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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  November 27, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. you know, many people thought rookie evan royster would get a good look today at running back and his look consisted of one carry for 3 yards in seattle. that's brief. another rookie made a much bigger impression, one of the game's key plays 4th quarter. redskins trail 17-7, grossman on 3rd and 3 pitches to roy helu who not only gets the 1st
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down but goes the distance 28 yards for his first nfl touchdown. helu broke loose after hurdling roy lewis. the rookie from nebraska established career highs in carries, rushing yards rushing 23 times for 100 ate and after the game helu on -- 108 and after the game helu on this play that everyone was talking about. >> once i got the pitch the first thing was i peripheralled the edge and then i seen i could get around and actually right where their db was at the 1st down marker where i hurdled him at and i just wanted to mange sure i got it. i didn't care if the safety came over -- make sure i got it. i didn't care if the safety came over and killed me from the air. came down and ended up breaking a tackle. >> he was awesome today. he had some hard runs that aren't always on the highlight reel, but kept us in 3rd and manageable and 2nd and 4. we were able to pick up a 1st down and move the ball and obviously
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the -- that was one of the most impressive runs i've ever seen, just hurdle somebody and keep moving and it was awesome. >> it was awesome. so helu was a big factor, so, too, was the fiestiness of the redskins team, a competitive spirit that began even before the kickoff. lindsay murphy in seattle where it all went down. murph. reporter: feldy, it was a long 56 days between wins, but their longest losing skid since 1998 is no longer and you want to know how the redskins did it? the secret lies within the four white lines of this very football field. it didn't take long for the chilly air in seattle to heat up. during the coin toss at midfield pregame is when the skins and seahawks started jawing at one another. >> guy said something about us stepping on his seahawk. we do that everywhere we go. we want to see it break down, wasn't anything disrespectful or personal, but he said something about us stepping on his seahawk and we're going to
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pay and i said something. it just kind of escalated a little bit from there. reporter: did you step on the seahawk? >> we do that on every stadium. it's nothing personal. it's a mindset when you come into another place you're not tippy toing. you are trying to make it your place. who knew that could fire up a team in the midst of a six- game losing skid, but it worked and the skins literally went to battle with seattle all game long. >> very chippy, both teams losing records and just trying to make something happen, man, put a fork on the team and challenge and we were going to step up and be a man. it's a man's game. reporter: you wonder what's being said when all the pushing and shoving is going down? >> it's a lot of talking down there.
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some people might bring your mama into, it but it don't really matter to me because i know they don't know my mama. that's not going to get under my skin. ain't nobody pinching and twisting, but if you're going to talk trash you got to know whoever you're talking to is going to try tomorrow paris you and the same note you got to go even harder. reporter: there won't be any logo next week for the redskins to stomp on except their own, but maybe the jets will bring some heat to fedex field. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> nice job. coming up the only other nfc east team in action today, the eagles trying to break out of their home funk against the new england patriots. it would not be easy. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> for a squad dubbed the dream team it's been more like a
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nightmare for the philadelphia eagles especially at home entering 1-4 today with a date with the new england patriots, not an easy opponent home or away. vince young getting a second straight start for the injured michael vick, 1st quarter no score. young backed a pass, deep downfield to riley cooper. he's taken down at the patriots 4-yard line. 58-yard gain set up a touchdown. young passed foray career high 400 yards. 2nd -- for a career high 400 yards. 2nd quarter, brady to west welker, 41 yards for the touchdown, new -- to wes welker, 41 yards for the touchdown, new england in control. the patriots beat the eagle says 38-20 dropping philly to 4- 7 and 1-5 at home. the redskins next opponent, jets and mark sanchez posting the bills. 2nd quarter ryan fitzpatrick 5
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yards to stevie johnson, bills up 14-7. check out his celebration, takes out his guns, shoots himself in the leg and then plaxico burress playing and crashing, that's a 15-yard penalty, hope it was worth, it certainly disrespectful. 3rd quarter bills trail 21-14. brian fitzpatrick up the right side to brad smith covered by cromartie. the ball gets batted in the air. smith comes down with, it 36 yards for the score, game tied at 21. over a minute left, jets trial 24-21. mark sanchez -- trial 24-21. mark sanchez from the shotgun, 16 yards for the game winning touchdown, jets defeat the bills 28-24 to improve to 6-5. when we come back, the skins all smiles for the first time since october 2nd. we will give the final word to d. hall when we come back. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> the redskins win 23-17 coming back scoring the last 16 points on the road in a tough very loud venue. we give the last word to a loud guy who said last week he would
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cut himself and today sealed the game with a last minute interception. d'angelo hall, take it away. >> this is good to get a win. i don't think anybody in this locker room cared or was really focused on man, we can't lose seven, we can't lose eight or whatever the hell this record was. nobody was focused in on that. we just wanted a win, period to, get a win. like i said, they've been kind of few and far between, so definitely is a loot special, especially with this long plane -- a lot special especially with this long plane ride back home. it's definitely going to be a lot less tense than it would have been if we got a loss. >> the redskins enjoyed playing the nfc west this season going 3-1 with wins over the seahawks, rams, and cardinals, the only loss coming with the 49ers. next week redskins host the jets at 1 p.m., kickoff at fedex field. thanks to rich dunn who celebrated his 47th birthday
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