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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 25, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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slide rarity. a few fair weather clouts in pennsylvania. we should continue this fair weather pattern. saturday looks great before some changes for the day on saturday. so enjoy the day today. plenty of sunshine, mild conditions, almost call that warm. 66 the daytime high in washington. 67 in fredericksburg, 63 in martinsburg. more details on the weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. back and sherryl, backup tears to you. >> thank you so much. >> let's take a look at what some of the black friday forecast is like. how is it looking like right now, lauren? >> you know, delays on the major highways. i think sunday will be the next time that we need to worry about that. tucker was saying earlier that we're going to see some rain. plan ahead for that.
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the concentration is around the shopping malls. take a look at the videos that we had earlier over at the leesburg outlet. a lot of pedestrians. you wants to be careful. and, of course, be shaisht. we have some video from outside at the west field month formry mall in bethesda. same story there. all the area shopping malls filling up. we know the sears parking lot there at west field is already full and the parking garages are filling up as well. be patient. keep that holiday spirit up. don't fight over parking spaces. give yourself plenty of time as you go tout there shopping. let's take a look at the cameras. here we are, 202, very nice and easy trip. report of an accident here. if it is there, it is not that camera angle and not causing delays because of that nice
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volume. reports of an accident after chain bridge road. fur traveling the rails today, metro is running on a regular weekday schedule. no marc service. vre is on a holiday schedule. back over to you. gunfire and pepper spray, not two things that put you in the holiday mood but they have been a part of black friday shopping rush. police in north carolina are looking for two suspects who fired shots inside a mall in fayette ville earlier this morning. and take a lie at this. this is in los angeles where people are looking -- police are looking for a woman who pepper sprayed her fellow customers at wal-mart. that happened late last night as the crush of shoppers were going after video games, game consoles. at least 15 people were hurt. the store remained open art
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incident. in our area, there has opinion good debay othereven with huge cloud. this is just around midnight at tie zones corner. that's the h & m store. you can see a mass of people rushing into the store, just incredible video there. and it's very possible that those folks could be home sleeping by now but there are new waves of shoppers that just keep coming on into tie sons corner. let's check in with our sherrie li who has been watching the action. are shoppers getting tired? >> reporter: oh, yes. and you know what helps? coffee. a lot of sales at the coffee shop. 15 to 20,000 people were waiting outsued of tysons corner center before the stores opened at midnight. they opened a few minute earlier because there were so
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many people out there. now a lot of those people have shopped until they dropped and have headed home for some sleep. time now for round 2. everyone field up all their bags looking for the great holiday bargains. about it 20 to 30, 40, 50% off all over the mall. some stors offering buy one, get one free. it is all about the bargains right now. people hit the mall starting at midnight when the doors open. by the time the second is over, tysons corner expect to have about 200,000 shoppers come through the mall. a hot of people we talked to were shopping for themselves as well as others because you can't beat the good deals that are out here on black friday. for those people who wanted to programs avoid some of the crush, there were still deals
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to be had. i couldn't want to get up and get beat up. >> you know, shoppers know what they want. >> and surveys show that people expect to spend a little bit more, 8% according to one of the most interesting things that i have learned, some of the experts are saying, look, black friday is not necessarily the best time to get the best deals. a lot of things that you find on sale today are the lower end items, smaller appliances and things like that. if you want those higher end items, the best time is actually in the week after thanksgiving and then don't wait until the last minute because prices will shoot back up because they know all those last-minute shoppers can get a little desperate. that's the latest here at tysons corner. >> that does happen. >> thank you, sherry and love the hat. if one group had its way, no one would be out shopping
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today. a campaign called occupy black friday is trying to encourage shoppers to boycott major retailers. a message on their website says that the corporations control politics. this is typically one of the slowest trading days of the year. the dow fell 226 points leaving it down over 4% over the first three days of the week and the s&p slipped for a fifth day in a row. the decline was fueled by fear that europe's debt crisis is spreading to germany. we are following a developing story this morning. a shooting at a hospital parking lot. it happened late last night at the university of illinois at chicago medical center. one woman was shot. no word on her condition. police say that the shooter is her ex-boyfriend and they are
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still searching for him at this hour. the hospital was put on lockdown for several hours, but it has since resumed normal operations. now to d.c. where police are looking into a shooting and stabbing that happened within blocks of one another overnight. a man was shot in the 3200 root of columbia northwest. he tells police he was approached by thee men with masks. then about 40 minutes later, a man was found stabbed in the 1700 block of columbia road. one random assailant attacked him. overseas to what is turning out to be a tense day in egypt. tens of thousands of protesters filling in tar tahrir square. they want the military leaders to step down but leaders promise to stay put until the
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next week's election. meanwhile, lawyers and american officials are working to get paperwork filled to release three american students. sweeney's mother hoped it would be today that he would leave the country but, first, he needed to find a passport maryland governor martin o'malley is leaving for a trade mission in india. before arriving in india, he will stop in qatar. the trip will include stops in mumbai and new dehli. a thanks giving day tragedy. a man is dead and three are hurt. a man in his 60s was behind the wheel of a four-door sedan when he suffered some sort of medical condition and veered
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off the road. the car hit six people standing on an island in the parking lot. >> i'm not sure what happened with the driemplet he passed out. he had some type of medical condition and he ended up taking the -- veering off to the left and struck six people. >> that was horrible. my guys were pretty shook up. you could tell on the radio when they were calling up. >> no identification on the man who died except that he is 38 years old the long holiday -- will the long holiday weekend make a difference in standoff over the deficit deal? >> reporter: maybe some holiday spirit will come to washington at the same time. >> it's better >> reporter: the mood on capitol hill is one of shock
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right now. >> reporter: shock because, with little fanfare, the once heralded congressional super committee collapsed in failure this week. unable to come up with a plan to even make baby stems and reining in debt growth. now on december 31st, payroll taxes automatically go up, unemployment benefits are curtailed, medicare reimbursements are cut. and now after pardoning turkeys and all that for thanksgiving, is there a chance to think? >> they will stop at supermarkets and gas station and people will put a bug into their ear. they will return to washington with something that voters will recognize as progress. >> it's not so much the christmas spirit as the threat of a deadline that will help. >> reporter: either way, that white house christmas tree will be here soon and a daunting end
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of year deadline won't be far behind. and if that was not alarming enough, we could be dealing with the threat of a possible government shutdown next month. in washington, doug luzzader, fox news. still to come, what a day of football. one of the league's most hated player gets ejected. and harvey weinstein is out promoting his new movie about marilyn monroe. over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year
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with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day.
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this will keep you going. that song does. immediately does that signifies football. >> i hope the redskins will keep it going with the seahawks on sunday because they have not
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been looking good. >> unless they are mathematically eliminated, there is still hope. >> to you have hope? >> i have hope this weekend, matt. i think they have a good chance to go up to the pacific northwest in seattle and get a big win. they've lost six straight. they were once 3-1. now they are 3-7. you are saying there is a chance. here is why there is a chance? because santana moss will more than likely play. he has been out since the carolina game where all the losing has happened. they have not won since he has been out of the lineup. they have to get 89 back in the lineup. he has practiced all week. he has to go. if he has not practiced to this point, that would be the biggest story. we are assuming that he is going to go. here is what santana had to say. >> i don't want to be, oh, 89 is back. i want to take it day by day, you know. i don't want to take my hopes up too high. i don't want you all to go crazy. i had to ledge them see me
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catch the ball. i talked to santana right after practice on thanksgiving and he said that's fine. there is no other thing to update. we' be stunned if he does not. one guy that might not be playing for a while is ndamukong suh because of what happened yesterday in detroit. here is shoving the head of dietrich smith down and then the foot stomp. here is the thing with ndamukong. he has a history of this type of theatrics. he wept to roger goodell it talk about that. >> i was on top of a guy being pulled down and trying to get up off of the ground and why you see me pushing his helmet
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down is because i'm trying to get myself out of the situation. i'm getting my set pushed. i'm getting myself unbalanced. with that, people will interpret it, create their own story line. i know what i did. >> create our own story line. >> i don't think god will save him from the commissioner on this one. i can't believe that that's the explanation which is basically i was trying to get my balance. i was using his head as leverage. what about the foot stomp? we are not going to even address that. that's bizarre. that's a guy who has been in trouble before trying to make up an excuse that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. expect a suspension coming for ndamukong suh. i would be stunned if the commissioner does not suspend him. >> it's obvious. national audience, fox, thanksgiving day, no room in the nfl for that type of play. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> absolutely she was and still is known as one of the most recognized
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sex symbols in hollywood. out in theaters, a movie about marilyn monroe's life through the eyes of the director of the movie set in 1956. to talk more about my week with marilyn is oscar-winning producer harvey weinstein. how are you, harvey? >> how are you? nice to hear your voice many. >> are you pleased with the movie. >> we are getting fantastic reviews. it's a lot of fun. it's every boy's fantasy. 23 years old, first job on the movies and you get to babysit marilyn monroe and then you get to have a romance with her when she has a fight with her husband, arthur miller. >> we heard so many stories about marilyn monroe. talk to me about the research that went into actual movie about this part of her life. >> i think michele williams researched more than any actress i have ever worked
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with. she read every book from arthur miller's book to kazam's book, to owe livier's book. norma jean was the name of -- the real name of marilyn monroe and marilyn monroe is almost an affectation. it's almost like a cake ter she created, that breathy voice and everything. she was really, really witty when her nude pictures came out. it was going to cause a scandal. and people said, what were you doing? what were you wearing? why were you nude? >> there is nothing on but the radio, she said. she was almost so witty and smart about stuff. >> why do you think so many people are fascinated with marilyn monroe here in an area we call woodley park, adams morgan in the d.c. area, there is a huge, huge picture of her. what's the fast nation? >> i think that's the person if
9:20 am
ification of the american dream. she is born in an orphanage, married to get out of there. and then the romans she had, joe dimaggio, great american baseball hero, arthur miller, playwright. iconic. she could sing, dance, can perform. she was innocent and, yet, she was wildly sexual. it was en unbelievable combination and michele williams gets it all right. >> and michele williams is getting the all right and the movie is getting the all right if you look at what critics are saying. >> i'm really pleased. this is the story unlike marilyn monroe from the cradle to the grave. this is a fairy tale that was true. this young boy goes out, takes her to windsor castle because he has a connection in the
9:21 am
queens library. they go skinny dipping -- true story -- on the grounds of the castle and don't get caught. it is such a romantic fun piece for an audience to see a movie like this. i was very proud to make this movie. >> i love that it shows the true side of such a celebrity. harvey weinstein, thank you very much. i look forward to seeing it myself. >> thank you, matt, pleasure. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a first for representative gabriel giffords after a shooting leaves her injured. and first, when was the term black friday first coined. you do it, tucker, get dancing. >> and which city? the answer coming up. if you want to take a guess now, go to our facebook page. ♪ back to black, i hit the sac ♪
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making headlines this morning. searchers in arizona are working to find the remains of all the victims from a plane crash wednesday night. so far, only the body of one child has been recovered. a pilot and his three young children along with another pilot and a mechanic died. when a twin engine plane slammed into a mountain and exploded. the sheriff's office said there was no indication that the plane was in distress or the pilot had radioed controllers about any problem. what is going on in oklahoma, just weaks after the state's biggest ever recorded earthquake, another one hit the same area. the 33.7 magnitude quake was reported just after 3 yesterday afternoon. the epicenter was near shauney. so far, no reports of any damage. a 5.6 magnitude quake earlier this month also in central oklahoma damaged more than 30 homes and buckled part of the
9:26 am
highway there it's a surprise for some troops in arizona. representative gabrielle giffords served troops. she was accompanied by retired astronaut and her husband mark kelly. the outing marks the first time that gifford has met with her con stitt constituents since her shooting. >> she is dog well. >> great to see her out there. and we are talk being outlet malls. are you really getting great bargains? next, how to be a savvy shopper. we'll be back. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪
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it's hard to believe but this black friday marks 30 shopping days left until christmas, guys. >> i know. >> let's get out there right away. >> if you have been with us this morning, you know our sherry li has been reporting live from inside tysons corner. that's where we take a live look. it opened at midnight for the post thanksgiving holiday rush. it's been busy. some 20,000 people were waiting to get in at 12:00 a.m. and we saw that video. boy, at h & m store. we have been showing it over and over. the crowd pouring into that place. it sound like it's still busy. >> at least, folks in this area were well behaved, from what we know. >> no pepper spray, no shooting. i know, l.a., pepper spray at the wal-mart. >> no stampeding. >> was that not a stampede at the h & m. >> i guess you have to fall
9:31 am
down. >> they had $5 finds and scratchoffs. >> i need a new tv, i'm not sure i'm going to wait in line overnight. >> no. >> julie wright, i hear, was at best buy. >> she was? >> yes. i have to ask her about it. >> wonder what she got. >> something for you. >> probably shopping for me >> i'm sure of that. >> i'm sure not. >> weather is absolutely beautiful. you can't tell we have been doing the same thing for the last five and a half hours. we are a little delirious. we have been doing the same thing. we have another half hour to go. gradually, temperatures will reach the low to mid-60s 50 now in manassas. manassas holding on to the cold. 52 now the winning number in
9:32 am
gaithersburg and frederick. mountains in the mid-30s. again, should be a forge just fry day going to be a beautiful saturday. next couple of days, get out and enjoy them because, eventually, old man winter will arrive and when he does, i don't think he will let it up any time soon. there is the sentinel sat rad. clouds in pennsylvania, northern new york. that's about it. out to the west, we have high pressure that's going to keep things high and dry for us for a couple of days. as we get into late saturday and sunday, cold front approaching from the west and that will introduce the possibility of rain around here by late in the day on sunday, probably sunday afternoon and sunday night, going to be the next chance for rain. notice the clouds have to gun and over that ridge of high pressure. we're going to be looking at quiet weather around here for the next day and a half. cold front will start march manying east during the day on sunday. timing will not be great with us. that's likely to slow things
9:33 am
down a little bit with some rain. it will be just rain around here by late in the day on sunday and sunday night. just kind of keep an eye on that front here. here is the forecast for today. going to be absolutely beautiful. sunshine, mild temperatures, 66 degrees, that's about 12 degrees where we normally would be this time of the year. later tonight, clear skies, chilly overnight. we mentioned 39 in washington but there will be some 20s and low 30s if you are out west much clouds increase quickly by sunday. we may get some rain here later in the day on sunday. high temperatures will only be 50 degrees. that's a look at the weather, sarah. i want to her all about the bargains. >> yes. before you lace up your sneakers and head to the store, the next guest says that you need to apply certain rules.
9:34 am
amanda steinberg is a ceo for shopping 101. are the deals really that great that are out there? >> well, you have to be very careful. i mean, the outlet malls are positioning their items as factory overruns but the reality is that many brands are actually manufacturing specific line for those outlet malls. you are not getting the quality or deals that you think you are. >> okay. and that's the thing. it's not going to be something that's been, let's say, in one of the stores that season necessarily. maybe something that was never in an ann taylor or a banana republic, just something that's their own line in the store. >> yes. >> that's something that people have to know about. how can you tell on the clothing? it may have something indicated at such a deeply discounted price. how do you know that's a good
9:35 am
deal? >> you don't really know. that's why you need to do some research ahead of time. you might say you are getting $120 pair of genes for $50 but those might actually be $30 pair of jeans. >> there is also outlet coupon books that are out there you are saying that's not a good idea or kind of sphere clear of them if you can. why so is it >> it's' important to know that out let malls are designed to encourage you to spend money and the coupon books are a part of that you want to make sure that if you are spending money related to a specific coupon book that you see what the minimums and the requirement of spending those coupons are. sometimes, you have to spend $50 in order it get the discount. were you going to spend that ahead of time? or were you racking up your spending to get that discount. >> also, when you look at some of the clothing at the outlet malls, they don't feel the same
9:36 am
maybe as some of their traditional retail stores. what is that? >> the reality is that the quality -- you have to learn how to make that judgment for yourself and look at the seams and look at the materials and ask yourself, does this feel like quality? i'm not really sure that we can know that ahead of time. >> what are many soft other tips that people who are heading out to the outlet malls. it can take a while to get there. the if a teerks i guess, in a way of trying to get there. are they worth it right now, as opposed to going to a store that's nearlier you? >> well, make sure that you do not fall into impulse buying. you know, you are going from store to store, you are tired, that will encourage you.
9:37 am
go in there ahead of time, know what you are doing ahead of time >> we can now use our smart phones to help us out when we are taking a look at the clearance rack. explain how bee can use our nice shiny smart phones to do this work. >> absolutely. take advantage of that iphone or your android or if you don't have one, look up the mall maps ahead of time and make sure you plot your course. if you don't do, that you will end up walking for hours and hours looking for the store that you want. >> thank you so much, amanda steinberg, c e o of the thank you for those tips as we go out there and shop for the next 30 days. >> yes, the next 30 days. thanks for having me >> another thing to think about is what to do with all that leftover with the thanksgiving feast? we have you covered. and stars of the fox's hit show american idol made several appearances on thanksgiving. and two are probably wishing they could get a redo. we'll explain next. stay with us. fox 5 morning news continues. s
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the reining american idol, scott mccreary. >> well, a thanksgiving love for american idol. he made a pretty good lip synching goof. the track starts but mccreary does not start mouthing the words. >> things were not smoother for season 10 runner up lauren elaina when she was singing the nationals anthem during the lions-packers game. ♪ what so proudly we hailed through the twi --
9:42 am
twilight's last gleaming. whose -- >> at least, here, she was actually singing but it seemed like she had a brain freeze around the twilight's last gleaming. imagine doing that in front of a huge crowd. i would be nervous, shaking. >> we have seen it happen before. it's like, you know, they are supposed to be professionals, you know. but the other thing, you know, that we want to talk about is the macy's thanksgiving day parade. people tonight realize because performers are supposed to be liplip sinking. >> you know. >> it's hard. >> still, it's not great. i give him a pass on that it's tough. you know, might have been trouble with their ear piece, could not hear themselves. could be a number of issues
9:43 am
there. imagine performing in front of a huge crowd, even if it's the macy's crowd. >> you are cutting them some slack. i think it's nice of you. >> it is the day of a thanksgiving. next, the hilarious alicia cooper joins us live and time to think about all the thanksgiving day leftovers. tips on how to put them to good use, coming up after the break. that was good. >> i'm doing the segment. >> can we switch? state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company
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well, the feast is over. now, you are faced with a mountain of thanksgiving leftovers. so what can you do this year to make them disappear? joining us now is chef, cookbook author and food stylist to the stars including
9:47 am
martha stewart, libby summers. how are you? >> how are you doing? >> great to be here. >> thanks for coming. >> it's cold here. >> like you said, you are from savannah. today is going to get nice and warm. let's get to the food. people are looking into the refrigerator and say, what do you do? >> first of all, you eat another meal like you had yesterday. and then when you have left joes, we're going to make a quick sweet leak and turkey pie. and then if you have ham leftovers, we have nice ham breath, most importantly with that carcasse, we started a little turkey stock here. >> you just basically get all the meat off. there is some there and then you start a stock here. >> we drop the carcasse into water, i put cal-ons, onions, carrots. my special ingredient is ginger. i always put like a couple of slices of ginger, just imparts this wonderful flavor. i don't know what it is but it tastes good. >> lots of folks back at home,
9:48 am
we make left joes and that means the same thing that we have. but you put a flair to it. >> yes. >> what are you doing here. >> i sweated down some leeks and onion and added some brown sugar. now i'm going to add a little bit of flour, that's easy. >> all done in one pan. that's how easy thinks. matt, can you open some turkey stock in. >> yes. >> either one? >> yes. >> both the same. >> just go until i tell you. a couple of cups is good. sorry. matt. >> no worries. that's the end of the day. >> the whole thing? >> keep going. >> that's good. >> we're going to let that thicken up a little bit. let me take it. you wipe that hand off. >> i'm good. >> the breath is so good. it's left over ham that you just grate up. it has cheese in it, eggs, tons of olive oil in this bread. >> now, something that you have to make on your own, that's not
9:49 am
a leftover >> i'm from the midwest originally. we always had hams. we had hogs on the farm. you have a family-cooked turkey and ham last my. really, really good. >> you grate up that ham. does not take much. >> so we've basically simmered this down. what's next? >> we're going to add in about three cups of potatoes that we boiled. does not matter. we're going to stir that al to the, season it, just let it get a little bit thicker. the leekings with that brown sugar and the care mellizeed onion. >> how long will that take you? >> 15 minutes to prepare and an hour to prepare. >> if you cooked all day yesterday, last thunk you want to do is cook.
9:50 am
>> exactly. we pure this into pie dough. i like to make my own and if you don't for some reason -- i don't know. matt, you have to make your own. >> i don't want to tell you how i cook because you won't want to know. >> what did you do? >> i sat there and let it be cooked for me? >> you have a personal chef. >> no, i where i had. i had good family members. >> and there is olive butter, too. take something simple and i made compound out of green olive and black olive. with that warm bread when it's warm out of the oven. >> how long do you cook this? >> it's an hour, about 400 degrees, 30 minutes. >> am i doing it right? >> you are doing it perfectly. >> and then the second half hour, about 350 degrees. >> tell me about your book. with a kind of recipes do you have in there for leftovers? >> oh, everything. it's the whole hog cookbook.
9:51 am
it's really pork related. we have everything pork related. ham spread. it's a fun and it's pretty and funny. >> and here it is right here. the whole hog cookbook. >> libby summers, thanks for coming. >> smells great. looks amazing. as you were saying, it's pretty easy to do. >> really easy stuff. >> i'm going to finish this one up for the crew. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks for having me. >> sarah, back to you if you are look for some laughs this weekend, we have the perfect place for you. comic alicia cooper who has performed b. e. t., is here. >> for being able to wake up on turkey day. >> turkey day and black friday.
9:52 am
i was up until 2:30 this morning. >> you were shopping until 2:30 and now you are here. did you have any sleep. >> i had very little. >> so anything can happen is what you are telling me during the next four minutes. >> i hope we are not live. >> yes, we are. >> by the way, yes. everybody is watching right now. let's talk about this. you are home. temple hills maryland is where you grew up? >> yes. that's where i grew up. >> and first off, let's kind of back up. how did you break into the comedy club scene? how did this happen? it happened when i was watching def jam. everybody made it look so easy, like they were talking off the top of the head. and i thought, everybody thinks
9:53 am
i'm funny. so i should try. i got on stage with nothing prepared. crashed and burned like i should have. i still remember the jokes that i did and i'm lucky that somebody didn't just shoot me. but after, that i started taking it seriously and preparing materials and working it out until it was good enough to reveal in a club such as riot act. >> you went to the d.c. i improv, right? >> right, i lived in l.a. when i started. riot act is a brand new club that just opened in august, state-of-the-art. i mean it's magnificent. seats over 400 people and it is just beautiful. we are so fortunate to have at that club there. >> and you have the information there on the screen. this friday and saturday. you have been on nbc's
9:54 am
america's golferal en, the steve harvey show. tell me how you learned from those experiences? is it targeted to get you up on your feet. >> it's like the karate kid, you know, when mr. miyagi was teaching the kid, wax on, wax off and then you learn what it's all for. you know, i headline in the area where i grew up, that's a big deal. >> in manhattan, you were up in new york, making your way around there how is that compared to anywhere else you have been? >> new york is a different animal. the comedians there are on another level, another planet. they are doing such creative things because new york comics really are born and bred to be comic. they don't want to do anything else. they are not trying to act, don't want to host, don't want reality shows cameras following
9:55 am
them. they want to did their stuff at a high level. we can't wait to hear your stuff this weekend. again, that's the riot act comedy theater. tickets still available, right? >> just a few. like three tickets left so hurry up and get them. >> all right. thank you. thank you so much, alicia cooper. thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. q when a sore throat strikes, the pain can leave you feeling dreadful. and all you want is for it to go away. cepacol works fast and gives powerful sore throat relief. that's because the numbing medicine in cepacol is the maximum strength you can get without a prescription.
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back now with the answer to today's trivia question. ion. the answer is the 1960s in philadelphia. now, out' believed that the city started referring to the day after thanksgiving as black friday to describe heavy traffic and mobs of people
9:59 am
shopping. sounds familiar? every year. today, it is most commonly used to been fit retailers moving from the red to the black turning a profit. anything that they can do to cash in on something like that. very interesting. 1970s. i'm sure the crowds were nothing like they are now. tucker a nice one? >> sunshine, warm temperatures, mid-60s. tomorrow, warm sunshine. this is going to be a real competition with shopping. >> i think so the rain returns late sunday. highs about 50. >> guys, five hours. we did it. >> five and a half. >> oh, yeah. >> who is counting. >> i did five. you got to do five and a half. >> good being with you, guys. wendy is next. it e for the wend williams show. today, dish on her co-star. plus america's d


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