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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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evans who says he's prepared to force some d.c. business owners to pay for a special kind of police protection, not inside, but outside their nightclubs. reporter: when the violence ended early sunday morning on the sidewalk and street outside heritage india nightclub in dupont circle, three men had been shot, three others stabbed. 34-year-old jhonte coleman was killed. the d.c. convention center food service worker had a 3-year-old daughter. >> all of us were very disturbed about it. we haven't had a shooting, let alone a homicide on connecticut avenue in years of. reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier temporarily shut down heritage india, one of several downtown restaurants that become nightclubs after hours. >> they go on till 3:00 in the morning. generally people have too much to drink, leave the club and fights break out or people are very noisy, a whole host of problems i get complaints about. reporter: so d.c. council
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member jack evans says he's considering a plan to force the nightclubs to pay d.c. police for what are called reimbursable details. >> what it is, off-duty police officers paid by the establishment to patrol outside the streets to make sure when people do leave, they are leaving in an orderly fashion. >> anything that makes customers safer, basically protecting our business and liquor license. that's why i'm open to it. reporter: this man owns shadow room on k street downtown. never a problem with parities here he insists and das says he's concerned about the added cost of the evans plan. >> everyone is going to have to look at that because some businesses can't afford it. i'm pretty sure we're going to be able to possibly afford, it but it also is a legal matter. can you require businesses -- we live in a democracy, we're in a very, very tough economy. can you require that? reporter: council member evans says the answer is simple. >> we can do it and that's all i need is somebody to do that
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and i'll do it. >> reimbursable police details have been used for years in adams morgan in georgetown with a percentage of the police overtime costs subsidized by the d.c. government. we have new developments out aruba this evening. the only named suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner, a free man. officials released gary giordano a short time ago. he's been held for months under suspicion. tonight we have the first images as he left the gates of that jail. fox 5's will thomas in the newsroom watching them come in. >> he is out and mced to secure the same american defense -- managed to secure the same american defense attorney that help esented casey anthony. 50-year-old giordano was released from jail just after 7:00 tonight. these are the first images leasts the gates just obtained by fox 5 -- as he left the gates just obtained by fox 5. he's clearly thinner and more gray before he was locked up
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four months ago. we have video that came into our satellite center an hour ago. it's the same moment as he is leaving jail. here's some of the back stories. last week an aruban judge decided it was time to let him go. prosecutors had to charge him with murder or come up with more evidence. an appeals hearing is set for tomorrow morning at 11 a.m., but giordano is expected to 9 out on 9:50 flight. he'll be long gone. police arrested him august 5th, three days after he said robyn gardner disappeared while snorkeling. her body has never been found, but authorities discovered giordano took out a $1.5 million travel policy on gardner naming himself as the beneficiary. one of gardner's closest friends spoke with us tonight. >> i hope they find robyn and who knows how that might come about, but that's what our hope is, to get justice for robyn and get some closure, find some
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answers, find robyn. reporter: the panel decides tomorrow if giordano should be locked up again. they'll have to extradite him if he's off the island. that could take weeks at least of legal maneuvering, especially if he fights it. the man who shot president reagan is still trying to go free. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> a federal judge will hear testimony tomorrow on whether john hinckley should be released into his family's care. hinckley has been in a mental family since his trial ended in 1982. his attorneys say he is no longer a threat. the hearing may last up to a week and a half, not clear whether hinckley himself will testify. 10 years after the delivered anthrax attacks the government agreed to pay $2.5 million to the family of a victim in florida. photo editor robert stevens died after handling a contaminated letter in his miami office. his family says the government was negligent for failing to stop a government scientist from making the poison. the government will pay the settlement but is not admitting any fault. american airlines filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy
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today. the third largest carrier in the country is looking to cut expenses and unload massive debt in orbed to remain competitive. the company has been struggling -- order to remain competitive. the company has been struggling financially due to high fuel prices and labor costs. the airline will honor tickets and reservations as usual. is it the beginning of the end for herman cain? the republican presidential candidate told aides today he is reassessing his run for the white house. comes one day after a georgia woman claimed she had an fair with cain that lasted 13 years. capable denies the allegations. in a -- cain denies the allegations. in a conference call he agreed to keeping his campaign schedule the next couple days. four other women accuse cain of sexual harassment. he also denies those claims. another flub by republican presidential candidate rick pare. in a meeting today he apparently forgot -- perry.
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in a meeting today he apparently forgot the legal voting age in america. >> those of you who will be 21 by november 12th, i ask for your support. >> there were whispers in the crowd perry never realized his mistake. he faced scrutiny recently after having trouble remembering an element to his own plan to reduce government. a health warning for men who use laptops, what you need to watch out for next. still ahead, a teacher's porn star past catches up with him. what he did wasn't illegal. so should he be allowed to keep his job? >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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metro's escalator headaches are improving. a new report so his the transit agency is doing a better job with -- showing the transit agency is doing a better job with may not. in september it completed 88%
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of maintenance on time. at the beginning of the year the agency was at less than half that. metro says the hard part now, keeping that pace in the winter and summer when extreme weather can cause more problems. you can expect major delays on metro's red line this weekend. shawn yancy has that in your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight larging news about hiv and aids -- alarming news about hiv and aids. known 5, nearly three in four americans with -- no. 5. nearly three in four americans with hiv do not have their illness under control with medication. the cdc says about 1.2 million americans have hiv. no. 4, starting tomorrow a generic version of the popular cholesterol drug lipitor will go on sale. experts say a generic version will likely mean lower copays. the average is about $10. talk to your doctor and pharmacist about kerns with changing to a generic -- concerns with changing to a generic. no. 3, using a wireless computer could hurt a man's chances of becoming a father.
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a new study suggests radiation from lap tops can damage sperm. first it was thought it was the heat. now they speculate keeping a wireless laptop on or near the testes may result in decreased male fertility. after nearly 45 years a safeway store is closing. nearby neighbors will still be able to shop at trader joe's and whole foods. no. 1, if your weekend plans include riding metrorail, six red line stations will be closed for maintenance, brookland, takoma, silver springs and glint mon are affected. a teacher with a porn star past kicked out of the classroom, didn't break any laws, doesn't have a criminal record. should he be allowed to stay? that story is next. 
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at bank of america, we're lendnding and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs
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for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. how big a role should a teacher's past play in their future in the classroom? not talking about criminal history here, but more of a moral one. our sister station in boston discovered a teacher at one of the best high schools in massachusetts has a porn star past. he's been booted from the classroom while the school investigates. we have the story. reporter: do you really think it's appropriate to be working with kids? >> i don't know what you're
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talking about. happy thanksgiving. reporter: not a happy thanksgiving for kevin hogan, not a good week for that matter. his secret is now out. hogan starred in three pornographic movies all released in went 10. the titles we can say on -- in 2010. the titles we can say on tv include just gone gay 8 and fetish world. his movies can be found online and we found them at a local video store. wanted to talk to you about your film career. you starred in some pretty interesting movies. >> i don't know what you're talking about. reporter: you don't know what i'm talking about? does the school know that you're a porn star? >> i decent know what you're talking about. reporter: do the students -- don't know what you're talking about. reporter: do the students know you've been in these movies? come on, this is you. hogan says he doesn't know what we're talking about, but this sure looks like him. he doesn't use his real name in the movies. he's known as hitchcock.
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>> i just answered the ad and now i'm here to see what it's like to be the guy. reporter: hitchcock is an interesting name. where did you come up with that? >> no comment. reporter: it's all stunning news at this charter school which is used to making news but not quite like this. just this year news week named mystic valley one of the best high schools in the country and fourth best public high school in massachusetts. now the attention is focused on the school's new hire who is not only a high school english teacher, but chair of his department and the crew coach. is this an appropriate place for him to be working? >> a school? i have my reservations. reporter: stephanie saffanaro's son is on the crew team. >> i'm disturbed. i'm surprised. the kids really love him. he's a great addition to the team. he's the new coach this year, new head of the english department. this is scary. reporter: other parents picking up their kids also can't believe it. >> what is my reaction?
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oh, my god. you know, everyone is innocent till proven guilty and i don't like to judge people. >> it's not a problem because they're kids. they're a young generation, under 18 years old, they should not have something like that. reporter: mystic valley regional charter school placed hogan on administrative leave while it investigates telling us it did not know about the pornographic movies until we contacted them, the school releasing a statement saying, "we value the health and safety of our students. the school followed our normal hiring practices which included criminal background checks in massachusetts and california where hogan had been living," the school also saying the references were flawless. hogan was placed at mystic valley by carney, sandal and associates. there's a testimonial on the recruiting firm's website where hogue an writes it's amazing with your help i was able to find a school i never thought existed. now the mystic valley community is left dealing with another side of hogan it never thought
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existed. as a parent does it bother you to think that this guy is doing this? >> very much so, especially since he's teaching our children every day. it does bother me a lot. reporter: the school has sent an e-mail to parents and staff reiterating much of what the school told us but also stressing the school's insistence that any applicant for a position be candid and forthright about disclosing past employment positions. we asked the state department of elementary and secondary education which granted kevin hogan an educator's license what it thought about all this. after all, hogan didn't do anything illegal. a spokesman says the department will certainly look into the situation and added we expect teachers to hold a very high moral standard. they are role models for students. carney sando, the recruitment firm, would not comment on our story. >> stepped outside tonight, i understand the cold temperatures are finally
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arriving. >> it's colder but not terrible, brian. you'll find it you're still able to pull your shorts off if you have to, as in still wear them. >> what were you watching about five minutes ago? >> moving right along. that's just a little hitch in my giddy-up. i'll keep on moving as we get auto to the business of talking about the -- on to the business of talking about the weather and it is definitely getting cooler, but it's not cold. we'll probably notice it a bit more tomorrow as temperatures remain in the low 50s as opposed to today with temperatures in the mid-60s early this morning and they fell off. there goes the rain and you can see the spin with this huge storm still producing snow and lots of it across indiana and lower michigan on the order of anywhere from 3 to 6 and even reports of 8 inches of snow across northern indiana into lower michigan, detroit may be getting their first snow. this is wet and heavy snow
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causing a lot of power outages taking down lines. we will likely see snow in the mountains tomorrow as this big storm system passes through up to the north where it will be able to pull in colder air once it kind of gets clear of the jet stream here, but in the meantime tonight our winds are still out of the south. so it's not as cold as it could be and it's not as cold as tomorrow night will be. wanted to mention the rain we had earlier today in the light blue. this is a doppler estimated project subjecting it was about 1/2-inch for the month of area, a few spots closer to an inch down to our south and west where there were flood watches for a while. we picked up closer to 1 1/2 inches of rain from this system. tonight all that's left, a few sprinkles moving northward out of the panhandle of west virginia and maryland, maybe a few more in winchester. these will likely turn to. >> i showers tomorrow as the colder air tries to come in. what -- turn to snow showers tomorrow as the colder air tries to come in. what we will have tomorrow is a breeze out of west at 15 to 20
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miles per hour, chillier feeling than that low 50 reading. we're getting gusts to 22 miles an hour tonight. this will continue tomorrow. temperatures down to 49 degrees now in the city, annapolis and quantico still 50, but about everybody else has fallen to the mid-and upper 40s and we'll probably drop another 10 degrees in the suburbs. 35 in front royal, german thune 36 degrees, d.c. 41 -- germantown 36 degrees, d.c. 41. this area of 11 finally moving out, the -- low pressure finally moving out, the jet stream will take a bit of a break, temperatures in the 50s for most of the week. cloud tonight, 30s in the suburbs, 41 degrees in the district. cool and breezy tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun, temperature 52 and that wind kind of noticeable out of the west at 15 to 20 and maybe even gusting
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higher from time to time. it is a lot of sunshine for you through the rest of the week, 55 friday, cooler saturday 52. sunday looks nice at 57 degrees, lots of sunshine and a dry run. come on back. dave feldman is talking about the first caps game with the new coach. we'll have those highlights when we return. g breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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dealer sport desk in hd with dave feldman. >> the dale hunter era began a little flat today. the caps were outhustled, outshot, outplayed and the outscored by the defensive minded st. louis blues. somewhere in montgomery county bruce boudreau might have been smiling maybe just a little, not publicly. dale hunter 19 years in the nhl, 12 as a player with the caps and now the team's head coach. got off to a good start. al hex ovechkin with some great stickhandling -- alex ovechkin with some great stickhandling and ovie feed its to nick backstrom for -- feeds it to nick backstrom for his eighth goal of the year. tied in the 2nd. tomas vokoun comes up with the great save and there's the rebound, the easiest wrap- around goal you'll ever see, caps outshot 30-19 and lose 2-1 in dale hunter's debut as head coach. >> the guys worked hard. it was a tight game.
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they're playing well. it was good defensively. we had a couple breakdowns and went in the net, but we had our chances and especially in the 3rd period there we could have tied it up. >> i think the effort was there. i think 1st period was a little bit nervous because, you know, what's happening and all this kind of slump but 2nd period i think we take penalties and we didn't play only like 10 minutes at most and 3rd period you can see we played great and we just didn't score. >> hunter will go for win no. 1 in game no. 2 thursday when the penguins come to town. to college hoops. it could be a look season for the maryland terps. mark turgeon hosting illinois in the big 10 acc challenge. 1st half terps off and running. terrell stoglund with a stop and pop. 2nd half terps hanging but now trailing, james pageant getting free for an easy two. had he 16.
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terps down four -- he had 16. terps down four. illinois goes on to win 71-62. terps drop their first at home 12-3-3 overall. jeff jones and american hosting their crosstown rivals from howard tonight. 1st half bisons fighting hard off the miss, oliver ellison with a rebound, no. alfonzo greer grabs the next board and the foul. 2nd half eagles would give the bison a taste of their own medicine off the offensive board. great ball movement and tony wobliki is wide open, eagles victorious 77-66. to football now and the skins are getting ready for back to back games with the afc east, jets and patriots come rolling into fedex field. rex grossman has outplayed john beck the last three games since regaming the starting gig. sunday he threw for a season high 314 yards. in the last three games
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grossman produced 57 points and over 1,000 total yards offense. best 3 starts -- beck's three starts resulted in 31 points and 834 yards. mike shanahan was asked if he had regrets about benching grossman early in the season. >> people forget that we anticipated the moment and he's going to be out the carolina and buffalo game anyhow. that's why we benched him at that time. >> i'm dave feldman. brian is back right after this. [ female announcer ] more people are using wiwireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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an exotic safari in a loudoun county neighborhood. police called to report two zebras wandering around in leesburg yesterday afternoon. the animals escaped from the leesburg animal park. the director of the facility tells us a contractor lift the gate open and the zebras walked out. thanks to all the calls the park staff was able to track the animals down, tranquilize them and safely return them to the park. that picture will probably be framed in a lot of homes, at least that one. now you have the news edge. have a great night. see you tomorrow. >> today on "tmz" >> kobe bryant pla yeetball with the jews last night. no surprise, three-pointer for kobe bryant. >> he rolled out to the jewish community center in irvine and an a.p.b. went out in the jewish community. >> there's an e


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