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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 29, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following a developing story right off the top tonight. the man suspected in the disappearance of a local woman in aruba is free tonight. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. gary giordano walked out of a jail in aruba hours ago released after four months behind bars. a judge says prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to charge him with anything related to the disappearance of robyn gardner. fox 5's will thomas has the latest developments now from the newsroom. >> investigators still consider him a suspect. giordano took out a $1.5 million travel policy on robyn gardner naming himself the beneficiary and there were multiple inconsistencies when they interviewed him according to investigators, but after four months and no murder charge a judge finally said to prosecutors if you don't show me something else, i've got to let him go and that's what happen tonight. we just obtained the first images of giordano leaving prison. you will see him first on fox 5.
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the last known images of 35- year-old robyn gardner at an aruban restaurant two hours before she would disappear. surveillance cameras also captured her traveling companion, gary giordano, seen by her side. police arrested him three days later saying his story doesn't add up. now 50-year-old giordano from gaithersburg, the only named suspect, is a free man released about 7:30. >> we're in this for the long haul. we don't have any answers and there's nothing more brutal than not having any answers or not having closure. reporter: she is one of robyn gardner's closest friends. we say is, not was, because despite the belief from aruban officials gardner is dead her family and friends are holding out hope. >> somehow some way maybe someone saw something.
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maybe they'll stay for now not saying something and come forward. our hope is to get justice for robyn. reporter: the natalee holloway resource center in downtown d.c. is weighing in on the release. >> her family really don't get that piece until they know what happened to their missing loved one. so what beth halloway is still going through never having a closed case, this is no week. reporter: last week an aruban judge decided it was time to let giordano go. an appeals hearing for wednesday morning could overturn that decision, but this caribbean legal expert says don't count on it. >> that examining judge having listened to four months to what the prosecution had to offer and the threshold not met, it was time. >> there are several reports that giordano is taking a 9:50 flight out of aruba tomorrow morning. the appeals hearing is set for
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11 a.m. if the panel decided to lock him up, he'd be long gone. extra decision is possible, but it could take weeks of legal maneuvering. >> now that he's out could giordano actually collect on that $1.5 million insurance policy he took out on gardner? >> sure. we asked several attorneys. they believe the insurance company, american express, won't pay based on the suspicions and ongoing investigations and keep this in mind. if giordano sues for the money, he'd be asked to give depositions and possibly neff court. experts say it's very dangerous -- testify in court. experts say it's very dangerous because he could say something that could hurt him in the criminal investigations and there's no statute of limitations for murder. a man wanted for murder who was accidentally released from jail is behind bars tonight. frederick scott turned himself in. prince george's county police say he was mistakenly released on bond due to a clerical error. he is charged in the smooting death of phillip watson in march -- shooting death of phillip watson in march.
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yet another carjacking in montgomery county early this morning on veers mill road and wheaton. two men onlied the driver and passenger returning to -- robbed the driver and passenger returning to the car from the burger king. it's not believed this carjacking is related to the three recent carjackings at the westfield wheaton mall. police trying too track dune the driver who killed an elderly man -- down the driver who killed an elderly man on beltsville. the driver did not stop to help. 72-year-old lewis poti of sea pleasant was killed. police believe the driver may have been in a street race before the crash. a delivered house fire in prince george's county claimed the lives of two more people. a 6-year-old died in the fire over the weekend. overnight his mother and his aunt died from their injuries. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom now. >> the fire is called a tragedy of epic proportions, three members of one family wiped out, deaths that might have
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been prevented if there had been at least one working smoke detector in the house on griffin street. >> i lost everything. reporter: 62-year-old merle monroe is the only one of four family members to survive the inferno inside this house on griffin street. she woke up just before 4:00 in the morning sunday and managed to get outside and then spent the next frantic moments trying to save her sister, daughter and grandson all trapped inside. >> i knocked on my daughter's bedroom window and she answered me. i said get out. the house is on fire. reporter: but she never made it. >> but she never made it out of. reporter: so she raced to the back bedroom to try and waken her sister. >> i was almost inside, but the heat was too much for me. reporter: firefighters pulled
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the lifeless body of 6-year-old amare noel from the fire and he died a short time later. his mother simone monroe and aunt janet athing clung to life more than a day and they also diamond the fire chief said the tragedy rein -- also died. the fire chief said the tragedy reinforced the importance of working smoke detectors. >> to lose three people in one family in a house fire is pretty significant. reporter: the community is pulling together to help merle monroe pay for three funerals and rebuilt her life. nothing was salvaged from the house, so she's staying with relatives who are so thankful for the community's support. >> all i want to honestly say thanks to everyone for all their support. >> a trust fund has been set up at bank of america for the monroe family and amare's school lewisdale elementary school is hosting an event thursday for the little
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kindergartner's family. we'll have information for both events on our website fox 5 weather alert now, a live look outside. the rain has cleared, but much cooler temperatures behind that. fox 5's sue palka tracking the dramatic dip from the weather center. >> a dramatic dip from earlier this morning, too, when temperatures about 10:00 were in the mid-60s. we have had the rain clear on out. the cooler air will lag a little bit longer, but you'll definitely notice the chilly breeze tomorrow. it's going to feel a whole lot different. let's look at radar as we put it in motion. for the last number of hours and the storm now departing. it dropped about 1/3 to 1/2- inch of rain across our area. a few spots picked up closer to an inch and yet there's still snow on the backside of it. they're getting enough snow to cause power outages across indiana and wet snow across parts of kentucky. earlier today huntsville, alabama, got a little taste of snow from that system.
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it's an area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream that's been slow to move it will eventually move to our north. as it gets well to the north, one last cool front will swing through tomorrow morning. that's where we'll get the really cooler temperatures. a live look at sentinel radar, a few sprinkles out through western maryland. that is about it. there are some rain totals from earlier today as estimated by doppler radar. so for the rest of tonight and also a look at those temperatures from earlier today, from the mid-60s to where we are now near 50 and we've got a bunch of 40s out to the west. those will be swapped for temperatures in the mid-and upper 30s in the suburbs and tonight here in the district we should stay at about 40, maybe 41 degrees. so it's the chill coming in tomorrow, but it's not anything we can't handle. we'll talk more about it in the five-day forecast and what the temperature trend will be, whether or not we have any more rain in our future. herman cain speaking out tonight following another tumultuous day for his campaign. this morning he told his
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staffers he's rea session his presidency bid following accusations of a -- reassessing his presidency bid following accumulations of a 13-year affair. >> the conference call today with aides specifically acknowledged the firestorm and said it could create too much of a cloud for his campaign to go forward, but tonight it seems to be business as usual as cain delivered campaign speech at hillsdale college in michigan. reporter: herman cain is staying on the campaign trail and staying on message. >> our objective is real simple, peace. we've always been about peace. but the question is how do we maintain peace in the world? reporter: during a teach at hillsdale college in michigan cain stuck so his topics of national defense and foreign policy, but while accusations of infidelity and sexual harassment still hang over his campaign, he did not address the scandals head on in his speech. >> life can be a challenge.
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life can seem impossible. it's never easy when there's so much on the line. but you can make a difference. there's a mission just for you. >> i'm not proud. i didn't want to come out with this. reporter: on monday georgia businesswoman ginger white told fox 5 atlanta she had a 13-year affair with herman cain. >> it wasn't complicated and i was aware that he was married and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. know of. reporter: cain denials an affair took place but does say i knows the woman. three weeks ago cain's campaign was rocked by four allegations of sexual harassment including
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sharon bialek. the piling scandals casting new doubt on cain's presidential aspirations and while the cain camp reassesses his run, there is no word he's out of the picture yet. >> i'm not drop being out of this race, no. as long as my wife is behind me and as long as my wife believes that i should stay in this race, i'm staying in this race. >> in the conference call today cain told his staff the latest accusations have taken an emotional told on him and his family. he said voters will have to decide whether they believe him or ginger white and that's why he says they're going to give it time to see what type of response they get from supporters. herman cain says all public events this week will take place. a woman seriously ill being rushed to the hospital dies after a city paramedic refuses to go along for the ride. plus no surprise hire, metro will have a big budget gap and it could affect your service. and on the news edge a teacher's porn star past catches up with him, what he
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did wasn't illegal. should he be allowed to keep his job. tonight parents are speaking out at 11:00. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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five years agent d.c. fire and ems department kinder fire after a parent died in its -- came under fire after a patient died in its care. this time the issue whether a paramedic ignored standard protocols or simply made a bad decision in assessing the condition of an 87-year-old woman. reporter: since the fire department is not releasing the facts in the allegation, the patient's name and address and medical condition is much we don't know. however, this much is clear. the 87-year-old woman was transported to howard university hospital and died after seeing a doctor. would it have made a difference if the paramedic had ridden to the hospital with the patient in the ambulance and, if not, did he go against protocols of the fire department's medical staff? >> there are some concerns regarding this incident and that's why we placed the employee on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. reporter: chief ellerbe says
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his medical director has completed one phase of the investigation and recommended officials probe the matter further. >> so can we take from that your medical director believed something went wrong? >> no, we can't take that from what i just said. what i'll say, an investigation ensued based on recommendation from the medical director. now how that investigation turns out is -- that's just going to be based on the facts. reporter: the fire and ems department has been operating under a new set of rules after the d.c. inspector general's office cited an unacceptable chain of failure by firefighters, paramedics, police officers and hospital personnel in the january, 2006 treatment of david rosenbaum, a new york times journalist who was assaulted near his northwest home during a robbery and later died. after the family filed a lawsuit the city agreed to put in place new protocols that would ensure the best care for people who called 911 for help. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> the rosenbaum family agreed
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to drop its lawsuit after then mayor adrian fenty promised to form a task force. it was tasked with developing new protocols to ensure proper care of patients. chief ellerbe says this is the first time the protocols have come into question under his tenure. this maryland woman charged with concealing a dead body after burying her stillborn baby in the woods. lisa steele of oxon hill gave birth september 17th and claims the baby was stillborn. five days later police in prince william county, virginia, found her after responding to a trespassing call. they found the baby buried in a shallow grave. police don't expect to file more charges. to the district where a car crash on wisconsin avenue made a mess of traffic this morning. police say that cab collided with a mercedes, hit the j crew store and landed on the steps of the chevy chase pavilion. the mercedes hit two more cars. the accident shut down wisconsin avenue at western in both directions.
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no one was hurt. fox 5 is monitoring metro's budget problems. the preliminary report forecast a gap of nearly $125 million next year and the timing could not be worse. overall ridership is down and not expected to get better any time soon. fox 5's sherri ly has the latest. reporter: what this all boils down to is what metro wants and what it has the money to do. right now metro would like to increase the number of police for security, improve its escalator maintenance and add more workers to reduce the number of double shifts and worker fatigue, but all that comes at a steep cost. metro's ridership and revenue has dropped since 2009 and with the district's high unemployment and slow economic recovery that is not expected to help. the transit agency is also facing a huge surge in the cost of employee benefits and pensions and must prepare for the opening of the dulles rail extension. factor all this in and metro could be looking at a huge hole
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in its budget. labor, health and pension benefit are expected to increase starting next june by $66 million. preparing for the dulles rail, another 20 million that is before the silver line even opens. initiatives to hire more police, security, escalator maintenance and increasing bus service on priority routes would cost another 35 million, plus metro forecasts a 3 million drop in revenue and that adds up to a gap of $124 million. now to close that gap metro could look at asking workers to contribute to their pensions and benefits. that's something they don't do now. virginia, maryland and the district could also increase their subsidies or they could look at restructuring fares. this is just a preliminary budget that is going to be presented to the finance committee on thursday. general manager richard sarles will propose his budget in january and the rest is up to the board. remember fox 5 is monitoring metro for you.
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if you have a story idea, see a problem, send us a picture or e- mail to fox 5 metro at new tonight two years after a bethesda contractor was taken into custody in cuba accused of spying, his family is. reporter: up appeals for his release. gross' wife judy said his 86- year-old mother will release a video tomorrow asking president raul castro for compassion. judy went two weeks ago to see her husband. she said he's lost 100 pounds and he's not the same man he was when he left. >> he was a really jovial outgoing kind of person who just everybody gravitated toward him and his spirit is broken. he's really depressed. he's very angry. even i had a what are time making him smile or laugh when i saw him. >> alan grease had satellite communications equipment he says he -- gross had satellite
10:21 pm
communications equipment he said i wanted to give to members of the cuban jewish community but he was accused of spying and has been given a sentence of 15 years. on friday synagogues across the country will offer prayers for his release. first it was video games. now it's apps getting the grade. what parents need to know before downloading. also a new caps coach takes the bench one day after getting the job. we're going to the ice next.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt.
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welcome back. tonight marks the beginning of the dale hunter era in washington. how did the capitals respond to their new head coach? fox 5 sports director dave feldman has the answer. how it was? >> well, it was oak, started out all right, but you know -- okay, started out all right, but you know what would have been fun, if you could have watched tonight's game with bruce boudreau at home and it
10:25 pm
was unfiltered. >> was he really watching it? >> he did. do you think he wanted the caps to win or lose? probably wanted them to win, but if they lost, he wouldn't be heartbroken and tonight they're playing the blues. the arena was flat. the verizon center had no energy today and dale hunter was making his nhl coaching debut, of course, played 12 seasons for the caps and they put up some of the highlights of that on the big screen. here was ovechkin with highlights, some great stick work and ovie's 10th assist to nick backstrom who got his eighth goal. caps take a 1-0 lead and everything is great, but tied in the 2nd when tomas vokoun comes up with a big save and there's the easiest wrap-around you'll ever see. caps lose 2-1 in dale hunter's nhl debut as the caps head coach. >> the guys worked hard. it was a tight game. they've been playing well and they're good defensively. so we had a couple breakdowns and went in the net, but we had
10:26 pm
our chances and especially in the 3rd period there we could have tied it up. >> caps were outshot 30-19. normally the caps shoot more than the opponent. that's a sign they weren't working very well and they lost tomorrow dale hunter might get fired. just kidding. today was his first day. >> let's get real. he's had one full practice? >> one full practice and one full game. >> come on now. >> right. it's going to take some time, but they lost. >> better luck next time, guys. brian, back to you. michael jackson's doctor gets a tongue lashing from the judge. find out how long he'll be behind bars. plus the alleged east coast rapist back in our area. find out when he's facing a judge in just hours, in fact. we'll be back. but first our annual stuff a truck campaign is this friday. we want to invite you to bring
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your nonperishable food items to these locations friday from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. it benefits the capital area food bank. hope to see you then. [ female announcer ] at,
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the suspected i.c.e. coast rapist will appear in a prince will -- east coast rapist will appear in a prince william courtroom tomorrow morning. aaron thomas was in front of a judge in march. what happens now? >> aaron thomas was charged in connecticut where he's been since his arrest. the state's attorney's office changed their initial position there and granted an extradition request from virginia. so today he was shipped back to virginia for prosecution. reporter: the alleged east coast rapist aaron thomas has been returned to prince william county, virginia, where he is charged in six cases that could give him four life sentences. >> connecticut released him to us today and u.s. customs
10:31 pm
assisted us by flying up some of our detectives to pick him up and bring him back to manassas. reporter: back on halloween, 2009 thomas allegedly approached a group of trick-or- treaters in prince william county with a gun and forced them into the woods. police say he attacked two of the girls in the darkness and rain. the third girl was able to text her mother who called police. they interrupted the rapes but did not catch the suspect. the 40-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting more than a dozen women in four states. the attacks started in maryland in the late '90s and continued into virginia, connecticut and rhode island more than a decade. after a massive manhunt investigators caught thomas in march after getting his dna from a discarded cigarette butt. police and prosecutors say dna linked him to those attacks and they suspect he may be connected to several more. prosecutors said he may have information about attacks in leesburg and fairfax and prince george's county as well as new england. >> we'll be the first jurisdiction to try him. we're just happy to get the
10:32 pm
opportunity to be able to try him and hopefully make our victims a little more comfortable and if he's convicted, he won't be out on the street doing this to anyone else. >> now the state of connecticut agreed not to seek thomas' return if he gets more than 60 years. in anne arundel county police are investigating a sexual assault at arunel high school. the victim knows her attacker. at this point he is not facing charges. the chancellor at syracuse university is standing behind head coach jim boeheim in the midst of a child sex abuse scandal. assistant coach bernie fine was fired over the weekend accused of molesting at least three boys. boeheim initially said the avenged victims were just looking for money. he later apologized and said it's important to have a thorough investigation. one of the victims went to
10:33 pm
police in 2002 but officers told him the prosecution for statute of limitations this -- the statute of limitations for prosecution expired. four years in prison, the sentence for dr. conrad murray, the maximum punishment. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death. fox's adam housley with the latest from l.a. >> the court determined that the appropriate term is the high term of four years imprisonment. reporter: dr. conrad murray getting the maximum sentence from los angeles superior court judge michael pastor. murray was convicted earlier this month of one count of involuntary manslaughter, a jury finding him responsible for the death of michael jackson who died of an overdose of propofol, a powerful anesthetic murray was giving the singer to help him sleep. >> dr. murray created a set of circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine. reporter: before the sentence was handed down the jackson family issued a statement
10:34 pm
through their attorney asking judge past ore to impose the maximum sentence. -- pastor to boles the maximum sentence insisting they were not seeking -- to impose the maximum sentence insisting they were not seeking revenge, but justice. pastor scolded murray before and after the sentence was announced criticizing his numerous lies and deceptions throughout the course of treating jackson and lack of remorse after his death saying the infamous recording of a drugged up jackson stood out the most to him during the case. >> that tape recording was dr. murray's insurance policy. it was designed to record his patient surreptitiously at that patient's most vulnerable point. conrad murray under california law will only serve half of the sentence in county jail. dam housely, fox news. -- adam housley, fox news.
10:35 pm
a bizarre warning issued by one of the biggest companies around, how they say hackers could set your printer on fire. plus do the apps your kids are using make the grade? find out about the new grading system still ahead. but first trouble in the skies for one of the country's largest airlines. fox business network's neil cavuto explains. >> an emergency landing for american airlines, amr, parent company filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, soaring costs for labor and fuel grounding profits at our nation's third largest airline, american promising customers it will continue flying its normal schedule. just in time for the holiday shopping rush consumer confidence seeing the biggest monthly gain in eight years but still well off its prerecession high. people are starting to feel a bit more optimistic about finding a job and making more money as well. more folks are buying the bling for now. luxury retailer tiffany ringing up more green for those blue boxes last quarter, but tiffany is not expecting as big of a surge for the rest of the year.
10:36 pm
no surge in the value of your home sorry to say, a key report showing a big drop in home prices in september continues a swoon that simoons ending coming after five months of relatively -- seems unending coming after five months of relatively low prices. less fries and chips on kids menu, more fruits and veggies. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy.
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d.c. residents outraged over reports police were arresting drives simply for having expired tags -- drivers simply for having expired tags.
10:40 pm
it's happened to about 3,000 drivers in the last two years. in october the council ended that policy. but are there other minus offenses that give police the authority to lock people up? reporter: after public outcry mayor gray asked the d.c. council to pass emergency legislation to stop police officers from arresting drivers for expired tags. it was passed after city leaders heard stories like this from those arrested. >> said we're just going to take you in to process you for about three hours. reporter: now council member mary cheh wants to know if drivers are being arrested for other vehicle offenses that might appear minor. >> an arrest is not like a minor thing. you're taken downtown. you're subject to a full body search and it's demeaning and it's not meant to be fun. reporter: cheh brought up the issue and conducted a hearing into the expired tag arrest policy. she says other arrest policies for vehicle violations should
10:41 pm
be looked at. >> whenever you have these discretionary arrests we have to be sure, i think, that the offense merits that kind of an action. reporter: another issue discussed, should police have the authority to impound a car if the tag is expired? currently they do. >> that can be very costly for motorists. there's a $200 fine and then there's a storage time. reporter: police defend its impound policy saying it gives them the authority to remove unsafe vehicles from the street. >> it's not our goal to just arbitrarily pull vehicles off the street. it's something they're using their discretion for. the reason we need that discretion is we obviously got a responsibility to keep dangerous vehicles off the street. reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> d.c. police say they won't arrest a driver if their taxes are expired 30 days or less. after that they will consider impounding the car. tonight on the news edge a call for change following a violent newt in dupont circle
10:42 pm
over the weekend -- night in dupont circle over the weekend, one person dead, five others injured. and a porn star turned teacher kicked out of the classroom after his past is revealed. he didn't break any laws. should he be allowed to stay? this story tonight at 11:00. @@ú
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a slap in the facebook, federal regulators saying the social media site often misled its more than 800 million users about the privacy of their personal information. the federal trade commission filed a formal complaint that alleges facebook exposed details of users' lives without getting allpermw the government to audit its site. check out what happened to this person's iphone 4 that exploded on an australian airliner. smoke filled the cabinet. a flight attendant grabbed the phone and extinguished it. no one was hurt. years earlier there were similar reports of iphones and
10:46 pm
ipods catching fire aboard flight. hewlett-packard denying reports that its laser jet printers can be remotely instructed to catch fire. researchessers ran a test on one printer and -- researchers ran a test on one printer and believed it could be hacked into and caused to overheat and burn paper. hp says there's a built-in thermal switch to prevent fire. do you know what games kids are playing while they're online? the same system that rates video games is now being extended to mobile apps but they're not being reported everywhere. fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick explains. reporter: 29 million mobile apps were downloaded this year, games by far the most popular category. some are easy to tell whether they're appropriate for children or not. many, many others lie somewhere in between. now ctia, the wireless association, has teamed up with the entertainment software
10:47 pm
ratings board to create a standard ratings system for new apps with icons that are very familiar. >> 17 years of being in the ratings business now parents really understand, they get it when they see e for everyone or t for teen or m for mature. they know what to expect. reporter: apps purchased through the mobile stores of at&t, sprint, us cellular, verizon, t-mobile and microsoft will have the same rating system. >> we incorporate a lot of factors into the rating that we assign. reporter: the mobile ratings will also evaluate new features like location sharing and in app purchases which could end up costing parents a lot of money if they're not careful. it's a good launch, but the two largest vendors of mobile apps, apple's app store and google's android market, aren't participating yet. >> we'd be delighted to have them join this initiative. they're doing the same thing we are. it's a different mechanism in place, but the fact is anything
10:48 pm
that gets that information in front of consumers we think is a good outcome. reporter: the two groups are hopeful eventually apple and google come on board. in the meantime consumers can check new app ratings on the esrb website. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> at least we got the rain out of here finally of the that was not a fun day. >> are we finished with it? >> the rain is done, a couple sprinkles left in the mountains and tomorrow when the wind shifts direction, we'll get some snow in the mountains, but the system from today's rain is out of here and the cold air lags behind a little bit. we've got dry skies. the clouds are continuing to hang tough around the region. it might be a while before they're out of here. we've got one last let's call it a week cold front that will come through tomorrow morning. that will bring in the colder air. meanwhile you can see the storm system as we check our sentinel radar. as that goes by, one of the things we're really noticing is this, the amount of snow
10:49 pm
they've gotten across indiana and the lower peninsula of michigan. i've seen reports up to 8 inches of snow. it's very heavy and wet. thief got trees and lines down, a lot of power outages tonight. here's the rain going by our area. we watched this last little piece of energy that's producing a little snow up in the appalachians, but once this whole system gets north of us then we'll pull in cold enough air maybe we'll start getting more of that upslope snow on the order of an inch or 2, maybe 3 for our own mountains. radar tonight not finding more rain left in the region. it was a pretty decent soaking we got, just a couple sprinkles out through western maryland, cumberland maybe seeing a little and west of hagerstown, but nothing of significance we'll see tonight. here's a look at the next three days. tomorrow back to brighter skies, although there will be some clouds as well, temperature 52 degrees and there will be a chilly breeze kicking in tomorrow. it will take that 52 and make it feel colder. again some clouds will build
10:50 pm
in. thursday i suspect will be brighter with more sunshine, less of a wind, a temperature of about 52 degrees, but it will feel more comfortable and friday we can add a few degrees on top of it. we should get up to about 55 degrees, so pretty smooth sailing the rest of this week. those temperatures are actually pretty average for this time of year. here's what's going on at the surface. breezy tomorrow after our system departs, a big low producing snow in indiana, will continue to produce lake effect snow on the backside of it down into our mountains. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds and breezy conditions. high pressure really settles in on top of us for thursday. we think we'll have more sunshine and a cool day. our next front approaches late in the week. we think it mainly will come through on the dry side. so it's all about temperatures the next few days. we are at 50 degrees now. that's not bad, still not cold yet. temperatures in the 40s in the suburbs. we will be colder than that tonight. some of the 30s out in the west will eventually get close to
10:51 pm
us. it's 37 in detroit where they may be getting hirsch first accumulating snow tonight as well. -- their first accumulating snow tonight as well. around our region upper 30s for fredericksville and centreville and d.c. about 41 degrees. for tonight we'll hang onto the clouds, the breezes not terrible out of the south, southwest 10 to 15, still rather a warm direction. that's why temperatures aren't getting much colder. they will be colder tomorrow night and certainly during the day tomorrow instead of the mid- and upper 60s we have this morning we'll say around 52 degrees. winds will shift direction coming in out of the west at 15 to 20 and occasionally stronger than that. it will definitely feel colder than that 52 degrees with the breezes kicking in tomorrow. at 8:00 in the morning cool, 42, lots of sunshine. by noon breezy. at 50 we begin to pick up a bit more cloud cover by the noon hour and by 5:00 with the temperature only coming in at about 52 degrees as mentioned.
10:52 pm
futurecast, check out the snow that we're going to pick up in the mountains, especially as that colder air starts coming in. by 9 a.m. if you're traveling 68 towards western pennsylvania, could be some accumulating snow, not in the cards for the rest of us. it looks like it will be a good amount of sunshine, especially getting into the thursday, friday, saturday time period. our next front you can see there well out to the west on friday. it's going to come through here dry. we'll see it approaching on friday. it will pass through and be cooler for saturday. mostly 50s on this five-day forecast. why don't check out sunday, temperature up to 57 degrees again and chilly overnight lows. we drop into the 30s for most of the rest of the week, but nice dry forecast for the lighting of the christmas tree and the stuff the truck campaign on friday. screen legend meryl streep in the district tonight for the advance screening of her new film the iron lady. the movie is about british prime minister margaret thatcher. she says it's a personal look at her political like and what
10:53 pm
it was like to take auto that kind of responsibility to the nation and -- on that kind of responsibility to the nation and the world. >> since most of the film takes place when she's older, it circled issues of looking back and aging and living with diminished capacity. >> the iron ahead will open in d.c. earlier next -- rather early next year. hi, everyone. we're down here in the web center with sarah fraser from hot 99.5. she has been chatting with you guys all night about this episode of glee and what's been going on. what was hot tonight, sarah? >> by far and away the best episode of the season, the music, amazing. >> wow, that's a huge edition. >> doing that rendition blown away, like when do i get it on itunes? >> is that what they were
10:54 pm
talking about? >> yes. it was so good. they did kink, kathy perry, dolly parton, jean. they incorporate all those songs under one episode. >> they're saving the best for this fall season. it's just getting so good. >> i understand first let's talk about next week's episode and of that beall talk about -- >> january. >> what's -- we'll talk about -- >> january. next tweak it's sectionals, but it's the return of over-- week it's sectionals, but it's the return of overstreet and destiny's child and set to be a huge night of next tuesday. >> i understand while you were chatting it up with folks a surprise celebrity made it official,ed any a big announcement about january. >> yes -- made a big announcement about january. >> yes. tweeting to glee on fox saying there is a very good chance he's appearing in january as
10:55 pm
the singing spanish teacher. can you imagine? we'll be getting a little shebang, all this stuff from the spanish teacher. >> that will be very interesting to watch indeed. >> anything else you got to tell us about glee? >> no. those are big spoilers for next week and there's rumors that anne hathaway could be coming, but we'll tell you more about that next week if that gets confirmation. >> like the sound of that. thank you. we appreciate it. . >> a lot of people getting the christmas lights up and out in the last few days but not this neighborhood. the new ban that has people seeing red. on the news edge one sentence, two major flubs by presidential candidate rick perry. this one has to do with voting. see it for yourself at 11:00. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. ♪
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well, it will be a white
10:59 pm
christmas for one pennsylvania neighborhood snow or not. the reason? colored holiday lights are banned in the doylestown station development. that means white lights only in this year's holiday displays. not everyone is happy about this new rule. some neighbors started a petition to lift the ban. >> people should be allowed to celebrate their holiday how they feel appropriate whether it's their family tradition, religious tradition. >> whether it's lights or colors as long as it's neatly done, i don't see the difference. >> the homeowners association sent out a survey of its own saying most people were in favor of the current white lights rule. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> right off the top tonight calls for changes in the way after hours clubs do business in the nation's capital following a deadly shooting in dupont circle over the weekend. one man was killed, five others injured in the early morning brawl. one city leader has a plan to make the streets safer, fox 5's bob barnard here with the detls


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