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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 29, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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near gaithersburg and reston but a couple of light showers there. steadier rainfall is off to the west. winchester you are getting rain moving in and we will see the rain push through the region during the course of the morning hours and more rain this afternoon as well. so, definitely problem spots today. take the umbrella and the raincoat with you. temperatures across the region are mild this morning. 62 degrees in the district. 57 in baltimore. dulles at 61. winchester is at 59 degrees. your forecast today, rain is likely. mild temperatures slowly falling in the afternoon into the 50s. by tonight we will be in the 40s. definitely a big cool down on the way for the rest of this week. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. we will have more shortly. let's go to julie wright and an update on traffic. traveling the beltway early this morning as you work between greenbelt and college
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park, that's where we find a crew in sky fox. they are hovering above the beltway. they are not able to get into virginia due to weather. if you are traveling the beltway traveling to get past kenilworth, lanes are open. we will take it back inside and up date the ride elsewhere. southbound 270, delays passing 109 to about 22 miles an hour. at father hurley boulevard no incidents on the top stretch but a 16 minute commute heading to georgia avenue. on 66 lanes are open but you are below speed leaving manassas to centreville. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. montgomery county police investigate another carjacking. this happened in wheaton after 1:00 this morning. police say two people with guns
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carjacked the victim's bluford door -- blue four-door honda civic. the incidents are different than recent attacks in which elderly men were carjacked and kidnapped from the parking lot at west field wheaton mall. investigators are looking for any links. they have a new clue in the previous cases. take a look, surveillance video of a man they say is the suspected serial carjacker targeting older shoppers as he struck three times in the past week. the latest incident sunday afternoon, a 77-year-old man forced into his car and told to drive to an atm after leaving a target store. police are concerned the suspect is becoming more violent. >> he was badly beaten. he was cut with what we suspect is a box cutter. >> i find it very surprising because usually it's safe around here. >> police say the same suspect carjacked a 60-year-old man at the giant on saturday in that
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shopping complex and a 75-year- old man at giant last wednesday. both were forced to drive to an atm to get cash. police are asking anyone who recognizes that man to give them a call. police in maryland joined the search for a woman wanted for a crime spree in virginia. she is accused of carjacking a woman thanksgiving day in baltimore county. police say she asked the woman for a ride then pulled a knife and tried to steal her car. the victim fought back and she took off running. she is wanted for a bank robbery and carjacking starting november 18th. the search is on for a missing 13-year-old girl in montgomery county. this is erica munez. she was last seen in silver spring at 5:00 yesterday evening. she is 5'6", weighs 170 pounds with silver and pink braces. anyone with information is
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asked to call police. our other big story this morning, more claims against presidential hopeful herman cain. he is now deflecting new questions over allegations of inappropriate relations. >> cain is denying it but the latest accusation comes from a woman that says she and cain engaged in an extramarital affair for more than a decade. we get the latest from sherri ly. >> reporter: cain equated the latest accusations to dirty politics and smear tactics but this one is different from the allegations of sexual harassment that cain faced. there is no allegation of legal wrongdoing here but politically this could be very damaging. herman cain's motorcade whisked him from one location to another yesterday. the only g.o.p. candidate with secret service protection and the only one now with a trail of accusers behind him. now this woman, ginger white, who tells fox's sister station
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in atlanta that she and cain carried on an affair for 13 years. >> it was pretty simple. it wasn't complicated. i was aware that he was married and i was aware that i was involved in an inappropriate situation. he made it very intriguing. it was fun. it was something that took me away from my sort of hum drum life at the time and it was exciting. >> reporter: white has cell phone records that she says backs up her claim of repeated contacts. cain's denial was swift. >> was this an affair? >> no, it was not. >> no sex? >> no. >> reporter: cain's attorney was more sir come suspect saying that allegations of sexual conduct were out of bounds for the media. the danger is that voters may see a pattern here. several woman accusing him of sexual harassment and now a long-term affair. in a highly unusual move,
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the g.o.p. presidential hopeful went public before the accuser saying he knew the story was coming and denied the affair. cain will no doubt face more questions about this throughout the week with a series of appearances planned in michigan and ohio. allison and steve. >> thanks. as for the front-runner in the race for the white house, mitt romney is campaigning in florida today. he will be the first g.o.p. contender to plant a flag in the sunshine state so to speak. he is scheduled to meet several cuban-american leaders. others are focused on new hampshire and south carolina. checking other top stories this morning, i'll take it, the fallout continues from nato's attack on pakistan with pakistani leaders promising no more business as usual with the united states. pakistan promising to boycott a key meeting. 24 pakistani soldiers died
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after nato forces fired on them in what some say was a case of friendly fire. there are reports that nato helicopters may have been tricked by the taliban into attacking the pakistani out post. the prime suspect of the disappearance of a maryland woman will walk out of jail in aruba today. investigators will continue to pursue the case. the gaithersburg man was detained a few days after reporting his travel companion, robin gardner, missing in early august. his release is being appealed but a hearing won't be until tomorrow and by that time he is expected to be back in the united states or en route back to the usa. a man suspected in more than a dozen rapes on the east coast will be sent to virginia to face charges. a connecticut judge has agreed to extradite erin thomas to prince william county. he was arrested in march. he is a suspect in attacks of women over the span of a decade.
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six rapes in virginia alone. the d.c. council is holding a hearing on a bill that would permanently end the practice of arresting drivers for expired license plates. the new bill would impose a $100 fine for tags expired less than 30 days and a $200 fine and vehicle impounding for over 30 days of expired tags. cab drivers could be cashing in big time at your expense. the cab commission is look into an increase that would nearly double the rate a mile. a vote could come on the issue today. dale hunter faces his first test as the coach of the capitals tonight. it's a home game against the st. louis blues. the caps fired bruce boudreau. in spite a record winning start to the season, the caps
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faltered in recent weeks. the cap's general manager said bruce boudreau had to go after the players stopped responding to him. we have reaction from some of the caps stars now. >> he is a legend here. he played here, was a captain and he knows how to win the games. he knows how to play. >> i'm sure we will tweak things when there is a new attitude or system. but the enthusiasm is there. we believe we have a good hockey team. >> bruce boudreau won 201 games in his four years as coach of the caps. he is the fastest coach to win 200 games. still ahead, michael jackson's doctor gets set to face the singer's family and friends one more time. upgrades to the access service. ice. 
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a charity for at risks children founded by the penn state former assistant football coach is asking donors to give their money to another organization that helps sexual assault victims. the second mile was founded in 1977 by jerry sandusky who was accused of molesting several boys over a 15 year period. prosecutors say he met his victims through the nonprofit. he denies the allegations. it's sentencing day for michael jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray was convicted of
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involuntary manslaughter earlier this month. prosecutors are seeking the maximum four year prison term and restitution by murray. his attorneys argue that probation is more appropriate. dr. murray was giving michael jackson propofol as a sleeping aid which experts said was a violation of care. by early afternoon, online sales monday were up 20% from last year. department stores online sales shot up nearly 40%. sales from mobile devices were up over 8%. people using the smartphones to do their shopping. >> we are doing better, right. >> i guess. >> or people are tired. >> bargains and splurge a little bit. >> feel a little normal. oh, before i get to the weather, i have a note to say
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hello to adrian. she is a young lady that met tucker yesterday while out shopping. and apparently she watches the show quite regularly. >> hello, adrian. >> thank you for watching. hope tucker was nice and pleasant to you as he always is. >> he was shopping? was he buying our christmas gift. >> adrian, call in and tell us what he was buying. what store were you in, tucker. >> rite aid. >> where he does all of his christmas shopping. there is some good rain out to the west. when i say good, i mean steady rain, not the light drizzly stuff. here it comes. take the umbrella with you this morning. you will need it as we continue to see rain showers move through. now some of the heaviest rain moving into the richmond area
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and coming up 95. stafford county getting rain. this will push northward during the course of the next couple of hours. get set. you will see rainfall if you haven't seen it already. temperatures around the region and nation. we are at 62 in the district. temperatures are really quite varied this morning. 62 here. 53 in boston. check out nashville. 34 in nashville. it's snowing in western tennessee. the western end of the big rain system that we have been showing you is producing snow in portions of the mississippi river valley, tennessee, kentucky, missouri, places like that. 34 in st. louis. 33 in denver. so, a real mixed bag out there today. five-day forecast, high today into the low to mid-60s. pretty much where we are now. temperatures will spike a little bit then start to drop during the day. we will be at 40 overnight
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tonight. periods of rain and this evening. tomorrow breezy, 53, partly sunny. cooler temperatures for the rest of the week. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. more coming up. >> not bad. temperatures are nice. >> the temperatures in the 50s for the later part of the week, that is where we should be this time of year. we had a nice bit of a warm up. >> no complaining about it. let's check in with julie wright and see how the roads are. >> busy, steve. for those inbound on route 50 out of bowie, we will say good morning to the crew in sky fox. the commute traveling inbound toward the capital beltway. this is where the crash is at 197. another ambulance just rolled up on the scene of this three- car pile up. a number of fire and rescue units are on the scene with this three-car accident. this is backing up your commute
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from buoy out to the capital bell way. not much in the way for a relief of an alternative route. gridlock westbound on 50 heading to the capital beltway with the accident activity squeezing you by. the ride on the other side of town, this is where we have troubles. traveling eastbound on 267 at 123, checking for accident activity inside the beltway. the crash on the inner loop at route 7 heading to tysons, that is tying up the left side of the roadway keeping you on the brakes from braddock road. average speed for you guys on the suitland parkway down to about 10 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. monitoring metro with winter around the corner, the transit agency is getting ready. >> it's proposing changes to its snow plan. sarah simmons is back with more details. will it make it better for us? >> let's hope so. while the d.c. area has not
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been hit with a big snowstorm this year, metro is not waiting for it. the transit agency will outline a new snow plan to metro's board this week. metro's biggest challenge is clearing snow from the third rail and yard and on the tracks to keep trains moving. another big problem, passible roads for buses and metro access to help this winter, metro purchased more snow removal supplies. it calls for keeping the system up and running with normal service with up to 2 inches of snow. after that, expect scaled back service and delays. if the city gets more than eight inches, expect skeleton bus service on routes and limited above ground service for rail. this winter look for the dupont circle entrance to close. not because of weather but to replace the three escalators. they plan to close the south entrance in february for ten months. the agency is working to cut that to 8 1/2 months. in the meantime, extra staff will be based at the station to
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make sure the north entrance escalators stay up and running. finally, a new staff report recommends metro change the way the metro access service is run. right now it's run by a single contractor. under a new business model, metro would take over all the primary responsibilities for the call center and quality assurance. metro would act as a broker using multiple contractors to provide service. the agency believes leveraging contractors against each other will help bring down costs. now, as far as metro access, changes to that would take place when the current contract expires in 2013. that's the latest as we monitor metro. back to you. >> thank you so much. from d.c. to richmond to l.a. next, the occupy wall street updates. and taking beauty to a whole new level. an annual hair and fashion event celebrating 20 years, unbelievable. but holly morris is live in silver spring with more.
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good morning. >> good morning. i'm in the middle of my makeover, allison. we are celebrating the golden scissors award in the 20th year. hard to believe it's one of the most anticipated and extravagant hair shows out there and it happens in our area but not without me getting a makeover and giving you a preview is why this is a must see glam event. vent. 
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police are increasing patrols near the white house. they handed out fliers that pointed to the public urination, illegal drug use and assaults at the camp. occupy protestors at mcpherson square haven't responded. but at freedom plaza they say
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it's a threat to evict them. in los angeles, they refuse to leave following a midnight time. police say they will move in when it's safe. the tea party in richmond says it's being unfairly targeted. they are being audited. they claim it's retaliation for invoices it sent to the city. the group claims the occupy protestors are being allowed to camp out at the same plaza for free. up next one family got more than they bargained for while christmas tree hunting. our annual stuff a truck campaign is this friday at the giant food locations you see on
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your screen. we invite you to bring your nonperishable food items starting at 6:00 a.m. we will be there until almost midnight friday. it benefits the capital area food banks. hope to see you there. there. 
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tuesday morning. a denver family got lost searching the mountains for that perfect christmas tree. they bought a permit to cut down a christmas tree then they headed out in the forest to find a tree like they do every year. this year it turned into more of an adventure. they were stranded for more than three hours while they waited for help. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> hi, my name is tracey fleming. we went out christmas tree hunting with the kids and we are lost on the mountain. >> well, she didn't sound too upset but this is just a couple hours in trying to stay calm. they sent a search party out to find them which they did. they walked them out to their car.
7:30 am
in the end they came home without the tree. they plan to go back next weekend. >> glad they are okay. >> hopefully they have better luck. >> there are christmas tree lots. >> they don't find that as adventurous. >> that video looked like it was from a lassie movie. >> it was hazy like it was an old movie. >> we can always send lassie out. >> lassie gets the job done. >> let's get to the weather. i love dogs. i used to watch lassie. you all probably didn't. >> you have the age. we would have watched. >> i should be so proud of watching lassie. it was a good show.
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same plot every week. we have rain showers out there and we will continue to see rain move in as the morning progresses. if you have been watching all morning long, you notice this is getting closer and closer. off to the west we have a lot of rain including spots of heavy rain to the south and west in charlottesville where they are getting heavy rain there. let's pull this out. there is the rain. it's definitely coming. there is a good amount of rainfall out there this morning. we had mainly drizzle and mist around the washington area. there is a lot of rain to get through so later this morning and into the afternoon hours we will get that. here is the area of low pressure with the spin in the atmosphere pulling down enough cold air that it's producing snow in western portions of tennessee. as this moves eastward as well, we will get another batch of precipitation, perhaps later on or in the evening hours.
7:32 am
that could produce snow in the mountains and west virginia, places like that. not here in washington, it won't pull in enough cold air for that. a surface map for today, this is what is going on. you have a couple of frontal boundaries as we had the past several days hanging around here coming through. this whole system is tracking eastward, east-northeast. we will trend cooler later today and then definitely for the next several days after today as we will see the highs in the low 50s for a couple of days. for today, cloudy skies. more rain on the way. 64 for the high. temperatures falling during the afternoon through the 50s. we will be in the 40s tonight. then tonight more rain showers are likely, more clouds. it gets colder. overnight low in the 40s. breezy with winds coming to us out of the west. the five-day forecast, a cooler day. a little breezy, good amount of sunshine but it doesn't warm us
7:33 am
up much. high 53. normal 52. thursday 52. friday mid-50s then we cool off for the weekend. that's what is happening with the weather. now julie wright and find out what is happening with traffic. >> all right, tony. a look at route 50 inbound to the capital beltway. not easy for me to say but that is what we are checking out. we will es do the talking for you. inbound to 1 # 7, that's where we had the accident activity with traffic squeezing by using the two right lanes only. fire rescue units are on the scene for you guys traveling out of bowie, expect big delays. again, two lanes to the right that are squeezing by with wham to wall traffic as you travel inbound to the capital beltway. we will update the right elsewhere, 395 at the 14th street bridge the lanes are open. no problems to report as you cross over the bridge working to the southeast-southwest
7:34 am
freeway. expect heavy volume at the anacostia bridges. on the other side of town, this is where we have problems, 267 at 123 inside the beltway, authorities are checking for a crash there. inner loop route 7 accident activity in the left lane. southbound 270 on the brakes out of germantown heading for the lane divide. average speed down to 21 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. let's head to the campaign trail now. republican presidential candidate newt gingrich making the rounds after a huge surge in the polls. he has been plagued with ethics questions, persistent rumors about his past. joining us is jonathan strong who covers the house of representatives. it's good to see you. >> good morning. >> you have an article in roll call talking about his past and where it may lead to his future. let me ask you, are you surprised by this surge that we have seen with newt gingrich
7:35 am
and his popularity. >> absolutely. it's shocking because he started out his campaign so poorly. there were a number of mishaps early on. he had his entire campaign staff resign in one day which was terrible for him. but the voters in the republican primary are looking for a conservative alternative to mitt romney. they are ruthless in looking for a candidate, deciding he or she has serious flaws and disscarredding them like a piece of trash. >> we saw that with michele bachmann, rick perry, herman cain. right now it's newt gingrich's turn. if he maintains a relationship with his staff, if he is able to raise money, could he have the staying power? >> well, he does have trouble with his infrastructure as you mentioned. the trouble for newt gingrich is now that the spotlight is centered on him, he will be under a new degree of scrutiny.
7:36 am
can he withstand it. the other candidates couldn't. he has a past where i look into the '# 0s where his speaker ship was not an exemplary record. there are parts that were brill i don't want and productivity to it but there were many problems. >> what did you find when you looked back? >> for instance, he was the republicans under him, all of his top lieutenants banded together and launched a coupe to depose him because they were so unhappy with his leadership. he faced repeated ethics scrutiny and had the only reprimand in house history for a sitting speaker. >> we look how the g.o.p. is now in congress and you look at newt grin grip was in the white house. he has a good relationship with john boehner that he had over the years. now that we are dealing with tea party having a big influence, who do you see -- how do you see that working out. >> newt had a lot of dissent on
7:37 am
the right. now you see conservatives like newt gingrich as the alternative to romney. when he gets in that position of leadership, he al lines more with the mowed der rats than you would -- moderates than you would think does he have the temperment and the set of skills you want in a president? they say i think he would be a great president if he surrounds himself with the right people. there is this question of he has a volatile temperment. that's what you worry about with newt. >> when you look at what he proposed in the economic plan -- a lot of them came out when he first announced, but a proposed flat tax is a hot topic among a bunch of candidates. but drastically reducing corporate taxes repealing reforms on wall street. would this work or may it work because it's a stark contrast
7:38 am
to what is in the white house right now. >> it may work well in the republican primary. i think what you are alluding to when you get to the general election, when we have the occupy wall street protests and growing inequality it may look tone deaf when you get into a larger audience. >> does newt gingrich stay there? >> we will see. i predict about three weeks. >> we will give him three weeks. that is longer than some of the others have made it. good to see you. >> thanks very much. >> you can read his reports online as well. allison, back to you. >> all right, steve. thank you. the winners of a huge powerball jackpot come forward. a trio of wealthy bankers. this morning there are new claims that they are not the real winners. we will have more on that coming up. just ahead, this billboard is at the center of a heated debate in indiana.
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making headlines, it's been 10 years since the lead guitarist for the beetles lost his battle with lung cancer. he was 58 when he died. two can certificates are planned in liverpool. harrison's sister is working on a book about her brother. it could be released as early as next year. in indiana, a hospital is facing backlash from people offended by a bile board suggesting that 0 -- billboard suggesting that obesity is not a life-style choice. some people say the message offends them. they say it's the result of
7:43 am
life-style choices such as poor diet or lack of exercise. nobody is happy with the world except tony perkins when he listens to the beatles. do you have a george harrison track. >> there are a lot of good ones. >> i didn't mean to put you on the spot. think about that. >> how many will remember to buy that for you next christmas. >> it's not out yet. >> i know his sister, louise. >> have her come on the show. >> she would be happy to do that. when the book comes out, she would be happy. >> we got one next year. >> get the start of the bookings for 2012. let's take a look at hd right now. we got rainfall out to the
7:44 am
west. front royal, i don't have to tell you it's raining there. in culpeper, heavy rain there. in the district, we are fine right now. misty, cloudy, that kind of thing. but the rain is on the way. i know i have been talking about it and some of you are saying really? where is it? here it comes. lots of moisture out there, folks. no doubt about it. we will put this in motion for you. during the course of the morning, 11:00 through 2:00 this afternoon, rain, some heavy rain. that comes through. by 5:00 things appear to be getting better and there will be. there will be sunshine as skies clear but then there is another narrow band that has to make its way through. most of that appears to move to the north and west of the city. that is possible. but, indeed, more precipitation, snow, you can see it out to the west. i'm talking west virginia, not washington. there is the five-day forecast.
7:45 am
high about 64. we will be dropping during the course of the day. by tonight 40 degrees. cooler temperatures the next several days. there you go. that's the latest on the weather. more coming up shortly. >> we appreciate it. let's check with julie wright and see how traffic is on this tuesday. >> it's busy. as expected, working on the inner loop, the left lane is blocked. no relief in sight there. the outer loop is a better ride. you will find lanes are open if you continue eastbound on 66 working in from manassas but it is a slow go. right now dealing with dry pavement. tony said the wet weather is moving in but we are dry heading to the capital beltway. no incidents at the top of the beltway from college park to 270. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thanks, julie. three winners of the
7:46 am
largest powerball jackpot in history, one of the three has come forward. but there are new questions. are they the real winners? the jackpot tops $254 million with the winning ticket sold in stamford, connecticut. they appeared in public with connecticut lottery officials but the daily mail reports that a family friend of one of the bankers say they are a front for the client that does not want the hassle of his name becoming public. the men indicated that they would give much of the winnings to charity. the report this morning says the anonymous inner plans to invest most of it. >> that would be unfortunate. >> you come out say you are going to give the money to charity and you don't do it, that is not good. we hope that part of the story isn't true. it looks like they aren't very
7:47 am
excited. you and i would be doing cartwheels around the room. talk about getting excited for things, it's time for the golden scissors award. what is the rage this year? holly has a preview. >> you look different. >> quite a makeover. >> they really transform your look. actually i'm in the middle of my makeover. i'm telling you the look is big. my first look of the morning. we have many looks. we are talking about the 2011 golden scissors award celebrating the 20th anniversary. this year's theme and how to be a part of it live next. get the technology they love,
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[ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ we need your help. sprucing up the fox 5 christmas tree. every year we decorate it with ornaments that you send in. then we donate that tree and the ornaments to a worthy group in the d.c. area. you can send them to the address on your screen. fox 5, 5151, wisconsin avenue northwest, washington, d.c., 20016. fox 5's holly morris is
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going more glam today. >> she is in silver spring with the planners putting together this year's golden scissor awards. are we ready for the first reveal. >> i was going to go with a look like this but i thought it was a little much for 7:50 in the morning so i thought i would go with something understated. are you ready? >> wow. that is subtle. i told you they were good at transformations. this first look is considered big. i didn't think they would have any trouble making we look big since i'm ready to have a baby any day but i think between the hair and the heels i have grown two feet. when you talk about the golden scissors awards you are talking about over the top extravagant entertainment, creativity, all the words to describe glenn
7:53 am
jackson. >> you are amazing. big. >> i cannot believe. first and foremost, happy anniversary. >> this journey has been 20 amazing years. i couldn't have wished for a better wow factor. with stylists and barbers, everyday is a new experience. >> why did you decide to start this. for people that don't know what the golden size score awards are, tell us what it is. >> hairstylist and buy di professionals make everybody beautiful every day. often people forget those people that make their day amazing. what would happen if barbers and stylists took off for a week. >> one ugly world. >> it would be one ugly world. we thought it would be great to honor those people that make us feel great and beautiful each day. >> it's a competition. >> it is. he we kind of celebrate some of
7:54 am
the most amazing vocational programs for the restoration project and the annual salon event. we have the most amazing salons from the market and in the country and the last is the star stunning contest. >> you are honoring the every day barber and cosmetologist and beautician. they aren't looks that we rock every day. >> it's important that you say that. people say i can't wear that to work. it's one night one experience amazing hair day. >> did you think when you started this that it would get the notoriety. >> no. five shows have been inspired. >> what are stylists that take part in the show, the competition, what do they get out of it. >> winning the golden scissors
7:55 am
is like the oscars of hair. when you come here, we have nothing but creative energy running around. you will see wow hair, wow shoes and wow makeup. >> for people that come and watch the show, what do they get out of it? >> to see their stylist on stage, it's an exhilarating feeling but most of all they use their clients. even though you may go to new york and think it's a super model event, everyday people get the opportunity to feel like a superstar. >> they may see their future stylist on stage or if they don't have one. >> careers have been started right here with folks doing national television shows. >> when is the show and where. >> here december 11th. it will be our 20 year celebration, the biggest rage in hair. >> is our web site. can you take me seriously as i give you this information. we have a link to the golden
7:56 am
scissor awards. bigger and better than ever. wow er than ever. can we top this, glenn? >> this look is so 7:00 hour. wait until the 8:00 hour. plus, men, we are not leaving you out. we have barbers in the next hour as well. maybe i can have them sheer some of this, too. >> it's very lion king. i like it very much, holly. >> thank you so much. >> just call me simba. >> i'm pretty sure i went to high school with hair like that. >> good '80s hair. helping teenagers get a jump start on their career. we will profile them coming up. ú
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
a few weeks ago herman cain was leading in the g.o.p. presidential race. now he is behind in the polls and fighting accusations from a woman who says she had a 13
8:00 am
year affair with him. hear from her in a fox exclusive this hour. police say she is on a one woman crime spree. she is accused of several crimes in virginia. now investigators say she hit maryland, too. a world reknowned fertility expert is joining us this hour with a look at the latest treatment options for men and women trying to conceive as well as innovative ways to foot the bill for the costly procedures. a whole bunch packed into this hour. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we say good morning to tony perkins. he has a look at a wet forecast. >> absolutely. we will get rain today. some of you are getting it already. if you are not seeing it, you will see it later on. it will be a wet day. today is a day of transition, where we transition from the nice weather that we had the last several days to cooler weather. this will be the messiest day of the week. after this, settle down but it
8:01 am
will be cooler. >> manageable. >> i like 55. that's okay. >> about where we should be. let's take a look at the sentinel radar. we will show you the precipitation. it's off to the west. there is the rain getting closer and closer to the washington area. so, we will continue to see rainfall. if you have not seen it yet, you will in a little while. take the umbrella with you. you will need it if you are driving. we will see a good amount of rain for today. right now as far as the temperatures go, not bad. it's 62 in washington. relative humidity at 80%. winds are out of the southeast at 9 miles per hour. the barometric pressure is falling. there is an area out to the west getting closer and closer as the day progresses. day planner, milder air in the beginning of the day. it starts cooling off later this afternoon. periods of rain, some could be heavy around the noon hour we think. temperatures falling into the 50s by this afternoon and
8:02 am
lingering showers this evening and then we start to get everything out of here for sunshine tomorrow and a cooler day. more details coming up in a bit. >> through. let's check in with julie wright. >> it's bumper to bumper just about everywhere around the area. let's get to it. trying to make the trip through northeast washington, not only do we have delays on 50 heading to new york avenue and new york avenue feeling the heat with brake lights northeast to northwest. accident kenilworth at river road. pay attention to crew's directions. westbound 214 at hill road an accident west of addison road. westbound 50 out of bowie, delays from 301. on the west side, the crash on the inner loop at route 7 heading for tysons, left side is blocked. expect delays from the robinson
8:03 am
terminal. here you are down to 10 miles per hour making your way up to the scene. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. more trouble for herman cain. a georgia woman claims she had a 13-year affair with him. >> cain's lawyer quickly fired back saying no individual should be questioned about their private sex life. sherri ly joins us with more. >> reporter: allison and steve, the new accusations could be the death plow for herman cain's presidential ambitions. first the sexual accusations and now an affair. for now many are sticking by cain. >> i'm not proud. i didn't want to come out with this. i did not. >> reporter: she claims her certainly relationship with herman cain ended eight months ago when he announced his run for the white house. she sat down with a reporter at our sister station in atlanta
8:04 am
and gave explicit details about the affair when she says lasted for more than 13 years. >> i was aware that he was married and i was aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> reporter: white says she met cain in louisville at a speech he made as president of the national restaurant association. at his hotel that night, he invited her to balm beach as the affair began and continued for more than a decade punk few waited with out of town trips and expensive gifts. >> he made it intriguing. >> reporter: cain made a preemptive strike appearing on cnn about an hour before the story broke. cain said he knew the allegations were coming but denied any wrongs doing. >> -- wrongdoing. >> it is someone that is an acquaintance that i thought was a friend. >> reporter: cain autographed a book for his friend in 2001.
8:05 am
it reads friends are forever. everything else is a bonus. white says she decided to tell the story first before someone else did. the tipping point was how cain reacted to recent allegations of sexual harassment. >> it powered me that they were being demonized. they were being treated as if they were automatically lying. >> reporter: cain supporters turned out for a fundraiser for him last night at the hilton in mcclain. >> a supporter? >> i am. >> reporter: some didn't believe the five women that accused him of inappropriate behavior. >> i think the man has been may lined over time and i would need strong proof. >> reporter: ginger white points to her cell phone records as proof. 61 rails and texts from what she claims is cain's private number at all hours of the day and night in recent months. cain's attorney says the accusations of private consensual conduct between
8:06 am
adults should stay private. white says she had no choice but to make them public. >> i didn't want to do this but it was something that i felt at the end of the day was the right thing to do. is it going to hurt people? yes. i'm sure i will be one of them. >> reporter: white may have some credibility issues herself. a former business partner won a libel suit against her and got a restraining order for stalking. cain said this is a private matter and the media should stay out of it. i'm not sure if that will happen. >> i would bet against that. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. it's time for another look at the top stories. a maryland man is expected to walk out of an har rub ban jail -- air ruby january jail he has been jailed since this summer when he was accused in the death of robin gardner.
8:07 am
he says she was swept out of sea while the two were snorkeling. prosecutors say they are trying to block giordano's release. police in maryland and virginia are looking for woman wanted for a recent crime spree. she is stephanie schwaub. she asked a woman for a ride then pulled a knife. she is wanted for two bank robberies and a carjacking in fairfax county. that crime spree started on november 18th. new video out of a suspected serial carjacker targeting older shoppers at wheaton man. the latest incident happened sunday afternoon. a 77-year-old man was forced to drive to an atm after leaving a target store. police say the same man carjacked another shopper saturday and one last wednesday. in the meantime, montgomery county police are looking into an overnight carjacking that did not appear to be connected to the recent crime spree at
8:08 am
wheaton mall. this happened after 1:00 a.m. police say two people in a car pulled into a burger king parking lot, got out to see if the restaurant was opened and two men pointed a gun at them and took the car. in this case, no one was hurt. new this morning, american airlines parent company is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. amr corporation says it filed the voluntary petition to reorganize saying it's in the best interest of the company and its shareholders. american airlines and american eagle will honor all tickets and reservations during the bankruptcy process. coming up next, we will get a check on some of the other stories making headlines including more on controversial practice in d.c. that landed several drivers behind bars. a well-known fertility expert will join us with a look at the latest treatment options to conceive and ways to pay for the costly procedures. [ female announcer ] at,
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we check headlines, a judge in connecticut agreed to extra date accused rapist aaron thomas. he is accused of attacking 17 women over a 10-year period. six attacks in virginia. investigators say they have dna evidence linking him to all the attacks. montgomery county police need your help finding erica munoz. she hasn't been seen since 5:00 last night. she has brown hair and wears braces. call the family crimes division if you have any information. d.c. council holding a hearing on a bill that would permanently end the practice of arresting drivers for expired license plates. the new bill would impose a fine for tags expired less than 30 days and a $200 fine and vehicle impoundment for tags that are more than 30 days past
8:13 am
due. all right. good news for all of us. >> if it gets throw. >> good reminder. >> let's head over to tony. it's the time of day where we need a pick me up. >> let's do it. >> my first 5 photo of the day. let's check him out. >> all right. >> julian. you know what he does. tie kwan do. recently received his tiger greenbelt. >> congratulations. >> excellent. >> good job julian. >> great for the young ones, gets them fit and thinking about discipline and responsibility and all that. good for him. looks like he is into it. >> he is a very handsome young man. >> he is. the song ended. it's one of my least favorite. >> i'm not a fan of it either. >> of what. >> this song. >> why would you say that. >> it's a terrible record.
8:14 am
>> that's why we have -- they were chopping him up and chopping him down. >> can we talk about julian. >> that's why we have him to offset the song. >> thanks for sending the picture in. go to and click on mornings to send your picture in. >> wild swings of conversation. hey, there is the rain. there are some areas of heavy rain down near around -- sorry, near cull pup per this morning -- culpeper this morning. front royal you have good rain coming through. some of this will come through much more of the viewing area later on this morning. it's taking its time to get here. it will as we will have a rainy day on tap. temperatures around the region and nation, we are at 64 degrees. there you go. we told you we would get there. we are there. look how varied the temperatures are. 64 here. one area of mild air. out to the west, 43 in
8:15 am
cincinnati. 36 in nashville. 50 in wilmington. really varied temperatures out there. it's so cold like between nashville and st. louis that they are getting snow out there in western portions of tennessee early this morning. wichita at 36 degrees. san diego is at 55 this morning. the five-day forecast, high today 64 degrees. tucker and i are hoping it doesn't get warmer than that. we will see the temperatures gradually drop today. periods of rain. tomorrow 53. it will be cooler. good amount of sunshine. then we are cool and cold at night for the next several days. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now, here is julie wright with an update on traffic. >> are you a kung fu fighting fan. >> i'm not. >> i know people who love the record. i don't. >> it's not one of my favorites either. but congratulations to julian, you know what i'm saying.
8:16 am
good discipline, good fun. tony i thought you did this when i did that. [ laughter ] >> on the roads right now, lanes are open traveling westbound on 50. the earlier crash in bowie is cleared. westbound 214 at hill road west of addison, that activity is still in play. traveling in the northeast, kenilworth avenue north of river road into prince george county, follow police direction in order to get by. southbound 270, gridlocked out of germantown to the lane divide. average speed down to about 313 miles per hour -- 13 miles per hour. gw parkway they are checking for a wreck there. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. building a family can be an amazing journey. for some women, couples, trying to conceive a baby could
8:17 am
present challenges that could lead to infertility issues. but there is hope. joining us is mindy burkeson, the founder of the first infertility consultant in the nation. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me, allison. >> have the attitudes changed? >> i think attitudes have drastically changed in that infertility is less stigmatized. people are talking about it more and more. as new technologies and tuned are available for women to help with treatment, there is so much more hope available that i think women are now talking more about this issue. >> we said that you are a well- known fertility expert. this was personal to you at a certain point. can you tell us about your background? >> i started in venture
8:18 am
capital. the day my daughter was born i said oh, thank god i don't have to write another business plan. soon after that i found myself as a patient in the infertility world. it took me 3 1/2 years to conceive my twins. so, that was 15, 16 and 17 years ago that i walked through this industry as a patient but where i found my passion for the industry. >> there are some new technologies out there. can you tell us what couples can look forward to today if they are facing the same changes. >> couples need to realize they need a diagnostic workup. it's important from a reproductive endocrinologist, a specialist that can help you set your course of treatment. once you set your course of treatment, then there are options like egg donation, sure ghazi -- surrogacy. >> i have talked to couples,
8:19 am
women and what you here is it's not cheap. so, your heart is into something but the finances may not be where you are as far as ready to plan your family. there are ways that you can pay for this. >> there are ways to finance treatment. especially when we talk about treatments like surrogacy where treatment is so expensive. but i always suggest that first you start with your insurance benefits. by the way, all of this is outlined for you in a complimentary e-book available on the home page of my web site lotus blossom but start with your insurance company. there is questioning in that e- book that you should ask your insurance company to determine what your coverage is. sometimes there is opportunities at fertility centers to finance your fertility treatment. some, that's very specific. new to my program at lotus
8:20 am
blossom consulting are options to finance surrogacy and there are people that choose to borrow from savings or 401(k) plans or selling off stocks and i always advice my clients to talk to a tax professional. there are tax implications involved with that and/or penalties that they need to be aware of. >> in the e-book and on the web site do you talk about choosing the right physicians in the journey. >> it's important to find the right doctor to suit your individual diagnosis. interview two or three doctors in order to find the right fit for them. ask specific questions pertaining to their specific diagnosis and what are success rates at this clinic given by diagnosis. >> if you are diagnosed with infertility there is hope for you. >> there is tremendous hope. it's about finding the right
8:21 am
resources to get through your cycle. i recommend using an infertility consultant such as myself to help you navigate the journey. >> mindy stopped by, no scheduled appearances as far as lectures but in our area helping couples with this problem. thank you for stopping by today. >> thank you. if you go to our web site, you can get connected to the e-book that mindy talked about and her web site, too. steve, over to you. >> thank you, allison. the man who shot and almost killed president reagan could soon get more freedom. we are checking in with holly previewing the golden scissor awards. we know it means more than just hair design, holly. good morning. >> it's oh, so much more. take a look at this. it's a dance show. it's a barber show. it's a hair raising experience
8:22 am
for the whole family, believe it or not. it's coming up soon in our area. one of the most highly anticipated hair show competitions in the world and we are getting our own preview live later i will reveal the second look plus show you firsthand not only why you need to come be a part of the show but how to help a good cause as well. it's live later. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
8:23 am
8:24 am
in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
8:25 am
the man suspected of shooting at the white house will get more psychiatric tests. prosecutors asked for the new tests to see if he is fit to stand trial. he is charged with firing nine shots at the white house. the president was not there at the time. court documents allege that the suspect referred to the president as the antichrist. the man who almost killed president ronald reagan some 30 years ago, should he get more freedom now. arguments are under way in d.c. federal court to see if john hinkley junior should be allowed extended leave from a psychiatric hospital. hinkley spent most of the last
8:26 am
30 years at st. elizabeth hospital in washington. the centerpiece for the celebration at the capital is in place. the 65-foot fir traveled from stanislaus forest to the west lawn. the 4,000-mile trip took three weeks. john boehner will lit the tree. the king of pop's doctor will learn his fate today. find out what he is facing when we check out other stories making headlines this morning. we will check out a relatively new program to help d.c. students get a jump start on careers in the electrical trade. ad to make a commitment is to sesee things through.
8:27 am
confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment. at&t ♪ i must have the wrong house.
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64 degrees. let's take a look at the stories making headlines. claims of covering up hazing at florida a & m university. after the death of a marching
8:30 am
band member, the recently fired director of the marching band says he raised repeated warnings about hazing but university officials ignored him. robert champion collapsed and died after a football game earlier this month. now investigators say hazing played a part in the death. it's -- in about four hours from now, michael jackson's doctor will find out how long he has to spend in prison for the pop star's death. prosecutors want to give him the maximum, four years in prison. well, another banner day for shoppers and the retail industry. online shopping sales for cyber monday expected to top $1.2 billion. billion with a b. that would be a 20% increase from last year. sales from mobile devices were up 7.4%. the total dollar amount is expected to be released soon. >> did you shop online. >> i vowed i would not. i paid a bill online. >> i'm there with you.
8:31 am
i was holding out for the big sales. i didn't see them. it was too crowded. >> too crowded on the internet. >> too crowded. >> i understand. >> and we have 24 days or something. >> you were off yesterday. i'm glad you didn't spend your day off sitting behind a computer. >> that's right. >> we did miss you, though. >> i watched. >> so much for enjoying your day off 0. >> i was a viewer. i enjoyed the hat segment. >> adrian dana. >> let's go to the radar. let me show you the showers moving in from the south and west. they will be here soon. i promise once they get here, it will be a good soaking rain across the region for the middle part of the day. be prepared umbrellas, hats, the rain is not too far away. showers overnight. you can see off to the south
8:32 am
and west heavy rain, culpeper, manassas, prince george and ann arundel and inside the beltway in the next hour the rain gets in. an impressive system. an area of low pressure here, as we switch maps, spinning away. look at the cold air being pulled in on the back side bringing snow to places that don't typically see snow at the end of november. memphis, tennessee is expecting between 1 to 4 inches of snow. it will get colder around here. not cold you have for us to see the white stuff but the temperatures will be on the decline the next few days. the high temperature in the 60s and then cooler air on the way behind this rain later today. let's go to futurecast. this will time it out for you. heaviest rain in the next couple of hours. here we are at 8:00 and there it is at noon you can see the soaking rain across the area.
8:33 am
that will quickly push off to the east and north. by 6:00 tonight, left over spotty showers and a little snow flying in the mountains out to the west. much cooler air moving in with overnight lows in the 30s to 40s. sunshine tomorrow and it should be a nice couple of days to end the week but it will be much cooler. this is where we should be for the end of november and early december. 64. falling temperatures with the rain. 53 tomorrow and 50s for the rest of the week. overnight lows with the freezing mark by friday and saturday. some students in the district are getting an early start through a program known as thrive. if you have not heard bit, you will now. nate curtis joining us he is here with one of the students enrolled in the program, yolanda johnson. we say good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> tell us about thrive?
8:34 am
it's a relatively new program but you are growing which is a good sign. >> it was started three years ago as an effort to recruit high school students in the d.c. metro area who had an interest in electrical trades but as a way for a large corporation to give back to the community and help build the workforce in the electrical and construction trade. >> you have other supporters, other corporate supporters that are involved, more students involved. is the goal to get more people on board in all levels. >> the goal is to continue to expand the program on the student level, the school level and the corporation level. when the program first started, it was one school in d.c. which was the idea public charter school, one company and 12
8:35 am
students. today, now, we have four schools, idea public, booker t. washington, phelps architectural construction and the newest school we have almost a dozen major corporations in the d.c. metro area and we had 55 students interview last summer and 32 were selected to participate in the program. >> fantastic. >> before we get to yolanda, nate, walk us through the process. as you mentioned, more students are applying to be a part of this. i know you have internship opportunities. you have the classroom opportunities. how do you see this helping youngsters. what are you trying to prepare them for and how do you work that out? >> we know there is a big need in the d.c. metro area for students to be involved in the electrical and construction
8:36 am
trades. what thrive does, we have two components. we offer the introduction to electricity course which is in selected schools. that is basically to give students an introduction to electricity, electricity try call construction, wiring and to engage them or encourage them to consider careers in the technical field. but what it also does is prepares the students for the ibew local 26 apprenticeship exam and helps them to maintain success throughout their journey as an apprentice. we have a summer 6 to 7 week paid intership that takes place at the end of every school year. that gives students a real life experience and two types of positions. we offer hands on positions where students are placed on jobsites and in warehouse settings with our participating
8:37 am
companies and we have internal company positions to where students can get a position in it or cad. so, we look at not just the external but the internal operations of companies. >> lots of opportunities there. yolanda, you are a junior at phelps, right? >> yes. >> what do you think of the program. you have been involved for a little bit. are you going to stick with it? >> yes, i am. i am excited that i will be welcomed back next year. >> tell me about what you do and what you learned so far and what you hope to learn through the program and beyond high school? >> well, it taught me a lot of skills that i carry through my course work in school currently. and i hope to learn more when i go back next summer. do you see this helping you out as a potential career when you get out of the school? >> yes. >> i guess that is the goal, when you look at it, a chance
8:38 am
for youngsters to go right into the workforce, right? >> yes. we encourage college but not every student is going to go to college. and we like to provide opportunities and there really is a big need in the d.c. metro area in the electrical and construction trades. so, our immediate goal is to continue with expansion throughout d.c. looking for financial opportunities, grants, and the long-term goal is to look for and continue expansion outside of d.c. and to other states. >> yolanda, why did you want to be a part of this? >> a great opportunity that i was chosen for and i took it and took advantage of it and i'm happy i took advantage of it. >> great advice for others, not just to stick to it but know that you have a good opportunity there to take advantage of, right? >> yes. >> we wish you both the best of luck. will you be taking more
8:39 am
applications for up copping -- upcoming programs. >> we will interview at the four schools we currently have. to find out more information, students, parents, community reps, business owners can go to www.thrive it outlines the procedures, the requirements. we are always looking for new companies, students and schools to be partnered with. >> good deal. we will link that to our web site, took at folks can find the information there. appreciate you being here this morning. good luck. >> allison, back to you. >> thanks, steve. 64 degrees. they provide investment advice to wealthy individuals. now they are claiming to be wealthy themselves after winning the power ball. not everyone thinks that story is entirely true.
8:40 am
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
8:41 am
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if you are looking for work, the job shop, job of the day is with the arlington county government looking for an industrial electrician. training is provided. for more on this job and many others, go to and click on the job shop tab.
8:43 am
three winners of one of the largest power ball in history have come forward. >> are they the real winners? it topped $254 million. look at the excitement on the faces of these three men. >> in their suits. >> they are thrilled. >> here is the deal. the ticket was sold in stamford, connecticut. the trio that work at an asset management firm appeared in connecticut with lottery officials to claim the ticket. now the daily mail newspaper reports a family friends of one of these guys says they are just a front for the real winner who is one of their clients who does not want to deal with the hassle of his name becoming public. during the appearance, the men indicated they would give much of the winnings to charity. but the new report says the anonymous winner, apparently plans to instead invest most of the winning ins.
8:44 am
>> you say you are going to donate it then you don't. >> you know how we doll out money. i think you said you would give me the money for my kitchen renovation. yes, you did, you said it. >> i'm sure i mentioned that at some point. >> it wouldn't be bad for my attorney to collect it because i don't want the attention but you don't say you are going to do it then don't. >> it's on tape. i'm going to write it down. >> there was a money break like a $10 scratcher. if you can do your kitchen for ten bucks you got it, my friend. let's check back in with holly. >> she is having a lot of fun with the folks at the golden scissors. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
8:45 am
in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
8:46 am
8:47 am
when you donate food or 0 money to the capital area food bank or stuff a truck campaign, you may wonder how much of a difference it makes. >> today we will show you how
8:48 am
you help the annual stuff a truck drive and how it goes to the nay worst that need -- neighbors that need it the most. bright and early in the morning, volunteers at the allen chapel ame church are hard at work. they are expecting a delivery and they are not the only ones waiting in anticipation. >> we have been getting calls already wanting to know if we will open tomorrow. >> the delivery is a truck full of food from the capital area food bank. the volunteers get to work filling up the kitchen with canned goods, meet, boxes of pasta for neighbors in this southeast d.c. community. >> i try to -- this summer we were serving from 75 to 85, 90 families. now it's jumped to over 100 each week that we are open. it's tough because we are the land of the plenty.
8:49 am
plenty for those who have but not for those who don't have. >> reporter: the next day the work begins again with another early morning. clients start lining up in the cold an hour before the doors open. once they are inside, they each get a bag full of food. >> it's a blessing because food is expensive and i'm on a fixed income. it's a blessing. >> reporter: i came this morning so that i would have food in my home. i am a widow. >> reporter: each bag contains a box of cereal, pasta and a variety of other food. it may bring clients in but that is not all they get. >> we are working on getting the nutrition program together to start twice a month next year. in addition to that we have a registered nurse as one of our volunteers an we will do a blood pressure check with our clients to make sure that they are not walking around about to have a heart attack or stroke. >> reporter: this friday we have plenty of ways for you to help your neighbors through the
8:50 am
annual stuff a truck food drive. drop off donations at giant stores at brentwood, hyattsville station. we will have phone banks for you to text your donation and online link to send money, too. we have you covered. we know how you can do the shopping for christmas, cyber shopping on your phone. we got it covered. you can do the same thing to help. >> however you can help. it goes to a great place as you saw. great event that we try to cover every year. it's tough. that's why holly had to do it. almost too much to do. golden scissor awards celebrating 20 years. >> holly, good morning. >> okay. so i was going to maybe go with this look but then, remember, this hour is supposed to be bold. i didn't think this was bold enough. instead, i went this route.
8:51 am
>> wow. >> that is bold. >> all right. it's electrifying. >> it is electrifying. it's amazing how different i can look each other. that is truly what the golden see score awards are about. it's about the creative process and the transformation. without further addo, glenn jackson, the brainchild behind the golden size score awards joins us. there is a different theme every hour. >> this is? >> jewelry. >> big hair. >> hair, makeup, art design team. marco do your hair and matthew and tony are amazing. but the designers, estelle lay, annette, it will be a celebration of outrageous things. >> not only do you celebrate outrageous things but you do
8:52 am
good work in the process. there is a charity element that goes along. >> mid-atlantic beauty is providing a salon give away and the great people at radio 1 for making the whole thing work. we are doing a barbara battle pushed by courtney hicks. we have gulam better helping us out with the restoration project. sheila stewart, a lot of amazing people. >> i feel like i need more attitude when i stand next to her. >> you got it. you have face and skinny. >> but not from here to here. we are moving over here. sometimes barbers got get the love. >> always. >> let's talk about the artistry of barberry. >> this is design work at its best. you have everything going on from the design master. they have done the golden
8:53 am
scissors in the hair to fox 5 on the other side. >> what? >> yes, ma'am. >> check that out. that is a fan, that you just put fox 5 in your hair. >> do you have to even that up? i like it. >> he is super amazing. >> people think of barberry as a day gone by but -- >> they are doing glitter rei and amazing stuff. >> this is about hair, design, a look, it's about an experience and a show. >> that's right. >> that's where our encore comes in. dance company. can you do a little something for us. as they do that, tell me about the entertainment parts of the show. >> a big part is the meta more
8:54 am
take sus -- meta met. >> this is an opportunity to integrate the community and bring us together one place, one night, one experience. >> it's going on in silver spring at the civic center. there are different shows, you buy different tickets for different shows. >> there is a salon program, a huge gala that starts at 8:00. people come from all over the country. >> since you brought up gala, as if this hasn't been enough. we have been big and bold but we haven't been bodacious. >> i am feeling it. >> huge. >> how big can we get. >> the biggest rage in hair. >> the golden scissors award. coming up in the next hour, the
8:55 am
entire fashion show and bodacious. we got more fox 5 when we come back. stay with us. ♪
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that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. okay. what's your secret? [ male announcer ] the new united mileage plus explorer card. get it, and you're in. coming up on 9:00. we have one more hour to go on this tuesday morning. tony is back to join allison. >> steve, thanks so much. at 9:00, new surveillance video of a suspected serial carjacker. investigators say he hit three times at one maryland mall. montgomery county police captain paul stark joins us live. then one of the largest power ball jackpots in history. there are word that the three men who accepted the check may not be the real winners. who is? that story is coming up. photo retouching. we know it's done for billboards and magazines but it's hard to tell to what
8:59 am
extent. it prompted much debate. researchers are working on a way to expose the fantasy. we will explain how it works. though george clooney still looks pretty good to me. in either photo. tucker barnes is a man that needs no retouching. he is downstairs with the latest on the forecast. >> far too kind. rain showers moving in shortly if it's not raining at your house currently, it will be soon. let's get to the radar. they are moving from the south to the west. inside the beltway, we are relatively dry. you can see the rain showers getting close here. we have pockets of heavy rain west of fredricksburg pushing up to manassas and dale city. this will be moving through the district marching east and north. a period of rain for mid- morning through the middle of the afternoon. it will be steady


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