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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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obtaining cash. >> reporter: the suspect is targeting older men. his weapon of choice is a box cutter. >> must be a sick person. >> very concerned. >> a lot of people are out shopping. this is not good. >> reporter: authorities believe he is getting more violent. when they found the latest victim, he was beaten so badly he had to be hospitalized. officials hop someone recognizes the man in the video and helps get the suspect off the streets before he possibly tries it again. now, you might recall in the other two cases, the victims were unharmed. it's only the case yesterday, the 77-year-old was hit and cut. authorities say he was disoriented when they tried to speak to him last night. they are still trying to get more information about exactly what took place yesterday. if you recognize this video, if you have any information, police would like to hear from
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you. shawn, laura, back to you. >> matt ackland, thank you. what began as a celebration and night on the town ended in violence. someone pulled a knife and one person was dead and five others were hurt. beth parker joins us with the latest on the story. beth. >> reporter: dupont circle is not an area known for crime. a fight started inside heritage restaurant. as people left, the fight escalated. three people were stabbed. jhonte coleman from suitland was killed. his friend said it was among the scariest scenes he has experienced. >> i looked back and i saw him
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on the ground like this. he couldn't move. i looked back and i seen him laying their crawling. >> reporter: he has a sprained ankle and was shot in the upper leg. he was celebrating a friend's 30th birthday. police are working the case and no one has been arrested. >> thank you. federal prosecutors want further psychiatric evaluation of this man, the man accused of trying to assassinate president obama. oscar ramiro ortega-hernandez has been found competent to stand trial but prosecutors filed paperwork for another round of tests today. he is accused of firing several rounds from a semi-automatic weapon at the white house. the president was not inside at the time but one of the bullets cracked a protective window in the residence. no bail for the man accused of plotting to use a remote control model airplane to bomb
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the pentagon building. he was arrested in september. he is mentally ill and should be released to the custody of his father. indiana avenue is back open after reports of a suspicious vehicle at the courthouse. the fbi responded along with local police shutting down the area forcing everyone to wait outside. police got a call that three men got out of a gray lexus s.u.v. and took pictures of police headquarters around 1:00 a.m. police later determined the vehicle did not pose a threat. the washington capitals are the area's most successful professional team. today the franchise made a major move deciding to go in a different direction. dave feldman has more on the caps big shakeup. >> the capitals fired bruce boudreau and replaced him with dale hunter. boudreau had an unbelievable run in d.c. he never passed the second round of the play-offs.
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lately the team has struggled, falling to 8th place in the eastern conference. today the team made a move. bruce boudreau was fired today, almost four years to the day after he was hired. after a record breaking 7-0 start to this season, the caps faltered, losing eight of the last 11 and ten of the last 15. after saturday's bad loss in buffalo, gm george mcphee felt like he had no choice. >> the reason for the change, we weren't winning obviously. and we were in a slump. you can ride out slum's. this was simply a case of the players were no longer resummoning to bruce and when you see that, as much as you don't want to make a change, you have to make a change. >> reporter: four years ago, mcphee made another change, hiring boudreau from pennsylvania to replace glenn hanlon. in that time, boudreau took the
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caps from cellar dweller to play-off contender. four straight division titles and two years ago they had the best record in hockey. >> i was caught off guard. i didn't expect it to happen, i didn't think it would happen. i knew we weren't playing well but you never expect something like that to go down. >> really, really bad feeling. i felt terrible as soon as i read it. and you don't -- this is a person's career and job and it sucks to see. it is a business and you do what you have to do. we got to pick up the pieces and go from there. >> reporter: where they go now is back to the past. former caps great dale hunter, most recently the co-owner of the ontario hockey league's london knights, now the 15th coach in franchise history. >> i am a players coach but the players will know when i'm mad at them. i am stern on them. that's the way you have to be
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to win games. mistakes, everybody makes mistakes out there but if you continue to make mistakes -- >> probably have to catch a little different, a little more calmness. he has a ton of respect for the people here. he is like mr. capital. >> reporter: mr. capital will get his debut tomorrow when the st. louis blues come to verizon center. i spoke to bruce boudreau. did not want to be interviewed on camera. he was disappointed but he was very classy regarding the caps and his time in washington. laura? >> such a surprise. thanks for the update. viewers are sounding off on facebook. frank rights that boudreau took us as far as he could but lost the team. we have a ton of talent. talent doesn't win games, teams win. sam is looking to the future. he thanks boudreau for
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everything he did. the players need a huge reality check if they have hopes of succeeding in the postseason. and we are following breaking news. republican presidential candidate herman cain is defending himself once again against new accusations that he had an affair. our sister station in atlanta is reporting that cain had a 13- year extramarital affair. cain said the accusation is false but that he does know the woman. this allegation comes a few weeks after four other women came forward accusing cain of inappropriate conduct. stay with fox 5 and for the latest developments. another child sex abuse scandal is erupting at syracuse university. they fired bernie fine. police searched his home this weekend. a third accuser came forward with allegations against fine. he is facing sexual assault charges himself involving a
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teenage boy. two former syracuse ball boys accuse fine of molesting them in the '70s and '80s. davis recorded a phone call with the coach's wife lori fine. she appears to admit knowing about the possible abuse. a utah professor pled not guilty that he was looking at child porn on a flight to boston. another passenger says that grant smith was looking at the images on his laptop the person alerted a flight attendant and e-mailed a relative who is in law enforcement. tensions are rising between the u.s. and pakistan. coming up, reaction to the air strike that is causing tension in the relationship. hip. 
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there are new tensions between the u.s. and pakistan.
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more than two dozen pakistani soldiers were killed during a raid by nato forces near the afghan border. pakistan is warning that its country is reevaluating the shaky alliance with the u.s. tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: nato called the deaths from the air strikes tragic. tonight the response to the attacks, pakistan cut off some of the nato supply lines in the region and told the u.s. to leave a base from which it has been launching drone strikes. it's a relationship that is going from bad to even worse. funeral services were held for 24 pakistani soldiers killed in their own country near the afghan border. nato air strike intending to hit taliban insurgents instead hit members of the pakistani army. the deaths are sparking a fresh round of anti-americanism. thousands of demonstrators descended on the u.s. consulate
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to announce -- denounce the attack. one demonstration saw protestors set fire to a dummy covered in the words usa. it was supposed to represent president obama. for its part, pakistan's government is demanding the u.s. now vacate a once secret air base inside its country that was used to launch drone strikes. president obama meeting with european and economic leaders made no public comment but a spokesman stressed pakistan's importance to the u.s. >> it's in america's national security interest to maintain a cooperative relationship with pakistan because we have shared interests in the fight against terrorism. >> but after osama bin laden was killed in pakistan and its spy agency was linked to attacks on the u.s. embassy, those interests often appear at odds. >> it's inevitable that we will
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go from crisis to crisis. >> reporter: lisa curtis says if the u.s. and pakistan can't work together, the u.s. reducing forces in afghanistan could be delayed. >> pakistan is a critical role in stabilizing afghanistan. but it's a question of whether pakistan is a friend or foe of the united states. >> reporter: a question that so far has eluded an answer on both sides. the united states was quick to offer its regrets for the air strike. secretary of state hillary clinton and leon panetta issued statements. pakistan's president says he is holding firm on the two-week deadline for the u.s. to leave the secret drone base. >> tom, thank you. with an eye on egypt, votersing going to the polls for the first time since mubarak was forced out of office.
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egyptians are still turning out in huge numbers to vote. long time congressman barney frank is not seeking reelection. he is leaving congress in 2013 after 16 terms in office. he worked to expand affordable housing and end discrimination against homosexuals. he became the first congressman to announce that he is gay. he promises to defend the-year- old dodd-frank financial regulatory bill. it looks like a movie trailer. democrats have rolled out an attack ad on mitt romney. take a look. >> the creator comes the story of two men trapped in one body. >> the ad focusing on what critics call flip-flops from romney. the democratic national committee have the ad running
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in albuquerque, pittsburgh and right here. last week romney's camp unleashed an ad on obama. you heard about the high school senior who tweeted her unfavorable opinion of her state's governor. she is no longer facing punishment. her school district wanted her to apologize. she met brownback and then posted her criticism on twitter. the principal of her school ordered her to apologize. well, the school district had a change of heart. they published a statement saying they support her right to free speech. >> lesson in the first amendment there. >> for the school district as well. >> exactly. we can take a lesson from mother nature on how to make us hope. >> the weather is gorgeous. >> gorgeous today. look at it outside.
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>> i hope it continues, gary. >> the evening is great. the problem with this type of weather, we all get used to it and then when it changes and goes back to reality -- isn't that the way it works? then everybody takes shots at the weatherman. >> not at all. >> we thank you for the beautiful weather. >> it was good through the holiday weekend. we got everybody to grandma's house and everybody back home at least on the east coast without having any big issues, thank goodness. all the travelers appreciate that, not me but the fact that we had real nice weather. let me start off and show you what it looks like out there. there is rain on the way. the good news with this, it has been real slow at least to get to us. this is a big storm system and it's churning across the nation the last several days. it's so big and intense that it's a slow mover. almost 36 to 38 hours.
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that is good for us. let me show you parts of western sections of tennessee. they are getting snow. in the center of the storm system it's cold. a closed off center of low pressure. they are getting snow this evening. before it's said and done, they may see snowfall in places like mississippi, alabama, higher elevations of georgia as this storm lifts out. we are not going to get snow here but farther back out to the west and northwest in the mountains of west virginia, there will be snow flames tomorrow evening then into wednesday morning it looks like. the temperature in the city is 68 degrees. gaithersburg 63. frederick 63. frederick was 70 today earlier. fredricksburg was in the lower 70s. how nice has that been. 64 at 7:00. 62 at 9:00. look at that. even at 11:00 tonight, the
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temperature will be 60 degrees. listen, rain is coming. colder temperatures are coming as well. eventually they will get here. we will talk about the full forecast coming up. >> certainly not feeling like christmas at all, gary. >> keep it coming, if you ask me. >> exactly. speaking of christmas, after a long cross country trip, the capital christmas tree is now standing on the west lawn. the 65 footsy era white fir comes to us from the stanislaus forest. tomorrow night speaker of the house john boehner will light the capital christmas tree. hard to believe it's that time of year. you have your tree up. >> last week was too busy. >> well, there was violence nationwide on black friday including a woman accused of paper per spraying other shoppers. find out why she is not facing
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charges. plus, occupy protestors in l.a. are claiming victory after being told they would get the boot. we will have the details on this one when we come back. [ [ female announcer ] at,
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occupy protestors in los angeles scored what they call a victory over police. the protestors camped out around city hall. police surrounded them from midnight until 6:00 a.m. but then brew after clearing -- withdrew after clearing the roads for traffic. >> we have seen it time and time again. when the cops come down, he they evict and more people come back. it raises more awareness. people are asking more questions. people want to know what is going on down here. >> the police chief says there is no concrete deadline for the two-month-old camp to be cleared but he wants as little
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drama as possible. black friday's most notorious shopper won't talk to police. the woman is accused of pepper spraying other shoppers during this crazy scene at a wall matter in los angeles. they were trying to grab x-box gaming consoles. the lapd claims she went to a police station but invoked her right against self- incrimination. she is not talking. >> black friday is absolutely crazy. i have never done it before in my life. friday about 11:00 i looked at my son and said do you want to go black friday shopping. i figured he would say no. he said yes. we went to target. we thought we would get in. there was nobody in front of the door. we walked down and the line was around the corner and down the block. he we got back in the car and left. that was it. >> i won't do it again. thank goodness black friday is over. but guess what, today is cyber monday. why experts say the sales could
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hit a record. peanut butter shortage. why food banks are running ought out of one of their most requested items. it's a story shining a spotlight on childhood obesity. a 200-pound third grader removed from his family's care. why it the right call. we will take a look after the break. arvey levin oduction.
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a big bump on wall street thanks in part to a strong holiday shopping weekend. the dow and nasdaq were up sharply on word of the happy shoppers. melanie alnwick is here with what is in store for cyber monday. there is still stuff going on. >> reporter: a lot of stuff is going on. black friday early openings paid off. 86 million shoppers hit the stores. i know you weren't one of them. but they rang up $11 billion in
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sales. that is a record for a single day. they are expecting that cyber monday will hit another record as well, perhaps $1.2 billion in sales. you can take a look here and see 8 in 10 retailers will have a special promotion for today. we are looking at cyber they have a comprehensive list. they have special deals. there is a deal on jewelry that expires in 30 minutes. then another deal will come back up. free shipping offers are the standard. online sales haven't out passed brick and mortar stores but they take a larger chunk. now cyber monday deals are expanding into the entire kick off week. >> cyber monday 2011 could be the single biggest online shopping day in history. watch for amazon to lead the back. they have lightning deals. they will sell a done of kindle fires. they are pulling out the stops.
5:30 pm
the.coms for the major retailers, and macy', they have their own metrics to meet. they are separate businesses. >> knowing that millions will go online today and throughout the holiday season, immigration and custom enforcement officials announce a major crackdown on online retailers. it's called operation in our sites. they took down 150 web sites with names like huma outlets, nfl jersey those domains come up with a seized banner. they were selling counterfeit goods. >> for example, this is a texas jersey, from the houston texans team. as you can see, it has the texans logos, nfl logos, fake hallow grams and the various
5:31 pm
different things. the department of homeland security and fbi are asking you to be careful shopping online. make sure that you shop from a repeat puttable retailer. getting a bog dust deal is no -- bogus deal is no deal at all. >> does it mean it will be a big finish to the end of the year. >> that is what everybody is hoping. they have to wait and see. sometimes the deals are so good, budget shopping go out for the deals then they have done the shopping and they won't come back out again or it could be an indicator that people are tolling spend a little more. perhaps more optimistic than we have been lead to believe. they will do another survey and ask how much shopping have you done. >> let's hope it's good news from here on out. thank you. the 12 days of christmas,
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an old christmas carol published in 1780. historians believe it goes further back. how much would it cost you to buy all of those items today? how about 24,$263. that is a 3% increase over last year. how do we know, steve is here to help us sort out the numbers. we know pnc puts out an annual christmas price index to come up with the totals. what do you make of the 3.5% increase when it comes to the economy. >> it mirrors what the government cpi has done at 3.8%. it's not surprising to us that we saw 3 1/2 percent increase. i think the big surprise was some of the items that we thought would go up bay considerable amount really did not. >> let's talk about some of those. we know that, what, the 11 pipers is like 2400 bucks. is that up or down? >> that is about flat.
5:33 pm
i think that pipers and lady's dancing, those are going to be entertainment items and with your discretionary i come, you de -- income you defray those costs. >> what about the five gold rings. i would think they would be up. >> surprisingly they were down. we found in the retail stores, a lot of jewelers are finding that they are having to put the gold rings on sale. more and more people are going format numb or white gold. they are moving the gold rings off the store shelves in favor of white gold or platinum. >> let me ask you, what is still pretty good if you want to get something off the list. what is flat. >> pretty flat would be some of the items like turtle doves and calling birds. calling birds are fairly inexpensive because i think they are trying to move them off the shelves. what was surprising to us, the internet costs are going up by
5:34 pm
16%. >> let's talk about that. today is cyber monday. we were curious how this stands up with online shoppers. >> unlike shipping of books or flowers, when you try to ship a turtle dove, the handling costs and shipping costs go up and up. we saw about a 60% increase in shipping costs. >> we are looking at a graphic if you buy the 12 days of christmas in a store, it's a little more than $24,000. online $3,860. >> that's a big increase. >> if you bought all 364 gifts for your true love it would cost you $101,000. >> we were having a debate about this in the newsroom because we are talking about the 12 days of christmas. are you supposed to buy all of those gifts every day or just the 12 gifts. >> for your true love it would be all of those gifts. >> of course it would. >> steve, thanks for coming in and breaking down the 12 days
5:35 pm
of christmas. >> stick with an ipad. wouldn't that be more economical. >> laura, that's what i want. >> more appreciated. the rising cost butter has food banks worried about affording the stable. peanut butter is one of the most requested items because it has a long shelf life, a good sauce of pro tense and kids like it -- proteins and kids like it. more parents are choosing not to give their kids vaccines required for them to register for school. a study by the associated press shows 5% of public school kindergartners are missing at least one vaccine is legally required. parents can ask for an exemption. a third grader that weighs more than 200 pounds has been taken from his family. social workers say the boy's mother wasn't doing enough to control his weight. this is the first case in ohio
5:36 pm
of a child going to foster care because of his weight. we want to get your thoughts on this controversial topic. should the child's mother be held responsible for his obesity? text 1 for yes, 2 for no and standard rates apply. well, there is more trouble ahead. it's a story that rocked a campus of a black college. a band member found dead. his parents are outraged. the lawsuit they are filing in the wake of their son's death. the twilight movie is a big hit but one viewer said the scene in the film sent him to the hospital. ital. 
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a search at beaver dam creek reservoir ended in tragedy.
5:40 pm
searchers found the body of a missing man before noon. anthony degiovana was canoeing with his 7-year-old son sunday when the boat capsized. the boy was wearing a life jacket. he was rescued. his father was not. a frostburg state university student accused of murder at an off campus party has a lawyer. he was represented by the public defender. he is accused of stabbing another student on november 6th. the new attorneys defended another frostburg student against murder charges last year. a university drum major is dead. his parents are suing the school to get answers. robert champion lead the band at florida a & m university. he died november 19th after a football game. friends say he was the victim of hazing within the band. the parents lawyers say they are concerned about a culture of cover-ups at the school. >> i thought it was some kind
5:41 pm
of mean joke or you think you are dreaming and you will wake up. >> my son, my oldest son. >> an autopsy did not provide conclusive evidence of how he died but he was vomiting and complained of not being able to breath. the school fired the faculty director saying he did not handle hazing reports. old rivals going at it. find out what happened right before these fists started flying. feldy? >> the redskins won for the first time in quite some time. everyone is happy including mike shanahan. that is the very good news. we will have an update on where they go from here. 
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well, it took 56 days and redskins fans are happy to get a win. it didn't come easy as the burgundy took on or took out seattle on the west coast. feldy? >> first things first. washington's coach mike shanahan said helu will remain the starting running back. you can read about that in the next edition of dah magazine. things started off well. redskins first possession, rex grossman to fred davis, two yards for the score. first opening drive touchdown since november 28, 2010. november 28, 2010, a long time. 7-0 redskins. redskins trail. grossman to helu. first down and first career nfl
5:46 pm
touchdown. cut the deficit 17-14. hurt lettered roy lewis in the process. redskins facing 3rd and 19. grossman goes deep for anthony armstrong. double a comes down with the catch. redskins rally to defeat the seahawks allowing mike shanahan to leave the field a winner for the first time since week 4. >> when you are on a football team giving you everything you got, you feel good. sometimes you are around a losing streak, you feel like you don't have the effort you are hoping for. that's why i feel good about the character of the football team. nice to finally win. they deserved to wing. they have broken -- they deserved to win. they have been working hard. skins back to back home dates with the jets and then the patriots. shawn? >> any thoughts on that early
5:47 pm
on? >> two big tough teams. they are playing them here and they are coming off a good offensive performance on the road. maybe momentum shifting. the jets will be tough, patriots very tough. >> fingers crossed. fan support. take a look at this. caught on camera, two canadian football legends going at it during an alumni luncheon. joe caps be handed angelo moscow a flower. he did not take the gesture nicely and they started fighting. he they hit the ground. others managed to break up the brawl. the rivalry started during a game in 163. it's not funny. >> that's awful. they are 73 years old and they are fighting each other. really? let's not hold grudges, people.
5:48 pm
>> well, he did give him a flower. >> anyway, that is sad. >> i'd like to see more of those stories on fox 5 news. >> gary said that, not us. >> they come to expect it at this point, right. >> now we come to expect nice weather after the weekend we had. >> that's the problem, see, everybody gets used to it. they just want more, more and more. we have rain coming. that will change things. this evening it will be good if you still have -- want to be outside for the next few hours you will be in good shape. it will be dry and mild. temperature in town is holding up to 68 degrees. frederick cooled off a little bit. so has hagerstown. pittsburgh at 61 degrees. raleigh is 64. the colder air will get here
5:49 pm
tomorrow night. then the rest of the week it will be chillier. at 9:00 clouds and 62. still clouds at 11:00 and 60 degrees. it will, again, stay dry all evening. it looks like it will be dry most of the overnight, too. we start with futurecast to give you an idea of where we will be. this is midnight. notice rain is back to the west and southwest. we are dry there. i stop it at 8:00 tomorrow morning; the commute will be a little wetter. maybe this will hold off a little longer so we can get the i-95 commute in. that just complicates things when you add rain to it. right now we have rain and good moderate rainfall, too. that is the yellows there and the oranges, too coming through. i will say this. it does not look like it will be thunderstorm or severe weather but we have very strong
5:50 pm
wind coming up in about 5,000 feet off the ground. that may interact with some of this making it heavier. it wouldn't surprise me if there is a rumble of thunder. it won't be widespread but that can happen. it looks like we appear to clear out by tomorrow evening. we could get the evening commute in fairly dry. but look at the snow. snow going all the way down to the deep south in parts of mississippi, al-qaeda and georgia. we will dry out nicely, even through the day wednesday. but it will be cooler. any snow around us will be well off to the west in the higher elevations going through the day on wednesday. this is a current satellite picture with the radar. look where the rain is here. a little snow, too from western sections of tennessee. it could be clipping memphis. it's all underneath the big jet stream. we have a cut off area of low pressure. it's sitting and spinning. it's cold into the center of
5:51 pm
that. it's becoming cloudy overnight. showers will hold off. showers tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. we are firmly in the rain at noon tomorrow. 62. then for the afternoon hours, we will start drying out but we will get colder. we will make it to the lower 60s for highs tomorrow then the temperatures will drop off in the afternoon and evening. there is the normal stuff back wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday but no rain. once we get tomorrow's wet day out of here, we are dry. a lot cooler. >> thank you, gary. >> you bet. tmz tonight, miley cyrus has a few interesting words to describe herself. tmz executive producer harvey levin joins us. what did she have to say this time? >> it was a week ago she had a birthday party, 19th birthday in hollywood. and they brought her a cake with bob marley's picture on it. if you remember about a year ago we did a story where she
5:52 pm
was smoking something from a bong. they said it was not marijuana but salvia. do you remember that. >> yes, i do. >> so, they have a picture of bob marley on this cake and she was basically saying you know you are a pot head when you have a picture of bob marley on your birthday cake. seems like she is saying i'm a pot head. now, her reps are telling us she was just kidding that she was being sarcastic and a smart as is the way they put it. 80% of the people on don't think it was a joke. >> we will see what she says next time. tobey maguire is paying a lot of money to settle a lawsuit over cash that he won in high stakes poker matches. what is the story there? >> this is a really weird, weird story. there is a guy brad ritterman that was convicted and serving
5:53 pm
time for a pan see scheme where there was a lot of victims. he played poker with toby mcguire and a bunch of other celebrities. he won over $300,000 rudder man went into bankruptcy. the bankruptcy trustees are trying to get the winnings back rudderman's victims. but get this, toby mcguire settled the lawsuit and is paying rudderman's bankruptcy truss he seas $80,000. on a level you would think that he would tell them to go pound sand. what right do they have to take his earnings. but he is doing it, giving them 80,000 bucks. >> got himself in a deal there. harry levin -- harvey levin, always an interesting story from you.
5:54 pm
thanks. well, people either love them or hate these twilight movies but they have never been accused of causing health problems until now. a viewer claims that it gave him a seizure. the trouble stems from a graphic birthing scene with flashes of white, red and black. doctors say he suffers from a rare disorder. a utah woman claims the same thing happened to her husband as well. let's head over to brian bolter. >> the news edge is following breaking news. new allegations are rocking herman cain's presidential campaign. this time around a woman is claiming she had a 13 year affair with him. plus, chaos outside of a dupont circle restaurant. state farm. this is jessica.
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take a look at this video gone viral. this is a dance workout. apparently a woman figured out though dance her way to fitness while she was on the treadmill. >> wow. >> here is the good thing about this. she isn't paying extra. it's not like a zumba class. this was posted online in october but it just hit viral status. look at her going. she is like ice skating on it or something. that is ice skating moves. >> wow. >> she apparently didn't know anybody was watching. >> i would be on my back falling all over the place. thanks so much for joining us at 5:00. the "news edge at 6:00" starts right now.
5:59 pm
the news edge starts off with breaking news. another bombshell for herman cain's presidential campaign. a georgia woman claims she had an affair with him for 13 years. cain is defending himself from the latest accusation. tom fitzgerald is working it now. >> this story is coming out of our sister station fox 5 in atlanta. the investigative correspondent for the station is reporting tonight that herman cain had a 13 year long affair with a woman named ginger white. the station says cain in their own interview denied the affair but not the relationship. according to the fox 5 report, white says she met herman cain in the late 1990s while he was making a presentation in louisville kentucky as the president of the national restaurant association. ginger white said following the presentation, cain and her shared drinks then he invited her back to his hotel room. white says over the


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