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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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ordered curfew by four hours. recently released from new beginnings, the district secure facility for juveniles, garner was newly on probation in his mother's care after judge milton lee discovered the division of youth and rehabilitation services had gone against his recommendation, keep being the teen locked up and out of drug rehab. the document reads in part, " dyrs management reevaluated tyronn's too. plan and decide not to place him at abraxis and placed respondent at new beginnings. no other explanation was provided for why the commitment order was not implemented. the case manager was unable to providationinformation in why garner was not placed at abraxis." >> that left the judge very angry at the fact that what had been an accord that had been reached was violated virtually
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as soon as he got out of the courtroom. reporter: jim graham has oversight of juvenile justice and was allowed to see transcripts from two of tyronn garner's hearings in july and september. >> the problem with this particular case is the fact that we don't know why dyrs management decided not to follow what they had agreed to do and what the judge had recommended because people are sent all the time to abraxis for drug treatment by dyrs. reporter: what really troubles jim graham is the fact there is no drug treatment at new beginnings. >> therein is the rub of what went wrong. now there are other questions about this case, but that's the principal question and, of course, under this shield of confidentiality we can't find out why they did it. reporter: and it won't be without trying. tyronn garner's mother has hired a lawyer in an effort to get to the bottom of it all. so far this year jim graham
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says 16 young people have been killed in the district who at one time were under the supervision of dyrs or supervised by court social services. so far dyrs has not commented on our story. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. in other news the gaithersburg man arrested after a montgomery county woman disappeared in aruba will be set free next week. gary giordano has been a suspect in robyn gardner's disappearance since he reported her missing in august. he says she was swept out to sea while snorkeling. prosecutors had him held to search for evidence but have not found enough for a judge to order him held longer. giordano was vacations with garner who had a boyfriend home when she vanished. another black friday underway well before dawn in a lot of places today. for the first time stores opening at midnight at tysons corner, although the mall darlings didn't open until a
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little later -- doors didn't open until a little bit later in the morning. now savvy shoppers had already tracked down the deals they needed and made their strategy work for them which helps keep the operation calm. >> i always go black friday shopping every year. i always wait for this event and so i knew the stores i wanted to go to, where it was, what i wanted to buy, got all the deals. i had a pretty good strategy. >> some folks said they never had gone shopping on black friday and were glad they tried it this time. black friday got its name because it's the day retailers hope to get out of the red and into the black. so how are things looking this year? fox business network's peter barnes has the details on the weekend shopping. reporter: retailers were hoping to make black friday green with even earlier store openings and even bigger pro motions like a $500.42-inch
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flat screen tv marked down to 200 bucks at best buy which opened its doors at midnight. >> we want a tv and a price we can afford. reporter: the holiday shopping season looked like it was off to a good start with customers jamming malls, shopping centers and retail websites. the national retail federation estimated 152 million people would shop this black friday, saturday and sunday, up 10% from last year. analysts say customers are looking for big savings in the tough economy. >> people are worried about the economy. 95% of folks said they were worried about, it but you know what? four out of five, about 80%, said they're not going to let this ruin the holiday. >> the data we've seen thus far retail sales on a year over year basis up 7% compared to last year. that's a good sign. reporter: one shopper in rockaway new jersey told fox business she bought jeans and sneakers on sale for herself but not at 4 a.m. when the mall opened. >> you can still be a black
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friday soldier without getting up at 4:00 in the morning. you can get here, chill, get a coffee. the people that get up super early, god bless them, but i like getting up a little later and then it's not quite so cut throat. occupy d.c. protesters got in on the black friday action, too, but their store had only three items. they set up the black friday white elephant free store on freedom plaza. it offered everything from refreshments for shoppers to its occupy washington post publication. later demonstrators headed to columbia heights to protest the retail stores. will the long holiday weekend make the difference in washington? the deficit super committee failed this week and now congress is about to try to pick up the pieces. fox's doug luzader has the latest. reporter: the old battle lines may emerge next week when congress returns, but a deadline could lead to answers. >> the mood on capitol hill is one of shock right now.
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reporter: shock because with little fanfare the once heralded congressional super committee collapsed in failure this week unable to come up with a plan to even make baby steps in reining in debt growth. so now december 31st payroll taxes automatically go up, unemployment benefits are curtailed, medicare doctor reimbursements go down and that's just the start, but after pardoning turkeys and generally getting steeped in the holiday spirit, is there a chance for washington to rethink all this? they're going to get stopped at the supermarket and stopped at the gas station and people will recognize them and put it a bug in their ear about doing something. i think that they may well return to washington with the notion they've got to do something in december that the typical voter realizes is progress in some way. >> you know what i think will help things out is not so much the christmas fir as the threat of a deadline. reporter: if that wasn't larging enough, we could be
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dealing with -- alarming enough, we could be dealing with the threat of a possible government shutdown next month. doug luzader, fox news. heads up before you do shopping for your his this holiday season, these cools may have a hidden danger, the warning -- toys may look cool, but they may have a hidden danger, the warning coming up next. what this pilot said saved his life is coming up next. >> a spectacular holiday so far, no shortage of sunshine. we're on a roll, another day to look at before things start. i'll have all the details. we'll be back after the break. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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black friday is just about over and now you may be looking at the loot you came home with,
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but before you start gift wrapping we have some safety information about toys. recalls are down and enforcement is up, but injuries continue to be a problem a new report says. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick explains. reporter: it began in 2007, 25 million toys pulled off the market, mostly because of lead paint hazards. fast forward just four years and the picture is much brighter. >> new toy standards in place are effective. consumers can shop with confidence this year. reporter: today the heed paint limit is the hoest in the world and there are strict -- lead paint limit is the lowest in the world and there are strict limits on other chemicals. federal law requires manufacturers to test and certify toys meet the safety standards before they hit the shelves. recalls in 2011 down to just 34. >> in most cases a product is tested to see if rough play with the product, will it fall apart, will small parts detach, will sharp edges be presented?
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reporter: but some perennial problems remain, small parts that break off cheap toys and become choking hazards. writing toys with protruding parts that can cut a child -- riding toys with protruding parts that can cut a child and toys with long strings or loops that pose a strangulation risk. magnets are a growing threat not intended as toys. kids are using them as fake piercings. if swallowed, they could be deadly. >> we want you to put safety at the top of your list. reporter: so follow the age guidelines on the toy labels. watch for small parts and make sure you include safety gear with any riding toy to keep your little ones safe this holiday season. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> now the cpsc says 180,000 kids were hurt badly enough to be treated at the e.r. last year. nonmoriding toys were associate with most of those injuries.
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coming up a helicopter pilot survived this terrifying crash and now he's telling us what saved his life, his story next. plus flyers are getting into trouble for baggy jeans, short skirts, even being overweight. so what exactly are the rules of airline etiquette? the push for some clarification next. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. all right, i'll be right back. okay. ♪
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the pilot of the helicopter that crashed in new zealand wednesday said he's ready to fly again. craig gribble was helping install a christmas tree on the waterfront when the chopper's blade hit cable. gribble was nearly thrown from the helicopter as it slammed to the ground. >> got your line belt which is attached to the floor of the aircraft. i must have just slid around inside it, thrown me out, dragged me back in and i was going over backwards. >> i saw you being spit out by the rotors. that kept you in. >> if i wasn't wearing that, it would have been all over. >> hard to believe he survived that. gribble walked away with cuts and bruises. recent incidents of passengers being removed from flights or for having short skirts, baggy pants, making out or just being overweight have made head lines.
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airline passenger groups feel that there is no one standard by which airline passengers no what to do, what to say, what to wear or how to behave. fox's claudia cowen report on the high flying fashion standards. reporter: from skirts too short to pant as to low, some passengers are learn being the hard way -- pants too low, some passengers are learn being the hard way their wardrobe can keep them grounded. civil incidents have flyers rights groups calling -- several incidents have flyers rights groups calling on airlines to make clothing guidelines. activist kate hani argues the lack of consistency leaves passengers exposed to judgments of the flight crew who may take offense at clothing not considered indecent off the plane but which leads to an argument and sometimes ends with the passenger getting kicked off as in this incident last june in san francisco. in the airline's view those passengers became a risk, but kate contends if that's the
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case, it's the airline's faulted. >> the airline should step up and do this on their own just -- fault. >> the airline should step up and do this on their own just so passengers can predict and appropriately dress. if there's a requirement to wear or not wear a certain type of clothing, tell us of. reporter: indeed most airlines scoff at specifics in their contract of carriage. american won't give a maximum weight but can turn anyone away dime toad fat to comply with safety instruction -- deemed too fat to comply with safety instructions by themselves, too smelly for hygiene or dressed in a manner that would cause offense to other passengers, but then u.s. airlines allowed this man on board wearing lingerie. airlines say guidelines would be hard to enforce and could expose them to lawsuits which the flight crew overreacts which is what usually happens according to the head of virgin. >> if an airline can keep people of for being slightly overweight or wearing baggy pants, it seems to me slight
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limb polite. reporter: airline operator -- slightly impolite of. reporter: airline operators say if everyone dresses appropriately and passengers are more tolerant, everyone can have a nice flight, but that's not enough for advocates who want no confusion on what flies and what doesn't. it's time to get to the favorite part of the show where we determine our fate weatherwise for the weekend and for that we have gwen tolbart to tell us all about it. >> we did very well so far over the holiday, wisdom, no shortage of sunshine, bright skies and on a bit of a roll. >> we're going to keep it rolling, then. see how i put you on the spot? >> you always put me on the spot. mother nature has been really kind to us. nice shot outside where skies are mostly clear and it is not too bad temperaturewise either. so as we go to our weather map, our highs today did, we ever hit up with our highs, 63 degrees at national airport, 66 dulles, 7 to 9 degrees above
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the stephenal average. baltimore a balmy 70 -- seasonal average. baltimore a balmy 70 degrees, 17 degrees above the seasonal average for today. right now temperatures are a little cooler in this hour, 46 degrees at national, 309 gaithersburg, 40 -- 39 gaithersburg, 41 baltimore, 34 degrees at frederick, 39 martinsburg, 48 at winchester. skies clear for us as far as the mid-atlantic because there's a range of high pressure in control. that's been our saving grace with all the sunshine, but here's what we're keeping an eye on, low pressure system with an associated cold front headed our way. we will feel the effects ed hadding into the course of the -- effects heading into the course of the weekend. expect to see a little wet weather from it. tomorrow dry conditions, plenty of sunshine, another great day to get out and we're on a roll with the sunshine for the holiday, but the cold front moves in heading into sunday. with it we will see some of that rainfall and then we'll
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have a stronger little system that will kick in wet weather for us moving into the beginning of the week. so keep the umbrella handy. tomorrow you won't need it. it's going to be a really nice day and a rise in our temperatures. by midday tomorrow with sunshine we'll be 60 one degrees, 69 by the time we -- 61 degrees, 69 by the time we hit 4:00. it will be a very pleasant day. tonight we're still talking mostly clear skies, light winds, overnight low 39 degrees, a very light southwesterly wind at 5 miles an hour. those winds will help boost our temperature tomorrow. look at this, 67 degrees tomorrow with the sunshine. it's going to be down right pleasant and mild and if you still have guests from out of town, what a nice day to show them our beautiful city. you will enjoy it. here's where things start to change. sunday when that frontal system moves through, we're looking at some rain. timing is a little uncertain. we really think it's going to be into the evening hours, but one of the models wants to bring in a little earlier in
11:50 pm
the day. we'll update that tomorrow. monday a chance of showers as well, 40% chance of seeing that, same story tuesday in the 40% range seeing wet weather. you can see the temperatures starting to dip. we're heading from the upper 60s to the low 40s, mid-40s by the time we hit wednesday, back to drier conditions but at least we've got some cooler air. that's it for your fox 5 forecast and we are going to be back right after the break. lynn lynn getting ready to tell you -- lindsay murphy getting ready to tell you what's happening in the sports world. stay with us. ♪
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this is the nissan sports desk in hd with lindsay murphy. >> good evening. the maryland basketball team came in limping a little bit to their game against florida gulf coast playing in the puerto rico tip-off. the terps dropped two of three games. so getting back on track tonight was a must. mark turgeon and the terps back at the comcast center for the first time since november 13th. terps up 11 in the 2nd half. terrell stodlund dishes to nick for the dunk. off the inbound later in the half stoglund drives, breaks his defender's averages. the terps improve to 3-2 with the 73-67 win over florida gulf coast. uva taking on green bay, 2nd half the cavs running the brakes to perfection, mitchell with the finish, uva up 18.
11:54 pm
james johnson misses the hook. darian atkins with the follow jam. uva cruises by 68-42. as the saying goes, there's no crying in baseball. today there's a new one. as bruce boudreau will tell you, there's no feeling sorry for yourself in hockey. the caps did just that and even though alex ovechkin did get back on track, the rest of his team kind of fell off track. 2nd period caps down 2-0, marcus johansson has a bad turnover in his own zone and he was made to pay. with a 3-0 lead for the rangers. 3rd period caps down 5-2. alex ovechkin bliss ishes the wrist shot for the score, his -- blisters the wrist shot for the score, his eighth this season. new york's ryan callahan win being the battle on the board dishes for his second goal of the game. capitals fall to the rangers 6- 3. >> this whole league is about winning one on one battles and if you get it deep and win the
11:55 pm
one on one bats and take it to the net, it sounds -- battle and take it to the net, it sounds simplify, but that's what it is. this is a league you can't feel sorry for yourself. you have to suck it up and do what you have to do. i could barely believe my eyes when i looked at the redskins injury report. no players have been ruled out. none are doubtful and only two are listed as questionable. this means you're likely to have laron landry, santana moss, trent williams and josh wilson sunday. those veteran players will be so important especially on a west coast road trip where the travel and time change can be grueling, but nothing will be more challenging than playing at century link field in seattle known for loud crowds and crowd noise which leads to home field advantage for the seahawks and false starts for their opponents. it's a tough trip during a tough stretch. >> it's going to be difficult. you got to deal with the long flight, time change, what not. their defense is pretty sound.
11:56 pm
they're going to put a lot of guys in the box, challenge you outside one on one. we'll have to be man to man coverage and of make the right throws, make the coverages. it's going to be a test. >> that stadium is really loud. i've been there a couple times in the past few years. they play well at home. their defense has always made well and fed off that crowd. high school playoffs in virginia south county visiting york town, the winner gets a spot in the division 5 semifinals. york town with the ball, quarterback jordan smith rolling right and throws but to the wrong person. that's timmy hunt. with a convoy of blockers he returns 61 yards for the touchdown. south county over york town 37- 13. also congrats to quint orchard who beat c.h. flowers 23-12. that's all for sports. the news edge will be right back. now through this monday only,
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here's another look at the five-day forecast, a spectacular day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and we are talking a few showers as we move through into the afternoon hours and beginning of the week, but not all bad. wisdom. >> that's it. we're done. have a good night. - jim's gone on his honeymoon. so i started borrowing his office to fart in. then one day, i came in,


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