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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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complaint, schwab admitted to the carjacking with the knife on november 19th and to the november 22nd bang robbery where she said she took less han $2,000. once again, don't be surprised to hear about more charges filed against her in the fight future, laura. >> thank you. >> another robbery in a shopping center parking lot. this time, a purse snatching at the dulles crossing plaza in sterling, virginia. the woman was loading items into the car when a pickup truck bumped into her shopping cart. authorities say that the driver reached out of his window, snatched the woman's purse off of the car and took off. a chilly and beautiful day outside. we need good weather, of course, because tonight the national christmas tree lighting is about to happen any minute now. >> and as i recall, it was very, very cold last year. >> yeah. >> today is a nice change. it's gorgeous and looks like it's clouding over. is that correct, mr. gary mcgradyy? how are we looking for tonight?
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>> reporter: just the sun setting. that can give off the illusion. >> got you. >> playing tricks on you. >> i guess so. >> lots of sunshine. the temperatures managed up into the lower 50s for about everybody. this is where we are now. the temperatures are going to drop off and drop off in a hurry, especially on the suburbs this evening. but, again, they like the christmas tree tonight. it could be a heck of a lot colder and, in the past, it has been a heck of a lot colder. we'll hear from sue in a couple of minutes. she's out there live this evening. in the city, it's 49. gaithersburg, 43; frederick, 45. can you look at the other numbers there. pick your spot. where are you? that will dictate where you need to look on the graphic. cool at 7:00, the temperatures dropping into the 40s. maybe just a little cooler and certainly cooler than 46 degrees in the suburbs. here in town, of course, always slower to cool and 44 degrees at 9:00, 42 by 11. again tonight, temperatures
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will be dropping into the 30s and easily below freezing, all oaks outside of the beltway into our suburbs. again, just clear skies and get used to it. it looks like we're in for a pretty nice run here that is going to take us pretty much through the weekend. >> good. >> yeah, you like that, laura? >> love it, gary. >> a couple of minor tweaks here and there and that is about it. >> 'tiz the season. >> yes. and it's hard to believe it's in december. how did that happen? it came quickly. and the white house ellipse. no exception. sue palka is there now. how's it going, sue? it's a lot warmer this year than last year, it feels like. >> reporter: it absolutely is warmer, laura. you can really tell where with the crowd, too. we have a huge standing-room crowd here and every seat is taken. your timing is perfect to come to me here. we're just about ready to see the president and his family come on stage.
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carson daley is this year's host for the 89th annual christmas tree lighting. we've got kermit the frog and a lot of other wonderful performances. you know the big news this year, the christmas tree that was down here on the ellipse blew over in february with a 50 miles an hour wind gust, which was quite a shock. it was a huge tree, about 46 feet tall and they have had to replace yet this year with one that they dot out of new jersey back in march. and in comparison, it looks like it needs a little bit of miracle grow. it will indeed be growing down here because it's a live tree for the next few years. it's not unusual that they have three of the christmas trees that grow down here because they kind of exposed. we're expecting to have a great time down here. look, i don't need my gloves so far this year and we also think that our first lady is going to read the need before christmas again and, perhaps, even be joined by kermit the frog. the christmas tree itself is expected to be lit within the next 10 minutes or so, we're
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going to make sure you don't miss any minute of the action and we'll be telling you what else can you do if you decide to come into the national christmas tree. we're officially kicking it off this year. it's an old tradition in washington, and we get our holiday season started officially tonight and i'm delighted -- and i don't need my gloves, a good thig. i'm down to the last ratty pair. i will have to find a new pair for next year. and i will blame it on laura. [ indiscernible ] >> i know. well, let me show you how ratty my glove is. has all of the tatters on it. >> and i don't think -- paying attention to. >> reporter: the first time i have had to look for my gloves to be honest. we think we're going have fun down here and we'll make sure to keep you ahead of the lighting of the christmas tree and we expect to see carson daleet and president coming out any minute. >> all right. >> back to you as soon as that happens. >> always a fun lineup, sue. thanks. >> okay. a new report out is extremely critical of the plan
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to move 6400 u.s. army workers into alexandrea's mark center off of i-395 in virginia. the report comes from inside the defense department. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is live in the newsroom with more. tom? >> reporter: this report was issued today by the inspector general of the pentagon. in it, the army is blasted by the ig for using faulty traffic studies as the basis of moving thousands of workers into the marc center building in alexandrea. the congressman has been leading the fight to clean up the traffic mess and prevent it, that it's a confirmation of what he's saying all along. congressman jim moran has been warning for years at interstate 395 can't handle the extra traffic from the army's marc center in alexandrea. >> this is a mistake. >> now, the congressman concerns are backed up by the harsh new report by the pentagon's inspector general. the ig found by not building the marc center near metro and depending on buses and workers to drive themselves. the army created a recipe for
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gridlock. the report slams the army for using flawed traffic study and underestimated the impact of adding 7,000 workers to the already congested area. >> they did their traffic studies during the holiday periods. july 4th and memorial day. >> reporter: the army's plan is for many of the relocated workers to drive themselves to work or rely on the shuttle buses. so far, at least, the workers who have transferred here say the shuttle seemed to be working. >> the things, the situation will be different. right now, it's nice. >> it is. and getting me to work on time. >> reporter: congressman moran warns the full impact is not felt. the marc center won't be at capacity until january with 200,000 cars already using 395 at rush hour and congestion, he said, will be much worse. >> if we don't stop this in its tracks right now, within a
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couple of months, people are going be stuck on 395. >> reporter: the army disputed the reports saying, quote, we do not believe a new traffic study will provide additional solutions to past or existing traffic issues along the i-395 corridor. therefore, do not concur with the findings and recommendations in the draft report. with one arm to the pentagon now publicly blasting the army's plan, it's raising more questions about a building and critics say should never have been built. where do we go after this? moving forward, both congressman moran and mark warner will look to lem the amount of workforcing workers to use carpools and public transportations, more than half of the buildings nearly 7,000 employees are there now and the rest should be? in place by the end of january. >> and thank you, tom.
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unexpected opposition to the young people. the county's safety committee voted against supporting the bill. the members claim the curfew is based on fear and not facts and that crimes committed by teenagers decreased significantly in recent years. the full council is expected to take up the issue next week some time. well, metro riders, here we go again. the transit agency said fares will go up. the question now is how much? the fare changes are part of a plan to cut an expected $124 million budget shortfall. sherri ly is here with the details. >> reporter: laura, metro hasn't decided how it's going to raise fares and said it's not an option but a given. fare increase. >> neighborhood reduce it. >> am i happy about it? no, i ride it every day and this -- is this new at all?
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>> there is no avoiding it. >> i would say fare increases are coming. >> reporter: metro tried to cushion the blow. >> they won't be as aggressive as they were a couple of years ago. >> reporter: metro's preliminary operating budge set $124 million short, money needed to fix escalators and add more police, reduce worker fatigue and pay for rising healthcare and pension costs. >> as a system, we have to look at what needs to be done and make sure it happens regardless of where it comes from. >> reporter: the agency proposes splitting the cost between writers, higher fares, and a bigger subsidy from the jurisdiction where metro runs. >> don't have to pay for it. if it's not the reiter, the taxpayers. >> one proposal would eliminate the peak-of-the-peak surcharge during the busiest period. in-frequent riders who use fare cards would be charged a flat rate of $32 or $6, depending on where you get -- $3 or $6 depending on where you get on.
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>> a flat rate? >> reporter: a flat rate. >> i think that is good. >> reporter: why do you think that is good? >> it's easier. >> reporter: other plans call for pack fares to stay the same. offpeak would be 10% less. the higher offpeak fares would bring in $48 million that may cause other problems. >> it's the offpeak fare closer to the peak fare than, you know, how does that -- are more people going ride in peace. >> reporter: the proposal is called for increases in bus fares and parking. it's all on the table. >> everything is going on up. and to pay extra. >> any increase would take a step in july. >> reporter: in may, there would have to be public hearings and half of the shortfall is to pay for the increases in wage, health, and pension costs, compared to the rest of the region. metro said the workers have the richest pension plan without having to it could a deem. and that is something to be
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looking at. shawn. gary giordano strongly denies any involvement of the disappearance of a woman in aruba. he appeared on "good morning america" two days after being released for custody in aruba. robin garden -- gardener travelled with giordano to aruba and later disappeared. he claims to have nothing to do with her presumed death. >> absolutely not n. my mind -- [ indiscernible ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> the person that i cared about, okay, a companion. >> if you're telling -- you know, has this appeared on my watch? it will weigh heavily on me for a long time. >> reporter: he claims she was swept away while snorkeling and claims surveillance video after he got out of the water, he was upset looking from place-to- place to find help but no one was around. >> it's world aids day today and leaders from around the globe are speak out. >> how president obama honored the lives lost to the disease. and taking a look at the white house ellipse right now,
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we're getting ready for a big night there as the first family, kermit the frog, carson daily are all turning out to light the national christmas tree. the 2011 national christmas tree. what a gorgeous night it is down there. sue palka is watching things for us and we'll be down there live the next 10 minutes as they flip the switch at 5:16 exactly. stick with us. the next 10 minutes or so, we'll see that and it's going to be beautiful. we'll be right back. 
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>> today is the 23rd anniversary of world aids day. it's the day to raise awareness globally about hiv and aids. it's also a day to honor the people who lost their lives to the disease. president obama marked the anniversary by renewing the u.s.'s commitment to ending aids and revealed new initiatives to combat hiv. we apologize. we're going to go to sue palka now for the lighting of the national christmas tree. i'm sorry, sue. not sure here. let's check in. >> reporter: they're running behind schedule, shawn and laura, but in 10 minutes or so, the president came out. carson daily introduced him. carson daily, of course, has a couple of programs on nbc includes "the voice." as he introduced the president, he came out, of course, mrs. obama and her mother, marianne anrobinson and the girls.
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i was struck by how tall the girls are getting. melia is almost as tall as her mom. the sec year in a row, they went down and -- second year in a row, they went down and sat in the club seats. came out from behind the protective glass and i don't know, there is something sweet about that. i really liked that gesture a lot, and they're now listening to a performance that carson daily said was just for sasha and melia, a group called big time rush. they have a series on nickelodeon which is about the hollywood misadventures of four hockey players from minnesota who happen to get cast in a boy band. that is a nice christmas gift for them, for sure. what we expect to happen here in the next while is for the tree to be lit. the president will make a remark and we'll continue on with some pretty terrific performances. what i think is really kind of getting my attention tonight is, first of all, the weather is so much better than it usually is. it's warmer and there is a huge
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crowd here. not only in the -- that we see below here, but standing room only only as far as i can see. a lot of -- the first family up close and some of the great performances. to see the degree and not in the process of doing all of that and looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. we'll come back to you when we have more going on here in terms of the lighting of that national christmas tree, which, again s a brand new tree sitting there. i wonder if they can get a shot of it here as we get closer and it gets lit up. you can see it as it's getting better. it's pretty and has the white house as a backdrop. that is spectacular. we'll get back now just a bit when we get ready to light the tree. >> we don't mind them going late. gives folks more time to enjoy the celebration and the buildup for the tree lighting. sue palka, we'll check in with you in a few minutes. >> sure. and the holidays often mean a trip to the post office to mail the gifts. >> important dead oiliness you should know.
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we have them for you coming up so your presents arrive on time. and swiping the cards when you shop can cost you more than you expect. how to shop safely when we come back. >> hi, this is major jason johnson coming to you from kabul, afghanistan. i want to say hi and happy holidays to my wife shayla and my kids. love you guys and see you soon. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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>> keeping an eye on the national christmas tree there as the president gets ready to light it. a big deal at the white house. this year from carson daley to kermit the frog to the first family, it's a star-studded event. the president is about to take the stage in a few minutes to light the national christmas tree. we'll keep you posted with sue palka there and we'll check in with her in just a moment.
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the irs wants to give taxpayers $153 million. the money is from undelivered refund checks and nearly 100,000 people are missing the refunds. they don't have the correct mailing address. if you want to see if you owed mean -- and average $1,500 a piece. and if you have cards or gifts to send out, don't wait too long and the post master general joined us to talk about this and this is the busiest time of the year. >> the busiest day is 800 million piecesak lope and they do a great job and they're ready to go and this is some of the big dates to keep in mind. get your items in the mail by december 3rd. the 19th is the deadline for
5:23 pm
international mail and if you procrastinate, it will cost you more and the post office, however, does deliver express mail. they want patrons to come back even if they have overdue fines. the library is running an amnesty program from december 5th to february 5th. just return your overdue items to have the fine erased. if you don't happen to have the books or material anymore, talk to a librarian to work it out. >> not bad. and thieves are hoping you use your deb it card. >> what you need to know to protect yourself while out shopping. the rules for early dismissal for federal employees in case of snow or other emergencies, those rules have changed. we'll have details. and i'm dave feldman live in verizon center. the caps get ready for the pengs. dale hunter looks for number one and bruce bud row has a new gig. the details coming up. 
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>> going out to the national christmas tree lighting, the president is speaking right now. let's watch the stage and listen to the president. and there is sue. >> reporter: hey, there guys. the president just came out. we'll let you listen. he was introduced by secretary of the interior, ken salazar. we're going light the tree in a couple of minutes. let's have a listen. >> i would like to thank carson daley and big time rush and all of tonight's performers for joining us to kick off the holiday season at the white house. for 89 years, presidents and americans have come together to light the national christmas tree. and this year is a special one.
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this year we have a brand-new tree. the last one stood here for more than 30 years until we lost it in a storm earlier this year. but we all know that this tradition is much larger than any single tree. tonight, once again, we gather here not simply to light some decorations, but to honor a story that lights the world. more than 2,000 years ago, a child was born to two faithful travelers who could find rest only in a stable among the cattle and the sheep. this was not just any child. christ's birth made the angels rejoice and attracted shepherds and kings from afar. he was a manifestation of god's love for us and he grew up to become a leader with a servant's heart who taught us a
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message that is simple as it is powerful: that we should love god and love our neighbor as ourselves. that teaching has come to epcircle the globe. it's endured for generations and, today, it lays at the heart of my christian faith and that of millions of americans. no matter who we are, where we come from, or how we worship, it's a message that can unite all of us on this holiday season so long as the gifts and the parties are happening, it's important for us to keep in mind the central message of this season and keep christ's words not only in our thoughts, but also in our deeds. in this season of hope, let's help those who need it most: the homeless, the hungry, the
5:30 pm
sick and hit -- and shut-in. in this season of plenty, for those who struggle to find work and provide for their families, this season ofgen ross out let's give thanks and honor to our troops and veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much for us and let's welcome all of those who are happily coming home. [ applause ] and this holiday season, let us reaffirm our commitment to each other as family members, as neighbors, as americans regardless of our color or creed or faith. let us remember that we are one and we are a family. on behalf of melea and sasha and michelle and our grandmother and chief marianne, i wish you all the happiest
5:31 pm
holiday season, the merriest of christmases, god bless you all and may god bless the united states of america. [ cheering and applause and with that, i'm going to invite the entire obama clan up here to light the christmas tree. i need some help. there is a lot of technical aspects to this. income on, guys. -- come on, guys. [ applause ] all right. ooh we're going to start count -- okay, we're going start counting down here. we have the switch right here. everybody ready? and this is the new tree. i know it's not as big as the old tree, but it's going to take time to grow. but we're going to fill it up with some spirit and start a new tradition right now. all right, everybody ready? we're going to start counting
5:32 pm
down: five, four, three, two, one! [ cheering and applause . >> reporter: an absolutely beautiful site there on the e lens of the white house. you can see the -- the ellipse of the white house. can you see the lighting of the official national christmas tree. this year's design features what they call programmable color-changing l.e.d. lights to give a dramatic lighting scheme. they have been doing this for a couple of years now. the l.e.d. lights are more energy efficient and compliment the lighting design at night and add a decorative appearance to the tree in the daytime hours as l.65 sets of programmable multicolored lights were used, 160 starburst ornaments are on the tree and used an heir loom topper design that has been used for the sixth consecutive year. >> it's beautiful as it is every year. i think a bigger crowd came out, too.
5:33 pm
the new tree was planted in march of 20 ref, after the other -- 2011, after the other one, the old one was standing there for 30 years, fell in the storm. the new tree, 26 1/2-feet tall, a colorado blue spruce and came from an innamed tree nursery in new jersey. a gorgeous site out there and we enjoy this every year. and this dates back to 1923, a longtime tradition in washington, d.c. >> we're going keep dipping in and can you hear some of the other performers tonight. we'll have those for you throughout the newscast. keep it here on fox 5. in the meantime, as laura said, the weather today out there is great. >> uh-huh. >> and in case of severe weather or other emergencies, the federal government issued new rules on early dismissal and closure. >> the biggest change is the possibility that federal workers might be told some day to stay in not go home. fox 5s john henrehan has more. >> reporter: there are about 300,000 federal employees if in and around washington, d.c. and
5:34 pm
they're by far the region's largest employer. when the weather around here gets bad, it's not hard for area roadways to become gridlocked to the point of paralysis. that happened on january 26th, 2011, during the fast-moving snowstorm. the folks at the office of personnel management who make the decisions on government closure or early dismissal have tried to learn from previous crises and have redrawn some of the rules. still in place, a go-no go decision on keying the -- closing the federal government should be made around 4:00 a.m. and during expected severe weather, the federal workers who qualified will automatically get that option and if there is an early departure for federal workers as usual, it will be staggered, depending on the employee's start time that day. this is the new stuff: in the future, even with staggering, the government may declare a final departure time, say one or two in the afternoon. everyone must leave by that
5:35 pm
deadline. conversely, if daytime weather conditions deteriorate rapidly, the federal managers may ask the workers to stay in their buildings. >> my hope is that those in place around the snow emergency would only be talking hours and not an leave night situation. again, i would rather have people warm and dry and safe inside federal structures than i would risking running out of gas and being stuck by the side of the road, having stayed in the side of the cars. many did last year. >> reporter: employees at opm have been issued survival kids with bags of food, water, and light and more. >> i limeination, a mask, and a when isel for signaling. the shelf life for the food and water? five years. >> reporter: federal managers say all workers everywhere should be prepared for the unexpected. john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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holiday shopping means many of you will be pulling out the plastic the next few weeks, meaning it's prime time for card fraud. melanie alnwick is here with a few tips on keeping your cards safe from the excuse meers. mel? >> reporter: if you remember, skimming is the electronic copying of a credit or deb it card and it's been around for a decade. the themes are getting more organized and bolder. security experts are warning people to be protective of their plastic, especially this time of the year this is all it takes for the bank account to be wiped out. >> this is a whole thing. >> reporter: a magnetic stripe reader and pinhole camera are all thieves need to ruin your holidays. this is the special agent in charge at the washington field office at the u.s. secret service. >> it's a crime of opportunity like any crime is and with the advasments in technology and the abundance of information on the internet, i think that it's
5:37 pm
becoming simpler to skim. >> reporter: for many years, restaurant customers have been the primary targets, like this high-end ring busted in manhattan. waiters use tiny handheld card readers to steal diner's credit card information and they make duplicate cards to purchase luxury goods for resale. the excuse meers are made to fit over payment slots on atms, a stripe reader on the false front steals your data, the camera records your pin. and gas stations are another place where security experts say you need to be careful. >> some of these devices are really, really slick and the average consumer can not tell the difference. >> reporter: joe mason, senior vice president of identity guard said there are things can you do. >> try to protect your information. be selfish with it. be very private to what extent you can. >> reporter: don't be shy about being suspicious. >> one of the simplest things you do when you go up, you kind of wiggle it to see if it movies. >> reporter: use terminals and pumps within eyesight of
5:38 pm
employees. it doesn't hurt to cover up the keypad, too. try to pay with cash at restaurants. if you have to use plastic, opt for credit instead of deb it. >> we're talking about real money being taken out of someone's personal account. >> reporter: banks do replace money stolen due to fraud but it can take time and no one wants to be frozen out of their account this time of the year. and when you're shopping online, you want to make sure when you get to the payment page that it's a secure site. you know by looking for https on that url and you should see a padlock icon on the tool bar. we have a ling for you with more tips on our website. >> good tips. thank you. we invite to you help us stuff a truck and help local children live up to their potential. a new sesame street character is teaching d.c. school kids a valuable lesson about hunger.  [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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>> the tree-lighting ceremony at the white house now is in full swing. the new national christmas tree standing there proudly under a gorgeous set of lights. can you hear the voice of rodney atkins sing. the ceremony continues and we'll continue to give you highlights. a movie and a snack was more than entertainment for kids at a southeast after school program. they enjoyed a special screening of a new show and that is part of an ongoing effort to give the kids everything they need to succeed and it's working. wisdom martin has more on your support how the stuff a truck food drive makes this possible. >> reporter: hard work comes first here. every day as many as 50 kids start their homework at the after school program. >> it makes my heart beat. most of them more than half
5:43 pm
have honor rolls. >> reporter: it plays another crucial role in helping students succeed. >> we want to make sure they eat well and they don't get a chance to eat when they go home. >> reporter: today, they're snacking on whole wheat crackers and 1% milk and they're getting another treat. a special sesame street episode. >> the kids cheer for elmo but lily, a new muppet, is the star. >> and someone you don't know whether you're going to have a next meal or not? >> what? >> that can be pretty hard. >> how do you know so much about this? >> because sometimes i go with my family to the food pantry and we get food there, too. >> you do? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: with one in four american children in families struggling to put food on the table, sesame street wants them top they can receive and give help. they hear lily's message here. >> i learned that it's not just -- it's a lot of people who
5:44 pm
need help. >> try to donate food that, that, that do not have enough to eat. >> reporter: after the movie, time for dinner. the chef sibs a meal as spaghetti and they help the meal coming and that is where ita -- it's grateful for. >> if you have any resources that can you provide to feed a child who might be hungry, please, please, by all means, donate. donate, donate, and the child won't go to sleep on an empty stomach. >> reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> we invite to you join us for our 10th annual stuff-a-truck campaign, benefiting families in need across the d.c. region. we'll be at four giant food likes tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and stop by one of these locations and drop off non- perishable food items or even a check. all the proceeds go to the
5:45 pm
capital area food bank. the caps will battle a big rival tonight as they face the penguins at the verizon center. >> and the new head coaches, it will be new head coach dale hunter's game. dave feldman is live there with a pregame preview and more on how the players are dealing with all of the changes when we come back. ack. arvey levin p. in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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>> we're back live with a live look at the national christmas tree. the first family flipped the switch to light it about 20 minutes ago. sue palka is there live and we'll check in with her in a few minutes. >> the caps will be playing the second game of the dale hunter era. the new caps head coach is looking for the first win in washington. dave feldman is at the verizon center with more. >> hi. how are you doing? the pensions and caps. that is a good rivalry. you don't have to watch 24/7 to
5:49 pm
know that and you have -- looking for win number one and the last time the two teams played, it was a mess and that is a bleed mess. literally in pittsburgh. knocking out jay beagle and i do mean knocked him out. beagle hasn't played since. the caps win the game 4-3 in overtime. lately, they have been struggling, losing eight of the last 12 and getting the first win for dale hunter and getting out of the funk is something i spoke with dennis wideman about a short time ago. >> and we're going to try to get a win for them. the last game was tough. a tough time and st. louis is playing really, really good and have that -- in pittsburgh. >> the last time you played pittsburgh, do you know who played the game-winning shot? that was you. >> yeah, yeah, i get the game winner. >> and that was the power play you had that day and that is
5:50 pm
impressive. >> a nice pass and i got the low blocker. >> the game winner versus pittsburgh better than the game winner versus anyone else? they're your rivals? >> this is heated up the past few years and when you have a big game like that, i was with boston and montreal and stuff like that and that is exciting and that kind of rivalry and with the firsten with tonight. should be exciting. >> and the 24/7 and the crosby and ovechkin. there are a lot of pittsburgh people here, too. >> and that is exciting. the first game back against us and the concussion and stuff like that. and should be great tonight. >> what did you make of the news of bruce boudreaux being out of the news and then being the coach of the ducks? >> the apa time ducks. >> it's -- anaheim ducks. >> it's great for him.
5:51 pm
everyone here said he did a great job here and he did everything he had and it was great. >> that is right, you heard us correctly. bruce beaudreaux is the new head coach against the ducks and it will be five games between when he last coached here and when he coaches the ducks and that is the quick of the stint. more at 6:00. laura, back to you. >> and perhaps that explains his good interview. >> he was cheer, wasn't he? >> he was. >> and that is very good. thanks. it was beautiful for the national lighting. >> yeah. >> and christmas tree, the national christmas tree. and so much colder last year? so we should be appreciative of this storm? >> i remember the nasty winds. >> yeah. >> and that weather. she would have her hat pulled down? >> and is that a trend? >> i hope so.
5:52 pm
>> bring it. >> and la , i have no control. sue, on the other hand. she's the one to blame. >> oh, yeah, right. >> and when -- she's not in the building tonight. [ laughter ] >> and she is down there and always with the 3. i am sure this is -- i can't remember how many years in a row she's been down. it's been a few. beautiful out there tonight, as laura said, beautiful day and turns into a beautiful evening. the temperatures in the 40s now, 49 degrees and in up to, 44%. the winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour and yeah, technically there is a windchill factor in the wind. not too bad and in gaithersberg, 43; dropped to 39 degrees and that is what is going to happen. okay, we have clear skies, relatively light wind and a fairly dry atmosphere. the temperatures will drop and will drop quickly outside of town. here in up to, about 45 degrees or so and that is at 7:00.
5:53 pm
43 at 9. lower 40s to upper 30s by 11:00. and i do believe what happens is that it may actually warm up a little more before the sun comes up tomorrow morning and this is that setup. the high pressure is not on top of this and this is a little down to the south and to the west. we have the frontal system to the central plains and jump the front and gets colder. and in lincoln, nebraska. and that is the real deal at 16 degrees. chicago is 43 and this is becoming real, real critical in our forecast and next week. and 52 degrees this weekend and on saturday, 57 on sunday and not too bad out there and thrown degrees the start, the temperature of 52 degrees at noon and the temperature around 51 degrees at 5:00. mostly sunny skies and i
5:54 pm
believe that we'll have a few clouds in the afternoon tomorrow and this comes through. the sunshine a high of 52 degrees and 57 on sunday, 60 degrees on monday and 61 on tuesday. >> all right. >> and the trend is fall is warmer, right? yes. >> in the summer, winter. wow, i'm all over the place. >> and that is all right. >> i know what it is. >> either way, we'll pay for it. >> okay. >> thank you, gary. and speak of the weather, it's been a beautiful evening out there for the lighting of the national christmas tree. sue palka is on the ellipse. i remember you with the hat on and it was windy and cold and no hat today. >> reporter: no hat and i'm glad, shawn. they're not flattering on me, especially when you have the toaccount for the wind blowing it away. a fun night down here and just a few minutes ago, we had mrs. obama read with kermit the frog, 'twas the night before christmas and can you see behind me now that santa's
5:55 pm
here. we have this party underway and there is lots to see and that surround the big 3 and, of course, the wonderful train in santa's workshop and we have this holiday season underway, shawn. >> love it, awesome night and thank you. we should start's group bet on when sue is going to break out the cowboy hat? >> and she's not going to wear them today. >> i mean like this season. i'm going to say like january 12th? >> twentyth. >> i think november 22nd. >> all right. >> and i will go february 5th. >> oh, february? have somebody write that down. >> all right. >> a group gets messy in northwest and say it's worth it to save some fish in trouble. a true fish tale. and bizarre support from
5:56 pm
john huntsman from inside his own family. an ad you have to see to believe. and the new details of the details of a fairfax team and gives the family new hope. 
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. >> we're live tonight on the ellipse of the national tree lighting ceremony. metro opens doors and they also open wallets. details on a new proposal to raise train fares. we going to start with new details in the mysterious death of a teen. the type was found dead in baltimore in 2008. now a man once questioned in her death is arrested in another murder. fox 5s paul wagner has more live from the newsroom with the story. paul? >> reporter:


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