >> hard to believe. on a positive note, scores are expected to be filled with an estimated 152 million people throughout the holiday weekend. our sherry li is live at tie sons this weekend. sherrie? >> reporter: people are here at tie sons. it is jam packed. it is a happy holiday season for folks. we'll tell you what they are doing, what bargains they are after, coming up. and when we think outlets,
8:59 am
we tend to think name brands that are great prices. here is the thing. that's not always the case. a little later on, tips on how to be a savvy outlet shopper. how to tell if items are deeply discounted because that can be a problem for the holidays. one thing that will be really nice is the weather for all those folks headed to the mall. they might want to rewhere whether to go inside and shop or stay outside. >> you got it. we are told this morning, particularly off to the west and north where the temperature, even at 9:00 a.m. is still hanging out at 32. but as i mentioned, we're going to be in the


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