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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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this capital area food bank truck here. we want to fill these up a little bit more. come on over, please. what is your name again? >> darlene martin. reporter: darlene. i met darlene inside giant where she was buying some of the stuff that she's going to donate here. let's take a look at what you got here. we'll take that out first. oh, this is heavy. cereal, pasta, all that kind of stuff. >> canned goods on the bottom. reporter: canned goods on the bottom, that's why it's so heavy. let me put this in here. fantastic. and you wanted to issue a challenge. tell me about that. >> i work for h and r block and the tri-state area, i'm issuing a challenge to every employee and managers to donate to the food drive no matter where you're at. reporter: absolutely. stuff a truck 2011 to benefit the capital area food bank. that is very kind. i hope they respond to that. that is wonderful. now she has one more thing. darlene has another thing. what's inside this box? >> this is christmas decorations that i inherited from my mother when she passed
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away four years ago, and i'm giving it to you for your tree so you can give it to the charity of your choice. reporter: that is very, very kind of you. there are several in here. sorry about your loss. >> thank you. reporter: but you're doing this to benefit some others as well. merry christmas. >> nice to meet you. reporter: nice to meet you as well. there's a car coming by. we've had some absolutely wonderful people come out this morning. we'd like to see you here. we're at the brentwood giant location in northeast washington. i'll be here for a while, julie wright is on her way here. i've got a line of people waiting for her, and we'll be out here until 11:00 tonight as a matter of fact. so do come by. want to let you know the sun is up, it is warming up quite nicely. we're looking for a high later today of about 56 degrees. we'll tell you more about that in just a little bit. right now let's go back to the studio and to you all there. we'll have more in a little while. >> tony, thanks so much. the november unemployment numbers have just come out and it shows a big drop in the
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jobless rate. the unemployment rate fell last month from 9% to 8.6%. let's get more now from fox news' doug luzader, he's live on capitol hill with more. good morning, doug. reporter: good morning. these are very complicated things. you know, on its face it seems very positive, the fact that the unemployment rate fell, surprisingly fell from 9% to 8.6% when economists thought it would stay even. and we saw, actually, fewer jobs created last month that economists thought. now that seems to not make sense on its face. the number, though, that's really important here, 315,000, that's how many people simply gave up looking for work last month, that's a problem. it makes the unemployment rate artificially lower than it otherwise would be. it means at some point in time those 315,000 are probably going to return to the labor pool and when they do, that will create more upward pressure on the unemployment rate. >> that gives us an idea, though, like you said, that this number isn't exactly that accurate. how much do you think as well
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that this is going to factor into congress trying to get some sort of an extension of the insurance for the unemployment insurance benefits, how do you think this is going to play into that? reporter: well, you know, i think the unemployment rate as long as it's above 8% or so, i mean, there already is a lot of pressure on congress to do something here. these long-term unemployment benefits, in some cases 99 weeks of unemployment insurance, that will expire at the end of the year unless congress comes up with some kind of deal. now, there is some bipartisan support for doing that, it's just a question of how you pay for it so it doesn't just drive the deficit higher. >> exactly. doug luzader on capitol hill with the latest for us. thank you. meanwhile, more money could soon be taken out of your paychecks. the senate defeated two plans to renew the payroll tax cut that is due to expire at the end of the month. four democrats joined republicans in blocking the democratic proposal to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires. now, it is the centerpiece of
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president obama's jobs plan. new this morning, the u.s. military handing over their headquarters base in iraq. camp victory is a huge complex near baghdad airport that used to be one of saddam hussein's palaces. early this morning the united states officially handed it over to iraqi authorities. at the height of the iraq war the united states operated more than 500 bases in iraq. this morning the handover is part of the u.s. pullout from that region with all troops out by the end of this month. in this morning's big story, al-qaida claims to hold a rockville man hostage. warren weinstein was kidnapped in pakistan last august. >> now the head of al-qaida says that he is being held by the terror organization. let's get more now on the demands for his release from our sherriye who's live in the newsroom. reporter: good morning. let's get down to what's going
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on here. this is the first that anyone has claimed responsibility for warren weinstein's kidnapping and despite its claims, al- qaida did not show any proof that he is still alive. in a new recording al-qaida leader ayman al-zawahiri claims that the terror group has dr. weinstein and will bargain for his release. weinstein is from rockville and has worked in pakistan for several years. the 70-year-old aid worker was kidnapped from his fortified home in pakistan nearly four months ago. al-qaida claims it will release him if the u.s. stops airstrikes in muslim countries and releases terror suspects. >> it's an expansive claim. it's not just you stop bombing afghanistan and pakistan, there's also somalia, there's also close guantanamo bay, release all al-qaida prisoners, it's a series of demands that can't possibly be met. to me the indication is that they're planning to kill wednesday. reporter: and because it took so long for al-qaida to come
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forward, our terrorism expert believes the terror network did not kidnap weinstein but paid for him and is now holding him hostage as a bargaining tool. a neighbor says this is the first that dr. weinstein's family has heard anything about his whereabouts and remain hopeful about al-qaida's claim that he is still alive. allison and sarah. >> sherri, thank you so much. up next this morning, we will switch gears now and look at what's going on in -- with al-qaida. we talked about warren weinstein. a virginia man, in the meantime, is charged helping produce an internet video for a pakistani terrorist group. he is expected to enter a plea bargain in a federal court in alexandria today. he is 24-year-old jabar a akmed arrested in september. prosecutors say he produced and uploaded a propaganda video to
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youtube on behalf of ashirr tieba. the united states has designated it as a terrorist group since 2001. a virginia man helping with produce an internet video for a pakistani terrorist group is expected to enter a plea bargain in federal court in alexandria today. 24-year-old jar al-med woodbridge was arrested in september. prosecutors say he produced and uploaded a propaganda video on behalf of lakshirr ateba. other top stories we're following for you now, an attempted carjacking in montgomery county. it happened on pender place in rockville just after 5:00 this morning. police say the suspect pulled out a knife but the victim was able to get away. no one was hurt in this one. and in virginia the shooting death of a man in leesburg is under investigation. the 39-year-old was found inside his home in the 800 block of bale mount terrace after 10:00 last night. he was pronounced dead on the
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16. no word on a motive or suspects. the search, meanwhile, continues for a robber who targeted a d.c. postal worker. this happened near the postal at 14th and t streets northwest around 6:30 last night. a man approached the employee and ordered him to hand over all his cash and any money orders that he had. the postal worker was forced into the back of his mail truck and locked inside. montgomery county's public safety committee voted against a proposed youth curfew. now, if it passed, it would have applied to anyone 18 or younger with some exceptions. the committee says imposing a teen curfew is the wrong course of action because teen crime has dropped in recent years. the montgomery county council is expected to take up this issue, though, next week. [ horn honking ] today we are celebrating the 10th year of our stuff a truck food drive supporting the capital area food bank. >> does it seem like it's been 10 years, allison? >> not at all. tucker barnes is out at the
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rockville giant location with some acapella music. reporter: last hour we did some dancing. this hour we're going to do some i think significanting. i've got the -- some singing. i've got the finest group around. otherwise known as the docops. you guys sing all over the country. >> we've been all over the country and we sing at a lot of schools in the area. reporter: you ever do any singing at a redskins football game? >> yeah, as a matter of fact. and we did the national anthem at several games, bullet games. reporter: that's back in the day. that's back when they were good. >> yes. exactly. [ laughter ] reporter: what kind of music do you guys like to sing? >> do-ops. >> i like to sing a lot of gospel too also. reporter: is it kind of old school? you guys don't do any rihanna
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or anything, do you? >> no, old school. we're young boys. no mille vanili here. reporter: we want to encourage you guys to come out here. we're not going to be out until 11:00 tonight, but we'll have the trucks out here. we want to get as many people out here as we can. guys, take it away. christmas is coming and i feel so lonely and blue. reporter: while they sing,
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i've got some other very special guests over here. we'll get with them in just a minute. i'm joined now by the redskins cheerleader. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? reporter: fine, thank you. i want to thank you for coming out. >> thanks for having us. reporter: tell us about your contribution here with the capital area food bank and why you're joining me today. >> well, first of all, we're just really excited to be here and support the event. as redskins cheerleaders, we like to support a lot of different charities and events in the community. it means a lot to be giving back to those in need and it's really impactful, meaningful to the community. so support and come out. reporter: we've been encouraging people and we've had a great crowd out here all morning. i guess you know a thing or two about crowds being a cheerleader. you guys have upcoming events, including a redskins game this weekend. >> that's right, we are playing the jets on sunday at 1:00. so please come out and support your local redskins as well as the first ladies of football. reporter: last question before i go, would a guy like me ever have a chance with -- >> you never know.
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there's always a chance. reporter: there you go. you got a chance. i got redskins cheerleaders out here and i have the do-cops right here to my right and we'll be out here this evening and the truck will be out here until 11:00. really want to encourage you to come down and join us. it's been a great morning, we've been having a lot of fun all morning. sarah, allison, i'm going to toss it back to you guys and i'll join you in a couple of minutes. >> all right, tucker. >> they sound great. and the redskins cheerleaders -- >> they always look great. here is another reminder about all of our stuff a truck locations. we have four of them, but we're really showing you rockville and brentwood because that's where we are this morning. in the evening we'll be in fairfax, virginia, also in hyattsville, maryland. so these are all four of the locations where you can drop off your donations today. so in addition to tucker's location at montrose crossing in rockville, you can drop off the giant food stores -- at the
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food stores in brentwood, hyattsville and the greenbriar shopping center. again, you have all day to give. it runs through 11:00 tonight. and if for some reason you can't make it out to some of those locations, you can pick up your phone and make a donation by calling the food bank. after the break we are going to head out to our stuff a truck location in brentwood again to check in with tony perkins, see what he's got going on out in his area. he is standing by with the ceo of the capital area food bank. we're going to hear from him coming up after the break. we'll be right back.  
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[ horn honking ] it is stuff a truck day and all day you can help families in need this holiday season. our annual stuff a truck food drive is going on right now at the giant food store locations that are on your screen from now through 11:00 tonight. you can drop off nonperrishable
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food items, there they are, for the capital area food bank. >> our tony perkins is standing by with the food bank ceo live from the brentwood giant. tony, good morning. reporter: thank you, allison. good morning to you, good morning, sarah. that would be lynn brantley joins us again right now to talk a little bit about how things are going and how significant the need is this year. it's the 10th year for this event which is marvelous. you all do amazing work. >> you make it possible. reporter: well, thank you very much. we're very happy to be partners with you all. we talked earlier, and the numbers are -- they're staggering, you know, in this day and age, some 641,000 people just in this area at risk of hunger everyday. >> that's right. one in two children in the district of colombia, over 200,000 children in the metro area that are living close or in poverty, so we have our work cut out for us. i mean, the economy has hit people and families, middle class families and working poor
9:18 am
so hard. so what you're doing is just incredible. reporter: there are obviously a lot of organizations out there that help people. the thing that's unique about contributing to the capital area food bank is you in turn help a lot of those organizations, correct? >> we serve over 700 organizations, church box programs, low income day care, low income senior centers throughout the region. so by giving to us you're giving to 700 food organizations, and for every dollar that's given to the food bank, 92 cents goes into either food or food programs, so you're making a little bit go a long way when you come to the food bank. reporter: to me it seems like we're doing pretty well. >> i think we're doing much better than last year. i think this warm weather is really helping. i know we've got food on the truck and these are filling up much more quickly. reporter: absolutely. >> i think the weather -- and thank you for driving this. i mean, you and channel 5 and giant have been just -- and wpgc have been just incredible. reporter: the folks at cbs radio as well working in on
9:19 am
this as well. it is a wonderful partnership, it has been fruitful and helpful for a lot of people. we're just very appreciative of the work you do. thank you, lynn, good to see you once again. we have coming up in a little bit -- i mentioned earlier we've had some great music throughout the course of the morning entertaining us. you haven't been able to hear it so far because it's so loud and wonderful we have to have them stop when we're doing these hits here. but you're going to hear them coming up in a little bit. i do want to mention something i haven't had a chance to say this morning, there's another way you can donate, if you don't have the chance to stop by here, you can use your phone to donate. all you need to do is text the phrase feed cafb capital area food bank. you text that phrase to 85944 and automatically a $10 donation will be added to your monthly phone bill. it's a great way to contribute as well. but we'll be out here all day until 11:00 at night at all four giant locations where
9:20 am
we're broadcasting from. so if you get the chance, please come by today, it's going to be a great day, the weather is going to be great. back to you guys in the studio. >> it's great. so many ways to make it easy for people to donate as well. >> right. >> texting and dropping by and also the phones as well. >> and a little goes such a long way too. so don't worry about the amount. and if you can remember, you can't stop by one of those stuff a truck locations today, remember this, you can still help by just giving us a call like sarah was alluding too, our food banks are open and taking calls right now for your donations. the number is 202-895-3307. hey, it's 9:21. we'll be back with really what is a special edition of fox 5 morning news today for stuff a truck, 10th anniversary. we'll be right back. 
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making headlines now at 9:24, a heads up for metro
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riders this weekend. six redline stations will be closed for maintenance work. now, they include the brookland, takoma, silver springs, forest glen, wheaton and glen month stations. all of those stations will close down from 10:00 tonight through closing on sunday. to southern california now where high winds have been blasting los angeles county. they are some of the worst winds seen there in years. a state of emergency has been declared because of the widespread damage. hundreds of thousands are without power this morning and the storm is now moving east. northern utah reports winds over 100 miles an hour. it's a dream come true for creative art director, those are 3-d christmas decorations in the front of a methodist church in texas. the display cost $100,000 a week. the three outdoor projectors cost quarter of a million dollars each. all of the equipment was loaned to the church by a church
9:25 am
member. >> they're just going to have to pay for the power bill. >> i guess so. it is spectacular. >> that is neat. we're going to check in with tucker for your full forecast coming up next. and tony also standing by live at the brentwood giant northeast for this year's stuff a truck. coming up next a popular gospel group is going to join us live. >> you can make a donation by calling our phone bank. the number is on your screen now, 202-895-3307. as we take you to break, holiday wishes from a local servicemember. >> season's greetings, i am carl mark delong from korea. i would like to wish my father, my family and all my friends in virginia a very special merry christmas and happy new year. i miss you all, i look forward to seeing you soon. when a sore throat strikes,
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[ horn honking ] today you can help make a difference at one of our stuff a truck locations. >> the giant food stores at brentwood, hyattsville on east west highway, montrose crossing and the greenbriar shopping center, it all benefits the capital area food bank. you can drop off your nonperrishable food items until 11:00 tonight. and we head out to tucker barnes for a check of the weekend forecast. he's live at our montrose crossing stuff a truck location. hi, tucker. reporter: hey, sarah. you like my new wheels here? >> looking good. >> we didn't see it. reporter: hey, i have the beverly farms children's center here. and check it out. we've got some little donation
9:30 am
people in here. come on in. you guys got something to donate to us? >> yeah! reporter: i want to hear it. did you guys bring some food in your bag? >> yeah! reporter: is it a beautiful day? >> yeah! reporter: is it going to be warm this afternoon? >> yeah! reporter: all right. follow me. come on out. let's do this. let's do the weather forecast, and as you heard it, it's going to be a beautiful day, a lot of sunshine expected. we are going to have high temperatures later today in the 50s, yeah, in the 50s after a cool start. most of the area ot or below freezing this morning, so one of our coldest mornings yet. looking at temperatures, here in washington now we're in the 40s, but still lots and lots of 30s off to the west and to the north, even with the sunshine temperatures out at dulles right now 33 degrees, and, again, we're in the 40s now inside the beltway. let's move on from temperatures and take a look at our satellite/radar. here's the good news for our friday. we are lookling at an
9:31 am
absolutely beautiful day, warmer than yesterday, high temperatures expected to be well into the 50s. with light winds, it should be a beautiful afternoon. cold front, you can see the cloud cover off to the north and west, that will get in here later today and will shift the winds and we'll be looking at cooler temperatures for the weekend, but not the case today. here's today's forecast, 56 your daytime high. again, winds shifting out of the north and west late this afternoon and tonight and that'll set us up for a sunny and dry weekend. it will be a little cool tomorrow with high temperatures on saturday. here's your five-day forecast, only about 50 degrees or so, but look at the warmup for sunday, we had the redskins cheerleaders here a few minutes ago, should be a beautiful afternoon by sunday with high temperatures expected to be in the middle 50s. i want to thank, again, the beverly farms children's center for coming out and joining us here in montrose. we're right outside the giant. we will be here until 11:00 tonight. we've been having a great time all morning. thanks, you guys, for coming. say thank you. >> thank you! reporter: all right.
9:32 am
hey, sarah and allison, before we go, just a few minutes ago we had a great acapella group here and they taped a little something for holly. we want to play that. we want you guys to take a look. do we have that? >> holly, this is for you sweetheart. holly had a baby holly had a baby holly had a baby holly had a baby holly had a baby seven pound boy and holly can't work no more, no more, no more, no more [ laughter ] >> tucker, she will have to disagree with that. she will want to continue to work. she can't wait to get back to work i'm sure. reporter: i know she can't. everyone out here misses her today, but they're so excited, including the little group here. we've been having a great morning and really encourage everybody to come out.
9:33 am
having a lot of fun. >> tucker, before we let you go, could you say a special hello from me and spencer to all the kids at beverly farms. that's spencer's old school so i recognize the teachers. reporter: allison says spencer used to go to the school. is it a great school? >> yeah! reporter: would i like to go to your school? >> yeah! reporter: you heard it there, allison. back to you. >> thanks for that message, tucker. thanks so much. >> that's cute. >> i love it that they're getting those little kids in the mind of volunteering and giving to others. that's a wonderful lesson. >> those are little, little kids. >> then they learn what to do. >> that's the best. they have graced the pavilion stage at the national monument and performed at the black family reunion gospel stage. >> we are talking about the solve to paul project, it's a powerhouse gospel group made up of a d.c. native. let's go live to tony at giant in brentwood for stuff a truck. we heard from them before -- reporter: say that again,
9:34 am
allison. >> we are familiar with this group and glad to see them again. reporter: this were here with us last year. they are absolutely fabulous. they've been entertaining us all morning long and they're going to do so again for us in just a moment. we'll get to you guys in just a quick second. first, i was with a crowd of people, they were taking pictures and everything. all of a sudden the crowd left. i said where do they all go, and i knew julyy had arrived -- julie had arrived. miss julie wright. how are you? >> i'm good. i have a quick question. have the cops been here the whole time or was it when i showed up? reporter: it was when you got here. they seem to be trailing you here. let me see the hat. reporter: don't you like this? reporter: fox 5, very nice. reporter: on that side. reporter: 95.5wpcg. you're in cognito. reporter: i can take my glasses off. reporter: there she is. you have a crowd of people waiting for you here. reporter: did anybody bring a pumpkin pie? reporter: i'll get you the pumpkin pie right after the
9:35 am
show. let's talk to these folks. again, thank you for the music this morning, sawl to paul. we have chris big phelps, plays the keys, songwriter, all of that. tell us for those unfamiliar a little bit about the group. >> the group began in 2006 with my first cd release and from then on we've just been practicing and performing throughout the city, just having a wonderful time. reporter: big gigs, inspiring a lot of people. speaking of inspiration, what inspired you to come out today? >> just the ability to take part in something very special, give back to the community, people that don't have, and it's really important that we just -- in this year and season of thanksgiving and christmas and everything that surrounds it that we just give and show our love and just do what god really intended for us to do is give back. reporter: a lot of organizations, a lot of people rely on the capital area food bank. the capital area food bank relies on you. what are you going to sing for us this morning?
9:36 am
>> we are going to do a new song, a new creation. we just want this song to encourage everyone in the season, just keep your head up and stay focused. late be positive. reporter: let's hear it. fantastic. this is saul to paul new creations.
9:37 am
that is saul to paul. thanks so much, tony. we are now following breaking news out of the district. >> sherri lee will join us with more on that when we come back. stay with us. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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we are following some breaking news out of the district right now. fox 5 has learned that the fbi is at a d.c. councilman's house this morning. >> sherri lee joins us now in studio with all these details. reporter: allison and sarah, a law enforcement source confirms to us that the fbi has issued a search warrant at councilmember harry thomas' home in northeast. they are there in the process of serving that search warrant.
9:41 am
at this point we're told that is all it is. there are no plans at this point for an arrest. of course councilmember harry thomas has been charged -- or has been facing some charges of corruption over a nonprofit that he ran. he has been accused of diverting $300,000 from the d.c. children and youth investment trust corporation from the city to a nonprofit that he ran. he has said that he did nothing wrong but earlier this year he did agree to pay back that $300,000 by december of 2013. two councilmembers have called for his resignation over these potential corruption charges, and there is even a petition for him to resign. but at this point all we know is that the fbi is at harry thomas' house, the ward 5 councilmember. they are issuing a search warrant.
9:42 am
we would assume it has something to do with those potential corruption charges and the $300,000 he's accused of diverting to his own nonprofit. no arrest warrant at this point, no searches going on at the wilson building that we know of, and according to law enforcement sources telling us we do not believe that there is any likelihood that that is going to happen now. but this is all going on right now. we have a crew that is on the way to the home to see what's going on and we hope to have more for you later on this evening. sarah and allison. >> we will be covering this all day, you can count on that. sherrie, thank you. >> thanks. coming up next we're going to check in with tucker once again. >> he is standing by with a local singer and songwriter, levi stevens from our stuff a truck location in rockville. that's coming up next. and you can make a donation. if you can't head out to the locations, make a donation to the food bank, the number on
9:43 am
your screen, 202-395-3307. we'll be right back. 
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9:46 am
thank you, marcus. >> more high drama on "the x factor" last night. another close call for marquise canty. for the second straight week he was close to being booted off the show. he did survive the cut and now is in the top five through astro sent packing last night. >> you were watching this last night. it's so bad to see someone get so upset about that. >> in a rare move, the whole thing in a nutshell, the way he performed, i think "beat it" michael jackson, or "billie jean." simon is mentoring her.
9:47 am
he had her sit in a chair and just sing, but she really did not want to do that and you could tell she did not feel comfortable with that. he took responsibility last night and said this is why you're being eliminated last night and i apologize. >> it was sad to see her go. and who would have thought astro would go. >> marcus canty is still in. if you can't make it out to one of our stuff a truck locations today, you can make a donation by calling our food bank. the number is 202-895-3307. i think i misspoke. you can call our phone bank and we'll give money to the food bank. >> we knew what you meant. >> again, that number 202-895- 3307. as we go to break, we'd also like to thank everyone who is helping to make this year's stuff a truck such a success. what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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[ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, it is gail griffin and today is her birthday. if you want to be monday's fan of the day, you can find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and then comment under gail's photo and we want to say happy birthday, gail and thanks for watching everyday. love that old photo. >> oh, i know. many of you will be pulling out the plastic over the next couple of weeks to finish off your holiday shopping. it's also prime time for card fraud. fox 5's money reporter melanie ulwick has some tips to keep your card safe from skimmers. reporter: this is all it takes for your bank account to be wiped out. >> this is the whole thing. reporter: a magnetic stripe reader in a pinhole camera are all thieves need to ruin your holidays. davis begus special agent in
9:52 am
charge at the washington field office of the u.s. secret service. >> it's a crime of opportunity just like any crime is, but with the advancements in technology and the abundance of information on the internet, i think that it's becoming simpler to skim. reporter: for many years restaurant customers have been the primary targets like this high end ring just busted in manhattan. waiters used tiny hand-held card readers to steal diners' credit card information, then make duplicate cards to purchase luxury goods for resale. now the skimmers are made to fit over payment slots on atms. a false reader on the front steals your data, the camera records your pin. gas stations are another place where security experts say you need to be really careful. >> some of these devices are really, really slick, and the average consumer cannot tell the difference. reporter: joe mason, senior vice president of identity guard says there are things you can do. >> try to protect your
9:53 am
information, be very selfish with it, be very private to what extent you can. reporter: so don't be shy about being suspicious. >> one of the simplest things you do is when you go up, you just kind of wiggle it and see if it moves. reporter: use terminals and pumps that are within eyesight of employees. it doesn't hurt to cover up the keypad too. try to pay with cash at restaurants. if you do have to use plastic, opt for credit instead of debit. >> we're talking about real money being taken out of someone's personal account. reporter: banks do replace money stolen due to fraud, but it can take time and no one wants to be frozen out of their account this time of year. melanie ul rich, fox 5 news. >> be careful out there. >> that's for sure. thank you, melanie. it's time now to check in with one of our stuff a truck crews for one of the last times. >> let's head out now to tony perkins in brentwood. good morning. reporter: good morning! boy, we have had such a good time here. reporter: yeah, absolutely.
9:54 am
reporter: julie wright has just lit this place up. reporter: it's not me, it's not you. reporter: for the record people are making dmaitions, saying we'll make a dmaition to tony if you'll stop picking on julie. reporter: i keep telling them she's the one picking on me. we've had a lot of wonderful donations. we just had one. who do you want to mention? reporter: this is from the friendship collegiate academy. they're putting together "annie" this thursday night. thanks so much for your donation, we really appreciate it. the sun will come out tomorrow because of your donations. reporter: these two young ladies are in the show. now, ryan, if you pan to your left, we've got the folks from griffith energy. look in the back of this van here, they're donating all kinds, that is fantastic. reporter: very cool. reporter: look how still everything has become in the last -- how everything has filled in the last 12 hours. reporter: how many bins? one, two, three, four, five,
9:55 am
six, seven, eight and a big box. eight bins and a big box. reporter: almost completely filled at this point. reporter: there's more food coming. thank you very much. reporter: everyone who has come out, we appreciate it. we have got cash donations. we gotta let you know this is going on until 11:00 p.m., not just here at brentwood but at the other locations as well, montrose crossing, greenbriar and the other one, wherever that is. hyattsville. reporter: there's been a lot of redskin and cowboy fans around here today. a lot of good basketter. reporter: wpgc behind us, they're wrapping up their morning show, they have been great this morning. everyone has come out. keep donating through the day. it's going to be a great day as far as our weather goes, highs in the mid-50s today. very comfortable, come on out and donate, donate, donate. reporter: no traffic so there's no excuse. no traffic. i cleared the path, baby. reporter: absolutely right. anybody else? is that it, we're good?
9:56 am
reporter: yeah. reporter: remember, there's a lot more information on our website, also sue palkas and some of the others going to be broadcasting from some of the other locations this evening. reporter: 5:00 and 6:00. reporter: final for dix autopsy on the redskins day. reporter: we'll go with the redskins to beat the j-e-t-s, jets 24-17. reporter: never mind, julie. i gotta get you your pie. i'm going to run right in and get you a pie. reporter: he's been owing me forever. reporter: first thing she mentioned when she showed up, tony doesn't have my pie. reporter: back to you guys, we've had fun. reporter: muah! >> thank you, guys. if you can't make it out to our stuff a truck locations, we do want you to know that you can still call our phone bank today as well and they have been taking your calls all morning long. mike gillespie with the capital area food bank is here.
9:57 am
he's been busy on the phone today. how has it been this morning? how have the donations been? >> it's been great. i want to thank you guys for helping us with this and putting this out there and letting us come here to have people give us money. we've been collecting everything from $5 to $1,000, everything in between, very, very busy. there's stacks of paper all over here. thanks very much. >> mike, thank you. the work you always do with the capital area food bank, but coming in here, this is not your first time in the fox 5 studios. how has this year been in relation to the last couple of years for you? >> i think it's a little bit cooler in the studio today, but it's great. >> sorry about that. >> i think we've had better response this year, actually. i think people are being sensitive to what's going on out there and if you give them a chance like you guys are giving them a chance to do peop thank you very much to all the fox 5 viewers. >> encouraging. >> yeah, that number again on
9:58 am
your screen, 202-895-3307. you have another call. >> should i answer that? >> stay with us a little bit longer. we want to give people an idea out there where all you donate to so they know who they are helping out there. >> there's 700 different agencies, partner agencies that we work with in the metropolitan area and that's the two counties in virginia which are fairfax and prince william county, also district of colombia and montgomery county and prince george's county and that's everything from senior programs, there's a lot of after-school programs for kids, shelters, all kinds of different ways, you know, different churches and other spiritual organizations that have pantries for their communities, all of them are coming to the food bank or we're delivering to them, not only nonperrishable food, but a lot of produce. about half of the 30 million pounds that we distributed last year was fresh produce. we're very big on produce.
9:59 am
>> mike gillespie, we are big on you and we thank you for being here with us once again this year and for the work you did. >> thank you for your help. >> appreciate it. and, of course, the phone bank will be ending at 10:00 here, but then we come back at 5:00. the phones will open back up again. of course our locations are going to be open throughout the day, throughout the area, the four different locations that you can head out to and tony and tucker will be wrapping up there too. >> that's right. thanks for sticking with us today and all your generosity. we do appreciate it. see you monday. inside for the wendy williams show. today, mekhi phifer, who is the girl to took him off the market? and victoria gotti. and didn't miss the holiday movies, hot toppings, inside scoop and your favorite stuff. now, here's wendy!


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