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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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but many going into that -- fundraiser in mcclain, but for many going into that event say for now they're sticking with cain. >> i'm not proud. didn't want to come out with. this i did not. reporter: single mother of two ginger white claims her physical relationship with herman cain ended eight months ago when he announced his run for the white house. she sat down exclusively with a reporter at our sister station in atlanta and gave explicit details about the affair which she says lasted more than 13 years. >> i was aware that he was married and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. reporter: white says she met cain in louisville at a speech he made as president of the national restaurant association. at his hotel room that night she says he invited her to palm springs and the affair began and continued for more than a decade punctuated with out of town trips and expensive gifts. >> he made it very intriguing.
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reporter: cain made a preemptive strike against white's allegations appearing on cnn with wolf blitzer about an hour before the story broke. cain said he knew the allegations of an extended affair were coming but denied any wrongdoing. >> it is someone that i know who is an acquaintance that i thought was a friend. reporter: cain autographed his book for his friend white. it reads, "friends are forever. everything else is a bonus." white says she decided to early this story first before someone else did. she says the tipping point was how cain reacted to recent allegations of sexual harassment. >> it bothered me that they were being demonized for this or they were being treated as if they were automatically lying. reporter: cain supporters turned out for a fundraiser for him at the hilton in mcclain. big supporter? >> i am. reporter: some said they didn't believe the five women
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who have accused him of inappropriate behavior so far. >> i think the man has been maligned over time and i would need pretty strong proof. reporter: ginger white points to her cell phone records as proof. 61 calls and texts from what she claims is cain's private number at all hours of the day and night in recent months. in a statement capable's attorney says the accusations of private consensual conduct between adults should stay private. white says she had no choice but to make them public. >> i didn't want to do this, but it was something that i felt at the end of the day was the right thing to do and is it going to hurt a lot of people? yes. i'm sure i will be one of them. reporter: cain's accuser may have some credibility issues. according to the fox report, a former business partner took out a stalking restraining order against white and won a libel suit against her. she's also received several
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eviction notices over the years including one earlier this month and also she's been sued by a former employer for sexual harassment. she sueda former employer for sexual harassment and settled that case before it ever went to court. the news edge on maryland now, new surveillance video out this evening shows a man wanted for carjacking and robbing older shoppers at westfield wheaton mall. this is the suspect. he's struck three times in the past week, the latest yesterday afternoon. a 77-year-old man forced into his car told to drive to an atm after leaving target. police are concerned the suspect is becoming more violent. >> that victim was badly beaten about the face. he also was cut with what we suspect is a box cutter. >> i just find it very surprising because it's usually very safe around here. >> the suspect carjacked a 60- year-old man at a giant on saturday, forced him to drive to an atm. last wednesday a 75-year-old
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man was also carjacked at the giant's. police ask anyone who recognizes this man to call them. a woman wanted for two bank robberies and of a carjacking in virginia apparently struck in maryland. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> stephanie schwab is accused of carjacking a woman thanksgiving day in baltimore county. the attempted carjacking happened at 2:00 in the afternoon in the parking lot of a shoppers food warehouse. police say schwab asked the woman for a ride, then pulled a knife and tried to steal her car. the victim fought back, was cut on the hand. schwab took off running. she's now wanted for two bank robberies and a carjacking in northern virginia. federal prosecutors want further psychiatric evaluation of the man accused of trying to assassinate president obama. oscar ortega-hernandez has been found competent to stand trial, but prosecutors filed paperwork today for another round of tests. ortega is accused of firing several rounds from a semiautomatic weapon at the white house earlier this month. the president was not inside at the time, but one of the
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bullets cracked a protective window in the residence. a maryland man is expected to walk out of an aruban jail tomorrow. a judge ruled friday prosecutors can no longer hold gary giordano of gaithersburg. he's been jailed there since this summer when he was accused in the disappearance and presumed death of his traveling companion robyn gardner. giordano deny fizz wrongdoing and says gardner was swept out to -- denies any wrongdoing and says gardner was swept out to sea while they were snorkeling. it is a neighborhood not used to crime, but over the weekend main was shot and killed, five other -- a man was shot and killed, five others shot or stabbed in an attack outside a restaurant in dupont circle. reporter: this started as a birthday celebration, but by the end of the night it got ugly. some people were stabbed. some were shot. among the victims a man you are about to meet. he asked us not to show his face because the system has not been caught yet. what did you think when you saw
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his gun? >> run. reporter: his legs and feet are injured, but kevin bost's mind won't stop racing. he replays the scene outside heritage restaurant over and over. around 2:30 sunday morning a fight broke out. >> it looked like 20 or 30 people fighting, big crowd of. reporter: bost was enjoying a rare night out celebrating a friend's 30th birthday. he said security officers were leading the crowd to the front of the club out the door. >> next thing i know i hear boom, boom, boom, boom, not like shots but people getting hit. so i just went right across the street of. reporter: get out of there. >> i ain't got time for that. reporter: even though he crossed connecticut avenue to get a about a bost said trouble followed. a man -- to get out of the way bost said trouble followed. a man he never seen before followed him. >> i said we ain't got nothing to do with that and he just went to his waistband and pop, pop, pop, pop. i heard three or four shots and hit the ground of. reporter: bost said his childhood friend jhonte coleman
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was right behind him. coalman died of gunshot wounds. bost said he lost a friend he'd had for 20 years. >> he's got a little girl, love her father. she won't even understand why daddy is not there now of the. reporter: bost says he is lucky to have survive -- now. reporter: bost says he is lucky to have survived. >> he aimed at my first. his comments were directed right at me. reporter: bost group with coleman and said coleman never got into trouble. >> even if i got into, something he wasn't like that, just never was. reporter: coleman died, two others shot, three others stabbed. at heritage india in dupont circle an orange sign hangs out front and it says its liquor license is suspended, that its operation would pose imminent danger to the community. we reached out to the establishment for comment. no one returned our call. the victim worked at the washington convention center. they put out a statement today saying jontae coalman was not just a co-worker but a friend
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to many and will be truly missed. towns and steps across america are forced to come up with creative ways to come up with cash, but two towns in new jersey are banding together to help make ends meet. it's a first, may not be a last. find out how it works next. >> still dry across the region, but the temperature is the best part, it's still 62 degrees. we'll keep it mild tomorrow, but you'll need an umbrella. i'll have details coming up on the news edge at 11:00. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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if black friday is any indication, the economy headed in the right direction. sales during the four day thanksgiving weekend rose 16% this year compared to last. the national retail federation estimates consumers spent on average nearly $400.
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the shopping doesn't end there. millions of shoppers hopped on the internet today to check out cyber monday deals spending away. by midafternoon cyber monday sales were up 15% over last year and apparently a computer isn't a requirement. sales for mobile devices were up 7.4%. in an effort to save money two new jersey towns are merging. it's a move that may be tried in other parts of the country. fox's laura ingall has the story. reporter: it's the first significant consolidation in the state of new jersey in 60 years. >> it's an idea whose time has come. reporter: advocates for the princeton merger say combining services like trash collection and police departments is expected to save at least $3.2 million a year overall which will trickle down to a significant savings for locals. other states are keeping a close eye on the move. you have pennsylvania with 2,500 municipalities. they've already reached out to citizen groups. florida, new york states. new york state you have governor kumho when he was attorney general, he pushed --
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governor cuomo when he was attorney general, he pushed through legislation so the people have power to consequence date. they have thousands of taxing districts up there. reporter: some local officials say a one size if it's all solution may not work for other towns considering consolidation. >> i think you have to consider when municipalities merge and create one government entity when there were two, that's going to be a larger government entity covering a greater amount of ground. consolidation and municipal merger is an interesting debate because it's the one time you hear it said that bigger government is more efficient and more effect. it. reporter: in a statement to fox news governor chris christie says he hopes other municipalities in new jersey will follow the princeton example as the state looks to create more savings and efficiencies during this difficult economy. in princeton, new jersey, laura ingall, fox news. next on the news edge at 11:00 the price of catching a cab in d.c. could nearly
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battery packs involving crash tests. gm said today the vehicle is safe. the company plans to contact owners of more than 5,000 volts sold in north america since last december to reassure them and offer them loaner vehicles. could soon cost more to catch a cab in d.c. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first, brian, when a lunchbox staple is now in short supply, no. 5 a smaller peanut crop this year caused prices to rise on peanut butter. not only is it hard on families, it's also hard on food banks. they're worried they simply can't afford it because it is one of the most requested items because it has a long shelf life, good source of protein and kids like it. no. 4, health officials are worried about outbreaks of measles and whooping cough if kids are not properly vaccinated. a recent study found more than 5% of public school kindergartners are missing at least one vaccine that's legally required because their parents are opting out. no. 3, metro is gearing up for the snow with a brand-new snow
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plan. starting in 2013 it wants to buy more snow removal equipment. they want to promise full service if we get 2 inches of snow or less. more than 8 inches, they say expect skeleton bus service on main routes and limited above ground rail service. no. 2, you have to find an alternate route in the morning. crews are closing broad branch road in rock creek park for ammo or more. they're installing -- a month or more. they're installing a permanent fix to a hole. no. 1 tonight, get ready to pay for more to ride inside a d.c. taxi. the taxicab commission is considering nearly doubling the rate from $1.50 per mile to 2.75 per mile. the public will have the chance to weigh in at a hearing tomorrow. there's no word when the commission will make a final decision. brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> we got to get through some rain here it sounds like. >> at least we're not getting
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through snow with this one and they're getting snow in west tennessee, arkansas, places you wouldn't expect snow in late november. we'll get the rain. it will begin tomorrow morning, but it might time out for the early morning rush hour is just beginning and maybe you get the first part of it in. live look outside, it's not raining here, but it's very mild, temperatures still hanging in the low 60s. the clouds are thickening up a bit and the rain will overspread the area from southwest to northeast through the overnight hours. let's go ahead and give you a look at our temperatures today because we did get up again second day in a row up above 70 degrees, not a record but wow, so sweet for november. for those of you hoping for some cold air, we have some in the forecast, too but what i don't have are temperatures below average for this time of year. here's what's going on in the middle part of the country. there's an area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream creating its own cold air and this thing which has been slow to move has been producing the
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snow we've seen in west tennessee. tomorrow that storm will pass us by and take the rest of the warm air with it and our highs on wednesday will be back closer to average into the 50s, but the tradeoff is we're back to sunshine and temperatures in the low 50s with full sun is not a bad deal for this late in the season of november. meanwhile temperature tomorrow 64 degrees. we'll hit that earlier in the day. temperatures will begin to fall off in the afternoon after the cold front goes by. i would note the average is 53 degrees and we'll be real close to the average through most of the rest of the week. so on the cool side compared to where we've been but still pretty close to normal for this time of year. this is not normal, 62 degrees, a full 10 to 15 degrees above where temperatures would normally be this hour. we do see a lot of warm air in and around us, raleigh 67 degrees, pittsburgh 60, but here comes that storm system trying to drag some colder air this direction but not abnormally coal. tonight about 58 degrees,
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cloudy -- cold. tonight about 50 ate degrees. cloudy. western -- get 8 degrees. western showers in the morning. our temperature 64 degrees. the breeze will pick up in the afternoon. we'll say a chance of showers at 8 a.m., better chance west of d.c. we'll say showers and maybe moderate rain for a while around the noon hour and lingering showers at 5:00 mainly north and east of the city. here's radar now. we're really not seeing much, but it's beginning through southwestern virginia. it's going to probably be a lot heavier down there maybe on the record of 1 to 2 inches and then there is the snow that they are getting right here in western tennessee, southeastern missouri and northeastern arkansas. that is some craziness for this time of year. that storm is the storm that will lift out of the region tomorrow, want to let you know quickly there are some flood watches for southwestern virginia, but that's not in the cards for us, but an inch of rain could be tomorrow.
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that's a lot of rain between 9:00, 10:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. after that it's sunshine and low 50s through most of the week. we keep that going into the within with saturday coming in at about 54 degrees. don't go anywhere. dave feldman is coming up with sports. we're talking about what happened today with the coach. bruce boudreau is out. be right back.
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this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> he was hired four years ago
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this past thanksgiving, fired today. bruce boudreau out as caps head coach, former star player dale hunter is in. bruce had an unbelievable run during his stint in d.c., but lately his team was struggling and his star players weren't performing. the players aren't going to get fired. so that left bruce. bruce by driveway won much more than he lost in his four years, 201 victories, the fastest coach to reach the 200 win plateau, but the team has lost 10 of its last 15 and his message was no longer being heard by his players. enters former cap dale hunter, a tough guy, a grinder who played 12 seasons here and is one of four caps to have his number retired. here's why bruce was shown the door. >> sometimes like having the same teacher for five years, how would you like to be that nice to him? be hard sometimes. so you make the change and hope
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that a new voice and way of doing things and focus get the best out of these players. >> i came close once to winning it and for here it's awesome with the fan support they got here now how it's changed since i've been here. we had good sports, but now it's unbelievable and i like to be a winner here. >> alex ovechkin with his new coach, ovie slumping lately, only eight goals in 22 games. tomorrow the caps host the blues. for some of the players today's news was not a shock. here's the caps captain on his new benched boss. >> he's a legend here and, you know, he played here. he was a captain and he knows how to win the games and he knows how to play. >> i'm sure we're going to tweak a few things as always a bit of a new attitude or new system, but the enthusiasm is still there. we still believe we have a very good hockey team and the goal is still to win the stanley cup. >> i spoke with bruce boudreau
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on the phone today. he said he was disappointed but was very classy about his time in d.c., his owner today leonsis and his gm george mcphee. to football and roy helu will remain starting running back next week when the jets come to fedex field to take on the redskins. the rookie rushed for 108 yards in yesterday's win over the seahawks. yesterday's game was cantankerous from the start. the two teams jawing and trash talking in the pregame. after the redskins gathered on the seahawks logod amid field. they didn't like that. the emotions spilled over the entire game and it seemed to spark the redskins. the head coach is proud that his team didn't back down. >> our players, believe me, they're not going to take any cram as you just mentioned. we got some guys -- crap as you just mentioned, we got some guys, but you got to be able to keep your poise. you got to be competitive but mentally tough to understand most people see the second shot and you cannot cause your team to have a 15-yard penalty.
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john thompson iii in g town hosting iupui the jaguars. 2nd half thompson steals it back to nate lubick getting the crowd off its feet. then thompson on another steal gives it to starks to the wing. georgetown cruises over iupui 81-58 to improve to knife-1. thursday they're at 15th ranked -- 5-1. thursday they're at 15th ranked alabama and urban hire officially accepted the job at -- urban meyer officially accepted the job at ohio state. 
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coming up with a person effect picture for your christmas -- a perfect picture for your christmas card, not always easy. check out the scottsdale gun club offered its members and their families a chance to pose with the big guy while armed with a big gun and it's not just for show. the family also got a chance to test out at mask weapons. the news edge. -- the automatic weapons. the news edge. the news is always on back here tomorrow, hope you will be, too. >> radishes on miley cyrus's story that she smoked salvia. >> she wasn't smoking salvia. she was smoking weed the whole time. >> she's going to cheat


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